Train d'enfer (1965) - full transcript

In Barcelona, secret agent Antoine Donadieu thwarts the plans of a Nazi scientist.

We hung something.

- It's really heavy. - Maybe the miraculous catch.

Is it a big one?

Oh, say so, guys! A drowned man!

Particular sign: a dumbbell around the neck.

Also note the jacket.

It's not his.


He is too tall.

You others, while fishing, did you see other boats this morning?


Attention, l'ambulance.

- They smell good, my flowers. - Yes very good.

- I'll leave them to you at 5 francs. - Okay.

Here, thank you very much.


Stand back!

- Sunglasses ? - Let it go!

Come on, get out!

Don't push! Move along, there's nothing to see !

Georges, didn't you see anything on the sea this morning?

Yes, a blue-white-red Chris-Craft.

He walked across the bay and slowed down.

Have you seen it before?

No, but if you're interested, it's the one who leaves.

- What's this ? - The Hollywood villa.

That of a painter, Barovsky, who paints naked women.

We will come back, I love painting. Come on, turn around.

- It's the kitchen here. - Yes I see.

- What do you want ? - Information.

- Are you from the police? - Oh no.

Social Security.

No sick here.

No, but there are people who are not in good standing.

- We received a complaint. - That does not surprise me.

The staff come and go, they hire anyone.

Even thieves.

- Thieves ? - Yes sir.

Thieves. Lazare, the valet,

got off with my jacket.

- Your jacket? - Two years

that we were working together. It's ugly, isn't it?

Someone will give you much better information than I can.

I'll buy my onions.

Antoine Martel, from Social Security.

- Hamlet. - Hein ?

My name is Hamlet, Mr. Barovsky's driver.

Ah, we got a complaint.

I heard.


who water ski and ride American,

I find that weird.

And valets weighed down in a fishing net?

I will explain to you.

Go through there.

Hamlet ?

Hamlet !

But who are you, sir?

Antoine Fabre,

art critic, great admirer of master Barovsky.

The bathroom is not a gallery.

No, it's an exhibit.

Police found the body of Barovsky's valet.

With a dumbbell around his neck, dead.

Like this one.

Finally, the one that is missing.

- Carry on. - The police also discovered

than the body of the valet de chambre

was transported in Mr. Barovsky's boat.

In the end, I think I have crossed paths with the murderer

in the House.


I saw.

And where is he now?

Well, on the run, like all assassins.

How do your actions relate to art criticism?

Oh, a very close relationship.

I would be sorry if Mr. Barovsky were to interrupt his work.

A work that will count in the century.

Ah, you, you, you.

Oh yes.

Uh, in your opinion, dear lady ...

what could have happened?

It's very simple. At least I imagine it.

Yesterday Hamlet accused Lazarus of stealing his wallet.

They fought, and that night they had to start over.

Hamlet is not a young girl.


But with a settling of scores

between two servants, M. Barovsky would not be worried.

It is important that he can continue his painting in peace.

Mr. Barovsky will be very happy

to meet an admirer like you.

The master is giving a vernissage here tonight, do you consider

as his guest.

I will not miss this evening.

If only to see you again,

Dear Madam.

I am nobody's wife.

My name is Maria.

Barovsky ?

- You are crazy. - I was going to have it.

You want to have us shot?

In matters of bullfighting and killing,

Matras decides.

You shouldn't have, you were absolutely wrong.

Dear Matras,

- you lose your temper. - Hamlet has disappeared

4 days before the operation.

In an hour you will hear from Hamlet.

I know, from your art critic.

If he's a cop,

he will not come.

He will come. You are wrong, Matras,

not to trust feminine intuition.

He has things to say.

He must have a good face. This is male intuition.

If you mix up profession and jealousy, it will be impossible.

The guests arrive,

- I go down. - If your playboy arrives,

you know what to do.

I am not an intern, Mr. CEO.

Oh, it's a little nothing at all.

I did it 10 years ago. Excuse me.

- Have you seen the biker? - Yes.

- And Hamlet, still nothing? - No.

Thank you.

- The judicial police. - So what ?

I am summoned tomorrow at 9 am, in Perpignan.

You'll see, they're gonna corner me there.

Surely, if you keep panicking like this.

- And now, here's the bastard. - Yes, but he's a beautiful bastard.

I'll tell Matras.

Let us not forget our worldly duties. An admirer is welcome.

I am able to kick him in the stomach.

You are perfect in cold wars.

Good evening.

Your admirer, Mr. Antoine Fabre.

Ah, charmed.

Finally, I have written about twenty articles on you.

Oh, thank you, but you know, Mr. Fabre, I live alone.

I don't read anything, I don't know anything.

- Painting ... - I wish I had this talent.

- Master ! - Excuse me.

It is truly extraordinary.

- The shape, you know ... - Thank you, thank you.

It's a pretty good example of conscious and objective delusions.

- on the explosion of volumes. - Marvellous...

It is one of the last paintings of the master.

We are in the office of the director of a clinic

where Emir Ali Salim has just completed his treatment.

Please, Your Highness.

French viewers are delighted to know that you have recovered.

Not yet.

The operation went well, thank the Almighty.

You intend to spend

- your convalescence in France. - Yes.

In the Republic of Andorra.

If the doctors allow me, I will be leaving in 4 days.

- By Orly? - No, I'll take the train.

My heart can't stand the altitude and bad roads.

- Do you think you see personalities? - Certainly.

But in an absolutely private capacity.

May I ask you questions about the domestic policy of your country?

The dispatches before my eyes state

sights of your brother, Mohamed Salim.

My brother took the lead in an opposition movement.

These are things that happen

in families.

Oh, the politics ... I hope you hate it.

Tonight, I prefer dancing.

I like to lean against you, you are solid.


And even reinforced concrete.

- I have a dangerous job. - I understand, art criticism.

We make enemies.

Ah, finally something human.

The master blushed. He calls it his bourgeois period.

- It's you ? - Yes, and I feel very well.

And again, this is just the sketch.

Want to see the finished painting?

- Pleasure ? - In my room.

He had talent.

When he was a bourgeois, Mr. Barovsky.

Want to see the model?


Antoine ... Antoine ...

My love ... my darling ...

How how...

- That she can do. - Shut up.


Antoine, my love...

Give me a cigarette.

And Hamlet? You know, your murderer?

The police arrested him?


It was you who gave it.

Yes it's me.

Why ?

To help Barovsky.

So that he can paint in peace.

He is summoned to the PJ tomorrow.

It will go very well.

It will confirm the history of the wallet.

Hamlet accused Lazarus and he knocked him out.

Is that what you said?

To the police ?


Did they believe you?

In this environment, people still believe me.

Are you that influential?

Well ... I have friends.

What is this man?

It's clear: he gave Hamlet to the police.

It's not the most serious.

He is right. Hamlet will not speak.

Take me away from here, I've had enough.

The artist seeks

to know what is behind the matter.

What's the matter ?

Excuse me.

I was looking for you, Mr. Fabre.

Friends are organizing a bridge, they are looking for a fourth.

I'm not playing dead.

Oh, the dead man!

Gentlemen, this is your fourth. Mr. Antoine Fabre.

A great admirer of my painting.

M. Stan Matras, M. Alvarez.

Sit down, please.

On second thought, Mr. Fabre, we're not going to play bridge.

Do you know the game of 4 jacks?

- Never heard of it. - This is very fun.

A sort of game of truth.

The rule is simple.

The first ace to come out will designate the interrogator.

If it's the ace of hearts,

it is yours, M. Fabre, for you have the valet of hearts.

Including ?

And after ?

The interrogator turns the first card

and question the jack of the corresponding color.

Naturally, the valet questioned undertakes on his honor.

to tell the truth.

And we go to the next card.

What do you think ?

I think ... it's a game of idiots.

Oh no, Mr. Fabre, you'll see.

It's very nifty and very nerve-racking.

Let's go.

It's up to you, Chico.

It's up to you to question me.

Who is this man ?

An amateur who takes himself

for a Superman.


It's your turn to answer, Mr. Fabre.

Ask your question, Chico.

Your name ?

- Antoine Donadieu. - Well done.

- He understood, he is telling the truth. - He is right.

In this game, when you answer wrongly, you risk your skin.

This hypocrite confessed

to Maria that he had given Hamlet.

- What do you think ? - To me,

- he's a cop. - No, you flatter him.

At most, it is an indicator.

And us, what do we do with the indicators?

We make them talk. And how ?

There are several methods.

Okay, now we've played enough.

You want to know what I have come to do.

No need for ace of hearts, I cut my cards.

First, I am informed

suddenly you simmer.

Deuzio, I am here

in ordered service

to make things easier for you.

Do you think I will take you seriously?

Ah, sure, yes.

I saved you the day with the Hamlet case.

If I hadn't intervened, the police would have landed here

and would have discovered the pot aux roses.

What will happen tomorrow for Barovsky at the PJ?

You know it well, since you are listening at the doors.

I find you have an extremely disturbing relationship.

You did see

what happened to poor Lazarus?

Yes, but I won't be found with a dumbbell around my neck,

because my connections know I'm here tonight.

Who employs you, Mr. Donadieu?

Oh, Mr. Matras, you disappoint me.

You, ask me such a question ...

I want to know what your group ...

My group and yours are on the same page.

My "employer" is absolutely

that your project is carried out successfully.

If you need me,

call 312-22.

The 312-22.


call Barcelona, ​​and you look for the address of 312-22.

It might be interesting.

Do you really want me to pull you from their clutches?

I do not believe it is possible.

Since my childhood, I go from one brand to another.

This is the first time that I have been offered shelter.

- I have to get used to it. - Your nerves are failing, my beauty.

The game has only just begun.

- Hello ! - I listen.

Here Saint Anthony, tell God the Father that I am going back to bed.

Very fit. Ended.

You are organized in your paradise.

It's here.

Excuse me, in my job, we always have false keys.

I also allowed myself to put on a record.

I love Mozart.

What you are missing is a whiskey.

Without water, please.

Maria ?

Did you show him the microphone in your room?

It put him in confidence, he walks at full speed.

He really thinks I want to let go.

He absolutely must confess.

At the slightest deviation, you alert me.

If you are there, you trust me.

I never trust. But I give the men a chance.

- The chance to save their skin. - There you are.

And how am I going to save mine?

Leaving for Barcelona tomorrow.


Uh ... to my health.

Yes, to yours.

What am I going to do in Barcelona?

Looking for a man, not just anyone.

The keystone of the whole affair.

Say, this is a mission of trust.

For a suspicious ...

It was Hamlet who had to go.

At the time, I was very annoyed, but on second thought ...

you are in a much better position than Hamlet.

Why ?

Your relationships. I have to tell you

that the man of Barcelona has border crossings

difficult. We will see what your friends are used for.

You are taking a big risk.

- If I betray you ... - I have no choice.

I am expected Sunday in Cairo and the teacher

must be here next night at the latest.

The teacher ?

The man from Barcelona, ​​a great scholar.

Who has trouble crossing borders.

Do not seek

understand everything, Mr. Donadieu.

I have prepared a valid passport for your man.

This would be in the event that a customs officer was a little curious.

If that's just that ...

The time and place of departure?

3:00 p.m. this afternoon at the villa.

I will only give you the green light if my friend Barovsky

returns from the PJ perfectly free ...

and in good health.

I don't think you will betray me.

I won't give you time.

- So at 3 p.m. - That's it.

I can't see him anymore. He looks like a snake to me.

Are you going to Barcelona?

I'm not gonna miss this.

What if you take me?

You will ask Matras.

You should think about it, because Barcelona ...

it's not going to be fun.

The fun is now.

I'm going to ask you a silly question.

Do you love me ?

Maybe, if it can be called that.

Master, this matter is trivial and you can consider it

- classified as far as you are concerned. - I'm sorry about this man.

With such a name, it was going to happen to him misfortunes.

Not a bad man.

Victim of his muscles.

Rather, the victim would be your valet. Finally,

he just didn't have to steal that wallet.

Master, forgive me again, but your testimony was valuable.

I have to go abroad. No downside?

No, go easy, you will no longer be bothered.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Come with Mr. Barovsky.

Give me Colonel Francois.

- Mission accomplished. - You saw him ?

Yes, I thanked him.

He left quietly.

Sorry for this comedy, Berthier.

- It was important. - Thanks.

- Dependent contrast. - Understood.

Thanks again.

We made some

talk about others.


it will cost you the maximum.

So, always the same?

Deaf and mute. It must be from birth.

Emir Ali Salim, does that mean nothing to you?

And Andorra, nothing either?

Look at this pickax head! Take it down!

Here I am, innocent as the child who comes

to be born!

My congratulations, Mr. Donadieu.

You leave immediately, and with that.

It goes faster than your adorable Chevrolet.

Be back tonight.

Your bosses are richer than mine.

Yours may be idealists.

You won't make me say anything, Matras.

The teacher's passport, in the name of Pablo Carlos.

An assumed name, of course.

There is also a map of the Parc des Expositions.

The teacher will be waiting for you there at 9 p.m. at the Pavillon de la Castille.

I would like to go with him.

If he agrees, I have no problem with that.

- You think ? - Oh...

Give me that pair.

In your opinion ? Eh ?

Here Z405, indicates gray Alfa Romeo,

registered 6302 JY 75.

Let go of the bikers, clear the boulevard.

Alert the trapping specialists. Ended.

Here Z405, indicates gray Alfa Romeo,

registered 6302 JY 75.

Let go of the bikers, clear the boulevard.

Alert the trapping specialists. Ended.

Get off, Maria.

- Where's the expert? - The.

Pass me

- all this with a fine tooth comb. - Keep calm.

You are linked to the police.

Ah, like Matras, I am wary of everything.

Even beautiful cars, even beautiful girls.

I use my friends, it's on the program.

- Where are we going ? - Stock up.


A submachine gun, 3 grenades, 2 revolvers and bullets.

Okay, that will be fine.

Do you want to sign?


Do you want me to find this normal?

When I wage war, I wage it seriously.

With Antoine, his joy of living is going to his death.

In the end, he's always right.

Until the day he screwed his finger in the eye.

Fayol, open the borders to him. We will follow him closely.

We just found that,

stashed under the dashboard, behind the radio.


A nasty tumor. It was supposed to blow up in 3 hours.

- Thank you. - Do not mention it.

I was right

to beware, right?

I am afraid, Maria, that you have lost your confidence

- your friends. - I do not understand.

You are no longer going to Barcelona.

Of course yes.

In these situations, I go for it, and I count the points afterwards.

Only you,

you better stay.

You are burnt.

No, I do like you, I go for it.

Excuse me, I'm coming back.

If you had seen his face ...

Not bad, my little bomb, eh?

If she gets it, she'll phone Matras and you'll be done.

No, she has it in the wing. The proof, it continues with me.

- Hey, put this in the museum. - Understood.

I don't like it at all, Antoine.

I'm going to break her nerves, she'll end up spitting it out.

What song? We don't know what he's up to.

Surely a big hit.

If it's the attack on the Banque de France,

you will have to leave that to Berthier, you will have wasted your time.

- Not really. - I remind you that you are from the SR.

The SR only deals with Emir Ali Salim.

Do you remember ? He's coming in three days.

If the emir is assassinated, I jump and the government with it.

And if I learn in Barcelona that these gentlemen are taking care of the Emir,

- you give me what? - Maybe a cross,

not the one you think of.

It would annoy me to take your index card out of my binders.

- Goodbye, Colonel. - Have a good trip, weirdo.

I don't understand anything about this bomb.

It's clear. She was supposed to fart in 3 hours.

And the two of us ... adiós!

Matras had no reason to kill you before our return.

Matras found another way to import the professor.

Let's admit, but why kill me?

Maybe because you stopped being useful to him.

Matras was my lover. He still loves me.

Maybe he wanted to kill me out of jealousy.

Tell me, do you take me for a fool?

- What ? - Listen, from the start,

you make me laugh with your vamp number

neurasthenic very developed, but I have never been a buyer.

The microphone in your room ...

Ah, shouldn't!

A girl down to her neck in an organization

as yours does not tack, and microphones,

I have some too

full my size.

So the apart with Matras that night: "He's walking.

"He's walking full blast." "Go on, he has to go to confession."

Ah don't ...

Ah not!

The blow of tears, you did it to me.

When will you

- stop? - Right now.

- I leave you. - Oh no.

We, you wanted to follow me, you are on the journey to the end.

Round trip, if there is a return.

Now I know: it was you who put the bomb.

Oh yes ? And why ?

To rock me into your arms.

That, my darling,

- it's already done. - I mean switch to your camp.

I don't know who you work for,

police, intelligence, DST, but surely to our doom.

- Fill it up please. - I will be back.

Where's the phone?

In the office.

- The ? - Yes, but you shouldn't be in a hurry.

If my wife leaves a note for you to call someone ...

- Yes ? - You put it in the basket.

- We're upset. - All the same.

Stop, Antoine.

Over there, it's Valencia, and after, it's Andalusia.

We still have time to choose.

Sorry, Maria, you entered a game

without mercy.

When we have a meeting in Barcelona, ​​we cannot go to Valencia.

I don't know what awaits us, but what is certain,

is that we cannot go back.

So you have no nerves?


But 9 p.m. is 9 p.m.

He's all set.

Take it alive!

My compliments...

Hurry up.

Go up front. Go to sleep !


Ended !

What has he put on us!

What a blow, what a stature!

They started to search me and that's where you arrived.

Who are these guys? You have an idea ?


Disastrous organization.

And in Hollywood, is it the same bitch?

My device arrived at the blockhouse?

Mr. Donadieu is not part of the organization, he is a conveyor.

Ah, but that's perfect! An amateur!

French, with that!

Ah, Maria, if you had known the good old days ...

We were more serious.

The teacher told me something incredible.

Here, what the professor didn't tell you,

is that I found a bomb in the Alfa Romeo.

It's a lot.

Is it true, Maria, this bomb thing?

That's right.

There is only one explanation: someone

here betrays.

Dear Mr. Donadieu, our relationship is coming to an end.

You were perfectly correct.

Even very sporty, it seems.

The French fury.

The situation is too dangerous.

We are going to move and sever all ties with the outside world.

And as I am the outside ...

gentlemen, I wish you every success.

Are you coming with me?

Very well, Matras. I hate amateurs.

We are approaching D-Day, it will become very dangerous.

If you are in trouble, call 110-10. It's easy.


Yet I terribly want to forget you.

Maria !

Beware of the bottom of the air!

You should go home!

Are you coming, professor?

We had a narrow escape.

When I told you that you should be wary of the bottom of the air ...

Only one person knew where the meeting was taking place: you.

You brought me the Alfa.

- I didn't put the bomb! - You were in contact with the police!

Matras, I didn't say anything to the police and I didn't put the bomb!

I didn't say anything to the police!

I you...

Thank you.

Finally, we become serious again.

I always thought he was a decadent artist.

Let’s sum up, Antoine.

You ask me to organize a bullfight at the Pavilion.

I disturb the Spanish SR,

they put me 6 men in java. And you ?

What are you doing ? You knock them out.

Before I can ask them a favor ...

And all this great work for what?

How why ? Our staging was successful.

The gang is confused, Maria is confused,

and Matras sees traitors everywhere.

And I learned a huge thing, didn't I?

The professor sent a device to the villa.

- That's intelligence. - How far is it?

Matras will break camp.

Come in.

- So ? - I arrived too late.

Villa cordoned off, no more Mercedes.

There you go, thanks to your circus,

the birds have flown away.

What the hell are you doing?

You believed in an attack on the Banque de France.

No, my business, it's the Emir.

And the emir is traveling in two days.

Everything that is suspicious, now I stick it to the gnouf.

Come on, Fayol, take this in hand.

The big game, roadblocks on all roads.

We must find the Mercedes.

Good, colonel.

Do you want my opinion?

They've put together a big thing, they're going to stick around.

- I could go for a walk ... - No, Antoine.

You won't see anything.

You are dead, and the dead are resting.

This case is no longer yours, it's mine.

At your command, Colonel.

Go! Go! Go !

- It's the Mercedes. - Go for it.

But no,

miss, I would like the 110-10.

2 times 5, yes.

Put on your mask.

Mattress !

This tunnel, are you sure?

Yes, I come from there.

Why do they want to kill the emir?

To bring his brother to power. He promised them a nuclear center.

With their nuclear weapons they want to put

- hand over Africa. - A nuclear center?

Sit down.

The real boss is not Matras, it is Professor Heinrich Vogner.

- For God's sake ... - You've been looking for him for 20 years.

My colonel, we just found

the Mercedes in small pieces.

No longer a corpse, the painter Barovsky.

What do you want it to do to me?

Heinrich Vogner. Ah, gosh ...

And his device?

A new weapon.

The light beam of this device leaves no chance.

The emir's train is going to be pulverized.

Will they stay in the tunnel until H?

Obligatorily. They are installed in a cave,

- in the middle of the tunnel. - One last question.

Why did you come to our camp?

I discovered that Antoine Donadieu was still alive.

- You are in love ? - No, she's careful.

She's there because she found my car near the tunnel,

she understood that Matras had lost the game.

We will never know if it came out of love or an instinct for self-preservation.

What is certain is that the emir will not be assassinated.

What I want is the professor and his machine.

Maria must help me.

Listen to me, maybe you liked Matras.

But you don't have

never thought about what would happen if he and his friends won.

Yes, violence, the death of thousands of men.

If I help you, don't kill him.

We won't tell the colonel.

Thanks, Antoine.

The device is in place. Your turn, Antoine.

Good, colonel. We leave the car.

Let's go.

- You trust me ? - No.

But I'm afraid for you.

Prohibition to enter before the white rocket.

- If it yells? - We let it scream.

- Donadieu risks being killed. - Yes, he risks.

Come on, Fayol.

Mattress !

Mattress !

Mattress !

It's Maria, come get me!

- I can't come down! - Why

- are you not gone? - I could not !

Go away, I'm going up!

Take this.

You wanted his life to be saved.

But don't miss it.

Mattress !

Mattress !

Mattress !

Wait for the rocket, I'm going up.

Matras came towards her and she did not shoot.

He took the gun and fired.

- She's ... - No.

Straight ahead, it's Valence ...

And then, it's Andalusia ...

We still have time to choose, Antoine.

Yes, Maria. We still have time.

We will go to Valence. It is sworn.

Will still have to wait 5 years before taking him to Valencia.

She's not gonna take it for 5 years, you're gonna fix that.

Adaptation: Edouard SONET Subtitling L'ATELIER D'IMAGES