Traders (2015) - full transcript

What if it made perfect sense for ordinary people to kill each other for money? Better than slow grinding financial ruin and misery, and all done according to a strict code by consenting adults. This is Trading.

[wind blowing]

- [V/O] It takes five pounds
of pressure

to crush a human windpipe.

My name is Harry Fox

and four months ago
I didn't know things like that.

Back then I worked in
international asset management.

Don't worry, I'm not gonna
bore you with the details.


I'm gonna tell you
what happened

when the company lost
fourteen billion overnight

and we all lost our jobs.

That's a more interesting story.


[upbeat electronic music]


That's Vernon Stynes
on the day we were all told

to clear out our desks.

He's got out-of-date
software manuals

and a personalized
hole punch in that box.

He looks happy, doesn't he?

Kevin wasn't.

[footsteps approaching]

- Did you nick that
from the office?

- Yeah.

I'm gonna use it to
start up my own business.

I mean, they've,
they've gone completely.

- What are we going to get
thirty, forty thousand?

- Oh no, no, no, no,
thirteen and a half... max.

- That won't go far.

- I've worked out, right,

that I need 2.6 million to
live for the rest of my life,

and that's giving me just above
average male life expectancy.

Educated people do tend
to have an above average

life expectancy.


- You should do what
Chuck Difford did in Vegas.

' Who?

- Ah,
it's not a true story.

- It's a true story.
- It's not.

- Chuck Difford,
he sells everything he's got

and he walks to Vegas,

goes in the first
casino he sees,

and he puts everything on red.

- Roulette?
- Yeah.

- Fifty-fifty shot.

- Well, slightly less than
fifty-fifty, you see it's-

- He doubles his money,
he walks out,

and he never goes back
to Vegas.

- And eh,
how much did he win?

- 2.6 million.

- Oh, really!

- NO-

- No, Vernon.

The point is it's better
to be a bum with nothing,

than a bum with not enough.

- [V/O] Vernon loved
that story.

So in a way, everything
that happened after that,

it's actually
Chuck Difford's fault.

[melancholy music]


Vernon was always saying that
the Chinese word for crisis

combines the characters for
danger and opportunity.

Maybe it's true,
but for us

opportunities were
gonna be limited.

- [voice-mail] You have one
new message-

- Hi, Harry, it's Kevin.

Did you hear anything
back from London?

Apparently, we're all fucking
toxic because of the 14 billion.

Someone said they're looking
for people in Singapore?

Did you hear that?

Anyway, I-l, I'll,
I'll talk to you.

- [V/O] We were toxic,

and they knew that in
London and Singapore,

and I wasn't like Vernon.

I was never going to
start my own business.

Anyway, don't they say that the
most successful entrepreneurs

have the same personality
traits as psychopaths?

- Hi, Orla.

- Hey-ya, Vernon.

- Still smoking?

- Never quit.

- Women who quit
smoking by thirty

are believed to avoid
the earlier death risks

associated with smoking,

so you're probably not
in any real danger yet.

- That's not very
responsible advice.

- I'm not advising you
to smoke,

I'm just pointing out that the
risks aren't so serious yet.

It's good.

- Heard you moved home?

- Yeah. It's, eh,
it's temporary, you know,

I'm consolidating while
I start my own business-

web consultancy,
search engine optimization.

- Sounds like a winner.

- You back home now, too?

- No, I'm just down doing my shift,
looking after Dad.

- Oh, is that a regular thing?

- Yeah.
He's got cancer.

Listen, Vernon,
I'll see you around.

- NO, no; no!

Maybe we could go for lunch?

My treat.

- I'm looking after Dad.

- Yeah, yeah, but maybe when
one of your brothers are down,

we could,
we could do lunch?

- Then I'm not down.

- Oh yeah.

Yeah, yeah, course, yeah.

- Listen, Vernon,
good luck with the new business.

- Yeah, thank you.
Um... well, 'bye Orla.

[door closes]

- [V/O] Do you know what
new businesses do?

They go fucking bust
in less than a year,

nearly all of them.

Vernon was back at home.

He could afford to fail.

Me? I was handing back
the company car.

Well, it made sense.
There was no company anymore.

They were sending some guy
called Clive to repossess it.

I wasn't going to
hang around for that.

[cellphone vibrating]

- Well?


No, I'm on the bus.

- Code for the canteen
is 1212B.

Code for the supplies room
is 1213B.

- So there's a code
for the codes?

- They change every
few months, so no,

there's no code
for the codes.

[door buzzing]

Here's your desk.

Standard data entry-

speed and accuracy,
that's what we need.

It's not difficult.

The machines are split
into three categories.

A: soft drinks.


C: sanitary items.

Fill in category, location,
and amount.

Any problems,
call my extension.

Don't start bothering
anybody else.

- [V/O] Apparently,
if you dream about drowning

that means you've
got money worries.

I figured any job that
gave me some cash

would slow down my
sink to the bottom.

- Well, you need both the male
and the female plants together;

otherwise you won't get
the nice red berries.

- Alright, Anthony.

- Remember now,
keep them nice and moist,

especially the female.

Alright, English.

So, I heard you moved back in
with your mammy and daddy?

- Yeah.

It's only temporary.

I'm consolidating while I
start up my new business.

Did you look at my proposal?

- Ah, I already have
a website, Vernon.

- You're not even
search optimized.

Now, I can guarantee you

a significant increase
in business.

- For a fee of five thousand?

- Yeah,
but that could be less.

- That could be nothing.

- Come on now, Anthony.

- Housewives have
always liked me,

and housewives buy plants.

- Yes, but,
everything's online now.

- Yeah.

- We should talk again, Anthony.

I've got lots of ideas.

- Really?

Well, come back to me
when you have a good one.

- [voice-mail] Hello Mr. Fox,
this is Kim Ryan

I'm your new
Relationship Manager.

- [V/O] That was the first call
from my bank in three years.

Friendly and civilized,
but I knew that would change.

They were calling
me for a reason.

- Hello?

- Mr. Fox, I've noticed that
you're now earning less

than your monthly
mortgage repayments.

- That's just temporary.

- I hope so.

You do understand that
this level of income

is not sustainable.

If things don't change soon your
apartment will be repossessed.


- [V/O] Kevin was forty-eight.

Two kids in college
from his first marriage,

three in private school
from his second,

a big house,
a villa in Spain,

three holidays a year.

He always said he
was never more than

one paycheck
from going broke,

and it was a month
since we lost our jobs.

- Did you hear anything
about how it happened?

Head on into a tree.


- It's just some
people are saying

that it might not have
been an accident.

- Well, actually,
that makes sense.

A man of his age
recently made redundant.

Did you know for every
1% rise in unemployment,

there' s a .8% rise in suicide?

It's called "econocide."

- Kevin wasn't poor.
He had money.

- But did he have enough?

I mean, I've worked out
that I need 2.6 million

to last my lifetime,

and he was married with kids.

- Hi, Sally.

I'm so sorry.

- Hi, Harry.

- Hi, Vernon.

- What did you say
to the widow?

Should I say something to her?

- Her name's Sally, Vernon.

Just say,
"Sorry for your loss."

- Good.
Okay, yeah. Good.

I'll-I'll say that.

Sorry for you-
Sorry for your loss. Sorry-

- [V/O] Men cause trouble.
That's a fact.

Maybe women are
complicated and emotional,

but proper
"Fuck the World Up" trouble,

that's all down to us.

But Vernon's brand of trouble...


No one could have
seen that coming.

- [recording] ...per cent,
or the 99%?

What are you worth?

If you emptied
your back accounts...

- How was the funeral?

- Yeah, yeah,
really good, actually.

Alright, thank you.

- Are you going to tell me
anything about this

business idea of yours?

- Huh-um, well,
it's all a bit hush-hush

at the moment, Mum.

[keyboard clicking]

- Vernon?

What are you doing here?

- Looking for you.

I've got a really exciting
business opportunity

to tell you about.

And I brought some beer.

- [V/O] Two months earlier
if Vernon had called around

to my apartment,
I wouldn't have asked him in.

- C'm0n in.

- [V/O] But that day, well,

he had a business plan
and some beer.

I like beer,

and I needed a plan.

- Oh, what a cool place, Harry.

It must have cost a fortune.

- You don't know
the half of it.


- I've been thinking about
what you said, Harry,

about Chuck Difford,

the guy who doubled
his money in Vegas.

- I'm pretty sure that's
not a true story, Vernon.

- Thanks.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

- What are you downloading?

- It's just some router software
that you're gonna need.

Now, don't worry, it's free.

I'm cashing in on econocide.

One person empties
their bank account

and sells any expensive
stuff they may have,

turns it all into cash, okay?

- Okay-

- Another person
does the same.

Everything you own
translated into cash

and put into a
green sports bag.

- Why a green sports bag?

- It's just one of the rules.

I've been writing
the rules for days.

Anyway, they go to
somewhere remote,

dig a grave,
and fight to the death.

The winner buries the loser,

walks home with
two bags of cash,

double your money.

I've called it Trading.

- Fight to the death?


- So this is your new business?
- Yep.

- Murder?
- It's not murder.

- It sounds a lot like murder.

- It's two consenting adults
entering into a business deal.

- Where one kills the other.

- Yeah, but like a duel.

- Jesus Christ!

- Do you remember
that German guy

who found someone online to
come to his house and eat him?

- Yeah.

- This isn't as mad as that.

- What would your life
be worth in hard cash?

- Don't tell me, Vernon,

you didn't put this
all on the website?

- Course not!

This is crypt layering,

deep web like what
pedophiles use.

- Alright.

Pitch is over.

- Double your money, Harry.

Think of Kevin.

Much better odds than
driving your car into a tree.

- Jesus, are those
your winnings?

- NO-

No, this is my stake.

- Did you expect to
come here and, what,

we'd kill each other?

- NO-

Only one of us
would have to die.

- Get out.

- I'll find someone, Harry.

Trading is gonna be massive.

You can keep
the rest of those beers.

- [V/O] Vernon was a guy
I used to call

for tech support at work.

Now he was suggesting
we kill each other for cash.

It was fucking nuts.

But then again,
if he was serious,

someone was gonna get
that bag of money easily.

- If you emptied
your bank accounts

and sold everything you own,

how much would your life
be worth in hard cash?

Not enough to last
you a couple of months.

If you become a Trader,

you're seven trades
away from a million.

[snaps fingers]
- Give me those.

Get a move on, pal.

You'll never get home
at this rate.

Where are you?

I don't have
the new safe code.

So what do I do
with the money?

Just leave it here
in the office?

I don't know why you have to
keep changing it all the time.


[light digital music]


Outta here for the weekend.
See you Monday, dickheads.

- [V/O] It was like a sign.

Like a greater power saying,

"Here's four thousand eight
hundred and twenty-three quid

in condom and tampon sales.

Now what are you
gonna do with it?"

- Find someone on the website
with a similar sum to trade.

Arrange a meeting,
and you're all set.

You're seven trades
away from a million.

[cellphone ringing]

- Hello?

- It's Harry.

- Oh, hi, Harry.

- I might be interested.

- Oh, great.

- It has to be Saturday.

- But that's tomorrow.

- I know.

- Oh, okay.

No-no, yeah-yeah,
look um,

I'll PM you a location.

- Fine.

- Put the cash
into the green sports bag.

9.8% of all sports bags
are green,

so the bag will act
as an identifier

but one which will go unnoticed
by members of the public.

Arrange to meet in a
quiet pub during the day.

- What can I get you?

- Eh, a sparking
mineral water, please.

- And make
sure you're happy

with the bona fides
of your fellow Trader.

- [V/O] Vernon had described
Trading as a noble duel,

even though every trade
started in a stinking toilet.

- Where's your green bag?

- Oh, forget the bag.

I've got the money,

that's why we're here,
isn't it?

- Did you write a suicide note?

- Is that really necessary?

- Yes.

There's less chance of people
coming looking for you

if they think you've
committed suicide.

Write one now.

Go on.


But, say that you
drown yourself.

We don't want people looking
for the loser, do we?

- Hey, what are you doing?

- Checking for guns.

There's no guns allowed.
They make too much noise.

- I don't have a gun, Vernon.

- Give me your phone.

- Why?

- Why?

GPS tracking, Harry,
that's why.

And switch it off.

- Travel together
to an isolated location,

making sure to avoid any
unnecessary attention.

- Pick a number.

- Eight.
- Okay.

We cross the road and
double back to that bus stop,

the first bus that comes we go
for eight stops, then change.

[police siren wailing]

- [V/O] Vernon was really
proud of his rules.

Even though he was
planning to kill me,

he wanted to show me
how to Trade properly.

So we took the 14
for eight stops,

then the 78 for five stops,
then the 65 for three stops,

until we were sure no
one was following us.

- Dig a hole 3 feet deep
by 6 feet long,

and commence Trading.

- This is good, isn't it?

Here you go.

The ground is very hard here.

- This isn't really gonna work.

- Well, we could go
somewhere else,

somewhere easier to dig?

- Look, I do need the money,

this is murder, Vernon.

- Harry, we can't go this far-

- I can do anything I want,

and I've decided I
don't want to do this.

- You're a coward.

- Maybe.


Fucking hell, Vernon!

I told you I don't
want to do this.

- It's too late...
you've agreed to trade.

Knives are allowed.

It's in the rules.



- You little fucker.

I told you
I've changed my mind.

[breathing heavy]

- Ah...


It wasn't supposed
to go like this!

- Yeah, well, it did.

- Ah, my shoulder!

My shoulder!

No, no. No, no, no, no, no,
please don't kill me!

Don't kill me!
Take the money.

You win.

- [V/O] There are
decisions in life

you know you'll live to regret.




- [V/O] Not killing Vernon
would be one of those.

[wincing in pain]


- Hi, I'm Big John,

lead EMT on six tours,
Tox Haz qualified,

Para Rescue and
Med Evac trained.

You never know when you're gonna
be the victim of a knife attack,

or indeed any kind of attack
with a sharp-edged weapon,

and a knife wound,
if not treated rapidly,

can be one of the
worst ways to die...

- Am I gonna die?

- I really couldn't tell you.

- with any field injury,
quick action is the key.

You're gonna need a cool head,

and a pair of nitrile
or non-latex gloves.

If you don't have gloves,

improvise by using
a plastic bag.

the dirtier the wound

the greater the chance
of infection.

If the victim is suffering
from shock...

- Are you in shock?

- I think so.

- If possible, elevate their
feet to improve blood flow.

Shock can impair blood flow

and lead to brain
or organ damage.

Talk quietly
and gently to the patient.

Turn their head to the side
in case of any bleeding

or vomiting.

Do not remove the knife
from the wound.

This will increase blood loss.

- Too late.

- Now, the first thing to do
is stop the bleeding.

So apply pressure
with a sterile bandage,

that's your best option.

But if it's bleeding bad,

and the emergency services
aren't on their way,

you do have other options.

- Is that glue, Harry?

Is this gonna hurt?

- I imagine it will, yeah.

[screaming in pain]

- [V/O] I had ten thousand.

Half of it was borrowed and had
to go back where it came from,

the other half was mine.

I just wasn't sure Vernon
would see it that way.

[door buzzing]



- Fuck.
Fuck it!

- Good morning.

- What are you doing
in my office?

- I was just looking for you.

- I was hoping that maybe we could-
- Why is that out?

- Yeah, it was just sitting
there when I came in.

- I don't believe this.

Get your ass in
here immediately.

[Upbeat pop music]


[telephone ringing]

- Hello?

- Hi, I'm looking for
Vernon Stynes.

- I think you've got
the wrong place.

- Uh.

[telephone ringing]

- Yeah?

- He rang my father and
gave him this address.


- It's the fourth floor,
c'm0n up.

There's a woman at the door,

she says you gave
her father my name?

- It's Orla.

- Who the fuck is Orla?

- I love her, Harry.

- Oh Sweet Jesus.

Please tell me you're here to
take Vernon home with you.

- You said you didn't
know who he was.

- I don't know who you are.

- I'm his neighbor.

Where is he?


- I'm in the bedroom.

Thanks for coming, Orla.

- Why did you call my
father at home, Vernon?

You know he's sick.

- I wanted to talk to you,

and I thought you'd be there,
looking after him.

I did try you on your
mobile a few times.

- Do you realize your
mother's talking about

going to the police?

- What? Why?

- Because she's worried
about you,

she's been trying to
call you for two days.

- Okay.
So, if he calls his mother,

and he promises never
to call your father again,

is everyone happy?

- Tell your mother you're alive.

- Oh no.
- Yes.

- No-no, I ca-

Hi, Mum.
Stop shouting.

Why are you shouting?

I'm just staying with a
friend for a few days

while I sort out
my business plan.

Seriously, I'm fine.
Yeah, l-l'm sorry.

I'm fine.
l-l'lll be home soon.

Okay, bye. Bye.

- Are you...
Are you bleeding?

~ Eh?

No, not really.

- What the hell
happened to you?

What happened?

- Don't look at me.

- It's not Harry's fault.

- He actually did
do that to himself.

- Yeah!

And now,
Harry's looking after me.

- You did this to yourself?

How exactly did you
do that to yourself?

- I fell... on a knife.
We were drinking.

- You fell on a knife?

Yeah, this is
typical blokey bullshit.

Has a doctor seen this?

- NO-

He actually refuses
to go to hospital.

- No, no, no,
no hospital because...

doctors are obliged to report
any knife wounds, Orla,

unless they suspect
that it's self-harm.

- This is exactly what
I'm dealing with here.

[breathing heavy]

- Actually...

I wouldn't mind you
having a look at this,

Orla, just to see
how bad it is.

Harry put glue into it.

It worked, didn't it?

- Come here.

Lie back.

Yeah, well, it's not
bleeding too badly.

Vernon, if this gets any worse,

you are gonna end up
in hospital, you know?

- NO-

Maybe, if I think
it's getting worse,

then maybe I should
give you a call?

- Vernon, stop.


So what are you gonna
do about him?

- Send him back to his
mother, I suppose.


I'm sorry you got
dragged into this.

- It's gonna get infected,
you know.

[door closes]

- Harry?


- Harry?

You got a minute?

- Yeah.

- Simon's gone.

- Okay-

- He disappointed me.
That's all I'm saying.

It's good for you, though.
Creates an opportunity.

Have you ever considered
a management position?

It's hard work at first,

and you'll need
the extra training,

but you'll be on
24k straightaway,

and there's no reason why
you couldn't be on 30+,

in a couple of years time.

- [V/O] I had made five grand
in four hours

the previous Saturday.

I couldn't tell her that

but I couldn't stop thinking it.

- Sounds great.

[telephone ringing]

- Just give him four a day;

it should be strong enough
for any infection.

- Why don't you come in
and give them to him yourself?

- No, I'm done with that.

They should work.
If they don't then...

They'll work.

Just make sure he
finishes them.

- Who's Ian Johnson?

- That's my dad.

- Does he not need them?

- Yeah, desperately,

but Vernon is just
more important to me.


- Okay.
- No, look,

I do actually like Vernon,

you've just got to be
firm with him, you know.

You've got to tell him to
get lost from time to time.

- Why don't you come in and
tell him to get lost for me?

_ Bye, Harry.

- I'm gonna ask Vernon
for your number.

I'm gonna call you up,

and I'm gonna ask you
out on a date.

- Yeah, you do that.

- Why didn't she come in,

- Who knows.

- Did you ask her in?

- Yes.
She didn't want to come in.

- You see,
I don't understand that.

If she's brought the pills over

that means something,
doesn't it?

- Just take the pill, Vernon.

- But these are prescribed
for her father,

and her father has
lung cancer, Harry.

What use are those to me?

Oh, I should check on the
internet before I take them.

- Take the pill.

- I am not taking a pill

that hasn't been
prescribed to me.

[9 runts]



- [V/O] Five thousand
would buy me a month or two,

not much more.

Vernon had been impatient.

He should have waited.

His little murder game
was taking off.

What if they were
all like Vernon?

That was a showoff name,

and he had 5k to trade.

No harm in taking a look.

- I wouldn't be here if I
wasn't confident, you know?

Have you done this before?

- We should take turns digging.

- Okay, makes sense.

- And you can back out
any time you like, yeah?

- Are you sure
you're up to this?

' Are you?

- Yeah.
I want the money.

And if you back out,
I'm taking the two bags.

- I'll dig first.

Do you mind?


- [V/O] We didn't say a word

for the two hours we
were digging that hole.

One of us was
supposed to end up in it.

What was there to talk about?

- Whoa!


[chain whipping]

[9 runts]

- Fucking hell!

- Fuck!

You got to be
fucking kidding me.

What are you?
Just a fucking thief?





- [V/O] I wasn't expecting
to kill someone,

even though I knew that was
the basic fucking concept.

Pickaxe had made
it easier for me:

he tried to rob the money.

- Hey, you...

Your bags.

- Hello?

- Hi, it's Harry.

- Hi, Harry.

Vernon gave you my number?

- No, I managed to get
it from his phone.

Your pills worked.
He's much better.

- Is he still at your apartment?

- Yeah, well, you know,

you wouldn't kick
him out for me.

- You've got to man up, Harry,
do these things yourself.

- I'm too soft.

- Please.

- No, seriously,

it's why it's taken me this long
to ask you out on a date.

- Yeah, well,
you haven't asked me yet.

- Y'see, there's my problem.

Listen, why don't you ask me?

- [chuckles]
I've gotta go, Harry.

[phone beeps]

[foreboding music]


- What's going on, Harry?

Where were you yesterday?

I want my money back.

- You know what
happened to your money

so don't be annoying me.

- We didn't Trade.
You called it off.

- You asked me to spare
your life for the money.

- No, no, no
that's not right.

I just agreed with you
that we should call it off.

I, I wanted to Trade,
and you didn't.

- You begged me.

You were crying.

- You can't do this, Harry.

It's not right.
You're just a thief.

Ah, my shoulder...


- [V/O] I had a couple
of busted ribs

and ten grand in my freezer.

Why didn't I stop?

Because I only had 10 grand.


I traded two more times
in less than ten days.

Easy, quick trades.

And Vernon's rules worked:

the suicide notes,
the phones,

the endless bus journeys
and the green bags.

It all made Trading safer.

Before I knew it,
I had 40 grand in my freezer.

[keyboard clicking]

You didn't see many
repeat Traders.

Half were dead, obviously,
but the winners,

a lot of them didn't
come back for more.

Kicker was like me.

- You know the drill?

- Yeah, I know the drill.

[patting down clothes]

- No weapons?

- NO-

- Confident?

- Phone?

Let's go.

- [V/O] If you ever find yourself

in a fight to the death,
take my advice:

go for the throat.

The throat is full
of blood and air

and humans don't last long
without blood or air.

- Nice to be playing for
high stakes for a change.

I wouldn't like to go to
the game for a few grand,

would you?

Let's get going-




[breathing heavy]



- [voice-mail] You've reached
the phone of Harry Fox.

Please leave a message.


- Harry, I really do
need to talk to you

about our earlier
business transaction.

I do not believe we
fairly concluded our business.

I want my money back, Harry.

This is Vernon Stynes.

- [V/O] If someone's
trying to kill you,

and you kill them,
you're on a high.

It's not dark or upsetting.
It's a victory.

I could have been dead,
but instead I was twice as rich.

The hardest thing was not being
able to tell anyone about it.

- I can see you there,
you know.

Do you not think there's
something deeply wrong

with a man who creeps around
a woman's house in the dark?

[breathing heavy]

- [V/O] I had thought
Vicious was a stupid name,

but now I saw it was smart.

I walk in expecting
some dumb guy,

and instead I see...


[door opens]

- Hey!


Don't you dare.

- Listen,

I'm not going to
trade with you.

Just find another woman.

- You know the thing
I find difficult

about Trading,
as a woman?

Dragging fat,
dead men into graves.

I mean, you're skinny

but I'd still say you're a lump
to drag across the ground.

If you win, you win.

That's how it goes.

- Yeah, we're hardly going to
do that out here, are we?

- What, a guy and
a girl can't have a hug?

Do you want to fuck me?

- What is that?
Like, a tactic?

Give me your phone.

[cellphone vibrates]

- Harry?

Harry Fox,
I thought it was you.

God, I haven't
seen you since-

- I think you're mistaking me
for someone else, pal.

- What?

Nah, don't tell me
you don't recognize me?

We used to work
together, remember?


- Give me my phone.

- You fucking clown.

You just cost me 80 grand.

- How much?

- You're becoming a real pest,

- You have to give me
the money back, Harry.

- No, I don't.

- You stole it from me,
and now I've got nothing.

- So trade.

- I can't trade, Harry.

- Yeah, I do remember,

you traded and you lost.

There are no other
losing Traders alive.

You're a lucky man, Vernon.

- I don't feel very lucky.

- Open the bag.
- What?

- Open the fucking bag,

Take what you think
you're owed.

- Is that five?

- No, that's seven.

- We don't have to be enemies,
you know?

- We don't have
to be anything.

- [V/O] Poor Vernon.

Trading was getting
bigger everyday

and no one except me
knew that it was all his idea.

He should have just taken
that money and moved on,

but he couldn't.

He couldn't leave
trading behind.

' Busy?

- No, but I still don't
want your website.

- Yeah, well, I actually
wanted to talk to you,

to get your advice on
an entirely different

business proposition.

I'm looking for
a partner with...

How can I put this?

You've done a bit of time, right?

' And?

Get to the point, Vernon.

- Do you have any,
I dunno... contacts?

Guys who are willing
to do things for money?

- What kind of things?

- There's a lot
of money in this.

But it's illegal
and it's dangerous.

- I'll do that.

- Why don't you two
talk business?

- No, no. I'd much rather
talk to you, actually.

- You don't know Ken.

Give him a chance.

- Have you ever heard
of white-collar crime?

- What, like, pedo priests?

- No, no, no, like,
upmarket crime.

Very low risk of getting caught
and plenty of money.

Would it be something
that'd interest you?

- Why not?


- Are you a good fighter?

[exhaling sharply]

- [V/O] If you asked any of
us what we were looking for,

I can tell you the answer:

someone easy to kill.

[cracking knuckles]

- What's with the watch, man?

- It's for telling me
what time it is.

- Looks expensive.

- If you win, you can have
the watch as a bonus.

Let's move.

I've a meeting this afternoon.

- Actually, I need a piss.

_ SQ piss.

Wash your hands.

[birds chirping]

- Are you sure we're here
for the same reason?

- We're hereto make love, right?

'Cause you're really my type.

- What's with the golf gear?

- Trading gear.

- [V/O] Bri234 looked
like an estate agent:

overcoat and leather shoes.

He shouldn't have been there.

- Have you done this before?

- Yes.

- I haven't.

- It's a lot of money
for a first time trader.

- Yeah, but it's not enough.

I'm in a lot of trouble,
a lot of trouble with money.

How many people have
you killed doing this?

- If you can't do this, don't.

- Fuck!

I didn't think
I'd be this nervous.

- Do you wanna call it off?

- I can't.

[cellphone vibrating]

- What the hell are
you doing, man?

Jesus, you know you're not
supposed to have another phone!

Fucking hell.

- I know.

I'm sorry.

- Jesus Christ.

You shouldn't be doing
this if you have kids.

- I know.
I'm sorry!

- Jesus!

[9 runts]

What's the matter with you?

I gave you the
chance to call it off.



[breathing heavy]

- [V/O] It wasn't one
of Vernon's rules

but it was understood.

You don't trade
if you have children.

It's just not fair
to the other traders.

- [computer] Hi, I'm Big John,

lead EMT on six tours,

Tox Haz qualified, Para Rescue
and Med Evac trained.

Basic wound suturing skills

can make a big difference
in the field.

You're looking for
good penetration,

and well-tied knots
to deal with lacerations.

I'm using P17
sterilized nylon thread.

It doesn't knot as tightly,

but it goes straight
through skin like a dream.

What you wanna do
is go straight in,

like this.


- [outgoing message]
This is Ken, say something

and I might call you back.

- Hello, Ken.
Just checking in with you

vis-é-vis today's
business meeting.

If you can please just give me
a call when you get a minute

to let me know how it all went,
you have my number.

Thank you.

[cellphone ringing]


- [outgoing message]
This is Ken, say something

and I might call you back.

- So how's your dad?

- Yesterday
they said he had hours,

today they think
he's a bit better.

Hey, listen, do you want
something to drink?

- Eh, no, no.

Water would be good, actually.

- Here you are.

I quit myjob_

Can't really face it anymore.

- I can give you money,
if you want.

- I'm not asking for money,
Harry. I just...

I just need to have something
else to do when Dad's gone.

- [V/O] Orla's father
had days to live.

Everything would change
when he was gone.

That's when I would stop.

Whatever money I had then

would be enough for us
to make a fresh start,

somewhere else.

[dial tone ringing]

[cellphone ringing]

- [outgoing message]
This is Ken, say something

and I might call you back.

- Ken, this is Vernon Stynes.

This is not satisfactory, Ken.

We had a verbal agreement
and I want my money.

- Oops.

- You wait here.

You're a sick fucker really,
aren't you, Vernon?

I thought you just designed
nice little websites.

- Anthony,
I've been looking for Ken.

- Don't worry about Ken.
I have him under control.

- Oh thank God.

I need to see him now, Anthony.

- Calm down.

Lower your stupid voice
before you get a smack.

We have all the money.

- It's my money.

- You were always
such a nice boy.

What have you gone
and invented?

- There's potential in this,

Easy money for less risk.

- Yeah?
How does that work?

- Scaling up.

Delegate. Getting other people
to do the trading like Ken here:

young, aggressive.

- And you want me
to be part of this?

- Yeah, yeah.

Let's go after a big trade.

- How big?

- Two hundred,

two hundred and fifty thousand.

Can you get hold of
that kind of money?

- If I get it,
we can't lose it.

- No we shouldn't,
I mean, Ken's good.

- I don't give a fuck
how good he is.

If I get it,
we can't lose it.

- Yeah, okay.
Well, look, leave it to me.

I'll set it up.

- Alright.

Get back to me when you
have something sorted out.

- What about my money?

- I thought we were
all in this together?

[door buzzer]

[church bell ringing]

- Hi, Harry.

I've got something big
to tell you about.

It's a trade I've set up.
It's what I do now.

- Like an agent?
- Yeah.

I've already done one,
but I've got a huge one,

and I'm bringing it to you.

- Why are you
bringing it to me?

- Two hundred grand, Harry,
that's why.

- Fuck you.
I'm not interested.

- Really?

I thought you and Orla

would enjoy spending
that much money, Harry.

- Orla's not the type of
woman who's impressed

by money, Vernon.

- Does she know?

What's the point of doing it

if you're not going
to make real money?

You started with five grand.

Two more trades and
you're nearly a millionaire.

That's what trading is about.

Now maybe you don't
have two hundred grand...

- You know I do.

- One more, Harry.

One more,
and you can walk away.

- With a cut for you,
I suppose?

Mr. Agent.

- Yeah, but just a small one.

- Alright.

- The forum listing is Ken,

just Ken.

[keyboard clicking]

- [V/O] Vernon was wrong.

It wasn't seven
steps to a million.

You had to find trades
that led you to double up,

and big stakes
were hard to find.

Whoever Ken was,
wherever Vernon had found him,

well, that sort of money
would make it all worthwhile.

- What's going on?

Who's this?

- This is Ger.

Ger's a good pal of mine.
Aren't you, Ger?

- NO-

I hate you, you bastard.

- He loves me really.

- Ah, I do.

[car starts]

- That's him.

That's Harry Fox.

- That bloke has two hundred
grand in that bag?

- Yeah.

He's the most successful
trader there is.

He was there
when I started it all.

- What the fuck are
we sitting here for?

Why don't we
take it from him?

- Good thinking, Ger.

Why don't we just walk
into a pub full of witnesses,

shoot him,
and take all his money.

This fella has
covered his tracks.

He's happy to dig
his own grave,

even write his own
suicide note.

Now, do you think
that we should

just let all that hard work
at avoiding detection

go to waste?

- You're telling me there's two
hundred grand in that bag?

And where did you get it?

- Trading.

- Really?

- Really.

- Show me.

- You're all business,
aren't you?

Just like the last fella!

You know, you're not as
impressive as I expected.

- I didn't know
you had any expectations.

- Ah, don't act all modest,
Mr. Trader.

- [V/O] I knew I had to
be careful with Ken.

He wasn't a real trader.

Someone else's money
was in that bag.

The journey was going to
take longer than usual.

- The first bus- One of
them picks a random number,

and then that will be
the number of stops

before they get off,

then another bus,

and the other person
picks a random number.

- Jesus, it'll take all day.

- You don't have anywhere
else to be, do you?

[ethereal music]


- Are you gonna do this
all day long, man?

So what way do you
wanna do this?

- Well, if you're not
going to dig,

we can start whenever you like.

- Nah, no, no, no, no,
I'll let you dig a bit more.

Or I could just stab you.

- You could.
You've got a knife.

- You're a cocky fucker,
aren't you?

- Ah, c'm0n.

You could be walking away
with my two hundred grand.

- No, I will be walking away
with your two hundred grand.


- What are you waiting for?


- Fuck face.


Help me!

Don't let him kill me!

[door creaking]



- Who do you keep thinking
is going to help you?

- The fat English lad,
and the others.

You'd better fucking run.

- It's not looking
too good for Ken.


- Harry is good.

He's won quite a few trades.

- It doesn't matter who wins.

- [V/O] I figured if it came to it
and Orla found the cash

she'd realize it was for her.

But I didn't think
it would come to that.

[door creaks open]

- Sorry about the door, Harry.

- Vernon.

Aren't you going
to introduce us?

- Anthony Grogan.

I'm a business associate
of Vernon's.

Let's talk trading.


- Is this a Shakedown?

- So what if it is?

We're shaking you down.
Big deal.

The trade you made today
was for a lot of money.

You can't keep all of it.

- That's not how it works.

Didn't Vernon
tell you the rules?

- Yeah, I did.

- He doesn't talk about
much else. Do you, Vernon?

Look, I know that you're
a great trader, Harry,

but you can't go on like this.
It's too risky.

We can set up trades
that are foolproof,

no way you can lose,

a team to back you up.

- This is what I was
telling you about, Harry.


- We'll all be rich.

Isn't that a good thing?


- I'm already rich.

- You're not keeping
all that money.

- This is a good idea, Harry.

- It's working fine as it is,

- Fuck all this, Anthony.

Where's the fucking money?


- That's the problem with
working with people like Ger.

They're not businessmen.

You alright, Vernon?

- Yeah. Fine.

[choking continues]

- You think there's any
real future for us?

I can't see it.

- Yeah,
you could be right there.

aren't going too well.


But I need that money back.
So how do we proceed?

- We don't proceed.

- That's no good.

God, Harry, this is messy.

The only real option
is to shoot you,

and hope that we can
figure out where the money is.

- Well, that's an option.

- No, here's one:
we go together,

we get the money,
you keep a hundred,

and I take the rest.

- What about my forty?

- Just a question:
you ever kill anyone?

- Not in a while.

- Really?

- I can't believe you
won't see reason.


- You didn't believe
I could do that, did you?

Oh, no, you didn't!

C'm0n, Harry, be honest.

What a team!


- Hold that.

- Harry, um,
what about the money?

I mean, I saved you, Harry.

You have to admit that.

We've still got our deal,
haven't we?


[9 runts]

- You came here in a car,

So who were they, Vernon?

- He runs a-well, ran-

a garden center
near where I live.

- The one who was doing
all the talking?

- Yeah.

The guy that I killed.

I think I'm ready, Harry.

- Ready for what?

- Trading.

It's all about the first one,
isn't it?

I mean, you had the
same problem,

you couldn't kill me,

Look at you now!

[wind blowing]

Have you traded here before?

- We've got a lot of
digging to do, Vernon.

- We should do something.

You know, dinner
or drinking, clubbing.

Something fun, you know?
Me, you and Orla.

Shouldn't we?

Just the three of us.



- You were right, Vernon.

The first time we traded,
you were ready and I wasn't.

- This isn't fair.

This isn't a trade.

- You're a dangerous man,


- Harry?

- [V/O] That's it.

That's how I spent the
last four months of my life.

Just one more trade,

then I'm done.

[intense music]