Tragödie einer Leidenschaft (1949) - full transcript

When she was a little girl, Liuba came to town with her widowed mother to live in the block of flats owned by her aunt Anna Iwanowna. The wealthy and cold-hearted Anna Iwanowna barely accepted them as tenants. And no sooner did Liuba's mother die than she wanted to send her niece to the orphanage. Fortunately, Pawlin, Anna Iwanowna's janitor, decided to adopt her and he brought her up with affection. When she grew up, the beautiful Liuba fell in love with her aunt's son, Dodja, a good-looking but profligate army officer. Wishing nothing more than an affair with Liuba, Dodja did not hesitate to play the comedy of love to her. When she realized what Dodja was really after, Liuba was devastated and in desperation accepted to marry Pawlin, her benefactor, who had been infatuated with her for years. Alas, in the middle of the wedding party Dodja danced with Liuba and eloped with her.


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Thank you, Excellency.

Still into music?

No, into Pawlin.

Ah, into Pawlin.

Don't be angry with me, Excellency,
if I bother you again with this case

but today you have to listen to me.

Whenever you'd like, my friend.
But not now, in the middle of a concert.

Why don't you visit me tomorrow?
- No, it has to be now.

Music frees the mind. Today
you might understand more

of what you're not familiar with.

Sergej lvanovitsch, you might
be a successful writer now

but before that, you were
a lawyer. You know full well

it's impossible to grant your request.
This man can't be pardoned.

According to his files, he's a brutal
and cold-blooded murderer.

My God, what can files really tell
you? They name the deed

enumerate the lapses and say
nothing about the rest.

I witnessed how the deed was done.

And had a coincidence not
stopped me

I could've been the one who did this.

And then I had to be his judge and
sentence him. Life imprisonment!

It was murder. And still this man
is anything else but a murderer.

You'll change your mind after
I've told you how it came to this

How it all happened.

It was the first time I acted as a
judge in Tergenow.

You don't know the place. It's
a small city in the Urals.

I was living in an old house and
for a time, a young couple rented

an apartment there, which raised
my interest for some reason.

If I say "for some reason", I mean
especially regarding the woman.


What is it?

You know, I don't like being alone.

Some days later, I got to know
the man.

He lost again. It's clear to me
what the game was about.

And what was it?

Not about money; he's got nothing.

He was kicked out of his
regiment because of his debts.

That's why he had to leave the

What did I say wrong? Just look
at this old man!

He could never afford to do so

Come on!

Leaving so soon?
- I think it's disgusting!

Good evening.
- Good evening.

We know each other! Don't you
want to have a seat with us?


Fair enough, if you don't
remember me.

You seemed to be more
interested in my wife.

What do you mean by that?

I'm not touchy. In the provinces,
you have to get used to many things.

It would be nice if you joined us.
It's not that late.

Thanks but I must leave. Coming?
- Yes.

Please stay!
- Oh, thank you.

It was the same night, some
hours later. I had just come home.


Excuse my interruption. You
just came home, didn't you'?


And you met nobody when
you entered the building?

No. But now it seems to me, there
was someone standing there.

Well, I hope you're not angry
with me because of tonight.

Would you do me a favor'?

But of course!

Could you maybe come upstairs
with me?

Sergej lvanovitsch works for the local
court. I would like to hear his opinion.

Do you think a person, for whom
a death certificate was issued

could still be alive?

That's a strange question.

Municipality of Ostronov, Pawlin
Pimonow, about 50 years old.

Of course, it's possible that
a tramp was buried and nobody

scrutinized his papers.

Smaller communities often don't
take that very seriously.

However, if a death certificate was written for
someone, then that person usually is dead.

Smaller communities don't take
that very seriously.

Is he alive?

Was it him?

He was already after us in Kazan!
And in Saratov!

That's why you refused to accept
that invitation! Now I understand!

I'll never go there! You can ask me
to do whatever you like, but not that!

You'll do as I told you!

He should come!

He should come, if there's
something he wants.

With your permission, I'll go now.

Of course.

Sergei! It's the best thing that
could've happened!

You won't believe it. The
governor's vehicle is outside.


Yes! He's expecting her at his
place tonight.

Now tell me again, that I don't
understand human nature!

I knew it from the start! The game
was all about the woman

You're here to take her to him?

Yes, she's waiting. After you left
us, the governor invited her.

And she well, to be exact, her husband
accepted the invitation for her.

You find yourself very interesting,
don't you?

Sergei, that's enough to gossip
about for at least half a year!

Yes, gossiping and spying.
That's all you do here.

Dragging everyone through the mud.

We're talking about a human being,
but that doesn't bother you, does it?

It's his business.

And who's talking about him?
I despise him

And what about her'? Do you know whether she
really feels uncom- fortable about all of this?

Can't you see that this woman's little finger
is worth more than all of yours put together'?

And that she's dealing with this with
so much more superiority and pride?

How all this dirt just drips off of
her and doesn't even touch her'?

It only makes her more beautiful.

That's wonderful.

Sergei, you're in love! I've never
seen you like this before

Tomorrow, you will know all
about your darling.

The governor always has to tell
the story down to the last detail.

At his age, there seems to be more pleasure
talking about it than actually taking part in it.

No! Never!

Please help!


Sasha, come and help me!

Sergei! I'm going upstairs.

Feel better now'?

Where is he?

Her husband's upstairs.

That was no dream. Suddenly, he
was standing right in front of me

What am I doing here?

You came running out onto the

Yes. The street.

That face. I never saw him like
that before!

Whom? Whom are you talking

We must find him! Hurry! Please
go! There'll be a disaster otherwise


I'll be back soon! Stay here!



Sergei, were you in this room
just a short while ago?

Her husband's been murdered.
What do you know about that?

I know nothing.

They'll ask you as well, whether
you know anything.

Go and do what's necessary!

You must tell us everything.

It'll do no one good, if you keep
something from us

Yes, I will tell you everything.
And then you can help him.

That's how I learned her story.
She was only a child when her father died.

Totally impoverished, she came
to the capital with her mother.

Here, mother?
- Yes, my dear.

It'd be better to pay! Put onto the street
because of two Rubles? Don't come near me!

Go away! Just go!

Yes, you can behave like a big boy
now, but you're no better than us.

Son of a bitch! Lackey!


I'm Mrs. Verova. I rented an
apartment here.

Oh yes. Your furniture's arrived.
My people will help you.

Please, come in!

Oh, mom.


Lyuba! You must be brave.

You're a big girl now, right?

We can't live in the countryside

Your mother has to earn money now
and she can only do that in the city.

You don't have to make this any
harder for her.

Let's go and make this place
real cosy and tidy up a bit!

Let's open some of the boxes!
You brought nothing with you?

Yes, I did.

Let's go! Come on!

You see this? Tiny mice, hop!

One, two, three!


Who's Pawlin?


What do you want?

The rent, madam.

The rent? Why? I haven't even fully arrived
yet and you're coming to get the rent?

Yes, madam. Our policy is that
you pay in advance.

Fine, fine. No problem. But we are in the
middle of Christmas holidays at the moment.

L've got no money with me. You'll
have to wait til I go to the bank.

I can't do that.

Apparently, you're unaware that
I'm the cousin of Her Excellency

I'm aware of that, madam.

And she's the owner of this house.
So what do you want?

The rent.

I told you, you'll have to wait til
the holidays are over!

If you don't give me the rent now,
I'll have my people remove the windows!

The windows? Are you mad?

What nerve!

So you finally arrived.

Yes, thank God.

The last few weeks were horrible

Your estate's been sold?


And what's left?


Always the same. And now'?
Are you going to look for work as a nanny?

No, because I'd have to leave my
daughter if I did.

I'll try to give some classes.

You must excuse me for coming
here unannounced, Anna lvanova

I would've liked to change my dress

before making my first call, but

to thank you for your kindness,
but there was an unforeseen situation.

Just a minute ago, I had a fierce
argument with your property manager.

With Pawlin?
- Yes.

Because of the rent.

So you're not able to pay?

Of course, I am! But the money's
in the bank.

I don't understand why you're so
upset about it.

It's true, that Pawlin sometimes
doesn't say things the right way

but all he did was fulfill his duty.

You of all people should understand

because I made an exception in
your case.

One normally shouldn't take in
impoverished relatives as tenants.

They always look for special treatment,
which, of course, you can't give them.

Dodja! Leave it! Go to your room!

Well, my dear, the best thing for you to do is to
take care of this little thing problem immediately.

The tenants used to give a piece of jewelry as
collateral until they were able to pay the rent

We'll see one another soon, okay?
Au revoir, ma chére!



Mischa, come here!

I can't Pa)'

Mom, will we go back to the

In the Summer. Lyuba, we will go back
to the countryside again in the Summer.

But Lyuba's mother never made
it to the Summer

She wasn't strong enough for the
pains and toughness of her work.


Pawlin! Were you at the funeral?

Yes, Excellency!

Did you buy a wreath?
- Yes.

And where's the child?
- Here.

Why didn't you take her straight
away to the orphanage'?

I gave you the money.

I felt sorry for her.

Tomorrow, she's gone!

I would like her to stay here.

Not in this house!

But there's enough room

I've already spoken to a woman
who will teach her.

Later, she might become a tailor
and I'll set up a little shop for her

Don't you understand me?

Then I'll leave with the child.

Other people don't have to stay
alone as well.

L've got nothing to do with her

She's no longer one of my
relatives. Understand?

By the way, I don't want my son
to be with her.

Take care of that! From now on,
it's only you who's to take care of her.

If she stays, this will be her place.
Understood? Well!

You don't speak French, do you'?

Yes, yes, one moment please.

Just one moment, please.

- This lady only speaks French.

How can I help you, madam?

Madam, could you please keep this
dress and wig for me until tomorrow?

I'll return with my husband.

Of course, we will.

That's all. Very kind of you.

Goodbye, madam.

Lyuba, your level of education is
very good.

And speaking French as a real

But both are leading you easily to a kind
of arrogance you should be very aware of.

Of course, madam.

Alexei, where's Nikolai?

Drunk again?

I told you before what would happen to
you, if I ever found you drunk again

Yeah, yeah.

Why do I keep you here?


You fool!

You are very late today.

Yes, I chose the cloth for the

Did you find what you were
looking for?


But it's very expensive: eight

If you like it

What do you want?

To celebrate

It really is beautiful. Very nice.


Kolya! Am I'm allowed to take it?

Well, I told you to pick something
you'd really like.

Thank you very much! So, I can keep it?
Hurry, you have to take my measurements!

If it's to be finished by Easter,
I'll have to start straight away

ls he supposed to help you?
Take a look at his hands first!

Like I said

You're right. Madame was very
surprised I chose this cloth

She, of course, thought it was too noble for me and
wanted to know who's giving me expensive gifts

And you told her?

Yes, of course. She wouldn't calm
down. I told her you wanted

to look nice when we go to Easter


Well, she just looked at me and
said, "Lyuba Andreovna, I hope

"you never forget I only allow
decent girls to work for me."

I believe she think you're an
admirer of mine

A hundred and two. Twenty-two.

So, now here. No, no, no! Down
to the ground! Yes, what is it'?

I think there are people outside

Someone's outside?

Hurry! Now the width of the back.
What up with him? ls he angry?

Yes, as usual

Why do you have to pick on him
all the time? He's a good guy.

Everybody's good; only I'm
a bad guy.

How much is it?
- Thirty-nine.

Now there is someone outside.
- Go and have a look!

Pawlin! Pawlin!





Yes, leave! Just leave!

When tomorrow?

Whenever you'd like

It's great you're here. Without
you, it'd be Hell

And you brought the bracelet
for me'?

Come on! Leave! Go home to


To Hell with both of you!


Evening, Vladimir Alexandrovitsch.
Nikolai! The suitcases!

Please, Vladimir Alexandrovitsch.

Who's that?



Who was the woman in the car'?

The one from Petersburg?

So you brought her here!

You! I made you come home to
put an end to all these affairs.

Whom are you talking to? Pawlin?

Is that the tone you use with your mother? If
you're not thankful for the sacrifices I made

then you have no heart

and no love


I did everything to raise you right

More than a mothefis supposed
to do.

And all you think of are your women!

What sacrifices have you made?
Where were you, mother'?

Don't pretend to have done
anything out of love!

Did you ever try to think how
I felt about it all?

You sacrificed me! Your vanity,
that was what my upbringing was all about.

You made a puppet out of me, I
had to beg for every single coin.

That's why there's never any money
- Dodja!

Or do you really want to tell me you
made me come home only out of love'?

I should get married, so fresh money
comes in! So stop talking and be happy

I accepted my roll in this dirty play!

Dodja, ljust want what's best
for you!

Just leave the room!

Holy Mother of God!

What are you doing to us with this child?
Help us You were a mother, too

llS everything alright with him?

He brought her here

You have marry him off soon!

And until then?

She costs us a fortune

You'll have to look for another
one that's not so expensive.

Isn't it Lyuba?
- Who is Lyuba?

The daughter of Anna lvanovna.
- Oh yes, Lyuba

My, how she's grown!
- I used to know your mother very well

Well. Isn't she sweet?
- Dodja's bride?

Shut up, he's crazy! The property
manager's daughter.

What did she say?

She asked me to pick her up from
the store next time.

I love this old park.

Something about you is very familiar, Lyuba.
And something about you is very strange.

What's strange?

A lot.

So much that you didn't even
recognize me when I opened the door'?

You know what I mean?

Don't you realize I respect you
very much?

Lovely! Your laughter is just like
in the old days

When you laugh like that, you're
much more familiar. You agree?

If you say so.

Tell me something about

There's not much to tell.

I envy everyone who's able to
leave this place.

It's horrible to be locked up like this.

I know what you mean.

Is it very boring here for you?

I don't know quite yet.

Soon nicer times will come.

In a few weeks, it'll be warm;
everything will blossom around here.

What's going on?

Always just half an hour! Always
the same way across the park!

Going side by side like strangers.

Come with me to a place where
we can be alone!

But where?

I know a place. Outside of the city.

Only very few people go out there.


What are you thinking? Do you
think I'm like people say I am?

Some parts are true, others not.

I'm not that flighty, here one
woman, there another.

I only want one for my own.

If I could read your mind

Do you like it?

It's nice.
- Then I give it to you.


You're crazy!
- Maybe.

Here! Take it.


No! Today I'll go with you. At least
until the first houses are visible.

Yes. Isn't that Lyuba?

Nice to see you, Excellency.

L'm so glad we met. Come in! I'd
like to tell you something.

Oh, there's Dodja,too!

Hello. So you're here again?
I hope, I'm not disturbing you?

Not at all, my dear! I was just
about to ask Lyuba

if she'd like to visit me one day.

Pardon me?

Yes. Lyuba, you should know I'm very
alone and looking for someone to talk to.

What a brilliant idea!

Of course, only if you'd like.

Very much so!

That's nice, my dear.

I'm very hflPPY-

Thank you, madam.

Goodbye, my dear.


Are you coming?

What did she want from you'?

Well, didn't you hear here? She
gave me an invitation!


You don't agree?

No, no.

I was just wondering why. But it's
surely a good thing for you.

Why did you invite Lyuba?

So she can make your dresses?

What do I need dresses for'?
Only because of you!

Because of you, I have to go to all
these affairs

Because of you, I've got all these

Just buy some new clothes!

From what?

By the way, he's right. You aren't
here to work.

But I like to do it.

But she's not here because of you
either. You can go now.

He hasn't been at home for
a single night!

Only when you come to me does
he stay here.


No, stay! Dodja's here. I hope
you'll come back soon.


Goodbye, my dear.

Goodbye, madam.


Not here!

I've been waiting for you so
long. I can't wait any longer.


Now he's gone again.

Oh Dodja.

L'm very concerned about him.
He's gambling and has bad friends.

But he's not a bad guy. Vanity- Thinks
his place has to be next to that officer.

The more frivolous he lives, the more
he goes down well with his companions.

Lyubuschka, you must help me!
Only you are able to do so.

He likes you very much. If you
just ask him to do something

you'd have great influence on him.

Come over, my dear, sit down
next to me!

Am I right? Will you help me?

You like him very much,too? Obviously,
you'd have to be here all the time.

Tell me, my dear, what are
your plans for the future?

I don't know. My favorite choice
would be to enter a monastery.

Are you serious? With eyes like

Which such beautiful eyes, you
can't enter a monastery.

You'll get married. Would you
like to stay with me forever'?

This is the right surroundings
for you.

My beautiful girl, isn't it?

You're right, you're right. I just
have to talk to Pawlin first.

Come back soon!


You're going to madam?

Yes, she invited me.

What is it?

You spend all your time with her.

But I can't stay here forever!

What will happen when I get

Are you thinking about getting



Why do you look at me that way?
- Why do you care?

Drunk again?

Of course.

Be careful tonight! Understand?

Yes, yes, I'll be careful.


Yes, Excellency?

Is Lyuba here?

Yes, Excellency. Should I call her'?

NO, it's alright.

I wanted to talk to you about her

Pawlin, for the time being, she's
become absolutely indispensable to me.

Especially for occasions like
today's. So I wanted to ask you

whether she could stay with
me forever. As my companion.


Why not?

I'm not quite sure that'd do her
any good.

And what are you about to do to
her'? Lyuba will marry one day.

Yes, but only to a man suitable
for her. Excuse me, Excellency.

You told me once that her place
is down here.

That's what I was about to say.
Why don't you marry her?


Well, yes

Lyuba wasn't made for me.

My God, how clumsy you are!

Put yourself together! You're
a man! You look quite good.

You'll marry her and she'll be my

Not bad, huh'? Think about it!

What more can I do to melt the
ice between us?

Do you want to marry me?

Marry you? What are you thinking?

Well, I guess that's what your
mother expects.

What my mother expects?

You're not serious, are you?
How could I ever marry you?

You've got nothing. Oh, you
think because she invites you?

And is very friendly to you?

Lyuba, she's the worst person
under the sun.

Yes, she wants me to get married,
but to someone with lots of money.

That's what all the fuss today was
about. She found a new candidate

she can present me to. Do you still
have no idea what's going on?

I have to, I can't do anything else,
even if I'd like to

But I don't want anything else.
I want to drink and gamble

I want to have women! And
I want to ruin her.

That's what she's made me do

And she expects you to be my mistress,
because you'll cost her nothing.

Lyuba, it doesn't matter whom
I marry.

We're young, we're in love.
I need you.

You have to enjoy life, no matter
what. Everything else is rubbish.

Nice! Very nice!

No, I really wouldn't know what
to do without you

Won't you stay?


What's wrong with you?

Why don't you tell me?
You're everything I've got.

Why couldn't you be a child forever.

I can't be without you anymore.

You belong to me.

I'll do anything you want me to do.

All I want is to make you happy.

Will you marry me?



We'll celebrate our marriage
here! All night long.

A wedding!

Yes, because she loves me.
And I was so afraid Lyuba would leave me.

I always thought, I wasn't good
enough for her.

But it had to turn out this way.
Now she's going to be my wife!





That's like an ox and horse getting
married to one another!

Say that again!
- Pawlin!

Say it again!
- Pawlin!


That's enough! Leave!

- Leave!

- Pawlin!

We're late, but not too late to wish
you all the best.

Pawl in! Lyu busch ka!

It's a great honor that you and
Vladimir Alexandrovitsch came

to give your congratulations.
Do you mind

Oh well! To your health and all
the best in the world!

To your health, Excellency!

Well, now the young shall dance.
The old shall watch!

No, I really don't have to
congratulate you

I just have to look at you. Good

Will you take a seat, Excellency?

Excellency! Friends. I'm just an
ordinary man

Even if I've always tried to
educate myself by reading books.

As you see, it took me a while to
get married.

I didn't do so earlier because of
all my duties.

I helped my relatives; took care of a child; and
spent my money to give her a correct education

You don't want to dance?

Many people told me it'd be more
clever to think of someone's own

luck than of someone's duty,
because you'll earn no thanks for that.

I never thought like that.

Why did you come here?

And so it happened, that in

I found my wife as well.

You see, if you always do the right

luck will come to you one day.

Bravo, Pawlin!





Get my vehicle!

Yes, Vladimir Alexandrovitsch.

Good morning.

Where are you? For days I was sneaking around
here like a cat mad for love just looking for you

Why do you treat the man who
adores you like that?

We can meet here, I'll go now.

Do you really love me?

Are you serious? Sure.


Room 7, please.

Room 7 is there.

Next time, you can use this door
and go upstairs without asking.

I'll announce your arrival.

Excuse me, my dear, that you had
to come here alone.

But this idiot didn't tell me to
come down.

Get me out of here!
- What's wrong with you?

I want to go

Now? When we can finally see
each other'?

No, I don't want to. I don't want
to do this anymore

Don't get mad now!

I'm not like that.

Fine, if madam wants it that way.

Not like that! The only reason I can stand
it is because of you. All these lies!

Why can't you understand?

L'm sorry. But I have to deal with my own
problems. Now you're reasonable again.

You take everything too seriously,
Lyuba. All I want is to see you!

And this is the best place for it.
I want to see you every day. I need that.

Is it that wrong to long for the
woman you love?

Is it wrong to yearn for you?


Pawlin! Oh, Pawlin!

Come to me! Come to me! Come
to me! He has stolen from me!

And you'll go to him immediately,
yes, immediately!

And you'll take the money from him
before he can spend it on his whore!

And if the money's not back here
on the table by tomorrow morning

by tomorrow morning, the three
of you will go to jail, understand?

No. I don't understand, Excellency.

Well, you don't understand! The three of
you, that's what I said! The three of you!

My son stole from me! The whore
made him do that.

And you, the one she married.

What are you waiting for? Don't
you know where to find her?

Pimp! You buy her dresses and
jewelery and then don't know

where to find her with that on!
To set one thing straight:

We're talking about thirty
thousand. Thirty thousand rubles!

If the money's back by tomorrow

I will forget all about it.

Then you can pack your things
and leave with your wife.

Sooner or later, both of you will
end up in jail

You're here?


Are you his mistress?


You! Tell the truth!

That 115' the truth. I'm happy you
know it now.

No. No, you're not that bad. He
seduced you. You don't love him.

You love me!

You've been with him before

That's why you married me?


Whore! Whore!

Get the horse!

That's like an ox and a horse
marrying one another!

What do you want?

You've stolen from your mother

What the hell do you think

She's going to the police tomorrow.

She told you that?

There's a way out of this for you. You'll
leave this town and take Lyuba with you.

She loves you! And you'll tell her
you love her, too!

And you'll marry her.

Then I'll admit to the theft and
they'll believe me

I will disappear like a dead man.

But I will be there forever!

Vladimir Alexandrovitsch, you're
the only person who can keep her

from becoming a bad person.
You're the only one

who can make her happy.

Because she loves you!

But if you don't do as I tell you
now, I'll be able to sin against you.

So he followed them to Kazan

to Saratov, to Tergenow

this small city in the Urals. And it
was here he became a sinner that night.


According to his file, as you said,
he's a fierce and cold-blooded murderer.

He just wanted to keep her from
getting bad and unhappy.

And he kept her from that

I'll do everything I can to help
this man.