Traitor (2008) - full transcript

Samir Horn is a former soldier, a devout Muslim, and U.S. citizen in the Middle East selling bomb detonators to Islamic radicals. He joins their cause as both the FBI and a rogue CIA agent track him. Horn escapes a Yemeni prison, goes underground in France where he proves his abilities, and is sent to the United States to choreograph a simultaneous and multiple terror attack. Will the intelligence agencies talk to each other, and can Horn be stopped?

We go now. Where your friend?

He's outside taking a piss.

He'll be right back.

Gun no good. You give me.

No. It's a very good gun.

Give me your gun. You understand?

I understand.
I'm just not giving you my gun.

Give him the gun, Archer.

You're kidding, right?

Every 12-year-old in this country
is carrying a Kalashnikov.

Exactly why your pea shooter
ain't worth shit.

Give it to him.

Where are you from?

All over.

But I was born in Sudan.

Your English is very good.

So is yours.

What is your business here?

Ahmed asked me to come.

He didn't tell me.

I can't negotiate like this.

Negotiate what?

I have six crates of Semtex,

custom-built detonators, in my truck.

Are you interested?


sit down.

I can also show you how to use them
without blowing yourself up.

Unintentionally, that is.


That's funny.

- Samir.
- Ahmed.

He was just about to.

What was that all about?

The captain was impressed with
the SIG. I told him he could keep it.

My gun?

You gave him my gun?

A small gesture of good will goes
a long way in this part of the world.

Shukran. Let's go.

Come on! Come on!

Hello, Mr. Horn,
I'm Special Agent Clayton, FBI.

This is Agent Archer.


Since when does the FBI operate in Yemen?

We don't. We have no authority here.

You're under Yemeni custody.

Bad fucking news for you.

If you're willing to help us,
we may be able to help you.

You're gonna help me with no authority?

They listen to us a touch closer
when it comes to terrorism.

Oh, I'm a terrorist?

I don't know. You tell me.
You been selling them explosives?

Oh, I sell to whoever can afford to buy.

Like the United States government.

Only ours don't kill innocent people.

Oh, yeah, they do, genius.

People just usually have darker skin.

Let's skip the political debate.

We just want to know
where the Semtex was headed.

I don't know. I didn't ask.

But you knew where it came from.

Yeah. It fell off the back of a truck.

Answer the question.

You need to take
some lessons from the locals.


Let me talk to him.

Sorry. Must have forgotten
my Bill of Rights at home.

It's clear to me
that you're not a fanatic, Samir.

An opportunist perhaps, but not a fanatic.

So consider this opportunity.

You have an American passport,
which means I can get you out of here.

But I do need an answer.

You want to spend
the rest of your life here, in Yemen?

You go right ahead.

But you and I both know
that I'm likely to be

the last friendly face
you're gonna see for a very long time.

I don't have anything to say to you.

The only difference between you and him

is he knows he's an asshole.

Why don't you just go home, Agent Clayton.

- Nice guy.
- You shouldn't have hit him.

- He deserved it.
- That's not the point.

You get a suspect to talk
by pushing his buttons,

not by letting him push yours.

Nobody ever teach you that?

You are a traitor. You sold us out.

Then why am I in here with you?

Allahu Akbar.

Eh, eh, eh.

You understand me?

Do you understand me?


Ah, forget Allah.

They cracked the encryption

on that SAT-phone you guys found in Yemen.

Check out the call log.

14 calls to Rome in early January,

17 calls to Berlin in March,

11 to Amsterdam in early May.

It correlates exactly
with the Al-Nathir bombings.

Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam.

Where did the calls go?

Payphones located in largely
immigrant, Muslim neighborhoods.

What have you found on Samir Horn?

No criminal record.

I searched NCIC, state and local databases.

Nothing so far.

Well, check with the military liaison, too.

He sure as shit didn't learn to put
detonators together in high school.

Allahu Akbar.

It's time to finish what we started.

It's already finished.

Lay your hand on any of my brothers,

and it will mean your life.


Where did you learn to play?

My father.

How about you?

Boarding school in Switzerland.

- You win.
- You want to play again?

I haven't had anybody
to play with for ages.

Why don't you play with one of them?

They're soldiers, not thinkers.

Soldiers or martyrs?

You know, I've been in a lot of battles.

And they may have felt like
a suicide mission at the time,

but we always had a plan to come home.

You must be willing to sacrifice
some of your pawns

if you want to win the game.

- I don't know.
- I think you do.

You risked your life
to share your food with a stranger.

That's not the same thing.
I was just doing my duty.

- If I'd known there was--
- Jihad is also your duty.

Ahmed told me
what you have done in Afghanistan.

Tactics have changed, my friend.

Tactics always change.

You don't defeat an empire
fighting by their rules.

Once upon a time,

it was the Americans
who were terrorists to the British.

They've forgotten the history already.

Allahu Akbar.

Piece of sh--


All right, don't tell anyone
I said this, but you're right.

- The military had a file on him.
- Hmm.

Staff Sergeant Samir Horn.
U.S. Army Special Forces.

Trained at Fort Bragg.

- Engineering and Explosives.
- All right, skip to the next page.

Horn was his mother's name.
She's from Chicago.

His father was Sudanese.

Moved all over the Middle East.
Had ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Was killed in a car bombing in '78.

Not sure which side was behind it.

- Is that so?
- Oh, and it gets better.

The Army sent Horn to Pakistan
in '86 to train in the Afghan rebels.

It's where he got in touch
with his Muslim roots.

Decided he wanted in on the action.

When his tour was over, he stayed behind,

and joined the Mujahideen.

There's been a bombing in Spain.

Eleven Americans dead.
They've got the bomber. American tour group

was the target of the attack, apparently.

The latest carried out by Nathir,
the Islamic terrorist

whose identity and whereabouts
remain a mystery to authorities.

Do you have a woman? A family?


You don't want no kids?

I don't have a woman.

What language do you dream in?


Me, too.


You know, it's funny--

I don't even feel at home speaking
my own language sometimes.

I don't feel at home anywhere.

Samir. Samir?

There is somebody that I want you
to meet when we get out of here.

We're in prison in Yemen for terrorism.

I wouldn't make any plans, man.

This guy's got to be in a state of shock.

He planned on waking up
in Paradise with 72 virgins.

Blow yourself up to get laid.
This has got to be some crazy shit.

Where I grew up, the Klan burned
crosses in front of people's houses

and called it "Christianity."

And then my daddy
and the folks from the church

would drive over and put 'em out.

Seems every religion
has more than one face.

How you doin'?

Okay, I think I know.

You wish you were dead, don't ya?

You wish you'd been successful?

I've killed dozens of infidels.

But you're still alive.

And you don't strike me as a coward.

Of course I'm not a coward.

Well, some people are going
to think you lost your nerve.

I didn't.

You know, tomorrow's newspaper is
going to have your face on the front page

with a story about you being captured
and helping the police.

- That's a lie.
- You survived the blast.

You fell into enemy hands.
I don't think it is a lie.

Who do you think's
gonna have to pay for your failure?

So I'm guessing it'll be
your cousin, Hussein.

He's the one that got you
into all this, right?

Don't be surprised, Ziyad.

We know everything about you--

family, friends... work, phone records.

We even know
what you listen to on your iPod.

Leave me alone.

There is a way out.

But you're gonna have to
give us some information.

Nobody knows you're alive.

If you answer my questions,

tomorrow's headline could
tell the world that you're dead.

Why should Hussein suffer for this?

Why should everyone think you're a coward?

Come on, Ziyad.

You talk now or talk later.

The only difference is the story that
everybody's gonna hear about you.

Everything all right, brother?

Have faith.

And stay close.

No, no, no! No, no, no.

Stay down. Wait, wait, wait.

Now! Go, go!

- Sh--
- No, no, no, no. wait, wait.

Come on! Come on!

All I know is I was supposed
to go to America, not Spain.

Nathir was sending a whole bunch of us.

And how many made it in the U.S.?

I don't know-- 30, 40. Maybe more.

They were handing out student visas.

And that's all I--

Nice work.

The confession we got in Spain was clear.

Now, the only reason Ziyad Hamzi
didn't make it into the United States

is because his student visa was rejected.

But Nathir has sent others
and they are here.

Anybody else have anything on Nathir?

About six months ago
we picked up an intercept.

Nothing solid but they did talk about
a Al-Nathir operation

code named "Risala" --

an attack with multiple
suicide bombers here in the U.S.

Hold on a sec.

You had intel on a domestic attack
and you didn't pass it on?

It was unsubstantiated.

Well how could it be
if you didn't share it?

Enough. I don't want to hear anymore
about people hoarding intel.

We're taking this threat seriously.

The White House is gonna want action.

I'm talking about a major roundup
of guys who fit this profile.

And everyone works together on this.

- Kelly was pretty worked up.
- So?

So a couple months back
he told me that you were working

an asset inside on Nathir.

That was off the record.

Yeah. I'm just saying maybe, uh...

maybe that guy knows something.

He's gone silent.

For all I know, he's gone over
to the other side.

When the ship docks, you have a choice.

You can get off and walk away
as a free man.

Our people can get you past customs.

Then you're on your own.

What if I stay?

Our path is not for everyone.

I understand.

I think of you as a friend, Samir.

So I will tell you this.

Do not decide lightly.

- Bonsoir.
- Bonsoir.

Merci beaucoup, ma chérie.

What's the matter?

- It's halal.
- It's a Krug '95, actually.

Don't look so disturbed, Samir.

We shave, we drink alcohol,

and sometimes we even eat pork.


In the Qur'an, it's called Taqiyya.

"Become like your enemy
to deceive your enemy."

That's not Taqiyya.

Excuse me?

With all due respect, Brother Fareed,

the Hadith says that the prophet
Muhammad Sall-Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam

told his followers that they could
lie about being Muslims

to save their lives if death was imminent.

- It didn't mention--
- Is death not imminent now?

We're at war today.

And to be effective, you need to blend in.

No one's even looking at us.

I told you, he's not some foot soldier.

Samir is a man of faith.

Faith is good.

But you have to know
how to follow orders, too.

In one of the largest
Homeland Security operations to date,

ICS and FBI agents
are questioning foreign students

who were issued visas
in Middle Eastern countries

over the past two years.

In some major cities,
where there are large numbers--

A number of American groups
have protested the operation,

claiming that it unfairly targets
innocent civilians

and amounts to racial profiling.

The American Civil Liberty's Union
has filed...

...has found that the American
invasion and occupation of Iraq

has helped spawn a new generation
of Islamic radicalism.

Homeland Security--
a waste of time and resources.

We'll never find them this way.

There are 1.2 billion Muslims
in this world.

Only 20% of them are Arab.

These people could look
like anybody, except maybe you.

What, so you don't think
we should be profiling these guys?

I just think we should be
concentrating on the one suspect

that we do have.

We train to kill, but it doesn't
mean that we love violence.

We use violence only because
it has been used against us.

The crusaders have invade our land,

drop bombs on our people,

stole our natural resources.

We are fighting to end the suffering.

We are fighting to end
the humiliation and murder of--

The Americans accuse us
of killing innocent civilians.

Yet they have been spilling the blood
of innocent Muslims for decades.

Does our blood not count?

Allahu Akbar.

History has shown us
that time and time again

no matter how great the empire,
no matter how difficult the odds,

a man who is not afraid to die
can never be defeated.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Thank you.

Your son is in a lot of trouble.

What sort of trouble?

He's involved
with a terrorist organization.

Do you believe in God, Detective Clayton?

Uh, we don't use the term
"Detective," ma'am.

You didn't answer my question.

Yes, I do believe in God. Why do you ask?

Because you will never understand
a man like Samir if you don't.

Would you describe him as a devout Muslim?

He's Muslim.

I don't believe there is a sliding scale.

Do you know what the word "Islam" means?


Yes. "Submission."

Submission to God's will is absolute.

Do you think Samir believes
it's God's will for him to kill others?

You carry a gun yourself.

Now, you didn't answer my question.

My son has seen enough death
to understand the value of life.

Who is it?

FBI, ma'am. It's about Samir Horn.

Now, the State Department hasn't
answered any of my letters for weeks.

I mean, I don't even know
what prison he's being held in.

Well, he's not being held anymore.

He has escaped.

When? A week ago.

It was a prison break organized by
the terrorist group he's working with.

What are you talking about?

I mean, this whole thing is a mistake.

I'm afraid it's not, ma'am.
We have evidence.

- What evidence?
- That's classified.

- I can't tell you that.
- Yeah, of course it is.

You people are incredible.

How long has it been since you've seen him?

I don't remember.

If you want to help Samir,
you should talk to me.

Do you think that every
Muslim man is a terrorist?

On the contrary.

I am, however, looking for those who are.

Now if you have any knowledge
of what he's been involved in,

you do have an obligation
to share that with me.

Are you charging me with anything?

No, I'm not.

When you have something more
than secret evidence,

then I'll talk to you.

Uh, they just fired him. No explanation.

But, uh, it was pretty obvious why.

How did Samir take it?

How do you think?

So why did you let Mr. Horn go?

Jeez, that was over a year ago.

I don't recall the details.

The information that we gather
for these types of background checks

is strictly confidential.

Look, as far as I'm concerned,

a man's religion is his own business.

But when you wear a skullcap
and pray to Allah five times a day,

people are gonna notice.

Some of our clients complained.

Horn gets to Chicago when he's 12.

He's just watched his father die.
He's arrived from Sudan.

He's going through culture shock.
It's a classic profile.

He's caught between
traditional Islam and the West.

His test scores are off the charts.

But it said he had
some behavioral problems.

He was kicked out of high school
his senior year for getting into a fight.

About what?

Three white students
were harassing a black girl.

Horn intervened.

Two of the boys had to be hospitalized.

Now he enlisted in the military
right after that.

His Army file was classified.

But here's a copy.

After he leaves the Army,
Horn fights in Afghanistan

for a few years.

The list of people he could have met there is
practically a who's who of Islamic terrorists,

from Abdul Azim to Osama bin Laden.

Now we pretty much lose track of him
until he shows up in Bosnia

where he meets Chandra Dawkin,
the photo-journalist.

- Is she a spy?
- No.

The FBI tried to question her,

but my source says she was unco-operative.

Last fall is when things seemed to change.

He loses his job, spends more
and more time at the mosque.

Then he begins disappearing
on these long trips overseas.

Last one he never comes back from.

And somewhere along the way
he meets up with someone

who's connected with Nathir and bingo!

You got yourself a terrorist.


If this were the real thing,
he could have blown everybody up.

Come on, Omar. This kid is too young.

He's not ready. I'm telling you.

I'm sorry. Let me try again.

No. Nobody cares about you being sorry.

We cannot have mistakes.
We can't play around with this shit, Omar.

Bring me somebody who can do it.

Please. I can do this. Give me a chance.

Is this mission important or not?

'Cause if it's important,
you need to bring --


Let him try again.

Turn around.

All right. Let's see what you have.

There's a copy of the transcript
printing out for you know, sir.

I got something.

This guy made a call yesterday
from a phone in Marseilles

that we've been sitting on.

Claims he's been selected to become shahid.

You picking up a little Arabic?

Ah, just your basic "Jihady".

Now Clayton, this one's operational.

This cat thinks he's gonna be
in Paradise by the end of the week.

Brothers, I know how proud everybody is

about what we're going to do.

It's an honor to carry out
a mission like this.

But we have a problem.

Somebody talked about it.

Hey, guys. I'm sorry.

It was just my cousin.

Omar, I didn't tell him anything specific.

I just wanted him to know,
to tell my family.

Omar, he can be trusted. I swear.

It wasn't for you to decide.

Okay. Okay.

It will never happen again.

Omar. Wait a minute.

Don't let them -- Guys, hey!


No! Laissez-moi!



Hey, stupid! You just ruined the mission.

What the hell is wrong with you?

You gonna put the bomb on now?

Listen to me.

The boy was a liability.

Samir, we don't allow liabilities.

We are very happy to welcome you,
but it was not necessary

for you to come all the way here
over one phone call.

We have reason to believe
that this particular phone booth

has been used by
Nathir's operatives in the past.

This could very well be
their next suicide bomber.

Thank you for the information, monsieur,

but the situation is under control,
I assure you.

We didn't come here to play tourists.
we came here to stop an attack.

So can we please dispense
with the horse shit?


Ali Abbas Mukhtar.

He was born in Marseilles.

French citizen. 17 years old.

But... no longer a threat.

Why is that?

He was found dead Tuesday morning.


Nathir is angry.

He wanted this thing to go forward on time.

Well, it can still happen.

We have to start over.

A new target, a new bomber.

Look, a new target, yeah. But for --


Look, I've been thinking about this.

I want to use a remote trigger.

Do you know how important
this mission is, Samir?

Nathir is watching. He has plan for you.

He knows who I am?

So tell me your idea.

The American Consulate in Nice.

The American Consulate in Nice

has sustained major damage
in a bombing earlier today.

Police are still searching the site for
the body of a suspected suicide bomber.

This attack bears all the hallmarks
of other blasts earlier this year

conducted by a group
calling itself Al-Nathir.

Three or more charges

of high-impact explosives were placed...


- As-Salamu Alaykum, my friend.
- Wa alaikum assalam.

- Welcome back.
- Thank you.

Congratulations, Samir. Job well done.

The glory belongs to Allah.


...American Consulate here in Nice,

victim, of course,
of a devastating terrorist attack

earlier this morning.

The death toll is now confirmed at eight,
with five people reported injured.

Well done.

What's the matter?


I-I thought there would be more, many more.

My brother, congratulations are in order.

What you have done is fantastic.

Today you have struck a great blow
against the myth of American power.

Nathir is pleased.

I only wish to serve his will.

That's good to know.

But tonight, you relax.

Please, make yourself at home.

There you are, my brother.

Nice view, huh?


What you did, Samir,

what we are doing --

it's all about setting our people free.

Even if you and I don't live to see it.

If a man hasn't discovered something

that he will die for,

he isn't fit to live.

Who said that?

Martin Luther King.


You're a very funny man, Samir.


Lab results are back.

Traces of PETN, RDX.

Semtex again.

Just like the other Nathir attacks.

Except all the other attacks
were suicide bombers,

and this looks like
it's from an RF Receiver, hmm?


He used small charges.


and two.

But just in the correct place
to make collapse the building.

This man, he knows what he's doing.

RF range is usually
no more than a hundred meters,

so let's pull the tapes
for all the security cameras

within a five-block radius.

No one there. Keep going.


Back it up right there.

What happened?

There were no Americans inside.

The two dead embassy employees were fakes,

bodies from the morgue
with false identities

just like we talked about.

Why is the news saying eight people?

There was some unscheduled
maintenance in a part of the consulate

that was supposed to be empty, all right?

I didn't know they'd be there.

Listen, we couldn't control everything.

Nobody was supposed to die!
I'm sorry, Samir.

Look, what do you want me to say?

We set off a bomb.

No, I set off a bomb.

Look, I know you paid
a price to get this far.

Okay? You're close.

You're very close.

I don't know, man. You tell me.

Do we stop?

What made you learn Arabic?

I took a class in college and got hooked.

I even switched my major
from Religion to Arabic Studies.

You were a Religion major?

My daddy was a Baptist minister.

His daddy was a Baptist minister.

It's in the blood.

You know, when J. Edgar were in office,

he never would have let you into the FBI.

Wasn't my original plan.

Not a lot of jobs, however,
for Ph.D.s in Arabic Studies.

Oh, I get it now.

You were an egghead
who got dragged into a street fight.

Nobody gets dragged into a street fight.

Welcome to Toronto, Brother Samir.

It's a great honor, Emir.

Please, sit.

Thank you.

- Tea?
- Yes, thank you.

Omar tells me that you play chess.

Only a little. Thank you.

In chess and in war, the key to winning

is to anticipate what your opponent
will do in advance.

Think two moves ahead.

The art of asymmetrical warfare

is less about inflicting damage
than provoking a response.

Terrorism is theater.

And theater is always performed
for an audience.

Ours is the American people.

But we are dispersed
across a large country.

The question is,

how to convince them that nowhere is safe.

Samir, imagine a bus
traveling cross-country

filled with average, everyday Americans.

People from -- from all over.

From small towns, from the country.

Imagine the effect it would have

if that very same bus
were to suddenly explode.

Now multiply that by 50.

Fifty buses across
the heartland of America,

all at the same time,

on the same day.

We call this operation.

Risala Shukra Al-hiba.

For years we've been planting
martyrs in their midst.

They are waiting for a signal,

instructions, material.

We need somebody who can move
about the country without drawing attention.

Somebody who blends in.

An American messenger, Samir.

He isn't capable of this.

I don't like having to show
these to you, Chandra.

But we need to find him
before this happens again.

Samir always said that these people
were Islam's worse enemies.

Oh, he fought a Holy War
with these folks in Afghanistan

and then again in Bosnia.

He was trained to kill.

He was a soldier, not a murderer.

I believe he deceived you
as much as anybody else.

His faith was a source of strength.

Not this.

- Welcome to the U.S.
- Thanks.

I'm a friend of Nassim's.

I'm here to see Iqbal.


They transferred the funds for
the Spain bombing the Middle Eastern way.

You give a thousand Euros
to somebody in one city

and their cousin or uncle pays it in the --

Thank you, Mr. Hayes, we do
know what a hawala network is.

The money trail ended in London.

A Pakistani with some
shady business dealings

was the source of the money
for the Spain operation.

Yesterday he transferred
$25,000 to Los Angeles.

Do you have an ID on him?

We're close.

That's an encrypted phone.
You can call me on it safely.

Nobody can listen in.

Including the FBI?

Yeah. Especially the FBI.

When do you think you can
get in a room with Nathir again?

I don't know.

Probably not until I do
what it is they sent me to do.

Then you keep on going.

Well, the problem is, to keep going means

I'm going to have to put real bombs
in their hands now soon.

If that what it takes to keep your cover.

Do you realize how far I've gone
to protect your identity, Samir?

I have kept you completely off the books.

My boss, his boss --
nobody knows you even exist.

Look, I don't give a shit
about any of that, okay?

We need to rethink things.

If you don't succeed,
we may not get another chance.

How far are you willing to take this?

We've got blood on our hands.

We've killed innocent people.

Yeah, and if we stop now,
they'll have died for nothing.

This is a war.

You do what it takes to win.

You know who you sound like, right?

We're the good guys, Samir.

Oh, I know.


Remember who you answer to.

I answer to God. We all do.

- Any problem?
- No.

Omar. Omar, Omar! Don't! Don't!

Can't blow up unless
there's a detonator in it.

- Don't worry.
- It still makes me nervous.

We gotta talk about
how we're gonna send these e-mails.

What do you mean? I thought
we decided to use coded e-mail.

No, no, we did. We did.

But the problem is e-mails
can get intercepted.

I got a better idea.

We're gonna give each of our people
an e-mail account and a password. All right?

Then when we're ready to go,
we log onto each one,

we write the instructions,
but we don't send them.

We save it as a draft.

The next morning they log on,
they check their unsent messages.

Nothing is sent.

There's nothing for the FBI to intercept.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I like this.

Here are the names.

There's only ten.

We don't risk putting them all on one list.

None of them even knows
that the other exists.

Ah. I like that.

As-Salamu Alaykum, sister.


That's okay.

They want that file translated right away.


From British Intelligence, huh?


Good night. Good night.

You have to get out, now.

Leave nothing.

Hold it right there!

Get your hands up!

Right there! Against the wall!

Mr. Raman, how are you?

Perhaps you haven't had time
to read the fine print of the Patriot Act,

but any person operating
a money transmitting business

must register with the U.S. government.

Something you neglected to do, Mr. Raman.

Now each transfer in excess of $10,000

can be treated as a separate felony

and each count is punishable
by up to five years in prison.

And you moved over $2 million.

I mean, you are the money guy.
You can do the math.

Now if you choose to cooperate,
the charges against you will be dropped.

The choice is yours.

We'll give you five minutes
to think about it.


You having some car trouble?

Yeah, it was making a funny noise.

I think the radiator's loose.

I got a toolbox.

I've been praying for this day to come.

Your prayers have been answered, brother.

Now these go to the trigger mechanisms.

All you have to do is attach it
to the power source.

This e-mail account
has your final instructions on it.


- Samir!
- Don't, don't, don't, don't!

Pretend we're not talking. They're
probably watching you right now.

Just keep stretching.

Keep stretching.

Samir, what's going on?

I'm sorry. I never meant
to get you mixed up in all of this.

Mixed up in what?

I mean... you didn't have anything to do
with that bombing in France, right?

Just keep stretching.

Samir, I need to know the truth.

The truth is...

it's complicated.

Holy shit.

Get on the radio.


Did you do-- Did you do what they said?


Then you just stop it. Okay?

Whatever-- Whatever you're involved in.

- Chandra--
- Whatever you're doing, you just--

Chandra, listen to me.
I can't stop and I'm not coming back.

You have to forget about me.
Just forget about me.

- No, Samir, listen to me-- Samir--
- Let me go. Let me go.

We're on the ground.

No, just keep him in your sight,
but don't move on him yet.

We're on our way.

We're at 128 South Randolph Avenue.

Continuing surveillance undetected
is going to be a problem.

We think he entered
that building there, sir.

Who followed him in?

Uh, we were waiting for backup.

You two go around back. You take the side.

Come on. Let's go.

It's all right.
We're not here for you, fellows.

- I'll take the rooftop.
- Okay.


Agent Clayton.

You're a persistent
son of a bitch, aren't you?

You're a hard man to catch.

Turn around!

Not too late, Samir.
We can work something out.

Tell 'em to stay put. You're coming out.

Basement's clear. I'm coming out.

Copy that.

We have something in common.
My father's a man of God, too.

Yeah? We're practically brothers.

Sit on your hands.

Sit on 'em.

I've read some of your father's teachings.

He's a man of great integrity.

How'd you stray so far
from his way of thinking?

- Your father was a preacher?
- Oh, yeah.

Then you know the Lord's Prayer.

Say it.

Say it.

Our Father, who art in Heaven,

hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come--


He's gone.

And we had guys everywhere looking for him.

But those basement tunnels--

they run under five
city blocks of buildings.

Yeah. He knew that, too.

He used to live there.

128 South Randolph.

It was in his file. It didn't occur to me.

I wonder why he let you live.

Because I didn't try to beat
the crap out of him like you did.

Carter, you put a tracker on me?

- Are you crazy?
- The FBI's all over you.

- I'm on a meet!
- Come with me.

I'm on a meet, Carter!

Shit. Push me. Push me!

Let's go!

What the hell happened?

Who was that? It was a cop.

I went to see a woman.
An old girlfriend of mine.

And-- And they were watching her,
and then the dude jumped on me.

I didn't even know he was there
until I got to the--

We have to get out of the country tonight.

We've only made contact
with 30 of the bombers.

You better hope that's enough.

And when we see Fareed, let me talk.

Put your seatbelt on.

This is the car Horn stole
from the projects.

Two of the shell casings
have his prints on them.

The body's over here.

You say you had a federal ID on him?

Yeah. lntelligence contractor.

As-Salamu Alaykum, Brother Fareed.

Wa alaikum assalam, Omar.

- As-Salamu Alaykum.
- Wa alaikum assalam, Samir.

Good trip?

Um... we had a problem.

Samir has made a small mistake.

- He went to see a woman--
- Chandra Dawkin?

Yeah, Chandra Dawkin. Listen--

Yeah, but Fareed, the important thing is that
he carried out his mission successfully.

The important thing is...

that she was cooperating
with Federal agents.

No. No.

That's-- I'm sorry.
You're mistaken, Brother Fareed.

I'm not mistaken.

We have a source inside the FBI.

Well then your source is mistaken.

There's-- No. She would never do that.
I've known this woman for years.

Show Samir to his room please.

Omar and I need to talk alone.

Yeah, but he's an integral part
of our mission, Fareed.

Yes. But going to see the woman
has put us in jeopardy.

Oh, come on, man.

Who amongst us hasn't faced temptation?

This isn't about temptation, Omar.

It's about security.

Leave aside your friendship

for just one moment, my brother, and think.

Think sensibly.

What if he did it deliberately, huh?

Unfortunately his actions
have left us with a doubt.

And what does that mean?

We eliminate all doubts.

MI5 has recovered some files
from a hard drive

in Nathir's London safe house.

One of them has a record of an operation--

Risala Shukra Al-hiba.

Where have I heard that before?

Our phone intercept.

Your intercept only picked up
the first part of the code name.

The date of the attack
is in the full name. Leyla?

"Risala" means "message,."

"Shukra" means "thanks"
and "Al-hiba" is "the gift."

So the literal translation is
"Message of thanks for the gift."


Exactly. That's when they're gonna strike.

In two days time.

What about the target?

Well, we found traces
of Semtex in the vehicle.

Horn abandoned in Chicago.

But that was purchased
in California a month ago.

And he could have been distributing bombs
right across the entire country by now.

We'll raise the threat level.

Double up protection on bridges,
airports, monuments, the White House.

Sir, I would also suggest that we place
Horn on the high-value target list, too.

He killed a good man.

You're not going to get
any objections from us.

- You let me win, Omar.
- No.

No, I swear.

You've gotten better, my friend.

Please, don't bullshit me.

You beat me enough times for me
to know when you're throwing a game.

Fareed has made up his mind.

Sorry. It's not your fault.

I did this.

We're only men, my friend.

I have a girl in Paris, Samir.

Beautiful. Beautiful.

She thinks I'm a music producer.

You know, it's true what they say.

War is the lesser jihad.

To overcome temptation, to live rightly,

that is the great jihad.

And is that what we've been doing?

You ever ask yourself that?


But Nathir is the leader.

And my duty is to follow.

Come, let's pray.

We've just received word
from our source in Washington.

It appears you're on
the high-value target list.

What is that? What does that mean?

It means I owe you an apology, Samir.

That means that the American
government has put a fatwa on you.

They want you dead.

Hang on. This is--
The system's running really slow.

We need to get back on the road
and make it to Halifax by tonight.


They will be looking for us
big time after tomorrow.

We'll be cruising across the ocean by then.

All of us.

Computer's frozen.


Jeez, I gotta reboot the whole thing.

- What do you mean?
- Good God.

- I gotta get some coffee.
- No, no, no. You stay here.

I'll get it.

Make sure you get
the numbers exactly right.

I want each person
on the road at the same time.

Got it.

That's it.

- Done?
- Yeah, we're good.

Let's go.


You've got to be shitting me.

The U.S. is going to be attacked today and
we just arrived at the ass-end of Canada.

- Roy Clayton?
- Yeah.

This fax came for you.

What is it?

The county records for the two
State Department employees

killed at the consulate bombing in Nice.

Well, these people died as infants.

Wait a sec.

These deaths are fake.


A few dozen ships in port right now,

but only these five are scheduled
to head out today.

All right, all these ships
are destined for U.S. ports

except for this one-- The Ivory Star.

- It's a tanker registered out of Aden.
- Yemen?

- That's gotta be it.
- That's gotta be it.

You want to board her, we'll need an
official request from the FBI in Washington.

We go through HQ, this information's
gonna get leaked right back.

Wait a minute.

Customs can search any ship that it wants
if it thinks it has drugs on board, right?

You have any friends left in Narcotics?

We'll soon find out.

Good to see you.

Welcome, my friend.

This is going to be a great day.

It's almost time.

The Americans love to brag about how
their government represents the people.

So we should accept that every
American shares equal responsibility

for their government's crimes.

Nobody is innocent.

We're leaving harbor soon, Emir.

We have to stay below decks for a while.

What's the matter with you?

Uh, I'm getting a little seasick.

I think I need to take some air.
May I, Emir?

- You're the head of security, brother?
- Yes, sir.

And how many men in your detail
guarding the Emir?

Seven crew members.
Don't worry. We're certainly safe.

Shit. Nothing.

I think he's leading us on a goose chase.

That was the harbor master.

There's one more ship
going into international waters today.

Cargo carrier headed for Marseilles.

Which one is it?


Wait, brother. Think of your duty to--

Omar! Omar! Omar!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Listen to me!

What have you done, Samir?

- I didn't come here to kill you, Omar.
- You are a traitor!

No! Nathir was the traitor.

Fareed was the traitor.
They betrayed Islam!

No! I don't want to listen to you!

- I'm gonna kill you, Samir!
- It doesn't matter.

I was dead as soon
as I stepped foot on this ship.

But I had to stop them.
I had to stop this--

What the hell are you talking about?
You haven't stopped shit!

Thirty buses are going to explode!

Allahu Akbar!

What are you doing?

Who are you?

- Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.
- Why are we on the same bus?

What the hell are you doing?

I put them all on the same bus.

No. No, that can't be.

I saw you give them the bombs.

I saw the e-mails.

I changed the e-mails, Omar.

It's over.

I put my trust on you.

I thought you were my brother!


I am your brother.

They used you, Omar.

They used me, too. All of them.

They used us for our faith.

Drop your weapon!

Omar. Omar!

Hold your fire. Hold your fire!


Samir, where's Nathir?

Hang in there, Samir.

Call a paramedic.

It'll be okay.


You wanna take a ride and talk?

We can talk right here.

Good to see you up and about.

Didn't know if you'd make it.

How's the shoulder?

I'll live.

I don't suspect anybody's said this to you,

but this country owes you a huge debt.

You came all the way out here
just to tell me that?

Come on, Clayton. I'm going someplace.

What do you want?

I've had your file wiped clean.


The bombing at France, the bus, all of it.

Effectively, you're a free man but there's
still a lot that you can do for us.

I'm a free man?

This doesn't feel like freedom
to me, Clayton.

You think because you hit "delete"
on some computer somewhere

that that's it, it's over?

I made choices about people's lives.

- And I gotta live with that.
- I understand.

- Forever, Clayton.
- I understand that.

But you and I both know
that this fight is far from over.

You know, the Qur'an says
that if you kill an innocent person,

it's as if you've killed all mankind?

It also says that if you save a life,
it's like you've saved all mankind.

You're a hero, Samir.

Look, whatever you want to call me,

I'm done.

Well, we know how to find each other.

As-Salamu Alaykum.

Wa alaikum assalam.

And you should start
the conversation with that.