Trance (2006) - full transcript

Sonia, a girl from St Petersburg, decides to seek a better life in western Europe. She first gets a job at a car dealer in Germany. But she is suddenly kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. She will be dragged from country to country and resistance will only bring her misery and humiliation.


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You know, an iceberg...

Do you know what an iceberg is?

Do you know what ice is?

It's the desert of cold.


This is where Prince Andre was killed.
Did you know that?

Which Prince Andre?

Every Prince Andre died here.

Every Prince Andre were killed here.

It's impossible to kill
every prince at the same time.

There's always one left.
To continue the line.

Like from the blood of a loved one

always blooms a red flower?

Of course.

Doesn't that count in war?

Of course it does.

So why are there no red flowers here?

Did no one love the soldiers
who died here?

It's because it isn't Spring, Sonia.

That's the only reason.

That's a silly reason.

We'll meet again in two years.

There, where you stand.


Two years is much longer
than it actually is.

Everything must hurt for a thousand years,
for a thousand times.

It has to repeat itself.

What's poetry?

It is all that exists on Earth.

All that exists on Earth?

Everything that is good?

Everything, just everything.

- The good and the bad?
- Yes.

A planet.
That's for destroying.

- Whenever we want?
- Yes.

- Always?
- Yes.


I want...

I want to have a mark from you.

In me. Forever.

How could you? Your own son!


Stop her!

Are you OK? Are you hurt?


What have you done?

You promised.
Don't come back here.

No one could stand you
screaming at night any longer.

No one.

No one could stand your screaming.

- I don't scream at night.
- Yes, you do.

Go away!

I call Margarita Ivanova to the stage.

You can sleep inside.
I'm leaving.

- Sorry.
- No, I'm sorry.

What's wrong with your eyes?

Come in.

Let's have a look in the light.
Your eyes are so red.

What is that?

I hate this country!
I hate this country!

I went to see...

- You went to see...
- Don't say his name. Don't.

Oh, Sonia.

I don't have a cent.

I have nothing.


I want to be rich,

I no longer know anyone here.

Don't leave the country you know.
That's what I say.

You had me, and you tried to.

You feel Russian, but I don't.

I'm afraid of dying
and that no one will ever know.

If I die without you knowing,

then only half of me would die.

I'm afraid of that half.

Nothing can happen to you
without my knowing.

It's a blood thing...


We've always been luckier.


Because we were always told
that war existed

and we were never allowed to forget
there were borders.

That's luck, little sister.

First the train, then the bus
and you finally arrive by boat.

Your visa is good,
but that's the way it goes.


- How much time in all?
- Do as you're told, alright?

Do you want a drink?

I'm buying. To say goodbye.

I want you to come back,
do you understand?

Come back rich
and buy all of this!

Good morning. Czech Republic.

Passport control.

Everything's in order.
Have a nice day.

Thank you. Goodbye.


Your name?


His last name is Petrov.

First name?

- Say your first name.
- Igor.

His name is Igor Petrov.

Place of birth?



From where in the Czech Republic
does he come from?




Soviet Union.

He said he was born in Russia.

- In Russia...
- Yes.

Why did he come to Germany?

What is your business here?

I'm a business man.

- He said he's a business man.
- Business?

For how long?

For how long have you been
a business man?

Four years.

He said for four years.

What business does he have in Germany?

Do you have any business in Germany?

- Not in Germany.
- He said no.

Can you give me a little bit?

Anna! Hurry up!

Let's go?

I'm not sure yet how long I'll stay.

I'll see.

Maybe I'll go back home

but it would be nice
to earn some money.

Or maybe get married.

I'll come back when I have money.

I don't know.

Do you have debts?

A lot!

I'm going to send my photo
to a marriage agency.

It's a way of meeting people
even if you don't get married.

Why don't you send yours?

I'm sending my photo.

Do you want to see it?

Don't I look good?

You look great.

You'll be married in less than a week.

To someone who wants to have
the palm trees.

That's what you think
because you don't know me.


My love,

your blue eyes are beacons

so you can see me from afar

and your hands are big

so that they can hold my shoulders,

and my lips were made

only for kissing yours.

For kissing!



I arrived today. I'm Sonia.

I'm Marta.

Don't go to bed
with your hair like that.

I'll lend you my hairdryer.

Let's go into the kitchen
because of the noise.

I'm going over there.

- See you tomorrow, Sonia.
- Thank you. Goodbye.





We're all going to eat.
Would you like to come?

Yes. Let me tell Maria.

Of course, call her.
I'll call Frank.

Want to go eat something with them?

- I can't.
- You can't?

- Quick.
- What?

Quick. Get inside.

It's an inspection.


You can come out.

What happened?

They were all rounded up.
We're the only ones left.


Some of them didn't have documents

and others just to collect statements.

- And me?
- You're off the hook.

- And you?
- I have documents.

Get in.

I don't want any trouble.

Do you think you don't have
problems already?

I'm not getting out of here
in a stolen car.

This car has already been stolen.
All of this is stolen.

You can't go back to that house
you were staying in,

unless you want to get caught.

They're already going through your things.
Who gave you the visas?

Where's your passport?

I have to go back and get it.

You'll never get there in time.

They have it by now.

You're wrong. I'm going.

How? Are you taking the bus?

Do you think you'll get there first?

Open the gate so I can take the car.
I'll take you there.

I'll take you there.

Open the gate.

Bad luck. No sleeping.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

I'll take you out to eat.
I know a restaurant.

Who are you?
Where's the other one?

First we'll stop somewhere
so that you can wash up.

So you can stand up straight.

Are you going to cry?

I don't cry.

- You're a real Russian.
- I'm not Russian.

I know.

A Russian wouldn't have fallen asleep.

Want to listen to some music?

In time of war,
you don't cry nor fall asleep.

- What's going on?
- Nothing.

You're just a foreigner in a car,

on an unknown road

with a Russian you've never met.

We're both Soviets

and it's better if you trust me

instead of trusting the first guy
who shows up in front of you.

Besides that, you're hungry
and I'm going to feed you.

But if you want to go, then go.

Go if you want to.

You tried.

You tried your best.

I want clothes.

I want clothes.

I want clothes.

Don't be afraid.

Right now, war is between people.

Everyone has a mission.

The strongest...

against the weakest.

Wars between countries
don't matter anymore,

but if you were Russian
I would never touch you.

It's our upbringing.

From the time of my parents

and my children.



Do you understand?

Tell me what's going on.

Do you want the truth?

One of us will get screwed.

Either I take you where I was told

and you get screwed,

or I don't and I'm the one
who gets screwed.

This is not about you,
they want to put me to the test.

You had bad luck.

Wrong place, wrong time.

That sort of thing.

Do you want some?

From what I know,
you don't stand a chance.

If it's not me,
it'll be someone else.

You have no choice.


I won't die for you, baby.


You bet.

You're going to Italy
to sell your ass to Italians.

You earn them some money
and eventually they'll let you go.

If you went to Japan,
you'd never go back home.

Got it?



Pizza's good.

Give me some clothes.

They're in the closet,
go get them.

- You go.
- No, you go.

If you want clothes,
go get them.

Sonia, don't try to escape now.

You won't succeed

and they'll do whatever they want.

If one day you see it's possible,
then try.

But only when you see you really can.

Got it?

Let's see.

What's this?

It's the only one.

She's all clean.

I don't want to know
where you're going

so I won't be tempted
to know how you're doing.


I'm scared.

I don't understand you.

Hurry up.
I have to get back on the road.

I'm ready. Come here.

On the way,
I only thought about you.

I need your little velvet mouth.

Come on.

I'm waiting.

Are you going to stand there?

Aren't you coming?

On the way I could only think
about your beautiful mouth

and you just leave me standing here.

I'm leaving.

What happened?

We'll see.

So that you eat.


I don't understand your language.



Today we won't force it.

No pain.


Lie down, straight.


You don't go to the living-room
like that.

With your make-up on
and all dressed up.


May I?

What's your name?

We're in Italy, bella.

Don't you speak Italian?

Italy, bella...
Won't you tell me your name?

You're even more beautiful.
Very beautiful.

Why won't you look at me?

For how long have you been here?

Come on.



I don't eat.


You're good. I know it.

You're good.


What's that?

Look down when you're talking to me.

As you wish.

My clothes!

Shut up.

My clothes!

It's for you.

You must believe me.

You're beautiful,
you'll be treated well.

You must be clean and eat properly.

This room is your home,
you have everything you need.

You don't understand me
and that's the way it should be.

You'll eat here.
I'll tell them to serve lunch.

I'm locking the door.


I'm coming!

Let him see the girl
but don't let him touch her.

Keep your hands behind you back!

I want to know you kept your hands
behind your back at all times.

If she were yours,
what would you do?

If she were yours,
what would you do?

Today I'd obey dad's orders

and do nothing.

I'm not talking about today.

If she was given to you...

If she were yours forever...

I think...

I would try her
and then I would ask for a new one.

Then I'd try the new one

and I'd ask for another one.

I'd keep on doing that.

So what should I do?

Let me touch her.

Hands behind you back.

I'm your master.

You've seen her, let's go.

- That wasn't enough.
- Yes it was.

I'll open the door.

I thought they didn't sleep.

She's awake.

Sit down.

Hands behind your back.

I'll call daddy.

And he'll send her away.

And he won't give you a new one.

I hate you!

One day I'll kill you.

She's mine.

Of course she's yours.

But now let's get some sleep.


Mine forever.


You're so beautiful.

I want to smell you.

I'm mean.


Another smell.

Give me your hand.

Why is there always light
in this room?

You don't speak my language.

When you were behind the door,
I could hear everything you said.

I could hear you in the silence.

Daddy's always saying
you arrived yesterday.

But it's not true.

How many nights?


I want to see you naked.

No. Not right now.


I want to see.
I want to see.

It's like a crushed flower.


Daddy gave me a dead flower.


Do you dream when you're awake?

Of you.

Of mummy.

Of things going backwards.

Of beauty.

Of you.

Everything always going backwards.

You have to change your thoughts.

Never daydream again.

Why not?

Because it's better.

Because I said so.

You can do great things.

My life isn't supposed
to be lived here.

Let me see things outside.


Yes. You.

I know what you want.

What's your name?

Daddy, daddy!

Wake up!

I let her escape!

She wanted freedom, daddy!

She wanted it. I gave it to her.

How could I be so mean?


I have to make a call.

Freedom is beautiful!

Beautiful like you.

Dying isn't a mistake.
Daddy doesn't know that.

You're beautiful.

Beautiful like mommy's freedom.

In the end,
the ice gets soaked in blood.

All that is left
are the traces of a man

and the remain of something
that tells you it was a man.

Like in a play.

Never say that again.

It's just the way it is, Sonia.

I don't want you to miss anything:

friends, lovers, your things.

I hope you get to have a family
and never lose it.

A man will come.
He'll have one hand.

A man will come.
He'll have one hand.

If you sleep, he won't see you.

If you sleep, he won't see you.

The braids?
Weren't you going to braid my hair?

The bracelet?

Weren't you going to give me the bracelet?

The book?

Weren't you going to give
my book back?

You're always asking to be given
back things that are not yours.

You must learn not to be like that.

But here you are.

Do you want to hear the words
in that book through my voice?

Do you want to hear the words
in that book through my voice?

Soldier! Soldier,
I want to hear your voice.

You're as much a soldier as I am.
I've already lost my voice.



Open your eyes!

Never sleep and you'll be lucky.

Water. Water.

Stay, Sonia.

Open your eyes!

I'm here.

Want some?

Is it water?

- Is it really water?
- Yes.

- Have I seen you before?
- A few times.

Sorry, I don't remember.

Do you like this music?


Do you like this music?


What's your name?

I won't say it.

How did you end up here?

I don't know.

Have I seen you before?

Sorry, I don't remember.

Do you like this music?


Do you like this music?


What's your name?

I won't say it.

How did you end up here?

I don't know.

I think I saw a bird.

That's possibIe.

Mother, I really saw it!

Should I shoot?
Mother, should I?

Do you want to dance?

One foot at a time,
and you can make it.

In memory of Jos? ?lvaro Morais,
a filmmaker and a dear friend.