Trail of the Falcon (1968) - full transcript

In the latter half of the 19th century, gold is discovered in the Black Hills, an area which has already been allocated to the Dakota Indians as a winter reservation in a treaty. Nevertheless, gold diggers, profiteers and adventurers flock to the region. Among them is the hard-hearted land speculator Bludgeon, who tries to expel the Indians using brutal methods like slaughtering entire herds of buffalo. The Dakotas take their revenge by attacking a Union Pacific train. While Chief Farsighted Falcon and his men are out hunting, Bludgeon and his gang massacre the Indian village. The Dakota warriors retaliate and soon the gold diggers' town becomes the scene of a giant battle. Only the advancing cavalry manage to head off certain defeat for the Whites. Farsighted Falcon conquers Bludgeon in single combat, however. Gathering up the remaining members of his tribe, he leads them to safety elsewhere.

Trail of the Falcon



What is?

Our stream laid an egg.

Golden Egg!

Chicken Egg!

Big Egg!

Our stream!

Hen egg, dear egg!

An egg like a thumb!

You're right.

The yellow metal has stolen their minds.

Many White People will come
to our mountains.

A fire horse will bring them

What about our winter camps?

We will have to defend them.

I need proof of a council meeting

when Tashunka-Witko visits our tents.

Come on!


You are the Farsighted Falcon
from the tents of the Gray Bear,

if I am not wrong.

Are you still on the Omaha prairie
by the Tongue River?

We are back.

But why don't you work
for Sam Blake, the merchant anymore?

Ha! As his carts?

It doesn't pay off.

Just for good food every now and then,
whiskey and a new shirt every year?

Ah, you have to work everywhere.

But here ...

a stroke of luck and persistence,
and we will earn enough by winter.

So much to redeem
all your Black Hills!

My friend Chat likes to overdo it.

A few crumbs ...

for slow sweat.

What a horse!

A beast from hell,

and touchy like a virgin.

I see your companion
has no gun yet.

Receive it as a gift from the guest.

You'll get the best one for that,
and three dozen more bullets.

Thank you, chief!

It's meat for the whole week.

Then we'll go
to Tanglewood anyway

and we'll bring ourselves
new supplies.

When you see the dealer
Sam Blake there

tell him to come
to our tents.

Have you seen that horse?

It's the best mustang
ever caught on the prairie.

Before that, Falcon still had a bay.

The Indians had arrived at their
winter quarters two months earlier.

Devil knows what that means.

The Gray Bear is on the side
of the chief of Red Cloud.

He believes white people.

May this trust not make them
blind and deaf.

We've never bothered
white people.

We have never entered their land.

But they come and take
what is ours.

You forgot

that General Custer,
leader of all thieves,

invaded us?

You forgot how

with many Long Knives he invaded
the mountains of our fathers,

to look for gold?

Against every law

against all agreements!

Chief Gray Bear doesn't want to fight.

He doesn't want his people at the next sunrise

connect with the people of all Lakota.

He blindly believes in arrangements.

To the Messenger of the White Father
in distant Washington.

But you Lakota people
consider it for yourself.

Which their deal with us
ever made

was not broken by them?


We should get rid of the
Long Knives unconditionally.

Tashunka-Witko says "no"!

If we don't fight now

the earth will be taken from us
piece by piece.

And then the Lakotas and
their country will be doomed.


I have spoken.

My brother Tashunka-Witko

he said words that
touch our hearts.

But she forgets something

what is important:

do we support the chief Red Cloud?

A few moons ago,
he and I smoked a pipe.

And they were all in favor.

You all know that he has
made peace with white people.

And his tents are already under
the protection of their Agency.

My brother forgets

that it is about the safety of
our women and children.

This is the guiding principle.

And we give up on
the safety of our tents,

if we don't build like Red Cloud
at the Agency,

but we will do
what Tashunka-Witko says,

if we follow him.

And what does Farsighted Falcon say?

I saw two white people in the mountains.

Soon there will be two hundred

and many Long Knives will come
to protect them.

They all want yellow metal.

There will be no peace in our mountains.

The contract written on the poplar
will be broken by white people.

The drums call for the Buffalo Dance.

We go hunting.

Our tents will have
enough meat.

We don't have to stand like beggars
in front of the Office.

Sergeant, don't take any chances!

If you play for another hour

you will lose your pay
for the next two months.

These two gentlemen
can do it better.

Is this a fair game anyway?

Get your dirty paws away!

And get out of here!

I'm coming.

What a behavior!

I'm afraid Mr. Bludgeon,

I'm afraid Mr. Bludgeon,

that the Lakotas also have a say
in your sale of land.

But gentlemen, that's the point.

As decided by the government,
all redskins by Jan. 31, 1876

must appear at the Offices.

Some of them are already there.

But until then, it could be
a troubled couple of months.


Brawo, Gathsworth!

You are thinking ahead.
My friends and I also do.

I will say in confidence

we've been wondering for
some time.

The Indians will understand
sooner than they like,

that they no longer have anything
to look for in the Black Hills.



The idea is not new and not bad, but ...

unpopular for a few philanthropists
on the East Coast.

The idea is not unpopular
but inhuman.

Mr. Hille!

You are too inhumanly nice to me now .

A very good friend of mine

he is on his way with a group of
very good hunters

with a very good weapon.

No buffaloes - no Indians.
Simple rule.

But what if something goes wrong?

I invested
$ 500 in this action,

and my friends know

that I am not throwing my
money out of the window.

They murder our buffalo

and they give the vultures to eat.

Hmm ... we're going to starve.

If the white thieves think

that we will watch
how cowardly murder buffalo,

they are wrong.

Do you hear the fiery horse?

He brings new thieves and murderers.

We'll show them what it means
to challenge us!

Miss Emmerson!

You shouldn't be standing
by the open window anymore.

Can I suggest you
a sheltered place?

It's very kind of you,
Mr. Bludgeon,

that the Lord cares
for my daughter.

She's right, Catherine.

Better not to risk it.

Hopla, Miss Emmerson!

Many thanks, Mr. Hille.

If you weren't here now ...

Maybe something to refresh?




There are too many Long Knives on the train!
We have to fall back!

Do not panic!
I'm fine, Father.

Miss Catherine?

Everything's all right?

You see that I was right?

The damned red-skinned mob
won't let it go.

We came with the Lord,
Mr. Bludgeon,

to establish a new life in the Black Hills.

We want nothing to do with
the Indians and the war with them .


these few reluctant
red bastards,

who do not respect contracts,

we'll arrange it soon.

What not, Lieutenant?

I have orders.

The army is to remain on
standby until January 31.

But in the event of attacks

I will be, of course,
peaceful American citizens

to protect with all
the forces at my disposal.

You can be sure, gentlemen,

Tanglewood will be there
for all of us

a rich new homeland.

I admit, it's not
quite safe here yet,

but the prices of land and shares
in the exploration concession,

which I propose now,

ridiculously low.

But after the deadline,

which our so gracious lieutenant gave ,

prices will go up.

Like a thermometer to measure a fever.

Why are you silent?

Do you mourn your friend
or your attack failed?

With our weapons, the fiery steed
is unbeatable.

There were too many
Long Knives in the carriages.

I reluctantly say the name of
my dead brother,

but for the blood of the Swift Deer,
justice will be done

the white buffalo killers.

Go ahead

and bring the dead
to our tents!

Tell me what we saw

and what happened.

The cunning Fox is right.
We need a firearm.

But I promise you

before the sun will redden
the sky in the east twice ,

each of you will have a gun.

What's happening?

The rails are torn.

- Why are we stopping?
- Captain's orders.

Don't look so concerned,

Whoever says "A" must say "B".

Also when "B" stands for Bludgeon?

Ride! Hurry up!

Get the horses out!

Lieutenant Forsythe
of the 7th Cavalry Regiment

delegated to Tanglewood
with 12 men.

Captain Ronald.

The seventh?

How is Major Reno?

Have you been in the army for a long time?

Not. Before that,
I was still in West Point.

Ah tak.

So I wish you good luck
in the Wild West.

Captain, can I introduce
Mr. Bludgeon?

Joe! What a surprise!
Old bro!

Let yourself be hugged!

You are surprised, Lieutenant.

Do you know that this is my
oldest friend?

Say what's new.
Everything went well in Washington?

Have I ever

Why did you have the transport unloaded?

The rails are torn.

Your idea with bison puts redskins
on their feet beautifully.

Here we are, Sam.

Everything fucking looks like a war.

It would almost have gone wrong
if it weren't for Evil Face.

- Take care of the reloading.
- Okay.

- Are you Samuel Blake?
- I see.

- McDryden, sergeant.
- I see.

We'll go to Tanglewood together.

Can we overcharge?

Did you say "we", Sergeant?

So gladly.

How much is it?

20 ammo crates,
50 weapons.

What about payment?

No problem.

Hands off!

Drop your gun, Bashan!

My man was wrong.

I hope.

Looks like they want to
spend the night by the ford.

It would only be good.
Your plan would work.

But with them is this bloody ...

You know who I'm talking about.

He's called Snake Joe everywhere.

This time it cannot escape us.

This is my mortal enemy
and I will kill him.

But we need firearms.

It is more important than his death.

Yesterday I disconnected from the Falcon.

And when tomorrow comes

disagreement will come to our tents.

He was at the killed buffalo.

I watched him closely.

He will never move to the
office with us.

You can trust me.

Come with us to the Man of Secrets!

We want to hear
what Wakan Tanka told him

about the news you brought.

The Lakota girls and women
have often waited by now.

For their sons, husbands and brothers.

And soon they will
have to wait again.

We have to be strong.

Think about it!

We must all be strong
and calm in our hearts.

But I suppose it must be easy

to care for someone like that

like a leader during the war, Falcon.

To hell with that goddamn
Indian war!

I've been doing business
with Indians for years.

They know me

and because they need me,
they leave it alone.

But while they are on the warpath

they make no exception.

What about solemn arrangements
for peace?

Deals on peace ...


We include them, and only the Indians
are to keep them.

So why did you all come to
the Black Hills at once, huh?

The contract guarantees the area to ‚Äč‚ÄčLakotas.

I want to tell you why.

Because during an illegal research expedition,
General Custer confirmed the gold discoveries.

You were there, Sergeant.

Tell me how it happened.

No, better not.

There will be a war.

You can be sure of it.

Spring at the latest.

Blake is right.

I was with Custer
in the Black Hills.

I took part in the Cheyenne
Massacre on Washita.

Redskins will not forget it.

What a beautiful and peaceful night!


This is a beautiful country.

But I am still
very, very alien to me.

It will get cold.
Please let us go.

Here in the West, slackness is one
of the worst diseases.

The best argument is
and remains a quick colt.

Please believe me

in Tanglewood you should consider
helping one of my men.

Mr. Emmerson, if you want to
go to sleep,

my tent is at the disposal of the
Lord and of your daughter.


You're an old school bachelor.

Unfortunately, you were late.

Mr. Emmerson has already agreed
to my tent.

Do you sell the Indians this scourge too?

It's not tobacco. They are horse apples.

Stay here if you still want
to get to Tanglewood.

How is that? It's quite quiet here.

Someone thought so already.

After that,
he himself was calm forever.

I'll lie down.

I'll change you at midnight.

There's something?

A good cavalry horse
can sense the Indian.

Sergeant McDryden, come to me!

Secure the other side!


It's the third, Dick.

Yes Yes. Just do not count,
because there will be a scandal.

Say it Bill

what were you secretly chatting with
those shining stone workers this morning?

It's not your problem.

But Nasty Joe.

He would be very interested

that behind his back
you do business secretly.

I don't do any business
behind our boss's back.

Got it?

I understood, you understood

he, she, they understood

we understood.


Hi boss!

Hi boss!

Hi Fletcher!

Everyone listen!

Silence, damn it!

To Miss Catherine Emmerson.

And so that there would be
no misunderstandings,

is my guest.

She and her father, okay?

So welcome to our Tanglewood,
Miss Catherine!

Virgo will soon feel
at home here.

Can I please?

Please show them their rooms now!

Hey Bill!

To celebrate our arrival,
a barrel of whiskey for everyone!

Hi! Anything new, Bill?

It's the old way,

Everything's all right.

Boss, sit here at our table!

Well, boys ... how are you?

Hey Bill, beer!

Joe invited for a whiskey.



Your old carters were here.

They told me to tell you that the Shining
Stone Indians missed you and your dust so much.

You are to visit them.

Listen, Peter. If you want,

I have a job for you.

Or maybe you already have other plans?

And what better should I do?

I wanted to ask you already,
but didn't have that much courage.

Mr. Blake doesn't like Joe's whiskey .

Come on, Bill!

We'll bring him a sip
from Joe's private supply.


When were these two here?


How many Indians did they say?

But there is also another piece of news.

From where?

Chat paid for it.

Your plot is crumbly.

Up the Shining Stone Stream.

Happy news, Bill!

He'll save your guns.


in the upper Shining Stone?

Boys! It will be hard work
in the days to come.

But it doesn't hold up.
One more rope!

We're not moving too late?

Oh ... my head!

On the first day of work.

Whiskey at Snake Joe's
has never been the best.

But don't worry, it'll be
easy to deal with.

Anyway, we have to spend the night
in the Indian village.

Here, watch out!

I guess we're gonna have guests.

Your trade with the Indians is
booming, isn't it, Sam?

I wish you had to abandon him.

You got your interests Bludgeon

I have mine.

Leave me alone!

Something else,

these two thieves
by the Shining Stone stream,

who rummage in my land,

these are your companions, huh?

Like those red-skinned thieves
over there.

Quit politely!

Besides, I want your good,
Indian friend.

Do you believe the Lakotas
will leave you alone now?

This time is up.


the villain is right.


It's getting too dangerous!


Come on!

Evil Face!

Run as fast as the horse can!

Warn Pat and Cottage!

Snakey Joe is on his way.

You are in a very hurry, Evil Face!

Did the white people drive you out
in gratitude for your services ?

I live with Blake of my own accord.

And I also voluntarily go to
the merchant's two friends.

But why in such a hurry?

Snake Joe, your enemy,
has reappeared in the settlement.

He wants to drive you out.

That's why he forbade Blake
from talking to you.

Now the white poisonous snake has gone
to the two whites by the stream.

I have to warn them.

How many people are there with him?


Drive back!

Take the loot to our tents!

I will come later.


Come on out, Patterson!

I need to speak to you.

Put your weapons down!

Ted! Attention!

And the other one?

Here too.

Lord, why do we owe the honor of visiting
our plot here?

Your plot?

Mistake, dear - my plot.

The entire Shining Stone stream area the
government signed me up.

For a tidy sum,
of course.

I could treat you like thieves.

Pat, he's trying to screw us.

But I'm not a monster.

I appreciate your work.

80% of everything is mine,

and don't cheat.

And you can continue.

You have been driving too long in the sun!

What do you say, Pat?

Not an ounce of our property.

You can serve a fairy tale about
the government's entry to novices,

not us.

Now is the time for the
Lord to disappear, Bludgeon!

We have a job.

Stand or rest forever!


Look where those two
hid my gold!

Come back, bandit!

You kept your word,

but what about him, the
white viper?

Is alive.

His infatuation do him in.

The white people in the settlement found out

that you acted against our will.

We had nothing to do with it

when in our mountains you dug a
war ax against them.

So go and beg for peace from them.

They will deceive you!

They want war with us.

Submit and let yourself be destroyed.

Only a fight from which there is
no turning back is annihilation.

I will not break the peace.

You wanted a separation

and you too must bear its effects.

Before noon I will leave
your camp with my men and tents.

You can stay until you
march to the Bureau.

Now we too are at odds.

We have no other choice.

Many chieftains bargain with the whites.

They no longer believe in victory in battle.

Do we bleat for food
like women in their Agency ?


Better to fight than to expose yourself
to murderers as cowardly and helpless.

Yes you are right.

We have no choice.


We have equal rights!

There was no question of
Indians at all, now?

It's about murder!

The Indians killed both the gold diggers
and three of my men.

It's a fivefold murder!

Do you want to be next?


I have summoned you here,

that he would punish the Indians,
get them used to order.

It is your dog's duty
as an American officer.

An army of thoughts in a broader context.

You know it's Indian land,
and my orders sound unambiguous.

By January 31, the Indians in the area
are to be left alone.

There was no Indian land!

And this time they can
calm American citizens

just shoot!

You must be asleep in West Point,

Wait a second, Bludgeon!

What did you want up there
by the stream?

In Indian territory,
how did we hear from him?

Make order on your own?

Your order only means:

"Everything belongs to me!"

Where is your land record?

Come on show him!

The government has not sold me any land!

What people!

After all, it is in all our interests
that the redskins disappear.

Listen, Bludgeon!

Your dispute with Falcon is one thing.

I was there when
you insulted him.

But property rights

and a dispute with all the Indians

that's something different.

We are talking about that too!

Right, Joe.
We want peace with the Indians

that on the land we paid for,

We paid you, Joe,

also able to work in peace.


In Newelsburg, you said
the area was Indian-free.

It was a lie.

Say it one more time!

It was a lie.

Miss Emmerson, this isn't
a lady's call anymore.

Please follow me.
I'll take Virgo upstairs.

I was also told that this land
would be free of Indians.

But you can see what the
army is more willing to do.

So act on your own!

Your action so far, Bludgeon,
has not done much good.

It was a murder.

Snaky Joe.

His people.


Miss Emmerson!


You heard it.

His people.

It's a murder!

This Falcon is the enemy of all of us.

Mr. Blake,

we need to gain time.

We should negotiate with the Indians.

Take it to my house!

Stupidity, still and negotiate with the rogues!

Agreement. Let's treat.

Send your redskin,


Maybe they'll listen to Evil Face.

You will accompany him,

Today we will spend the night
in a clearing by the white rocks.

Our winter camp will be
located in the Prairie Dogs basin.

The place is good.
Easy to defend accesses.

We have already wintered there once.

It will be difficult to stock our tents
for the long winter months.

It is like I said.

Half of the
Gray Bear village tents

from there she went down with the Falcon.

What are you saying?

Next! Get in!

It changes everything.
We must come back immediately.

What does it change?

We are to deliver a message to the
Gray Bear.

He's not down there in the

So we'll go to him.

Nonsense. After all, I am saying
that it is no longer necessary.

Blake himself sent me
as negotiator.

Do what you want.
I'll deliver the message.

Also alone.

All right.

As you like, redskin.

Miss Catherine?

Yes please.

I'm not disturbing you, do you?

How is our patient doing?

He's still unconscious.

I would like to thank you.

For what?

Yesterday you behaved
wonderfully downstairs.

I admire the Lady.

It is certainly not easy for a girl to
settle in here.

Especially at the beginning.

Life is hard here.

Sometimes it looks like one another
wants to throw himself down the throat

but ... it's deceptive, believe me.

Please have a glass with me for a happy time
in our beautiful Tanglewood!

I hope you understand
when I say:

"in our Tanglewood".

I will do
my best for you!

And in this city it is quite a lot.

Let the Lord let me go immediately,

Have you lost your mind?

You will be very happy.

So Bludgeon - not a step further!

You are mistaken
if the Lord thinks

that I am of the same softwood
as my father.

May the Lord disappear
if I can give you advice!

But fast!

Then I want to forget about that bad scene.

I like you angry
even more.



I hope this will be enough for you.

And let the Lord remember
once and for all:

I don't like you a bit,
Mr. Bludgeon!

Hey, Dick!

Tell your boss
I need to talk to him!


Come on out, Bludgeon!

Everyone should hear
what to ask.

What is this, Blake?

I want to see your land deed
and your concession.

I want to know who gave you the right

lay your own land on
the Shining Stone Stream!

You are drunk?

Pat regained consciousness.

He told me what really

Did he make it up?

Pat has a fever.

He's delirious.

Come drink one with me!

Then it is better to talk.

No, Bludgeon!

This time
we will talk to the end.

Once and for all.

Red bastard!

Chat's killers and others
killed our negotiator!

I could barely
escape on my own!

And now what, Blake?

You still want to protect the murderer?

Now he's got one of your men.

The damned villain will get away again!

Sam, it doesn't make sense now!

That's not all.

Now the redskins want to negotiate too.

They want to make a peace offer.

They are going there!

We will greet them with dignity.

Come on folks!
Take your gun!

The Falcon is gone.

There are only half
the Indians in the village.

Good job Kyte!

After what happens now,
only a miracle could save Tanglewood.

What do you want from us,
Chief Gray Bear?

Peace with you white people!

It is too late for that.

You killed six of our people.

I demand the murderer's release

leader of the Smart Falcon,

and your retreat from the mountains.

The Farsighted Falcon is
no longer in my tents.

He has kicked out a war ax

not me.

So you will stay here
until your people are gone.

Take them to the warehouse.
Lock it and guard it well!

Bill, I need 30 people
at sunrise tomorrow morning !

"People," I said.
I'm paying well.

And now as an advance, one whiskey!

Up there! You have an hour of time.

And make sure that no stone
falls down into the valley for me!

No worries. I will do a precise job.

- There may be a guard upstairs.
- He's already dead.

Signal: two shots in succession,
then quickly.

- All clear?
- Yes, we will. Yes sir!

Well, the ride!

Sam, we're doing something
like a hell of a lifetime here.

I don't like drinking
the beer that others have brewed.

Lovely blockhouse!

When we come back, we
may not find a beam.

As long as a man has a head and hands

so long can always start over.

Would you have room for two more
people in your wagon, Sam?

I think!

Hello Catherine!

Bashan, stop!

It's high time we left.

How are you, Pat?

Thank you, okay, Catherine.

It couldn't be better.

Hey Hey hey!

On a trip what?

You're not gonna sneak out silently, Emmerson.
Miss Catherine, get out!

Let the lady go out!

What did I say?

"Get off," I said.

Don't move, buddy!

- Horses!
- Pat's already on it.

Let's go!

Our tents!

Rock wall!

A rock wall has fallen
on our tents.

The whites attacked us.

Snake Joe was their leader.

Everyone else is either dead or injured.

What about the Gray Bear
and Lynx's Eye?

They ... they didn't come back anymore.

Either they are caught
or they are dead.

I 'll check the guards at the top end
and you will go to the bottom end.

All right!

Stupid brute!

- Everything's all right?
- With prisoners - yes.

But it felt like
someone had jumped the street

just when a horse screamed.

You all see ghosts here.

Look at it!

The goddamn redskins are asleep
and we are up all night.

Now I'll check the checkpoints again,
then I'll come back again.


Bet one, rat,
or I'll chase you!

Get off you, hat!
You disgust me!

Worry about something else!

Do not shoot! Do not shoot!

Joe, your friend was here.

How could they do so much foolishness
and capture the negotiators?

And then the raid on the village.

Now they fear their revenge,
and the army is to help.

I am not asking for help -
I am asking for it.

Hope I made myself
clear enough.

I'm unlucky, Bludgeon!

And your friend,
Captain Ronald,

he could not do more for the Lord
than I could in the present situation .

Ah! Are you doing something for me?

More than
my orders allow.

McDryden, may the Lord try
to explain this to the gentlemen!

That's right. We have rarely had
such clear orders.

No clashes with the Indians

until the conclusion of the negotiations
on the purchase of the Black Hills,

respectively until January 31.

To carry out these orders

settlers and gold prospectors
are to be kept away from this area,

if necessary with the use of weapons.

Wonderfully learned by heart!

Yes, these army gentlemen are smart guys.
Right, Kyte?


A little obey orders
for which there is a promotion,

but also to gain some of our favor.

Let us reserve
a nice piece of land for them

for later.

Or do you want to back out, Forsythe?

Let the Lord try with his prisoner.

Perhaps the Indians, at the expense of their chief,
the Gray Bear, would leave Tanglewood alone.

Always the same.

These civilians think the army is here
to clean up their dirt.

Doesn't it more or less do that?

Hello, Joe!

Kyte, what's up?

Open up!

Chief, I want to spare your life.

Though it would be a damn
good deed to hang you.

Hey you! Get up!

Ask your leader to
leave our village alone!

He's about to withdraw.

Then you will be free.

Stronger firewall, Kyte!

Bashan! Cover for Kyte!
We have to get him here!

Go on!


Two people with buckets
of water on the roof!


- Action "Tanglewood" finished!
- Thank you!

Trumpeter, signal!

What do you think? The shooting stopped.

The Dragons have settled the fight.
It was clearly audible.

After this attack, the Indians
will be chased like rabid dogs.

That's for sure.

"It's a disgrace to the States,
what's going on here!"

You should have seen the young chief,

I feel sorry for him.

But they don't stand a chance anymore.


We can go home anyway.

The reins tighter!

So good. Come on, come on!

Now turn!

Rotate it!
So good!


Thigh pressure!
More pressure on the thighs!

Heels lower!

Come on, come on, come on!
So good. Next!

Drive it!

Hands down, Catherine!

Yes. It's OK.

Wait, Catherine!

Let me this time, Father!

I have to be able to do it myself.

Do you also tutor men?

Please wait, Mr. Hille!

Maybe one day I will have to take
shooting lessons from you, who knows?

"So, Catherine, was it nice?"
- Mhm ...

You don't have time
for a girl like Catherine at all.

How is that?

Because you still have
to deal with the belt.


Tie tighter or it will tear again!

Should I really tell you this yet?

We are all going to Tashunka-Witko
and Tatanka Yotanka.

Our tents should be at their place,
not in the Valley of Prairie Dogs.

We will fight together in the spring.

The Farsighted Falcon advised us well.

Although we have always lived here,
we are leaving our mountains.

Get ready and your tents!

The road is long.

We set off at the next
rising sun.


I won't be following a group of
our tents for a few days.

The white viper is still alive.

Let me go with you, Falcon!

As your friend,
as the deer used to be.


Scouts are reporting Long Knives!

There are many of them.

They'll be here soon.

The intention of the Long Knives is clear.

They're trying to block
our way to the prairie.

And when they reach the pass,

we'll be in a snare here.

We have to stop them in front of the pass.

Down in the valley.

You know the narrow road at the source
beyond the pass.

Lead our tents that way!

It is not an easy path,
but you have to be very quick.

The idea is good, Joe!

The mountain pass is the only way out.

If we cast her, the
redskins would be trapped.

We are moving forward three times faster
than they with their rolling stock.

They will not leave their women and children .

The Lakotas are known for this.

In two hours, there will be
no more Falcon and no living Indian here.

Believe me.
- I know what you want.

We should then rename
the Black Mountains as Joe's Mountains.

The scouts have reached the pass.

Peace everywhere.
The Indians are yet to be seen.

Thank you, McDryden.

So go!


Trumpeter! Signal!

Out of horses!

McDryden! Horses to the rear!

A goddamn mess!

These rogues are good at obeying orders.

Why the hell didn't the scouts
report it?

The gang is waiting in anambush
and wants to surprise us.

Suggest something, Forsythe!

Hence, expand from the flank!

Agreement. Come on!

All our people are here now.

The horses too.

The horses of the Long Knives must go.

They can't follow us on foot.

Stay tuned for my signal here!

Then break through!


That Falcon, goddamn it!




Hell! They left.