Trai Tim Quai Vat (2020) - full transcript

Pyramid rice dumplings
or sticky rice balls, anyone?

Sister, I bet this afternoon

they’re going to hide behind the vases!


I think they will go to the backdoor
and jump-scare

the father from behind.

Are you OK?

Are you hurt?

A keepsake for you.

Come back whenever you miss me.

-What is going on?

Sister, help me!


Tell me.

-What is the matter?

they have a kid in the trunk.

Lam must be missing you too much.

Let me go!

Do we split the money tonight

or when we reach Lang Son?

Looks like we have a parent on our tail.

When I get a chance…

I’ll ram her off the mountain pass.

-What the hell?

-Pin him down! Stay down!
-Lie down!


No. No!

No. No!





What? Stinky food?

Hurry up, lighting! Lighting?

Sound! Camera!

Hey, where is Dustin? Dustin?

Damn it!


You've ruined my clip!

Yo, tofu boy!

What's your face like when you're scared?

How would I know? I can't see my face.

Location! Get rid of him!


Dustin, over here!

Hurry up! How many are present on set?

-Dustin, come here.
-Make-up is almost done.

His star is on the wane,
yet he's still full of it.

Camera? Hurry up, everyone!


My pastry class is gonna end late.

I think I’m stuck.

Stop lying through your teeth.

Khanh and her crap!

Shut it! Shut!

Can you pick Bu up?

OK, leave it to me.

-See you--

You have a regular.

Short on cash again?

Can you pick Bu up or not?

All right.

Your business looks good.

-I'm just doing OK.
-I can tell by your smooth skin.

Stop teasing me, Mr. Be.


What is it?

Excuse me?

Did you find the restroom?

Were you lost?

I knew it!

You bald scumbag!

Get lost or I'll break your neck!

Are you a pervert?

Go watch your own porn, you perv!

Son of a bitch!
Don’t waste my time, piece of shit!

Four jars for Mr. Tam.

Two for Mrs. Tu.

-Drop that call!
-Twenty four in total.

I got it, don’t worry, Mom!

Pay attention to your work!

-Don’t make a fuss.
-No one messes with my friend’s bakery.

This is the cost estimate.

The wall’s leak
is caused by an old water pipe.

We need to rebuild the whole thing.

More costs?

How much more?

More than 30 million dong.

The official meeting
is still a few days away.

But you’re here today
because of the papers Mr. Be gave you.

Am I right?

He asked you to sign them, didn’t he?

We aren’t against the resettlement plan.

Hence, we must get rid of his papers.

Take this one instead.

Hello, sir.

Here, for you!

Lam! Where is Bu?

Signing this means
we oppose what the Head Administrator

-of our residence, Mr. Be, is doing.
-Bu! Bu!

Whatever he says,

we must not sign his papers.

Because all he cares
is wrapping this up quickly!

For what?
Only for his share from the investor.

Mr. Phan is right! We have to fight!

Protect our rights!

Protect LGBT.


Oops! I’m sorry. Wrong subject.

You're being absurd, Chien.

You know, honey?
If you were only half the man Mr. Phan is,

I wouldn’t have to worry about you.

Huh? What on Earth?

Mom is going to be overjoyed!

You know, don’t say I never told you.

You’re the virgin next door.

It’s already her gain.

Why do you have to go the extra mile, huh?

Mr. Chien! The mouth. It’s distorted.

-What? Whose mouth is distorted? Whose?
-The puppet's!


It’s your wannabe dad’s fault.
It's because he turned off the light.

Business is getting tough.

And you’re a lone woman.

Can you handle it?

That bakery…

its previous owner
can no longer keep it going,

so he sold it to you.

It wasn’t a good deal.

It must be better than my current job.

At least, Bu can be proud of me.

The prince is coming!

This cream is good for you.

Rascal! You old rascal!

Happy birthday to big bro!

Happy birthday to big bro!

The prince isn’t scared.
The prince triumphs over the witch!


Mommy, are you OK?

My leg is crippled.

It hurts.

Are you having fun teasing me?

Nobody is going to help you next time!

I am not lying to you.

From now on, I promise

I will never stop teasing my baby Bu!

I want my puppet back, Mommy!


I'm sorry.

What a nasty leg!

You mother--!

My mother?

My mother doesn’t need a whore.


-What the hell are you doing?
-So what? What you’re gonna do?

Trying to be a hero?

Wanna take on all of us?

And you?

-Wanna see this?
-Stop it!

That loser isn’t worth it.

-Let go!

Let go! She isn’t just a loser!

She's a whore!

Bu, are you all right?

You don’t think I can kill you?


-Watch yourself.

-I said go.

Your mother is still up.

Want her to join your party?

As if you’d let her sleep.

You yap about the compensation money
every night.

All you care about is your money!


His birthday is once a year.

Let him be for today.

I’ve told you, Mom. Don’t listen to him.

His position has made him
shitloads of money!


And you two! You’re dead meat tomorrow!

Stop. Stop it! Enough fighting. Go home.


Go home, dear. Let it go.

-It's not like she's innocent.
-What a whore.

-Bu, go wash yourself.
-Yes, Mom.


Uncle Lam.

This oven is our grand opening gift
for you.

Congrats on your bakery.
You’re going to be a boss.



Well, I… um…

I… wish that…

you sell a lot of cakes! Yeah!

Can’t you come up with a better wish?

"A lot"?

How much is "a lot"?

Grilled eggs, balut, scrambled eggs,

quail balut, sautéed corn, anyone?


-What is this?
-For the bakery.

Keep it.


Fine, half of it.

Let me give you a ride tomorrow.

You think I'm scared of Thinh?

Go! Back to your home.


Every man on this very earth

Is my husband

This fool again!

Flashing his light every night.

So annoying!

A stork goes out for food at night

Standing on a soft branch

It falls into a pond

Don’t worry, my love.
I'll protect you forever.

Hey… shoo!

Hey, shoo. Shoo!

Go. It’s horrible!

-Please keep order so we can do our jobs.
-This is scary.

Anyone know why he died?

I pity Mrs. Be.

-Look at that.
-This is so bizarre!

He’s their only child.

-She must be devastated.
-Please keep order.

Why are you so stubborn?

Huh, not everyone has a funeral
right after their birthday.

Guys! My place made the news!

I’m gonna livestream for you all.

I live right next to his house!

Why's that stuck into his neck? Strange.

-That looks familiar.
-So horrible!

-How horrible…
-Damn it!



-Khanh! Open the door! Khanh!
-What is it?

That’s her house.

Right there, sir.

What's going on?

Thinh is dead.

Someone set you up.

-Look, there she is.
-Look, that's the she-devil!

Damn it!

-Uncle Lam!
-Go! Let’s go!

Uncle Lam!

Attention! A couple
and a kid are running downstairs.

That's Khanh!

Khanh! Come on!

She's running away!

After this livestream,
head to my page

to buy three cream boxes and get one free

with free delivery within city borders.

This way! No one's at the back alley exit.

-Mr. Chien!

-You're hurting Mom!


We lost that puppet yesterday.
It means Khanh was set up.

You have to believe me!

Let's go!

Pick up my savings.
I’ll tell you where later.

Lam! Damnit!

Fooled by that woman.

Is it because of the quarrel last night

that Mr. Thinh evicted us?

Would he let that go after five days?

What’s wrong? Tell me!
Who set you up? Who?

Lower your voice, damnit!

Lam helped me escape this morning.


Would it be OK to stay here?

Should you run to Cambodia?

Let me…

What the hell, girl?

Are you afraid of me?

Don’t you believe me, Huong?


I said so because I want you to escape.


I’m not scared of getting involved,
you know?

Don’t think I’m a wuss!


Even if you ask God for help now,

he’ll just look at you and say,

"Your foolishness is hopeless."


Where are you going?

To get something for Khanh and Bu.
They were on the run the whole day.

Are you serious?

I’m so pissed!

I’ll handle it.

The investigation unit

is identifying the fingerprint
on the murder weapon.

It will take at least
five days for analysis.

If you have information
related to the case,

please contact our investigation unit

through this hotline.

Damn it!

Please show us your ID.

Quick, quick! Quick, c’mon!

Where are you from?


Stop running!


I said stop!



Hey, hey!

-Are you chasing after the criminal?

Get on my bike.

I’ll give you a ride.

-What's wrong?
-That's weird!

It was running just fine. I don’t get it.

Can you get off please?

Let me check it.



Hey, where is Dustin? Dustin?

So this is how you look
when you're scared.

Why are you here?
Don't you mind the police?

-How do you know?
-Why not? I read the news.

Hey, where's the killer?

That's what you get,
falling for a bad woman.

-Why aren't you talking?

Khanh is not a killer!

She isn’t?

Then it's you?

Get rid of that camera.

We are innocent.

We didn’t kill anyone.

What’s on your mind?

Running away, of course.

You'll keep running all your life?

That's not the way.

I think you have to stand up
right where you fell.


Congrats on your bakery.

You’re going to be a boss.

Where were you off to
in such troubled times?

I need something from Chien.

God is funny.

When things were fine

he made me rebuild my life.

When I almost rebuilt it,

he took my life from me.


We may leave for Cambodia
two or three days early.

Huong is trying to get some money.

With fear,

the further you run

the closer it gets.

But if you dare to face it,

you’ll forever leave it behind.


Why are you helping me?

This was my grandparents'.

Since my parents are living abroad,
they left it to me.

I’m not here often though.

I come on weekends
for relaxation and inspiration.

You come here for relaxation
and inspiration?

There's something even better. This way!

You know,
I'm a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.

My biggest dream

is to make an outstanding detective movie.

I’ve read the news.

Your case clearly has a great deal of
questionable details.

That's why I want to help you
crack this case, OK?

Believe me. I can do this.

-Hello, Mr. Chien.
-Mr. Chien.

It’s Ms. Chien, sweeties.


You've gotta be kidding me, you--



You absolutely must cast
your feelings aside.

They make you weak and prone to errors.


always look out for yourself first.

Got that?


Keep what we're doing from everyone else.

Especially from Khanh. You see,

if anyone finds out

I’ll be an accomplice
and I’ll be done for.

Who do you suspect the most?

Sir, we're supposed to have
a residential meeting tomorrow.

Should we do it?

This funeral and the meeting
are two different things.

How can you be so neglectful?

It’s been ten years

and you still can’t love him?

Is it because he was your stepson?

Or because he stopped me
from giving you money?

Neglecting Thinh’s death.

Money dispute.

How about these two? What’s with them?

You'd better find that phone.

If the police see that footage of us,

we’ll end up behind bars.

Why are you so laid-back?

What’s that?

Just the crazy hag.

Adultery. Scared of the police.

Looking for a phone.

How about this man?

How’s he?

Mr. Phan is a good man.

He’s against Be

colluding with the investor
to build a new apartment.

They're trying to pocket
our compensation money.


and Thinh’s murder

are not related.

Still, we make notes.

Sometimes the little things
can turn out to be

the most important.

Sherlock Holmes said that.


this case is getting better and better.

There's something else.


A pack of yellow powder?

How many times have I told you?

Never let feelings get in the way.

She’s the one who threatened
to kill him the night before.

The murder weapon at the crime scene

is her son’s toy.

Isn’t that clear?

I’m not here to doubt Khanh.

Let me ask you.

Why are you the only one trusting her,

while the residents

and the police

all suspect her?

Did you see her not killing
with your own eyes?


if she was the killer,
she’d have fled that night.

And the puppet…

I saw it fall from her house
with my own eyes.

She did that…

just to fool an idiot like you.

It must be one of these people
that set her up.


Do you know you’re being unfair
to the case and to me?

If you keep defending her regardless,

then all of your life
you're nothing but a crybaby!

Tell me.

What kind of person do you want to be?

A upstanding man

or a crybaby?

Huh? Tell me.

Tell me!

I don’t need your help anymore.

Your hand…

Hey! Where are you going?

Lam. You can’t quit like that.


Goddamn it!

Can you even do anything?

That’s sick.

My, my. Just one cut.

I’d believe if they said
you cut Thinh’s throat.

I think what they said on the news
makes a lot of sense.

You’re the most suspicious.

If you accidentally killed Thinh-- God!

If you want to say something,
say it to my face.

I’m looking right at you.

I’m talking to the one by the window!

Come on, I was joking.

Come on!

What do you want?

Both you and Lam are doubting me, right?

Now what? Take me to the police then!

Let's go!

What’s wrong with you?

Some people
are more suspicious than Khanh.


I’ve gone back to the neighborhood
to investigate.

There are multiple suspects.

Especially Be.

I saw him giving Cua money

and a small yellow pack.

We simply need to keep an eye on them.

Something will turn up.

Stop fighting over petty things.

We’re not signing anything.

We won’t leave
until the compensation is fair.

Take a look at Mr. Phan.

He always stands with everyone

and protects our rights.

How do you know
I am not protecting everyone? Huh?

In that case,

I suggest you meet the investor

and ask for the compensation
that we all agree on.

And this time,

I advise you to quit playing both sides
with the land investor, Trieu.

Have a cup of tea.

As you all are aware,

this building’s rundown state is obvious.

the offer is still at the market price,

with an apartment as compensation
after the construction.

If you insist on a higher price

and not the market price,

you won’t be compensated with
new apartments.

That will be our loss.

Oh, please!

You think
we are unaware of the market price?

Should we believe your every word?

That's right.

Mr. Phan, turn off your phone.

Sort this out once and for all.


Those promised apartments

are merely one third of our home in size.

In fact, I’ll be frank with you.
Just so you know,

if you choose not to stand
with the people,

be careful.
You'll lose your credit, your honor,

and even your--


Have some tea.


You betrayed me!

Don't forget I am your son’s father!

Bau, get down
and see if he dropped my phone here.

Goddamn it!

-Did you and Be kill Thinh?

I'm not involved.
Don't put the blame on me!

-Then why did you follow me?
-I just want my phone back!

What phone?

-The one with my idol’s photo on the case.
-What’s with it?

What's in it? Tell me!

The video of me sleeping with Tuyet.
She was Thinh's girl.

If the police find out,
it’s gonna be a real mess!

After Khanh killed Thinh,

my phone was gone too.

If she has it, can she give it back to me?

-Hello? Hey!
-Answer him.

I see no phone, dude.

-Not even a body hair. Only grass!

Lam ran away.

Damn it!

I spent all the money Mr. Be gave us.

How are we supposed to pay him back?

Let's get the hell away, dude!

I’m out!

Hello? Hello?

Why did Be give you money?

He also wants the phone.

What for?

Are you playing dumb?

That day, Thinh asked me
to record Mr. Be’s cheating.

But it turned out he worked with Khanh

to kill Mr. Phan.

You are lying!

Honestly, man,

I'm afraid of Mr. Be.

That night, I came to Thinh
to get my phone back.

Hey, bro!

Can I get my phone back, please?

I’ll give it back when I’m done.

Come on, Thinh. Please give it back, bro.

Go home. I said I’d give it back. OK?


When I heard
Mr. Be claimed Bu was his son,

I almost shit my pants.

-Watch out for Khanh--
-Shut up!

She helped him get the money
so they could have fun.

You're crazy! All of you are crazy!

Was I wrong?

Do you still want to take her side?

I thought you were gone.

Speak your mind.

Why are you so quiet?


and Be…

And Bu…

-You don’t have to tell me.

You're bleeding a lot.

What did Be make you do?

What is it?


I don’t want that old coot
to come to the meeting.

Excuse me? Did you find the restroom?

Were you lost?

Get lost or I'll break your neck!

You and your dirty tricks again?

Nearly everyone has agreed to leave.

Except that old coot

and a few people he rallied
stand in the way of my business.

Do this,
and I’ll split you a small fortune.

Enough to take care of our son.

Get your bakery booming, even.

And build your castle of love with Lam.

You won’t have to see me again.

This is the last job.


Laxative doesn't kill people.


Coward! Degenerate!

Yet we let him be our head administrator.

I’m worried he might try again.

So I came to warn you.

If you tell this to the police,

it may shed light on Thinh’s murder.

Who would believe a murderer?

Keep associating with her,

and you may become an accomplice.



After them!

Get them!

Find them!

Give me that.

We can make a deal, you know?

How much money do you want?

I can share my commission.

Why do we

have to be like this, Phan?

I am not here for the money!

I am here to witness your wickedness.

You wanted to sell us out.

Even Thinh, your own son, wasn't excluded.
Am I right?

He wasn't my son.

He was my wife’s son.


I stayed up all night waiting for you.

Where’s Huong?


I'm hungry,
so she went to buy some porridge.

-Where are you going?

We’ll go with Huong once she’s back.

Why is she taking so long?

Khanh! Bu!

We have to run! Quick! Go.

Huh? What did I do wrong?
What are you doing?

We’ve been approved by our superiors.

We demand that you let us in,

so we can search your house
for suspects of a major homicide.

There are reports that
you may be sheltering them.

Again, we demand your cooperation.

Check the other side, comrade.

Excuse me, sir!


They were planning to go to Cambodia.

So they’re probably… at Cu Chi about now,

waiting for their ride.


Report this to the commander.

Then contact the local authorities
to devise a plan to capture the targets.

And you,

whether you'll be pardoned or not
depends on your cooperation.

Yes, sir.

Please come with us.

Holy moly.

Why does this world's shit never end?

Mr. Phan?

Be killed Mr. Phan?

I got you, sweetie.
Yep. I’m coming right up.

I’ll make sure your nails
are the wedding’s highlight.

Yes. Yes. I know, sweetie.

Yeah, yeah.

What are you going to do?

We need Cua's phone.

Only then can we
force him to tell us everything.

You’ve been busy.

All done.

How about Phan?

He agreed to move.

He's not only the first to go,

but also the furthest.

My name means "a piece."

Everything is a piece of cake to me.

I have a good eye for people.

I always knew you would get it done.

VND 5,000,000,000.

You've been working hard.

It's only right that I pay promptly.

Honest business makes lasting partners.

Thank you.

How is your son’s case going?

The Cambodia plan is canceled.
We'll stay here for now.

Uncle Lam,

where’s the toilet?

I need to pee.

I’ll show you.

Uncle Lam, it's been five days already.

I miss my home.

Oh, my dear Ung Hoang Phuc!

Oh, God! Please, auntie!

Light up for me!

I’m begging you, auntie.

Please come back to life…

and save Lam.

You’re alive! Thank you, auntie!

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm not going to lie to you anymore.

I want you to know the truth.

You all lied to me.

You said we were only away for a few days.

Does this mean we can never go home?

And the police…

will come to arrest you, right?


I don't need to go home.

I'll go wherever you go.

Today is my birthday.

But I don’t need a birthday cake.

I love you so much, Mommy!

I’m sorry, Bu.

My fault.

This is all my fault.

Bu is now a six-year-old boy.


what is your birthday wish?


On this very nice day,

I, Father Bu,

am here to witness the wedding

between Mommy Khanh and Uncle Lam.

I wish you two happiness ever after.

And remember

to be by my side forever.

Are we clear?

I'm only doing this for Bu.

Bring me a big diamond ring later,

and I may reconsider.

I’ll try to earn money.


I want you to enjoy this moment…

when we’re safe…

inside a proper home.

I found a way to corner Be.

I'm sorry I brought Khanh here.

No big deal.

What have you got?

Nothing is solid.


I have a way to make Be confess.

Will you do it tonight?


You can leave them here.

I'll take care of them.

I have a flat tire
and there’s nobody around.

I'll be there as soon as possible.

Lam, is that you?



Why don't you kill me?

You killed Thinh and Mr. Phan.

Am I next?

Who killed Phan?

Who’d believe

a murderer's accomplice?

And Thinh…

I didn't kill him.

Cua told me

he saw you that night.
You came to the rooftop to see Thinh.

You still deny that?

Did you ever see me do that?


Is this what you want?

Unless you leave my mom tomorrow,

I'll post this on the internet.

You want it?

Let go of me!

Mr. Be!

What are you doing this late?

Let’s go drink with the guys.

She must be sleeping. Don't worry.

Hey, Thinh! Can I have him for a while?

Don’t tell your mom, OK?

Come on, let's go.

Let’s go.

I have my witness.

You can ask that security officer.

What a moron!

You plan to protect

that killer and my son
for the rest of your life?

Moron! Where’s the phone?



This is Khanh's puppet.





Dustin! Why did you do that?

Khanh! Bu!



Where is Khanh?

Stay right there!




You’re finally a badass.

You finally beat her.

It wasn't me!

It was you!

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this to me?

Don't you remember anything?

It was you and I

who killed Thinh.

Hey, bastard! Is this your house?

Why did you stick your nose
in my business?

Did Khanh turn you
into an idiot or something?

Damn you!

You dodge?

You like to dodge?
I’ll make you dodge. C’mon, dodge.


Did I hit your head?

You're puking?
Don’t just stand there and puke.

Look up and watch your Khanh.

Your Khanh is full of shit.

Yet you keep letting her fool you.

You good-for-nothing shit.

What a pussy!

How dare you ruin my plan?

How dare you help her escape?

Keep running all your life?

Keep running all your life?

-It’s not the way.
-It’s not the way.

-I think
-I think

-you have to stand up
-you have to stand up

-right where you fell.
-right where you fell.

Your case clearly has a great deal of
questionable details.

That's why I want to help you
crack this case.


If you keep defending her regardless,

then all of your life
you're nothing but a crybaby!

I don’t need your help anymore.

Lam! This is Bu's puppet.

It is still intact.

You used the puppet at your place
to kill Thinh, didn’t you?

Didn't you? Answer me!

Lam! Why?


You're a liar.

I didn't kill Thinh.

I didn't kill anyone!

It was you?

You were behind all of this?

You have to believe me.

I didn't kill anyone.

Stay there!


She’s no pushover.

Now she knows everything about us.

Kill her.

You are not me! I am not you!

-Go away!

Go away!

Listen to me.


There's no use calling him.

I’m in control.

Go away!

Are you crazy?

Do you have any idea

how long it has been

since I last trusted someone?

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


Let's end this.

Khanh, let's get out of here.

That is not OK, man.


With her around,
you are unbelievably soft.

What did you do that for?
You can't change anything.

In the end, you are still a killer.

Do you remember this?



Hey, "Mountain" Tung.

Lam! What happened?





Lam! Wake up!


I thought…

at that moment…

you were dead.


Lam, wake up.


Lam! Help me!


I’ll kill you!

Be strong.

Do not back down.

End him.

Help her.

Run, Lam!

If you want to survive,

you must be cruel.

Kill him.


No! No!

No! No!



It's time you acknowledge me

and let me live.

Don’t just call for me when you get hurt.


Are we clear?





I love you.



I love you.



Uncle Lam? Uncle Lam?

Mommy? When will Uncle Lam be back?

A stork

Goes out for food at night

Standing on a soft branch

It falls

Into a pond

Wow! Not bad, girl.

It may be late,
but you will always have a birthday cake.

Happy birthday, my baby Bu.

Thank you, Mommy!

Hey. The cake tastes really good.

I’ll be your maid if I ever change jobs.


I haven't given you your birthday gift.

Let’s meet your new friend.

Thank you, Auntie Chien.