Trancers III (1992) - full transcript

A time traveling cop, Jack Deth, from the future is taken back to the past to be given the task of destroying the Trancer program before it has a chance to get out of control, sending the world into a state of chaos and war.

(anticipating music)

[Voiceover] My name is Jack
Deth and I'm a Trancer Hunter,

I work in Los
Angeles, California.

In the year 2360, at least I
did until I traveled through

time to singe a Trancer
nutcase who was running wild

on the streets of old L.A.

Now I'm struck in
the City of Angels.

And that's not too bad.

I found a girl and
work as a private eye.

But I'm still the future
cop with no Trancers

to burn and no new
cases in sight.

(frolicking music)

That's right folks, it's
time to take advantage

of our holiday rates of Jack
Deth's Detective Agency,

if you need to check up
on your spouse, do it now!

Because I won't take a fee
unless I catch him in the act,

and until January one
we'll throw in a free

court-admissible video
tape of the transgressors.

So, give Jack Deth a call.

Remember, I'm on your side.

Happy Holidays
and Feliz Navidad.

(gun fires)

(shouting in foreign language)

I hate that show!

(shouting in foreign language)

Get your hands up!

(shouting in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

Shit, what did you
do to this thing?

(speaking in foreign language)

(shouting in foreign language)

(low noise humming)

(glass shattering)

Holy Christ, what is that?

(electricity crackling)

(shouting in foreign language)

(foreboding music)

Where's Jack Deth?

The information coordinates
indicate that Jack Deth

is in Paradise, where is he?

(gun fires)

(speaking in foreign language)


Jack Deth, (mumbling),
you know High Paradise?

Jack Deth, (speaking
in foreign language).

[Jack] Lena, all I
need is a couple of hours

to nail this son of a bitch
and my case is closed.

I thought we agreed
on a clean break, right?

Jack, I have to go, Robert's
here to discuss the settlement.

Robert, geez, aren't
we lucky enough to have

a divorce lawyer
right next door.

Don't do that.

This isn't the greatest
Christmas present I've ever had.

What's the hurry?

I don't wanna drag this on.

If I don't collect the
fee, there won't be enough

of a settlement for Bob
to sink his teeth into,

you got that?

Fine, do what you need to do.

Lena, after this I
could back away from

the detective crap for a
while, give us a chance

to get back on track.

You know it's not that
simple, there are a lot of

things wrong, not
just your work.

I gotta start somewhere.

Look angel, I wanna
make the effort.

I've heard that a thousand
times, and you never seem

to get around to doing it.

Lena, I mean it this time.

Meat me at Emilio's,
make reservations okay?

I don't know.

Come on.

Quiet dinner with your husband?

You've had sleazier
offers than that,

most of them from
me, what do you say?

Eight o'clock, and
you'd better be there.

Now try and stop me.

Corner table, hey listen,
send Bob home will ya?

Man, sporty, graying
at the temples,

girl's cutting about 16.

Which means your
ass is grass pal.

Don't bother me, I'm reading.

Merry Christmas.

Lena's right.

Singeing Trancers has more
dignity than this shit.

(foreboding music)

What the hell are you?

No physicality is
identical to the description

that was fed to me.

If you could possibly be
someone's pissed off husband,

I'm only doing my job pal,
you better call your old lady.

You are Jack Deth.

Well you got that
part right, Godzilla,

now what the hell do
you want with me, huh?



(anticipating music)

[Girl] I got it.

Okay pops, tell me
again what happened,

and this time in English okay?

(speaking foreign language)

Hey fish face, where's
the costume party?


Oh yeah, I'm talking to you.


(foreboding music)

(electricity crackling)

Hey, take it easy, I
got a little TCL lag here.

This is a hell of an adjustment.

Adjust to the adjustment.

(gun cocks)

(anticipating music)

(gun cocks)

You're a big man
around here, Godzilla.

I'm impressed.

Compared to you
I'm big everywhere.

I don't know what you need more,

a personality or a
bullet in the head.

I've already had a
bullet in the head.



(foreboding music)

[Wounded warrior] Got a smoke?


That's the best I can do,

start him on whole plasma,
if he doesn't come around

in a couple of
hours, cut him off.

[Assistant] But Dr. Raines!

Just save it.

We're short on supplies
and I can't afford to waste

plasma on a trooper who's
not going to make it.

[Android] Jack Deth, as ordered.

Welcome to hell, Jack.

What's going on here Ruthie?

Oh I decided to
redecorate my old lab, Jack.

So how's the 20th
century, nice and comfy?

My head feels like
it's been in the blender,

talk to me!

Let's just say we've had
a few Trancer problems.

Is that why finhead here
Shanghai'd me up the line

in the TCL Chamber?

(alarm buzzing)

Get out of the way
Jack, keep quiet,

somebody just busted security

and the council needs you alive.

Save your ammo,
Ruthie, you always were

a lousy shot.

Hold your fire!

It's us, don't shoot.

(anticipating music)

Sorry we set off the code red.

I almost wasted you
as a Trancer, pal.

We didn't have any choice,

the back's full of Trancers.

A full battalion?

Yeah, an attack patrol on
S&D mission to find normals,

they're sweeping every
building on the block.

They got all the fire out
the gazoo for the mop-up.

I want you to cover
the front entrance,

if they make any
advance, signal red,

and beat it the hell back here.

I don't need
anymore dead heroes.

Yes colonel.


There have been a hell of
a lot of changes around here,

Jack, how ya been?

You better hold up
on the family reunion

if you want me to save this man,

get the surgical tray, colonel,

nail his bed still.

Let's take a walk, Jack.

Do you smoke?


I know this is a hell
of a place to meet.

I'm Harris, the ranking officer.

You're in command?

Let's just say
I'm the final word,

since McNulty bought it.


In the first firefight,
he was leading an offensive

into old L.A.

He told me a lot about you.

You're kind of a
legend around here.

(foreboding music)

Yeah well I was just another one

of McNulty's troopers.

You knew the war was coming.

Well I kept trying to warn him.

But nobody would hear it.

The cops were in control

of the Trancers, hah.

Then one morning we woke up,

they were organized,
ready to fight.

We weren't.

How many Trancer's
asses did you singe?

We lost count at 1,000,000,

but they kept coming.

The blood in the streets
was an inch deep.

And at the end...

I was putting
10-year-olds into combat.

The council decides who
fights and who doesn't.

I am the council, Jack.

Everybody else is dead.

Son of a bitch.

But we're fighting back.

Alice leads the underground.

Being married to you was
the best basic training

she could've gotten.

Did you give him his assignment?

Not yet.

Jack, I'm gonna send you

back down the line to kill
the Trancers at their source.

Find the son of a bitch
who started this thing

and singe his ass.

That's top secret
information, nobody knows that.

Lena knows.


She wrote about it.

All her early records
are lost, but trust me,

she knows.

Ah bullshit, she never
said anything to me about it.

That's because she
didn't know in 1992,

all her knowledge came later.

So we're sending you to 2005,

when it all began.

Nailing this trancing son of
a bitch won't be a cakewalk.

Screw that, I'm still
a Trancer Hunter, Harris,

but if you're worried about
it, let me take Godzilla

down the line as my backup.

No chance, Shark's
the last model

of androids we built as
the first line of defense

against the Trancers,
we need him here.

I bet he does a
hell of a job too.

Yeah, but we depleted
the last of the element

we need for his power source.

When Shark runs down, that's it.

Instant junk.

[Voiceover] Colonel,
colonel, colonel, incoming!

(guns fire)

I'm sticking with you Alice!

(anticipating music)
(guns fire)

Jack, we need you
down the line, go!

Follow me!

(guns fire)


(guns fire)

(silenced gun fires)

Catch your breath, Jack.

If the Trancers don't
return their fire right away

it means they're regrouping.

We've got room to move.

You're getting pretty
good at this shit, Alice.

I know, I learned it from you.

Let's move.

(anticipating music)

(guns fire)

(helicopter blades rotating)

(guns fire)


Harris gave me the coordinates.


Jack, if we don't make it...

You'll see me again, Alice.

You're the best thing
that has happened to me

in two centuries.

You better get to Lena.

Go, go!

(anticipating music)
(silenced gun fires)

(electricity crackling)

(rock music)

Man, there ain't
nothing better than that.

Do you hear me?

Nothing in the whole world!

(glass shattering)

Let's go.

You're getting too pumped.

Where are we going?

[Blond friend] Just
back to the others.

Well what about the beer?

[Blond friend] I got
the beer, let's go.



Oh man...

Stevens, now.

Bye baby! (Laughs)


(crowd chattering)

That girl really liked me.

You don't make
enough money, private.

Baby, I'm so hard a
cat couldn't scratch it.

Come here and give me
some relief. (Laughs)

Shift into low gear.

You need to cool down.

What the fuck do you
think she's here for anyway?

Besides I ain't the
only one liking it.

Right honey?


Next time I draw you in the pit,

you're a dead man.

Well excuse me for
telling the truth.

You got your eye on
that new recruit anyway.

How you feeling, squirt?

Not so good.

The injection is still
making me feel kinda sick.

You're getting stronger
by the hour, I can feel it.

Hell you only been
in basic training

three months, that's
still drug level one.

Wait till you get to level
10 with them damn shots.

You will be

Stevens, one more word,

I'll break your spine in half.

(rowdy cheering)

You think that you're
gonna join in the Corps?

I'd love to, but,

I don't know if my brother
thinks I'm soldier material yet.

I thought I was, real smart huh?

Oh shit, these things
are going fast, wow.

I'll be a son of a
bitch, look who came down

of the farm and spend
a night on the town.

[Voiceover] Hey
honey, shake that thing.

I'm ready for some beers.

Relatives of yours?

The Corps is my
family now, baby.

It's yours too.

Them boys, they ain't
shit on my boots.

You said it yourself,
lieutenant, I'm too pumped.

Let me blow off a little steam.

You stay in control.

Broken bones only.

Hell all I want is
a little exercise.

(foreboding music)

Are you gonna stop him?

No baby brother.

It might be good
for you to see this.

How you boys doing tonight?

Just fine jarhead,
how you doing?

Yeah, if you're all here,

I think your friends must
be getting kinda lonely.

Which friends are
you talking about?

All them goats and
pigs back on the farm

you're used to buggering.

(mumbling) smiling faces.

Boy, you're one
ugly son of a bitch.



(anticipating music)


Come on, asshole!

(anticipating music)

[Lieutenant] Come
on Stevens that's it.

Party's over, that's an order.


Sorry lieutenant,
I'm on a level 10 high.

This isn't the pit.

It is tonight.


Asshole, corner pocket.

(anticipating music)

[Voiceover] Look out!

(glass breaking)

Jesus Christ.

That's the beauty of
being in the Corps, honey.

You can do whatever
the fuck you want,

and nobody is gonna stop you.

You're finished, private.

Come out of it, let
the trancing pass.

You did a good job,
but we'll mop it up.

You ain't mopping
up shit, Mr. Jason.

You ready?

You created me man.

You can't kill me!

I'm just what you
wanted me to be!

(guns cock)

But at the wrong time.


(guns fire)


(anticipating music)

Prepare him for combustion.

Doug, R.J.'s gone man.

All right, all right.

She hit the door...

Sir, Garrett has gone AWOL.

We'll deal with it.

But sir, Garrett is gone.

I said we'll deal with
it, now get ready to clear.


What about me?

Hey Matt, relax.

I will contact you
about recruitment.

Not a word to anyone
about what you saw, right?

Right, I don't even
know what the hell I saw.

Keep it that way.

All right.

(upbeat music)

All right so listen.

I'll have a second team
up here in less than,

hey, listen to me!

I'll have a second team up
here in less than five minutes,

you know the procedure,

anybody got any questions,

you report them to me.


You got it, me.

Yeah, yeah, I know the drill.

All right.

(foreboding music)


Adios private.

Clean Stevens'
ashes out of there

and get back to your post.

We got a report to make.

(foreboding music)

Loss of control is the one thing

we should all fear.

Private Stevens' training
was almost complete.

To lose him now is
inexcusable for all of us.

I'm sorry Colonel Muthuh.

Stevens got excited,
he initiated a level 10

trancing state.

He couldn't be controlled, sir.

And Garrett went AWOL?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Oh, where was Jason
during all of this?

Mr. Jason was dealing
with the mop-up operation,

sir, that's when
Garrett deserted.

Daddy, I'm sorry...

Lieutenant Ryan.

I'm sure your written
report will be complete

in every detail, carry on.

[It. Ryan] Yes sir.

In the mean time.

Private Shark will give me her

oral impressions
of the incident.

Yes sir.

(foreboding music)

(electricity crackling)



L.A. never changes.

Big nowhere.


If there's any justice,

you'll open my old office.

Wherever the hell
that is from here.


Oh, trance...

Trance for me Jana.

Show me, you can make the change

on your own, you
should show me, yes.

Yes, that's it.

That's it now, control it, yes,

remember what Colonel
Muthuh taught you

about discipline, the
discipline you must have.

Now control it, exercise it,
discipline, that's right.

Actively feel it
pulsing, feel it moving

through every limb,
through your brain,

everywhere, that's it.

Now control the flow.

Yes, yes, make
that flow your own.

Yes, all right, good.


Now, look at me.

Look at me, Jana.

Killing you would be so easy.

I know, and I always
want you to feel

that way about your
enemies, I gave you

the power to trance so you
could meet your enemies

without fear, but you
must use that power

with discretion.

Otherwise you'll
be good in combat.

Control is the key.

Without it, you'll die like
that young fool Stevens.

And I'd hate to see that, yes.

Because you're my pride and joy.


Come to daddy.


But my brother
said your program,

made him a better soldier
than he ever hoped.

And I want that too.

That's right.

And all you gotta do
is sign, right here.

Go ahead.

Go ahead.

(funky music)

Good man.

All right.

Let's go.

That's it?

[Jason] That's it, let's go.

This might sound
silly to you, but,

I'm really excited.

Well now you're a
part of one of the most

elite fighting corps
that has ever existed.

(foreboding music)

So anyway.


My brother, that's
Lieutenant R...

Lieutenant Ryan, you
guys met in the bar.


He's been talking about
this guy, Daddy Muthuh?

Colonel, Colonel Muthuh.

Yeah, who's Daddy Muthuh?

Colonel Muthuh.

He's the doctor that
created all this.

He's a genius and now
the most important person

in your life.

Holy shit.


Look to your right,
guns on the wall.

Man I love it.

(ominous music)

Could this be our new cruit?

Who's his guy?

[Jason] Colonel Muthuh.

Uh, yes sir, I think so.

No, no, just put your arm down.

At ease son, I understand

you'll be following in
your brother's footsteps?

We're very proud
of Lieutenant Ryan.

Well he's proud to be a part
of the Trancer Program, sir.

That's what I like
to hear, carry on.

I'll see ya.

What about Private Garrett?

No word on any
operative yet, sir.

Understand this, there are
no deserters from this Corps.

You were presented to me as
a troubleshooter, mister.

Now start shooting.

(foreboding music)

D-E-T-H, Deth.

Yeah, like in the
end of your life,

Lena is the first name.

Nothing at all?




Spare a five buddy?

Sorry pal, all I got is...

Hey that's my blanket man!

(foreboding music)


Buy yourself a couple
of bottles of warmth.

Hi uh, I'm looking for Lena.


Can I help you?

(foreboding music)

[Jack] So I guess you got
a cannon for an arm, huh?

I'm not bad, last game
I had five strikeouts,

and they were all
sixth grade boys.

My uncle Hap coaches
me sometimes.

Yeah, he was a good pitcher.

Now he owns the San
Francisco Rockets!

I get free tickets
every Christmas.

I'm going outside, Ma.


Nice kid.

I think so.

Nice place, Lena.

Yeah, we like it.

I know this is
a hell of a shock,

I would've called first,

but then again, I was
looking for Lena Deth.

Not Ms. Forest.

It's been 13 years, Jack.

More like 13 hours for me.

That night I was
supposed to see you,

I got hijacked up the line.

It doesn't make
any difference now.

You're not gonna let
me explain this, are ya?

I already know what happened,

you left without
a word, nothing.

That's what I'm trying
to tell you about now.

I didn't know if you
were dead or alive.

I waited for some sort
of word from the cops,

there was nothing.

I woke up one morning
and I was a year older.

Yeah, well you don't look it.

Not a year, not a day.

I found someone special, Jack.

Yeah, what's he like?

Is he good to you?

He's very down to earth
if you know what I mean.

You know I could
always go up the line

and come back in
1992 and none of this

would've happened.

You wouldn't do that, would you?

Don't worry, besides,

I got some Trancers to
singe and I need your help.

You read the piece on Garrett?

When did the military
start Trancing experiments?

She claims it's been
going on for years,

it's a real black bag operation.

She used to be a part of
it, but now she wants out.

Yeah well she probably
shouldn't have mouthed off

to the newspaper.

I think she has guts.

Where is she?

Come on Lena, I know you.

You're famous for
bringing in strays.

I promised to her I
would keep her safe.

She ain't protected here,

she could help me screw
this Trancing operation

into the ground, don't wait for

the government suits to
come looking for her,

I could be Garrett's
only chance.


Who the hell is this guy?

R.J. it's okay.

The gun, drop it,

and keep your hands
where I can see them.

It's okay, he's a friend.

[Jack] Do you feel safe yet?

Just as soon as we
verify who you are.


I need your help, Garrett.


Why the gun?

I'm a Trancer Hunter.

(anticipating music)

Corvette's in the garage,

I had a hell of a time
keeping it away from the bank.

Well at least I
got something left.

Oh you always loved
that car more than me.

That was another decade, Jack.

You guys better get going.

You can trust him R.J.

You were really
married to him, huh?


Hey, thanks for everything.

You know the only reason
why I'm going with you

is because Lena says
you're all right.

Fair enough.


You got a nice life, Lena.

Take care, Jack.

See ya.

(sad music)

(upbeat music)

I am charged to kick
some real ass today.

[It. Ryan] Don't be too sure.

It's you and me
in the pit, Shark.

Oh, I know who
I'm fighting, sir.

Oh, ah...


This is as fine
a group of warriors

as I have ever seen.

You do me and the whole
Trancer Program proud,

all of you.

Hold on there doctor.

This young man

is a new recruit.

And I reserve the
right to administer

the first injection myself.


This is your very
first step on the road

to becoming the elite.

One of the best fighting
men in the world.

(upbeat music)


[It. Ryan] It's a
riot, baby brother.

But you're gonna
love it, trust me.


Now this will be a
demonstration of combat,

on a high level trancing mode.

It will allow you
all the opportunity

to see what you'll be capable of

when you reach this
level of readiness.

(foreboding music)

(anticipating music)

Come on Doug, come on man!


(crowd jeering)

Come on, get up!

Don't you see that
I'm trying to enjoy

the fruits of my labor?

(crowd jeering)


Yeah bro, that's it,
come on Doug, come on!



Come on, come on!



The reporter is Mary Azedonna.

She can be taken out
without any problem.


As usual, you miss the point.

It's not the reporter,
it's Private Garrett.

Find her.


[Crowd] Gravel pit, gravel
pit, gravel pit, gravel pit...

And bring her back.

(silenced gun fires)


I can always handle the media.

(silenced gun fires)


(foreboding music)

I've been locked
underground so long,

I forgot there was
an outside world.

Thanks for bringing me.


Do you wanna talk about it?

Well I guess if you
were sent here to kill me,

you'd have done
it already, right?

You bet.

But I only kill Trancers.

Three steroid shots a day
for the past four months.

That's a standard dosage
for a level one soldier.

That's a pretty heavy boost.

[R.J.] Yeah, well it's
nothing compared to level 10.

Look, only squids
can be tranced.

You've got the
guts to fight back,

now what happened to you huh?

I wanted it, okay?

You wanted what, have
your brain scrambled

by a fucking lunatic?

I'm a soldier, Jack.

It's all I got.

I just wanted to be the best.

So after army basic
I was approached

by a suit named Jason, about
an elite fighting group.

Elite fighting group?


It elevates your
physical prowess,

raises your pain thresholds,

so in the field no
one can stop you.

[Jack] Aren't you
forgetting the side effects?

Like it turns you
into a raving psycho

and a whacked out
goddamn zombie, huh?

You don't have to
convince me, Jack.

I'm the one who
is AWOL remember?

I know what trancing
does to you.

(scoffs) Hell of a
soldier, ain't I?

I don't trust the
guys in my outfit,

now I'm a deserter.

I need to get to
the colonel, Garrett.

You can't.

But you can get to Jason.


Nice cover, huh?

Pure CIA.

Good evening.

How's it going?

[Jack] Okay.

You shouldn't be here,

this is a restricted area,
didn't you see the sign?

We're just having a
conversation, officer.

Oh well, then keep it short.

I didn't mean to
startle you, I just uh,

noticed this gorgeous Vette,
and I had to come down

and take a look.

Yeah, she's real fine my 409.

A 60 Vette and the Beach Boys?

I could've guessed.

(gun fires)


(anticipating music)

Come here you dizzy bitch,
you just dumped a cop!

[R.J.] She's not a
cop Jack, she's a phony.

God, you almost
shot her in her eye.

Nail polish, ring.

That's not regulation,
check if her weapon

is a Browning.

Shit, she's one of
Jason's CIA dorks,

we've been tagged.

Oh, you're good sweetheart.

You're real good.

That old Muthuh can kiss my ass.

(anticipating music)

Listen Garrett, I
know you're scared,

but we've still got
some moves left.

[R.J.] The colonel
is gonna find us, Jack.

[Jack] No chance, I'm
gonna bury you so deep.

Colonel Muthuh will never
find you in a million years.

(foreboding music)

Jack, where are we?

I wanna send you
to some place safe,

I just haven't
figured out what year.

What are you talking about?



It was right here!


Back up!

[R.J.] Jack look out!


One sound, private,
I snap your spine

like a pretzel.

Another wasted
sister, I knew it.

What was he looking for?

A way out of the shitter.

Get up asshole.

Now where on Earth
would you wanna run?

Desert your comrades in
arms at a crucial juncture?

No, I don't think you
understand, private Garrett.

Too much has been
invested in you,

and the only way you're
gonna leave us now,

is inside a body
bag, is that clear?

(ominous music)

Prepare her for
immediate reorientation.

Listen to me Private Garrett.

Now listen.

You're mine.

And I'll need you.

The Corps needs you to fulfill

your destiny.

And you know what that is.

Don't you?

Take her.


Now what are you looking at?

You want a medal for
bringing her back?

If you'd done your job,

this whole thing would
never have happened.

Now I can only
speculate as to why

you were assigned to my project.

But as long as you're here,

I expect more of you than
bureaucratic incompetence.

I'm glad she's back
for the Program's sake.

You're glad, huh?

Well I'm glad you're glad.

In the mean time,
Senator McCoy is coming

and he wants a demonstration.

You set it up for me,
without fail, mister.

We need that funding.

If it goes as well
as it did today, sir,

the senator should be impressed.

You never served, did you?

In armed conflict.

You know my record.

Covert operations.

No, I meant something
in the field.

Up to your ankles in mud
and other soldiers' guts.

Waiting for that moment
to re-engage the enemy.

Real combat.

I've been on
extensive maneuvers sir,

in combat simulations,

and I wouldn't be
afraid to fight.

And you're a fool.

Fear can make you sharp.

As soon as I pass my boards,

I went right into the
Army Medical Corps.

For years I watched our
boys die in the field

because they weren't trained
to fight with everything

they had, that's when I started
work on the trancing drug.

To save them.
(gun cocks)

Well I find your
accomplishment enviable.

You don't like it
when some of my soldiers

refer to me as Daddy
Muthuh, do you?

I just find it
disrespectful, sir.

It's a combat name.

I was mother and father to
those boys in the field.

But I bet you've never
been there, have you?

No, you've never tasted blood.

And if you don't know

how it feels to be a soldier,

then how can you possibly know

what a soldier needs to be

a great warrior?

(foreboding music)


My little bureaucrat.

He's a squirrelly
civilian, isn't he?


He doesn't get
it, hit him again.

[Col. Muthuh] Oh, how
are you feeling now?

Never better.

If you had any
vision, you'd understand

what this is all about.

So I'm gonna give you
a taste, Mr. Deth,

who knows, you may even
be officer material.

Only squids can be tranced.

Like Private Garrett?

Just watch my eyes, Jack Deth.

Listen to my voice,
lose yourself in it,

no, no, no, you can't go back

so why fight it, much easier,

just to give yourself up to me.


Just let it pass.

If you wouldn't fight the drugs

they wouldn't rip you as
much when you come down.

I hate losing control
to these bastards.

It's my brain, it's not theirs.

You better cool it, now.

Colonel Muthuh let you
back into this Program

instead of having you shot.

So you better start acting
accordingly, private.


What did they do to Jack Deth?

Let the colonel worry about him.

Let me worry about you.

(foreboding music)


I'm really looking
forward to meeting our

honored guest, sir.

Senator McCoy is
one of the few men

on Capitol Hill
or anywhere else,

who understands
what we're about.

We'll take him where
you want him to go, sir.

You're a good man, lieutenant.

Good man.

(anticipating music)

I'm gonna be honest
with you, colonel.

Unless I really see something,

the money spigot's
gonna be turned off.

You know that Defense
programs are just

as important in peace
time as they are

in war time, senator.

Now the work that
we're doing here,

could make the difference,

in our next conflict.

Well then why don't
you try to impress me?

You see senator, when a
soldier is in a trancing state,

he or she, is capable of
incredible physical acts

in the field, but we don't
want them wasting their energy,

which is why each soldier
can find that discipline

to trance, only when it's
absolutely necessary.

But the trancing mode is
still started by this steroid?

Isn't it?

Yes it is.

By the time a soldier reaches
level 10 of his training,

he can bring that trancing
mode out of himself,

without the use of drugs.

Oh yes, a troop's strength
can be enhanced chemically

if we choose to do so, we
always have that option.



(laughs) You're right,
that's one hell of a kick.

You're still at
charity, little bro.

Wait until you reach level 10.

Come on.

Hey, daddy's little helpers.

You fucked with the
wrong brothers, Ace.



Colonel the problem
isn't that your program

has failed, the
problem is that there's

no place for it anymore.

The world has changed,
our defense monies

are going into
different pockets now.

I'm not talking about
the world, senator.

I'm talking about this country.

I'm talking about
using my soldiers

to wage a war against the scum

that's turning this
land into a cesspool.

Making honest citizens afraid

in their own homes.

I'm talking about
reclaiming our cities.

Our neighborhoods, our streets.

Now that's something
worth fighting for,

isn't it?

Senator, you have no idea,

what my soldiers are capable of.

You're not getting me, no.

You're not gonna get me, nah-ah.

(foreboding music)

The colonel wants
to see you in the pit.


Very well.

Oh God, Jack.

Jack, it's R.J.

(upbeat music)

[It. Ryan] Jesus Matt,
what are you doing?

Come on, fight me Matt!

I give up, Doug.

I give up.



I told you.

They are the finest
warriors in the world.

Oh come on, let's
get outta here, Jack.

What do you mean,
let's get outta here,

where the hell are we going?

I don't know, we're
just getting out of here.

If you hadn't
mouthed off, I would

never have been in this mess.

Just a second.


No offense R.J., but
if this is a setup,

I'm gonna turn you
into fish food.

Jack I can't
control my trancing,

I don't know what I might do.

I just wanna get
the hell outta here.

You can fight it.

With my help.

But you gotta want
it, goddammit.

And that's why I wanna show
you the main trancing chamber,

once a soldier is in place,
his mind can be turned over

to me in a matter of minutes,

in fact I'll show you
our latest conquest.

It's amazingly effective.

(gun fires)

Arm yourselves!

That's an order.

How you holding up, R.J.?

I'm holding on Jack,
but the colonel's shit

is pulling me the other way.

Hey, just remember
who the bad guys are.

Let's get outta here.

(anticipating music)

You guaranteed me results,

you can't even guarantee
me my own safety

in this fucking place.

I will provide
personal escort...

You're wrong again, colonel.

I'll mail you a copy
of my recommendations

for funding, asshole.

Attention everybody,
this is the colonel,

this is a code red,
repeat, code red!

Private Garrett is trying
to escape with the prisoner.

(alarm blaring)
(guns cocking)

Bring the power out of yourself.

Use the power I gave you

and annihilate with
extreme prejudice.

(guns firing)


(gun fires)

Hey R.J., you could help
me kill one of these guys,

you know?

I'm trying Jack, but
colonel Muthuh is still inside

my head, I can't help it.

If I pull it off,
you can pull it off.

Fight it goddammit, I
don't wanna kill you.


Fight it, goddammit!

Drop to the floor!

(guns fire)
(anticipating music)

[Jack] I knew you could do it.

Nice shooting R.J.

I tried Jack, I tried.

(anticipating music)

Kill me.

Kill me!

(gun fires)


(sad music)

(electricity crackling)

(glass shattering)

Where is Jack Deth?

(anticipating music)


Thanks for doing my
job for me civilian.


You know, it makes me sick,

I have to spend my life

defending a country full
of weaklings like you.

Scum like you, aren't
worth defending at all.

Weak Jack, weak. (Laughs)


(neck snaps)

Hey Godzilla.

You saved my ass.

That's what Colonel Stillwell

sent me here to do.

I'll help you
fight your enemies.

[Jack] Come on,
I'll introduce you.

(upbeat music)

(gun fires)

(guns firing)

Very courageous strike.

Mr. Deth.

But one battle is
hardly the war, is it?

Shove the purple heart,
Muthuh, I'm taking you out.



(foreboding music)


Damn Shark, why don't you
help me get this dizzy bitch

off of me?


(foreboding music)

Oh you can't kill me Jack Deth.

I think I can.

Even your humor belongs to me.

I own every thought,
every impulse

you posses, I know
everything you're gonna say,

think or do.

Now look at your hands,
they're starting to shake,

aren't they, yeah?

Now put that gun in
your mouth, soldier.

Like all great warriors who find

new ways to win.

I'll find my way,
my place in history.

Oh, you're starting
to hesitate, Mr. Deth.

That could get you fragged

in the field of battle.

Oh well.

(gun fires)


(gun fires)

(glass shatters)


(serene music)

Where the hell have you been?

Circuit board damage, it caused

my power supply to cut
off without warning.

Oh you're good.

You're real good.

(foreboding music)

Don't do this.

(serene music)

You know Shark, I'm uh...

I'm tired.

I'm really tired.

Alice Stillwell
has instructed me

to give you a message if
you survived this mission.

Jack my darling, I hope
you're hearing this

because that means
we've all survived.

You've given new life
to thousands of people

up the line, the council
is forever grateful

and hereby requests your
presence immediately.

Now I'm really pissed.

(serene music)

Welcome back Jack.


You may approach
us, Commander Deth.

Cut the crap, Ruthie.

You guys don't look
any worse for the wear.

How's your arm, Harris?

Just fine, Jack.

Managed to have any
fun down the line?

Nothing but.


It's good to see you, Jack.

The council has summoned you
for a very special reason.

Not interested.

I wouldn't mind going
to some of those islands

offshore with you though.

Not till we get
this straightened out.

You did a good job for
us down the line, Jack.

We want you to keep on doing it.

We're appointing you our
official Peacekeeping Emissary

of Time and Space.

Wait a minute that sounds
like you can bounce me

from year to year.

This is an official
appointment Jack,

it can't be declined,

For what, who the hell knows
where you can send me next?

(funky music)

We do.

But don't worry,
you won't be alone.

I could get used to this again.

Oh not me, him.


Here Jack, you're
gonna need this.

[Jack] Harris thanks a lot.

So how about it Jack?

You wanna start your vacation

by taking me to dinner?

That's the best idea
I've heard all century.

Come on Shark, if we're
gonna be partners.

You'll like me once you'll
get to know me, Jack Deth.

You know Shark this
could be the beginning

of a beautiful...

Forget it.

(serene music)