Train Brain Express (2011) - full transcript



Yamato pork!


It's on time.

Over there! There!

This seat is hard.

But the breeze feels so good.

This seat is hard!


You're enjoying in your own world?

I thought we're enjoying
the ride in our own way.

Having fun?

Does this give you a reggae vibe too?

Get out of here, man!

You're using that term wrong!

-Mr Kodama, you're amazing.
-Your mind's always on your work.

That's right.

This train car is also built
from the things we make.

All right.
Let's enjoy the ride together.

Look, there's the ravine.


Back off!

—It's lovely!
—What a view!

Get out of my way!

I'm getting off.

But there won't be another train in an hour.

"Train Brain Express"

All trains are currently suspended.

This is bad.

But it'll be all right.

It'll be all right.

You're not worried? Why?

Come with me. I'll help you out.

We're near Kitasenju.

What pretty flowers! They're gerberas.

But it's so early...

They come on the first train from Chiba.

Maybe I'll buy some.

Please do.
The station's straight ahead.

Don't be so standoffish.

You picked me out from the crowd.

Cross here for Kitasenju Station.

Make it this far,
and you can go anywhere.

"Kodama Iron Works Factory"

Here you go.
Make sure you chew properly.

Mr Kodama, I enjoyed the train ride.
Thank you.

Next time. I want to head for Hanshin.

I love Kansai!

You can't make the trip in a day.

Maybe you'd rather work there?

No, we won't leave, Mr Kodama.

We'll take you to Kansai with us.

What do you say?

When you get used to things,
you'll have to come here by yourselves.

You want to save some time
for your girlfriend?

I don't have one. What I mean is...

we have other staff,
and they all work hard.

They buy lunch with the money they earn.

Please don't say anything more.

We got it. Right, Yukari?

Thank you for paying.

We won't be a burden to you, Mr Kodama.

All right, then.

First of all, let's hear from Kaiji.

Are they about five centimetres?

No, more than that.

Yeah, they're about
nine and a half centimetres.

Aren't they ten centimetres?

The Tama River has ten centimetres carp,
so we can build there.

Why all the carp talk?

Adjacent high-rise buildings
in the suburbs...

could affect wind flow and the ecosystem.

I know, but it's the same
for all developments.

It's our task to create units
with stunning high-rise view.

We have other tasks too.

Like reviving factory towns...
and regional development.

The countryside's
a wasteful investment now.

Go to the Coldplay concert...

return to your riverside apartment
and unwind with a glass of wine.

That's the ideal city life.

Am I right, Komachi? Be honest!

Not for me.

I've never really thought about my lifestyle.

He's right, Kaiji.

Everyone has his or her own lifestyle.

For me, I love having coffee milk
in a sauna most.

The financing application fell through.

They refuse to loan us seventy million yen.

If Kitashinagawa Bank won't,
then who will?

It's tricky.

With new machines and our skills,
we could make anything.

Did they mention about laying off staff?

Yeah, they even drew up their own plan.

But we don't do that to our staff.

We can cut iron,
but can we cut people too?

Kodama, it's okay to fire us.

Don't say that!
Your future is still ahead of you.

Do we still have a future?

Don't worry.
If we keep the cost down, we'll all be fine.

Let's go.


So we live close by.

That's great. Can I drop by
if I run out of something?

But I don't have any cologne.

You don't? Times must be hard.

It's not that.

I only said that because it's
more amusing than saying soy sauce.

You don't have to explain.

Anyway, what's your hobby?

To be honest... I love trains.

Taking trains, enjoying the scenery
and listening to music.

By the way, I caught a weird train
on a work trip to Fukui.

"The Bread Train"?

—What's that?
—I never heard of it before.

You pick up on the train, but not my job?

So you sell glasses?

Let me know if you need any.
Even if it's just for cosmetic use.

No 3D glasses?

I'll like trains too, trust me.

Trust you?

It's okay, it's okay.

Huh? What's okay?

—A martini please.

—Shaken more than usual.
—Yes, Ma'am.

Don't worry. I'll pay for my share.

I hate being treated.


How is it so far?

You like me, don't you?

Here we go, it's Parlata Kamata's
famous "handkerchief drop."

Who will our butterfly of the evening,
Momiji, descend upon?

Will she drop her handkerchief,
or her heart?

She's made her choice!

Will he catch Momiji in time?

He caught her!

This kid doesn't take after me,
He's super-restrained.

He is!

You can't come to a place like this
after what happened today, he said.

Like this? Poor baby.

That's not what I said!

But he's a point, it's a bit odd.

Listen, her name's Benibana.

Introduce me to one of your
rich customers.

Your boyfriend will do.

Well, what exactly do you guys make?

At our factory, we weld iron...

Hello, gentlemen!

—This is Akebono.
—Not the sumo wrestler though.

I'm skinny, but they call me Akebono.

Nice to meet you!

Miss Akebono...
please be his girlfriend.

This is ridiculous.

We haven't even talked yet?

Even a place like this has rules.

Anyway, how many carats
is your necklace?

- What?
- That's my son.

How many carats is that dress?


You're so silly!

He's funny!

I understand how you feel.

Yes, everyone feels the same...

I'm very sorry!

What a mess!

A defect has been found
in the piping of this building...

so it's going to be rebuilt.


You can't be here when it's torn down.


So when do you want me out?

As soon as possible.

Where will you go?

I'll wait it out in Kitakata.

Oh, Kitakata...

It's famous for the
"SL Banetsu Monogatari Express".

Most people would say
it's famous for ramen noodles.

I wish I'd known you earlier!

It would have made living here
more fun.

What a shame.

So you'll move out, right?

How is it?

Excuse me, would you mind jumping?

Oh, ok.

A little higher.

Two or three times more.

Got it, Thanks.

Well, that's about it.

You work in real estate, don't you?

What? No...

Hi there.

Hi there!

Oh. hello.

We met on the Watarase Line.

You were with a cute girl.

What happened to her after that?

You were with those reggae guys.

It looked like you were having fun.
I envied you.

Surely you're not taking a trip
on this train too?

No, it's not a trip...

but not a commute either.

They even call it "Train View".

It means you can watch trains
from your window.

I see.

There are homes built
with that concept in mind, right?

Yes, there are.

I work for Nozomi Estate.

Why do you need
to look for an apartment then?

I can't relax in my company's units.

That place has a great train view.

Let's take a look.

Please, take a seat.

Many people avoid such places
due to the noise, but I like it.

The Utsunomiya Line runs first
in the morning... about 5:15 am.

Over there is the Tohoku Bullet Train.

Even just watching it in summer
cools me down.

What music do you listen to then?

I don't need music.

The motor sound of an EF510
pulling a Hokutosei train is enough.

I understand.

Made from Kawasaki Heavy Industries iron.

It would go well with
Milt Jackson's vibraphone.

The tune is...
"Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise".

I've never thought of it that way.

I'm quite impressed.

One of our staff quit, so...

I appreciate it.

I know nothing about iron but...
thanks for the room.

In exchange... can teach my son
the tricks of your trade.

He's never been outside of Kamata.

I ride trains on weekends.

But you never meet girls.

Do you know any nice girls?

There must be plenty in Marunouchi.

Well, um... nice girls?

I don't know about that either.

Then let's visit the
Kamata and Oimachi hostesses.

We'll have a party!
My son's too timid.

Dad! Don't blurt out my weaknesses.
It's not fatherly.

Excuse... you?

It should have been us to leave.

We're sorry, boss.

You must take home with you
your knowledge.

You can't make a single bolt yet, can you?

Neither can I.

—You don't need to.
—You've got great off-spec smarts.

Like an advance investment.

—Now. about the hostesses...


Even after 5:00 pm, he's still our boss!

Darn, I licked my pencil.

—What time...?

—Mr Komachi! Good morning.
—Good morning, Midori.

I took the subway exit you told me about... I made the concert on time.

You're better than GPS.

—I'm flattered.
—It's all I'm good at.

You're good at being yourself.

Is that a compliment?

Oh... no.

I guess it is.

I understand.

But President... hitting under 100
on that course was superb.

Never mind my score.

The clubhouse's fried prawns...

...were puffy and not properly cooked.

President, perhaps ordering seafood
in the mountains was a bad idea.

That's true. My mistake.

Come in.

Excuse me.

—Good morning.

These are the minutes
from the last meeting.

Someone's against high-rise buildings?

Yes, that's Komachi Kei
in planning division.

High-rise apartments
are our flagship enterprise.

How could he oppose them?

I admire his guts.

Did he know that senior management
would see this?

I believe so.

He might be well-suited for
our venture project.

It's all due to a footbridge
overlooking the Keikyu tracks.

Some nights,
I just stood there until I got sleepy.

Yeah, that's it.

If it hadn't been nearby, I don't know
if I'd have become a train fan.

Did you obsess over
train spec differences?

Yeah, my dad taught me.

The 800 series had a higher gear ratio... cover short distances
between stations.

I knew that too.

I was surprised to see Inokashira
trains on the Asanogawa Line.

Of course they were second-hand...

but the stations are close together...

so Inokashira Line trains
were a perfect fit.

You listen to music
on the train, don't you?

Isn't a mix of natural sounds,
the train, and the tracks better?

That will indeed be
a purer travel experience...

...but I enjoy it in my way.
Music sets me apart.

You know, there are so many train fans.

So I want to do something
that suits my style.

Your style?

Yes. I tried to find my style
somewhere else.

Where was that?

The Thunder Dolphin coaster
at Tokyo Dome City.

I was listening to Led Zeppelin's
"Immigrant Song."

I nearly died.

I think I know what you mean.

I'd like to try that too.

What turned you on to trains?

Well... This may sound trite...

but it was the transport museum.

I went with a school friend...

and was moved that people actually
ride these wonderful machines.

—I get you...
—I thought you would.

I see. I see.

I'm a train fan too.

Of station meals, I should say.

Which ones are the best?

Let me see...

Lately the Miyajima eel meal,
the Imabari eel meal...

and the Takamatsu eel meal
have gotten tastier.

That's a lot of eel.


they electrify.

Mr Kodama...
that was a pun, wasn't it?

Ah, you caught me by surprise!
That's quite rare.

Anyway, please reconsider our loan.

I think you know our capabilities,
so why isn't it possible?

For years, our bank prioritised
know-how over collateral...

because of our prior president.

But starting from this year,
we have a new president.

Please understand.

Personally, I wish I could help
your company more.

So that's how it is.

Like this...
keep turning it, don't stop.


Right, that's it.

Boss, how about me?

Sure, let me see.

Look, do it as you turn it.

—Like that.

That's it.

Next one is 120kph.
A Keikyu Rapid Express.

"Excuse me!".

You meant to say "okay," right?

Yukari, this is a Yoyogi-Shinjuku
Yamanote train, a slow ball.

Get out of here!

The train's faster!

Acty, here's your favourite,
a Hanshin train.

A Sannomiya-Umeda Limited Express.
Top speed 110kph!

Just like Hanshin. It's fast!

About metres ahead, turn left.

Next, turn right.

You've reached your destination.

Can I help you?

This is Kodama Iron Works, right?

Well, today's Sunday. We're closed.

I came to visit...

Oh, I see! That's nice.

He'll be playing catch
down by the Tama River.

What should I do then...?

Don't say a word.
I know everything.

I'm Kodama Tetsuo, Kenta's father.
I own the iron works.

I'll show you the way.

Follow me.

See those two playing catch?

They could play anywhere
on this narrow riverbank...

...but they only go there.

Call them naive or just ignorant.

Anyway, go give them hell.

Come on, don't be shy.

Kenta, what are you doing?

She came all the way to see you.

You came for Komachi,
and Dad got the wrong idea.

That sounds like something he'd do.

He's good with iron, but not with women.

That applies to me too.

So where's Komachi?

He's looking for an apartment again.

He can't stay with us forever.

That's true.

He told me he wanted to stay forever.

Really? Is that true?

What's up?

I think you should
consider her feelings more.

But I'm not her. I don't know.

How so?

For instance, what was she wearing?

A cute flowery dress, I think.

Would you wear it?

Why say that?

I'm not into that.
Don't get the wrong idea.

I'm just saying that we can't understand
how women feel after all.

Like when we first met,
I was with a girl, remember?

She dumped me after that.

She said I like trains more than her.

Women and trains aren't the same.

Is that so?

Maybe there were other reasons...

but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

The girl is pretty though.

She must like you very much
to come all the way here.

Good morning, Komachi.
Found a place yet?

Good morning. It's not easy.

But it's fun to look for one.
You know what I mean?

Actually, I know a great place
in Shirogane.

Only 100,000 yen for employees.

Shirogane Landscape House?

It's close to shops,
and with Sheraton Hotel spa access.

—Are you impressed?
—No trains though.

Oh gosh, don't you know?

There's the Namboku subway line.

But you can't see it, or hear it.

Oh, I love the Tokyo Metro.
It's a great shortcut through town.

You don't say.




Did you tell Komachi
about that special vacancy?

Yes, I just met him in the lobby.

—He turned it down flat.

Really? He turned it down?

I'm glad. He doesn't need
a place in Tokyo anymore.

What do you mean?

You've got a thing for him, right?

I like him... a little.

Komachi, found a place yet?

Not yet.

It might be for the best.

It may rain this evening.


For 315 yen a month,
you can check the weather radar.

It's accurate.

Have you got an umbrella?

Chief, please say what you need to say.

Never mind the weather.


Komachi, you've been
transferred to Kyushu.

They have problems with some
leisure projects and apartments...

so they want a fresh pair of hands.

I'm sorry... Will you go?

To Kyushu?

I've always wanted to go!

Komachi, it's not a vacation.
You act so pleased.

I know!

It's the gateway to Asia!
It will be a challenge!

I didn't know how you'd take it.
I was gambling a bit.

But never mind the job,
won't the move be a problem?

A problem?

Not at all! I'll do my best!

What about your girlfriend?

No problem.
That's for the best too.

This is great.

Actually, I've been posted to Fukuoka.


Is that... good or bad?

To me, it's good.

It's Kyushu.
I can ride the trains there.

I see.
Nothing fazes you, right?

But isn't working in Tokyo
the main line to success?

Well, the main line...

In Keio terms,
I'm on the Keibajo Line.

In Keikyu terms,
that'd be the Daishi Line.

It's good that you take pride in your work.

—I don't have any.
—That's not true.

You're cool. You'll be a hit in Kyushu.

It will be good for you.


Oh, Midori.

What a coincidence to meet you here.

What a shame... I'm not here by myself.

Oh, am I interrupting?

Not at all.

You're awful.

This is my mother, Inaho.

I'm Komachi.

Midori and I work in the same company.

Oh, isn't Inaho the name of
the Niigata-Akita express?

Isn't the Tokyo-Akita bullet train
called Komachi?

That’s right.

You two, please!

Was the bookstore fun?

Yes, I haven't bought
so much books in a while.

I'd buy them online.
Books are heavy.

Are you feeling unwell?
You're in a bad mood.

Why did you call me so late?

Not a good time, is it?

You’ll be angry.

I won't.
There's nothing between us anyway.

There's no reason to get angry.

So you figured it out.

I did.

You're marrying her.


You seem honest,
so her mom likes you too.

Wait, you've got it wrong.
I'll explain.

Sure, let's hear it.

I'm moving to Fukuoka.

You can't...

I'll be so lonely!

That's a demotion.
Did you do something wrong?

It's okay. You can work your way back.

I guess.
I think it's a good thing.

We'll be far apart, but
only five hours by bullet train.

It's just an hour or so by plane,
silly you!



Are you tired? You're fine?

I didn't expect you to come, sir.

We're on a bad streak here in Kyushu.

Everyone has to get stuck in.

I was the only one free.

A few people are transferred here
from Tokyo...

but you are the first one
to come by bullet train.

You either love bullet trains,
or you take it easy.

It's both.
I love all kinds of trains.

Welcome to Nozomi Estate Hakata's
best staff apartment.

It overlooks the whole bay.

It has a great view,
and the bay is beautiful.

It will be better if there's a seaside line.

For me, this is the sea.

When I was a kid, I would take
the train here to air my loneliness.

You never told me that before.

—Have we been here before?
—We did!

I had to tell you so many times
that this isn't a beach!

Actually, I come here sometimes too.

Really? Is that so?

Like father, like son.

If only we had new machines...

Loan us some money!

Don't follow me.

I'm thinking about dinner.

Nothing but recipes.

Loan us some money!

This is our hitman from Tokyo,
Komachi Kei.

Please make him feel welcome.

I'm Komachi Kei. Well...

I'll work hard to support
Nozomi Estate in Kyushu.

I have a lot to learn, but I'll do my best!

Watch out for Nakasu babes!

I like riding trains while
enjoying music and the scenery.

Just so you know.

Try the Hitahikosan Line.

Who said that?

Now that introductions are over,
let's start our morning exercises.

It will limber up your mind too.

She's exercising?

This works wonders
on my poor old shoulders.


did you take hyaluronic acid yesterday?

Of course not!

Only Peking Duck and jellyfish soup.

It must be the collagen then!

You look radiant.

Your beauty brings me joy.

Did Komachi take the Hakata
apartment without a hitch?

I know him.
He'd like to choose for himself...

but he's in no position to.

Plus, that unit would be wasted on staff.

But the occupancy rate's only 70%
despite the setting and fixtures.

That seems to be a problem.

That's why I wanted him to move in.

As a monitor, his criticism
would be most convincing.

—I'm Oki.
—I'm Taku.

—I'm Kamiyamada.
—I'm Kirishima.

—He's cute.
—Yes, he is!

I'm Ariake.

People in Tokyo won't understand...
but flattering words don't work here.

Hard work is the key.

But you'll come to enjoy it.
Let me take you out at night.

Thanks, but I'm not a night person.

We work all day just to enjoy the night.

Take the midnight sun
in Scandinavia for example.

The nights never end.

I'm Kumagawa.

So you're from Tokyo.

I want to go to Tokyo.

Will you fly there?
Or take the bullet train?

Or you prefer bus?

Anyway, nice to meet you.

I'm Nichirin.

I'll show you our problem.

It's not our fault though.

The head office makes the decisions.

We're here just to clean up.

Times are bad too....

...but we're doing our best.

—You and Nichirin can go take a look.

That'd be a good spot for the industrial site.

We were eyeing for it too.

But the landowner's really stubborn
and wouldn't listen to us.

What's your hobby, Nichirin?

Soccer, I guess.

What position?


You surprised me.

Once, I saved a free kick
by Cristiano Ronaldo.

You're talking about video games?
Now I get you.

Actually, I played as
Nakamura Shunsuke once too.

You play video games too?

They can be surprisingly useful for work.

I play them to forget about work.

By the way,
is this place completely dead?

We haven't built anything yet...

...but we bought it at a knockdown price.

It's a good buy, but...

You're saying it right.

At night, this place looks like
a scene from Resident Evil.

Resident... Evil!

Have you got a split personality?

What’s this place supposed to be?

It should have been Hot Shots Golf...

but I guess it turned into
Nobunaga's Ambition.

Nichirin! Nichi!

Are you okay?


It's not often to see
a small matchmaking party like this!

Isn't this all for you?

Don't tease your father, Kenta.

Your father and I were on the
school council in junior high.

Actually, I used to work
at a hostess club in Hiratsuka.

Now I have a real estate license
and I can support my mother.

I'm impressed.
How did you find time to study for it?

Let's not talk about the past.

We both love hostesses.


It's not good to go there.
But to work there is fine.

What's your hobby?

My hobby?
Crystals, perhaps.


Not tourmaline or biotite?

We'll leave you to it.

Yes, let's eat.

What's your hobby?

Do you prefer driving to this?

No, this is fun too.

That's all?

Are you upset?

This is fun.
If you were driving...

...we couldn't do this.

Ayame, I'll crash!

—It's not a car.
—No, my heart will crash.


more passionate than I expected.

When I'm with the right guy...

Tee hee hee, huh?

It seems that... our heartbeats match
the sound of the engine.

What do you mean?

I'm so tired!

I haven't run uphill
since elementary school.

You seem fine though.

It's lovely here. The air's fresh too.

Let's eat over there.


You did well to pick a spot
in an area so spacious.

The sun will sink into the west, right?

In an hour, you'll see.

It will only be shining there.

Have you ever thought of
becoming a meteorologist?

Anyway, let's go.

Did you make these?

I did.

What do you think of this
riceball lunchbox?


It is amazing.

Here you go.

Thank you.

I'm so happy!

It's delicious.

How was it? For Sonic Foods.

Getting an appointment with
the president's never easy.

Even after all these years.

I'm sure he'd take to
a Kyushu native like you.

You couldn't get a chance to meet him?

We could try bribes or women.

By using a bait, he might bite.

I'm sure he goes to
the clubs in Nakasu too.

The head office is on our backs
regarding Sonic Foods.

It's the only company
around here that is doing well.

If only they'd at least
give us a chance to talk.

It's too bad.

So, where's Komachi's report?

He's pointed out a problem
with the hallway garbage chute.

It's convenient, but the opening's small
and it takes time to open it.

The building itself is important...

but we need to pay attention
to such details too.

Also, we have a problem!

Our Kyushu branch says...

the president of Sonic Foods
will meet us only if we go to him.

In other words, only if you go
to Kyushu to meet him personally.

He won't cross the Kanmon Straits
to do business.


If he'll only meet with you....

..I think
we should put away our pride and do it.

Our rivals...

Well, they don't
have a female president...

So that's it!
He's probably just shy.

Some motherly love might work.

Motherly or fatherly, whatever works.

We have no choice but to
go to Hakata, I'll join you.


We're scrambling
from next Monday.

So whatever comes up...

Tokyo business
takes a back seat, understand?

Anyway, is Hakata blowfish
still in season?

President, you can count on me
for food and drink in Nakasu.

—Nakasu is your forte?
—Yes. And for you...

ingest lots of hyaluronic acid
and collagen for your skin.

How about terrapin for dinner?


- That sounds great! I...
- You're not coming...

- No. I am...
- No.

Has their president met Komachi?

That's silly! Of course not!

You like Komachi...

A little, yes.

Here you go.

This is hard for me to say...
but our children can't get married.

So Kenta is unsuitable.

I think he's
a rare type these days though.

No, he's a good person,
which is why my daughter feels bad.

During the time she quit hostessing
and got her license...

she was a man's mistress.

She still works at his company now.

Can't she end it?

That's why she decided
to go through with the date.

But Kenta...

You might say that he lacks impact.

Being a nice guy isn't enough for her.

Is that so?

He's looking forward to
their next date.

What a shame.


how about me?

As Kenta's wife?

No... yours.

To tell you the truth...
I've had feelings for you since junior high.

Are you serious?

I... I can't forget my late wife.

That's why I visit hostesses.

Why don't you quit?

They... reinforce my iron.

So I'm afraid marriage is...

I'm finished.

—Don't call her that.

Well, I'll remember you as
a bite on my little finger.

Excuse me.

—Say hi to Ayame for me.
—That's enough.

This is Hakata Station.
Thank you for travelling with us.

So you got a rail pass.

No bullet trains. I envy you.

Something to drink?

Strawberry milk with condensed milk.

Just kidding.
Tea is fine.

Here you go.

You’re kidding me.

Milk helps to soothe a broken heart.

You seem to see right through me.

Sometimes, cheap things
or spending time doing nothing...

bring peace to the heart.

Isn't that wonderful?

She turned me down.

Honestly, this got me down.

She was nice.

I thought it was going well.

Remember what I told you?

Only women understand
how women feel.

It's best not to think about
things you can't understand.

It must have hurt you deeply.

Really deep.

What a great view.

If only there's a seaside line.

You love that, don't you?

Music and scenery together...
it's fantastic!

You heard me?

Then answer this.

The sound of this KiHa E200
on twenty-five meter rails...

is it "gatan gatan..."

or "darara darara...?"
dararara dara"?

Don't you think it's interesting?

Rather than being obsessed with
what model this diesel train is...

or where it was made...

I prefer to enjoy the view and the music.

Sure, to each his own.

But isn't it sad riding together
without talking?

Then you should have said so.

She still dumped me even though
I did things her way.

So that's it.

You're being true to yourself.
I get it.

When you take a winding track...

rather than walk straight ahead..

it's less tiring to zig and zag, isn't it?

That's the switchback method.

Switchback? T-back?

Chikugo, you are so knowledgeable!

I'm a railfan.
That kind of thing is like ABC to me.

You won't read about that
in the newspapers.

You won't...!

They really should write about it.

We can get out that way.

There it is...!

It should be this way.

It's... a C11...

No... there's an eighty-six there.

I can't see a thing.

Not a thing.

No, I see it.

I can see it too.

A shiny black locomotive!


Would you mind taking a photo for us?

Here's the camera.

Let's go there.

Let me take yours too.

—Yes. please.


Do you guys always travel together?

It's great to have a friend like that.

You don't look like students.
Where do you work?

It's our day off.
Let's not mention about work.

You're lucky with a girl on each arm.

This is cheaper than taking them
to eat at a swanky hotel.

So you like trains?


That's an HO Scale Club gold badge!

You know it!
You like model trains too?

I've got no money to build them,
but I know how.

No kidding! That's great!

I'm Kodama from Kyushu Electric.
Just kidding. Now, let's repair it.

Your controller’s broken.

The maintenance period's expired,
and I've been busy at work.

I haven't seen it working
in a while. It's a shame.

Knowledge of machines is an asset.

He can tell you the model
of a train just by listening.

He also knows the maker of
any train.

It's not art.

I've always wanted an HO scale.

I could make one but not play with one.

Here I go.

Amazing! You're really good!

I've got lots of other trains.
Want to see?

Yes. please!

This is amazing.

You've got Keikyu too!

He does!

It's even a Keikyu 2000 series!

He's big fan of Keikyu.

Seeing one at a crossing
makes him tear up.

The TCS connector's broken.

Luckily I have one with me.

Now we'll have power.

That's great! Thanks!

Can we run the Keikyu
and a Blue Train together?

The lines don't intersect
like they do at Shinagawa though.

You know about that too? I'm moved!

I saw the trains intersect once!

I'm jealous!

We'll never be able to see that again!

I'll change the couplers.

Mr Chikugo, Kyushu Electric
has restored power!

Trains departing!


It's coming...

This is just grand...

This is just grand.

"Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal"

Welcome, ma'am...


You didn't make one
of your pennants this time.

President, I have it right here!

Let's head straight to Sonic Foods.

President, before that, you have
to partake of a hearty meal.

First, you wolf down Goma saba
with tea on rice at Tenjin.

After that, you gulp down
some ginseng tea.

Then thirty minutes at a beauty salon..

Ariake, do you know of a good salon?

Hold on, you only know
of that kind of salon.

Most of the staff here are local people.

However, they undergo rigorous training.

Our president's concept is
to keep the elite here in Kyushu...

so we usually don't have
much to do with Tokyo.

I'm so glad he's taking
time out to meet us today!

The ginseng tea's working!

Pleased to meet you.

You're not taking a photo?

Oh! Photo...

Excuse us.

Hey, not with your cell phones!

Ah, thank you! Here, take it!

It's a digital camera...

What are you doing?

Okay then, say "cheese!"

How did you come today?

By plane.

What's wrong?

Anyway. I've set aside an hour.
For Nozomi Estate.

We're honoured.

May we organise
some evening entertainment for you?

Of course!

It's galling. We did our best
to get a result.

Your effort hasn't gone to waste.
It's why we've come this far.

Excuse me.

Komachi, make yourself available tonight.

Our president's in town.

She came from Tokyo?

Do you know Sonic Foods?

Yes, I've heard of them.

They're taking her to Nakasu.

You want me to go?

Wouldn’t Ariake be better?

Apparently, our president
wants to see you.


I don't get any of this.

Anyway, let me teach you
some Nakasu lingo.

Come with me.

Thank you. It's the first time for me.

Yeah, right.

—Sir. may I make a toast?

—Okay, cheers everyone!

Cheers to you too, ma'am.

Ah, delicious!


—You're cute!
—Thank you.

Is blowfish out of season?

President, you have to wait
until the sumo starts. Right?

You'll have to hold your breath!

Excuse me.
There's a call for you, sir.

For me? Who could it be?

Excuse me, please.

I see. I'll talk it over with her.


It's wonderful that the
Fukuoka Airport is so nearby.

But there's the bullet train too.

I go to Hakata Station often.

Excuse me, Ma'am.

Your colleague is asking for you.

Mr Chikugo, please excuse me.

I must attend to some other matters.


That's business.

"Kei Komachi".

Komachi! Komachi!

What are you doing?
Hurry up, they're waiting!

Oh, it's this way.

I just spotted a club
named after an express train.

This is bad.

Our subsidiaries can't handle
intricate work like that.

Sonic Foods want technical skill,
not real estate.

Then we have to
reach out from our group...

and find a new subcontractor.

Let's hit two more clubs...

and then if necessary,
we’ll have to use your charms.

Got it. With him on board...

—Kyushu will be ours.

Ma'am, this is Komachi.

Komachi! Good to see you.

It's been a while.

I need to talk with Amagi,
so please join them.

The most important man in Kyushu,
Mr Chikugo is here.

So watch yourself.

Good luck.

This way please.

Excuse me.

Hey, it's that guy!

So you're President Chikugo!

Of course I knew your name...

but I'm still new here...

Sit! Sit!

Come on, sit!

Excuse me.

This is great!
We're reunited.

That's right.

Lucky we took a photo together.

I've got it here.

Look at this...!

What's going on here?
Komachi, you know Mr Chikugo?

What a coincidence!

You're not from Kyushu, are you?

Everyone's her so let's have a toast.

A toast! Splendid!
Please have seat, ma'am.

All right, a toast. Ready, Sir?


From what I can tell... seems like they are an item.

An item?

They're having fun
talking about their hobby.

We'd better keep our mouths shut.

So what should we do?

So, for us, we pretend we're drunk...

and have fun with the hostesses...

so those two can be alone.

Isn't that your specialty?

Is it...?

So, Komachi, have you ever
taken a sleeper train?


On the top or bottom?

Mostly on top.

In my day, we had three together.

Welcome, welcome.
Welcome, welcome.

Ami! Ami!
Ami! Ami! Ami!

Buying land and hoarding it,
then abandoning it in a recession...

we won't stand for it!

Ignoring good advice
on such a pretense is unforgivable!

That's easy for you to say.

I won't accept that!

It was a short stay, but it was fun.

Please come for New Year's day
or summer festival.

I'll work harder for that.

I need your help!

—I can stay longer?

The technical skills that
Mr Chikugo's company needs...

are right up Kodama Iron Works' alley.

You didn't have to go so far to help us.

Fixing model trains isn't enough.

You have to reveal your other talents.

Let's do this!

Come in.

Excuse me.

Oh, so it's you!

No badge today?

This is work.
I'll thoroughly review your proposal.

Of course.
Thank you for considering us.

The product's a citrus fruit,
a Kyushu specialty.

We need precision components
to fully extract its nutrients.


Sorry, Komachi.

Your factory site offer
will have to wait.

We need to find the right equipment first.

Over to you.

—Thank you.
—Thank you.

These are the plans
for the components.

How's this, factory chief?

It's perfect!

And it can be achieved
only with cutting technology.

This will solve our yuzu problems.

Boss! You said "yuzu"...

Yuzu... Yuzu...

Ex-yuzu me!

Now for the factory site.
Find us a good one, Komachi.

Yes, Sir.


Remember me? It's Azusa.


What? You're in Kyushu too?
You should have told me.

You're the only one I can rely on.

I can't figure out how I feel
without seeing Komachi.

Or say what I want to say.

Got it.

Tell me when you arrive in Kyushu.
I'll do what I can.

Mr Hayatono!

This land is vital for
the future of Kyushu!

Don't try to fool me.

They're thinking of
shutting the railway down.

If so, who'd work at a factory
way out here?

Most of all, it would
provide jobs for the local people.

That way, this railway would be saved.

Seeing your land near this railway...

I thought it'd be good
to build a factory here.

Please consider about it.

It would be a shame
to lose this railway.

Hey, if you want my land...

you got to be able to keep up with me.

You're pathetic.
Prove to me that you want it!

Did he just call me pathetic?


You're at it early.
You have time to run?

Right now, this is my job.
I've got to do it.

I'm off to Chikugo's factory.

See you later.

That's the best you can do?

I thought a new factory
would be impossible right now.

But it will be great for
providing local jobs.

It will be a fine workplace.

Especially with you
and Mr Chikugo in charge.

He has been misunderstood.

I imagine your company's technology
is highly regarded even in Tokyo?

It ought to be.

—Excuse me...
—Please go ahead.


It's Ayame, the girl who turned you down.

So you're in Hakata?

I am too.
Do you want to meet?

Meet you? Can I do that?

I came to see my father...

but what are you doing here?

I'm seeing a friend.

Ayame, you're from here?

I really like you, Kodama.

It's not your fault that
I turned you down.

But I felt bad,
so I wanted to be honest with you.


Yes, really.

The train ride and the picnic
weren't tiring at all...

and I thoroughly enjoyed our first date.

That's the truth.

I got it.

But you know, my mother
really likes your father.

She wants to marry him!

It's no use telling me that.

Please understand that
I just want her to be happy.

Is your work going well?

Well, if my current job goes well,
all they'll need is a site.

My friend's negotiating
with a landowner...

an old guy who runs in
a Spanish soccer kit.

My friend's running with him
to persuade him.

An old guy in a Spanish soccer kit?

—So you like running.
—I don't, to be honest.

Okay then, you don't have to run anymore.

What do you mean?

Well... let's have some coffee.

It's the lifeblood for tired men.

—You like Chandler?
—Yes, more or less.

Then I'll sell my land to your company.


Hello, Komachi?

We've got the land!

Oh... really?

That's great.

You don't sound very impressed.
You should be happy.

Of course I'm happy.

We should meet at
the appropriate station...

and have a drink to celebrate.

The appropriate station?

Yes, the appropriate station!

Actually, Ayame, the girl
who I considered marrying...

turned out to be Hayatono's daughter.

What? So did things go well with her?

It's complicated.

But bonds between people
are truly important.

Anyway, cheers!


Being dumped doesn't
discourage you either, does it?

But I can't figure out why
we came here though.

Don't you think it suits us?

I looked it up in the timetable.

I'll catch this train home.
You'll catch the next one.

But I'll have to wait for an hour.

Why are you leaving me here?

You won't be alone.

Just trust me and do as I ask.

Why are you here?

I just wanted to see you.

—You got a rail pass?
—Does it matter?

Anyway, I came to see you.

Something's up, isn't it?

Look, gentians.

It was gerberas when we first met.

That's right.

Are we alone? Nobody's watching?

We're alone, and nobody's watching.

If you like me, kiss me.

Ah, that sounds like a KiHa 125!

Who cares?

Ah... sorry.

—This is serious!
—It always is with you.

But this is more serious than serious.

Mr Chikugo wants us to
coordinate his supplement factory!

Really? We did it!

It's serious indeed!


So was there actually any point
in me going?

Of course there was!

Glad to hear it.

—We made it!

We did it!

We got the loan!

It's all thanks to Kenta!


Thank you!

That’s great!

It hurts...

Thank you!

We did it!


We're just getting to know Komachi...

but he will return
to the head office today.

It's a shame,
but that's a salaryman's lot.

Let's bid him a warm farewell.

Everyone... thank you very much.

Now it's time for
our usual morning exercises.

Good job!

Well done!

Thank you.

Fancy sneaking out to Nakasu?

I'll find you a hostess who's into trains.

Thank you.

Knowledge may be power,
but hobbies are too.

Thank you.

May I embrace you, Komachi?

Good job!

I was only here briefly,
but thank you for everything.

—Komachi, morning!
—Morning, Midori.

You're back so soon.
I bet you wanted to stay longer.

That's the truth.

You might be off again soon.

You know something?
Where? Where to?

To take me out for a meal soon.

Got it.

- Excuse me!
- Excuse me.

Come in...!

Sorry for the wait.

You wanted to stay
in Kyushu longer, didn't you?

To be honest, yes.

Our company is expanding.

I want you to take a venture
business approach...

and you may travel the country.

I like travelling, a little.

A little?
You sound like someone I know.


You did great. You saved us.

I'm glad we can all
concentrate on our work now.

They say love's a mystery, but...

Ayame really came through for us.


What's with that?


it seems that Ayame's mother
is serious about you.

Listen up.

No matter how helpful
they've been, I can't do it.

Love and romance aren't transactions.

I admire you, Dad.

Actually, there's a Kamata hostess... her thirties called Mizuho.
I've hit it off with her.



How's Tokyo?

It's not that bad to be back.

Do you prefer neon lights
or the sound of bugs chirping?

No neon lights means fewer trains...

so I guess I prefer neon lights.

Do you want to marry me?

I really like you,
but I don't want to just yet.

I want to do it now.

I want to travel
with my husband to Calgary...




and lots of other places.

These places are all chilly.

An aborted kiss at a deserted station...

I'll never forget that.

I'm getting married.

That's easy to say...

Not with you.

Let me introduce him.

Nice to meet you. I'm Thunderbird Jr.

I'm Komachi. Nice to meet you.

Komachi, nice to meet you.
I'm Thunderbird Jr.

I've heard a lot about you.

What have you heard?

I've decided to marry him.

He's a bobsledder.

I'll see the world on tour with him.

That'll suit me better
than a railway view.

I think I prefer planes to trains.

I see.

Congratulations, Thunderbird Jr.

Thank you.

Congratulations, Azusa.

Thank you.

Well, I will get going then.

Thunderbird, huh?

That's the Toyama-Osaka express.

I wish I could run like a train
through the streets of Tokyo.

What are you doing?

She dumped me.

She's getting married.


Are we hopeless with women?

I got turned down too.

That's not it.

There's a world that only we understand.

You're right.

He is right.

That goes for me too.

Why are you here?

Did your trains stop working again?

Crossing the Kanmon Straits made sense.

I'm negotiating with
Nozomi Estate tomorrow.

I see.

Well, this is fun!

I envy you two.

When you become a boss,
you lose your friends.

See you.

I want to go to Shikoku next time.
I'd love to see the Inland Sea.

It's Hokkaido for me.

In the middle of a snowstorm.

Is it okay for you to leave the work?

It's okay. I'll take time off.

—Let's make it a double date.
—That'll never happen.

But it'll be great if it does, right?

In Memory Of
Yoshimitsu Morita (1950-2011).