Transfert (2015) - full transcript

Stefano ,a young psychotherapist, will have to manage some patients particularly problematic; one between these will able to compromise Stefano's profession, pushing him to reconsider his life and his way of doing.

Mom, look what I got for you here.

Madame, come in, please.

So, Madame,
why did you decide to see another therapist?

He...he was good, he was good,
I wouldn't say he wasn't.

It's just that his approach didn't really fit
in with the way I look at things.

I mean, you know,
I prefer a cognitive behavioural approach

rather than traditional psychoanalysis.

You seem mighty well-prepared on the subject,

I have met so many therapists, believe me.

Keep in mind that I study psychology myself.

Do you go to university?

No, myself, by myself,
I'm fascinated by it, Look.

Oh I see, I see.

So, Madame,
when would you like to start?

- I mean, what day would suit you better?

- Today! Right now, I'm here, so..
- I mean, what day would suit you better?

- Today! Right now, I'm here, so..

Yes, I thought you would want to start today,

but you brought your son with you,

He shouldn't really be
attending the session.

I hope you understand my concern,
don't you?

No, actually I don't.
There's no one I can leave him with.

That's really not possible,
trust me.

It wouldn't be any good for him.

But he wants to become a psycotherapist
when he grows up.

Don't you want to be a psycotherapist?

That's fine, but I think it is premature
to talk about this for the time being.

It's a bit unsettling having
this conversation with him right now.

How old is he? 10?

Haven't you got any friend
or relatives you could leave him with?


Your husband?

No, I've never been married.

Your partner?


Whoever he is,
the child's father couldn't do you a favor?

I adopted Stefano.

I don't think we should be talking
about this subject on this occasion,

in front of him.

I'm actually a bit concerned
that you want to talk about it.

Look, I'm sorry,
but the child can't attend the session.

That's really not possible.

If you want to start some therapy sessions,

next time you'll need to come alone.

And I'll be happy to try to help you.

Nice chair, isn't?

How old are you?

Why are you asking me that?

They described you like
a very understanding and wise man,

But you are too young,
you are not a man yet.

So how about it?

Is the fact that I am young a problem for you?

I think in this job, as in others,

the experience is the most important thing.

And I think you have not enough experience

to understand what is happening to me.

You are just a boy.

You could be be my son
and I wouldn't ask for help from my son.

How old are you? 25?
Can you do this job at your age?

I'm 33.

So, let me explain.

To have a lot of experience
is not necessarily good.

As well
as being very young is not inevitably a limit.

You see, in this job
it can happen to get used to what people say.

Although it is always something different,

it can happen to not be able
to be surprised anymore.

or to become attached to a patient.

You end up often feeling like
you can't take in more patients.

I am young but really empathetic.

It compensates for my inexperience.

And I assure you that
it's very important to be empathetic in this job,

as in others.

The clinic gives me only few patients,

and only for checkups
or psychological assessments.

You've got the last three months
working for them, don't you?

four months!

Oh, come on, you can do that.


We have to pay now, don't we?

No, don't worry about that.

I never ask for money
for the first session anyway.

Are you sure?

Yes, don't worry.

So, tell me,
why did you decide to come...?

No, no Doctor,
why did you think I needed the sessions?

Is that what this looks like?
Because I was paying?

No, no, she is the one that...I mean.

Yes, excuse me, I didn't...

So, tell me.

No, don't trust her.

It's her...that...
we are here for her not for me.

I don't understand,
which of you is here to start a treatment?

Or maybe you both want to start one?
I don't understand.

No, not at all.

Are you kidding me?

- No, Doctor I would never do that.

- No.
- No, Doctor I would never do that.

- No, Doctor I would never do that.


I suppose that before coming here
you talked about that, didn't you?

- Sure.

Let's start from here,
tell me one at a the way,

I don't even know your names.



Fine, Chiara we can start with you.

I realized that Letizia is not well.

No, you are not well.

Sorry, Letizia. Let Chiara talk.
You can do the same later.

Ok, I'm sorry.

Letizia sleeps until lunch.
Letizia stays...

No, no Chiara. But, please,
tell me why you came here

thinking that you are each other escort.

Well, it's easy, really.

My sister was looking for
a psychotherapist online...

Not for me.

Yes, but I didn't know that.
I said "Shall we go together?"

And she said ok.

I thought Chiara would come here
because she needed it.

And I thought the opposite.

Then, we didn't talk about it anymore
and we booked an appointment.

Why didn't you talk about this later on?

I don't know.

Perhaps talking about
this was uncomfortable?

Of course, that is,
I don't know...embarrassing.

However, it's interesting
the fact that you two assumed,

or better, you both were sure

that the other needed a psychotherapist.

Letizia, would you like to add something?


I would like to go on talking
with you separately,

in different sessions.

Chiara, could you wait
in the room down the hall, please?

Why? Can't I stay here?

I'd prefer you don't.

Boh. Ok.

Letizia, is everything ok?

Today I would like to ask you
two more things.

Go with the first one, then.

Why did you think that your
sister needed some sessions?

My sister, even if perhaps
she doesn't give this impression,

at last is a very introverted person,
in my opinion.

You'll tell me if I'm right, eventually.

If Chiara has a problem,
she doesn't talk about it.

But I can see she isn't well.

Chiara's been snuffed out.

By whom?

I don't know...they have.

She doesn't hang out with many people, she...

I see she is closed-off,
she seems trapped, oppressed...

oppressed by something
and she doesn't react.

My sister, I can assure you,
is very intelligent.

But she's unstable,
she is incredibly unstable.

As if she lacked the normal defenses
that everyone should have...

I don't know, with people.

With things that happen.
It's easy to drag her, it's easy to hurt her.

In fact everything hurts her.

Why do you think your sister assumed
you needed some sessions?

Because I vomit, at times.

You vomit ?

Because I had some car accidents,
and she got worried a lot.

Some accidents?

Three. In the last month.

Well, I don't really know you yet.
Take it as a hypothesis.


I think that each of you uses
each other as a mirror.

Let me explain.

I think each of you
uses her sister as a projection of herself

and retain your discomforts in it.

To tell me about it.

So, you think that
when I was talking about my sister,

I was actually talking about myself?

It could be. Yes.

You see,

I saw a little of Chiara in
the description you did of your sister Letizia,

and vice versa.

Again, I noticed that

when you weren't together

you were more relaxed, vulnerable.

Perhaps, when you are together
you want to show to be strong.

And this is very interesting for me.

I would like to understand better
the dynamics of your relationship.

I think it would be more useful
to undertake an individual treatment,

in different sessions.

For both.


Hello Doctor, I'm Chiara.
Chiara from 'Chiara and Letizia'.

Oh, good morning Chiara.

Good morning.

I talked with my sister and we decided,
yes, to start with the sessions.

I'm glad.

Yes, well.
But, I would like to ask you for something..

Tell me.

Yes, ehm...if we talk...

You won't tell my sister
what I told you, will you?

No. No, Chiara.
You don't need to worry.

Let me explain. There are some,
you can call them, rules,

that we psychotherapists have to follow.

We can't reveal what
a patient says to other people.

Nor to other patients that,
as in your case, are relatives. Don't worry.

Are you sure?

Yes I am. Don't worry.

Ok, well. Thanks.

Good morning.

Good morning, nice to meet you,
I'm Stefano.

You are welcome.

My name is Stefano too.

May I call you by your first name,
Doctor? Is that ok?

Sure. Can I do the same?


Well, sit down then.

On the phone you seemed to be
a bit confused.

Do you want to talk about it?

Yes, well. I don't know how to explain it.

I think I may have a problem
with my emotions?

Do you mean you can't
express your emotions?

No, I mean that I can't feel them.
And I'm not feeling good.

Well, if you don't feel good,
it means that you are able to feel emotions.

Don't you think?

Yes, but, you see, well,
those are bad emotions.

I never feel 100 percent.

What kind of bad emotions do you feel?

I don't know. Sometimes I feel like
a weight on my chest.

I feel like I'm suffocating.

Ehm...I think it's like anxiety.
Anxiety can be a serious matter, no?

Sure. Sure that
anxiety can be a serious problem.

But, first,
I must understand a few things

Is there any moment, even if short,
where you feel any better?

No... or... perhaps...
when I play archery. I practice archery.

Yet you do not seem
particularly agitated, today.

In fact I am feeling quite comfortable.

That is, maybe a stupid thing.
But as you are a doctor

I know that if anything happens,

if I feel sick, or if I have any problem,
you are kind of a doctor.

You would know what to do.

You could help me.
And that makes me feel safe.

Look, it's not a foolish thing,

in fact I am very pleased
that you're feeling comfortable.



Don't worry... don't worry...
don't worry honey...

You can help me.

You can help me.

You'll become a good doctor,

much better than me,

and you'll help me,

everything will be ok.

You'll help me.

Good boy, you're such a good boy.

I'm still a bit confused though.

Do you mind if we
go back to it next time?

- You see, we have run out of time for today.

- Oh, sure. I'm sorry.
- You see, we have run out of time for today.

- Oh, sure. I'm sorry.

- No problem, don't worry.
- Oh, sure. I'm sorry.

- No problem, don't worry.

Is it possible to book
now our next session?

Of course it is,
just let me check my schedules and...

It's upstairs. I'll be right back.

Ok, Ok.

What day would suit you better?

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

- Hi.
- Good morning.

- Hi.

Please, come in.

Let me tell you it's a pleasure to welcome
such a smiling couple.

I guess you don't often see
smiling people coming in

but I hope they are smiley
when they leave.

Yes, it happens,
it happens. So..

It's our son,
who has a problem.

We thought it was important to talk to you
before taking the child here.

Well. Very well done.
Indeed you did well to come here without him.

What's his name?

His name is Ale, Alessandro.

Listen, our son is young.
He is eleven. Is that ok?

Can you take him in care
or do we need to see a specialist?

Let's say, a specialist for children?

Yes, there are specialists,

but maybe you could bring him here
and we could assess together

whether to continue with me
or with a specialist for children,

that, however,
I would be glad to recommend.


Tell me,
why do you think your child has a problem?

I'll answer your question with a question.

Have you got any children?

This isn't relevant.

- What's the question?

- This may not be relevant for you
- What's the question?

- This may not be relevant for you

but it's very important to me.

Think if you a had a child,
that is really a beautiful child with..

You are a happy person, aren't you?

Yes, I suppose.

- But your child isn't happy as you are.

- Wait.
- But your child isn't happy as you are.

- He isn't happy as you are.

- Wait.
- He isn't happy as you are.

- Wait.

Tell me, if your child were five years old

and he'd never smile

and never had any special interest...
in toys... cartoons...

So, what would you do for him?

Well, it isn't very relevant

how would I behave with a child
that doesn't even exist.

Ah! You just told me!
So you haven't got any children.

No, I don't.

However, it's important for me.
I ask you from father to a future father

and it has nothing to do
with therapy anyway.

We do not need sessions!

I'll answer your question next time, ok?

A patient is coming soon and
I 'll have to start with real sessions.

I count on that.

How was your week?

As the others.

That is?

I study, I haven't got a job,
I haven't got a boyfriend.

I go out in the evening.

Who do you go out with in the evening?

With my sister, my friends.

Are they mutual friends?

They were my friends,
then became Letizia's.

Does that bother you?

No, why?

It should bother her because
she has no friends and had to take mine.

Are you worried about
not having a job or a boyfriend?


Even if all my girlfriends have got one

and they are always busy,
but I don't care about that.

Regarding to the job... I'm studying.

It's just... sometimes I feel
like I'm wasting my time.

What could you do to not feel like that?

Is there anything you would like to do?

or that perhaps...

No. I don't give a damn.

I don't care about anything.

But, you know,

to be interested in something
is certainly a good reason to do something.

but not to being interested in anything,
isn't a good reason for doing nothing.

Let me explain better.

- Sometimes, in life, we pursue paths that

- Fuck, you are irritating me.
- Sometimes, in life, we pursue paths that

- Fuck, you are irritating me.

I had three car accidents in a month.

If something needs to be fixed,
it's surely that.

They have taken my car!

How can I stop causing accidents?

I get it, but patients don't come here
to learn how to be better drivers.

Fuck! I'm sorry, Doctor, I'm really sorry.
Fuck what did I do!

- Don't worry

- I'm sorry. How are you?
- Don't worry

- I'm sorry. How are you?

I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok.


It is clear that we are touching
a topic which is a bit delicate.

I'm sorry, excuse me.
Fuck, fuck.

Maybe we can go back to this later.

Yes, yes. Forgive me.
Did you get hurt?

- How was your week?

Just as the others.

That is?

You are a happy person, right?

But your son is not happy,
is not happy like you.

- Fuck! I'm sorry, Doctor, I'm really sorry.
Fuck what did I do!

- No, no don't worry.

It is clear that we are touching
a topic which is a bit delicate.

...Five years old.
And if he would never smile, he never...

With my sister,
our relationship is conflictive.

Saturday, we were at some friend's.

Your friends, or Chiara's?

Hers, hers.

We were playing charades.
When she was playing

no one could figure out what movie it was.

When I played everyone could guess.

My team won and she...

was angry with me
and she acted like a bitch all night.

And the next day at home as well.

From what you're telling me,
it looks to me that your sister is

strongly competitive with you.

Does she behaves that way towards others?

No. No, no.
Just towards me.

Anytime we do something together,
it seems like Chiara needs

to overtake everytime.

Or to prove that she's better than me.

And does this aspect of your sister bother you?

A lot.

Stefano, you cut yourself again.

Madame, please, come in.

Stefano, my darling,
listen to me, it's very important.

You wait for me in here, being silent.

We'll pretend you're not here, ok?

You need to pretend you're not in here.

Nobody needs to know that you're here,
waiting for me, ok?

Madame, please, come in.

Wait for me in here.
Don't move from here.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Please come in.


I'm doing great. Very great.

I'm glad to hear that.

I'm being serious, everything is just great.

I know I usually complain.

Today I really don't feel like complaining.

I have taken in care two new patients.

They are two sisters
linked by very interesting dynamics.

I'm sure that you would like them.

Have you taken in care two sisters?



Yes, why?

Distinctly. In different sessions?


Couldn't you avoid taking them both?

I didn't believe
there was need to avoid it.

Certainly not, surely not.

It will not be the case.

Even if I do not deny that
I prefer avoiding situations of this kind.

Yes, I mean, taking in care
close relatives in distinct sessions.

But don't worry.
It's my way to look at it.

I'm sure that you
will be able to do it very well.

Would you like to talk about the girls?

Not right now. Give me the time
to get to know them better, first.

I'm hungry.
Do I have to wait for you or not?

I'm coming. Set the table.

- How long will it take?

- Lay the table. Lay the table.
- How long will it take?

- Lay the table. Lay the table.

I'm almost there. Bye, bye.

Where the hell are you? I have to eat.

Do I have to wait for you or not?
I'm hungry. I need to eat.

Why didn't you tell me
that every therapist sees another one?

It is common that a therapist,
especially if young, is supervised.

You too?

Yes, me too.

And why didn't you tell me?

Why do you think I should have told you?

Were you afraid that
I would've been even more reluctant

to have sessions with a person
that is, in turn, under care?

Well, it isn't really what it is,
but anyway, no.

But look.

For me it's a good thing that every therapist
has to see another one.

It gives me hope.

Why do you say that it gives you hope?

It's nice that people
give a hand to each other.

It is important
to recognise certain limits.

It doesn't bother me.
On the contrary.

Why didn't you tell me that
every therapist sees another one?

I haven't got a job, I haven't got a boyfriend,
I go out in the evenings.

- Fuck! I'm sorry Doctor,
I'm really sorry. What did I do?

- Don' t worry.

- I'm sorry. How are you?

- I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok.

It's clear that we are
touching a very delicate topic.

With my sister,
our relationship is conflictive.

When we do something together
it's as if Chiara wants to overtake

or to prove that she's better than me.

Have you gone to see Stefano this week?


Have you gone to see Stefano this week?

Yes, I have.

And how is it going?


Do you call him Stefano?
I mean, do you call him by his name?

No, I don't. Do you?


So... what do you talk about?

We shouldn't really be talking
about these things,

- Otherwise therapy is meaningless.

- Come on.
- Otherwise therapy is meaningless.

- Come on.

Ok, you're right, maybe.

However, he's nice.

Tell me about last Tuesday.

My father picked us up at the University
around midday. My parents

wanted all of us to have lunch together.

But Chiara and I had already had lunch.

So while they were eating,
we talked about University.

Actually my sister mostly talked.

What do you mean by that?

Chiara is the one that
always tells about those things.

At the University we are both pretty good.

Our average is almost the same. Luckily.

Why do you say luckily?

Can you imagine what her reaction
would be if I were better than her?

Go on.

After lunch we went to our room
and we listened to music.

Each of us with headphones on.

Then I chatted on my laptop for a while.

Around 7 o'clock many people arrived,
my father's relatives.

We spent the evening with them.
My mother talked about us.

Actually she talked especially
about my sister.

Why do you say your mother
talked especially about your sister?

Because they always ask about her.

They ask her about me too...

but mostly about my sister.

Do you remember last time
I told you about my new patients?

The two sisters?

Uhm yes...What do you think of them?

They could be borderline cases.

Both of them?

They could be.

One of them for sure,
but I'm not sure about which one yet.

Stefano I highly recommend you
not to continue with both of them.

I will handle the situation easily,
you'll see.

Ok...ok, but if you need,

do not hesitate to call me, ok?

Sure. I'll call you if I need.

Madame...what is your son doing in here?

Shall we go to the store we popped in yesterday?

- Today we can get the bikinis with a 70% discount.

- When?
- Today we can get the bikinis with a 70% discount.

- When?

- Now.

No, I really need to pee,
I need to go home.

Maybe later.

I can't go later, I have to go to Stefano.

By the way,
when are you going to see him?

I went to see him yesterday.


Do you think is it a problem if...
I like him a bit?

I don't know.

Should I tell him?

I don't know.

- What would you do?

- I don't know.
- What would you do?

- I don't know.

What a pain.

Let's go,
we' ll find a bathroom there.

- I don't want to go, no.

- Come on, let's go.
- I don't want to go, no.

- Come on, let's go.

So, Chiara.

Today I would like to talk about
some of those things that bother you.

What else should we talk about?


How do you feel today?

Do you have to ask me
that question every time?


You see, we're talking of nothing
and I'm getting upset already.

Why don't you tell me about
the times you had the car accidents?

Which one should I start with?

As you prefer.

Ok, my favourite is the third one.

But I didn't mean the one you preferred...

Never mind, go on.

My sister and I went to the swimming pool.

Once Letizia felt sick inside the pool,

that sucks,

her vomit was expanding in the water and

everyone was trying to avoid it,

the pool cleared out in
less than twenty seconds.

- Everybody..

- Ehm Chiara tell me about the accident.
- Everybody..

- Ehm Chiara tell me about the accident.

Yes, I will go on if you stop interrupting me.

We were in the pool and
the coach suggested we could compete

to see who could reach first ten baths.

Anyway the coach is a jerk.

I am much better, at least physically,
than my sister.

You must have noticed I am toned,
I have muscles,

I'm better, she is so flabby.

Yes, but why are you telling me that?

Just to be clear.

Maybe because you need to
point out you're better than your sister?

No. It's to better explain
how some things happened.

I noticed you said "at least physically".

Is there anything you feel you are,

even If I don't like to use these words,

less than your sister?

I know Letizia is more intelligent than me,

even if she does everything she can do
to hide it.

She is more intelligent
but I'm not stupid, Doctor.

Anyway, it's not necessary you act
like you don't know anything

because I bet she told you or she will.

I don't understand why
Letizia behaves like that,

I'm her sister and I know these things.

Get back to the accident day.


You were talking about a competition.

Yes. So,
I'm physically better than Letizia.

and normally she wouldn't beat me.

But on that occasion
I wasn't feeling very well

as I was waiting for my period,
so she won.

When we went out of the pool
I suggested another competition.

I must tell you,
we have just one car but one car key each.

While we were having a shower
I proposed that the first that would get to car

could use it to go home
while the loser would have to walk.

She got angry and said "Chiara, enough",
so I...

I got out of the shower
and I went to get dressed quickly.

She got out of the shower as well.

She followed me and started getting dressed,
so I left my clothes.

I took the bag and wearing
only my bathing suit

being still all wet, I went to the parking,
I turned on the car and left without her.

I was not wearing any clothes and I was barefoot.

My feet were wet.

At one crossroad my
foot slipped off the brake and...

I ran into another car.

- Bye Bye.

- Bye.

You know, I'm not sure I want
to go on with the sessions.

Why are you saying that?

I thought last time you
were feeling comfortable in here.

I was good in here,
It's a different problem and it's not your fault.

If I have to be honest...

I lost that confidence that I had in psychotherapy.

Why have you lost confidence in psychotherapy?

Because of my best friend.

Maybe she is more than a friend.

Do you have a relationship with this girl?

- Absolutely not, she is a great friend.

- Give her a name, It doesn't need to be her real name.
- Absolutely not, she is a great friend.

- Give her a name, It doesn't need to be her real name.

Ok. Her name is Chiara, Chiara.


What did she do to make you loose
confidence in psychotherapy?


Chiara goes to a psychotherapist too.

She goes with her sister
because their mother wants them to.

But t hey don't like it.

I think they could never bear it.

I think they are playing
with that psychotherapist.

They lie to him and tell bullshit.

For example,

Chiara told him she doesn't have
a boyfriend but she actually has one

She tells him about car accidents

But she never had any.

She wants to make him believe
she can commit suicide.

They want to make him believe
they have a bad relationship as sisters.

But even if Letizia
was adopted when she was seven,

they have an excellent relationship.

They tell me those things
and I question myself:

If I lie the therapy is completely useless.

I can pledge to tell what I think,

but sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking.

Ehm...tell me something.

Why do you think they do that?

I don't know,

maybe they don't like him
and they want to prove something to him.


I have no idea.


you might tell your friends that...

to lie to their therapist is counter-productive.

Even if they don't like him.

They can't hurt him,
they can only hurt themselves.

It's taken into account that
a patient may tell lies

consciously or unconsciously,
during sessions.

A good therapist must be able to go beyond lies.

In fact some lies are indicative.

They are basic parts for the
encoding of specific schemes,

so you don't have to worry about that.

What would you like to talk about?

I don't know, you tell me.

Isn't there anything
that you'd like to talk about?

Nothing specific.


Tell me about the relationship
you have with your parents.

It is a normal relationship
between parents and daughter.

You said the same thing of
the relationship with your sister.

Is it important for you that everything
needs to be normal? quite good?

You say?

When, in your opinion, is a relationship
between parents and children not normal?

I do not know, you tell me.

You tell me, I need to better understand.

I really don't know.

Try to think about it.

I really do not understand what
you want me to tell you exactly.

Do you consider a relationship where a father
molests his daughter as a normal one?


Do you consider "normal"

a relationship where the parents
are incapable of discernment and

where their daughter,
although being very young,

is forced to take care of them and not vice versa?


Do you think an adopted girl has a normal
relationship with her adoptive parents?

I don't think so. I don't know.

do you know someone who has been adopted?

A friend from primary school,
perhaps, but I think we're getting off topic.

You think so?

Listen Chiara,

the last time we talked a little
about the relationship with your sister.

But in my opinion it wasn't enough.

Shall we start again from were we left?

What do you want to know more?

Talk a little about how
it is to live with your sister.

I already told you.
But we have already spoken about that.

Yes, but, when you were very young,

when you were living with your parents.

We have never spoken about that.

Did you sleep in the same room
or in separate rooms?

In the same room.



Don't you remember sleeping
alone in the room?

I sleep alone now.

Not now.
When you both were young.

No. I have already told you.

So, you don't remember sleeping alone
in the room when you were very young?

Jesus Christ I said no.


Once you said something about your friends,
and the fact you don't have a boyfriend.



It is how it is.

There is no one you feel
emotionally and intimately close to?

Not really.

Aren't you interested in anyone?

It's not easy.

It's not easy for me to find what I want in a man.

What do you want?

I don't know.

But for example,

I very admire your qualities.

And your intelligence...your sensibility. like your qualities, I admire that

You...your qualities.

You...You kissed that sweaty boy.

I saw you, you kissed and touched him.

The guy I was dancing
with looked like Stefano.

You know what, I really like Stefano.

I like Stefano too.

What do you mean,
you like Stefano too?

I would stay with a guy like him.

Me too.

In fact I want to stay with him.

I will tell him I want to stay with him.

Go for it.

How long have you been
thinking of Stefano?

Never mind.

You are saying that now
only because I said it first.

That's not true.

How long have you been liking Stefano?

Since the first time we met him.

Me too.

So tell him.

What is this all about Letizia?

I don't know.

Never mind.

The child?

You didn't bring him?

Now he comes, now he comes.

Today he had to stay in school a bit longer.

Do you know
the school just around the corner?

He attends that school.

I will go and get him in twenty minutes.

We could have chosen another day
or a better time.

Why didn't you mention that?

Don't worry,

you can take this opportunity
to answer the question I asked you.

You said you would answer
my question today, do you remember?

Yes, yes, I remember.

You asked me what would I do
if my five years old son wouldn't smile.

Something like that.

Well, I would try to understand
why he is not smiling, I would spend

more time with him.

But the children do not have
to necessarily smile the all time.

Ok Doctor, but even crying.

His crying had became distressing.

What would you do like a father
to stop your son from crying?

You tell me. You said "his crying had became".

That means you managed
to stop his crying eventually, didn't you?

Actually, he just stopped alone.

Explain to me better, this child was crying...

What would do you do
if your five years old child tried

to jump off from the balcony?

Why? Did Alessandro try to jump off?

Well, maybe your son thought he could fly.

You know, it's quite common at that age.

I think you explained to him
how important is it that he must not jump off.

However you know what
I think it's really important?

To try not to make him jump off anymore,
try to make him happy.

This is what I think it's important.

It seems to me like a logic
and reasonable intention.

In fact Alessandro tried
many times to jump off.

But what would you do?
What would do you do as a father?

You don't have to psychoanalyze us,
the therapy is for our son,

just take it easy.

It's possible that

in your unconscious you link physical
exertion to those bad feelings you felt,

and every time you try to remember,
you live it again.

It might beimportant to understand what
initiated those feelings the first time.

Anyway, today we have done enough,
maybe next time we can start over from here.

Ok, ok, ok.

You should advise your friends to work
more on themselves as you are doing.

Tell me something.

Are they still
interfering with their own therapy?

They're doing worse.

They want to drive him crazy, poor boy.
Now Chiara wants

to make him believe
she has fallen in love with him,

and then reveal that it was just a joke.

Poor boy.

She is really into by what she is doing.

For her it's like a game.

She talks to me too about that.

I told her to stop it.

Chiara is being very mean.

She has got many strengths,

a lot of positive sides,
but if she wants she can be a bitch.

Do you want to know how was my week?

As the past weeks?


They are never the same, at the end.

Today it's my birthday.

Too bad for you.

What's wrong?

Happy birthday Letizia!

What's the matter, Doctor?

It's been a couple of sessions already
that you've been acting strangely.


Come on help me.

What's wrong Letizia?

Have I done anything wrong?

Have you done anything wrong?

What do we have to talk about?


I know the truth.

What do you want from me?


You're upsetting me. Can I just leave?

All right, I go now.

Are you leaving? Don't, wait Letizia, wait.

Please don't give my sister the same
treatment if she ever comes here again.

Chiara is a very sensible and delicate person,

and you are her therapist
and should know it better.

What the fuck I have to hear...

You shouldn''t dare laughing
at your patients face.

You're being very unprofessional.

Letizia, I know everything!


What are you doing?

I have to exchange 20 euros,
I was just checking if you had some change.

Chiara listen to me,
don't go to Dr. Belfiore.

What are you talking about?

Don't go.

Don't you feel like a bitch?


You like him and you
don't want me to go to see him.

No Chiara,
I don't like him but I have a bad feeling.

That person makes me feel better
and I like him too.

- Are you two together?

- Chiara.
- Are you two together?

- Chiara.

That's why you don't want me
to go to see him.

Or maybe you don't want me to go
because you are a bitch...

No. Listen to me Chiara,

Doctor Belfiore has misbehaved with me and I'm sure he will do the same with you too.

Even if you two are together,
even if he preferred you.

- He can still help me, I love him.

- Chiara listen to me.
- He can still help me, I love him.

- Chiara listen to me.

- No, no Letizia, no.
- Chiara listen to me.

- No, no Letizia, no.

You are a whore.




You are disgusting, you are disgusting Letizia.
You're sick.

You did it once and you will do it again,
and again, and again, if I give you the chance.

You want to fuck all the guys I love...

you want to fuck all my boyfriends.

Chiara please!

I can not , these things are infinite ,

I can not do it , there are too many things,

these things are infinite things ,
I can not, I can not.

I don't want to, I want to die , I can't.

I want to die , let me die , let me die ,

let me die no, no , I don't want to die.

No, no, I don't want to die,
I don't want to die, sure!

I know, sure, I swear, of course, I know.

I don't want to die, no,
I don't want to die, of course, i don't want to.

So. Chiara,

what are we talking about today?

I have to tell you something.


You see,

I...I am...

I have to say it aloud...

- I like you, I really like you...

- No, for Goodness sake, no, no.
- I like you, I really like you...

- No, for Goodness sake, no, no.


You have to stop with this bullshit!

Why are you treating me like this?


It's not fair that Letizia
always steals everything that belongs to me.

It can't be real...
do I really have to deal with these two?

Are you and my sister a couple?

So? you two fuck don't you?

You chose my sister,
so you don't wanna be with me.

Why did you choose her?

That, too.

- I am not alright, I'm really not alright.

- I...
- I am not alright, I'm really not alright.

- I am not alright, I'm really not alright.

For God sake, good Lord.

You laugh, you laugh at my back,
how much do you laugh?

You have been taking
acting classes, haven't you?

You think I'm stupid.
No, you two think I'm stupid.

Chiara, be silent. I know everything.
Stop talking Chiara. I know everything!

You are wasting your time,
you are wasting your money.

There is nothing that you can do to hurt me.

So why are you doing this?

I fell in love with you.


Chiara ,
the session is paid for further ten minutes.

So if you want to talk about anything,
I'm here.

but if you keep telling me bullshit
I will not answer anymore.

Are you even being indifferent?

Stefano. I'm really not ok.

I find it really difficult to believe.

But, if you want you can talk about that.


Are you leaving?

I am.

Chiara, maybe now you are thinking
that you don't need a therapist.

- But, in the future...

- No.
- But, in the future...

- But, in the future...

I don't trust you anymore.

You don't know how much I needed to talk you.

Or to be here.

But keep doing it is pointless.

So, I won't come anymore.



Are you feeling down?

Yes, a bit.

What's up?
What are you reading?

Come on! Come on!

It breaks me up to see you this way.

I chose you as my husband.

I don't want to be your therapist.
Keep that in mind.

It's my fault.

What the hell have I done?

I feel...

I feeel so guilty.

I need to hang up now,
I've got a patient in the waiting room.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Please come in.

So, well. I was seeing this therapist
who was very young.

That is...
I think he was more or less my age.

But he was very well prepared, too,

and I felt comfortable with him.

I mean...
I think we were doing a good job.

And why did you decide
to start the treatment with him?

Panic attacks...
and they didn't get any better.

How was it going with him?
Tell me about it.



He had two patients,
two sisters, my dear friends.

One of them committed suicide.


Have you read the news in the newspaper?

Go on.


Letizia never told to me
why they were seeing this therapist.

But, in short, Chiara and Letizia
are two beautiful girls. Two attractive girls.

Letizia told me that this therapist,
during the sessions,

tried to kiss them.

He tried to touch them, tried to go further...

Or, sometimes
he recommended exercises of masturbation.

Things that...

shouldn't have anything to do with the therapy,
I think. Am I right?

You are absolutely right.

However, they were not bothered
by the attitudes of this disgusting man.

They actually both fell in love with him.

Letizia has had sex with him several times.

I won't tell you his name,
but I can tell you that is my own.

Anyway, at first neither sister knew

what the therapist was doing with the other one

Chiara then

discovered the filthy man
was having sex with Letizia

And she did what she did,

probably feeling betrayed
by her therapist and her sister.

With all due respect,
Chiara wasn't the full ticket.

Letizia, is probably my best friend.

Chiara was also a good friend of mine.

It goes without saying that
I left that disgusting man, and...

I'm here today because despite of everything

I recognize the positive
effect of psychotherapy on me.


I went through bad times...

But now I am starting to...

I went through really bad times.

I lost all my patients, obviously.

Tell me what happened with the two girls.

I believe that talking to you is good for me.

I am sure that being here
will make me feel better.

Tell me about the girls.

I think they never took
their therapy seriously.

I think they made fun of me.

You told me that they were
two subjects highly dangerous,

very vulnerable.

I think they were two borderline subjects.

It is clear that...

we did not have the necessary
mutual trust to do an efficacious job.

Why do you think they lost
their trust in you?

I don't know.

They were two young girls,

She killed herself because of you.

I don't know what happened.

Why are you attacking me like this?

- I thought that comin...

-There are some things which
are never meant to be done.

Things that go beyond the rules,
beyond the code,

what kind of man do you think you are?


And what do you think
you are doing now? Sit down!

Why are you treating me like this?

On the phone I thought
you wanted to make me feel good.

I said sit down!

You're treating me very badly,
I came here to get better.

Sit down, for Christ's sake!


I...I just do not know why
you're treating me so bad, I'm leaving now.

You will pay for that! It will not end well!

Listen, Madame

You need to be extremely
careful with your husband.

I'm sorry...

I didn't mean to make you worry.

I didn't think of it.
I didn't think of anything.


Please come here, Greta.

You're right.

In the last few days
I thought about what happened...

and something else happened. I...

I trust psycotherapy.

How was your session with Giovanni?

Bad, he made me feel very bad.

And I ran away,

Greta, I know, I ran away
without a word, and you...

What did you do when you left?

I...nothing...I don't know,

I...I can't stand anymore,

I can't stand anymore.

Calm yourself, come on.

Calm down.

Though I was not
a good psychotherapist for...

Even if Giovanni hasn't been
a good psychotherapist for me

Enough, but...

are you analyzing me?

Are you analyzing me?



I'll book an appointment with
a former colleague of mine.

I think you can do a good job together.


why did you try to analyze me?

The appointment is on Thursday at 7:00 pm.

Come in!


What are you doing in here?

(different recorded voice of
Stefano Belfiore.'s patients during sessions.)

What does it mean?

Wait, wait. Calm Down.

- What does it mean Stefano?

- Calm down, wait, calm down, sit down, here, sit down.
- What does it mean Stefano?

- Calm down, wait, calm down, sit down, here, sit down.

Are you a psychotherapist?

I just wanted to ruin your therapy,

I didn't plan the death of that girl.

Even, no, I planned that as well.

What does it mean?

Let me explain.

I don't feel good.

I just wanted to know what
can there possibly be after psycotherapy?

Given that I am an expert of psychotherapy,

I used it and I put it in check.

And I used it up,
now you've used it up as well,

so I ask you: what now?

And you have ruined my life
and girls's just for that?

I am asking you what could help me?
What could help us?

Given that you have used it up too.

(different recorded voice of
Stefano Belfiore.'s patients during sessions.)

I fell in love with you!

Are you a psychotherapist?

Yes I am, Yes.

You are really young.

You too.

How did you get to use psychotherapy up?
It must not have been easy.

It feels like when you incredibly like a song,
let's say it's your favourite song.

Then you start listening to it,
over, and over, and over again,

till it doesn't affect you anymore.

You have used it up and there's nothing left.

And I can assure you that
I liked psycotherapist very much.

I started taking patients
in care when I was just 24.

I knew them long before that though.

I wasn't a therapist yet,

but I luckily looked a bit older than I was.

Now everything is clear.


What is clear?

The reason why you are convinced
that you used psychotherapy up.



You're a psychopath, and you
say you've used psychotherapy up

but I think you never had the
opportunity to actually know it.

You came across psychotherapy
when you were too young.

Like a child comes across in the
sexual act when he has not yet formed

He can't understand it,

he can't get it,

and most probably he won't get it
even when he grows up.

And he will keep persisting in
something that he considers complete

but that actually never happened.


you did not use psychotherapy up,
you never knew it.

And that's all you have figured out?


What I have figured out is that you,
acted as you acted,

ruining not only my life but girls' too,

only to make me aware
of a discomfort of yours.

It was a desperate

and wasteful attempt

to get in touch with me.

As Chiara used Letizia as a mean
to talk about herself, and vice versa,

you used them both to talk about yourself.

Every word used to describe their
problems was a word used to describe yours.

What I mean is that she's really into this kind
of game she is doing with his psychotherapist.

Why do you think
they are doing this to him?

I don't know, maybe they don't like him,

or they may just want
to prove something to him.

When you talked to me about the girls,

you were actually conveying
your own intentions.

What you were doing to me.

Do you remember the first thing
you convey to me acting this way?

They don't like psychotherapy,
I think they could never bear it.

That You can't bear psychotherapy,
you do not like it at all.

Perhaps when you were young somebody
forced you to become psychotherapist?

Your mother maybe?

She expected you to become a brilliant one?

As you have been practising for so long,

and so early in your life a profession
that you are not deeply fond of,

it is normal for you to think
of psychotherapy as something emptied,

that emptied yourself!

I never had the chance to meet
my mother as I am an adopted child.

As Letizia is!

No, no, you are talking nonsense,
complete nonsense...

If you had really used
psychotherapy up as you claim,

now you wouldn't probably need any help.

No, I don't know.

But it is so simple, and you're so smart.

No, I proved that you're wrong.

No, you've just screwed me,
and by doing so you have screwed yourself.

I don't think you understand my point of view.



Stop it,

and ask me a question.


Because if the truth is hidden somewhere,
in the questions it always is.

And I think we both,

right now,

maybe, need to hear it.

I'll grant you one last question.

Do you know who I am?

I understand
you don't want to talk about it.

But I need to ask you.

Tell me, please

Did he really do those things?

You're talking about?

The violence you had to suffer...

was it just psycological...

or physical too?

Did he ask you to undergo...

any strange activities...

which involved your body?

Why would you ask me that?

He told me something...

He never even shook my hand

nor my sister's, I believe.

I shouldn't be talking about it,
but as things stand...

- You don't know that Stefano...

- I don't care.
- You don't know that Stefano...

- You don't know that Stefano...

I don't want to know.

He was messed up, you could tell.

As me and my sister.

That's clear.

That's it.


I couldn't imagine anything like that.

Or maybe...

I refused to.

Stefano often told me
about his patients...

patients he would have taken in care.

Some unreal patients
he imagined to meet.

His patients' issues were

somehow linked to his past,

to his unconsciousness.

He used them in order to
outline his own issues.

Sometimes he did that to me, too.

I just let him talk.

He never showed aggressive behaviour
or such, against himself or others.

That's the reason why

I never thought I had to bring
him back to the real world.

One day,


he came to my practice for our session
and he was completely alienated.

He thought he was one of those
patients he often talked to me about.

A patient that carried his same name...

a patient that was
different from the others,

a patient that disliked Stefano,

so himself, very much.

He claimed to be the two sister's friend.

I thought he was making fun of me,
I thought...

I overreacted.

I did some research

and I realized that the two girls,
unlike all of his other patients,

were real.

And he was trying to tell me,
in his own way.

Only at that point
I reported his actions.

I mistook my evaluations...

and that is...


I'll pay what I need to.

He bought a new chair.

He received them in my practice
during my shift in the clinic.

I've been so stupid.

I booked an appointment for him
with a psychiatrist, a friend of mine.

He told me he found him in
his practice talking to nobody...

or perhaps I should say to himself.

What now?

It's not clear yet.

I had to sign some papers.

He is in an institution now.

He asked to go to look out
at the sea before getting locked up.

To find himself again, he said.

Mom, I've thought about it.

What about, honey?

I like psycotherapy.

That's good, sweetheart!

But I don't want to be a psycotherapist.
I want to be the patient.