Transformers: Armada (2002) - full transcript

The Autobots and the Decepticons are going at it again, but this time the two factions are fighting over little transformers called the Mini-Cons. These Transformers gives their masters a massive power boost either to defend or destroy. And, again this battle is on Earth.

Finally, after drifting for millions of years,

the Mini-Con ship collided with a moon circling a primitive planet known as Earth.

The craft and cargo shattered,

casting Mini-Cons to every corner of the planet.

Eventually, the Earth shifted, and for millions of years the Mini-Cons lay dormant.

And that’s… where our story… begins.

♫ Transformers ♫

[Hi, my name’s Rad.]

[I guess you could say I come from your average ordinary neighbourhood,

and my school, well, I guess it’s okay.]

[CARLOS]: Aww yeah!



[That’s my buddy, Carlos. He’s really cool and we hang out pretty much all the time.]

[I guess I’ve known him since kindergarten.]

[Carlos is one sweet skateboarder.]

[I bet if he put his mind to it, one day, he could turn pro.]

[CARLOS]: Woo! Yeah!

[That’s Lincoln Middle School. I’m in seventh grade,

and this is where our adventure begins.]

Man, you beat me again, dude!

That’s three days in a row.

Ha, alright!


Alexis! How ya doin'?

Huh? Oh.

Oh yeah. Good morning, Rad.

Hey, we were just wondering if you wanted to come with us after school.

We’re heading up the mountains to scope out…this wicked.. cave we found..

Sorry, guys. But I’m gonna have to take a rain check.

I’ve got a math test, and I told my mom I’d come straight home.




Is it just me, or do you get the distinct feeling that little miss stuck up dissed us big time?

I hope you realise I heard that, Rad.

I tell ya, man, there’s just no winning when it comes to girls, is there?

Well, if it isn’t the dweeb twins.

I can’t believe you’re such suckers for punishment.

[MUFFLED] So how come you guys never invite me and Billy along, huh?

That’s a stupid question.

Who cares? I mean, would you seriously wanna be seen in public with these two...

these two GEEKS?

[LAUGHS] Yeah, I guess you’re right.

It’d be like hanging out with first graders.

Hey! Why don’t you mind your own business, ya creeps!

If you hadn’t noticed, the bell just rang, so get to your class.


[Well, that’s pretty much what you’d call the start of an average day for me.

Pretty exciting, huh?

But, outside of school, that’s a whole other story.

We live in the high desert, and up in the hills above our town,

is the Cosmos scope research centre.

Both my parents work there as astronomers.

Psst, hey, Alexis!

[Oh, and Alexis? I think she really likes me.]

[Honest! She’s just playing hard to get, that's all.]

Hey, are you as stoked as I am about going up the mountain?


But we better get moving or else we’ll get stuck up there after dark.

You’re right. Let’s get this show on the road!

-Hey, c’mon, let’s go, Rad!

I’ll beat you up there!


Would you hurry up and finish eating?

Your useless locator only has a range of 500 yards.

Hey, lay off my locator, it was a present.

Besides, I don’t see you with anything better.

Would you just move your butt? They’re getting away.

Wait up!

Come on, Billy, slow down, you know I got a glandular problem!



Well, here we are, Carlos.


So, are you ready?


Boy, this place is even creepier than I thought.

You just make sure we can find our way back.

Don’t get freaky on me, everything’s under control.

All we have to do is follow this rope and we’re outta here.

Would you hurry up? They’ve probably gone home already.

Hey! You don’t have to yell at me. I’ve got feelings too, y'know!

I’m-I’m t-trying my hardest!

But nooo, nothing’s never good enough for you!

Aw, quit yer belly achin'.

My therapist says I don’t have to take this from you because you’re not the boss of me!

Besides, I’m getting hungry again.

Check it out!

My locator worked!

That’s Rad’s bike!

So our little friends are snooping around in some lame old deserted mineshaft, huh?

Let’s go after 'em!

That doesn’t sound like such a good idea...

Would you quit being such a wuss all the time?

I can't help it...

What do we have here?

So now which way?

I’d say back, ‘cause we just ran out of rope.

Hey, wait a minute, I got it!

We mark our route with rocks! [LAUGHS] Pretty cool, huh?

You’re a regular genius, Einstein.

I’m starting to wonder why I even bother.

Rad, you’re just jealous because I’m better lookin'. [LAUGHS]

In your dreams, pal!

[FRED]: I guess I should’ve told you before, but ever since I was a kid

I’ve had a fear of dark spooky places!

You know, if you spent as much energy walkin' as whinin’, we would’ve found-


Oh, this is just great! Now which way did they go? This is all your fault.

What’re you blamin’ me for, huh? It was your bright idea to follow them.

You know, I’ve had just about as much as I can take.

So if you’re too chicken, then turn around and go home, because I am so done with your whining.


I would’ve had more fun if I brought my sister.

H-hey! Wait up, Billy!

You can’t leave me here all alone!

B-besides, you still got my chocolate bar in your pocket. WAIT UP!

Did you hear that?

Probably just water dripping.


Or maybe it’s just your overactive imagination.

But I could’ve sworn I heard voices...



Sh-shine your light up there!



There’s that noise again, and it seems closer.

You’re losin’ it.

Let’s go scope this out, okay?

Hey, where ya goin'?

This thing is really starting to bug me-


Carlos! Look out!



Hey, Carlos, you okay, man?

Yeah, but what just happened here?

It’s like…we opened up some... hidden shaft and ended up in this old chamber.

Let’s check it out.


Holy cow! What in the world is that?

♫ Transformers ♫

♫ Transformers ♫

[RAD]: I don’t think we were the first ones down here.

[CARLOS]: And whatever it is, it sure doesn’t look like it’s from Earth.

But the good thing is, it looks like it’s been stuck in this cave for a while.


You think anyone lives down here?

I guess there’s only one way to find out...

HEY! If anyone’s down here, speak up or forever hold your peace, okay?

Can’t we just turn back, Billy?

I think my blood sugar’s running dangerously low.

This is the last time I’m gonna say this:

We’re not leavin’ until we find what they’re looking for.

But what if they’re lost like us, huh?!

That means we could be trapped in here for an eternity!

Please stop it! Now you’re getting me all freaked out!

[RAD]: Woah… something really bizarre happened down here.

[CARLOS]: Yeah… look at these rocks, they’re all melted!

[RAD]: Hey, check it out! A staircase!

[RAD]: This is getting stranger by the minute. C’mon, let’s keep looking!

Do you have any clue what happened down here, Rad?

Wish I did.

It almost looks like some kind of UFO crash site.

No kidding!

Hey, Rad? You think these stairs are safe?

Woah! Hey, Carlos, be careful!


Hey, Carlos, over here!


Please, Rad, be careful, okay?

Man, what is it?

I don’t know, but it sure looks radioactive to me.

Rad! No!


Ah! It’s an earthquake! We’re gonna be buried alive!

Oh, why’d I have to listen to you in the first place?

Would you put a lid on it?! Your yapping is only making it worse!

C’mon, Rad, let’s high-tail it outta here!

Wah! Now what’s going on?

Hm? Oh no, must be an earthquake!


We’re doomed.


Come on, dude, you gotta let go! This place is gonna cave!

I’m coming!

Alright, Fred, let’s not panic--


Oh my gosh… that mountain is the Epicentre and that’s where Rad went!

I hope you made it out of there.

Ugh! Stupid computer!

I can’t wait!

[Oh, good, it’s over. I just hope no one’s hurt.]

Aw, man. I’m totally lost, bud!

Just keep running! Hey, wait a sec, this is starting to look familiar!

Hey, dude, check it out! The rope!

Haha! You da man!

Fresh air.

Would you keep going? ‘Cause this whole place could still blow! C'mon!

Yeah, yeah, I’m right behind ya.

It’s started to get freaky again!

What is that thing?

No clue!



[ALEXIS]: Listen to me, you guys!

Whatever you do, do not panic!

[RAD]: Alexis, no!

[ALEXIS]: Don’t move!
[RAD]: Stay back!

[ALEXIS]: That thing might come after you if you do!

I told you to stay put!

What’re you doing here?

[CARLOS]: Just leave it alone, Rad! Let’s get outta here!!

[ALL THREE]: Woah!





It’s trying to tell us something.

He wants us to jump on!

Yeah, like you can understand him.

I know this is gonna sound strange, but I think I can.

Then let’s go for it, guys!

He might just be our ticket outta here.

[CARLOS]: This is sweet!

[ALEXIS]: Let’s just hope our little friend here can stay one step ahead of robo-geek.

Aw, I bet metalhead’s on his way home by now.

Besides, there’s no way he can keep up with us!

[ALEXIS]: You were saying, Carlos?

[ALEXIS]: Can’t this thing go any faster?!


[RAD]: I hope that’s a yes!

[ALEXIS]: I thought you could understand him!

You have something of mine.

[ALEXIS]: We have what?!

Give it back immediately. Or you shall suffer the consequences.

Oh, great!

I have given you your chance, Earthling.

[OPTIMUS PRIME]: Stand down, Megatron!


Optimus Prime!


[RAD]: I get the feeling this is all my fault.