Train to Busan (2016) - full transcript

Sok-woo, a father with not much time for his daughter, Soo-ahn, are boarding the KTX, a fast train that shall bring them from Seoul to Busan. But during their journey, the apocalypse begins, and most of the earth's population become flesh craving zombies. While the KTX is shooting towards Busan, the passenger's fight for their families and lives against the zombies - and each other.

Guarantine zone slow down
What's this?
Gonna bury them hogs again?
It's not foot-and-mouth disease.
There was a minor leak in the biotech district.
- It's nothing. - You said that before!
If you bury my livestock again,
I'll really go mad!
Don't you worry, and go right ahead.
Go on.
"Tiny leak", my hairy ass.
They're so full of shit.
What the...
Such a shit day.
Train to Busan
if we pull out now, the market will suffer.
This could be based on a false report...
Yes, right away.
No, not at all. I'm still a novice.
Okay. I'll see you on the field.
Yes, take care.
Send Kim in.
Mysterious fish deaths at Jinyang reservoir
what should we do?
Sell all related funds.
- Everything? - Yeah.
There will be serious repercussions.
Market stability and individual traders will...
- Kim. - Sir?
Do you work for the lemmings?
Sell everything. Right away.
Yes, sir.
One minute.
What are kids into these days?
Let's not waste time suing each other.
I don't care what you do with your time.
I'm raising Su-an.
How are you raising her?
Do you even talk to her?
She wants to come here tomorrow by herself!
Did you know that?
Stop this bullshit!
You call yourself a father?
A child can't go alone.
Then bring her here. She wants to come.
Not tomorrow.
You know it's her birthday tomorrow, right?
Of course!
- Did you eat? - Kind of.
Where's Su-an?
She's in her room.
I can ride the train by myself.
You can come pick me up at the station!
Mommy, I'm hanging up.
It's okay, you can talk to her.
I hung up.
You told her you wanted to go to Busan?
Sweetie, I have so much work lately.
I'll have more time next week.
Could you wait till then?
What. Thought I forgot? Happy birthday.
Go on, open it.
What, you don't like it?
Children's day this year.
Is there anything else you want?
Busan. I want to see mommy.
I told you, another time, okay?
No, tomorrow.
You always say next time, and lie to me.
I won't waste your time. I can go alone.
Are you busy nowadays?
You know how it is.
So you'll take her to busan tomorrow?
- Yes. - That's good.
While you're down there...
Have a heart-to-heart talk with your wife.
A marriage shouldn't be abandoned so easily.
For Su-an's sake, too.
Mom, I'll take care of it.
It's a crucial period right now.
Sure. You know best.
She was disappointed that you weren't at the recital.
It's a crucial period for her, too.
Proudly swept the rain by the cliffs
as it glided through the trees
It's fine.
Baby, it's okay.
Su-an, go on.
Yeah, mom.
No, with dad.
Okay, bye.
See you soon. Bye.
I saw you sing at the school recital.
When did you see it? You weren't there.
I may look like I'm not there, but I'm always watching you.
You didn't finish, right?
Why was that? You should've finished it.
Whatever you do, you must finish what you start...
It's worse than not doing it at...
What's going on this early?
Are you okay?
That startled me.
Looks like something's happening.
Attention, please.
KTX 101 bound for busan is departing shortly.
- Where is car 4? - Car 4 is that way.
Thank you.
Attention, please.
KTX 101 bound for busan is departing shortly.
Hye-young, hey!
Your scarf.
Adjust it, please.
Everyone be quiet and sit down!
Look, it's Jin-Hee!
Hey, what are you doing here?
I'm your cheerleader.
- Are you serious? - Didn't you hear?
That's awesome. You got your wish.
- Sit with me. - Do your best!
Hey, Jin-Hee.
What're you listening to?
Go sit somewhere else.
It's not even on.
If I tell you I like you, just say "thank you."
It's your fate.
That's right! It's fate!
Accept her! Accept her!
Accept her!
Jong-Gil, here.
When did you boil this?
We'll arrive in an hour, what's the point?
Don't want it.
- Take it. - No way.
Mr. Suh, are you on the train?
Yes, what is it?
We've been getting a lot of calls.
There was a strike at Ansan industrial park.
Prep a situation report for me.
I'll be back before lunch.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry... I am...
I'm sorry...
I'm so sorry...
I'm really sorry.
- Excuse me? - Yes?
Good morning.
I think someone... odd... got on board.
He's in the washroom.
I don't know what he's doing.
It's been a while.
Our apologies. We'll check right away.
Excuse me?
All dead... everyone...
Excuse me?
May I check your ticket?
All dead...
Sir, if you do not have a ticket,
you'll be escorted off at the next station.
Everyone's dead!
All dead...
Hey, kiddo.
If you don't study, you'll end up like him.
Mom said whoever says that is a bad person.
She must've flunked school.
Sir, please come out. We'll move to the back.
Two people are pissing, so it'll take a bit.
There. Use that washroom.
Go on.
This'll take a bit.
Honey, how's it going in there?
Sorry. I'm sorry. No worries.
Take your time.
Go over there.
Take it easy, she's gone.
Miss, are you okay?
Oh god...
A passenger requiring medical attention in car 11.
- Hello? - Yes, Kim?
It's more serious than we anticipated.
It's not just an overnight Ansan incident.
I don't know what's happening, but it's not a simple strike.
Military deployed to control riots
they say it's nationwide.
- Is it airborne? - Hello?
- Is she breathing? - Yes, she is.
But the seizures are uncontrollable!
Sir, what should we do?
I'll call you back.
Indiscriminate violence at riot
oh no, they'll get hurt.
That's terrible.
People nowadays will riot over anything.
In the old days, they'd be re-educated.
You mustn't say that.
Look, look.
What's up with them?
What do I do...
Chief? Where are you?
I don't believe this...
Min-Ji? Hello?
What is it?
What's happening?
Holy shit!
One moment, please!
Hurry! Everyone run!
Conductor, we have a situation!
Sir, violence broke out in the cabin!
- Oh my god! - What the hell?!
Get away! Just go!
Get out of here! Head for the back!
Get up! Hurry!
Sang-Hwa! So damn loud!
Sorry, the thing is...
Get off me!
You idiot! Go help her!
What's with you?!
Are you nuts?
You can run, right?
Massive violence, increasing casualties
get away!
Get the door! The door!
Shut the door!
Shut it!
Shut it now!
Just shut it!
I know him!
Where's the lock?
Buddy! How do I lock this?
Do you hear me?!
Let it go.
I don't think they know how to work it.
They attacked when they saw us.
What in the...
What are they?
Su-an, you okay?
Hey, buddy.
What is it?
Think you might owe me an apology?
What do you mean?
Look at this chump.
You shut the door in our faces, asshole!
You weren't the only ones in danger!
What a piece of work.
Come over here.
I'll feed you to them.
Stop it!
Everyone's just scared.
Attention, please.
Due to the current situation, we will no longer be stopping in Cheonan.
For your safety, please remain in your seats.
Hello? Anyone there?
Yes, go ahead.
Do you even know what's going on back here?
Why aren't you stopping in Cheonan?
We are aware, sir.
This is an order from our control center.
Please be seated.
That's nonsense! People are going rabid!
Stop in Cheonan, got it?!
Excuse me.
I'm really sorry, but could she sit down?
She's pregnant.
Sit, sit.
Thank you.
Are you on your way?
Yes, we're en route.
Where are you? Why is it so loud?
What's happening? Everyone's fighting.
Are you and Su-an okay?
Why're you breathing like that? Are you hurt?
Seok-Woo, my baby.
Please take care of Su-an.
Mom, you okay?
My dear Su-an...
I love her so much, but she only wants her mom...
That bitch!
Is granny okay?
What the hell?
Sweetie, sit down.
My fellow citizens.
Violent riots have broken out in a number of our major cities,
resulting in multiple civilian and police injuries.
These riots have led us to shut down a number of key districts,
in an effort to subdue those attempting to destroy
or take over government property.
For this reason, we're declaring a state of emergency
in order to stabilize and control the current situation.
Thanks to our government's rapid response,
a number of outbreaks are being contained.
Fellow citizens,
please refrain from reacting to baseless rumors,
zombie and stay in the safety of your homes.
We must stay calm and trust our government,
as we all work together in facing this current crisis.
To the best of our knowledge, your safety is not in jeopardy.
Analyst Kim
mommy's phone is off.
Those in the front, hurry up!
Su-an, sit over here.
Don't worry, I'll give her a call.
Jong-Gil, come sit down.
You're older. You sit down.
I'm fine. Take it.
Baby, let's go over there.
Ma'am, please take my seat.
- I'm okay. - No, please sit.
Would you like one?
Thank you.
What a great kid.
- We both got seats. - Keep walking.
That bag...
Su-an, you didn't have to do that.
- Do what? - Be so good.
At a time like this, only watch out for yourself.
Answer me.
Granny's knees always hurt her.
May I have your attention, please.
Our train will terminate service at Daejeon station.
Military is deployed at this location to secure our train,
so once we arrive, please exit the train.
I repeat,
Daejeon station will be our last stop.
Which cities can be entered?
Yeosu, Uljin, busan. What about Daejeon?
Excuse me, I need to use it.
What about Daejeon?
Why not?!
Sweetie, stay put.
Hey, kiddo.
Who is this? Your dad?
- Real dad? - Yes.
I wanna know.
What does he do?
He's a fund manager.
- Fund manager? - Yes.
So he's a bloodsucker.
He leeches off others.
Don't say that in front of his child.
It's okay.
It's what everyone's thinking.
Want some?
It's what sleepy eats.
This is sleepy. Say hello.
Baby's name is sleepy?
No, the fetus' name.
It's like a nickname.
Her dad's too lazy to come up with a name yet.
Touch her belly.
Right here.
Go on.
Feel that?
I made that.
- You idiot... - But it's true. No?
Mr. Suh, you've called me at a bad time.
Wait, wait!
Let me ask you something.
I'm on ktx to Daejeon.
KTX? Right this minute?
Yes, I'm almost there.
Is it true military is deployed in Daejeon?
Yes, that's correct.
Is that so? It must be safe there.
Well... it's...
Min. It is safe, right?
Once you arrive, you'll be quarantined.
I'm with my daughter.
Can you help us?
The thing is...
I'll get you a real scoop. Do me this favor.
Don't go to the main square. Come to the east one.
I'll let my men know.
Okay, thank you. Thank you so much.
All dead...
What's going on?
So quiet...
Is it Daejeon?
There's nobody.
Why isn't anyone here?
Out of my way.
What's going on back there?
This is the violent incident I told you about.
- You're the conductor? - Yes.
How many can fit in the engine car?
We have to uncouple it and go to busan.
- Uncouple? - Yes!
- We can't! - Why not?!
It can't be done here.
Then where's the military?
I only just received a report on that...
Where's my business card...
I'm coo of stallion express.
All routes into Daejeon are cut off.
All buses were rerouted.
But what for?
The city's been quarantined!
They probably won't let us in.
But busan is still open! Let's go there!
Wait, if that's true...
- We have to take the others. - Take who?
Let's check the station first.
Restricted area
don't mind them.
Come on, sweetie.
Where are we going?
We're going this way.
- Just us? - Yes. Let's go.
What is it?
I'm going this way, too.
Main square is that way, just follow the others.
I think I'll be going with you.
I heard your call.
About pulling you two out.
I know the others go in quarantine.
It's not true, Su-an.
I'll go tell the others.
- You don't have to. - Of course I do!
Forget them! We're on our own!
You only care about yourself.
That's why mommy left.
Here! Over here!
Please help!
Sweetie, stay right here.
Hold on!
Go back up! Go! Go!
Lt. Min!
- Mr. Suh! - I'm in Daejeon.
Is everything okay there? I can't contact my men!
Help me...
Come on, hurry!
Come on! Hurry!
Hurry up! Quick!
Take this!
Run! Come on!
Asshole! Come on!
Hold them off!
- Over here! Run! - This way! Hurry!
This way!
Come on!
Why aren't we leaving yet?!
There's still more people!
Hurry up!
Come this way!
Faster! Here!
Please get up!
No, stop!
My sister!
Hop on!
Me too!
Let me in!
How much longer? We've got to go!
No! My friends aren't here yet!
Those on board must survive!
Ain't that right?
Please... depart.
Run! Let's go!
Look, the train!
Run faster!
Snap out of it, idiot!
Watch out!
Control, 101 could not dock at Daejeon due to outbreak.
Please advise which station is available for docking, over.
101, due to unstable communications it is difficult to advise.
Control, is 101 clear to reach busan? Over.
101, we'll clear your route to busan.
Control center, out.
Advise when you make contact with busan.
101, out.
Attention, everyone.
For the safety of those on board, we won't be making any stops.
We're heading straight for busan.
Conductor, can you hear me?
Go ahead.
Were you able to contact busan?
No. Busan's communications are erratic.
Full speed-no matter what!
Or we won't get in. Understand?
Young-Guk, where are you?
I thought you were dead!
I'm sorry.
No one else made it!
I'm sorry...
- Baby? - Mister!
Huh? Why are you answering? Where are you?
We're in the train washroom!
Washroom? Which car?
Well... it's...
Car 13!
- Get your ass over here! - Baby!
Was that my kid? Is she okay?
Washroom. Car 13.
Gonna pass through?
Let's say you got through and rescued them.
How do you get back?
In car 15,
people are gathered there.
Car 9
only four cars away.
I'll lead,
you in the middle,
and you in the back.
Block anyone attacking from the rear.
I heard you're a fund manager.
You're clearly an expert
at leaving useless people behind.
Wait till we exit the tunnel.
Let's go.
Come on!
Let's go!
Out of the way.
They stopped once we entered the tunnel, right?
Probably because of darkness.
Yeah. I think so too.
There's even more here.
What do we do now?
There's no way around it.
Let's go.
- What? - Give me your phone.
Get that out of my face.
Yo. Jerk.
Felt good seeing your kid, thanks to me?
You grateful or what?
Why is your ringtone so tacky?
What's wrong with it?
How do I change it?
Am I funny? You little rat?
How tall are you?
6 miles away, at 186mph...
Two minutes. The upcoming tunnel gives us two minutes.
- Can we do it? - We gotta.
If we miss this one, there's another in about two miles...
I bet you never got to play with your daughter.
When she gets older,
she'll understand why you worked so hard.
Dads get all the shit, and no praise.
But it's all about sacrifice, right?
What's with the look? Did I sound cool?
People rescued. Heading over now.
My friend's coming!
What did you say?
My friend from the other car is coming over.
- Who's coming? - My friend!
He was in car 9. He rescued some people.
From there to here, passing through those monsters?
Without no injuries?
You sure they're not infected?
Are you damn sure?!
What do you mean?
Look, look at them.
Right this moment,
no one knows what's happened to their families.
We don't even know if your damn friends are infected!
But we're letting them in here?!
I don't believe this.
please say something.
They'll be here soon.
Get over here!
Jin-Hee! Jin-Hee!
Hurry the hell up!
Open up!
Hey! Open this door!
Open this door!
Open up!
Open it now!
It won't budge!
I can't open it!
Smash it!
Stand back!
Hurry up!
You stupid idiots!
Come on!
Stand back!
Stay away!
Stay back, baby. Please go!
Buddy, hey!
Take her and get out.
You have to go!
I said go, jerk!
I'm getting tired. Please go.
Take care of her, okay?
I'll hold them off. Just go!
I'm sorry...
We have to go. Let's go!
Yoon Su-Yun!
Our baby's name!
Got it?
Why did you do it?!
You bastard!
We could've saved them!
He's infected!
He's one of them!
This guy's infected!
His eyes! Look at his eyes!
He'll become one of them!
You all wanna die?!
We've got to throw them out!
Those of you who just got here...
I don't think you can stay with us.
Please move to the vestibule.
Just go!
Get out!
Get out now!
Hurry up!
Leave us!
Get the hell out!
It'll be safer for you here.
But I don't want to stay.
It's you and me now.
Get the hell out!
What are you waiting for!
Okay, let's go.
Get out! Rest of you!
Get out!
Get out of here!
Let's go.
Tie it faster!
More ties! Neckties!
Shut up! I'm working on it!
You idiot.
Good riddance.
Always helping others before yourself.
Why'd you have to do that?
What was the point?
So stupid...
Shut up! Be quiet!
Stay in your seat!
What a load of shit.
Finish up. Do the other side too.
Thank you for everything.
That woman...
Stop her!
Control, this is busan-bound 101!
Requesting current situation in busan, over.
It's your birthday...
Don't worry.
I'll take you to mom, no matter what.
Aren't you scared?
Of course I am.
I'm scared, too.
I was so scared.
I thought I'd never see you again.
I practiced that song just for you.
That's why I couldn't sing.
Because I didn't see you.
Will you stay with me?
the person you have dialed is unavailable.
Analyst Kim
yes, Kim.
Have you arrived in busan?
Not yet. Where are you? Is it okay there?
Busan succeeds in primary defense.
What? You sure?
Where did you get that info?
Sir, this was started at YS biotech.
The centerpiece of our plan!
This has nothing to do with us... right?
We only did what we were told.
Is this my fault?
It's not your fault.
Thank you...
Attention, please.
Due to a track blockage,
we have stopped at east Daegu station.
We will be waiting for the rescue team,
or disembarking for another train to busan
when this announcement is concluded,
I will find a working train and put it on the far left track.
What's going on?
I repeat, far left track.
If you're alive, please transfer safely.
Will there be a rescue?
I heard busan is safe.
We have to move now.
Oh, no.
Coast clear?
You go ahead.
Have to find a way across.
What in the...
Over here!
Oh, no...
What now?
We've gotta move. Come on!
Jin-Hee, let's go!
Stand back!
This can't be...
I'm sorry...
Daddy! Wake up!
Daddy! Daddy!
What's going on?
Come on, faster! Faster!
Sweetie, come here!
Su-an, Su-an!
Su-an, come here!
Go! Hurry!
Come on!
Let's go!
Hurry! Hurry!
I'm scared.
Take me home.
My mom is waiting for me...
My address is...
Suyoung district, busan...
Please help me!
You're infected.
I can't be! No!
Su-an, come here.
Sit down. Over there.
Listen to me. Pay attention, now.
This must be the brake.
When it's safe, pull this. Got it?
Look at me, Su-an. It's okay.
Look at me, sweetie.
Su-an, listen to me.
Stay with her, no matter what. Okay?
It'll be safe in busan.
Don't go!
Don't go, it's my fault!
Daddy, don't go...
Don't go...
Stay with me, please don't go...
Don't go!
Please don't go!
Don't go! No!
2 bogeys approaching from the tunnel.
Presumably one woman, one child, over.
Check for infection, over.
Where did you just come from?
Unable to verify.
Unable to verify on visual.
Please advise, over.
Kill them. Over.
# Proudly swept the rain by the cliffs #
# as it glided through the trees #
# still following ever the bud #
# the 'Ahihi Lehua of the vale #
Survivors approaching!
# Aloha 'oe #
# We'll meet again when the flowers bloom #
# Aloha 'oe #
# Aloha 'oe #
# Until we meet again #