Trancers 6 (2002) - full transcript

In a return to the groundbreaking original film's premise, Jack Deth is back - traveling back in time and into the body of his own daughter, Josephine, on a mission to save her life and save the world from the most lethal Trancers yet. Jack/Jo must adapt and survive being a girl while avoiding many assassination attempts by more powerful and dangerous zombie-like Trancers than he's ever faced before in the series. With his new friends, his new enemies and a new female hero are set to take Trancers into the next century for both the planet and Full Moon Pictures.

Hello, Jack.

I guess I'm the last person
in the world you wanna see.

That's usually a pretty good guess.
What's goin' on here?

Jack, I'm pullin' you down the line.

There's some place you have to be now.

Jennings, that sounds like an order.

Since I'm a senior
member of the council,

you're damn right it is.

Can't you just let it slide
until I've singed my last trancer?

Where the hell you sending me this time?

It's about your daughter
and your non-future.

What the hell are you talkin' about?

God damn it, stop it!

Surprise, Jack!

You're goin' down the line now.

Wait a minute, that's not what you...

Oh wow.

Second pass at...


43, 44 seconds,

vector 28,

declamation 124.

Hi, it's me. Did you see it?

I'll be by tomorrow for
a confirmation report.

Thanks a lot, Doc.

What do you mean, be careful?


Are you okay?

Well but why would anyone be
upset that we saw the meteor?

No, no I'll be by tomorrow.

Okay, bye.





Please don't stain.

Please don't stain.

I need my cleaning deposit
back, thank you very much.

That was an ass breaker of a ride.

Too old to be goin' up and
down the line like this.

I'm gonna kill Jennings.

Shit, I need to clear my head.

There's gotta be a shot of
booze around here some place.

Oh God.

Squid soda.

My God.


no, no Jennings,
I'm gonna tear you apart!

Explain yourself, Toots.

You'll be turnin' tricks
at the pearly gates.

Let go of me, Trooper Deth.

You know, you should really
work on your technique.


That's right, my great
great great grandma was a ho.

I hope I don't look
surprised because I'm not.

Very funny.

Look, just don't go
blab to the council, okay?

You know the tight asses they can be.

If you'd tell me what
the hell is going on.

Whose body am I in?

It's your daughter, Jack.

You better start explaining now.

I was doing a standard
monitor of the time continuum,

just to make sure everything
was at it should be.

We've gone down the line so many times,

I'm surprised all of history
isn't out of whack.

Your history might be, Jack.

Take a look.

When you left Lena back
in Old Los Angeles,

she was pregnant with your daughter.

When you met the child,
Lena let you believe...

...that someone else was the father
in order to spare your feelings.

Well, I did a DNA trace, and she's yours.

Otherwise, you couldn't
be in her body right now.

Guess these time travel paradoxes...

...have finally gone
from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Not really.

She's in trouble, or should
I say, you're in trouble.

Last time I was here,
I wiped out all the trancers.

We don't know who or why.

I grabbed these images from the time belt,

and they show the girl
fighting for her life.

If she loses, then you're erased.

I mean, she exists in the past,
or well, right now,

so eventually her descendants
will be your parents.

Congratulations, Jack.

You've just fathered your own
great great great grandmother.

Jesus, could you have
screwed this up anymore?

I can't even get my brain around this.

Then think of it this way.

Someone is trying to kill your daughter,

and I think it's a trancer.

Maybe you should be a dad,
stay in her body, and save her.

Full reinstatement?

Lieutenant Jack Deth, you are
once again a trancer hunter,

first class.

I don't know what your
daughter's gotten herself into.

You have to find that out on your own.

Shouldn't be too hard,

singe a few trancers, be back by supper,
you're buyin'.


Oh Jennings, if you need
some cash before you go back,

there's a convention in town.

Just don't screw this up, Jack.

Your daughter's life
and yours depends on it.

Okay, honey,

I'm gonna start off with your boss.

See if I have to kill him or not.



You bastards are gonna go on
like you do in the commercials,

nice and easy.

my girl's got my taste in wheels.

Oh God,

I thought the skirt was embarrassing.

Alright, come on,
get your hot dogs, kids.

Good for ya.

Eat up!

Get 'em while they're hot!

Give me two with everything.

Miss Jo, is that you?

Course it is.

Come on, snap to it, will ya?
My gut's chewin' itself in half.

Okay, it's just that
I've never been able... sell you anything
but organic sesame buns.

New diet, fats, animal
protein, and carbs only.

What about them?

Now you know I give away freebies,

thanks to good customers like you,

they don't have to eat
out of the trash can.

Keep the change.

Hi, Miss Forrest.

Hey, Toots.


No thanks.

Gee, Miss Forrest,
you forget where you work?

Your desk is right...

That's your name on it.



What a squid.

Mr Castle will see you, Josephine.


Mr Castle decided to
give you five minutes.

I suggest you don't waste it
with your usual outer space babble.

What are you staring at?

Somebody's been workin' out.

I mean, that outfit is very becoming.

This is your last chance, Josephine.

Save your flattery for the boss.

That's a great suit, Mr Castle.

Have a seat, Miss Forrest.

I meant at the other end.

I like to look right into somebody's eyes
when I grill them.

You requested this audience,

but I'm gonna make it
easier on both of us.

Now, I looked over your report,

and I even checked with NASA,

and there is no evidence
of a meteor shower... the area you pinpointed.

That plus the fact that this
has nothing to do with your job...

...means I don't want to be
bothered with this again.

This meeting is over.

Hold it, pal. I got some questions.

What have I done
that's got you in such a sweat?

Excuse me?

Look, I've seen martian
molesters put up better fronts...

...than you're doin' right now.

Have you lost your mind?

There's a video of this
thing crashing to the earth.

Why are you saying it didn't happen?

Well I'm sorry I didn't
make myself clearer.

One, what you saw was a gaseous explosion
above the earth's atmosphere.

And two,

you're fired.

I know what you are, buddy.

Oh, I lied about the outfit,

but I still think you got a great ass.

Smoking's illegal, Miss Forrest.

You know that.


Forgot. Bad habits die hard.

Just remember,

smoking was the leading cause
of cancer in women under 30.

Gee, Miss Forrest,

office scuttlebutt is that
you're not gonna be with us anymore.

'Cause I'm gonna rip your damn head off.

Get over here!

You're gonna learn to mind
your own business, bitch!

You're gonna learn Jo Deth
doesn't take any trancer crap.

Who the hell is Jo Deth?

Tell me about Castle.

What kinda trancer scam's he got goin' on?

All I know is they want you dead.

Who are you?

You first.

Answer the question,
you might live 'til noon.

You can't scare someone
who doesn't care about dying.

-Josephine, is that you?

-I've been waiting for half an hour.
-Where are you?

Have you lost your senses?
At the observatory, of course.

Professor Malvern?

Doc, you don't have any Old Harper
to take the curse off this stuff, do ya?

Oh, I never touch spirits,

but I might start.

Here are the sightings you made
and my verifications.

Everything checks.

The meteor definitely came to earth
approximately 340 miles due south.

But meteor showers do happen.

Some penetrate the atmosphere?

Well you know they do, all the time,

but only one in every 200 thousand
ever reaches a populated area.

So it's rare,
but why is everybody so pissed off?

Well I don't know
what's upsetting people.

Maybe the aliens have finally landed.

Wouldn't that be something?

I've met 'em, Doc.
They're no great shakes.

Smell bad, too.

Listen, we're not the only
ones that saw this thing.

Well, certainly not,

but we don't know what
happens to the information...

...once we inform the authorities, do we?

Thousands of people
could have reported it,

no reason to single us out.

Except me, I'm the one they want dead.

Oh, Josephine.

It's true, Doc.

We're targets, Doc.

What are we going to do?

Kick some ass.

Stay here and take notes, Doc.

What are you going to do?

Show these punks
you don't screw with nerds.

That bitch ain't goin' nowhere!

I ain't anybody's bitch.

That was easy.

Just give me a minute to pray.

How about a second to die?

That's all I'll need.

Where the hell is she?

Won't be needing this anymore, asshole.

Yeah, I like it.

I'm not sure about this, Josephine.

People have been doing it
for a hell of a long time, Doc.

Just point and shoot.

Those creeps would have killed you
if they had gotten inside.

Next time somebody shows up,

I may not be here to save your ass.

What about the body?

There shouldn't be any bodies.

Remember, next time
somebody you don't know...

sticks their nose in the door,
blow it off.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

I'll get you, you little runt,

if it's the last thing I do.

Jesus, his pulse is falling.

Below 50, temperature dropping.

How are you still alive though, man?

Hey, I've been lookin' for you.

Boy, did you pick the wrong time.

No, you did, Jack.

Here, I know you burned the first one,

so here's a replacement.

Just don't waste it.

How's the case coming?

I know the who,
but I haven't figured out the why.

Every time I start asking questions,

trancers pop up and start shootin'.

I singed five today, new kill record.

but you better break the record...

...for finding the killer,

because you're starting to fade.

What the hell are you talking about?

In the TCL lab, your existence
up the line is ceasing,

which means in the very near future...

I'm or my kid's gonna die.

Unless you can stop it, fast.

I gotta tail these kids,

and you gotta get the hell out of here
before you get busted.

God, I hate trancer hunters.

Remember me?

Shouldn't you be dead
or at least in school?

Move it.

Hey, if you let me go,
I'll make it worth your while.

Unless you've got an extra eye in there,

I'm not interested.

No really, I've got some great
stuff in my car to give ya.

You can't give me anything...

...that compares with what
I'll get for catching you.

Everybody gets a little blue friend.

Move it!

Just swallow and enjoy the nice ride.

Why Miss Jo, good to see you.

Yeah, it'll be good to see you
on a slab.

You were supposed to kill her.

Yeah, this is even better.

You better hope Miss Shauna thinks so,

or she'll burn out that other eye.

Jesus Christ.

I don't know if he can hear you.

You don't think much of
this place either, kid?


How old are you?

Older than you think.

So where'd they pick you up?

Sleeping in a doorway on
Argyle, like the rest of us.

All these kids runaways?

Runaways 'cause mom and dad
tossed our asses out...

...or dad couldn't keep
his slong away from his daughter.

Rest of 'em are just your run
of the mill bums and winos.

Everybody's got a real nice story.

What about you?

I'm just a musician
who's old lady shot herself...

...and the cops think I did it.

So, this place is just fine for me.

By the way,
everything I just admitted is bullshit... case anybody asks.

Fair enough.

So how come you're not havin' a big time
starin' in to space like your friends.

I spit my little blue friends out.

Around here, it's a good idea
to keep your head on straight.

Guess it's pretty easy
to control a bunch of kids...

...if they're zonked out of their minds.

You can get some in front of
the transformer without a fight.

What the hell's a transformer?

You haven't been indoctrinated yet.

Oh, you're gonna love it.


You meet your family leader in two hours.

Get some rest.

It'll be a long night.

Hey, it can get pretty
cold in here at night... case you wanna
share some body warmth.

I'm not into guys.

I mean, just stick to your guitar.

Welcome to your new home, children.

Holy shit,

Miss Work Out herself.

You know Miss West?

She's the reason we're all here.

I know that you have all had
a hard life on the streets,

but the days of living in fear are over.

From now on,

others will live in fear of you.

And your new family
will protect you always.

For I've been given a gift from the sky,

and I choose to share it with you.

When somebody hassles you,

don't you wanna fight back?


When you're broke and you're cold...

...and nobody gives a damn
whether you live or you die,

don't you wanna show some strength?


Prove to the world that you exist?

That you do count.


Yeah, then come to me,

and I'll give you all of that and more.

Come and receive a gift from the stars.




Feel your strength, children.

So this is how it all got started again.

I'll be a son of a bitch.

How what got started?


something you don't know about
and don't wanna know about.


All this bug eyed monster crap?

Hey, three hots and a cot,
plus I get to see some wild shit.

Bring him out.

Some of you know my history,

heroin, armed robbery, prostitution.

A life on the streets at
the hands of men like this,

but I found the strength
to break away from that life...

...and rebuild myself and to help others.

I was lost, just like you,

but I found a source of strength.

Are you gonna let men like that...

...throw you away like you are nothing?

He thinks that you're garbage.

Did you know that?


Is that what you are?

Don't be lost anymore.

You're part of a family now.


That's all for tonight.

We have to get these
children back to the city,

so they can show their strength and unity.

Where are they taking them?

All over the city,

wherever Miss Shauna thinks
they'll do the most good.

Good job, now eat your fill.

Hey, don't you know too many
of those ain't good for you?

The police should be discovering
the bodies any time now.

They were perfect.

The taste of blood worked
them into such a frenzy,

all we had to do was turn them loose.

And the media should be
crawling all over the crime scene.

Now the public's going
to be shaking in their beds.


Imagine a man and woman killed
right in front of their own home.

A deputy mayor and his wife.

If the rich aren't safe in
their gated communities,

then who is?

No one.

Now we've aimed high this time,

but we have to start
finding replacements...

...for the city and state
officials we've removed.

Not some carbon copy
idiots taking their place,

but our own people.

Our own trancers.

Look, I know this is better
than livin' on the streets,

but you don't wanna be tranced.

They're frying your brains.

They're teaching us
to stand up for ourselves.

By killing on command?

That's the kind of scum bag
who's been victimizing us our whole lives.

Tell me, honey,

how many of those little blue
devils have you eaten today?

Oh, you're losin' 'em.

Why not let it go?

Because I know what kind of
crazy shit this will lead to.


Have you got a crystal ball?

Yeah, I've seen the future,

and it sucks unless we do
something about it now.

Look, I know you're all
drugged or hypnotized.

That sleazebag with the hot dog cart's...

probably been feedin' you crap
for months to soften you up.

Sam is our friend.

Look, you gotta get it together.

This place is goin' up in flames,

and I don't wanna see innocent people
buy it for some trancing bitch.

Now I can help you get
the hell out of here,

but you gotta want it.

You better give it up
before the guards come round...

...with the bedtime feeding.

Where the hell are you goin'?

Men's room.

Hey, it's me.

Yeah, I've got something to report.

Yeah, in the usual way.

You did your job, now make your report.

The girl was trying to get
the bunk house to escape with her...

...'cause she said the whole place
was going up in flames.

Now what did she mean by that?

I don't know.

I don't know, Miss Shauna.

I kept her alive trusting you, Mark,

to find out what she knew
so you can turn her.

But then I've always had a
little doubt about your worth.

Maybe I should just treat
you like the other me...

...and put you in the trancing
beam just to be sure.

Then we can never be together again.

Well, you're very replaceable.

You're lucky that I choose... tolerate you for now.

You see?

They don't seem like they're
having such a bad time.

Sure, they're all brain dead.

It's better than the alternative.

When you gonna wise up, babe?

Son, you really don't know
who you're dealing with.

I'd back off big time if I were you.

Surprised it took you so long to find it.

It was right there in plain sight.

Sorry to point out your shortcomings.

She's getting away!

Hey, you looking for this?

Get your ass out of the car.

Miss Jo, what happened to the nice clothes
and the nice attitude?

Lady I knew would never play with guns.

Lady you knew is gone, asshole.

Pity, I liked her.

I don't give a shit about you.


so you've changed your look.

It's not very sophisticated though.

I'll take that as a compliment, honey.

How many of these kids have you killed?

We are just helping a lost and
bitter generation find a purpose.

That little demonstration of
yours last night was lovely.

When do they start eating brains?

Don't worry, you'll understand everything
in just a few seconds.

You mousy little bitch.

I don't know how you got here,

but you are leaving on a mission,

'cause there's someone that we need... help us fight the scum of the world,

and you're gonna get him for us.

Say you understand me.

I understand you.

I live to do your will.

To flourish in your shadow,

to grovel at your feet like
the unworthy cur that I am.

To wallow in your filth.

That's enough!

No, nothing's enough.

God above all others,
master of all masters.

Get her and two others
ready for transport.

What task has the glorious Miss Shauna
set us to this fine day,

we who are so unworthy
we could never hope to...

Will you shut up with that crap?

There's the objective right over there.

Get out!

I'm not afraid to use force.

Good God, Josephine.

What have they done to you?

I have willingly been made a lowly drone
to the splendid Miss Shauna.

Man, you got her started again?

Good lord, Josephine,

I thought you were with them.

The important thing is they bought it.

Now we gotta get you the hell out of here.

One more step and
I'll blow his head off.

Drop the gun, now!

Come on, Jack.

Kill this bastard so I can
bring you back up the line!

So how's the revolution goin', babe?

Josephine, what is all this?

Why is this happening?

'Cause this bunch of
assholes wants power.

They think you can help them get it.

They're wrong.

I know.

That's our ace in the hole.

He didn't put up a fight at all.

It's your ex-employee
who's causing all the problems.

Now she's gone to enormous
lengths to protect Malvern.

You might be able to use that.

I know how to handle this.

No, you'll leave a pile of corpses,

and we won't be any closer to our goal.

If Miss Forrest and
Malvern have a friendship,

use it against them.

Once Malvern is compliant,

you can gut the girl for all I care,

but if you kill her now, she's of no use.

Those are my orders, Shauna.

Yes sir.

Good evening, doctor.

Hope this hasn't been too
much of a trial for you.

Except for the zombies
and the mass murders,

it's been peachy.

You're lucky you're still standing.

I'd show a little bit more
respect if I were you.

Yeah, Toots?

Respect for what?

The possibility of new world order,

with your help, Doctor.

Josephine told me.

That's the meteor we tracked.

Come take a look.

What's it say?

Less than 20 retins.

Josephine, there's practically
no radiation at all.


No danger of contamination.


What about the ray that thing gives off?

Doctor, even though it has no radiation,

this meteor has special
qualities that we have distilled,

an energy force that alters human tissue,

particularly those of the brain.

What are you talking about?

By focusing the energy
using this device,

we're able to concentrate
the ray on the frontal lobes...

...using the optical nerve
as a point of entry.

Good God.

What have you done to this child?

Oh, this is just a demonstration,

but you see the result.

With certain drugs, we've been able
to control the behavior of these subjects,

evoke certain emotions,
and in this case, rage.

Nothing like an army of killers
to make your megalomaniacal day complete.

That's why you're here.

I can't have anything to do with
something so monstrous.

These results are not our ultimate aim.

This poor child's life
was over a long time ago.

Don't feel sorry for her.


Doctor, we don't want
you to be a part of this.

We want you to help us modify the beam

so that the results are not that extreme.

Examine the meteor, test its elements.

I know that you can find a
key to harness this force.

We don't want an army of killers.

What do you expect from me?

Your best efforts,

or you friend is dead.

Doc, don't listen to that shit,
and don't worry about me.

I'm gonna kill all their trancing asses.

She's helpless.

If you want her to live, then get to work.

Come on, I want to show you something.

Come on!

You can't do anything for her now.

We've been gathering these meteors...

...since the first shower
started two years ago.

I remember.

I tracked it, I reported it.

Only to us, Doctor.

We've intercepted all
your reports since then.

They led up to the very
first tiny pieces of energy...

...scattered around the desert.

We saw the potential for something
very important in that rock...

...and started experiments.

The results are in here.

We've had other scientists work with us
on perfecting the trancing beam.

The results, as you can see, have been,

well, unfortunate.

So all this human
misery's worth it, isn't it?

Don't suddenly grow balls, Doctor.

They don't fit you.

Just do as your told,

and you and the girl can walk out of here.

Don't try my patience.

If you haven't noticed, I don't have any.

Jennings, if you can hear me,

don't worry.

My daughter ain't dyin'
like this, and neither am I.

You got a problem, babe?

Just talkin' to a friend up the line.

I was tellin' him how sweet
it's gonna be to kill you.

Don't think so, babe.

See, I've looked into my future,
and it's clear sailing.

I've got somebody on the inside.

No shit.

Just don't count on them
to protect you from me.

I'm shakin', babe.

I'm the one on the inside.

I never seen one do that before, Doc.

You need to try that again.

Don't worry, we'll get this up.

Put me down.

You know how this works,
Doctor, don't you?

Complete the circuit,
and you get a real nice effect.

Stop it!

Are you out of your mind?

Failure won't be tolerated, Doctor!

I gave you a job to do,
and I expect you to do it.

One more test that doesn't work,

and Miss Forrest...

The name's Jo Deth, bitch.

Deth, fine.

How appropriate,

and it won't be a pretty one, either,

unless your friend cooperates.

I won't let you down.

Put her in the last cell.

Enjoy yourself.

I've singed trancers that make you guys
look like choir boys.

You're nothin'.


guess we're all in the same shape here?

It's alright, I'm a friend.

How do the targets look to you?

Oh they're doable provided
we can replace them quickly...

...with our own people.

Oh that's being taken care of right now.

Now, Malvern has given
you nothing but failures.

Assassins are fine, but we need
intelligent subjects we can control.

His background makes
him perfect for this,

and let's just say
I gave him a little incentive.

I know we want to put
one of our own in power... soon as possible.

I have the candidate.

We don't even have to trance this one
to get him to do what we want,

but treatments would modify his behavior
and give us a chance to educate him.

I can see him running for office.

Oh, I could see him winning.

Have your eyes on being the first lady?

I'm not that ambitious, sir.

I'll settle for assisting you.

How comforting.

Josephine, can you hear me?


Take this.

Believe it or not, I found
a good use for this thing.

With the proper filters,

it will greatly reduce your healing time.

Put the salve on your wounds
and dress them with a sterile gauze.

Thanks, Doc.

For once, I'm gonna rescue you.


I think I found something
to meet your requirements.

How so?

I broke down the base elements
of the meteor and found substances...

...that will filter out certain
types of the energy it gives off.

The dosage of the ray can be controlled
so you can simply break a man's will...

...or turn him into a raving
animal, your choice.

Since I need to have it
operate at its mildest level,

I think Josephine would be
a perfect choice, don't you?

I mean it can't hurt her much.

That's not the deal we talked about.

I don't remember
having that conversation.

In fact, I don't think
that it ever took place.

You know your shit, Doc.

Here, this'll help.

With this gift from the stars,

I can give you strength and power.

Sometimes we need a brute force... deal with the scum
who control our lives,

and other times,
we need the power of mind.

Now we have a choice as to
which direction we will go... order for our voice
to be heard in this world,

and I ask you, children,

do you want a voice?



I ask it again,

do you want a voice to
be heard in this world?

Not the cries of some weak victims,

but someone of strength,

of body and mind.

Someone with true power.


Yes, we want it.

Then you all have your
chance in the transformer,

and you'll have the honors of being first.

Doctor Malvern, you may proceed.

You prepare the meteor,
I'll administer the dosage,

and this better work.

It should work.



Welcome to your future, asshole.

You traitor.

Don't you know
she's offering us the world?

I won't let you take that away.

You whimp ass bitch.

You would have been
proud of me, Josephine.

I didn't lose my nerve.

I came close,

but I singed that whimp ass Sam.

I'm always proud of you,

and you did a hell of
a lot more than that, Doc.

Saved my life.

Why did you come here?

To stop you from killing my daughter,

me, and thousands just like me.

Oh gees.

Take this.

Use what you need,

and turn the rest over
to a research laboratory.

It would be nice if they gave me credit... the scientific journals.

Don't worry, Doc,

you're gonna do all that yourself.

How come when it's over
there's always one body too many?

I didn't think your
kid could handle this,

but I was wrong.

You make a great team.

Jack, just give me the word
and I'll bring you back up the line.

Did you know that being an asshole... the leading cause of
death in both men and women?

Give me my smokes and hit the road.

You know,

I never thought of you as
anything but a repressed,

stuck up, bookish little nothing.

Never underestimate anybody
whose last name is really Deth.

Oh, I know that now.

Your name is very well
known to my associates.

The others behind trancing, you mean.


There are hundreds of us,
and we control thousands,

so killing me actually gets you nothing.


it gets my rocks off.

Goddamn aliens,
smell even worse when they die.

You've had quite a night.

Wanna make it complete
and come back up the line?

Jennings, did you know
Castle was a stinkin' alien?

We had no information about him on file.

Since he was using
the meteor energy, though.

Probably brought it with him.

You saved your daughter.

That was the mission, and you did it.

No, this mission isn't over.

Castle said there's
hundreds more like him,

thousands more trancers,
aliens, whatever they are,

I'm ready for action.

You're goin' after all of them?

That's the job description, Ace.

Jack, you're a colossal pain in the ass,

but you're one hell of a trancer hunter.

You'll see me back up the line.


When I know it's safe for my daughter
to have her own life back.

I've always figured that
the only jobs worth doing...

...are the ones worth dying for.

That's not for everybody,
especially my kid.

Scumbags are lookin' for her now,

so I've gotta stay right here
to strike at them first.

My name's Jack,

Jo Deth,

and I'm a trancer hunter.

As I look out on
the sea of faces around me,

I wonder how many of
'em are regular folks...

...and how many of 'em
are ready to trance out.

My job is to find out.

Trancers, not really alive,
not dead enough,

until I'm through with 'em.