Train Station Pickups (1979) - full transcript

Follows the experiences of Petra and her friends as they reach the final year at high school.


-That sign says no entrance.

What's the matter
with you, honey?

Can't you read?

-I've got to talk to Doris.

She said she would
tell you I was coming.

-She's working out on the
[INAUDIBLE] right now.

You'll have to wait until
she finishes her number.

-Don't you get change anymore?

-Hold your horses.




-What the hell do you want?

-I've got to see
you, it's important.

-Sorry, Petra.

There's no way I can
lend you 100 marks.

We get our salaries once
a month in this dump.

And mark is my new boyfriend.

He's in charge of the
bread for both of us.

We're saving up to open
a new fashion boutique.

-100 marks isn't
that much money.

I've always paid you back.

-You got an hour or two to kill?

I know a way.

You can earn your
money for a change.

-Doris, I just couldn't.

Oh come off it.

Nobody's going to screw you.

I play funny games
with this weirdo.

He pays money to have
people watch him.


That's where you come in.

It's easy money.

There he is.

Here we are!

There's no reason
to get uptight.

What's the matter with
taking money for it if it's

the best thing
you got to paddle?

What's the point in
doing it for love?

You just have to pay
for your own abortions.

Believe me, you've got to
take it where you can get it.

Chubby, what do you
think of my friend?

Would it turn you
on if she watches?

-I'll say.

Ridey cock horse.



-Come on, get up!


Up you go.

-Come on, Petra.

Give me the whip.

-Go ahead.
-Come on.

I can take it.

Go ahead.

-You heard him.

-I think I'd better
do the whipping.

She's so new at this.

Come on, Missy.

Get up.

Come on!


-Come on, get up!

Got to hit those [INAUDIBLE].

Go on.


Come on.

It's time to slip those furs
where they'll do the most good.

Come on.

-Don't stop!

-I can't keep this
up all day, Trigger.

Come on.

Keep going.

Let it happen for you.


Come on.

That's more like it.


-Oh yes.

-Well, what have we here?

A little schoolmate.

That's the first time
that ever happened.

Don't tell me you're suddenly
getting fond of school.

What did you say you
watch [INAUDIBLE]?

-I didn't feel like
staying outside.

Anything wrong with
that, Ms. Bauer?

-Something is the
matter, isn't it Mick?

Your face is covered in sweat.

Are you ill?


I'll feel better in a minute.

-I'm worried about you, Mick.

There's something
you want to know.

I believe there's a good deal
more to being a teacher then

giving lectures and marking
my pupils' homework.

Now if there's
something troubling you,

and you think you can use
my help, all you have to do

is ask for it.

What do you say?

Some other time, then.

-You start by dropping
acid and smoking grass.

And before you know
it, you're shooting up.

-When I was about 15, I wasn't
getting off on the stuff


So I switched to H.

-So I take drugs, big deal.

Nobody gives a shit
about you, anyway.

-I just couldn't
hack it at school.

Maybe I started
because I couldn't

communicate with my parents.

--[INAUDIBLE] fancy
vacation, and they tell

me they're too
busy to talk to me.

-If I had any character, I
wouldn't hustle down here.


-Oh hi, Petra.

-Have you seen Freddy anywhere?

-The dealer?


-Hong Kong on the rocks.

Freddy's hanging around
back there, as usual.



-What's on your tiny mind, eh?

-I need some stuff.

But I need two quarters of dope.


Can you afford it?

I'm not about to
give anybody credit.

-I don't believe in credit.



Follow me.

Keep it cool.

It's the best stuff
on the market.


-You don't need
to do that number.

It's top quality H.
Hong Kong on the rocks.


But I get 10 marks change.

I thought the stuff
cost 20 a quarter.

-Yeah, it did last month.

I get extra for the
delivery and handling.

It ain't all that safe
down here in a subway, hm?

-Hey, there's a
dead man in there!

-Help, please!

-What are you staring at me for?

He didn't buy it from me.

If he'd got the stuff
from me, there's

no way he would've crapped out.

You'd better know it.

Let's get the hell out of here.

-Now if [INAUDIBLE] can
manage to tear himself away

from the yellow
press, we can continue

with 19th century literature.

-Your word has always been
my command, Ms. Bauer.

It's always the same
dumb headlines anyway.


Love and guts.

The paper is full of it.

-Well I must say, you do have
some very original ideas.

I wish I could see a few
of them in one or two

of your compositions.

-Good afternoon, Ms. Bauer.

-Better late than never, Petra.

Go ahead and sit down.

But you can't have it
both ways, you know?

First you want to be transferred
to the afternoon session,

and then you come late anyway.

Yesterday, we discussed a
development which came around

at the end of the last century
or shortly before that.

What was it called?


-Help me.

-(WHISPERING) Symbolism.

-Symbolism, Ms. Bauer!

-Very good.

Symbolism is certainly the
most significant new thing--

did you get the stuff?

-(WHISPERING) Yeah, careful.

Don't shoot up more
than half of it.

Double strength.

-Not to mention the wealth
of dramatic literature

of which-- is there
anything wrong?

-May I be excused?

-Very well.


-I hope nothing
happened to Mick.

I'm starting to get worried.

-You should have
started before you

got involved with an addict.

-You know how it is,
he's so helpless.

-Well what are you?

His girlfriend or his
mother substitute?

-By tomorrow's class,
I'd like all of you

to have read the first five
chapters of Madame Bovary.

All right?

Class dismissed.


-Remember those two
quickies I picked up

in the station
yesterday morning?

Easiest 200 I ever made.

-What guarantee
do I have you pick

up two chicks in the
station every morning?

No honey.

At that rate, it'll
take us 10 years

to scrape together the
money for our shop.

I'm not going to have you
peddle your ass all that time.

-Got any better ideas?


That's where it's at.

-That's the only way
to run any business,

no matter what you're selling.

Take my word for it.

I only want the best for you.

After all, you're my
special girl, aren't you?


Money always did grow on trees.

You just have to know
where to pick it.



-Sorry boys.

Here it comes!


-Bet you thought
I wasn't coming?

Well I keep my promises.

And look at the nice
surprise I brought you.



-Nice, light skin European girl?

Smile at him, you moron.

Screws like a bunny.

Can't get enough.

Bet you never had a piece of
anything like this before?


Is this some kind of joke?

-Hand's off!

Everybody's going to get a turn.

40 marks is all
you have to pay up.

-I don't want to!

-Shut up.

Nobody gives a
shit what you want.

Now shut up and get
your ass in the truck.

Just pull down your pants.

That's all you get.

One at a time, fellows.

One at a time.

Easy does it, fellows!

Everybody's going to get a turn.

All right.

Get in there.

You've got ten minutes,
so get it over with fast.

Cool it, fellows,
give me a break.

Now line up.

Have your money ready.

40 marks?

That's right.


Thanks a lot.


-Jolly good, Gabby!

Now come along, Tina.

Don't fall asleep.

There's a good girl.


Look alive, girl.

Come along!


That's it, that's it.

That's it!

Tina, I don't think we'll
ever get this right.

Now, stop!

I've had enough
of this nonsense.

What do you think
this is, a circus?

Now girls, time for your
wall barre exercises.

Hop to it.

Come on boys, over here.

That's it.
Keep it moving.

Very good.



Oh, just a minute.

--[INAUDIBLE] beginning
of the game, then?

-I hurt my foot,
so I can't ride.

-You don't say?

But you could climb
up this pole here.

Your arms seem in
perfect condition.

-No can do Mr. Steinberger.

I'm afraid of heights.

-And I suppose you expect
me to believe that?

-What do I have to do?

Get sick to my stomach?

-Are you coming to
the party on Saturday?

-I will if I can get
Mick to come along.

-All right, then, girls.

Up with your legs.

Nice and straight.

Good time.

Very good indeed.

Knees nice and straight.

That's it.

No one told you to
stop, young ladies.

Come on, keep moving.

Keep moving.

Don't want the
joints getting rusty.

-Don't want the
joints getting rusty.

What a crock.

-Now then, Gabby.

Try to lead with your hips.

Come on.



That looks like the
washing hanging out to dry.

I'm sorry, it's impossible.

Absolutely impossible.

-I've got a feeling
Mr. Steinberger's

got a crush on me.

-I'll say you've got a feeling.

Every time he
[INAUDIBLE] he feels you

all over, all in

-That still won't stop
him from flunking in math.

-And you as well.

-If Mr. S has got hot pants for
you the way we think he does,

we ought to be taking
advantage of it.

-What are you talking about?

-I'm hatching a plan.

Just listen to this!

-Your water's hotter than mine.

-[INAUDIBLE] dummy.


-Do you suppose we
can grab ourselves

a peek of the girls
in the shower?

-Can you jump that high?


-Watch out.

I think I've got it.

You stand down here and
hold out your hands.

I'll go up and have a look.


-Hey, what are you?


I'm not going to scream like
that so you can get a look--

-All right.
All right.

That's all I ever asked you.

I'll find some
other way to do it.


-Now, watch an old
master at work.

Maybe you can learn something.

Here goes.


-Hey, hey, hey!

Come on, that's cold.

Hey lay off.


Hey, cool it.

You couldn't do this to me.



-But my name's Bill!




-Where does it hurt?

-In your ass if you
don't cut that out.

Ha ha ha.

Damn girls.

-Hey, are you going to
the soccer game Saturday?

-No way, man.

Can't afford a ticket.

I got one extra.

My old man's got
to work that day.

-Far out.

-Hey, what do you say, Petra?

There's a real groovy
disco around the corner.

Want to go?

-Sorry, [INAUDIBLE].

See you later.

-Oh, so I'm not good
enough for you, huh?

-[INAUDIBLE] storm, is that it?

I'm not interested in that act.

-It's no act.

Let's go dancing!

-Want to go over to
the Zine Club Petra?

-Not really.

Why don't we go up to my place?

I know my mother's out.

She's got a new boyfriend.



-Good heavens.

What's the matter
with you, Gabby?

-I'm so glad you
finally found me.

I tripped and fell on my
way to the locker room.

Now, I can't put any
weight on my foot.

-Oh my goodness,
that's terrible.

Now don't try to get up.

Don't move at all.

I'll deal with it straight away.

Now then.

I want you to tell me exactly
where it hurts the most.


-Down here?


-And what happens
when I move up here?

How does that feel?

Does that hurt as well?

Does the pain go
up into your hip?


It's up here.

That place really hurts a lot.

-Does this hurt?

-No not really.

That feels all right.


This is very confusing.

What do you suppose
we ought to do now?

Do you have any idea?

-You know what I think?


-I think the best
thing would be for you

to carry me into
the locker room.

-Of course.

Why didn't I think
of that myself?


-There we go.

And what now?

-If you wouldn't mind helping
me get dressed, and then

go upstairs and call the
doctor in the teacher's room.

You're absolutely right, Gabby.

I can't imagine why I
didn't think of that myself.

-That was super!


Really far out!

And wait until teacher gets
a look at these snapshots.

His eyes will pop
right out of his head!

-I think we ought to be a
little ashamed of ourselves,

don't you?

-Well, can you afford
to fail mathematics?


-Neither can I.
What else can we do?


-Don't tell me that's another
one of your girlfriends?

-I'll say.

Would you believe
the poor thing's

been all night
banging on my door?

But I wouldn't let her out.

-Honestly, I don't think you've
got anything else in your head.

-Only it isn't in my
head, it's somewhere else.

See what I can do.

It's rum.

Let's mix it with a little
Pepsi, get things started.




-Don't say anything, Mick.

We really like one another.

That's what counts.


-Look at that one.


How about her?

-What is this?

Senior citizens night in
the red light district?

They look like
somebody's grandmother.

-So what?

How about May West?

She's got to be almost 90.

-It says in the paper
she's got hot and cold

running men all over the house.

Compared to her, these
chicks are all teenagers.

-Yeah, but she isn't
one of these hookers.

Tell me, how much
does it cost to do

it with one of these broads?

-I don't know.

About 20 marks, I suppose.

-That's a real bargain when
you think of all you'll learn,


It's like going to college.

Hey, here comes one.



-Dirk, please don't.

-What's wrong with you?

-I've had enough.

-We were having so much fun,
and then all of a sudden this.

-I just don't want to.

Not with you.

-Oh please, Petra.


-My name's
[INAUDIBLE], not Petra.

-I'm sorry.

Anyone can make a mistake, hm?

-It depends.

I'm afraid that
mistake gave you away.

That's why I'm just not
interested in making love.

Let's face it.

You couldn't get Petra so you
figured at least [INAUDIBLE]

is better than an empty bed.

-Oh come on.

You don't believe that.

-It's the truth, Dirk.

You better start looking
your facts in the eye.

Petra's the one you want.

And I'm not going
to play substitute.

Why don't we forget about
this whole discussion?

And how about giving
me a ride home?




-Tell me, Mick.

What's wrong?

-I just can do it.

-There's nothing to worry about.

Give yourself a
little time and--

-It's not what you think.

It's that I'm so
disgusted with myself.

-Withdrawal symptoms.

We've got some more stuff.

-The hell we have, Petra.

I shot that stuff hours ago.

I'm starting to need
more and more of it.

And when I think what you
have to do to get it for me--

-But you've got
to have it, Mick.

You can't go cold turkey
until school is over.

And I don't want you
hustling anymore.

I can't stand the thought--

-Come off it.

Is that any worse than what
you're doing with those filthy

old men?

-How else are we going to scrape
together the 4,000 marks we

need for your habit every month?

-I swear it.

I'm only doing it for you.

I love you so much.

-When you're not making
it with those bastards.

-They don't mean anything to me.

I've never let one of
them lay a finger on me.

I've promised you that.

-Stop it.

Stop it!

I can't stand it.

I'm not worth it.

You deserve better.

You're ruining your whole
life for a miserable addict.

I'm really not worth it.

-Mick, listen to me!

That money I gave you
last week, you remember?

The 750 marks?

I didn't earn that money.

I got it from my mother.

I'm telling the truth.


Now you're stealing for me!

-Please, Mick!

Please come back here.


-I could have sworn that was
Mick running down the stairs.

I guess it wasn't.

I hope you had a
nice evening, dear.

We had a wonderful time.

Oh yes, this is Udo.


I told you I'd met this charming
gentleman at the office.

And this young lady is my
beautiful little daughter


-Glad to meet you, honey.

You know, you're just as
sweet and pretty as your mama.

-There has been too
much wine with dinner.

That's why I invited him
up for a cup of coffee.

Don't mind us.

You'd better get some sleep.

Goodnight dear!

-Don't forget your
prayers, honey!



-Now then, which of
you two handsome studs

is going to be the first
to take the plunge?

(IN UNISON): He is!

-Hey, the whole thing
was your idea, Bill.

-Yeah, but I had to
borrow the money from you.

After all, Ms.Hooker, I mean
it's only fair that the one who

coughs up the cash
gets the first shot.

-You're absolutely right.

You come first.

-No, wait a minute.

I thought--

-Up and at 'em, trailblazer!

I'll be right behind you.

-Hey listen, Bill.

I have a--

-You're on.

Coming through.

-Excuse me, sir.

-So long.

-So long, Mary.


-No way--!


-She's a he!

-Bastards, look at this thing.

My wig was [INAUDIBLE],
this was all afternoon.

I ask you, sir.

What's a poor girl to do?

-Do you have any idea
where Mick could be?


-Something serious
must be the matter.

You know as well
as I do that Mick

can't afford to miss this exam.

-What's the big
discussion, girls?

One more word and you
can hand in your papers

and fail the course.

What is it, Petra?

-May I be excused?
I'm finished, sir.

-Very well then, but
hand in your paper first.

-Just put this in the
examination book, and--

-Quiet back there, Tina.

I thought [INAUDIBLE]
equations with two unknowns

would be a topic
for conversation.

-You want to bet?


-This is Petra.

Could I please speak to Mick?

-Oh, Petra.

I'm so glad you called.

Something terrible has happened.

We found out Mick is
addicted to narcotics.

My husband found a silver
spoon and hypodermic needles

in his room.

There was a terrible
brawl, Mick's father

threw him out of the
house, just like that!

I don't know what
I'm going to do.

Mick is all I've got.

How could children make
their parents so miserable?

-Let us start finishing up.

Time's running out.

-This time I know for certain
that I got an A in mathematics.

-And so did I.

-I certainly hope
so for your sakes.

But that's highly
unlikely, considering

the quality of your
classroom work.

-Wait until you see the
quality of our own work.

-Have fun marking
this examination.

Revenge is sweet.



-All right, I heard you!

I'll be right down.

What are you doing
ringing the door

bell in the middle of the night?

-I'm looking for
a boy named Mick.

Does he live here with you?

-Yeah, I think so.

Come on sweetie.

He's probably crashed
out somewhere.

Is Mick there?

Wake up!

-What is happening?

-You seen Mick around?

-He's out hustling.

-Sorry about that, sweetie.

Those junkies are all like.

You've got it bad for
that kid, ain't you?


-You shooting up horse, too?

Don't be a fool, girl.

Forget that turkey ever lived.

Trouble is always
their middle name.

And the damn squares all
keep wondering why the kids

today never feel like laughing.

-Is that you, Petra?

She's a friend of mine.

-Well, there's no time
for that bullshit now.

What you need is a stiff
shot and a hot bath.

The next date's in two hours.

You dig?


-What's the big hurry, teacher?

-Did you have a chance to
look at our test papers yet?

-Surprised with
our equations, huh?

-I most certainly was.

But don't think for
one minute you're

going to get away with this.

-Get away with what?

-Mr. Steinberger, you look
like you could do with a ride.

-Hey teacher, where do
you think you're going?

I thought we had a little
something to talk about.

What's the story?

-I do want to discuss
this unfortunate matter,

but not now.


-Haven't seen Mick
anywhere have you?


He wasn't down here today.


You might try checking
down the street in a bar.

The Salambo.

The joint's full of
queers and bull dikes.

He's usually there peddling
his ass to some fag.


-So I said to him, anyone who
could suggest that [INAUDIBLE]

is the best [INAUDIBLE]
on the stage today,

has obviously never
heard [INAUDIBLE].

But it only stands
to reason, hm?



-Well, what do you say?

Shall we go?

You go on ahead.

-Looks like two lonely
people just found each other.

Stuck up.

-Now then, I hope you
weren't planning to run away.

A bargain is a bargain in
any business, isn't it?

Oh by the way, I'm not
planning to use the whip.

Unless you're a
very naughty boy.

And now, time for some fun.

What is it?

I've already paid you.

Now go to work.

Don't be afraid now.

-So it wasn't a rumor.

You brought home
another hustler.

-Now don't start behaving
like a jealous old queen?

Get out of here.

You're in the way.

Leave us alone!

-So you think you
can order me out?

-Come in or go out.

Suit yourself.

You're perfectly welcome
to stay and watch

if you want, but keep quiet.

-You can do better than those
filthy boys in the station!

-Either get the hell
out of here or shut up!

-I'll get out all right,
if that's what you want.

But someday you'll be sorry.

-He makes me sick.

Come here, you.

-Please don't make me do it.

I don't want to!

-You don't want to?

What kind of talk is that?


-You should've talked like
that before you took my money.

You better do what I said.

I told you what
happens, naughty boy.


-Not so fast.



-Hey, hi Petra.

-Hi Dirk.

-Well aren't you going to
ask me what I'm doing here?

-All right, I'll bite.

-I've been waiting for you.

What do you think
of my new bike?

Hot Wheels.

A present from my
mother and father.


-I've got a good idea.

Why don't the two of us go out
for happy hour in Discoland?

-Not today, Dirk.

I've got much too much homework.

-Well some other time, then.

See you.

-Do I have to go
back to the trailer?

-Sweetheart, that chapter of
our life is over, thank God.

I've got another set
up all worked out.

Rich dudes with good manners.

Less work for more money.

I met this real nice guy the
other night, a gentleman.

Vice president of some
electronics company.

His old lady hasn't been
giving him any lately

and he's only human, after all?

-Are we making a house call?

-Where do you keep
your brains, honey?

In your purse?

I just told you the
cat was married.

No, I got you two a real
nice room in a hotel

out in the suburbs.

It's nice and
secluded out there.

Nobody will hear a sound.

I only want the best
for you, you know that.

-Yeah, sure.

-You're a lady with
expensive habits,

if you know what I mean.

We spent 800 marks on
your shit last week alone.

Now get in the car.


-How's it going?

-I'm all right.

-Lily, this is Doris.


Always happy to see a
new face in this dump.

There there, Grandpa!

Now why don't you
go home and take

some of those nice
little liver pills?

You'll be feeling
better in no time.

And when you feel up to
it, you know there's always

an empty bed for you
at the old homestead.

This way out.

Now off you go.

Tell Grandma to make you
a nice hot cup of tea.

Have a nice day.

See you!

Let me out of the
old folks ward!

I thought he was
going to have a heart

attack right in the middle.

Well enough of that, says I!

He has himself a
beautiful [INAUDIBLE],

and I'm up to my
tits in coppers!

Mark says a gentleman
won't [INAUDIBLE].

-You don't say.

What did I tell you?

More pay for less work.

Now you know who loves you.

-Come along, Doris.

Well, I see the fashion
boutique routine still works.

-How'd you like a
fat lip, mousie?


Forget I said it.

-You ordered some champagne?

Here you are.

-You don't expect me to
drink that mouse piss?

-You can have the
imported if you'd like.

-Well then.

Let's have a look at that
seat of satisfaction.

-There's just nipple pleasure.


It's business as usual.

-Here's your French champagne.

'75 Veuve Cliquot.

That'll be 400 marks.


-Thank you.

No wait!

I'd like to do that.

That was part of the bargain.

This makes me feel like
Columbus discovering America.


-Yeah, 1400 and-- I was
never any good with dates.

-I'll say.


-You buying a new car, again?


Tall cylinder job.

-All right.

-Got to keep the
old pistons going.

Make them happy, Doris.

Think about that nice boutique.

-What's this?

Don't tell me that's
mosquito bites?

I won't buy that.

I was in the medical core.

I know a needle
mark when I see one.

-If you really want to
know, I'm a drug addict.

-Drug addict?

High stuff?


That makes it even nicer.

I'm told drug addicts
never get enough sex.

I don't drink champagne
out of glasses.


-Udo, cut that out.


-Don't mind me!

-You're home early, dear.

Why don't you come watch
television with us?

Have a seat.

-Sit down, kid!

-No thanks.

I've got a composition
due tomorrow.

-Have a sandwich first.

It's in the refrigerator.

What in [INAUDIBLE] is
wrong with that child?

I kill myself working to see
that she has food on the table

and a roof over her head.

-Uh huh.

-And she treats me like
the dirt under her feet.

-Maybe she's noticed something.

I mean about the two of us.

-That child is as innocent
as a newborn babe.

I'm sure she hasn't
caught onto anything.

-I hope you did tell her we
are going on a trip together.

When could I?

By the time she gets up in the
morning, I'm already at work.

And then in the evening,
something always comes up.

-Like me.

-I'm entitled to a
little private life, too.

That still doesn't mean I'm
a neglectful mother, does it?

-Don't be silly.

-Want something?

-No daughter, not a thing.

I just wanted to ask you-- your
vacation starts pretty soon,

doesn't it?

-Oh mother, you know tomorrow's
the last day of school.

-Yes of course.

Well, Udo is taking a couple
of days off from work.

And I've got some time coming,
two more weeks in fact.

I thought it would be nice--
that is, actually, we-- but

of course, only if it's
all right with you!

-Mother, you don't
need my permission

to go on vacation
with your boyfriend.

-I know that.

But we won't be away very long.

A week or so, that's all.

But only if you're
sure you don't mind.

Petra, darling.

I'm afraid I feel a little
guilty about all this.

If only I--

-You're a grown woman.

I don't know why you
should feel guilty.

I can manage a week on my own.

-You're growing up
to be a real lady.

I'm so proud of you.

And I'm glad we
can discuss things.

-We ought to discuss
things a little more

often, if you know what I mean.

How about it, mother?

-I know it was
there this-- Petra?



-Well, where is it?


I don't understand.

-You understand, all right.

You helped yourself to my money.

I saved 750 marks
for my vacation.

Where is it?

You are a criminal!

Nothing but a common criminal.

I give my child
everything that she needs.

And what thanks do I get?

She steals my hard earned money!

What kind of a person
have you turned out to be?

-I didn't take the
money for myself.

I'm really not a criminal.

Somebody was desperate.

A friend.

Somebody who would've
been totally destroyed.

I had to help them
get that money.

Believe me, mother.

-Hey, what's wrong with you two?


It's none of your affair, Udo.



I can take it.

-Very well.

You've got exactly two days to
go out and recover that money.

Or else you go to
a children's home.

It's up to you.

-Take me along, Mick!

-No, I'm late as it is.

-Then why don't we get
together later this afternoon?

Or tomorrow?

We can't just
split up like this.

-Yes we can.

It's better that way.

For both of us.

-Mick, what am I supposed
to tell my mother now?

-Let him go, Petra.

Who needs him?

He's beyond help.

-Maybe you're right.

-What's the problem
with your mother?

-I helped myself to 750
marks of her vacation money.

And if she doesn't get
it back this evening,

she's putting me in
a home for girls.

-Is this the
Steinberger residence?

One moment.

-What do I say to him?

-That we have to see
him and discuss things.

-Hello sir, this is Gaby.

I think we ought to get together
and discuss this little matter.

-As soon as possible.

-As soon as possible, sir.

Tomorrow at 3:00 PM?

At your home.

Very good.

Come on.


-One more Coca Cola, with rum.


-Move that pretty
little ass of yours,

and get me a brandy, all right?

-Hey buddy, how do
you like those broads?

-You need [INAUDIBLE]
gloves before you

can lay a finger on them.

-You must be one
hell of a stud if you

can turn these chicks on.

I can't get them to look at me.

-Nothing to it, Val.

Anyone can do it.

Hey, you got a stick?

-You bet I do.

And ready for action.

-Not that one, you ding dong.

A weed.

-Oh, a cigarette.

-There's got to be some
kind of [INAUDIBLE].

You can't just walk over and--

-Why not?

Just march over heavy.

If you see something you like,
just lay a little sweet talk

on her, and before you know
it, you're making [INAUDIBLE].

-I don't know, it
all sounds too easy.

How about you show
me how you do it?

-It never fails.

You can take my word for it.

-That one.

How do you make it with her?



-What do you think this is?

A boxing arena?

You keep your filthy
hands off the lady,

or I'll make a necklace
out of your molars.


-Do you think
you'll be all right?

-Of course, that
was just a trick.

I make believe they
knocked me out.

That throws them
off their guard.

-I'm just glad somebody's
gentleman enough

to protect your
girl from a bully.

-Don't make a habit of it.

By the way, my name's Billy.

What's yours?


-You know something, Bebe?

You're too nice a
girl for this dump.

When we find a place with a
little more class, all right?


-This must be the place.

-Is this the classy disco
you were talking about?

-Well, it isn't really a disco.

It's my pad.

But it's just as classy.

-Afraid not.

-There's really no
obligations involved.

Stick with me.

I just wanted to
have a quick drink

before we go somewhere else.

-All right.

One little glass of
wine and no more.

-Bottoms up.

-Well I suppose I
should be getting home.

-What you mean?

You just got here.

-If I hurry up, I
might still make

the last subway at midnight.

I don't know how to
express my thanks.

-Thanks for what?

-For everything.

I appreciate you getting
rid of that awful bully.

-Oh yeah, him.

Those guys will do anything.

You've got to be so careful.

-What else do you suppose that
awful man might have done?

-If I hadn't just come
along at the right minute,

he would've taken
you home to his bed

and slammed you down on
his bed, for starters.


-Like this.

-What then?

-And then he would have
covered your sweet little face

with kisses.


-Then what?


Then he would have ripped
off your dress, like this.

Then he'd be stroking you
lightly here, like this.


That's wonderful.

Have you had many girlfriends?


You're the first one.


-I'm afraid I never made
love before either, Bill.

Please don't stop.


You've never?

I think I'd better
look this one up.

I don't want to
make any mistakes.

"Hello Young Lovers".

That's the name of the book.

My Uncle Gus gave it to me
as a confirmation present.

Why don't you hold it?

An adept lover will put all
his skill and imagination

to work arousing his partner
in the foreplay phase.

This phase will include
tender, passionate kisses

on the various erogenous
zones of the body.


His fingers will play
lightly on her torso.


Oh yeah, I did that
before, didn't I?

As she becomes
increasingly aroused,

entering into the so-called
intermediary phase,

her breasts will take on the
appearance of little doorbells.

So they do!

Ding dong.

Come in, and I will--

The male will also notice his
reproductive organ is erect

and-- better check that.

It's down here, right?


This book is terrific.

-I think we can
improvise the next part.

They weren't so tight before!


-Oh no!


-Hello, what are
you waiting for?

We'll never get it
over with this way.

Steinberger said to
be here at 3 o'clock.

We don't want to be late.

-I don't know why
I listen to you.

You're always
getting in trouble.

-Oh stop the grousing.

We started it.

Now we're going to
have to see it through.

-That's the last time I ever
take a shower with a friend.


You just sit there a duchess
who doesn't know how to talk.

Is that clear?

I'll do all the talking.

All right?


-So it's you two, is it?

Come in then.

I will lead the way.

In there.

I'll be right back.

Let's go!

-It's too late to
turn 10 and run now.

Sit down.

You didn't reckon on this
development, did you?

-We had a date with
Mr. Steinberger.

This is a private matter
between him and us.

-Don't get fresh.

You two girls wouldn't even
be sitting here with me

if I hadn't convinced Mr.
Steinberger to change his mind.

You'd be in juvenile court.

-What for?

We're not criminals.

-You're both
blackmailers, and there's

more than enough evidence.

-And what happens if we show
those pictures to our parents?

-Not so fast, Tina.

You're not that clever.

You slipped a note in that
test in your own handwriting.

It proves that the whole thing
was a complete fabrication.

Care for a cigarette?


I admit what we did
to Mr. Steinberger

was pretty miserable.

But we couldn't
afford to fail math.


-Just 1,000 marks
for these wheels?

-That's what it's worth.

-My parents paid
2,500 three weeks ago.

I haven't driven it that much.

-Don't waste your
breath arguing.

1,000 marks is my final offer.

I'm not in business
for my health, son.

Take it or leave it.

You're broke.

Not me.

-I think we've reached
a sensible agreement.

The negatives will be
turned over to you,

and we'll pretend the
whole thing never happened.


-Is that all of them?

-Just a minute, sir.

What do you think we are?

-I think that has
already been established.

-And what about our
grade in mathematics?

-You didn't have one
single problem right.

So naturally, you
fail the course.

You'll simply have to
repeat it next term

and do a little
studying for a change.

-Try using your intelligence
for your school work.

-We could use a little
tutoring after hours in math.

-Lord spare me.

I'm not taking any chances
with you two after hours.

-All right.


-Hello, Dirk.

What brings you here?

-Nothing special.

Listen, I'm in a big hurry.

So long!



-Hi, aren't you ready to go yet?

-[INAUDIBLE] a miracle happened!

Mick returned the 750 marks!

I can't tell you how happy I am.

-What, Mick?

I hate to spoil your illusions.

He didn't give back the money.

It was a gift from Dirk.

I caught him sneaking
out of the house.

Homosexual murder,
killer still at large.



-Hey, you get some money back.

-I don't want it.

Keep the change, man.

-Why, if it isn't Freddy.


-Ain't going no place, Fred!

Just wanted to see how you're--

-You can't do this to me!


-Open up, there.


Identity check.

We know you're in there.

Police identity check.

Come on, open up!

Go ahead.

You better give us

Easy now.

-You bastards!

Why did you have to come now?

-That's it.

-I'll kill you.

Let me go!

Please let me go.

-Do we have to go
to Rida's house?

I'm not in the mood for party.

-Stop talking nonsense.

What else are you going to do?

Sit around here brooding?

I'm not going to let you.

-Do you suppose Mick
might still show up?

-You waste so much time
worrying about that boy.

And what if he does come?

It would serve him right not
to find you here for a change.

After the way he treated
you this afternoon,

he's really got
it coming to him.

-How do you like my blouse?


You'll be a real knockout in it.

You'll have all the
boys fighting over you.

-You don't believe
that yourself.

-I'll tell you this.

If I were a boy, I'd
be crazy about you.


-We'd better get started.

We don't want to get
to the party late.

-What is this shit?

Why are you locking me up here?

-I really don't know.

Normally your kind are
held in protective custody

until they can establish
a permanent residence,

-But I've got a
permanent residence.

All right, then.

They must be holding you
for some other reason.

-What am I accused of?

What do they want from me?

-You'll find that out from the
magistrate first thing tomorrow





-This is my brother, Garrett.

He's a graduate student
at the university.

This is Gaby.

-Well, I've been waiting for
someone like you to come along.

Let's dance.

-All right.


-All the best to you.

Come on, Petra.

Just try to cheer up!

-Who gives a damn
whether I do or not.

-Hey, what's the matter
with you two beauties?

What do you say we go
do a trio out there?


Then the two of us.




Oh, oh, oh, oh.




-Anybody want to chase on Meg?


-Tina's up to her
old tricks again.

She's going to get
somebody in trouble.

Just watch.

-Don't you think it's time
to teach her a lesson?

-Such as--?

-That's brilliant.

Serves the bitch right.

-Hey, come on over here, Tina!


-Honey, you're
drinking too much.

-Come on, you're not
used to the stuff.

-So what?

Anybody can get
used to anything.

Oh, by the way.


Thanks for the money, Dirk.


-Oh, far out!

The two of them are
really making it.

-Let me see!


-What's going on out here?

-Want to get yourself
a liberal education?

-I don't understand.

-Take a peak in there.

-All right.

-Here it goes.

-Hey, let me out of here!

-See you in the morning kids.

Have fun!

Come on girls, this isn't funny!

Let me out of here.


-Oh shit.

Well I suppose that's a breaks.

Looks like we
really feel for it.

-What's that supposed to mean?

-You know.

They want us to make
the scene together.

-What a joke.

-Of course you're right.

-So, you don't
think the two of us

could get it on
with one another?

Is that what you mean?

-I've always wondered
what you looked

like without those dumb glasses.

-You know, you look kind
of like an owl yourself.

After all, if they're
going to leave us in here,

we might as well make the scene.

What do you think, Tony?


Say, where did you get
that pretty little amulet?


-Cut it out!



Well, sac time.

-What are you doing?

-Nobody's going to let us out,
and I can't make it with you.

I might as well take
advantage of the situation

and get myself a
good night's sleep.


-I'm ashamed of myself.

He loved that bike.

And I'm not worth that
mind of sacrifice.


-Oh go away!

I want to get out of here!

-Oh cut it out.

You're making no sense!

-Let go of me!

I said let go of me!

-Come on, Petra.

-Let go--

-Off we go.

I'll manage.

I guess I better take her home.


-Are you asleep, Tony?


-I'm kind of cold.

Would you like to warm me up?

-I'm tired.

-You want me to
freeze all night?


-Hey, I don't feel like
going to sleep yet.


-Come on.


Don't start snoring!


Keep me company.



-Isn't anything
happening down there?


Sure is.

-Well what do you know?

Come on!

This way down!







-Sorry, she left on
vacation yesterday.

-Dirk, I don't get it?

-Oh, I'm the new maid.

-How did you get in here?

-Well, somebody had to
get you home last night.

Just a minute,
don't you remember

anything from last night?

-I must have really [INAUDIBLE].

-You tied on enough
for a regiment.

You were feeling no pain.

-And then you took me home?

Is that what happened?


I'm the one who took you home,
and then I got you into bed.

And then I slept
in the living room.

-Oh man, have I got a headache.

-I think the best
thing you can do

is forget the whole business.

-You're right.

-I've got an idea.

My folks have got a little
place out in the country

not very far away.

Why don't the two of us spend a
couple of days there together?

It'll help you take your
minds off things, hm?

-I don't know, Dirk.

-You've got nothing
to be afraid of.

I'll keep my hands to myself.

-Juice, butter, bread.

Teacher, your breakfast's ready!


Well, I must say,
you do make a very

good case for getting up early.

-The defense never rests.

-Tell me, do you have
to go to court today?

-I wouldn't think of it.

I told them they could
hang all my clients.

I wanted to take advantage
of your school holidays.


-Not that telephone again.

Don't even answer it.



Why of course not, you're
not interrupting anything!

-Lies like a rug.

-What did you say?

What Mick?

I don't believe it.

Yes of course.

I know a very good lawyer.

Of course.

I'll have him go down
and see Mick at once.

We'll ring you back.


No more calls, please.

Why don't you take the
phone off the hook?

Come over here.

-Of course, this
is an emergency.

I'm afraid you're going to have
to go right down to the prison.

It's that boy I told you about.

You know, Mick?

He was arrested in a drug raid
down at the railway station.

-They just give those
kids a slap on the wrist

and send them home.

-They won't this time.

He's been accused of murder.


Remember the homosexual
who was killed?


-They only had two
dozen tulip bulbs left,

but the florist said they might
have some more in next week.

-That's more than enough.


-Look over there!

The daffodil bulbs are
beginning to sprout.

-Tell me.

Are you sorry that I took
you out to the country?

-Oh no, I'm enjoying it!

I'm glad I came here.

You know, you've been wonderful.

I never thought I'd
feel good again.

I just need some time
to get it together.

Now, unpack those
tulip bulbs for me,

and let's get them planted.





-At least there's one
good thing about jail.

I'm off the needle.

I'm clean again.

I couldn't have done
this anywhere else.

But my first few days, I've
never felt that miserable.

I didn't think I'd
live through it.

-OK Mick.

I'm glad to hear that.

But it's still going to be a
job getting you out of here.

-I wish I knew if I did it.

I felt so miserable.

So ashamed of what
had become of me.

That man was a bastard,
tried to choke me.

That was when I felt
the candlestick.

-Don't forget, you
were still on turkey.

You remember how
miserable you felt?

You said so yourself.

Do you really think
you had the strength

to hit a man hard
enough to kill him?

I mean, did you really--

-I wish-- I wish I knew.

That man was disgusting.

He was choking me with his whip.

I hit him with a candlestick,
and then I ran away.

-Now there's one more thing.

Was there anything
unusual about that house?

Did you see anyone else there?


-OK, dinner's almost ready.

I made us a real feast.

After all, it's our
farewell dinner.

-I wish it hadn't
gone by so quickly.

-Yes, so do I.

-Was it fun being
with me, Petra?


-Please, please Dirk.


-Wait a minute?

What's that smell?

-Something's burning!

-The souffle!


-Oh man.

-You see?

It wasn't meant to be.

-What wasn't?

-Our farewell dinner.

-I must say that's my
favorite kind of acquittal.

The case didn't even
have to go to trial.

-And just in the nick of time.

One day before
school starts again.

-I sure am lucky I got
such a good lawyer.

-You see, this case
got special attention.

I wouldn't have been
able to come home

if I hadn't won this one.

-So he was the one?

-Yes, he was brought
in this morning.

He signed a full confession.

I knew we'd find
something if we checked

the inheritance records.

-The garden never
looked so good.

-One of these days
somebody's going

to have to explain to
me why school is so long

and vacations always
go by so quickly.

-After school, we can go
back out to the country.