Trafic (1971) - full transcript

At Altra Motors, Mr. Hulot designs an ingenious camper car with lots of clever features. A lorry hauls the prototype to an important auto show in Amsterdam, with Mr. Hulot alongside in his car and a spoiled, trendy PR exec, the young Maria, in her sports car packed with designer clothes and her fluffy dog. The lorry has every imaginable problem, delaying its arrival. A flat tire, no gas, an accident, a run-in with police, a stop at a garage, and numerous traffic jams showcase vignettes of people and their cars. Through interactions with these down-to-earth folks, Maria gradually loses her imperious conceit, becoming much more relaxed and fetching.

Ford goes from here to there.

Good morning.

I’m ready when you are, sir.


— The boss!
- What are you waiting for?

Where’s the foreman?

Here, sir.

|’m counting on you
to speed things up.

- We have no blueprint.
- No blueprint?

We can’t just improvise.

Mr. Morel.

Hello, Mr. Morel.

We’ve run into a few problems,

but our model will be ready
for the show in Amsterdam.

- Your name, please?
- Maria Kimberley.

|t’s every man for himself here!
What a madhouse!

I see you’ve considered
every detail carefully.

Give me that!
|t’s the wrong design!

Where’s the new design?

We have no measurements
for the booth.

That’s your job!
Call Amsterdam!

Time’s running out.
I have no measurements.

Get me Amsterdam.

I handle public relations.
That’s my job.

Go right ahead.

Doesn’t he look handsome?

Morning, sir.
He’s so nice.

A call from ,4/Ira

for the expo organizer.

— What’s that?
- I didn’t say anything!

Hold the line.
I don’t understand.

They’re giving measurements,
but I don’t understand. Please come.

You need a check, right?
I just have to call Dad.

We can get by for now.

It’s 6:00.

Gentleman, you can’t leave!
We have to finish tonight!

The camping car must leave
for Amsterdam tomorrow!

That goes in the station wagon.
The boxes go in the truck.

Then say so!

- Don’t break anything.
— Just following orders.

How can I work
with these people?

- Go on.
- Easier said than done.

Come on.

More brochures?
We won’t run out.

See there?
Check out our “public relations.”

- On the roof.
- Move it forward so it’s level.

Careful, that’s my car.

All aboard for Amsterdam!

What’d you expect?

You gotta be kidding.
I don’t believe it!

You speak English?

Allow me to introduce...

- We’ve met.
- So you’re our PR?

— To Amsterdam!
— See ya, Marcel!

You go on to Amsterdam!


Hey, watch it!

Waiter, may I use
the telephone?

I’d like
the Amsterdam Car Show.

The manager’s wife
is at the beauty salon.


for Mr. Van den Brink
from ,4/Ira.

That’s up and that’s down.

You men figure it out.

Convention center here.

Good morning.

Good morning, sir.

This is Altra calling...

to say we’re running late.

No, this is public relations.

Bartender, a glass of
Cotes du Rhone, please.

Two Cotes du Rhone.

It wasn’t my fault!

Here she is.

What’s wrong? We’ll never make it
at this rate. l’ll get a mechanic.

Fine. We’|| wait here.

- What’s wrong?
— It’s out of gas.

- Impossible!
- You left the motor running.

And I have
to do the cranking!

Don’t bother.

We’re out of gas.

I’ve had it! I’m going to Amsterdam!
This isn’t my job!

Well, it isn’t my job either.

Out of gas? It happens.

You’re lucky.
It’s a nice day.

Let’s see... one gallon.

You too?
It’s one of those days.

You’ve been running, eh?
Through the fields?

Yes, it’s shorter.

Twenty-five francs.

S//m down fasz‘ W/'z‘h S//'m- 7'h/'n/

The Cyclone 70.

/-I new raincoat. ..
espec/a//y made for the sun.

It’s the clutch.

All this stopping and starting.

This time it’s serious.

- Look at that.
- Let’s help him.

For the Altra booth.

I/I//'// the ,4/tra representat/'ve
please come to the phone.

- Telephone?
— Over there.

Yes, it’s me.

What’s that?
I can’t hear you.

Broke down?
You’re still in Belgium? the show,
Mr. Van den Brink?

This year
we expect to have...

530 vehicles...

on display
in four different showrooms.

Damn it!

It’s becoming the most important
car show in Europe.

Yes, we’ve already
beat Brussels,

and we’ll beat London and Paris
next year, I assure you.

Will you look at that!

Someone hit my car!

This is too much!
I can’t leave my car for a minute!

I’ll do something about this!

Now there’s something!
You see that?

How many cylinders
is that model?

Look at those accessories.


Uh-oh, cross-traffic.


Careful there!

That’s the scenery
for our model.

And our model
is the camping car.

You made it.
They called for you.

They had a breakdown.
You must call them back.

You call that working?
Pick it up a bit!

You’re not here to nap.

Get lost!

What are you doing!
Don’t touch that!

That thing ran
in the Monte Carlo Rally, you idiot!

I’m public relations.
Get me this number immediately.

I’ll take it there.

Get her!


You’re wanted
in showroom No. 1.

Go ahead! It’II fit!

Francois, you watch the booth.
I’m going to the border.

Beat it!

The crowds are pouring in.

Sir, why have you come
to the show?

Because I like cars.
I love sports cars.

I trust you won’t be

This year will be
an international success.

7'here’s a huge variety
of models.

Colors are subdueoj
with lots of warm tones,

and quality and style
are uniformly high.

I/isitors stream by,

their eyes aglow at the sight
of these gleaming vehicles,

imagining themselves
behind the wheel

en route to their holiday

- Everything okay now?
— It should be.

Try it out.

Yeah, it feels better.

I did what I could.
I didn’t have much time.

Good-bye, and thanks.

,4 d I/ertising. . .

keeps you informed

Are you nuts?

Come on! Hurry!


Quick, the license number!

l was looking
somewhere else!

It was a French truck
marked “A|tra.”

Attention, attention.

immediately apprehend
a blue truck

with the name ‘£4 ltra. ”

it failed to stop
at border control.

I’m just the driver.

May I see
what you have in back?

You want my papers?

The car show in Amsterdam.

Do you really need that?

Could you tell me
where the Altra booth is?

I don’t understand.

Come see our latest model.
No obligation.

I’m a vendor myself.
I have a booth here.


Careful, please.

Have a look.

Very comfortable.

Will someone from DAF
please call the operator.

Isn’t this a nice car?

What do you think?

It’s all right.

Yes, this is Altra.

Hold on.

- May I?
- Take it!


It’s for you. It’s urgent.

- What is it?

They’re still not here.

Our modeI’s not here?
You should have said so.

Yes, I’m general manager of Altra.


I didn’t call the police.

Hey, where’d you go?

Stop there.

We must inspect your cargo.

It’s a frame-up.

Cops are cops
the world over.

Open that.

Yeah, I understand.

It’s an exhibition model.


Careful! Stop.

- Not so fast!
- That’s good.

Who does she think she is?

What’s inside?

Wait a minute.
We’ll show you.

You’ll see.

It’s a standard model
decked out for camping.

Carefully designed.
Very practical.

- What’s under there?
- That’s the bumper.

You pull like this, see?

A chair.

Wait. Here’s a table.

Not bad, eh?

— What’s that?
- Coffee and a cigarette lighter.

Built-in cigarette lighter.
Very nice.

Watch this. Look.

Soap for your hands.

Let’s have it analyzed.

Of course my papers
are in order!

You think I’m a thief?

I need this analyzed.

May I look in your purse?

This is customs.

Let’s see what’s in here.

- An atomizer.
- Perfume?

Of course it’s perfume!

Check all of it.

That’s what I call
a smash-up.

Here are the papers.
This is your citation.

Go with the sergeant.

No, follow the sergeant.
Other way.

Let’s continue

our inspection, sir.


Simple, right?


Very interesting.

You push it back in.

Ingenious, right?
Come this way.

Get inside, and no tricks.

I’m gonna lose my mind!

Mr. Hulot, please help.
We have to do something!

Just throw me
in jail right now!

Yes, sir?

Authorize... French customs.

The papers for the French car
are not in order.

The stamp’s no good either.

This is no good either.

There’s a mistake
here too, see?

With your permission, sir.


our permit.

Permit form. Understand?

To the right.

A shower.

I’ll show you.
But we need water pressure.

Just a second.

Watch out!
You’ll get soaked!

Start the engine for hot water.

What’s that there?

This here...

It doesn’t work.

— I didn’t do anything.
- Explain inside.

A few more questions, sir.
What’s that?

Oil pressure.

There we go.

It’s even too hot.
Turn it off.

Come on. Careful.

Have a seat over here.

for the camping car.

- What’s this?
— Come see.


And that’s that.

What’s this mean?

I’ll just put down anything.

It’s an overhead light too.

Good idea, eh?

Mr. Hulot is our designer.

— What’s in there?
— Ah, what do you call that?

I’ll show you.

|t’s connected.

That’s not my department.

It’s water.

Sweetheart, are you okay?

It’s so cold in here.

— This is awful.
- I don’t care, baby.

A little French ingenuity.

Impressive, eh?

Shall I give you a hand?

Look at this.

It’s for camping.

For God’s sake,
it’s just a bed for two!

I’ll show you.

Very comfortable, eh?

Watch this.

Ignition. Watch out.

Very nice, gentlemen!

Works well, right?

It was a big hit
at our car show.

Even a working TV.

I don’t know why,
but I love this decor.

Hurry! To your posts!

Where are they going?

Maybe we can get going again.

Car... leave?

Car not go. Stay.

Well, that’s that.

- The car show is open!
- It’s not going anywhere.

Thanks for understanding!

I don’t know
what to do anymore!

I should never have
taken this job!

I’ve always been a success

wherever I’ve done
public relations.

They could at least
give us our visas.

We’ll never get to Amsterdam!

Your suitcase.


Was there a call from Paris?

I/I/il/ someone
from Morris please call

the operator.

Yes? What’s going on?

What? The police station!

Francois, get my briefcase.

Just a moment.

Go ahead.

I’ll be right there.


turn off those birds!

Where’s a taxi stand?

Out in front.

You can sleep and eat
in the great outdoors.

Thank you.
So we can go?

The papers are in order now.

Hurry UP!

I heard a “ping”!

Just great!

Not even tied down,
of course.

What happened?

Why didn’t you stop?

What did you —

It’s nothing serious.

I can manage.

I’ll make a phone call.

No, take a left.


No, right.

What are you doing?

We need a garage
to fix the camping car.

- We need a mechanic.
— Let’s go.


Straight ahead.

Follow me, Marcel.

No, the doorbe||’s broken.

Ah, broken.

My wife’s hard of hearing.

What’s going on?
What are you doing?

What is it?

An accident?
I’ll be right there.


- Okay?
- Yes, fine.

I’m all right.

What happened to you?

That car, of course!
And this whole thing came down!

This is terrible!
Come inside.

You look just awful.

Anyone home?

- Who is it?
- Go back to bed.

- Accident. Truck.
- French?

- We’re going to Amsterdam.

Wanna have a look?
— May I?

I can fix it.
- You can?


You fix tonight?

Tomorrow? No sooner?

You sleep here.

No, ma’am,
you’re not sleeping here.

Get the luggage?
This feels familiar...

Bring your bags.

Some quick housecleaning...

Go ahead, ma’am.

You’|| sleep here
like a princess.

Give me the other one, please.

Monsieur Piton will go beddy-bye
with his mistress.

Maybe I’ll just —
— Good night.

Good night, then.
Back to my palace.

Need some help?

Do you know a Mr. Schriffel?

Hey, what about me?

I have his suitcase.
Can you help me?

Of course I can.

- You know him?
— He’s my father.

- it’s nothing.
- You ’re just saying that.

- Were you drinking again?
- Just two beers.

That’s what you always say.

You want your slippers ?
- No.

/’// make up the bed

l’l/ have to do everything tomorrow,
with your leg like that.

/t’l/ be better tomorrow.

You say that now.

Is this the place?

Let me help you.

- That’s your name?
- Yes, my first name.

Very charming.

Peter, we can’t stay
out here all night.

Be reasonable.

Come on. It’s very late.

What a beautiful night, darling!

The silence, the stars!

Peter, let me go now,
all right?

I have a job to do.
You understand?

- I love your soft hands.
— That’s sweet.

Maria, stay here tonight.

I absolutely have to go!

Let me go!

You’re out of your mind!

You’re all the same.
Get lost!

Are you repairing the —

What a mess!
My wife never straightens up!

Do me a favor.

Find me one just like this.


Come how, quickly!

Please leave quickly.

Come on.

Back up.

Come on.

The chair!

No, clear out.

This isn’t a picnic.

Why’d you put it there?
And don’t tell me how to do my job.

Good morning.

- A little baby!
- Say hi.



Go lie down. Good dog.

Stay right there.
Don’t move.

You never know with that dog.

You need a tire?

I’ve got everything.
Special stuff.

Keep the dog quiet!

I’ll be right back.

I brought a picnic lunch.

Take the handbrake off
and push.

If you speak Dutch,
I won’t understand a word!

Makes me want to puke.

What’s that mean, “puke”?

Get in the kitchen
and fix us some eggs.

- Joke, fix us some eggs.
— Coming right up.

Wait a minute, you big baby.

Damn it!

Mr. Hulot,
the phone number!

This is very serious.

I must call
the car show right now.

Maria, what’s wrong?

Now I’ve seen everything!

But what do I care?

Thank you.
You’re so kind.

Come look!
The astronauts!

The what?

A spaceship and astronauts.


Amazing! Eh, Tony?


we have to hurry.

What’s going on here?

I’ve had it with you, Marcel!

All excuses and no work!

What do we owe you?

Joke, the bill!

Do you have our bill?

Here it is.

Darn it!

Mr. Hulot, please help me.

Two hundred.

Something to clean with?


No, nothing.

Marcel, right there.

No, there.

Which one is it?

You’ve got to...

Are we going?
Who’s in charge here?


My God!

Give me a hand here.

The show’s over.

Over? No!

No, it was the 6th.

— Here’s your bill.
- Call Francois for me.

What’s this bill?
We didn’t use this much electricity!

What’s the meaning of this?
300,000 francs!

What’s all this about?

Was the booth lit day and night?
I’m talking to you!

Get me the manager.
I’ve had enough of this.

Please come with me.

You think I’m going
to pay this?

We never even
occupied the space.

That car is specially designed,
a product of French imagination!

Let’s find a compromise.

You used our facilities.

Our invention was
never even put on display!

We can’t make
an exception, sir!

Those are our rules.
You’re in the wrong.

You read the rules
and approved the contract.

We can work this out.
Trust me.

I’ll see to it myself.

Francois, you could have
tried to help.

Just a moment.


I’m talking to you.
I’m fed up.

You understand?

Take a cab, a train, a plane —
I don’t care!

Here, take it!

You’re fired!

Easy, ladies and gentlemen!

Yes, we’re taking orders.

It’s a success!

|’|| walk with you.

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