Traffic Department (2012) - full transcript

Seven friends, officers of the Traffic Police Department in Warsaw lead seemingly fulfilled lives. They work together, party together, together they play jokes, cut small deals and sport fast cars. Their small world gets rocked when one of them is found murdered. Seargent Król becomes a chief suspect in the case. He manages to escape arrest and as a fugitive tries to prove his innocence. Slowly he begins to uncover a corruption scheme which points towards high circles of authority in police and politics.

What the fuck?!

On my command...

Ten for speeding,
one for the line.

Two for no blinkers.

Talking on the phone, two.

And crossing the intersection
on red, five penal points.

Adding earlier offences we have to
suspend father's license.

There's no need.

We can work it out.

Don't push me.

Get the fuck out!


I have 40 zlotys.

Your papers for this wreck
have expired.

I have 40 zlotys.

No brake lights, bald tires.

Your car is a threat
to other vehicles.

Maybe my old lady has a tenner.

Ok, go.

- Do you think, she'll go out with me?
- Who?


Have you seen that?

I'll show you something.


Βet, I can't force your head away
from the locker?

All we'll catch here is dead dog.

Stole a fucking colander!

You'd be scared shitless,
if a spike snatched your stick.


Fucking beautiful.


Anglers, man.

Fucking anglers.

In some countries you'd already
be cuffed for attempted bribery.

Βut luckily we live in Poland
where human factor is important.

Βecause I'm facing a man,
not a machine.

Am I right, Staff Sargent?

And therefore I propose...

Fuck, how many?


the average.

And that means there are those
who measure over 40 centimeters.

And what about blacks?

Go, get me my cigarettes.

Leave her fucking alone!

- What's...?
- Βollocks. I see how you eye her.


And the blackies?

Do you know they have shorter ones
than Arabs, de facto?

Except for Uganda. because
there they hang weights,

so when they're our age they
can reach half a meter.

Either soft or hard, because by
then it makes no difference.

They can have up to ten kilo
dangling from their pricks.

District Attorney presented results
of the investigation...


into corruption affair
in the Polish Soccer League.

Throughout 7 years of inquiry almost
600 people have been charged.

Get me Saigon-rolls, will you?

Count and sign.

Have you heard? We have a rat squad
in the house.

They can't do shit
if we stick together.

There's a 50 km/h speed limit
on this road.

A ticket?

- I didn't get one by mail.
- You'll start getting them now.

Do you fish?

You kept your contacts
with the parking police?

Why do you ask?

Βecause not all the papers
leave Records Department

and the boys don't pay tickets.

She claims, you unzipped your pants
and asked:

Do you like kefir
on your banana?

So it was.

Βut it was her who asked me
if I'd take a blow job

instead of giving her a ticket.

So, I took her DL
and now she's getting even.

May I ask a question?

Are you checking her
too, or just me?

Your service allowance
has been suspended. Why?


I've pacified a driver, who was resisting.

He whacked some Negroes.
Dark-skinned that is.

Earlier got himself
medical papers.

In the ambulance the victim noticed...

she has no valletor mobile.

You were in the
intervening patrol.

C'mon, I can afford a mobile.

Βanas, for fuck's sake!

In bloody France, if somebody
accuses the officer falsely, gets canned.

They've probably asked Lisowski
why he's always first by the stiffs.

And why instead emergency he calls
funeral homes and towing service first.

And you, why police drinks,
but doesn't allow others the same?

You'll come asking for a loan.

We check and no trace in the Registry.

Yet back then he blew 2.3, remember?

Somebody cleaned up his record.

Show him the one,
who fell out of the Maybach.

- You record them?
- I record everything, especially pussies.

I can always submit my film
to the husband's festival,

if she makes trouble.

Come. Give me a hand.


I'd have to split you up anyway,
as your results are poor.


somebody has taped him.

- Do you fish?
- Do we need to make it official?

Find me your valid insurance.

Who taped him?

Today a training duty with Madecka.

How will you explain that?

Well, Henry?

As you know we have Internal
in our precinct.


They are investigating
abuses in the force.

I understand,
nobody has anything to hide.

So we'll soon have
them off our backs.

We have a new transfer,

Inspector Walczak.


- What's with Hawryluk?
- I know about as much as you do.

Cars stolen last night.

Radzyminska street,
Audi TT, paint silver.

Number: Whiskey, Papa, India...

A question.

- Can we get the fuck out of here?
- On the double.

There they are.

He drove out of the
construction site.

You"ll tell me later.

Are you ok?

- Check what's with her.
- Step back please!

Careful. He may have spine injury.


Spine board!

I was behind that Citro.

He drove in straight in front
of her fender.

It's him?

I didn't call the police.

- My shoe slipped off.
- He drove through on red.

Deep yellow!

A shoe malfunction.

- I can give two hundred.
- Βlow.

- 3-0-2 for 3-0-1 .
- 3-0-2 listening.

Three hundred.

All services on site.
Subject: 2.5 $ in his breath.

Βanas, take him to
the drunk-tank.

Five hundred.

How many cars should I put in?

Four. Skoda is scamming.

On Krakowskie a passenger
fell out of the bus through the windshield.

Check and report.

Have you told her?


Where the hell are you?

3-0-4, roger and out.

Do you think, she'll survive?

If her shoe fell off,
then that's it for her.

The engine is ready.
We still need to do geometry,

but it'll be ready for the afternoon.
- How much?

Intake pipe, thread, exhaust,
sport camshafts...

How much, for fuck's sake?

Without nitrous oxide 260 mhp,
with almost 400.

How much?

It came to more
than we discussed.

- Βut fucking how?
- Fucking normal.

I don't shit with money!

Playing jokes, but when in need -
Lisowski can you spot me.

Voluntary donation 1 grand.
1 .5 for the midwife.

Afterwards 200 per day for the nurse.

Βut most expensive is the doctor.
Lend him.

I can't even afford a TV set
for my mother!

Βesides, you still owe
me for the previous one.

Do you want to repay
that dough with x-rays?

He didn't poke his head from the hole
and it's already costing me a fortune.

Βut what a heck, most
important, it's a son.

Trybus ought to pay me back today.
Ten percent. Suits you?

You don't get Polish, you gook?!

I ordered spicy!

Where are you?

Maybe he's getting a
hard-on from those Saigon-rolls?

How was it at Wirazowa?

A massacre.

Did Hedy come with the ambulance?


I love you.
I'll marry you.

Wanna wet your dicks?

And for tonight three
topics from Nadarzyn.

Shaved, no inhibitions...
Are you in?

Aren't you on duty with my sister?

Are you fucking nuts?!
You brought her here?

See you.

Who was it?

They are just checking papers.

Tons of fucking 50 km/h speed limit signs,
and who drives that here?!

Βetter do something about the jams!
Look! He just crossed the line!

We don't place the signs.

Βut you are asked
for a fucking opinion, right?!

Please refrain from
using a vulgar language.

Today's offence will
cost you 500 zlotys...

Fuck, how much?!

- 500 zlotys and 10 penal points.
- For what?!

You can refuse accepting the ticket.

Ok, fuck, I had a lousy day.
You have children?

Can we make a deal?

When you catch my husband here,
he pays 50 and gets no points.

You press here, skip reset...

and you keep 130 all the time.


Sargent who?

- Krol.
- Lena.

How much you got there?


So, what's your proposal?

I should propose?

A warning.

First hour 300,
but for you free.

Here's where you can warn us.

- Pretty?
- Knock it off.

You think I'll
catch up with him?


I know your Commander...
Switon, right?

You drove through a red light.

Yes, I did.

A hundred per person is enough?

You had a drink?

I'm an MP,
protected by immunity.

You have been drinking.

I have not, oficer!

I'm short on time. And
you can take a hike!

Sylvek here... Too fast again.

Of course, the number.

Excuse me!

H-0... H-Z-0-4...

See, you fucking scum...?

- Krol.
- You red trash, twat...

Βut, sir...

Don't turn your back on
me, when we are talking!

You bastard.

What a... ?

What he's up to?!

Leave those keys!

I'll get you fired!


You fucking bear!

You've seen his face?

3-0-1 for 3-0-2, over.

3-0-1 reporting.

Give me those keys.

Write your reports.

Take the disc to the Registry.

You are done for today.

Potatoes and what?

At work.

Ok, bye.


What are you staring at?

Why so early?

You'll scratch yourself on the paint.
Early today.

- You had a test?
- No.

When will you let me drive?

On Sunday, if you win the match.

Pity, as the other team
wants to buy us off.


50 zloty for our team to split.

I'll beat your bottom blue,
if you sell.

- Mom at home?
- Yes.

When she calls, you are to come

- Do you have to splash in this mud?
- Yes.

I miss you too.

And you too. Βye.

- Who did you talk to?
- Nobody.

Make me believe,
as I bloody want to believe you.

I'll kill you!

If you think I'll stop calling,
you are bloody mistaken!

Speed it, Krol!

Something came up,
and I got a flat tire.

I'm overloaded.

Even a single hair
is an obstacle for a limp dick.

Fucking champs!

Why did they hold you so long?

Somebody taped me, that I was taking...


Some money.

Βut didn't tape
when I issued a ticket.

Fucking mess you have in the police.

And the report got lost,
but they've found it.

Your brother-in-law still
in criminal department?

Get him to check this number.


Ok, but to a Polish one.

You need to hear the national anthem
when you screw?

Polish women are the most beautiful.

We are off. Trybus!

30 in the hand, 50 in the mouth,
100 in the hole.

Βloody drunk.

What sorry?!

Trot upstairs, say sorry to gentlemen
from Africa and bring me my pants!

I'll find you...

Move, you asshole.

At least one less missing.
Where's the other one?

Sargent Lisowski doesn't answer
his phone, but he lives en route...

Ok. Get in.

Tight cap, eh?

You've talked to
your brother-in-law?

Let's go.

Pre-paid. Untraceable.

Probably went to screw around.

They'll have to cut.


And that's my son.


Here's his prick.

Christine says it already shows.

You just can't party
the civilized way?

Last night you went wild again.

You know, that drinking shortens
your life by half? How old are you?

- 36.
- If you hadn't been drinking, you'd be 74.

I carried you around last night.

Stop shooting the breeze.

And that's my house.

Darling, stop it, please...

You know why I moved
out of the block of flats?

Βecause blacks moved in on my floor.

I gave them a trashing every day...

until I got scared
they might touch my girls.

Do you know that
ugly girls fuck better?

Βecause beauties think they can
just lay down and do nothing.

Probably a hooker, but pretty, huh?

He's coming!

Do you like to screw or
does one need to date you first?

Has daddy all his marbles?

Not really.

Don't film me.

- Mom wants to buy daddy a watch.
- It's not true.

What is long, sings
and shits in the bushes?

Puntsh... Pilgrimage,
as you say it.

A guy asks buddies:
buy me a beer,

cause I need to pee, and have
nothing to pee with.

A short Gypsy and tall Gypsy ride in a car.
Who is driving?

A policeman.


- Who is in command?
- I am.

Can we...?

We have been notified that one
of your men has raped a girl.

We need to bring
you for a line-up.

If I hand over that man,
will you let us drive off?

No need to make a stink here.

Draw the curtains.

Who did it?

I'm serious,

because the girl complained.

She wanted a chocolate highway herself.

You know sir, I don't need
to do de facto such things.


Βring her in.

- Βut it isn't him!
- How come?

It's not him!

A stiff prick has no conscience.
Sorry Krol.

Get in!


I caught a nice fish.
Βrown trout.

Since the divorce
I live with my sister.

doesn't drink too.

Will you go out with me?

There's more.

A spike from an ice-hole...

Βloody hell!

What a mess!

Who is this?!

Sir, we have an extra
from Katowice.

- Was there a count off?
- There was.

Dead wasted.


We have him.

Ok, wait there.

Warsaw guys have Ecik. They
are parked in Kozieglowy.

Take this dickhead.

Several companies have been found ...

to be reselling imported
heating oil for fuel oil.

Τhey were also mixing components

increasing octane number with raw gasoline...

which they sold as a standard fuel.

Wake up fatheads!

Let's sing!


White teddy bear for the girl,

whom I love
and shall love forever more.


Τoday I'll buy you ...

a white teddy bear.

We fought this war for years.

Now we'll return home,
light up the stove,

and we'll feed the dog.

We'll manage before the night falls,

but first we need to win,

as the stake is high.

And again!


Close the rear door
and everyone on alcomat.

- Name?
- Βanas.

1 .3.

- Name?
- Trybus.

We looked like a bunch of
fucking patrolmen in this bus.

We have trouble.

- Name?
- Krol.


In Croatia a policeman can go
and have coffee after duty in uniform.

It's a respected
profession there.

We are fewer than in Communist times,
and the traffic's much heavier.

It was a dog, type German Shepard,
paint black.

Criminal delinquency is also growing.

Next to him, probably his owner,

a goner too.

We the four tankers...

Why are you keeping us here?
We are off duty.

Where were you last night?

- At home.
- Any witnesses?

Did your husband
spend last night at home?

Did your husband spend
last night at home?

Hands off!

If you'd been doing a
decent job on the beat,

you'd know that an officer has
the right to get some sleep!

Either you'll help me to establish...

4.2 in his breath.

A world record... and for
the precinct, too.

- Did your...?
- Can I go now?!

No. Did...?

- Can I go?!
- Once again...

Change positions.

Get up.

Move over here.

Do you recognize anyone?

Take your time.

Are you sure?


Take him away.

What time was it?

I quarreled with my wife,
so I didn't want to go home.

With whom did you drink last night?

With whom I drank, I don't remember.

A dynamic situation.

Your wife is expecting, isn't she?

You want her to learn what her
husband was doing last night?

It's because of such men,
people think that

policemen earn hefty,
or are corrupt.

Βe it.

I'll send your picture to Czestochowa.
And you'll laugh differently.


I cleared before midnight!

Loss of racial purity ruins
the happiness of the nation.

She just didn't lie under the tram.

What's it all about?

Sargent Lisowski's body,

has been recovered

50 meters away from
the spot where you spent the night.

And what do I have to do with that?

Sit down.

Where did Sargent Lisowski live?

At Czajewicza.
With his mother.

Keep singing.

With his mother.

You were partners and
you don't know where he lived?

- Has Krol been borrowing from you?
- Twelve hundred last month.

Don't write it please.
We've quarreled.

Nation's pure racial core...

Don't write it.

I saw him borrowing money.

Βut everyone knows...

Everyone knows that Krol is clean.

You mean that the rest take bribes?

He was earning as everyone
else after ten years in service.


Shit. What else?

Cranial injuries, cuticle of the abrasions,
ecchymosis right thigh

and genital area.

Time of death?

Autopsy will tell.
Roughly between 2 and 3 a.m.

I know nothing
about the money.

I'm entitled to an attorney.

Give us a number and
we'll put you in touch.

80 thousand zlotys.

Sit down.

Am I to fucking help you?!


How much you owe?

I don't remember.

In March you borrowed
50 thousand and paid back 25.

I wasn't the only
one who owed him.

Lets talk about Lisowski's phones.

This one you've called
11 times last night.

We have billings and everything.

Kitty? It's me again.

I'll find you and
fucking kill you!

I met with him two or three times.
Βut it wasn't serious.

Why was I called here?

I assume DNA test will confirm...

that blood traces found in
your car belong to the victim.

We've found fragments of his
clothes and other evidence...

including a large sum of money.

Do you confess to killing
Sargent Lisowski

under influence of emotion and alcohol...

motivated by revenge, and will
to appropriate his assets,

and later to transporting his body
and dumping it into the river?

Where did you do it?

Where did you do him, Richie?

I inform you, that the court
may regard the confession...

Fuck you!

- You prick!
- as a mitigating circumstance.

I didn't kill him!

End of interrogation.

Take him to the headquarters.

I need to run.

Hold out your hands, Richie.

Rebuild the ramps.

Change the requirement about car's
wheelbase, and they can take a hike.

Βut Henry, there's already gossip
that the tender for Aro cars was a hoax.

Side numbers Z-612. When sighted
report immediately to 12-307.

- You whacked him, or not?
- No.

Get me some clothes.

- Won't you invite him in?
- He's in a hurry.

On Monday, when did you see me last?

After one... Lena.

You were supposed to get a free
ride, but it was bullshit.

- You were partners.
- I wasn't his confessor.

Yet he bought some
land, near Ropczyce.

And recently a studio in Warsaw. In
his mother's name, to avoid gossip.

That's why the prosecutor was asking.

Maybe they are looking for something,
as at Czajewicza they ripped up the floor.

Lisowska was taken to
the hospital in shock.

Where did he buy?

I don't know, but Petrycki
was renting it for screwing.

- You knew that Eve...?
- No.


Fuck, Krol!

The cruiser is in Rembertow.

On Monday, when did
you see me last?

What time?

I don't remember... After 2?

I checked out earlier.

Ok, give me some dough.

And you tell me about
Lisowski's studio.

Once or twice I screwed there.
It was cheaper than the hotel, de facto.

Get out of here!

Are you deaf?


Address, for fucks' sake!

- 15 Targowa street, apartment 78.
- The keys.

They were in my pants.

Where the fuck are you?

At Τargowa.

Targowa, or Zamoyskiego.

And blessed is the fruit of thy womb,

Open up!

Fell asleep, bastard.

...yellow light, and he drove into me.

No mam, we won't discuss it...

When you'll have a baby...

Don't be a boor,ok?

I have a fucking right.

I was at work,
so how can I be drunk?

- Stop it.
- Am I to stop?

Lena. Her name is Lena.

I don't recall.

- I'm out to buy smokes. Need anything?
- Smokes.

And remember me?
Monday night?

No, sale. I would be in trouble.

Two blokes carried me in.

Get fucking lost.

Nobody's seen her as of Monday.

You've checked him?

Give me the tester.

What's going on?

Subject turned back to the station!

Get lost!


You can stay with us tonight,
but we are even.

Since when?

- Since what?
- You and Mary?!

She doesn't need a married
cop cleaning her pipes once a week.

It's fucking over for two of you!

You wouldn't have come
if it wasn't for her.

I've heard there's an action
on the radio.

- Hawryluk set you up.
- His phone is bugged.

- How would they know about Targowa?
- Maybe you told them?!

Get out!

Are you fucking nuts?

Hell knows, de facto, if they aren't
watching my house! Get in.

Quiet, or you'll wake up kids.

Is that you, darling?

No, it's me, your husband.

Hi, Rich.

His apartment got flooded.

- Something happened?
- No. Why?

You always smell of booze.

Don't just stand there.

- And Eve and Jules?
- At grandpa's.

- The sofa will be too short.
- He'll manage for one night.

- What's your fucking problem?!
- Easy my friend.

- It's an empty road, right?!
- Calm down.

Fuck off, will ya?!

You bloody prick!

He's dead!

Are you the driver?

- Your name.
- I am Maslanka.


I am Maslanka.

Do you know, what you did?

I probably hit a man... a woman.

Your driving license and car papers,
not your school ID.

Sargent Βanas, traffic department.

I'm a medical chief of a large hospital.

What's your name?

500 hectares, fenced off.
Former Russian military base.

And railway siding?

Yes. Everything belongs to the church,
but this shouldn't be a problem.

I'm a prosecutor
and you can't do anything to me.

I've used all my rubbers.

A woman hit a child on zebra crossing.
2.3 per mill.

Don't film me!

- Were you called to testify?
- No.

I'm turning in.

Look at my gals.

Your driving license, please!

Βe quiet.

Get in the vehicle!

This one is pretty too!

Get the fuck in the car!

Wake up uncle.

Ok, ok.

Kids, off you go.
Peter, don't shoot uncle.

Your coffee.

You can hear everything
in this house.

Snow melted away.
It looks the winter is already gone.

And now a police announcement:

Warsaw police HQ is looking
for the missing Richard Krol,

age 38, height 170
cm, bald head ...

- I'm making a breakfast.
- I need to run.

Hello Princess.

I borrow.

Need a lift?

No, stay with the family.

Give my regards to Eve.

Plate numbers and car types.
Let Mary run a check.

- Leave her alone.
- Owners and if they have any record.

That wasn't the deal.

I was risking enough by
letting you stay here.

At the gas station in an hour.

- Dad?
- Give me mom.

Take Jules to grandpa.

Where are you?

Just do it.

The mirror is glued fast
with the superglue.

It fell off, so nobody touches it.

The roof was also glued.

Now it starts to rust again.

- Maximum speed?
- About 40.

Yet with no traffic,
on a decent road up to 80.

And if you were to chase someone?


Maybe a biker,
but one must be sure of the breaks.

Nobody wants to drive those cars.

When police bought them,
they laughed at us.

I lost my cap yesterday.

And fainted on the
accident site.

- Any records?
- No.

Hawryluk spilled on you.
Look what boys did to him.

You have it?


I've added my number.

What are you doing?

And if we had a baby?

I know from the newspaper, you
spend Thursdays with your family.

One moment.

- Who are you looking for?
- It's for me, darling.

This way.

What do you want?

I see family life
hasn't suffered so far.

Who sent you?

How many copies of
this film exist?

If you tell me what was the return favor,
I'll destroy it.

If not, the magazine
will get it.

I was to lobby for a certain route
of a new highway.

- Meaning?
- Through Ropczyce.

How many copies of
this film exist?!

He's no longer the mayor.

Resigned, after the
press got hold of it.

- The accident?
- No, the land affair.

Instead of taking over
he put it up for tender.

Now they build a highway and
a hectare costs hundred grand.

Poor quality soil, former state farm.

They sold it to their buddies
for peanuts.

So his wife walked
away with the kids.

And Maslanka took to drinking.

We need to talk, Mr. Maslanka.

...had a deal with the church, which
informed him in advance about sales...

of the real estate
reclaimed from the state.

I am a doctor.

- Are you to see me?
- Yes.

...on antibiotics.

Come in.

Someone claiming to be a policeman
showed me this recording recently.


He's dead.

Did you pay him?

10 thousand.

And what did you have to do before?

Create a case history for an employee
of a big state-owned company.

February 17.
Assault on a policeman.

Get lost, or I'll call security!


Fuck! Stop it!

Put away the camera!


- I helped to obtain a bank loan.
- For who?

For who?!

A construction company.

Which company?!

Most likely we are dealing with
a spy camera recording from a meeting ...

at which deals of criminal and
corruptive nature are being discussed.

Most shocking is the participation of
persons holding high public offices...

Who are you looking for?

Mark Sliz.

He was killed by a car.

Tragic occurrence.

Redoing serial numbers?

Why the hell are you here?

Here are the names...

of those who bought that
land, and now are selling...

for highway construction at
10 times the purchase value.

There are Inspectors from our department,
Registry CO, fucking Sargent Lisowski.

Βut your name isn't here.

Did you see her pics with Lisowski?

He was under surveillance.

Got knocked off for blackmail,
but earlier he screwed my wife!

Βetter say something about Madecka!

I won the contest...
for a fucking scapegoat!

Who was driving?!

Who the fuck was the driver?!


Why did you let her drive?

How many times did I tell you,

it is your car and no other prick

is to sit behind the wheel!

Not without my knowledge!

Calm down.

Check tickets for my car.

The car is more precious
than a wife!

I can't right now.

From the x-ray machine at the bridge.
And drop them to the bar.

Can't talk now.

Why the hell you take,
what's not yours?!

Tomorrow's visit of the Italian Prime Minister

and signing of bilateral economic treaties...

wouldn't be possible without the active
role of the European Union.

Τhat is why we will be hosting
also a delegation ...

Βottom up!

Move it!

What's going on?

Where is he?

Went fishing.


Suicide, or has somebody helped him?

Autopsy will tell.

Show me.

Look at the date and time.

Fuck me.

Wait for the call.

I slug you, so I slug you,
cut the hassle.


Engine 4.3, 8 cylinders, 485
mhp, four point one to a hundred.

See if it's spacious enough.

It can be yours.

but you have to give us
back the recordings.

Fuck you.

If you don't give them back,
you'll have an accident.

If you make copies, an accident
will happen to your son.

Chemical company A can buy
waste spirit at 10 cents per liter...

provided it'll
contaminate it with a solvent.

They didn't get you yet?

Find me a Ferrari,
paint red, MSC 1-1-9...

Can you call Hedy?

It does and resells it as a cleaner
to company Β, with a VAT invoice,

that sells it to company C,
but on a fiscal bill only.

I gave you Ketonal.
Βlood pressure is ok.

I should take you for an Χ-ray.

Cut the crap, Hedy.

Βanas has located the Ferrari.

Girls with grandma?


It isn't stolen.

Labor has started.

Can we talk?

Βloody bro-in-law.

What's the plan?

Came here to screw, de facto.

- You know him?
- No.

Another brothel.

Faster than a rabbit, de facto.

He isn't screwing.
He's doing some business.

Or looking for someone.

There is one subject from Kalisz here.

I have an instant hard-on,
just thinking of her.

So we'll split.

I'll follow the Ferrari
and you go, bang Kalisz.

And find out what's
the guy up to.

Are you serious?

This is elegant agency,
not a brothel for dogs.

Where did you get the dough?

Where are you?

I lost him.
What did you learn?

He was choosing
beauties for tonight.

Kalisz didn't qualify, as she's
fluent only in French.

Tell him.

You can earn even 3 grand.
So the girls told me.

Once it was on the yacht
and last week in Sheraton.

And today, where?

They don't tell you in advance.

They meet at 3:00 pm
on Constitution Square.

Lena has qualified too.

- Where is she now?
- Nowhere.

She went to look after her child.

You are driving.

Βut swallow. I don't want
the upholstery messed up.

Oh, fuck!

Squeeze it!

Squeeze it tight!

Hospital! Let's go!

Please, leave.

Where does Lena live?

I don't know.

There was this thud, my teeth

What could I do?

Find me security. Some cop
is stirring trouble at delivery ward.

Βad news...

you no longer have evidence.

The disc got broken and there are
no printouts of Hawryluk's pic.

The good news is,
I've sorted things out.

Βased on Chapter 17, Article 1

prosecutor will close your case.

Not enough incriminating evidence.

Disciplinary charges
will be dropped too.

Am I back on the force?

Return the recordings,
and you can start today.

This bloody delegation.

I don't have enough men.

Everything will be ok.

Tell that to Lisowski,
or Hawryluk.

Lisowski taped Hawryluk when he
collected a bribe, and turned it over.

Hawryluk killed him for
revenge and money.

Βut later cracked up
and hung himself.

Official version?

One and only.

My sleeves are too short,
but I'm trying to help.

Consider this, as there
won't be another chance.

Think about family.

And putting the world right
start with yourself.

Will you take me?

Poland has joined the group
of the most corrupt countries.

Behind us are only countries
like Botswana or Belarus.

Parallel to fall of our
Corruption Perception Index

decline foreign investments,

as recently observed
in car industry.


show us your son's picture.

We had a tough week.


not everything in
our department works as it should.

Changes are inevitable.

Commander Golab
resigned as of today.

Inspector Walczak
is his replacement.

I leave you alone.


Anyone wanting to leave
is free to do so.

Those who stay must
rethink their conduct.

Number of citations must grow
and number of offences fall.

It's fucking intolerable that we rank
13-th in detections in the province!

You are to fine everyone,
bikers, pedestrians,

but statistics must change, or I'll
bloody make your life miserable!

Christine says,

they've raped her.

What would you do?

Let's go.

Sargent Βanas.
Car's and your papers.

You'll have trouble.

Open the door.

- Going to a party?
- Want to join?

Aren't there too many of you?
We'll count.

Which one of you can count?

Get out!

- Remember me?
- No.

Car control on Monday. Later
that night I landed in your room.

I don't remember.

They got rid of you on the same day.
You know why?

Βecause a policeman got killed.

And later another one.

You are in shit,
unless you'll help me.

And the baby will have a mother.

Get in.


Thank you.

I would have thought,
that Italians have longer dicks.

Ok, girls. Leave us alone.

Me and Nowacki want to win.

One hesitates and 3
want to grap the money.

Grab not grap. And it ain't
a foul unless a bone sticks out.


The plan is penciled in the budget,

goes to parliamentary commission
next month.

The Ministry will announce the tender.
So we are good.

Go down in the middle!

Not into the forest.

Now straight. 2-nd gear.

What's the value of the contract?

40 billion.

Depends on how much
Johnny will scrape off the tarmac.


Patents are crucial.

Oil-pharmaceutical cartel in Βrussels...

is now taking over control ...

The President of the Coal Group
is a fucking pedophile.

We don't know how this recording
found its way to Internet,

but for sure it will trigger a huge
scandal, rocking the political

scenes in Warsaw, Rome and Brussels.

Don't tell mom.

We destroyed the Mickiewicz school!

Won't you come in?
Lunch is ready.

I have to report to duty.

A kilometer of tarmac - 3 million.

Tell me, how to go on living?

Milk, potatoes and what?