Transformations (1988) - full transcript

Wolfgang is traveling in outer space when a monster, which he sees as a beautiful woman, appears in his spaceship and makes love with him. Then the ship is forced to land on a planet which is a penal colony. Here he meets Miranda who falls in love with him. A group of prisoners uses him and his spaceship to fly away from the planet. But the monster which is by now inside Wolfgang arouses and only Miranda's love can save him.

[digital beeping]

[automated voice] Incoming intergalactic phone call. Will you accept?

[all chattering]

[all] Happy birthday, Wolf!


You remembered.

-Happy birthday! -We just want to let you know

that we're thinking of you, Wolf.

You're certifiable, you know that?

Treasure hunt!

A treasure hunt?

The problem is, intergalactic phone calls cost mega bucks.

-Mega bucks. Mega bucks. -We'll call you tomorrow

to see how you like your surprise.

-[all chattering] -[man] So, happy birthday. Happy birthday.

Hurry home.

This better not be collect.

-[woman] Happy birthday, Wolf! -[laughs]

[automated voice] Collect charges of 1,163 will be charged to your vessel,

and thank you for using AT&T.

[clears throat]


lock in autopilot and monitor all ship functions.

[computer] Autopilot locked in.

Oh, give me a wake-up call for 0700 hours.

Good night.

[computer] Good night, John.



[digital beeping]

[alarm blaring]

[alarm blaring]

Happy birthday, Shadduck.


I see, Wilson and the boys put you up for this.

Stripper-grams, uh...



[both moaning]

[alarm blaring]

[laughs maliciously]



[alarm blaring]

Computer, lock in coordinates with Airspace Quarter.

Engage landing sequence.

Fire all thrusters.



[mechanical whirring]

[praying in Latin]



They have the power to turn the waters to blood,

smite the world with plague.

The beast will come from the abyss.


Evil... is here.

[groaning softly]

How do you feel?


With my fingers.

Here, try some of this.


You're on the mining colony of Hephaestus IV.

Do you understand me?

Prison colony?

You've been unconscious for quite a while.

What happened up there?

I don't really know.

Radiation field, I guess.

All I remember is locking in the landing program.

That's it.

You're a very lucky man.

You never would have survived

without having set that program of yours.

You see, our Amphitrite mining system

exerts an electromagnetic field.

No ship instrumentation can operate within it.

Had you not locked into that program

before entering our atmosphere,

you certainly would have crashed and died.

And my ship?

I'm told it's being repaired. system, everything.

[Miranda] This is Warden Kane, our Head of Operations.

And you are?


[clears throat]

John Wolf.

Welcome to Hephaestus IV, Mr. Wolf.


Listen, I wanna thank you for all your help.

Our pleasure, Mr. Wolf.

It's John.


you can call me Wolf.

My friends do.

I'm sure they do.

I think Mr. Wolf needs to be alone.




Look, I feel fine. I'd like to...

get up, walk around, and take a look at my ship.

Your ship's fine, Mr. Wolf.

Just follow our little medic's instructions,

and we'll have you up and out of here as soon as possible.

We're repairing your ship.

And that will be?

In another four to six hours.

Then I can be on my way?

I'm afraid not.

No ship can leave Hephaestus while the mining machinery is in operation.

We'll be approaching a new period soon.

That's what we call a shutdown of machinery

for maintenance and supply delivery.

And that will be?

The exact time of the new period shutdown

is confidential.

-[man] Medic! Medic! -[woman groaning]

-Security reasons, you understand. -[man] Come quick!

No, I... I don't.

Another heatstroke case.

I'll be right back.

Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Wolf.

I'd like you to confine yourself to this area.

[door opens and closes]

Okay, you two can go back to work.

[door closes]

Okay, what's wrong?

Well, I was... I was working, and...


Who's the little visitor next door?

What are you talking about?

You know, your boyfriend next door.

He's just a patient.

Mmm, just a patient?

Seems like he's getting an awful lot of attention for just a patient,

especially when it's a prisoner.

Maybe he's the fly boy from the crash.

If you're not feeling well, tell me what's wrong.

I'll treat it, and you can go back to work.

I know.

You put him in one of those hospital gowns

and found out what he was really made of.

But that wouldn't interest you, would it?

I've had enough.


Don't call the sentry.

I was just feeling... I was just feeling faint.

Too must carbon dust in my lungs.

Okay, I'll give you a shot of DB-4.

Then you can rest off your little dizzy spell here for a while.


Okay, now, hold still.

This is gonna sting a little.


-[groans] -Sorry.

Is he sweet, your little boyfriend next door?


I hurt your feelings, huh?

Well, maybe your boyfriend will make you feel better

-and give sweet lil' Miranda-- -Antonia, these little spells of yours

will only work as long as I sign the authorization papers.

So don't push your luck with me, okay?

Now get out.

You just made a big mistake.

It was the ship Stephens heard.

[exhales] I knew it.

It'll be repaired in six hours.

Kane has a shutdown plan soon.

-And that's when we make our move. -Yeah.

You find out all you can.

I'm gonna do better than that.

I'm taking out an insurance policy, and that way,

that way nothing can go wrong.

We may have a ship,

-but we still need a pilot. -Yeah.

I have one that wants to leave worse than we do.

All right, you keep your eyes on him.

He's our ticket out of here.

We meet during the next shift change.

You coming?

[digital beeping]

We've got a supply ship on the way.

They're signaling.

De-scramble and relay.

[man over radio] Prison supply ship Alcatraz SS-4

approaching with routine cargo delivery. ETA, 2300 hours.

Request permission, to orbit, over.

This is Warden Kane. Permission granted.

[man] Uh, requesting new period schedule.

Can we land, deliver, and refuel, over?

Landing period is for 2400 hours.

That's pretty good timing, Alcatraz.

Awaiting approach and landing signal.

Kane out.


[Miranda] Where are you going?

Well, I thought I'd get dressed and take a look around.

Tell me something.

What's the story with the prisoners around here?

What do you mean?

Well, I mean, where do they keep 'em?

What's security like?

Well, this may be a prison colony,

but it's also an operational mining colony.

Prisoners are free to go where they please when they're not working.

You see, they've each been assigned positions

in minimum security risk run support services.

The rest are laborers.

After ten years of mining, a prisoner receives parole.

That's a hell of a grand prize.

What happens if somebody gets out of line?

Nobody does.

Nobody does?

Well, nobody does more than once

because there's only one rule here.

Break the law, and they come after you,

and they kill you.


The Redamonthen sentries.

They're the guardians of the project.

They're real ice men.

No emotions, just psychologically conditioned to enforce the law.

They're infallible.


sounds pretty safe to me.

I guess I'll take a look around.


[stammering] If you have to go, why don't you just wait awhile...

and let me show you around?

What the hell are you doin' here?

I mean, this isn't the kind of place for anybody,

especially you.

This is the only place I've ever lived.

The only place I know.

Are you telling me you've never been off this planet?


I've been here my entire life.

You see, my real mother was a prisoner here.

Prisoners are sterilized as part of their incarceration.

When the planet's physician, Dr. Vogler, found out she was pregnant,

he hid her in the infirmary till I was born.

And then he raised me as his own.

He taught me everything I know about medicine.

He was...

truly a father to me.

Well, where is he now?

He died about three months ago.


I miss him very much.

Well, hey... I mean, didn't you ever wanna get out of this place?

I mean, I don't know,

do something, study medicine, anything.

I guess so, but...

he needed me.

And now that he's gone, I'm the only medic on the planet

until the central government services sends another one.

Who knows how long that'll take.


didn't you ever think about going home?

This is my home.

No, no. I mean, home. Real home. Earth.

You've been there?

Hell, yeah. I've been there, I don't know, a hundred times.

I've only ever seen it on tapes.

I can't imagine going.


Have you ever seen a real waterfall?

Yeah. [chuckles]

Yeah, my parents, uh, took me to see Niagara when I was a kid.

-Niagara Falls? -Niagara Falls.

What was it like?

Well, it was, uh...

Well, try, uh...

Try and... Try and imagine...

the loudest thunderstorm you ever heard.

There's no thunderstorms here.


Wolf, could you wait a minute, please? Um...

There's something I have to get back to.

I'll be right back.

[dance music playing]


[both grunting]

[people talking indistinctly]



Mmm. Mmm.




[heart beating]

[Shadduck grunting]

[both panting]





What's wrong?

What's wrong?

You need a doctor?


Wait. You need some help?

[footsteps receding]



I want another set of tests run on him and stat.

-Okay. -[groaning]

What happened?

I don't know. I just went for a drink.

Don't you hate a guy who can't hold his liquor?

-[screams] -Where's the pain?

It's just stomach cramps.

It's probably nothing. [panting]

Where did this come from?


Hold my hand. Hold my hand.


[breathing stabilizes]



How do you feel?


I'm fine.

I'm fine.

You're a bad liar, Wolf.

I don't get you.

You're sick, and all you wanna do is leave.


Come on, I can't stay here. I mean...

I have obligations.

Like what?

Or... who?



Well, there must be somebody...

special, waiting for you to show up.

Well, besides Wilson and...

a bunch of guys waiting to throw me a birthday party,


What about you? I mean...

[sighs] You must have...


There's never been anyone.

When you leave here,

would you take me with you?

Hey, come on. I mean...

You got a life here. You got your work--

I don't have a life here.

I'm the longest-term prisoner on the planet.

Lifers get ten.

I've been here 20.

-I thought that if I went with you-- -Hey.


Going with me would not be a good idea.

I work alone.

I could help you.


Please take me.


God! Hold my hand.

-Hold my hand. -[breathing heavily]

I'm sorry! I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

I know you're planning something.


I know everything that goes on in this colony.

And it doesn't work.


[alarm blaring]

[breathing heavily]

You wanted to see me?

This Wolf person...

what's happening with him?

Besides an undocumented skin disease...


He gets these intermittent fevers

and blood pressure changes.

He's got something, all right,

but I can't pinpoint it. I'm not a doctor.

No one's expecting you to be.

But we need a real doctor here,

not just for him, but for the entire planet.

One's on the way.

And in the meantime, if you can't diagnose him,

I want him frozen in a cryotube

and off this planet with the next shutdown.

But we need to find some sort of treat--

I'm not going to risk this disease

contaminating my operation.

Commander, if there is a risk of contamination,

we have to assume that

the planet's already been exposed.

You may be turning this disease loose

onto an entire star system.

Well, then, order a full quarantine.

I'll cancel all outside contact with this planet

until we get some answers.

Oh, and, Miranda...

I don't want Wolf setting foot outside your warden

until you know something.

You and your staff,

you're under quarantine as well.

Mr. Craig.

See if we can tap into Wolf's navigation computer.

I want to know where he's been and where he's come from.

And maybe we can figure out where he's picked up this bug.

Find out everything you can about John Wolf.


[praying in Latin]

I knew you'd come.

You've been troubled?

Yes, Father.

It's him, isn't it?

It started.

Tell me your confession, my dear.

This man...

I think I love him.

He wants to leave the planet--

But he carries something with him, you think.

A disease.

Yes, Father.

Without proper medical attention

you think he'll die.

Yes, Father.

If you leave with him,

this entire planet

will be without proper medical personnel?

Yes, Father.


Leave me. Leave me. Get out of here.

Whatever you do, the outcome will be the same,

don't you understand?

You must do as your heart tells you.

Go on, leave me. Let me pray.

It started.

Hasn't it, Lord?

All right, coast is clear. What do you want?


What do you think?

[Antonia murmurs]

-Pretty good idea. -Yeah.

Forget about the meeting, Stephens?


Of course not.

Got a shutdown set for 2400 hours

right at the end of the shift.

You sure about that?

Then that's when we make our move.

-See you in about eight hours. -What about the pilot?

You know, it's under control.

She's kept her little eye on our fly boy.

And I got him right where we can move him.

How do you like that, hmm?


You're playing a dangerous game with him.

We're all playing a dangerous game.

This is no game!

I haven't planned all this to have you blow it

by fucking with his head.

I fuck with his head to keep a leash on him.

You can't.

Don't you get it?

You may be shipped here for ten years, but no one...

No one has ever gotten out of here!

If one of the guards don't get you for something,

one of these other bastards will.


Let me tell you something.

No one's gonna get me. I'm out of here.


Do you hear me?



[electronic music playing]

[indistinct chattering]



[continues moaning]

No. No.

No. No. No.

No. No. No!


[continues moaning]


[bone crunches]

I must speak to you

about the man who came here on the cargo ship.

Have you seen him? Where is he?

You mean he's no longer here?

No, I don't know where he's gone.

Then I may already be too late.



[electrical buzzing]

We've got a signal coming in from Alcatraz, sir.

De-scramble and relay.

[man] Uh, this is Alcatraz on approach,

preparing for standard orbit in T-minus one hour.

Negative, Alcatraz.

We've enacted Quarantine Condition 1.

You will not be able to land.

We'll reschedule for this--

Uh, negative, Commander.

We have to land.

Refueling is imperative.

Sorry, Jack,

but, uh, we're damn near running on fumes as it is.

We have an unknown disease strain.

Well, we just have to take our chances.

Don't have any if we can't land.

All right, Alcatraz.

Attention all sentry patrols.

Locate and apprehend cargo pilot Wolf immediately.

I want him alive.

I want him now!

Hey, you!

[alarm blaring]


[breathing heavily]

This way.


You can rest now, you'll be safe.

Our Father's house is a place of sanctuary.


Who are you?

I'm Father Christopher.

I knew you would come.

It was inevitable.

I had a dream of a livid horse,

and its rider's name was Death,

and hell followed with it too.


It's within you, consuming your soul.

If you know what's happening to me...

Is this your blood?

Tell me!

There was...

a woman.

I was with her one minute...

[sobbing] and then...

She wasn't the first you touched

since you've been here.


what in the hell do you know?

In hell, yes.

And it came from hell into your dreams, didn't it?

A woman so beautiful that no man could resist it.

You are, after all, a mere man.

What's this?

I'm sure you're no longer the only one.

You said you'd seen this all before.

Twenty-six years ago.

Almighty God's work on the Tantalus Space Station.

Then a disease began to consume the crew.

A man came to me to confession.

He, uh...

He told me that a woman came to him

in his dreams.

But he was infected by that woman.

What followed was a physical, moral and spiritual deterioration

unlike anything I'd ever seen.

A plague so brutal,

so overwhelming, so unspeakably...


And I was shaking down to my very soul.

And fear made me...

made me leave them.

I stole away in a cargo cruiser

planning never to return.

Neither to go back to this system

nor the church.

Now the man who confessed to me

destroyed the entire station by fire.

He was judged insane after the last transmission he sent.

But he said that he was, uh,

he was saving mankind from the spreading disease,

he destroyed himself

and everybody on that station,

including, according to the record,

the station priest.

I turned my back on it.

And ever since,

I've been a dead man.

[breathes heavily]

So he didn't destroy the disease.

Don't you see?

The Latin word for this is incubo

and from these nightmares comes a demon.

You don't believe it.

No, I can't.

It is the evil that won't let you see!

Only purity...

like the fire of its own burning lakes.

Who'll stop it?

Evil must not be spread.

You cannot leave here.

Oh, yes, I can.

Just watch me.

You will never survive.

I won't survive if I stay around here.

I'll take my chances.

She may be the only one who can help you.

She's prepared to sacrifice a great deal for you.

Her pure love may be the only chance we have

to defeat this demon's power.


Let's go.

[man over radio] Alcatraz approaching ahead of schedule.

We request emergency landing due to fuel depletion.

[sighs] Oh, damn.

All right.

Start emergency shut down and lockdown procedures.

This is Commanding Warden Kane.

All commoners will leave quickly to their quarters.

And lockdown will begin in nine minutes, 59 seconds from now.


Two hours early. Christ!

All work will desist.

Anyone not in their quarters will be shot.

I will make sure all is done.

[alarm blaring]

-It's starting to shut down. -We'll never make it.

Come on!

-[gasps] -[gun cocks]

[alarm continues blaring]

[guard over radio] Commander, this is security number 5-6-3-8-9.

Just discovered the body of a prisoner

in one of the prostitute chambers.

Been horribly mutilated.


Yes, sir.

They were seen leaving the bar earlier tonight

with the one chamber.

We're trying to locate her now.

Very good.

Any report on cargo pilot Wolf?

No, sir, we're still searching.

Then start double checking!

Keep the detachment at his ship.

He may try to leave with the shutdown.

I don't want that son of a bitch on the loose.

[alarm continues blaring]

Hey, you're going the wrong way.

-[cocks gun] -You're making a--


Come on!

[guard] Security again, sir.

You're not going to believe this,

but we just found two more mutilations.

A man and a woman.

The woman seen with Wolf Shadduck two hours ago.

All right. Keep looking for them.

We're starting lockdown.

-Commence lockdown. -[switch flicks]

[alarm blares]

[man 1 grunts]

[man 2] Jesus!

All right.

Shut down mining machinery.

[loud metallic thudding]

[machine powering down]

It's time to cash in the insurance policy.

[footsteps fading]

Jesus Christ.

The lock down commander isn't engaged.

Something's happened to the lockdown system.

[security] Alert! Section eight has not been locked down.

Full-scale riots there.

Send guards to all trouble spots.

I'll run a check on all quarters.

Nothing seems to be working.

The commander's overridden by somebody with security clearance.

I'll take care of it this time, sir.


Are there any sentries posted here?



Oh, God. Wolf.

They're looking all over for you.

I know. I've got to get to my ship.

They're gonna be waiting for you. You'll never make it out of here.

I'll just have to take my chances.

I'm all right.

I've got to find my ship.

[Miranda] Then I'm going with you.

You wouldn't be safe.

-I can't guarantee-- -I don't want any guarantees.

I just wanna go with you.

I just wanna leave here.

I wanna go home.

He killed a woman tonight.

What is he talking about?

Tell her.

It's true.

I don't understand it. I...

I don't even remember it. But...

somehow, I think I did.


I don't know...

controlling me.

I don't wanna hurt you.

But if you come with me,

I'm afraid I might.

Now you both understand. You cannot leave this place. It's finished.

You must take whatever strength you can in each other.

That's all you have.

You cannot leave this planet and spread the evil.

This place will soon be consumed.

This time, I'll shall be consumed with it. We all will.

But we have to leave the planet so that we can find a cure.

You've got lockdown clearance, Father.

You can get us past the guards at the space port.

You can't outrun what is meant to be.

Trust in God's ways, my child.

This isn't God's ways.

It's yours.

How could you do this to me?

I've known you my entire life.

Don't leave us here to die.

I cannot let you leave.

[gun fires]



[footsteps approaching]

[gun cocks]

Come with me, pilot.

Fuck off.

or she dies.

Let's go.

Something's wrong.


The sentry station is the other way.

I thought you said these guys were infallible.

There must have been a malfunction or a reconditioning.

Well, great. He blows a gasket, and we go along for the ride.

Not a word, pilot,

or I swear you'll both die.

[bodies thud]

What the fuck is she doing here?

He wouldn't come without her.



Well, the insurance policy's paid in full.

Come on! Get on the ship.

[Shadduck] Yeah, I thought these guys were infallible.

[Stephens] You know, when you're a bio-computer engineer,

yeah, you give 'em a little tweak.

Poof! Computer overload, brother.

[switches clicking]

Computer, give me pre-flight.

Lock in emergency take-off procedure.

Have we got control?

[guard] Well, sir, I've got all my men working on

emergency control units right now.

We should have lockdown in a few more minutes.

We have five...





[engines firing up]

[control over radio] This is space control reporting, Commander.

We have a ship taking off. It's Shadduck's cargo ship.

-Can we shoot it down? -Negative.

The best we can do is get the units of the mine sealed,

and reactivate the machinery.

Do it.

[loud metal thudding]

[machine powering on]

[control over radio] Units two and three are activated.

We've got control back.

Fire up everything!

Control, are they out of atmosphere?

[control] Not quite yet.

Do it.

[metal rumbling]

[Calihan] What the fuck are you pulling?

It's not me.

Mine machinery's in full operation.

I'm gonna have to use auxiliary thrusters. Hold on.

Five, four, three, two, one.

[thrusters firing]


What happened?

[alert beeping]

[Antonia] What happened to the lights?

[switch clicks]


Give me a damage report on all electrical systems.

[electronic beeping]

Well, heating and ventilation are okay.

Looks like it's just the lights.

[switch clicks]

All right.

Where are we headed?

[both overlapping indistinctly]

-[yells] Orion System! -[gun cocks]

[Stephens] Do it!


lock in coordinates for Orion System.

Get off!

Hey, Shadduck.

Who do you run cargo for anyway?

What's it to you?

This... this ship's full of cannibalized parts.

The, uh...

It's a home rig ship. I mean...

[mumbles] You're an independent.

You're a real independent.

[Antonia] He's a smuggler.

You got... you got anything interesting down the cargo bay? Hmm?

-You might be surprised to find out. -[Stephens] Yeah?

Yeah? Yeah? Well, let's go out, take a look.

[yells] All right. Come on, now stop there.

-[Stephens] Yeah, come on-- -[Calihan] All right, all right, all right.

Don't get clever, Shadduck.

[calm piano music playing]

This music. It's so...

I mean, it doesn't sound like you. It's so...

There's a lot of things you don't know about me.

Like my name Wolf.

Short for...



My mother was a classical pianist.

I grew up around this music.

This is Mozart?



It's so sad.

I don't wanna die.

I love you.

♪ For he's A jolly good fellow ♪

♪ For he's A jolly good fellow ♪

♪ For he's A jolly good fellow ♪

[Antonia laughs]

[Calihan] Happy...

Happy birthday, Wolfy baby.

Wolf, my man.

We had ourselves a little conversation out there.

"Happy birthday, Wolf Shadduck. From Wilson and the guys."


How sweet.

Now we don't want you to get the wrong idea.

We don't want you to think that

we've forgotten your birthday, Wolfy baby.

So Antonia here has got a little gift for you.

Haven't you, dear?

And since I know your reciprocal nature,

I know you've got a gift for us.

[Miranda groans]

No, no, no, no, no, just stay there, Wolfy baby.

Be a good boy

or else you won't get her back in one piece.

-[groans] -Will he?


[calm piano music continues playing]

Just you and me, birthday boy.

Let's you and me get to know each other better.

I know you got a thing for the little bitch

but, uh...

What the hell are you talking about?


You know what I'm talking about.

Listen, I gotta tell you.

You don't wanna do this.

Sure I do.

It's not safe.

I like it rough.

I don't wanna kill you.

Oh, baby, you kill me all right.

[breathes heavily]



Obviously, you're not very experienced in these matters.

So we're gonna give you a choice.

We're gonna show you the goods

and let you pick who's gonna go first.

Go on, Stephens. Show her what you got.

[Stephens mumbles softly]


-You bitch! -[yelps]

Obviously, she likes you better, Calihan.

So why don't you show her what you've got?

and give her a demonstration on how it works.


[Shadduck breathes heavily]

Are you ready, baby...

to bite the bullet?


Look at me.

[Antonia groans]




[Calihan] Get up. Get up.

[Stephens] Well, she likes you better, Calihan.

[Calihan, softly] Oh, you're gonna love this.

You're gonna like me much better than Stephens.

Oh, yeah. Let me show you what I got.

Oh, yes. We're gonna have

such a good time.

Oh, you bitch.

What are you waiting for? A blood test?

You're not marrying her, for Christ's sake. Would you get on with it?

[Shadduck growling]

[body thuds]


-[gun fires] -[Calihan groans]

[Miranda] No.

-Don't turn away from me. -[whimpers]

I love you.

If you love me, fight what's in you.

I'm not gonna let it take you from me.

-Don't let it, Wolf. -[growling intensifies]

I believe in you.

And you can't hurt me.

You won't.

-[groans faintly] -We can fight this thing

and it knows it.

I'm not afraid of you.

I'm not afraid to love you.




[Shadduck yells, growls]



[fabric tearing]

[Shadduck growls loudly]

[Miranda panting]


[Shadduck growls loudly]


[Shadduck groaning]

[breathes shakily]


[groans in pain]

[faint groaning]

[breathes heavily]



[groans faintly]

[both sigh in relief]