Trading Christmas (2011) - full transcript

The Christmas season is approaching. In South Woodbourne, Washington, widowed second grade schoolteacher Emily Spengler loves the Christmas holidays, as do all the townsfolk, and the traditions she had built with her now deceased husband, Frank, who passed away almost three years ago, and her now grown daughter, Heather. As usual, she is expecting Heather to come home for the holidays from Boston, where she is going to school. In Boston, Massachusetts, novelist and English professor Charles Johnson is an unsentimental man, who, like his workaholic brother Ray, owner of his own lucrative business, doesn't celebrate the season. Emily and Charles meet on a house swapping website as they decide to do a one week swap with each other in the lead up to Christmas. Emily wants to go to Boston to be with Heather, who has told her that she isn't planning on coming home for the holidays. And Charles is having problems meeting deadlines for his latest novel and needs somewhere quiet and out of the way to complete his writing. Their house swap doesn't end up being anything as they expected, first and foremost because of the Christmas spirit either missing or overwhelming the other's house. In Boston, Emily learns upon her arrival that Heather has left town with her boyfriend, Jason, Heather who seems to be trying to test her adult wings without Emily's influence. But Emily meets Ray, the two who slowly fall for each other. They will have to determine both their professional and personal futures past this week, and if the other person factors into that future. And in South Woodbourne, divorced corporate events planner Faith Kerrigan, Emily's best friend from San Francisco, shows up on Emily's doorstep planning on keeping Emily company during the holidays in Heather's absence. Out of circumstance, Faith is forced to stay at the house with Charles for the better part of the week. The question with the two is whether they will both survive each other's company for the week, as it is hate at first sight, that perception based largely on the negative way their most recent respective relationship ended.

by VaVooM


Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.

Oh, you too.


Merry Christmas!

Good morning!

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Hi, Stell!



Wow, that's quite a haul
you've got there.

Well, that time of year.

White flour, cinnamon, molasses,
brown sugar, gumdrops...

You know, Emily,

you can buy a kit
to make these things.

You don't have to make one
from scratch every year.

[Gasps in horror]

A pre-fab gingerbread house?

Stell, please!

My daughter would disown me.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Hi, Mrs. Spengler!

Hi, guys!


Whoa! [Giggling]

You need a bigger hill.


[Sighs heavily]

Got my Christmas present
from aunt Miriam today,

a crate of pineapples.

I got grapefruit.

Well, at least
she switched it up this year.

Why does that woman do that?

She lives in Wisconsin.

Maybe she thinks
the cheese will melt.

Who knows?



So, you make
any sort of decision

about the company or what?

I don't know, Charles.

It's a nice deal.

They upped their offer.

I think you should take it.

Uh, no offense,

but you're the last person
I'm coming to

for business advice.


That's probably wise.

How's the book?

Final rewrite.
I've missed two deadlines.

Publisher's not happy.

Writer's block?

Big time.

What's the problem?

I don't know, it-it's finished,
it's just not right,

and I've got to fix it
over the break,

as soon as I finish
grading finals.

If I only knew what
was wrong with it.

Maybe you should go away.


I don't know, somewhere quiet.

No distractions.


Yeah, that might be a good idea.

Yeah, get a little work done,
not have to deal with Christmas.

You shouldn't tell anybody
where you're going...

especially your publisher.

You should go on
one of those house swap sites.

No, no, I'll just get a hotel.

No, you can't write in a hotel.

You pace too much.
You need room.

You're probably right.

I usually am.

Wait, what are you
going to do for Christmas?

Same thing I'd do
if you were here.

Chinese food and the Celtics.

And pineapples.

I hate pineapple.
Wanna trade?

No, I hate pineapple.


I feel kind of bad leaving you.

Hey, you've got work to do.

So do I.

We're not a very
sentimental family, are we?

I've noticed that.

Yeah, Santa gets there
after dessert,

and then he distributes
the keychains, that's right.

Oh, he will be sober this year.

No, I promise.

What dancing elves?

[Snapping fingers]

No, no, no.

No, no, no, no. I've got
the invoice right here.

It doesn't say anything
about dancing elves.

Yeah, well, it's all listed.

I can resend it...

[shrieking in horror]

[Chuckling mirthlessly]


No. I-I am so sorry.

No, it's not you,
it-it's my, uh...

My ex-husband.

Okay, out of which orifice

do you suggest I start pulling
dancing elves?





Can you give this
to Todd for me?


Whatcha doing?

Looking for a quiet
place to study.

What are you doing?

Just the opposite, actually.

So, have you told your mom yet?

Not yet.

Are you sure
you want to do this?


Because you make it seem like

she's gonna go
all operatic on you.

Christmas and everything.

Look, it's not her fault.

The first couple Christmases
without dad were tough,

I understand that,

but, Jason, I've never,
not once, been away.

It's home or school.


I've never even had
a spring break

because she's alone,
but this year,

I'm doin' it.

Sometimes, I swear

she still thinks
I'm in second grade.

She calls me, like,
five times a day.

I've seen you call her,
like, 10 times a day.


That's different.

It's the same.

[Cell phone rings]


Perfect timing.

I'll call her later.

Well, study up.

I'll catch you later.

All right.

Okay, bye.

Are you avoiding me?

No, just busy.

Did you get my email?


And thank you,

but I'm not interested in
an "over 40s singles" event.

Oh, it sounds like fun.

Come on, just take a chance.


I just don't feel...

"Single", okay?

Look, I know
it's tough, mom, but...

How long's it gonna take?

I wish I knew, honey.

So, did you book your flight?

Mom, I'm totally
stressed out here,

and making a cross-country
flight for a couple of days...

it just doesn't make any sense.

This is not just
any couple of days, honey,

it's Christmas!

I know it's Christmas, but...

I know what this is about.

This is because I didn't get you

that pony you wanted, isn't it?


You've got a million
friends out there.

Somebody will
invite you to dinner.

You know I bought everything
for the gingerbread house.

I'm 21, mom.

I got a new copy
of it's a wonderful life.


Look, I'm there every break.

Just this one time,

let me do something on my own?

Let me have a life.



What exactly will you be having
for Christmas dinner, hmm?

A microwave burrito?

I'm just going to
stay here and relax.

I'll be fine.


You do what you feel
you have to do.

It's just this one year, mom.

I get it.

I'll talk to you later.

Good night.

Well, I told her.



I told her.


How'd she take it?

With a large dose of guilt.


Did you tell her
you were going with me?

Uh, not exactly.


You gotta stand up
for yourself, Heather.

I know.

Hey, do me a favor?


Leave this thing at home?

All right.

[Cell phone rings]


I didn't wake you, did I?

Hey! No, I'm still
at the office.

You wouldn't happen to know
any dancing elves, would you?

Afraid not.

Hey, what's the matter?

Heather's not coming home
for Christmas.

Oh, you scared me.

I thought it was
something serious.

It is serious.

Emily, she is 21 years old.

I'm aware of that.

You sure? 'Cause sometimes,
I'm not so sure.

You weren't planning on

making a gingerbread house
with her,

were you?

I was... just surprised.

Oh, honey, she's just
got her own life.

Okay, that's exactly
what she said.

You're not coaching
her, are you?

You and I have had
this conversation before.

You know, you're the one friend

that I thought would understand.

Can't you just...

At least fake a little sympathy?

I'm sorry.

I'm just,

I am a little stressed out,
you know, with the holidays.


I'll talk to you later.

Hey, are you okay?


I'm fine.

Good night.

Good night.



[Charles]: "Dear Emily,

"saw your ad.
House looks great.

The dates work out
perfectly for me".

[Emily]: "Dear Charles,

"thanks for responding
so promptly.

"I think you'll find
the house itself

"very comfortable.

"There is a small studio
in the backyard

that might be very good
for a writing place.

[Charles]: "My condo
is centrally located,

"and since the students
will be on break,

"this end of town
should be quite peaceful,

otherwise it can get
a little rowdy on the weekends".

[Emily]: "Your references
have been glowing...

"Hope you have been able
to contact some of mine.

"I've been
a second grade teacher

"for almost 20 years,

so I'm really not in the habit
of throwing wild parties".

[Charles]: "I have
overnighted a key to you.

"Please confirm
that you received it.

"I will email directions
on the burglar alarm.

Just punch in the code,
and you should be fine".

[Emily]: "No burglar alarm
to worry about here.

"Key is under the mat
on the back porch,

"but to be honest,

nobody in South Woodbourne
locks the door".

"You don't lock the doors?

"Wow, I thought
that only happened in movies.

"Old movies.

"Well, I'm glad this worked out.

I hope your daughter
enjoys her surprise".

[Emily]: "I'm sure she will.

"The neighbors will be
looking in on you

should you need anything".

[Elevator dings]

"Best of luck with your book".

Hi. This is Faith Kerrigan.

I need to book
a round-trip ticket to Seattle,

coming home
the day after Christmas.

Oh, and I need a rental car.

No, no, I don't need a hotel.

I'm going to go surprise
an old friend.

[Cell phone ringing]

Mom's calling.

We got a plane to catch.


[Charles]: Hey, Ray.

It's me,
the unsentimental brother.

Your cell phone's off again.

Look, I hope you get this.

I took your advice.

I'm at the airport now.

I'm getting
away from everything,

especially Christmas.

I'll call you in a few days.

[Answering machine beeps]

I'm in Whoville.


[Alarm system beeps off]


I should've done more research.



We'll have to do something
about this.

Why did we even bother to fly?

We could've just taken
a stagecoach.


The pool's out back.

Come check it out.

[Cell phone rings]


I'm here.


I'm here.

Here where?



Well, I-I'm not there!

Where are you?


I'm kind of in Phoenix.


Why are you in Phoenix?

[Brisk knocking on door]

Can I help you?

I'm Sarah. This is Joey.

He doesn't talk to strangers.

That's a very good habit.

Maybe you should try it.

Nice to meet you.

Mrs. Spengler told us
to keep an eye on you

in case you need anything.


Well, that's very nice,
but I'm fine, thank you,

and I'm busy.

Very busy, so...

Good talk.


Wanna build a snowman?

Not today, thanks.

Does that mean you might
want to tomorrow?

Probably not.

Probably never.

Thank you.

[Knocking on door]

I don't want to...


Emily asked me to look in
and see if you needed anything.

I brought some cookies.


Come on.

Oh, cookies.

- How nice.
- [Man]: Merry Christmas.

Right, thank you.



[Sighs heavily]

[Knocking on door]

You do know
I flew across the country.

You should have told me.

Then it wouldn't have been
a surprise.

I hate surprises.

Well, if you'd been
honest with me...

okay, mom, I'm sorry.

I just, I didn't want
a ton of guilt.

Heather, it's Christmas!

And I wanted to do
something different.

Just this one year,
something on my own.

[Takes a deep breath]


Can't you just go home?

What home?

I did a house-swap thing

with a professor
named Charles Johnson.

Charles Johnson, I know him.

We just read his book
in American lit. Class.

Yes, well, I think
his interior decorator

worked in a mental hospital,
or something,

but I'll cope.

Where are you in Phoenix anyway?

Jason's grandparents
lent us their house.

It's very... nice.


That's the young man
you've been seeing, right?

[Hesitantly]: Yes.



Don't start.

I'm not starting anything.

I'll call you tomorrow.


I'll talk to you
later, mom. Bye.

[Alarm system beeps on]

[Emily sighs heavily]


[Telephone rings]


Hello, sir.
Is this Ray Johnson?


An alarm has been triggered
at 123 West Cordova.

An officer is on the way.

Um... okay, uh.

I-I'll be there in five minutes.

[Water running]

Okay... oh. Oh...

Uh... Ms. Kerrigan,
I'm afraid there's a problem.

Your driver's license
expired in November.

You're kidding?

Sorry. I'm afraid

we can't rent you a car
without a valid license.

Oh, come on,
can't you just, you know,

this little technicality?

I mean, I know how to drive.

I'm sure you do.

Okay, then, so can you just
let this one slide through?

I'm sorry.

No one will rent you a car
without a valid license.

Okay. Okay, look,
this is the problem.

I have to get to a town
that's 150 miles from here.

There's nothing that I can do.

I'm sorry.

Can I help you
over here, please?



[Stereo blasting]

[Music stops abruptly]

I-I understand,

I'm asking you
to make an exception.

Look, I will send you

a photocopy
of my driver's license

once I renew it.

we're looking for a place
called Big Elk Lake.

Do you have any maps?

Hey, guys.

I can tell you how to get there.


As a matter of fact,
I was just on my way to a town

that's about
20 miles from there.

Tell you what,

how would you like
a free tank of gas?

Are you Mr. Johnson?

Uh, yes. Yes, I am.

My, um,

my brother's out of town,
so they called me.

Up on the sixth floor.


[Screaming in terror]

An intruder was reported
at these premises.

Identify yourself.

No, no, no, I'm not an intruder.

I'm a tenant.

I'll prove it.

We're "Santa and Friends'

Musical North Pole


The other guy got a commercial.

Oh, great.

We do 12 malls in three days.

Hey, do you dance?

Three years tap, two ballet.

I went to Juilliard.

Okay, you know what,
you need to call me,

because I may have
work for you next year.

Cool, thanks.

We're all set.

Okay, see?

Here are the emails.

And, uh, these are the keys
that he sent me.

Well, I just, uh,

spoke with my brother,
and he confirms everything.

Well, good night, then.

I'm sorry to have
startled you, Mrs. Spengler.

No problem.

Just doing your job.

Good night.

I am very, very sorry.

Your own brother
didn't tell you?

No, I told him
not to tell anybody.

I didn't think that included me.

Well, no harm done.

Well, that's
very understanding of you.

Most people wouldn't be...

Did you, uh...

Did you decorate?

Oh, yeah.

A couple of things.

I can leave them here
for your brother if he wants.

Oh, no.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Charles isn't especially into
Christmas stuff.


I didn't know that.

[Typing rapidly]

[Stops typing]

[Resumes typing]

[Stops again]

[Resumes rapid typing]

Again, I-I want to apologize.

Oh, please...

It was an adventure.

I have a story to tell
the folks back home.

It's good to see it that way,
I guess.

Um, can I ask you a question
before you go?



Do you know how to
turn on the television?

Are you sure she won't mind
us using her bathroom?

Are you kidding?

Knowing Emily she'll
send you home with cookies.

[Rattling doorknob]


That's funny,
she never locks the door.

[Rattling doorknob]

You know what,
don't worry about it.

There's a key around back.

I will be right back.

What is it with this place?



[Yelps in shock]
[Together]: Who are you?

Where is Emily?

[Stammering] Emily...
D-Daughter... Boston...

Emily's in daughter
with her Boston...

[banging urgently on door]

Hey, leave her alone!

I can break this door down!

I'm fine, I'm fine!

Now I got a violent elf.

That's good...

What are you doing here?

What am I... what are...
I-I'm supposed to be here!

I'm supposed to be here.

Emily's in mine,
and I'm in hers.

That didn't come out right.

A house swap...

We're doing a house swap!

[Sighs in exasperation]


[Chuckling] Gosh...

Who are you?
Wait, don't let those...

Hey, you okay, Faith?

He giving you trouble?

Back off, elf!

Back off...

Everybody settle down!

I can explain everything.

If you guys are going to
rob the place,

could you start with
the decorations?

It's around the corner
to your right.

Come on, chop chop.

[Footsteps retreating hastily]

Where are Santa
and the elf going?

Who are you?
What is going on here?

They need to use the bathroom,

and then I am going to make them
a cup of coffee for the road,

and you don't have to worry,

because I know
where everything is.

[Laughing] I'm sorry.

I am Faith Kerrigan.

Charles... Johnson.


Okay, Charles.

So, what do you like to go by,

Chuck? Charlie?


Hmm, one of those.

Okay, I won't be a minute.

Do you want a cup of coffee?

No... what? No!

So you came across the country,
and she's in Phoenix?


I wanted to surprise her.

Didn't quite work out, though.

Okay, I wrote it all down.

This is the TV.

You press these two buttons.

This is the DVD,
and this is the stereo.

Maybe I'll just read.


And this is the fireplace.


We do things the old-fashioned
way back home.

We use matches.

I won't be needing this.

Oh, okay.

Do you need anything else?

No, that's it.

Okay, well, I left my card,

in case you have any questions
or need anything.


What's that?

That's my company.

Software protection
and security.

Mm. Sounds mysterious.


Actually, it's, uh,
very technical and a little dull.

Well, at least
it sounds exciting.

That's something.


Do you, uh, know anyone here?

Oh. No.



Well, uh,

tell you what...

Would you...

Why don't...?

Why don't you let me

take you out for dinner
tomorrow night?


Yeah. Yeah, and I could write
down some places for you to go,

local tourist stuff?

Unless you have plans...

No, no.

No plans.

Dinner then.

Dinner then.



See you then.



[Murmurs] Dinner...


Let me get this straight,
you just hopped on a plane,

drove out here to the middle of nowhere,
to surprise your friend?


Well, surprise.

She's not here.

Ah! Ah!

Ooh, you okay?

[Grumbles in pain]

Yeah, I'm fine.

Oh, she made you cookies.

Yeah, everyone in this
burg made me cookies.

Do you mind?
I am starving.

No, go right ahead,
please help yourself.

She makes the best cookies.

Well, good for her.


What are we going to do
about this?

I think you should try a cookie.

No, I...

No, thank you.

I-I'm fine.

So, what...
What are your plans? Are you...

Tea's in the tin.

Above the stove.

I could take you to a hotel.

There is no hotel
in South Woodbourne.

What about north woodbourne?

There is no north woodbourne.

Then why do they call this
South Woodbourne?

Listen, just let me crash
in Heather's room tonight.

I will take a bus
back to Seattle tomorrow.

Cups are on the right.

No, my right, my right.

In the cupboard.

So you're saying... stay here?

Yeah, just till tomorrow.

[Chuckling doubtfully]

Yeah, here's the thing.

I'm a writer.


And I'm here to write, okay?

So I'm on
a very strict deadline,

and I need to work.


What do you write?

Well, it's...

It-it's not...

I'm rewriting my novel,

if you must know,
Miss Nosey-Parker, so what I'm...

- Anything I've heard of?
- Probably not.

I'm trying to tell you
I cannot have any distractions.

What distractions?

I'm going to bed,

and then I'm going to
get up in the morning,

come downstairs,
have a cup of coffee...

[kettle spluttering]

Your water's boiling,
by the way...

And get on a bus.


I just don't think
it's a very good idea.


Are you afraid of me?

No, I'm not...

because you know
you can lock your door.

That's not
what I'm worried about.

Then what are you worried about?

I'm not... who said
I was worried about anything?

You just did just now.

No, I... fine.

Look, I am not gonna murder you
in the middle of the night

and steal your cookies, okay?

I didn't think that you were.

- Then what is the problem?
- There is no problem!

Then I'm staying.


Seriously, these cookies
are so delicious.

- One night?
- One night.

- Then the first bus.
- First bus.


Close the drapes
and turn out the lights.


Nighty... [sighs]

He doesn't deserve
these cookies.

You're kidding me?

Oh... I don't believe this.

I wanted to surprise you.

Okay, new year's resolution
right now...

No more surprises.

They're just not
working out for us this year.

Yeah, tell me about it.

This Charles guy
is a total jerk.

Yeah, well, his brother
seems very nice.

You met him?


In fact, he's taking me
to dinner tonight.


What, like, a date?

Like a real date?

I don't know about that.

I think he just feels guilty
for almost having me arrested.


Long story.

Listen, I have to go.

Hemingway approaches.




I'll give you a ride.

No, really, it's fine.
I know the way.

I can spare five minutes.

Do you need a hand?

I-I can help.

No, I'm fine.

I think I figured it out.

What bothers me about the house,

besides, like,
the skulls on the wall.

Yeah, what's that?

Well, there's no Christmas tree.

We have to have
a Christmas tree!

Why is that?

Well, because it's
Christmas, that's why.

Yeah, but we're in the desert.

I mean, I guess we could
decorate a cactus or something.

Aw... please?

All right,

I'll get you a little one.

[Grunting with effort]

Okay, so I'll, uh,

I'll just leave it
right by the door here.

Okay, great.


Okay. Good.
Have a nice trip.

You too.

Oh, you've got to be kidding me!


What's up?

There's only
one bus a week to Seattle.

Is that right?

And is that today?

No, not until Thursday.




That would...

That's tough.

Tough break, tough break.

What are you going to do?

Let's go back to Emily's
and discuss it.




Charles, can you
open this, please?

Are you sure?

Okay, uh-huh.

All right, thank you.


All four inns within 50 miles
are booked for the holidays.

I don't believe this.

Hey, I know!

Lookit, you drive me to Seattle
and I will pay you for the gas.

300-mile round trip,
let me think about that.

No thanks, I have to work!

What do you suggest I do?

Mm, hitchhike?

Oh, come on,
this is just until Christmas.

Which is an eternity...

[knocking on door]

That's it, I'm buying a gun.

No, you know what,
I am gonna take care of this.

Those kids are trouble.

Those kids are...

Hey, guys!

I'm Sarah.

This is Joey.

He doesn't talk to strangers.

[Faith chuckles]:

Nice to meet you,
Sarah and Joey.

I'm Faith.

Wanna build a snowman?

You know what,
that sounds like a ton of fun.

I would love to.

Is the grouchy man inside?

Does he want to help?

[Faith chuckles]

One second,
I'll be right back, okay?

[Whistling nonchalantly]

Okay, so they're not
going to bother you again today

because I promised to help
with a snowman.


And Sarah mentioned you were
kind of grouchy yesterday.

I wasn't grouchy.

I think you probably were.

I think I probably wasn't.

I think you were.
Anyway, look,

I'm going to run interference
with the neighbors.

No one will interrupt you,
including myself.

You will not even know
that I'm here.

So, go.


You go.

- No, you go.
- No, you go.

I am gonna go.

So am I.

- Fine.
- Fine.


Ooh, it's a wonderful life
is playing tomorrow night!

What's that?

You've never seen
it's a wonderful life?

With Jimmy Stewart
and the angel, and...


It's a great movie.

Mom and I watch it every year.

Yeah, but mom is not here.



Old habits.


I'm glad we did this.

Yeah, me too.

[Chatting quietly]


Hey, Jase! Hey, Heather!

I thought you guys
were in Las Vegas. Hey.

Yeah, we got asked to leave.

You got asked
to leave Las Vegas?

Long story.

So Phoenix is, like,
two hours away.

We thought
we'd surprise you guys.


Uh, how did you find us?

It's your grandparents'
place, dude.

The same last name.

We looked it up in phone book.

Come here.
Come here.

[Quietly] Dude, I don't know
if this is such a good idea.

I sort of promised Heather that
we would hang out together over...

Dude, dude...

Look what I brought.

[Chuckles in disbelief]

Come on.

It's only for
a couple days, right?

You spent how much?

It was a Christmas
present to myself.

Yeah, but you're not even sure
if this is an actual date.

I know.

But I just looked at the women
around here, and I felt...


Oh, yeah, and
how do you look now?

I look kind of...


Good different or bad different?

Good different.


[Door buzzer rings]
Oh, he's here.

Gotta go.

Okay, have fun.


[Knocking on door]

[Sighs nervously]

- Hi...
- hi.

You look great.


Thank you.

You ready?



[Crumpling paper]

[Knocking gently]

I thought you said

you weren't
going to interrupt...

You know, this is the first time
in my entire life

I'm not spending Christmas
in South Woodbourne.

Every Christmas?

Yeah, every one.

I was raised there.

Went to college nearby.

Married Frank.

I teach in the same classroom

where I was a student
in second grade.

Well, what's it like
being someplace else?

A little... weird.

My last Christmas, I was in...


[Gasps in wonder]


[Sighing in awe]

The Piazza Del Duomo
with the fountain,

and the San Ranieri lighthouse,

did you see that?

Afraid not.

When were you there?

Oh, I've never been there.

I mean...

I like to read about places.

See, Frank and I...

Down the road when we retired...

Talked about, you know,

visiting all the places that
I had only seen pictures of,

and we had it all planned, too.

And then...

You know, Frank...

One phone call...

Your entire life...

All those plans...

Things change.

Last few Christmases
must have been tough.



They were.


How did you spend
Christmas growing up?

Well, um, actually,

Christmas wasn't a big deal
for us.

We moved around a lot...

A lot...

And sometimes, we didn't even
have a Christmas tree.

What? You're kidding.


That's terrible.

We got over it.

Wow, I don't know,

I have trouble
even picturing Christmas

without the whole thing.

I mean, stockings, the tree.

Cookies laid out for Santa,

although Frank used to say,
"Santa would prefer a beer".


But I mean, no tree?

I mean, for little kids,
that's pretty...

It's none of my business.

I'm just a traditionalist,
I guess.

That's not a problem.

[Emily's cell phone rings]


It's Heather.

I'll call her back.

She's not answering.

I don't know, maybe she's busy.

Come on, Jase, busy doing what?


Here's to Charles.


[Chatting pleasantly]

[Sighing wearily]


There's another plate of cookies

and fruitcake
on the table for you.

That's terrible.

I didn't hear anybody come by.

I intercepted them on the lawn.

Ah-hah, well,
thank you for that.

And thank you for the snack,
but you didn't have to do that.

Ah, I gotta earn my keep.

Just be the doorman,
that's all I ask.

Hey, listen, do you happen
to know of a restaurant in town

where I wouldn't be besieged
by happy people

wishing me "Merry Christmas?"

Do you have a problem with that?

Yeah, kind of.

Total strangers
waving at me on the street.

"Merry Christmas!"
It's not normal.

Look, you don't have to
go for dinner.

I made a chicken.

A chicken?

Oh, now, look,
I wouldn't want to...

I wouldn't want to burden you...

A whole chicken.


It's probably a little bit dry.

I am a terrible cook.

But I also made salad.

That way, you can, you know,
work and eat if you want.

Well, I...


Is that your aftershave?



It's not bad.

Whenever I have a serious
decision to make,

I make a list
of the pros and the cons.

Selling your business

sounds like a pretty full
"pro" column to me.

No cons.

I wish it were that simple.

What's complicating it?

You'll consult.

The rest of the time is yours.

Well, that's what I'm scared of.

What will I do with that time?

What would you want to do?

You know what,
I never really thought about it.

You should try.

Go back to some of those places
you've already been to,

and see something besides
the corporate center, or the gym.

That's easy for you to say.

Emily, you have summers off.

You read these books
about places.

You should hop on a plane
and see them.

I don't know...

What's stopping you?

There's Heather.

She's 21.

And, well...

[Sighs heavily]

Okay, maybe I'm scared.

Scared of what?

I'm not sure.

You know what I think?

I think you should
go have some fun.

Take a chance,
go on an adventure.

Hah! This from a man
who was in India four times

before he left his hotel
and saw the Taj Mahal.

Ah, you know what,
I'm going to go back,

I'm going to play the tourist.

You know, there's no rush.

There's plenty of time for it.

That's what Frank used to say.

Ah, look.

Isn't that pretty?

Yes, you are.



Would you mind
a little suggestion?

About what?

Well, I hope you don't mind,

but I read
your first few chapters.


They were just laying out.

You... they... they were just...

"they were just laying out"?

If I left my wallet out,

would you-would you
rifle through that, too?

Well, I didn't think
it was top secret.

It's a work-in-progress.

Which is why I have
some thoughts that may help.



What are you...

Ha, ha, ha! Ho!

I didn't want to ruin
your pages.


I really like the story.

Oh, thank you.

I do, I'm totally caught up.

It's just...

Just what?


The girlfriend.

What about Samantha
the girlfriend?

She is a total witch.

Please feel free
to respell that if you want.


She's the antagonist!

Yeah, but she's evil.

I keep expecting her
to kick a puppy

or foreclose on an orphanage.


You know, and-
and if Edward is in love

with a woman like that,

it just makes him
look like an idiot.

Well, maybe that's what I want!

A witch and an idiot?

Okay, you know what,
who are you?

Do you have a job?
How do you make a living?

Yes, I do.
I'm in corporate event planning,

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

It's very fulfilling.

I want to be challenged.
I am looking for a change...

yeah, don't care.
Know why?

You're not a writer...
I'm a writer!

Yes, but I am a reader,
and if I bought this book

I would have thrown it out
after the third chapter

because, clearly, the author
does not understand women...

Well, who does?

Oh, excuse me?

Okay, you know what,

that is exactly the attitude
that all men have...

"all men!"

O-Kay, "all men".


Now I know
what I'm dealing with, okay.

Excuse me?

- You heard me.
- Excuse me?

I'd love to see
your notes on some Shakespeare.

Yeah, Macbeth,
"oh, yeah, William,

"the wife's
a bit nasty, isn't she?

Could she please not suggest
any more murders?"

Oh, that is so ridiculous.

You know that is
not what I meant.

Samantha is exactly the way
I want her, okay?

And your prejudiced,
gender-specific female views aside,

let me inform you

that she happens to be based on
someone that I know.


No, she's based on
someone you hate.


Big difference.

Yeah, okay, you know what,

I am under a very serious,
very serious,

gun-at-my-head deadline here,

and the last thing I need
are some thoughts and notes

from some non-writing, man-loathing,
corporate event party planner!

[Gasps in outrage]

Thank you for dinner!

You're welcome!

[Door slams]

Um, I have a question for you.


Dinner tonight...

Did you ask me out

because you felt guilty
about almost having me arrested?

Well, uh, yeah.


Honest man.

I thought if I was nice,
you wouldn't sue me or anything.

Well, you can relax.

I'm not going to sue you.

It was nice meeting you.

I had a lovely evening.


You're quite welcome.



[Knock on door]

Now that we got
the lawsuit out of the way,

are you busy tomorrow?


Well, I'm glad
it was a real date

after all the money you spent.


At first, I was scared to death,
but then...

I don't know, I just...

He was just easy to talk to.

He's pleasant, intelligent...


Very good-looking.

How's the brother?

Opposite in every way.

Well, I mean,
except for the looks.

You know, he's not bad
to look at.

Plus, he smells good.

What, you were sniffing him?

So are you going to
go out again?

Yup. Tomorrow.

I'm not sure what
we're doing yet, but...


Can you believe,

he didn't even have
a Christmas tree

when he was younger.

Emily, I...

And you know, I know it was
just one dinner, but...

I just felt so...
Comfortable with him.

Good. Emily...

I know, I know,

I'm running on at the mouth.

No, it's not that.

Can I give you
a piece of advice?


Listen, I am really glad
that you're having a good time,

I just want you to
protect yourself,

because you're not going
to be there very long.

You're coming home soon.

You know, don't forget that.

I won't.




So, what do you know about her?

Her references were good.

No criminal record
if that's what you're wondering.

What's her place like?

Like a Hallmark store
without the cards.

- What do you care?
- I'm just curious.

No, something's going on.

You sound weird.
What's going on?

Nothing is going on.

It's just, uh,
we had dinner, and she's nice.

Everyone in this town is nice.

There must be
something in the water.

She's different, I guess, uh...

Most of the women I meet,

they're MBAs with a dagger
between their teeth.

That sounds like her friend.

How's that going?

On the plus side, she's good
at running interference.

And on the down side?

Everything else.

Is she attractive?

She's obnoxious.

Pushiest woman I ever met...

Has an opinion
on absolutely everything...

in an obnoxious, pushy,
opinionated sort of way,

she's... okay, I guess.

Now you're the one
who's sounding weird.

I don't sound weird.
You sound weird.

Gotta go.

What? Ray!



I hope you're wearing
comfortable shoes.

So, what do you
want to see first?


All right.

♪ If I was
a snowflake falling ♪

♪ I would follow you

♪ the world so loud
a big great cloud ♪

♪ but we would drift
right through ♪

♪ I would settle
on your shoulder ♪

♪ to see how it felt

♪ listen to you
singing softly ♪

♪ till I'd finally melt

♪ come on
and string the lights up ♪

♪ come on outside

♪ let's go and sing
our promise ♪

♪ raise our voices up

See, now, Boston is

one of the finest dining
cities in the country.

I felt like a hot dog.

Well, we could go someplace warm
and eat it if you want.

No, no, I'm fine.

I love it out here.

I hope this touristy thing
isn't boring you.

No, no, actually,

I haven't been
to most of these places.

- How long have you lived here?
- 20 years.

And you haven't been
the least bit curious?

Well, you know, look, it's what happens
when you live someplace.

It is a known fact

that most people
who live in New York

have never been to the top
of the empire state building.

Well, that is,

until relatives come to
visit them from out of town.

What are you looking for?

A tissue?

Why didn't you say something?

Let's see what I have
in my handy-dandy bag here...

So, uh, if I were a tourist
in South Woodbourne,

where would you take me?

Uh, North Woodbourne?

Oh, there is no
North Woodbourne.

Then why do they call it
South Woodbourne?

I don't know,
it never really came up.

We'd go hiking in the mountains.

Canoeing definitely.

Berry-picking in the summer,
apple-picking in the fall.

Oh, and Christmas...

It's huge there.


The concerts,
the parties, it's...

You miss it, huh?


A bit.

Oh, here you go.


So, it's...

That's quite an inventory
you have there.

Well, what can I say,
I'm a second grade teacher.

You'd be amazed
at what I have in this bag.

Oh, wait.

Check this one out.


Boys favorite.

That's fantastic.


[Footsteps approach]

I didn't want to bother you.

Here's the review.


Yay. I'm so glad
we get to watch this together.

Okay, maybe
I don't want to know,

but how did you
get rid of your friends?

I gave them two-for-one-coupons

to a bar with a Christmas
wet t-shirt contest.

Ugh, sounds festive.


Okay, I really hope
you like this,

'cause mom and I watch it
every year, without fail,

and we turn off all the lights
except for the Christmas tree,

and have popcorn and cocoa...

- Hey, um, Heather?
- Mm-hmm?

- Do you want to go home?
- No.

'Cause, like,
for the last few weeks,

you've been talking about

how you wanted to get away
from your mom for Christmas,

but ever since we got here...

it'd be one thing
if she stayed home,

but she's all alone
in a strange city.

I just...

I understand
if you want to go back.

I don't want to go back.



Wait, it's black and white?

You'll get over it.

That beginning
is so much better.

Thank you.

And I'm not just being nice.

I really mean it.

Trust me, that never
entered my thinking.

When we meet Samantha now,

she's smart, and interesting,
and so much more complex.

Thank you.

I would've thought
a woman wrote it.


Oh, that's a compliment.

Well, excuse me for missing it.

Is white okay?
Because I have a red...

What does that mean,

"I would've thought
a woman wrote it"?

Oh, come on, Charles,
most men do not know

how to write
strong female characters.

Is that right?

Yeah, it is right.

You guys don't know
how to deal with this stuff.

You either see women as
sex objects or mother figures.

Whatever you say, mom.

Okay, see, that's
what I'm talking about.

Total immaturity...

I love the way you generalize.

You just group us
all together, right?

If you don't believe me,
I speak from experience.

Yes, I know, and that's
why you hate men...

I don't hate men!
I love men.


I just don't like them
all the time.

Yeah, good talk.

I gotta work.

Did my notes help?

Because you did a complete 180,
and the book is better.

Is that a coincidence?

I don't think so.

I think my notes helped,
didn't they?


Are those the new pages?


I'll get back to you
when I'm finished.

What just...


Hey, good morning.

So, what's on the agenda today?

Actually, I have a little
favor to ask you.


Yeah, yeah. All right.

Gotta go. Bye-bye.


The business?

Yeah, yeah.

They're a little anxious.

End of the fiscal year.

So, you find one you like?

Oh, I found mine 10 minutes ago.

I'm just wandering.

A little homesick, I guess.

Every year, my father and I,
we'd go out to the woods,

he'd cut down a fresh tree.

Your childhood was something
out of Norman Rockwell, wasn't it?

[Chuckles] Yep.

And then when Heather
was a little girl,

Frank decided he was going to
continue on with the tradition.

So, they got to the woods,

and he starts to saw down the tree,
she begins to cry.


She thought he was
hurting the tree.

From then on,

we just picked one out,
had it delivered.

I don't see a lot of
writing going on.

Well, I'm thinking.

You blocked?

No, I'm not blocked.

I'm thinking.

You look a little blocked.

Okay, I don't look blocked
because I'm not blocked,

and how does one
look blocked anyway?

I just understand being blocked.

Okay, I'm not blocked.

I'm going to tell you what
I do when I'm blocked.

I'm not blocked...

Sometimes, I will be doing,

like, five events
for the same client,

so I want to do something
different, right,

and I get completely stumped.

The worst thing I can do
is walk around my office thinking,

so I go out.

I go to the gym, or I go shopping,
or you know, whatever.

Just to get my mind off it,
and then bang!

A great new idea happens.

Trust me, you should try it.

Just go, do something
to get your mind off it.

[Knocking on door]

That's it.

I'm going to buy that gun.

- No...
- It's those kids...

I'm on it, I'm on it.


Merry Christmas!

She forgot to cancel
the Christmas tree delivery.


Know what, I think we should put
it in the corner.


I beg your pardon?

I'm not having
a Christmas tree in this house.

Oh, no, do you have allergies?

I don't have allergies.

Is this a religious thing?

It's not
a religious thing, okay?

What on earth do you have
against Christmas trees?

Okay, look, blondie,

I'm not debating it
with you, okay?

I-I'm the landlord here.

I have a contract, all right?

You're the-the-the interloper.

I prefer "guest".

Okay, you know what,

let me just move
your Christmas tree.

Excuse me, thank you.

Okay? Ow.


It's prickly.


It's really spiky...





but economical.


Trust me,

this is much easier
with grown-up scissors.

One week before Christmas,

are bouncing off the walls.

You have to do something
to keep them active.

Show me a second grade teacher

who can't decorate a tree
for under $3.00,

and I'll show you an amateur.


What's so funny?



In a good way.

In a good way.

So, how do you manage...

Just hook it on that branch,
and just wrap it around.

Funny how?

Well, look, you got to
understand that, well,

Christmas has always been
just another day.

I haven't decorated
a tree since...

Since I was a little kid,
and that was at an aunt's house.

Most Christmases,
I'm in a hotel or something.

For a couple years,

Charles and I got together
with his fiancée,

and we'd do a family sort of...

Charles was engaged?

Yeah, for a couple years.

It didn't work out,
but it was fun for a while.

Turkey, presents,
the whole nine yards,

but after they broke up,

it sort of went back
to the way it's always been.

Basketball and Chinese food?


But this year...

I don't know, it's weird.

For the first time
in I don't know how long,

it feels like Christmas.


Okay. Start
your engines.

[Counting together]:
One, two, three!


Nice one!


Blocked, huh?

[Chuckles ruefully] Yeah.

Let me have one of them saucers.

Okay, he's there.
Give it your best shot.

What are you...

Oh, do you want a shot
at the champ?

Go ahead, go ahead,
go on, try it.

Ugh! That's right,

I come from a long line of...

Mowing down children
with snowball...

Come on, do your worst...



All right,
small humans, you'll see.

You'll get yours.

This arm is registered

with the American
Snowball Association.


Hey! Whoa!


That's it.

Yes, yes, yes!


What's wrong with him?

He is a writer.

So tell me something.


How have you managed it?

Managed what?

Well, successful businessman.

Very bright.

Pleasant company.

All those things,
and you don't mind doing dishes.

How did you manage to avoid...



I know it's none of my business.

I'm just curious.

Oh, no, it's okay.

It's an old cliché.

Married to the business.

I didn't think I was
trying to avoid it.

There has been, well, say,
a woman I liked.

And then, bang,

I got to go to Asia
for a couple of months.

It's not exactly conducive
to sustaining a relationship.

Well, if you liked her,

why didn't you just
take her with you?

Well, maybe...

I didn't like her
as much as I thought.

[Emily's cell phone rings]



Hi, mom.

Hi, honey, listen,
I'm going to have to call you back.

I'm a little busy right now.

Love you. Bye.

Okay, something is really wrong.

Okay, look...


Listen, I got to
slow down, um...

You okay?

Yeah, I am...


I just...

I'm leaving in a couple of days.

Wish you weren't.


I am.

Is that all
that's bothering you?



Okay, look, this is going
to sound really crazy, but, um...

I feel a little guilty.

Makes no sense, right?

Frank's been gone
for almost three years now.

But it's still very tough
to get over something like that.

I mean, sure, we got
on each other's nerves...

that's marriage, you know,
but, um...

For the most part,
it was really great,

and we were very lucky,

and Christmas was just...

Well, it was special.

I'm sorry

I'm so...

I don't know.


Ray, meeting you...

I just wasn't expecting this.

I should be at home

decorating gingerbread
houses right now...

And here you are.


I'm a little...

I'm a little confused.

A little confused,
what am I saying?

I'm very confused.



I wish I could say that...

I know how you're feeling,
but I can't.

I've never felt like that
about anybody before.

Well, you should try,

because you're really missin'
out on somethin' special.

What I'm trying to say,
Emily, is that...

Well, I think I'm starting
to feel that way right now.

I should go.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

I'll, uh, see you tomorrow?

I hope so.

[Sighs heavily]

Okay, okay, calm down.

I can't calm down.

I feel...

I feel I...

I don't know how I feel,
like I'm a teenager or something.

Did you get lucky?

No. Stop that.

oh, hold for a sec.

I have another call.

Hey, Faith.
It's Heather.

Have you talked to mom?

Hey, Heather.
Hold for a sec.

Okay, it's Heather.

She wants to know
if I've talked to you.

Okay, tell her no.

And-and tell her I'm fine.


Hey, Heather...

Oh, you know what,
hold for a sec.

Okay, which is it?
"No" or "I'm fine?"

I'm fine!

Okay, you know, I really hate
being caught in the middle like this.

Okay, just tell her I'm fine.

I gotta go. I'll
talk to you later.

Okay, bye.

Hi, Heather.

You know...
you know what, honey,

I'm going to call you
right back.



If you are stalking me,
I'm going to call the cops.

Ha... ha, ha.

Lookit, no post-its.

Well, isn't that
better than a Pulitzer.

I am dying to know how it ends.

He doesn't kill her
painfully, does he?



No, that's the first draft.

Listen, can we just call a truce
for tonight?

Why don't you come and join me?

I was actually
very happy living here.

You know, I thought it would be
a great place to raise a family.

Then, one day, my husband
came home

and said that we were moving,
and he...

He just took me
to this strange city,

and three months later,
he walked out.

Men, huh?


So, I want to know,

is, um, Samantha
based on your fiancée?

How do you...

We said we weren't going to...

How do you know about that?

Ray told Emily,
and then Emily told me.


You know, I think there's
something going on with those two.

- What have you heard?
- I've just heard things.

- What have you heard?
- Nothing specific, but Ray...

Ray's normally...

He's a...

Very serious.

But now he's...

Now he sounds like...

He sounds like...

I don't know
what he sounds like,

but he doesn't sound like Ray.

Okay, you know what,
that is the same with Emily.

This is weird.

I know, right?


You are avoiding the subject.

I want to know, is Samantha
based on your fiancée?



Samantha is based on
my fiancée...

My ex -fiancée.

And you used her
in "long weekend", too, right?

How do you know about "long..."

I-I ordered a couple
of your novels the other night.

- Really?
- Really.

Well... thank you.

It's a beautiful book.

Was that when
you guys first met?

Your honeymoon phase?

Yeah. I guess.

[Sighs heavily]

Honeymoon phase...

I think they want us to leave.


Will you finish
the book on time?

Maybe tomorrow.

- Ah, I can't wait to buy one.
- Oh, I can send you a copy.

- Autographed?
- Of course.

And I want something
personal, too.

None of this
"best wishes" stuff.

You know, I'd like to
impress my friends.


Well, I'll see what I can do.

Look, I have to...
I have to tell you,

you have been extremely helpful,

and I don't mean
just answering doors.

Well, it's
a good story, Charles.

You just had to soften Samantha,
that's all.

That wasn't easy.

How long has it been
since you guys broke up?

It'll be two years
tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve.


Yeah, I...

[Sighs heavily]

I came home,
and I saw her decorating the tree,

and I thought, "well, that's odd

because we've already
decorated the tree",

then I realized she was
un-decorating the tree.

She was moving out

and taking all
the decorations with her.

She left me some tinsel.

Not the good kind either,
the cheap stringy stuff.


So is this why
you hate Christmas?

I don't hate Christmas, Faith.

I just don't want to be
reminded of...


That's all.

That is the problem
with the holidays.

The good stuff is always
so much better than it really is,

and the depressing stuff
is always so much worse.

Well, maybe it'll
get good one day soon.


We've got a flight
this afternoon.

What do you mean?

Well, you are miserable
without your mom,

and I can't stand
seeing you miserable, so...

Jase, you don't have to.

I mean, it makes no sense
for both of us to go.

You can stay.


I'm not staying here
without you.


So just, uh, don't give me
a hard time about this one.

I still can't figure you out.


Well, one minute,
you're this total fratboy clown,

and then the next,
you do something really sweet, and...

Okay, I'll say it, mature.

Oh, "mature".

Well, uh...

Just don't expect it
all the time.



Let's get packing.




Hey, where were you?

I went to get stuff for dinner,

and I figured
you being from Boston,

you might find this
kind of traditional.

- Finished?
- Finished.




Ah, perfect.


It's like we're at a wedding.

Well, we are celebrating,
but not just Christmas.

I made a big decision today.


I am selling my company.

[Glasses clink]

What made you decide that?

Well, I decided I can't
be scared about the future.

I've played it safe
my whole life.

I'm going to take a chance,

and if I get bored,
I'll find something else to do,

and, in the meantime,
I'm going to have some fun.

Well, that sound like
an excellent idea.

Oh, you want to see
your present?

Wait, you didn't have to
get me anything.

Why do people always say that?

Of course, I had to
get you something.

No, but, see,
I didn't get you anything.

I-I went to look
a couple of times, but I...

Do you want to see your present?


Not until Christmas.

After midnight.


You sure?


All right.

Doubly sure?

Very sure.

[Scraping and clattering]

She paid the delivery, so...

Yeah, right.

Okay, well, the decorations
are under the stairs.

- Okay.
- Okay, good.


One hour until Christmas.

[Elevator dings]

[Door opens]




How did you get in here?

The door was open.

Hey, uh...

You must be Heather.

Ray, I am so sorry.

No, Emily, your daughter
came across the country

to be with you.

I'd say
you're a very lucky woman.

I know, I know, it's just...

It wasn't exactly
what I had planned.

Well, maybe it's for the best.

What do you mean?

Your life is 3,000 miles
away from here,

and you're leaving
in a couple of days.

Maybe it's better
if we don't make things

any more complicated
than they are.

Yeah. Maybe...

Maybe you're right.


That doesn't mean
you couldn't spend tomorrow...

I'd... feel funny.

You should spend Christmas
with your daughter.

Your gift.


They're beautiful.

I left the receipt in there

in case you want to
exchange them...

No, I don't want to
exchange them.

I love them.

I just still feel kind of bad
that I didn't get you anything.

Hey, Emily,

you gave me
the best Christmas I've had

in a very, very long time.

Thank you.

I can't believe it's finished.

You just had to work
on her character.

Everything else was good.

I've been banging my head
against the wall for months.

You just needed
a fresh set of eyes.


Female eyes.

To female eyes...


No, I... yup.

[Dishes clattering]

Look, Faith... I...


I don't know.

I mean...

This is kind of...


You leave tomorrow, and...


I don't know.

Well, look, okay, here we are...


I mean, we're sharing
this big house together,

and-and I just don't want to
make you feel...





I think you should just
go ahead and kiss me.

I agree.


[Groans groggily]


Why didn't you wake me?

Honey, you did
all that traveling yesterday.

I thought
you'd want to sleep in.

I always help
with the Christmas pancakes.

Pancakes, um...

No griddle.

I have cereal, though,
and fruit.

You love fruit.



Good morning.

Why didn't you wake me?

Oh, I...

Well, I wanted...
I wanted to surprise you.

I'm, uh...

[Spatula clattering]

I'm making...

I'm attempting
to make you breakfast.

[Chuckles in delight]

Well, you better make it to go
'cause I have a bus to catch.

Did you forget?


I guess I did.

Okay, well, um...




Your bus.


Would you...
do you want to...

Are you sure can't stay,
have a few...

No, I-I think
I'd better just go.

Okay. Right, yeah.

I'll get my keys.

I will get my bag.

I can't believe
you brought these.

Creature of habit.

Ooh, I have pictures of the Christmas
we made these on my phone.

I scanned all the old Christmas
pictures I gave you a disk, right?


Wait till you see these.

I was looking at them
the other day.

Yeah, I saw them back home.

I love this picture.

And I remember when we took it,
you me and dad...


Honey, I...

I don't want to
look at them right now.

Oh, mom...

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to upset you.

No, no, no, no, no, you didn't.

I love that you look at them.

It's important that...

It's important not to forget.

These last few days
have made me realize

that as nice as it was,

it's just never going to
be the same again,

and when I look at
those pictures, honey...

[Sighs heavily]

I just feel alone.

Maybe this whole
crazy Christmas thing

has been good for me, huh?

It's made me accept
that things change,

and that I may have been
holding onto my past

a little too much.


It's time to take a chance.

Looks like you have
your choice of seats.

Yeah, I guess it's not
a very big travel day.

I guess not.



Thank you.

No problem.

[Door hisses open]

Just don't forget
to send me a copy, okay?

Absolutely not.


[Door hisses closed]

[Engine starts]


Hey, excuse me?

Open up.



Charles, what are you doing?

You don't really
want to spend Christmas

on a bus, do you?

Of course not.

They why are you getting on one?

Because I...

I thought you wanted me to.

No, I don't want you to.


Well, then, why didn't you
say something?

I was waiting
for you to say something.

Well, I-I didn't really think

that it was my place
to say something.

May I say something?

I'd really like to
get home for Christmas.



You know what I want for Christmas,
more than anything else?

You're not angling
for that pony, are you?

Because I can't get a pony...


What I want...

Is for you to get dressed up.

I want you to put on
those earrings Ray gave you,

I want you to look fabulous,
and then...

I want you to go his place
for dinner.



Why not?

Well, because it's Christmas.

Yeah, and this one Christmas,

we're going to do
something different.

Heather, I am not leaving you
alone for Christmas.


Then how about this...

[Sports game plays
on television]

[Door buzzer sounds]

♪ lie on the floor

♪ by the light
of the Christmas tree ♪

♪ and do you remember...


It just isn't Christmas
without a tree.

How right you are.

- And we brought Chinese food.
- "We?"


This is Jason.


Well, hey, come on in!

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

I got the tree.

Got it?

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

♪ Making angels
in the snow ♪

♪ Sun goes down
and the streetlights... ♪

♪ Begin to glow


Hi, guys!

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

We made it.

How are you feeling?

I feel good.

The baby's been
kicking up a storm.

[Chatting and laughing]

Let me look at it.

See, I told you we wouldn't be
in the house 30 seconds,

and she'd have
her hand on my stomach.

- Hey...
- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas.

I was decorating the tree
if you can believe it.

I kind of can't believe it.

Doesn't really
run in the family...

[All chatting merrily]

by VaVooM

♪ Do you remember...

♪ Do you remember
remember... ♪

♪ How it used to be?

♪ Come on
and string the lights up ♪

♪ come on outside

♪ let's go
and build the snowman ♪

♪ his winter bride

♪ oh, won't you take a sip...

♪ Raise our voices up

♪ Raise our voices up ♪