Trancers 5: Sudden Deth (1994) - full transcript

Jack's back for one more round with the Trancers. Jack Deth must attempt to find his way home from the other-dimensional world of Orpheus, where magic works and the Trancers were the ruling class (before Trancers 4, that is). Unfortunately, Jack's quest to find the mystical Tiamond in the Castle of Unrelenting Terror may be thwarted by the return of Caliban, king of the Trancers and once thought dead.

His name was Jack Deth...

...of the Zar Warrior
from another dimension.

A world called Earth.

Things have changed a little around here.

Doctor Lyra Sirrell.

Jack Shit, isn't it?

Where women do not know their place.

An RBG-7.

And weapons are developed
by an arcane discipline.

The long second watch.

Called science.

Multi-purpose blade.

So where the hell you
sending me this time?

Point of origin seems
to be Topeka, Kansas.

I wish I could give you
a better idea of what to expect.


Jack, you all right?

This science also created a device...

...that brought Jack Death
to our world, Orpheus.

A world that has no use for this, science.

A world where magic rules.

Magic and us.

We are the nobles, the Trancers,

and our undisputed and
feared monarch is Lord Caliban,

who nicknamed Jack Deth...


Wolf's Head.

I will capture this Wolf's Head.

Jack Deth quickly
met many denizens of our land.

Oh shit.

Something tells me I'm not in Kansas.

What the hell are you doing here?

Some familiar to him.


And some new faces.

This is not a dream.

I think not.

Where the hell am I?

This place is called Orpheus.

And when he came
into conflict with the nobles,

the Wolf's Head drew first blood.

Caliban actually seemed
to admire this stranger.

He's got a respect for you.

I have a great deal to offer you.

This interloper.

Caliban felt that the Trancer
nobles of Orpheus had become lazy,

and that Jack Deth with his bizarre
manner and other worldly weapons...

...would present a challenge.

Is this some bizarre attempt at levity?

But even Caliban was fallible.

He had not anticipated resistance
from his own son, Prospero.

Nor from Shaleen,

the bitch leader of the rebellious
peasants called Tunnel Rats.


He's not like the others.

I cannot do this, father.

I will not.

Was Jack Deth some sort of savior?

The Tunnel Rats certainly
came to believe so.

This man can put an
end to our nightmare.

I have seen it coming.

We must find him.

We must hurry!

Those little rodents had the gall... sneak into our midst after
we had captured Jack Deth.

Prospero insanely chose
to ally himself with them.

There's no way out of this place.

And together, they narrowly escaped.

We gotta work fast.

It did not take us long
to track them to their hiding places.

Why is he here?


...there much time.

Find 'em and kill them.

The battle was swift and brutal.

Far more so than we might have expected.

It seemed that Jack Deth had
indeed given the Tunnel Rats...

...that which they had
never before possessed.


We suffered many casualties,

and I Lucius felt the sting
of the damnable Shaleen.


As the Caliban,

he fell victim to a cowardly
assault by the Wolf's Head.

Aided by the power of a long
dead wizard named Oberon.

Sorry, father.

I have no son!

Now, after a month
of their strike and run tactics,

Picking us off one by one.

The Tunnel Rats, led by Jack Deth...

...have mounted an offensive at
the heart of power itself.

They strike at the castle of Caliban.

Deth is coming!

Deth is, ah!

Hey, how you holding up?

Get down!


Steal these bastards.


Celia, I had this horrible dream.

We were driven from
the castle by those peasants...

...and some mad man, Jack Deth.

And the few of us who survive...

Escaped, and are in hiding.

Not a dream.


Have this, it's good.

It's good for you.

It's fine.

It's very good for you, Jack.

That's great, that's fine.

Just have one.

That's enough!

Okay, don't start that.

Don't start with that.

Is this better Jack?

Do you feel like smiling?

If it would please you.

God damn it, stop it!

Just do what pleases you.

Not me, you.


Before you, I was just another slave
in the home of Caliban.

You changed all that.

There was nothing more important
to me than pleasing you.

You're like a God.

I'm not like a God.

You are the greatest
warrior who ever fought.

That's ridiculous.

Sexually, you're like a wild animal...

...who no living man can equal.

Well, yeah.

Jack Deth.

You're trancing.

A strain from the fighting
has caught up with me.

I am sorry if I have frightened you.

Are you saying I'm scared?

No, your weapon is saying that.

If you wish to stand
about looking threatening,

that is your privilege.

But if you are interested
in finding a way home,

then come with me.

You may even bring your toy.

Any clue to crossing dimensional realms,

is here in my father's library.

I offered to help, he wouldn't hear of it.

How bad?

It is not your concern.

How bad?

Why are you doing this?

The first time you said it
was to make things even.

Why are you helping me now?

Because you've been
fighting side-by-side with us.

The son of Caliban battling his own kind.

You're a good man, Prospero.

You saw innocent people suffer,

and no one could do any more
than you have, to fight it.

Now I see you suffering,

and I can do no less.

Any form of physical contact will do.

Variety's nice.

I don't want to fall in love with you.

Don't flatter yourself.

I need to rest a bit.

Go help Jack.

He doesn't like to depend
on anyone, except himself.

I'm sure you can understand that.

I don't want to fall
in love with you, either.

Jack Deth?

How are you doing?

Terrific, making tremendous progress.

All right, okay. I give up.

What is this shit?

Rhonic is a language
commonly used in a cult.

What, what is it?

God, Jack, you've found it.

This is it.

Other worlds, other when's, other why's.

It is about inter-dimensional travel.

I knew that.

I hunger, Lucius.

I feel empty inside.

I need meat.

We all have the hunger.

Lucius is trying to do his best.

I hate those peasant bastards
as much as you do, Angelo.

The bitch leader took my eye.

And if I hadn't escaped
through Caliban's sanctum,

she would've killed me.

What were you doing at his sanctum?

Caliban has great powers.

Did you get anything?


We are dead.

Why did you get that thing?

Lucius had a good reason.

Why did you get that thing?

Something made me.

I felt this need.

Nothing I can...

You pathetic bastards.

What? What is it?


No, nothing.

An odd feeling for a moment,
but is gone now.

Well I wish you were gone now.

What does this Rhonic stuff say?

When you came here you arrived
in some sort of machine, you said?

A TCL chamber, yeah.
Designed for crossing time and space.

But the controls got smashed.

I must've jumped dimensions.

How screwed am I?

The only known talisman
that will enable the user... master both time and
space is the timeand.

Timeand sounds like diamond.

A jewel about as big as your fist.


It resides in the area of Orpheus,

called the heart of the storm.

Right here.

Whoever holds it can open a
dimensional vortex to any time,

any place in the multi-verse.

But in order to get to the timeand,

you must first enter...

...and survive the castle
of unrelenting terror.

You gotta be kidding me.

That is what it is called.

Castle of unrelenting terror?

And I thought Cahuenga was a stupid name.

And I thought Jack
Deth was a stupid name.

So he thinks he can actually challenge
the heart of a storm?

Yes, he does.

Jack Deth, are you sure?

Yeah I'm sure.

I just don't like
to leave a job unfinished.

There's still Trancers
out there running around.

We can fight them.

Bull shit, and don't look so choked up.

You can't wait for me to leave.

I will admit I harbored some hostility
toward you when you first arrived,

but you've taught us a great deal.

You will be missed.

Not by me, of course.

We'll make sure you have
a horse, guide, provisions.

Whatever you need.

Thanks a lot, Shaleen.

Safe journey, Jack Deth.

Jack Deth.


Your name will be taught to our children,

and our children's children.


It is true, then.

You are leaving.

This isn't my home.

Hell, I don't even know
if I have a home anymore.

This ain't it.

I'll try harder.

It's got nothing to do with you.

Take me with you, then.

I can't.


all I ask of you is
whatever you can give me.

I'll never harass you.

I'll be there when you want me to
and not there when you don't.

You could treat me any way you wish,

and I'll never, ever refuse you anything.

Is that not all you could ask of a woman?


I told you about this other
liar where I come from.

She's so different from you,
and in the brief time...

...that I knew her, she made me crazy.

This is a good thing?

I didn't think so at the time,

but I'm beginning to think
that a woman isn't a real woman...

...unless she makes you want
to smack her in the chops.

And not doing it makes you a real man.

Look angel.

You're never gonna be happy with anyone
until you're happy with you.

You gotta find that for yourself.

You're not gonna find that with me.


Take this to remember me by.




To find what you treasure,
reach deep into your heart.

What does that mean?

I do not know.

See you, Lyra.


You my guide?

Now let's do it, then.

This heart of the storm
ain't so bad, is it Prospero?

How did you know?

I got a knack for spotting Trancer scum.

You are never going to forgive
the circumstances of my birth, are you?

I'll be sleeping with one eye open.

He will venture to the castle
of unrelenting terror.

Are you certain, my lord?

I am always certain, Lucius.

Once you were certain
you'd kill Jack Deth.

He will do it because it's what
I would do were I marooned.

I would strive to get home.

A time and at the heart of the storm.

That is his only way home.

But my lord, how would he learn of it?

He is the kind of man
that would find out.

And I will not underestimate him again.

Will we retake the castle, my lord?

We're sorely outnumbered, Lucius.

And the Tunnel Rats are well-armed.

Now you are here, my lord.

You're back.

Your confidence is flattering, Celia.

But our salvation lies with the timeand.

At the height of my power,
I had no desire... challenge the castle
of unrelenting terror.

But if Jack Deth dies in his attempt
to retrieve the timeand,

then we'll be rid of him forever.

And if he succeeds,

then he would've
done us a great service.

A service for which
I will thank him profusely,

before I destroy him.

That flame-thrower of yours.

It makes starting a fire
quite a bit easier.

Actually, it's just a cigarette lighter.

It's not supposed to do this.

Jumping the dimensional gap...

...caused the things
I brought with me to change.

Not always for the better.

This is a long second watch.

In my world it's a terrific weapon.

Slows the rest of the world down.

I tried to use it here,
and it slowed me down.

Left everybody else normal.

A pity.

A weapon like this would
useful at the castle of...

Unrelenting terror. Yeah right.

This tastes like shit.

How do you know?

You got anything that's gonna
make this taste any better?

And this will make the food taste better?

No, but it will make you care much less.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

No, stop.

I would've killed him.

Killing is not always the answer.

It's usually a pretty good guess.

So tell me,

does anyone live in
this God forsaken place?

There is talk of the occasional refugee.

The odd fugitive, or two.

But I do not believe it.

For anyone to live here,
they must be insane,

or to be driven insane in no time.

A noble, eh?

Your kind...

A nobly, obly-obly-obly-obly!

I'm getting to old for this shit.


That's what you called us.


You took my lover, you did!

Or maybe it was my child.

You could've had your last meat!

Prospero, God damn, where the hell...

Who's that guy?

He wanted to kill me
because of what I am.

Thank you, my friend.

Perhaps you can sympathize with him.

Shall we find the horses?

Jack Deth.

It must be time for my watch by now.

I'm fine.

Go lie back down.

Don't they rest on your world?

I said I'm fine, damn it.

Go back to sleep.

You are afraid to let me take watch.

Fuck you.

You are.

You are afraid.

I'm not afraid of anyone,

let alone a squid brain user like you.

You think I am going to drain you dry
in your sleep, don't you?

You still don't trust me.

To you, there is good and there is bad,

and there is nothing else.

I have given up everything...

...because I hated
what my people were doing.

But you don't care.

Nothing matters to you except
your single-minded hatred.

And you don't want to
think of anyone who is,

or was a Trancer as anything
other than sub-human...

...who deserve their fate,
and deserve to die.

Because that simplifies
your job, doesn't it?

It is easier to destroy the enemy...

...when they couldn't possibly
have any right to live.

Why did you volunteer to be my guide?

I'm the best qualified.

Aren't you afraid you're gonna be away
from your favorite food dish?

This is about Shaleen then, is it?

What, do you love her?

I don't love anybody.

I just don't want to see her get hurt.

Neither do I.

I thought that this would
be a good opportunity... put myself at a safe
distance from her for awhile.

Until I figure this all out.

I'll bet in your world
you can love someone...

...and not worry that
they might die from it.

I'm gonna get some shut-eye.

You take the next watch.

You try anything and I'll kill ya.

I would expect nothing less.

I saw something.

I know, my child.

I know.

You have the gift, and the curse.

You have not allowed yourself to use it,

but now it is your time.


The castle of unrelenting terror.


Now what?

We pray.

I got your prayer right here.

If this is unrelenting terror,

I can't wait for total panic.

How long have I been here?

Not long.

Stay longer.

Stay forever.


I guess wouldn't hurt.




Look at me.

I look so silly!

Yeah, you do.


I have always wanted to see myself.

Isn't this wonderful?

Everything we want, forever and ever.

I'm hungry.

Don't be ridiculous. With all this food?

Wait a minute.

Trancers don't reflect.

You don't reflect.

Jack Deth, calm yourself.

There's no food here.

God damn it.

Something's not right,
something's just not...


He's all right.

Do not worry.

Never again.


Party's over.

I think I got this all figured out.

First they kill you with kindness,

second they put you in an
eternal state of bliss.

And then your body shrivels away.

And finally it dies.

And you're having too God damn
good of a time to even realize it!

What the fuck?

All right, listen up.

Jack Deth, Angel City PD.

Year 2353.

I've had about enough
of this psycho drama.

I want all you...

Whatever the hell you
are, to suck floor now!


Hit the deck!


Can you not hear me?


Son of a bitch.

Come on.

Dear God.

I told you.

For a moment I thought she was Farr.



When did all this start?

The strangest man visited me.

Then he disappeared.


Farr is dead.

Farr was wise.

He had the sight, but he's dead.

I saw him die.

I don't believe he could've
just appeared here.

Oh, that's too bad.

Why would he come to you?

I was an empty vessel, now I am filled.

Filled with the knowledge
I have always had.

Things are going to
happen in their own time.

Neither you, nor I can stop it.

That's Caliban's castle.

I'll wager that is the
castle of unrelenting terror.

But what is this?


So here we are.

All right, now where the
hell's this timeand thing?

It is here.

Wake up, kid.


Wake up.

Let Prospero get some shut-eye.

I'll take care of him
after I take out the trash.

Not this time.

My will is as strong as yours.

Bull shit.

Only squids get tranced.

You're old, Jack.

Old and tired.

You can't take it anymore, can you Jack?

Your need to keep killing
and killing Trancers,

it's destroyed everything
else in your life.

Hasn't it, Jack?

Fuck you.

Trancers have destroyed
everything I treasure.

Not me.


To find what you treasure,
reach deep in your heart.


It's all over, Jack.

All over.

I don't think so, pal.

Are we dead yet?

Not even close.

The timeand.

You did it.

I bet you didn't think
I could pull it off, huh?

Not for a moment.

Let's get you home.


-Simply a mother and child.

There's a lot of things in
this world I don't know about.

And I don't want to know.

What the hell do I do with this?

It is governed by willpower.

You decide where you want to go,
and it will take you there.

You got to clear your mind, Jack.

If you enter the vortex with
your concentration scattered,

it could rip you apart.

Where did he come from?

It's not where I came from,

but where you are going.

But don't worry, you'll
be leaving together.

Leaving this world.

Leaving this life.

You have made a tragic mistake, father.

Yes, I know.

I made you, but mistakes can be erased.

You won't win.

I already have.

My old friends,
the time has finally come!

I hold the timeand!

I am master of time and space!

I could be your vessel.

Recreate yourselves in me,
and we will rule as one!

We have been
imprisoned far too long!

Now we will be free!

At last, yes!

Now I must return to my place of power.

The great castle, my home!

There we will walk free, as one.

Nothing will stop us now.




The heavens.

I've never seen them that way before.

We're only one world.

We can only cast one shadow.

Awake the others.

No telling how long we have.

Castle's ours.

There'll be no Jack Deth to stop us.

How kind of Caliban
to leave us here to die.

Die, huh?

Don't worry.

Everything's under control.


I want someone at every tower!

You're our first line of defense.

Tessa, to your position.

Hurry, Jack.

I've gotta get in another line of work.

I should've been a doctor.

Doctor Deth.

Caliban will head straight for the castle.

Settle the score with the Tunnel Rats.

Let's go.

Is the front gate secure?


I bet my life on it.

I hope it doesn't
come to that, my friend.

Daniel! Get to the weapons room!


Fall back, damn it!

Into the castle!

Protect the others!

Forget about me, Harson!


Fall back!

I don't need you anymore!

Go, damn it!

Fall back!

Well, what do we have here?

So you came to surrender?

Once I may have found you amusing,

but now you're simply boring.

Lucius I believe you have
a debt owed to this one.

Treat yourself.

You are most gracious.

How nice to see you again.

An eye, for an eye.

Now, where were we?

An eye for an eye.

You will be all right, Shaleen.

No, you are too weak.

I do not love you.

I do not love you.

Hey, this is real sweet,

but we gotta get a move on.

Damn, he bolted the door.

I know of another way.

Lyra. It's been so long.

But for you, not long enough.

Hold it.


Again and again, until you go down.


He's mine.

Nothing of yours, boy.

Not a father.


Let him go.

I could crush him Wolf's Head,
with a thought,

or you can pull that trigger.

I could crush you just as easily.

Unlike this unworthy bastard,

you have proven yourself
to be a worthy adversary.

Jack Deth.

You would like to fight me,
man to man,

wouldn't you?

You bet.

Perhaps, in another life.


At last.

My son.

No more.


Back to LA, you son of a bitch.

They're both gone.

Not completely gone.

Jack has left me something special.

What the hell is going on in here?

There's something, all right.

It must have regenerated
itself in the TCL chamber,

and Jack's trapped in there with it.

Oh my God.

I can't override this.

I can. Hurry.

It's gone!

He's gone!

Where is he?

We've lost telemetry.

He could be anywhere.

There's gotta be a trace of him.

You just don't lose a whole chamber trace.

It's impossible.

You can if it's destroyed.

Son of a bitch.

I thought he was invincible.

Too stubborn to die.

You know, I only loom for
him for such a short time,

but there's something about him,
and I just fell in love.

I should've,
I could've given him a chance.

I remember one time Alice and I,

she was his former wife.

Well we kinda got drunk together,

and she spoke hours about him.

She told me how tough, stubborn,

how single-minded he was.


But that the sex was incredible.


Well, now I'm really sorry
I didn't give him a chance.

Well it just makes you realize
how much you have to value each other.

Never take each other
for granted because...

You just never know.

Excuse me.

I think I need to be alone.


Need some company while you're alone?


How did you get out?

It's a long story.

A long story?

I'll tell you all about it,

as soon as I get this kid
back home where he belongs.

And who are you?

I am someone who would
like to stay for awhile.

Jack, I feel different.

The hunger is gone.

Passing through the dimensions
must have changed me.

What about Shaleen?

Even together we could never be together.

Jack, about Alice.

I really love her.

That's good, Harris.

Look Lyra, we got a lot to discuss.

Think we could start clean?


I'm Doctor Lyra Sirrell.

Hi, I'm Jack Deth.

Jack Deth, huh?