Tralala (2021) - full transcript

A 48-year-old singer/songwriter in search of the Virgin Mary takes on a new identity as guitarist Pat, who has disappeared.

Free electron, continued.

Free electron...



off the radar...

at the will...

of the rays

of sharp draughts,

of summer mornings.


in balance.

Free electron...

still vibrates.

Crestless wave...

wavering now...

in the world and its beauties.

Smokeless fire...

Burned-out electron...

Hanging upside down...

Still swinging

from the fourth string...

Free electron

I'm alone

Without a melody

Off the radar

At the will

Of the sharp draughts

In the world and its beauties

In the world and its beauties

Smokeless fire

Burned-out electron

Hanging upside down

Still swinging...

Hi, Tralala.

Aleikoum, Babak.

We demolish your place soon.

I know.

Don't worry, I have a lead.


My desert neighbour

He sings like I do

In exile without an audience

Free electron

No-hit wonder
With only girls lured here

By the grace of the music

Like friends
Carried off by the storm

Swept away in a swarm

Screwy electron

Screwy electron

Can you recharge it?

Ok, Tralala.

Thanks, Babak.

Yesterday, it was delicious

Today it's still good

And tomorrow it'll be gone

Good luck.

I turn on a light

In the eyes of girls

Before everything goes

Off the rails

I burst into flame
In the fire

My demo tape
Is my life on the wire

Like an LP

In a techno world

Where are all my friends today?

They have gone away

On the wave
I alone rave

On the wave

I alone rave

On the wave

I alone rave

A nightmare
You journey to and fro

Free electron
Where will you go?

I don't know

I don't know

Dad, Mum
Where did you go?

Dad, Mum
I went away

Without telling you
Aged seventeen

Probably drunk
Sorry if I was mean

Free electron
An orphan feeling down

Since a train
Took me back

One day
To my home town

And my parents and my home were gone...

I give myself a hug

Abandoned to my fate

My heart in stalemate

The curtain falls like a dead weight

Over summer's estate

The curtain falls like a dead weight

Over summer's estate

You smell very nice.

Sing some more.

Hand in hand

It wasn't planned

Yet it's grand

It's such a thrill

To surrender one's will

To a sweet ill

Night is a morning

In paradise

Reclining in a meadow so nice


Off the radar
With the roaches now far

Who are you?

You're too beautiful to be real.

May I kiss you?

Above all...

do not be yourself.

Were you with the young lady?


Your change.

- Has she left?
- Yes.

She appeared as I sang
At Montparnasse Station

As bright as a train

I recognized her
Among the beggars there

As if she were walking on air

The Holy Virgin
Reaching out to me

As blue as a Greek island

The Holy Virgin

She alone can save me

Welcome to Lourdes.
All pilgrims disembark.

The girl in blue

Brunette or blonde, who knows?

She's our obsession
She alone loves and understands us

The girl in blue

Our transparent heart

Is no longer torn

In the pale early morn

She shows us the way
To our destiny if we stray

The girl in blue

The girl in blue

The girl in blue

The girl in blue

The girl in blue

That's not how it works.

There are rules, as you know.

We don't like you troubadours.

I just got here...

Get lost!

Good luck.

That was great, thanks.

I'm a strange bird
Looking for a blue sky

Where are you, my blue angel?

My strange bird

Who gives me wings

Do not be yourself

Do not be yourself

Do not be yourself

Do not be yourself

Do you know her?

Just an impression.

I don't understand.

Just an impression.
Her eyes.

What'll you have?

A beer.

Your madonna?


Excuse me...

Did the Virgin appear
several times to that girl...


18 times.


Did she call her
or did the Virgin...



Thank you.

I've got it now.

She's like the girl
from the Hotel de la Consolation.

Is it her?


The girl
from the Hotel de la Consolation.

Thank you very much.

- Hello, sir.
- Hello.

I met this young lady
in Paris yesterday.

I have something of hers.
Do you know her?

Do you know her?


I met this young lady
in Paris yesterday.

I have something to give back to her.

Forget her and get out, understood?


Throw him out!



It's me.

The singer from Montparnasse Station.

How are you?

We had a drink in Paris last night.

I crossed France to find you.

You forgot your lighter.

"Do not be yourself,"

Are you ok?




Where were you? In Paris?

- Hello, ma'am.
- Sir.

Is she a damsel in distress?

Or am I fooled more or less?

Is she on drugs
What's the prognosis?

ls she under hypnosis?

She who alone loved me

And also understood me

No longer knows me today

Is she just a mirage?

In blue

The Virgin is named Virginie
Her castle Consolation

Tomorrow I shall carry her away

I the Knight of the Banjolele

But where to sleep?

Tomorrow I'll improvise

The Virgin has a panther's eyes

The troubadour!
What're you after?

Revenge, with your banjo?

I don't blame you.
Competition can be tough.

I just want a place to sleep.

I can pay.

Who are you?

I'm a singer.

With money problems.

- Where from?
- Paris.

You could rake it in
from the tourists in Montmartre.

Yes, but...

The truth.

Last night in Paris, I had a drink...

with a girl.

She lives here. I must see her.



A lot.

What's your name?

They call me Tralala.

I'm Climby.

Upper floor burglar, as the courts say.

After 50, it gets tough.

Follow me!


You're there, man.

We don't linger here.

It's sacred.

No drinking or smoking.

The water's off.
Shower at the public baths.

Hi, Pexu! Hi, Lolo!

- Hi, Climby.
- Tralala.

Good evening.

Hi, Philou, enjoy your meal.

If you behave,

you'll meet Lilli tomorrow.

She'll fix your fate.

She puts us up.

That's kind.

Sentimental and polite.

Sleep in peace, Tralala.

Thank you.

My son

My child

Here you are

Back home

A beam of sunshine

In which the dust dances

In the room of a hotel

Our hotel

I see you as on your first day

You who left so long ago

You who left to travel around

For twenty years

For a thousand years

From what hells have you returned?

You, so silent for so long

Whom I waited for so long

When so many believed

You had drowned at sea

You carry the smell of the cities

Visited along the way

And the smell of the wasted years

I'd recognize it anywhere

Those years that I've spent

With a splint on my heart

By simply uttering your name

The pain would depart

You're here now
Sweet and calm

Bringing me back to life


My Pat...

I've imagined this moment so often.

You're not dreaming.

It's me. In the flesh.

Like you.

I knew it.
I always said so.

knew, if you came back,

you'd come to the Santa Lucia.

To your room.

Number 5.

Climby told me, "The new guy sings,
he's sweet and his name's Tralala."

I knew it was you.

Your sweetheart?


She isn't here?

No, but...

Will she be joining you?



A miracle.

Ok, Lilli?

Just fine.

It's Pat, my son. He's back.
I knew it.


I couldn't say.
I was scared you wouldn't recognize me

or think I was mad.

You stink and that's not like you.

Bring your stuff.

- I have nothing.
- At all?

My banjolele.

I got robbed.

The sun smiles on you.

Or the son!

Come on, I live nearby

Ok, fine.

Pat, Pat, Pat...

Quick a few clues
If I must

Step into your shoes

Only you could put that song on.

You live alone?

Yes, and it suits me.


No news.
To hell with him!

I left the Santa Lucia
15 years ago.

I couldn't afford to renovate.

But I kept it all the same.

house the underprivileged there.


You left too soon, too quickly, too far.

But I never believed you were dead.

I always sensed our hotel
was like a final beacon in the night,

if you weren't totally lost
and wanted to come back.

And you have come back.

You're a man now.


But you?

It would take

too long to tell.

It would take too long...

yet no time at all.

I dreamed a lot.

My dreams shattered.

I ended up on the street.

And I was ashamed to say so.

You fool!

Mothers are there for that.

You're home,
that's what matters.

It's wonderful.

Your beard always disgusted me.

When you were 20,
I couldn't do a thing, but now...

Your father left this ages ago.

I was right to keep it.

Shave away your past.

Are you sure?

You're not 20 now.

Three days later, you left for the USA.

Get rid of the one who left.

Just show me the one who came back.

You're right.

Give me a few days.
I may not recognize myself.

I'll give you two days.

After your bath,
we'll go to see Seb.

He works at the Pontoon.


Do we call him or surprise him?

What do you think?

Let's not give him time to think.

We'll buy you a shirt.

Got no money?


The bath!

Robin and Balthazar, your nephews.
Born after you left.

Hi, Grandma.

Hi, Robin.

Hi, Balthazar.

Meet your Uncle Pat.

- No way.
- Awesome!


- I'm Balthazar.
- Robin.

Crazy. Dad'll go wild.

Hi, Robin, hi, Balthazar.
Glad to meet you.


A visitor.

Someone back from far away.

Enjoy your walk, ladies.

Turn the music off, boys.

l found him this morning
in his old room,

number 5, just like the others.

A real bum.

Back at the Santa Lucia?


I came from Paris. Things aren't great.

I got robbed on the train.

l always said he'd come back.

No one comes back from the dead

Who are you?

No one comes back from the dead

It's just not true

I've already died once

And it's left a scar

You're not my brother

So tell me who you are

Coming back here all innocent

So shamelessly

Coming back here all innocent

Tell me who you might be

When he vanished

I never got over it

No one comes back
from something like that

Never again

No one comes back from the dead

Not anymore

If you're not my brother

Then tell me who you are

Coming back here

All innocent

So shamelessly

Coming back here all innocent

So shamelessly

What a pain.

It's never easy with him.

Give him time.

Coffee, Uncle?

Bring us two coffees.

We'll come back later. It's ok.

You kept it!

Changed the batteries?

Thank you.

Boys, I want you all
at the Santa Lucia tonight. A surprise.


Bring your brother back?

I'll go.
You have lots to talk about.

Thanks for the coffee.

That was heavy!

Get me a Ricard, guys.

It's 11 AM.

You usually start at 12.

It's 11 on a special day.

At our gigs,
you barely grunted in English.

Are you back

as a bum
to avoid admitting you made it?

Made it?

As a singer.

If I had, you'd know.

I've given up on that.

You're good.

One thing I found on my crap trip.

Jeannie works here at midday.

She'll be here soon.



She was mad at you for ages.

With reason.

And you?

How are things?

One nurse doesn't make a summer

No way

Migrate or lose your feathers



The ice guy!

Thank you, Pat.

I think we have a few things in common.

A puddle is all he sees
Hiding the lake's beauties

Trapped in a prison

Even confined by the horizon



Seb told me.

I just got here.

I nearly fainted.

It's crazy.

Eyes don't lie.

How are you?

I'm good.

Yes, I'm good.

And you?


A hello kiss?


You're another man!

Yet still the same one.

Seb said you were homeless in Paris.


Until today.

Want to go for a walk?

Here, you're like a customer.

I have half an hour.


You're mad you didn't go too.

It's crazy what he's seen.

How he talks about it.

You understand English now?

It's a change from ice.

He burned out.

It inspires us.

It's time
We have this to say

We leave for Australia on Monday

It's time
We have this to say

We leave for Australia on Monday

We're gonna be a world away

We won't see your dead gaze every day

Faded away

Regretting every day
He let that train get away

Stuck in this shack
Nowhere for his jack

Gazing into space
Knocking beers back

Son of the baron in the trees
On his knees

At his ease
In the Pyrenees

It's time
We have this to say

We leave for Australia on Monday

Even on foot see
To flee this legacy

If anyone asks
We're on a pilgrimage for free

It's time
And you know

Stuck in a rut
You'll never go

Sipping pastis and mint like so
On the patio

High on weed

Waking in need
Work not done, never up to speed

It's time
We have this to say

We leave for Australia on Monday

It's time
We have this to say

We leave for Australia on Monday

It's time
We have this to say

We leave for Australia on Monday

It's time
Off you go guys

It's time
Serve under other skies

It's time
Piss in disguise

It's time

To our Australian allies

It's time
We leave Monday

It's time
To live our lives far away

Recognize it?


I do. The trees have grown.

Shit, Pat...

You're alive.

It's crazy.

Swear you're not back for Barbara.

Barbara? I don't know a Barbara.

- You're sure?
- Positive.


- It feels good.
- You bet.

It's crazy.

Time doesn't exist.

Your tongue just feels a bit thicker.

The last time we kissed,
I was still growing.


There's no harm in trying.

That's true.

As mad as ever...

Shit, I'm late!


It wasn't good?

It was.

It was.

I'd never felt anything like it.

But it wasn't you.

It's not you.

You're not Pat.

What do you mean?

I know.

You're not Pat.

That kind of thing...

I can't be wrong.

What thing?

I don't know.

A way...

You've no mole on your left buttock.

Maybe it moved.

The mysteries of nature.

People change.

Do you dance like at 17?

I don't dance anymore.

Maybe I wouldn't know you
if I saw you dancing now,

20 years later.

Stupid. I have to run.

Eating at the Pontoon?
I'll look after you.

I'll have lunch with Mum in town.

I'll walk back.

Whoever you are, I won't let you go
until I've pierced your mystery.

Where did you and I first make love?

I remember it was here.

You annoy me.

You annoy me.

I'm off.

So long, Jeannie.

Hi, Jeff.

Hi, Seb.

Pastis and mint?

Give me a Ricard.

Trouble at the Pontoon?

Yes, I wanna see the boss.

She's with Virginie.

What is it?

I wanna see Barbara, she's the boss.

Explain, we're busy here.

- Are you deaf or stupid?
- Sorry?


If you want money, leave now.

And put your mask on.

Ok up there?

It'll be ok. I locked the door.

Sebastien wants a word. In private.

Hello, Sebastien.

A problem at the Pontoon?

It's over.


Us two, it's over.


Come over here.

What's the matter, Seb?

You have to tell me that now?

Try asking why I'm saying it.

I don't know.
I suppose you've met someone.

You have a reputation.

Besides, I can't give you more.
And even you can't give me more.

The boss and the lackey.

Cut it out.
We both have our own lives.

I don't understand what's going on.

Your great secret love is back.

The real one.

The original.

The copy is stepping down.


Come here.

I don't understand.

My brother isn't dead.
Pat is back in Lourdes.

He's alive?

He's alive.

Homeless and broke.

A gift from heaven for you.


What did that jerk want?

Nothing, he was drunk.

Ok, we'll talk about it later.

The psychiatrist
can see Virginie this afternoon.

The hospital can take her tonight.

Isn't committing her too hasty?

Barbara, yesterday, some tramp

some stinking maniac
turned up at reception

asking to see her.

He said he'd spent a night with her
in Paris.

It can't go on.
It happens more and more often.

One day, she won't come back.

You want that?

A tramp?

Yes, a tramp.

I am a hotel

People enter me

People pray in me

People sleep in me

In me, people love each other

I, myself another

My own image I do not see

I await only thee

I am a hotel


Watch the exit.
Virginie isn't in her room.


No sign of her.

I'm at my wits' end.

We'll end up mad next.
I'm calling the cops.



What happened?

Who is he
This stranger from the blue?

Can it be
The one I knew

Is the man

Who made me climax three times?

Who is he
This sweet oddball?

Could it be
That all I can do is fall

Abandoned into his arms?

Who is he?
How can I know?

Where is he from?
Do I know his hands though

His ass, his back
His caresses and his voice?

Who is he?
I'm at a loss

Where is he from?
Now our paths cross

Yet I already know him

Can it be
That love

Is washing over me?

Making me take
The unknown

For the known

Can it be
That love

Is washing over me?

Making me take
The known

For the unknown


And nude


To look at this dude

Without seeing in him
My love of the past

And for him
I have all my time

It's to him
That I offer these forty years of mine

A woman's finest age I think

I miss yours.

I followed your call.
Do you hear mine?

Send me a sign.

"Her voice still flows to the sound
of the grotto's stream, as in paradise."


Excuse me, sir

I think I forgot a postcard
at this table

This one no doubt.

Thank you very much

It was lying here.

"As in paradise."


Climby, it's working!


Was asking

"Have I finished with life?

Has the time come?

Have I overdone it

Have I exhausted

The splendour?"

Living that again

My poor heart

Is not keen

It would not last

More than an hour

Beneath the burden

Of the splendour

Pines over turquoise water

That vision

The miracle continues.

An island

Apart from you,
I missed this the most.

The back of a hand on eyelids

Yet I feel

Deep down inside

That it's there

Holding me back

Holding me up

Hour by hour

The splendour

Tonight, I'll reopen Paradise
for your return.

Your friends are on their way.

I'll just go and change.
See you in a bit.

Pat, I'm gonna need a hand here.


Personal compositions.

Pat Riviere."

Miami Dreams

I'll be cool in the morning

Cool in the morning

I'll be sexy in the afternoon

Sexy in the afternoon



Sometimes stressed at night

Stressed at night

Above all...

Above all...

do not be yourself.

My first night in Miami

My first night in Miami

I'm me

When I'm you

I'm cool

When you're cool



When you're stressed

I'm sexy

When you're sexy

I'm me

When you're you

I'm cool

When I'm cool

I'm stressed

When I feel stressed

I'm sexy

When I'm sexy



And Frederic?



J-B... Is that you or you?

Olivier, Leo...

A journey

through the ages!

See, time doesn't exist.

As crazy as ever?

What's new?

I was homeless in Paris,

I came home to see Mum
and things are better.

I hear you play as well as Pat did,

handsome stranger.

Shit, Pat,

I'm not what I seem to be.

Like everyone, Seb.

Starting from nothing
Back from it all

You're my true hero

I had big ideas but without a doubt

My dreams soon fizzled out

I'm still at zero

I've stayed on the platform

Playing at Clint Eastwood

You were dead
I was pensive

For 20 years, I've sulked all I could

Playing at Clint Eastwood

They told me I was a hunk

So I acted like a hunk

Get my name above the title

And keep it up there


You're alive

And seeing you wipes me out

You were dead
And I was pensive

For 20 years, I sulked all I could

Playing at Clint Eastwood

Decorative you can't deny

A toxic guy

Slowly burning out

But tonight

I'm checking out

Death as a finality

Seb, don't fuck up. We're brothers.

How'll I end up
if you end it all?

I'm nothing without you.

- Hi, Unc
- Hi, Dad

How's it going?

- This is wild
- Glad I saw it

Before going away

- Tomorrow
- By the way

- I need my pay
- For June

To serve piss to Australians
And say cuckoo to Uluru


Stop by tomorrow morning.

I'm burning

I'm burning

Between two fires

I'm burning

Say farewell

Or live with you

Live with you

Or say to you


Go on.

Leave without you

I'm burning

Between two fires

I'm burning

Between two fires

I'm burning

Between two fires

Run away with you

The girl in blue

Or make my life

In Paradise


Here we dance

Beneath the rooms

It'd be sweet with you

Sheltered by the Santa Lucia

Step out of the woods
Come over here

Virgin of the stations

Forever fleeing

Carve a path between two fires

Led here station to station

I'm burning

Between two fires

Paradise or Tralala

Nights in the beyond are not for us
With the curtain raised

Between two fires

Over summer's estate

Do as I do
Do not be yourself anymore

As you said


Is here with you

Wow, Dad! We had no idea.

No idea of what?

That you played like that.

I'd forgotten.

Is it you?

It's me.

You're no longer the one
crying outside the station.

That's true.

But you still disappear and appear.

Why do you hide?

Room 617

This music is what I played at 20.

It's midnight

I'm on the Avenue du Paradis

I know you're waiting for me

We'll be in love

Spring is here

We'll be in love

Spring is here

Is that you singing?


I'm on the Avenue du Paradis

My direction
Hotel de la Consolation

And your arms


And your arms


How old were you
when you sang this?

- I have to confess...
- You know my mum?

You knew her when you were young.


I follow the river

I'm 17

I'm not serious

It's sweet in Paradise

The wind from Spain
Lifts the skirts of nurses

Of stretcher bearers

I head for the Hotel de la Consolation

Where you're waiting

Waiting for me


It's ok if you knew my mum.

Really knew her.


I don't know, Virginie.


It's as if I had known

Always known

It's like an open window
Always open

On an endless flight
An endless flight

Down black hallways
Filled with pale ghosts

The wind of adventure
Was a simple draught

In a brief night
The deserted morning light

Without armour

Without armour

Come on Pat
Tell us Pat

Come on Pat
Tell us Pat

Tell us now

We want to know

Who is this girl?

We know her

Without knowing her

We want to know

C'mon, bro, let's go
Tell us now

You've nothing to fear
Wreck it all

I've got your back

Let's go to the Hotel de la Consolation

Let's go to the Hotel de la Consolation

And ask Mum the answer to your question

You shitty tramp!

Away from my daughter!

Benjamin, I'm Pat Riviere.

Pat Riviere?

We were never close.

Your career was your focus,
flirting with a hotel boss.

Virginie and I have a secret see,
from which we want to be free.

Out, asshole.

This is where you went
On summer evenings

To the very last door

To room 617

My mother waited for you

You approached stealthily
No one knew

Secrecy was a necessity

You unlocked amour fou with this key


Open up, asshole!

Come out or I'll call the cops!

Fucking gypsy!


I found him.

He found me.

Mum, who is this Pat?

I was a real beauty

Heiress to this hotel and free

And everyone at school you see

Courted me

But he was the only one I wanted
to any degree

Pat Riviere

Who looked down on heiresses

One whole spring, one whole summer

In secret

We loved each other

He, the crazy guy

And me, the hotel heiress

In this room

Number 617

And then he left to dream

His life, this dumb artist

All the way

Across the Atlantic

He vanished, end of story


Los Angeles


As a beauty, a stranger

Was beating in my heart

My veins, my blood

Knock, knock, knocking at the door

Of my womb and my flesh

And it was you

My Virginie

I could give you

No other name see

And I told

My consort

That our child

Was his

A singer dead

And lost

With whom I was madly

In love

And who comes back

"Hey, it's Pat, hi, how's it going?"

Yes, he is also

Your dad

That's a lot for one day.

And one man.

I'll go and rest.

See you tomorrow.

Night, Dad.

See you tomorrow.

My daughter.

Where will you sleep?

At the Santa Lucia.

We heard it all

Good old Pat

Good old Pat

You have such a talent

That as a hotel manager, well...

Good old Pat

A saint...

For now, Pat is saying good night
to his mum.

I'll go to kiss Paradise's child.

Good night, all.

Good old Pat

Sorry, Benjamin.

But the truth comes and goes.

Some days without, some with.

Over my bullshit I've reigned
I reign and will reign

Alone, like a jerk
A poor jerk, the king of jerks

It wasn't your fate

Winning trophies
On a field

That wasn't yours
Poor Benjamin

Return to your pitch

You, the king
The king of jerks

Poor Benjamin

Good evening.

Do you still do
those big glasses of beer called...

A "formidable", sir.

Yes, we do.

That's it. I'd like a "formidable".

Brown ale or lager?

That's a good question.

You're torn.


We do pale ale too.

Pale ale is perfect.
A "formidable".

Could I get it on credit until tomorrow?

It's on me.

- Are you sure?
- Positive.

May I?


Slowly, but surely.

May I confess something?

Of course.

Could I...


In fact, I'm no longer sure who I am.

Have you found your "donna"?

My "donna"?


The girl you drew.


My "donna". I've found her.

And lost her.

I lied to find her
and now I've lost her.

That lie could be the first step
towards another truth.

Just be patient.

I'm at the end of my tether.

Does God improvise?

It's what He does best.

Me too.

Me too.

Excuse me.

I was going to the Santa Lucia.

wanted one last drink.

I wanted to talk.

It's all so old now.

Yet so present too.

Two days ago,
Virginie returned devastated

from who knows where.

She had been missing a week.

Like a final prayer,
I locked her in my room,

our room,

number 617.

Our room that I've held onto,

just as I've held onto our love.

And now you're here.
The miracle occurred.


If you want,

the Hotel de la Consolation
is your home.

Our home.

Benjamin will accept a divorce.

The hotel is mine, all the money too.

Let's make a life together.

The three of us, with Virginie.

Jesus Christ my love

I feel part of the world

These faces are so beautiful
On motionless bodies

Jesus Christ my love

Women are so beautiful

They always leave in the air
A scent of the eternal

Say yes, Pat.

Why not?

Jesus Christ my love

If only you knew how

The world keeps on living

How people keep on marrying

In the depths of cafes

Jesus Christ my love

For now, I need to sleep.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

If you marry the hotel boss,
I'll be your mistress.


I may not be made to settle down.

And lying all the time is exhausting.

But where can I go?

Look at the sea

Near the ship

Beyond the palm tree

There on the lip

Where silver enlightens

The horizon

We were two lovers

Beneath the covers

Can you not see

The happy days coming?

They're truly there
And to think we lived

Without them

Until now

Stare into my eyes

Look deep into my gaze

See if you recognize

Don't fall into a daze

It's just a promise

Awaiting you

No need to rush to bliss

For now anew

Can't you see

The happy days coming?

They're truly there
And to think we lived without them

Until now

Were you so pretty at 17?

- Yes?
- No, Jeannie!



Yes, come in!

- Jeannie!
- Come in, Virginie, it's open.

Oh, sorry.


It's ok, Dad, there's coffee for three.

Thank you, Virginie.

I never had room service before.

You're Jeannie?

That's right.

I work at the Pontoon.

That's where I've seen you.

Did you sleep well?

Yes, very well.

Me too.

I'm seeing a doctor this afternoon

I want to travel without you worrying.

I've changed.

I want to remember so as to tell you.

Then I'll go away, in a few days.

To Sumatra, if that's ok.

Sumatra's really far away.


- Everything ok?
- Yes, Mum, fine.

Come in, Grandma.

- You're there, Virginie?
- Yes.

Sorry, I'll come back later

No, come in, Lilli.

We need more cups.

Hello, Jeannie.

The warrior's rest...

The water service and the plumber

are coming today,
so tomorrow you'll be able to shower

at the Santa Lucia.

The only one missing.

So I see.

Morning, everyone.

It's Saturday.

Concert night at the Pontoon.
Get moving.

- Who's performing?
- You.

I know three guys
who can improvise on your old stuff.

They're free and up for it.

And I found this.


What will I sing?

You'll know.

- Summer Morning
- I'm Leaving

That's not bad.

We'll try it with Pat's voice.

You're still here?

To see Unc.

We'll go Tuesday.
We're writing him a song.


You've got the funk

- The funk
- Unc

- You've got the funk
- Unc

Unc from the USA
You're magic when you play

Rop those corks

- Unc's back
- And we go, Unc

Unc, you've got the funk


I've got stage fright.

Let's drink.

- Seen Pat?
- No.

Not for a couple of hours.

No kidding, ok.

He can't have done that?


Jeannie, seen Pat?

No, I don't know where Pat is.

Jeannie, could he have left?

Whoever you are

For three days now

For me you're a real star

You have something
That others don't have

Well, I don't really know

If it's something more
Or something less

But it's not nothing

When I see you I smile

When I hear your voice
Something tells me

"Hey, the world's doing well."




You're here?

Where else, Dad?

I love calling you that
when I don't believe it.

Pat probably was my father, but you...

You're not Pat.

You're a busker who followed me

to hear my voice
and get yours heard.

I've got stage fright.

What do we do, Seb?

Vodka shot?


I need you for the balance.

The balance. Why?

Please, Mum.

If you think that beyond the blue

If you think there's something
better for you


If you overload

On seeing

A road
Without taking it


We'll forget you

That we can do

But for now

For our happiness anyhow

Make your farewells good

Will you?

There's nothing for a party here

Just the noble gesture

Just the right word

Make your farewells good

Will you?

All we await

Dear friend

Is just the noble gesture

Just the right word

If you think that beyond the blue

The rain will not wet

People like you


If you think that beyond the blue


Do not bark
At people like you


We'll forget you

That we can do

But for now

For our happiness anyhow

Make your farewells good

Will you?

There's nothing for a party here

Just the noble gesture

Just the right word

Make your farewells good

Will you?

All we await

Dear friend

Is just the noble gesture

Just the right word


Lilli, more treble.
The lake air deepens my voice.

Good evening.
Call me Tralala.

I'll tell you a brief story.

A true story

that I wish I'd told my parents.

My parents are dead.

Dead in a small town.

A small town where I was born.

Far from here.

It's a story. He's making it up.

Is the sound ok? I carry on?

No one comes back from the dead.

As a boy in the town,
they called me "trash can".

All the same,
the words rhyme with "Superman"

My parents never heard this.
They're gone now.

So I'll tell you.

One summer evening,

when I was eleven,

I decided to leave home
to live elsewhere.

I can't remember where.

The journey was to take place on foot.

It was sunny. It was possible.
Everything was possible.

The next morning, at 6:30,

I left a note on the kitchen table.

"Dad, Mum, I'm leaving to live my life
far from here. Don't be angry with me."

I had tears in my eyes.
I was trembling all over.

I left the sleeping house.

The sun was rising.

And, despite my tears,

I felt like I was walking on air.

The air was filled with melody.

The sound of my footsteps,

the birds' flight...

I told myself,

"So this is what it means
to live your life."

I walked

in ecstasy

like that until the far end of the town.

I was already hungry,
so I sat on a bench and ate an apple.

I felt good.

All of a sudden,

there in front of me, in the tall grass,
I saw a body.

The prostrate body of a young man.

A motionless young man. Dead.

I had never seen a dead person before.

I dropped everything and I ran.
I ran like never before.

Five minutes later, I was back home.
It was 7:30.

Everyone was asleep.
Everything was calm.

My note was still on the kitchen table.

I tore it up.

And I went back to bed
as if nothing had happened.

My heart was pounding.

I had felt so scared

on seeing that young man's corpse
in the wild grass.

But maybe

he wasn't dead, but just sleeping.

So I told myself I'd leave again.

I'd start again.

I had felt so good

for a few minutes,

walking towards a new life at sunrise.

I'll take my guitar.

And he'll wake up.

I'll take my guitar.

And he'll sing.

At the very end

In the fire

I was speechless

A wreck

Free electron


In the infinitely tiny

So I was a strange bird

Of fire

Crazy about a girl

In blue

To hell with the fear of heights

I climbed the towers above

As if in love
As if bewitched

The strange baptism occurred

Above all do not be yourself

Be good

Be a passer-by

I carved our hearts
A while ago now

Just the day before
I crossed the wall somehow

To hell with the fear of heights

I climbed the towers above
As if in love

The strange baptism occurred

Above all do not be yourself

Above all do not be yourself

All together

All together

All together

English Hardsubs transcript by Fxe