Tragic Ceremony (1972) - full transcript

Four young people are enjoying the easy life, cruising on a yacht in the sun. Returning to land their car runs out of fuel and they find themselves outside a large manor belonging to Lord and Lady Alexander. Hoping to find fuel they are invited in to stay the night and shelter from a heavy storm. The three men are put up in the servant's quarters while Jane gets a room in the house. Hearing a strange noise she heads down stairs, finding the Alexanders performing a black mass and she is put onto the altar to become the sacrifice.


What's that thingy called?

- Which thingy?
- The big sail up there.

Oh, that's the jib.

Nope, sorry. That's the spanker.

You got another
wrong answer, bud.

- What about that one?
- That's a bell.

Yeah, correct, but even a baby
could have answered that.

Can you name those small cables
climbing up along the mast?

Those small cables?

How am I supposed to know? They're
called ties, wires, whatever!

Nope again! Those are the mainsail
halyard and the jib halyard!

Wrong answers, Bill.
Totally wrong.

Will you ever get
anything right, Bill?

You might be the son of
a great industrialist,

but you don't know squat as
far as boats are concerned.

You're only good
at spending money.

- It's like you enjoy knowing nothing!
- Who gives a damn about the boat!

I can barely tolerate
using it once a year!

Well, the old saying is true.

"Youth is wasted on
the young", indeed.

Come on, now. Don't
get too mad at us.

At the end of the day, you're the only
one among us who can afford to lose.

By the way, Jane...

How many wrong answers has
he given since this morning?

How do I know? I don't
care about this stuff.

It's a stupid game. Besides, Bill
knows how much he owes you guys.

I'm not making much
progress as a sailor.

I'm still getting the
names of the sails wrong.

And those names are sailing 101.

Anyway, you owe me 50 pounds.

And, unless I'm mistaken,
you owe me 32 pounds.

I reckon I've written down
everything correctly.

Well, here's your money.

Your 50 pounds.

And your 32 pounds.

- And you, Jane?
- What?

How much do I owe you? How
much have I lost to you?

Forget about it, Bill.

You don't owe me anything.

I just want to enjoy life.

Well, I'm going to
get some water.

Tell me something, Joe.

You're from Andalusia, how
come you know boats so well?

An Andalusian gypsy,
to be precise.

When I heard Bill had invited
us on his father's boat,

I studied all the names of the
sails and set up the quiz.

- Pretty cunning, huh?
- You're a real SOB, man.

You scared me, Bill.

Here. This is for you.


- For me? Really?
- Yes.

Thanks, you really
shouldn't have!

Can you help me, please?


It's a wonderful gift.

These pearls are gorgeous.

It's your beauty that makes
them appear gorgeous, Mom.

Are you making fun
of your old mother?

But it's the truth.

I'd never lie to you, and I think you're
the most beautiful woman in the world.

I've bought those pearls more for the story
connected to them than for their beauty.

- A strange story?
- Yes.

An antique dealer on Church
Street sold them to me.

He said they belonged to a crazy old woman
who was apparently possessed by the devil.

According to her, Satan got
her through the pearls.

So she went to a medium who
managed to exorcise her.

The woman gave him the pearls
as a sign of gratitude.

Some time later, the exorcist and his
family died under mysterious circumstances.

You still bought them
despite this story?

Come on, Mom.

Don't tell me you believe
such a silly story.

No, no. I don't believe it.

But I don't want to own
something like that.

It would be bad taste. You
understand what I mean, right?

Come on, don't act like that.

You'll give me
another gift, Bill.

I made another deposit
into your account.

I don't want you to
have any money issues.

Thank you.

By the way, our manager is
coming to dinner tonight.

You're free to skip it
altogether, if you wish.

It'll be a business
meeting, after all.

I don't want you getting
bored to death.

Hey, don't tell me we're leaving now
that I'm starting to enjoy myself!

We'd better leave when
there's still light out.

No, let's stay here
a little longer.

This place is so awesome!

Well, fine by me.

I'm in.

You should be ashamed of yourself
for not sharing that cigarette!

You look so funny!

What happened?

- Great, just what we needed!
- What's wrong?

Did we run out of gas?
How can it be?

Our tank's half full,
I don't get it.

Bloody rotten luck!

What the hell are
we going to do now?

Well, I guess we need
to find a gas station.

"My gas, my gas, my kingdom for some
gas', to quote some famous fella!

Did I tell you guys that
this is a push car?

- All right, all right...
- What a drag to end today like this.

Jane, you get behind the wheel.

- Come on! Come on!
- Push, everybody!

I'd bet my cojones this gas
station will sort us out.

What do you want?

What do we want, you ask?

What could we possibly
want in a place like this?

Let's see the color of
your credentials first.

Credentials? What are
you talking about?

I mean the color
of your banknotes.

No money, no gas.

Oh, that's what you meant. Well, no
worries, I have traveler's checks.

Here. Satisfied with the color?

Very. Now show me some ID.

All right, as you wish.

Where did I put it?


Who can guarantee me that you didn't
steal those traveler's checks?

If they're hot and I
accept them, you see,

I could end up in the slammer.

You're talking nonsense, man.

Those checks are mine, I don't
need to steal anything.

Ask them if I'm
telling the truth.

I could buy a hundred dumps
like yours, if I wanted to!

Whatever, kid. No cash, no gas.

Come on, pal. Just calm down.

I can assure you those
traveler's checks are his.

I've got one too
right here, see?

Sure, sure...

Desolated, but I ain't
getting screwed.

Where did I...

Of course! I probably left it on the
beach, when we took down the tent!

If I retrace my steps using the
shortcut across the fields,

I think I should be able to get
there in two or three hours.

- Where did you camp out?
- Lighthouse Point.

Say, do you enjoy
being such a jerk?

I gotta return home to my parents,
and there's a storm brewing.


Oh, to hell with it.

Old Sam here never left a pretty girl
stranded on the side of the road.

- Hey, we need more!
- It's enough to get to town.

Take the first road on the
left, it's a shortcut.

Hey, what's wrong now?

Don't tell me we're
out of gas again?

You gotta be kidding me.

Yup, I'm afraid we're
officially out of gas again.

Son of a bitch!

That senile asshole screwed us!

He screwed us real good!

What the heck you doin', Joe?

Relax, bud!

I see some cars at the
end of this driveway!

And where there are
cars there's also gas!

What do you want?

Our car ran out of gas and
we need some help, see.

Come inside. Put your
car in the garage.


Let's go, guys! They
said to come inside!

Come on!

Almost there, push it!


Keep going, don't stop!

Almost there.

Damn, would you look at
this bunch of old ass cars.

Yeah, that one's a
pre-war Rolls Royce.

Whatever, I'd do god knows
what to own one just like it.

Forget about the Rolls
for a minute, guys.

We gotta find the garage first.

Maybe it's behind the house.

Move it, guys! It's
pouring like crazy!

- Come on!
- Turn the car!

Take a look, guys.

It's another vintage
Rolls Royce.

It looks like the owners collect
them like people do with stamps!

Bill, see if you can find
some gas around here.

Good evening.

You chose a bad night
to run out of gas.

But don't worry, you'll find
as much as you need here.

I would suggest you to wait
here until the storm passes.

You're very kind, but we don't want
to impose on your hospitality.

- We just need some...
- I'm Lord Alexander and this is my house.

Hospitality is sacred here.

It's a group of kids.

I let them in. They're
in the garage now.

- And our friends?
- They're waiting downstairs.

Give it a try.

No luck. It won't start.

What could have happened?

Maybe the spark plugs
got wet, who knows.

Let's push it again,
maybe it'll start.

Come on, start pushing.

Let's go. You, too.

- What a drag!
- Stop moaning.

Come on, people!

- Fucking hell!
- This freaking car won't start!

Give it another try, come on.

What's the point?

Tell your friends to come
in and take shelter.

Joe, Bill! Come inside!

You can spend the night in the servants'
quarters, who are off until tomorrow.

Thanks. You're very kind.

Feel free to eat the food in the
pantry, make yourselves at home.

I have other guests, so I'm afraid I
won't be able to spend time with you.

You're wet.

You will sleep in the
guestroom next to mine.

I'm gonna eat something, guys.
I'm starving.

The bathroom is ready.

- Thanks.
- A good, hot bath will do you wonders.

I've put some tea on the
table, if you'd like a cup.

You wouldn't happen to
have a cigarette, too?

Mine are wet.

You'll find the cigarettes
in the nightstand.

Stop playing, man, you're busting
our balls with that bore!

Leave him alone, Joe, it's fine.

Keep playing, I like it.

Fred is very talented.

He could even become famous.

This world'll eat you alive if you don't
have some powerful jerk backing you.

Speaking of powerful jerks,

I want to talk to my father.

He could help him.

That bastard is living
the golden life.

The only thing he
couldn't buy's love.

Few people realize that's something
you can't get with money.

Nah, money can buy everything.

What about a round of poker?
I've lost my inspiration.

What do you say, Bill?

Al right.

But I don't want to
play all night, got it?

And let me clear
something up first.

Don't think you can fool me twice,
like you did with that sailboat game.

Come on, we were just
messing around with you.

I actually wanted to
give you back the check.

Well, once I'm able to
find it, of course!

Forget about it.

You guys managed to keep
me entertained, after all.

- The lights went out!
- It's this damn storm!

Let me see if I can
find a candle.

Hey, you okay?

You nuts, mate?

What's wrong with you?

I saw the gas station attendant
spying on us at the window!

Come on, Bill, that's nonsense.

You must have imagined it.

Who takes a stroll in
this kind of weather?

Come on, let's go back inside.

Here you go, guys.
That's all I could find.

Well, it's better than nothing.

Let's get back to our game.

Where the hell did
they put Jane?

You think she might
be in danger?

Come on, gimme a break.

Sure, the owner's got that
Dracula-like expression,

but he was very kind
and generous to us.

Yeah, but Jane's alone now,
and she could even be...

Stop worrying, Jane is more than
capable of handling herself.

Maybe you're right, but she could at
least let us know she's still alive!

He'll never admit it, but our friend
really hoped to get laid tonight.

O, Angel of Evil,

who lived in Heaven and now rules
the bottomless pits of Hell...

O, Angel of Evil, who
lived in Heaven...

O, Angel of Evil, who lived in Heaven and
now rules the bottomless pits of Hell...

Hallowed be thy name.

We worship you as our God.

Hallowed be thy name.

We worship you as our God.

Hallowed be thy name.

Well, I'm going to go
take a look around.

Rest in peace, guys.

Joe! Joe, look!

We found Jane's clothes
in one of the rooms!

I told you there's something that
doesn't feel right about this place!

We must keep our cool, guys, we don't
know for sure these are Jane's pearls.

Maybe you're right.

But we better find her soon.

Damn you! Damn you!

No! Let me go!

Let me go!

No! No!


No! No!

Don't stop! Let's
get out of here!

Damn you!

Damn you!

Look out, Bill!

Oh, good evening.

Good evening.

Thank goodness you're here.

Something wrong, Miss?

Well, we missed our way home.

Where do you live?

Chelsea. It's not too far.

There's a crossroad about
three miles from here.

You'll find a sign to
help you find the way.

Don't go too fast, you'll
get there just the same.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Let's go, Bill.

What do we do now?

I suggest we go to your house,
then we'll plan our next move.

All right, but there's
something we gotta do first.

We need to find some gas.

I say we go to that
gas station again.

It's in an isolated
area, at least.

Bad idea, that geezer won't
give us anything without an ID.

No problem, then. I've found
my ID, I had it in my pocket.

Why? You got a better plan?

No, but if that jerk doesn't give us
enough gas this time, I'll break his face!

It's his fault we found ourselves in
that black mass, we oughta kick his ass!

Let's get going.

Jane! Aren't you coming?

I swear it's the same gas station
we've encountered before.

It seems like it's been out
of business for years.

Something's not right here.

It's the same one. Either
that or I'm losing my mind.

But it can't be! Think about it!

We could try getting home
with the gas we have left.

Let's get away from
here, at least.


Is something wrong? I expected
you to return tomorrow!

The storm made us
change our plans.

I'd also like to host my
friends for the night.

Mom, I need to speak
with you for a minute.

Yes, yes, but not now.

I wonder if you realize
how late it is.

Besides, the guestrooms
aren't ready.

I gave the staff a day off.

Here. You can all go to a hotel.

Come back tomorrow and we'll
talk about everything.

Dad hasn't come back yet?

He forgets about his home and his family
when he's with his hunting party.

Excuse me, Madam, but I feel
the need to say something.

I don't want to
invade your privacy,

but don't you think your son had a good
reason when he decided to bring us here?

Maybe, but this is not the
right time to discuss it.

As you wish.

Take this money. You'll
need it for the hotel.

All right, I'll give it to Bill.

I don't want to sound rude,

but I've already explained that I can't
let you stay here on such short notice.

I hope you understand.

It's not that easy to
understand you, believe me.

You better leave now, if
you don't want to be late.

You mentioned a hotel, but the situation
we're in makes that solution impossible.

If you would allow us to explain, I'm
sure we'll be able to solve our issue.

Allow me to solve it on the spot.
With more money.

You are the perfect mother.

Show her our gratitude, people!

Let's go.

Wait a minute.


Bill, the pearl necklace you
gave me has disappeared.

Do you know anything about it?

I'm sure I put it in a drawer
of my bedroom nightstand.

Absolutely sure.

No, I don't know anything at all about it.
Good night.

They're gone.

I've always said that
your son is a smart kid.

Hop in, come on.

- Are we going to a hotel?
- No.

We're going to my
father's country house.

We're taking these
two motorcycles.

But why?

That makes sense. Somebody might have
described Bill's car to the cops.

- Want one?
- Thanks.

Did you ever meet Sam David?

No. Who was he?

The owner of this gas station.

- He died about 15 years ago.
- So?

He was a weird guy.

People were saying he was the devil
in the flesh, or a close relative.


Gimme a break. I thought those dumb
stories only got around in Scotland.

He lived in there on his own.

- Folks were scared shitless of him.
- Even you?

Calling Patrol 32, proceed
to the crossing immediately.

- I repeat, Patrol 32, proceed to the
crossing immediately. - That's us.

The old guy was pretty
generous, though.

He always gave people free gas.

One could have covered this whole
road with all the gas he gave away.

And if he could give it to
some pretty girl, even better.

It sounds like this guy was
not the devil, just a creep.

Well, let's get to work.

- Come on, open it!
- I don't have the key.

The only thing we can do
is to break down the door.

Well, if you say so.

- Crap!
- Hey, look where you're going!

We can finally relax a little
and get our thoughts together.

Yeah, but for how long?

Well, the way my mother was talking,
my dad won't be back for a few days.

You heard it yourselves.

Besides, she could never
stand this place.

Let's hope that no one saw us.

We haven't run into any cops.

Except for those
motorway patrolmen.

Sure, but we were still a
long way from this house.

- The gas station attendant!
- Yeah, you're right!

That son of a bitch...

What ever happened to him?

It was his fault we
went to that villa.

Maybe that damn geezer was
in cahoots with those folks.

And then he went South
when things turned sour.

The guy was dodgy, I
said it from the start.

Anyway, I'm sure that
he won't say anything.

He'd find himself in trouble as
soon as he opened his mouth.

I'm beginning to think
that he never existed.

You may be right, actually.

But a gas station can't
disappear like that.

Why are you all looking
at me like that?

What are you all worried about?

I'm the one who's
neck-deep in shit!

Because I killed that woman!

I killed her with my own hands!

And that's an indisputable fact!

- You can't convince me I imagined it!
- Calm down, Bill!

We are all in this together!

I promise you we'll
find a way out.

Just try to calm
down now, please!

- Come on, Bill! - We gotta keep our cool,
guys, or we're gonna be in trouble!

We've got to let
things calm down,

then we'll plan our next move.

The ghastly discovery was made
by the officers of a patrol car,

which was called to the scene
by the servants of the villa.

A scenario of such devastation that it
looked like a monster or a steamroller...

...had wreaked havoc in
Lord Alexander's house.

Eight lives were violently,
atrociously destroyed.

The eight bodies that have
been found at the scene.

One of the victims fell to his death
from a window on the second floor.

Confusion reigns in the
villa's courtyard.

There's a constant
movement of police cars.

Even the chief commissioner of Scotland
Yard has been summoned to the scene.

I will now attempt
to enter the house,

in order to give you more details
on this horrible tragedy.

The bodies are being carried
out, one at a time,

and loaded into the ambulances that
will transport them to the mortuary.

I'm now inside the
villa, as you can see.

In the very room where the tragedy
took place, as a matter of fact.

Judging by the looks of it,

it must have been the stage of a sort of
black mass ceremony which ended horribly.

It was a real massacre.

The room has been
turned upside down.

An assortment of bladed weapons
are being tagged and gathered,

like this antique sword,

and various firearms are
being found everywhere.

This man is Chief
Commissioner Ferguson,

who is personally supervising
the evidence collection.

From what we've gathered, the investigators
are focusing on three strange details.

Not of the same degree of gravity, but
equally inexplicable nonetheless.

A guitar not belonging to any member of the
staff was found in the servants' quarters.

Pearls, seemingly from
a valuable necklace,

were found spread on the
stairs of the massacre room.

There's one last grisly,
mysterious detail.

Lady Alexander wasn't accounted for among
the eight bodies found at the scene.

Unfortunately, it would seem apparent that
the noble woman was murdered as well.

According to the latest findings, it
would seem that this gruesome massacre,

strangely reminiscent of
Sharon Tate's murder,

could be linked to the presence of a
small group of hippies in the villa.

Their presence would explain
the discovery of the guitar.

This is the trail the investigators
seem to be currently following.


Where's Bill?



Bill, you there?


Jane! Fred! Bill's upstairs!

What happened, Joe?

Bill is...

Oh, it's horrible!

What are you talking about?
What's horrible? Speak!

Joe! What happened to Bill?

Answer me, dammit!

He's upstairs! Dead
inside a closet!

Calm down, Joe! You're
not making sense!

No, Fred! It's horrible!

Come and see! Hurry!

You too, Jane!

Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up, I said!

Who could have killed him, Joe?

Look at the terror in his eyes.

What should we do now?

The only thing we should do is make the
body disappear and get away from here!

Move it, Joe! Give
us a hand here!

Let's barricade the door!

Pull yourself together, Fred.

He looked at me with those eyes.

He kept staring at me...


What happened to him?

He's not dead.

Who? Who killed him?

- Fred, calm down.
- Tell me who killed him.

- Come on, you need to rest now.
- Who killed him?

Tell me, tell me...

I want to know it.

Tell me, Joe...

What's happening, Jane?

What's going on?

Are we doomed to all
end up like Bill?

What were you doing
on that altar?

Answer me, Jane! Speak up!

We'll find a logical explanation
to all this madness!

Jane, answer me! Say something!

It was a tragedy.

Calm down.

There's nothing we can do.

We can still save
ourselves, though.

Fred, try not to think about it.

Try to get some rest, please.

Sleep, now.

When you wake up, you'll think all
this madness was just a bad dream.

I'm scared.

I'm so scared, Jane.

I feel so cold!

Don't leave me...

- Don't leave me, Jane.
- I have to go.

I'll be back soon.


Not him, too!

Quick, we must get
away from here!

There's no time to waste!

Yes, yes, let's go!



Jane, help!

Jane! Help me!

My legs are broken!


Jane! Don't let me die!

Jane! I can't hold on anymore!

I don't think you'll get anything
out of this girl, Inspector.

At least for now.

But I must question her
as soon as possible.

She's the only person who can shed
some light on what happened, Doctor.

Especially concerning the strange
disappearance of Lady Alexander's body.

The girlie in a
deep state of shock.

But I'm here to
investigate, Doctor!

I kindly ask you to stop
insisting, Inspector.

Take her back to her room.

Do you need anything?

Doctor! Doctor!

Where to, Milady?

To the villa, of course.

Very well, Milady.

Doctor, I made the rounds five minutes
ago, and everything looked normal.

But who could have killed her?

No one killed her.

You see, Inspector, the actual explanation
is that she was already dead.

I'm aware that what I'm
saying may sound illogical.

Absurd, even.

In all honesty, I couldn't possibly explain
her mysterious death any other way.

It all started when Jane found herself
in that room during the black mass.

She was probably under the influence
of a drug Lady Alexander gave her.

Something to impede
any sort of reaction.

Jane left her body under
those conditions,

but she remained connected to her
physical self through a spiritual link.

Lady Alexander was
killed shortly after.

I'm certain that woman possessed
exceptional psychic powers.

Our extrasensory faculties are at their
peak when we are on the edge of death,

and that's why her spirit managed
to penetrate Jane's body.

From that moment on, the spirit of
Lady Alexander owned Jane's body,

despite the efforts of that poor
girl to drive the woman away.

Alas, it was a useless struggle.

And now, Jane's real death has marked
the rebirth of Lady Alexander.

Look for her.

Find her and you'll
have the true culprit.

You'll have all the answers
surrounding this mystery.