Trade Your Love (2019) - full transcript

I've been dumped by so many women.

"No one can make you whole."

Leaving cryptic messages behind.

But I had an epiphany
after meeting her.

I have a hole in my heart.

I want to be with the
woman who changed me.

Of course

that includes her kid too.

To be with her

I just need to give up everything.

But to ensure a
happy life ahead for us

we'd need some money.

There's a way to obtain
both money and love

but it would require an accomplice.

I was a track and field star.

I ran fast and flew high.

But an injury

brought my promising
future crashing down.

Track was the only thing I knew

and I lost all direction in life.

Before I knew it, I had turned 30

with nothing to show for it.

My family says it's
time to get married

and settle down.

I have no idea what to do with my life

and their solution for me is marriage?

This is so tiring.

I wish I could hide
away for just one year.

Airline heir Jung Sung-seok?


Track angel Park Hae-joo?

Angel? Yes, I'm Hae-joo.

Nice to meet you.

I've heard so much about you.

Don't get up.

- What?
- Let's not try so hard.

I'm not completely clueless.

Just be yourself, it's quite all right.

- You too?
- Coming on blind dates

to pacify my family.

So, you're just going
through the motions?

Yes, just like you.

But still, it's good to meet you.



So, shall we leave at 3.30pm?

Just 30 minutes? A blitz date?

Sure, sounds good.

Track And Field Angel Park Hae-joo

Forced To Retire Due To Ankle Injury

I'm sorry. Shall we go?

What? Has it been 30 minutes already?

Did you drive?

I can give you a lift.

It's OK, I have an appointment nearby.

It was nice meeting you.

- Likewise.
- Bye.

Wonnam Blowfish Eatery

Ma'am, could I get a blowfish stew?

The stew is for two.

But I really want some.

- Welcome!
- Good afternoon.

Blowfish stew, boiled blowfish...

barbecued blowfish, fried...

The stew is for two.

Excuse me!

One stew over here, please!

Let's see.

- Eat the vegetables first.
- Thank you.

Could I also get a soju?

Actually, I'm here for the spicy stew.

But the regular stew is so much better.

I'll pay for it.

I don't care for regular stew.

I came for the spicy one.


She ordered the soju.

Did you drive?

All right, pour me a glass.

I'll hire a driver.


My soju...


Listen, kiddo.

Men sure love treating women

like we're little girls.

What? What did I do?

I have three older brothers.

That's a good number. It's...

I don't need another
man calling me "kiddo".

But I like being older. Anyway...


Actually, I have a problem.

Darn it.

It's my father.

He's totally loaded.

He's filthy rich.

But he's leaving his entire fortune

to my stepmother and brother.

Here's the messed up part.

If I get married

he'll give me half of his fortune.

He thinks

marriage is so friggin' easy.

Then you've got to
find yourself a bride.

Do you want to marry me?

Are you crazy or drunk or what?

I should've let you
have your spicy stew.

- Wait. Wait a minute.
- Drink.

Hear me out.

- Korea is boring, right?
- Totally.

Incoming call: Mummy Dearest

So why don't we...

get married and leave Korea?

2nd Brother: Remember to smile!

3rd Brother: Be modest!

1st Brother: Time to get hitched!

We can live separate lives.

Does marriage guarantee happiness?

Not really.

Then why?

Why does everyone think

you need to get married

to have a fulfilling life?

I can never understand that, you know?

I apologise.

I'm super lonely

but marriage won't solve that.

I offer my apologies.

No, I'm the one who's sorry. I'm...


But, Hae-joo...

let's not lose hope.

Even a guy like me...

is able to experience
true love. Even me.

But now it has all gone to crap.

She has some baggage

that my father will never allow.

And there's my mum in the US...

It's a long story.

I just need someone

to marry on paper, you know.

Do you have any friends

whom I can marry in name only?

I'll provide her with a house abroad.

I'll never come around of course

and the marriage
need not be registered.

I'll provide a monthly stipend too.

All I'm missing

is a woman to have this
sham marriage with.

Just a marriage in name, Hae-joo.


What you proposed...

shall we do it for real?

To stop my family from

breathing down my
neck about marriage...

To obtain both money and love...

I chose to get married.

Trade Your Love

One month later

Could you slow down?

You really are fast
with your long legs.

I thought I set an alarm.

Why didn't it go off?

Good morning.

I wasn't late by much.

Stay on your toes, will you?

She's pricklier than I thought.

Speak to an attorney...

- Sorry for being late.
- Sorry.

Please continue.

It's fine, since the both of you

have already agreed on this.

Number 12, the division of wealth.

We'll continue with article eight.

Instead of right of
claim as per civil law

you two chose to forfeit

your right to your share

if one party decides to proceed

with a divorce.

Am I correct?

Do you agree?

- Yes!
- Yes.

OK then, please sign beside your names.

You're really doing it.

Of course, nobody fakes marriage.

There's still some time
before the wedding.

I met all your demands

so keep your promise.

Relax. Have you registered
your marriage?

Got no time to go to the town office.

It's done at the district office.

I don't care which
office. Just get it done!

- Is there a problem?
- No.

Is a prenuptial agreement
the norm these days?

I know the rich folks do it

but it feels lousy
to actually sign one.

It's just a formality.

It's good to have things
in black and white.

Right, Mum?

It's a good day. You should smile.

- Yeah, no frowning.
- Yeah.

Thank you for coming all this way.

I should be treating you to lunch

but I have an important
meeting to attend.

Not at all. It's quite all right.

We know you're a busy man.

Let's proceed slowly.

Yes, slowly. We'll meet again.

Since we brought it
up, let's set a date!

Do you prefer weekends?

When's good for you?

We're free this weekend.

But we have our wedding photo shoot.

And we're meeting
with friends afterwards.

I'm sorry

but we made that
appointment a while ago.

If it's her friends, we can join them.

We're all acquainted.

The more the merrier!

- We'll see them at the wedding!
- Sure.

No need to set up another date.

- It's convenient.
- Yes. Is that OK?

- We'll see you again.
- Certainly.

- Take care, sir.
- Goodbye.

Bye, Hae-joo.

- See you this weekend!
- Bye!

Man, I got suckered again!

Your father's very proactive.

Your brother's no slouch either.

It's D-Day today?

How about a free hug for luck?

I'd prefer a high-five.

Right, it's D-Day today.

The day that I've been
planning for months.

I'm heading out to meet
my perfect woman.

Picking up He-ro. I'll be there soon!

He-ro, your dad's here.

He's not my dad.

Hey, He-ro. Park He-ro.

- Bonjour!
- Why are you so late?

Thank you.


He-ro, wait for me!

That's her.

The real reason for
this complicated plan.

The real bride of my wedding.

Hey, you're here.

Hold on, I'll finish up.

Hye-jin, don't you take breaks?


- Shall we?
- Yeah.

- Tea?
- Sounds good.


Why are you so excited?

So, what did you wish for?

What? You forgot?

But you bought it for me.


Your wish will come
true if this breaks.

What did you wish for?

- I...
- Mummy!


He-ro, are you OK?

My, were you worried?

Don't worry, I can always clean it up.

My my, our He-ro made this mess?

Oh my...

You're going to get scolded.

I think you're a really good mum.

Raising He-ro and running a business

all by yourself.

It's incredible, I must say.

But I feel so bad for you.


You like me, don't you?

If I'm here, your mum
won't have to work so hard

and you'll be happy too. Right?

- No!
- Dang.

Why not? I'm always buying you cookies

toys and anything you want.

- I just don't.
- He-ro!

Want to do some colouring outside?

What is it?

You're a little different today.



I will take care of you and He-ro.

I will!

Come with me to France.

You have to be in France

to be a true-blue pâtissier.
Isn't that right?

It's time for you to go to France

and train to be a pâtissier.

It's time for you to do that.


I'm not the sort of man who would

make such a proposition empty-handed.

Come with me to France.



I'm not sure about this.

About what?

I really appreciate the thought...

but I have a child to consider.

It's not that simple.

What do you mean?

Being with you makes me feel so happy

and so guilty at the same time.

I'm fine with who you are.

I'm totally OK with it. It's fine.

You just haven't fully
grasped my big plan.

This is my own issue.

I can take care of myself.

Thank you for everything.

Yeah, this is like winning the lotto.

All right, let's do it.

Ms Park! Looking good today!

Going somewhere nice?

A relief for my dear family

and a breather for me.

This marriage will buy me some time

to figure out my life.

Professor Bae Mi-ra


What is it?

The wedding is a month away.

What's the rush?

My contract period is almost up anyway.

Your wedding announcement

was so out of the blue

I wondered if you
decided to get hitched

because we couldn't
renew your contract.

You know you almost
made the cut, don't you?


Oh well, it's a pity.

By the way, is my recommendation
letter ready?

Oh, right. Hang on.

Where did I put it now...

What a phony. I wrote
that research paper.


You picked a good school.

Thank you.

Gosh! Sorry, I have to run.

- OK.
- Yes.

Congratulations on your wedding.

She's so fake.


It's nothing.

- Is your shop open yet?
- Not yet.

- All good with the faker?
- Sure.

I need a lot of booze tonight.

Yeah, let's drink till we pee blood!

- Sure.
- See you in a bit.


Lecturer Park Hae-joo

Mum: It's here, so pretty!

Mum is so excited.

I'm not like this because
of that one night.

I really like you, Hae-joo!

Is he nuts? Why is he so clingy?

Incoming call: Mr Seo

I'm sorry.

I really shouldn't drink so much.


This is new on our menu.

It doesn't look like much

but it's great for hangovers.

- You mean this is food?
- It is indeed.

This looks like someone's puke.

I'm not drunk! Not at all!

Have some. You said
you're drunk on love.




- Boss.
- Yes?

Doesn't sleeping with a woman...

mean you're a couple?

That's what I think.
Don't you think so?


Tears of love...

There she is!

- What is it now?
- Shush!

Hey, why is your phone off?

Seo kept calling, so I turned it off.

- Seo's in there right now!
- What?

Shush! Hide in the basement!

- Hey!
- What are you doing?

Shouldn't I just make it
clear to him in person?

No, this is not the
right time for that.

He's crying tears of love right now.

Come on.

Father: Is the family
dinner confirmed?

Send me the address.

Oh my. You're here too, Sung-seok.

Want a drink with us?


Hey, salute.

What are you doing here?

Isn't today your D-Day?

She turned you down?

Since it's a sad day, let's
go with a Bourgogne.

Nothing too pricey since I'm paying.

What about what you had the last time?

- What was it?
- Vieux Barrail.

Yeah, Vieux Barrail. A barrel of fun.

No, not France. Let's
go somewhere else.

Then... how about an Italian Spumante?

Since you're feeling down

something sweet and
sparkling might help?

No, nothing sweet. I
want something dry.

Super, ultra dry!

Don't worry about
the price. I'm paying.

- Your most expensive wine then.
- OK.

Why did she turn you down?

- I don't get her.
- Yeah.

I don't get her either.

Don't bother trying
to understand women.

It's impossible.

You're the one I don't get.

This is probably not
the time to say this

but why are you so
desperate for a single mum?

You have everything going for you.

Am I right?

Maybe it's true love.

True love?

Si-na, do you believe in true love?

If I need to.

I don't. You'll have to kill me first.

I never will.

True love? Sheesh.

I can't wait to get a divorce.

I can't handle my
wife's insane vitality.

We have to separate soon

before we both end up dead.

Sorry. Here.


Are you crazy?

What's wrong?

He's allergic to peanuts. He'll die.

This is more dangerous
than my wife's drinking.

Man! It was so close!

You're crazy.

Will you go ahead with
your sham wedding?

I should. Don't you think?

"Don't you think"?

- Salute!
- Salute!

- Here.
- Thank you.

- I'm off.
- Take care.

Can I sleep over?

At my place?

To check out the night view too.

Am I at your command?

Forget it. Never mind.

The parking here is insane.

But the rent is insanely cheap too.

My legs are killing me.

Then go back down.

No one's making you do this.

Want to go to France with me?

You said you wanted to go.

You said you wanted to learn

about wine at a winery.

Come with me.

I already have a place in Paris.

When did that idea occur to you?

Just now.

What if I actually say yes?

Don't be a baby.

Hey, that would be awesome.

I'm so comfortable around you.

Life sure is simple for you. Go home.

I'm not in the mood tonight.

But I came all this way.

What a moron.

No wonder you got the boot.

Today is so not my day.

I know, so why did you ignore my calls?

Why didn't you answer? Huh?

Are you ignoring me?

You're here. You're here again.

Got drunk and here you are again.

Reporting for duty?

I'm here because I miss you.

Even when you're in front of me

I still miss you.

You're married.

It's a crime for you to be coming here.

Go home before I call the police!

Are you angry?

You are.

Stay back! You stay there.

You've been drinking.

With a woman?

I hate this. Who were
you drinking with?

Don't drink with any other women.

I drank with your husband, all right?

Your husband, Mrs Chae!

I told you not to call
me that, you schmuck!


I'm sorry.

Baby, I promised I
wouldn't call you that.

I'm so sorry. I won't
ever say it again.

That was the last time ever!

It's OK. You can call me that.

Yes! Just call me that!

But this schmuck here
is getting married.

How many times do I
have to tell you that?

I told you nothing happened that night!

Don't come near me!

- Marry her and get a divorce.
- What?

Get divorced and come to me.


Didn't my husband tell you?

I'm getting a divorce.
You said I should.

- You said I should if...
- I said what?

I said what?

You're unbelievable. How could you...

Here. Come over here.

Come on, let's go.
The lift's here. Get in.

Get in. I'm really tired today.

I know. So let's go to bed.

Open the door. Open it!

Y-You're going to break...

You're going to break the handle again!

You're not coming? I'm leaving.

I'll leave and never come back!

OK, wait.

- I want to touch you.
- Hey!

You're so strong, baby.

- Just go. Go.
- OK.

OK, I'll go for now. Yeah?


- I'll be back tomorrow.
- Go...

Don't look back. Go...

Crap. I should move or something!

Hye-jin, what's holding you back?

Woo-seok, lift your knees higher!

Knees! Higher!

You're still twisting your ankles.

How many times have I told you this?

If your ankles are off
even by a few degrees...

Not going to greet your senior?

Good afternoon...

You were off by three degrees

so run three laps.

But, Coach...

An extra lap for every word you say.

Get going! Run!

Aren't they just like you? Yeah?

All sulky and pouting.

Just like that.

You're getting married?

Yeah, I'm just going to do it.

What's this for?

What do you think?

Since you're here, give
them some pointers.

I have to go.

Stick around for a bit

and have lunch with me.

I'm on my way to the embassy.

I dropped by because
I was feeling frustrated.

Tears of Love - $8.00

- Welcome.
- You're late.


How was the interview?

Did it go well?

So much to do and nothing's ever easy.

Of course not.

He's not here yet.

Maybe he's not coming today.


Mr Tears Of Love, my regular.

Hey, get up.

- Right! Now!
- What now?

Let's close up and go.

- Close up?
- Yeah.

- Let's go.
- What now?

You just had to boil that
octopus to perfection.

Hey, I didn't know you're fasting

for a check-up tomorrow morning.

- Song Mi-yeon!
- You startled me!

Dip it on the suction side!

Why does that matter?

Who cares which side I dip it?

You're so annoying.

- How is it?
- Goodness gracious.

- You're right.
- Yeah?

It tastes so much better.

Two divorcees in love, aren't you?

Why don't you just get married?

Take that back right now.

It's embarrassing to get married again.

Now that you're divorced

no one hounds you to get remarried?

Of course. But you're
labelled as damaged goods.

Or as the crazy broad who got divorced

on her honeymoon.

- Mi-yeon.
- Yes, yes?

- Lend me your car tomorrow.
- Shoot!

Totally unexpected.

Hey, I'm a much better driver now.

You should see how I park.

Just think of it as a wedding present.

Like it was never yours.

Hey! But that's...

That's crazy! Have you gone mad?

You're near an accident-prone area.

I don't believe this.

I'm sure I was just here.

Hey, Sung-seok.

Sorry, I'm just around the corner.

I'm not Sung-seok.

- Bella!
- Hae-myung?

Yes, your brother number
two. I just arrived.

What? Arrived where?

In your heart. In Korea, of course!

Number three will be here soon.

- But...
- Family meeting tonight.

Come to the restaurant by seven. OK?


- But Hae-myung...
- Oh, yes...

Your fiancé!

- I'm hanging up.
- Bring him with you.

Hey, don't...

This is nuts.

It's going to be a mad house

if my brothers get together.

- Sung-seok.
- Yeah?

We have a problem.
It's a bit of a headache.

I hope you didn't fall
for me or anything.

No, of course not.

My second brother came back to Korea

earlier than expected.

The one living abroad?

Yes. He is a little eccentric

and talks a lot too.

A man shouldn't be so chatty.

Yeah, don't worry. I know what to do.

Guys usually like me.

Is everything OK with your girlfriend?

Yeah, don't worry. I'm on top of it.

Ms Park Hae-joo.


Hye-jin. Why won't you see me anymore?

What did I do wrong? Please answer.

What am I doing?

Incoming call: Kim Si-na

What's up?

Don't ask any questions. Just listen.

Yeah, what is it?

I don't care if you
have a sham wedding.

- You know that, right?
- I do.

And I don't care whom you date.

You know that, right?

Yes. Where are you going with this?

- Let's go to France.
- What?

You asked me to go.
I accept your offer.

Oh, about that...

I won't ask you to take care of me.

I won't care what
you do with your life.

I just want to do what
I want with my life.

You should. Yeah, sure...

So, I've decided to accept your offer.


I'll call again. I've recorded this

so don't even think about backing out.

Oh, hey... she just hung up.

Man, I'm in big trouble.

What's wrong? Did something happen?

- She caught me off-guard.
- Mr Jung Sung-seok?


Yes, coming...


What is he murmuring about?


I should've ordered you a buffet.

You sure have a good appetite

for someone who's worried.

I stress eat.

Yeah. I almost forgot.

- Our contract.
- Right.


The Paris District One home

will be under Park Hae-joo's name.

Jung Sung-seok

must live 5km away from her home.

We'll get divorced in three years.


This is legally binding.

- You first.
- Me?

All right, let's do this!

- What?
- Where are you?

I'm almost there.

Don't tell me you just left home.

I really am almost there.

It's past eight.

- I said 7.00pm...
- I'm right here!

- Oh my!
- Hae-joo!

Oh my...

Hae-joo! Give me a hug too!

She's grown even
prettier. Hasn't she, Mum?

- Yes.
- You know the saying.

A woman is at her prettiest

when she's preparing for her wedding.

And again when she's pregnant, right?

Yes. She's so pretty.

- Dinner?
- I can eat.





Do you know what
she said when I called?

- What did she say?
- "Sung-seok!"

"Is this Sung-seok?"

- Hey.
- Mamma mia!

You've really changed.

- When did that happen?
- Hae-joo!

The Hawaiian!


Look at his pants.

It screams "Aloha".

Hey, a blank stare is all I get?

Congratulations on your wedding.

This is bad.

Have you eaten?

Mother went to make her some food.

Come sit down!

You're here too.

I didn't know.

- Don't you have anything else on?
- Come on.

Our little baby is getting hitched.

Nothing is more important than that.

That's why I'm here.

That's right, of course!

Honey, come sit down here.

Joo-seok, your
brother's getting married.

Aren't you at all interested?

Not really.

Joo-seok, I said no
phones during dinner!



Listen, men have to get married

to become an adult.

When you have a kid

you won't think of anything else.

Because you couldn't
think of anything else.

The food's good.

Home-cooked food is the best.


You have something to
ask Sung-seok, don't you?

Is Hae-joo available
tomorrow afternoon?

I'd like to buy her some clothes.

She has an interview
at the French embassy.

She won't be free.

Besides, she doesn't
like luxury brands.

See? I told you.

Men are clueless.

What about tomorrow morning?

She said she had a lecture.

I thought she has quit her job?

Hey, Jung Sung-seok!

What are you scheming?

This is your last chance.

Ruin this wedding

and you won't get a cent from me!

Mummy, there's someone
I'd like you to meet

but it's not easy.

Let's dig in, Hae-joo.

Hey, Hae-joo.

I heard the family
dinner's this weekend?

So it's right after the
wedding photo shoot?

It's great that we all
get to get together.

So true!

- Guys.
- What?

- Eat lots, my sweetie.
- Yeah, eat lots.

Tuck in...

Mum, where are you going?

I'm going to make some soy milk.



Hey. That's Hae-joo's.
Eat something else.

It's for Hae-joo.

- Where's Jang Song-seok?
- It's Jung.

Oh yes, it's Jung.

- Jung Song-seok or whatever.
- Yeah.

Why isn't he here?

You remember how it
was for your own wedding.

He's probably really busy.

Yeah, there's a lot to prepare.

So much to do if you
want to live abroad.

Hey, I've got an idea.

He'll only get busier,
so let's get him now.

- Hae-joo, call him now.
- No, wait.

- Good idea, right?
- I love it!

- Everyone's good tonight?
- Of course!

- Hold on a second.
- Call him right away!

I can text him where we are.

- Send him the map location.
- I'm on it.

- I'll start a group chat!
- Invite everyone.

Invite me too!

Wait a minute!

You're serious about asking him over?

Yeah, right now. Tonight.

No. He's busy.

He's got a flight to catch.


Hey, isn't the photo shoot in two days?

- That's right.
- So he'll be around tomorrow.

Oh, yes. You're right!

Right? Right.

You'll see him soon enough.

There's no hurry.

It is for us. Call him right away.

Just do it another time.

Siding with him already?

Fine, I'll call him
and ask him myself...

Why do you have his number?

We've met. Of course I have his number.

All right.

- I'll call.
- OK.

- When? Tomorrow?
- Yeah.

- Night?
- Yeah.

- OK.
- Where are you going?

- I'm going to call him.
- Do it here.

Yes, do it here. Let us hear his voice.

How do you unlock this?

- Unlock it.
- By fingerprint?

Mr Jung?

Yes, I really want to see him...


I'm really, really sorry

but my father wants to
buy you a wedding present

and wants to meet tomorrow.

What? You too?

My family is not making
this easy for me either.

Can I meet you now?


What's your nickname? What is it?

We'd appear closer

if we have nicknames for each other.

I don't have one.

Let's see, your nickname...


Then you'll be...



- Anyhow, are we ready?
- I think so.

Anything else you want to know?

Lastly, my brothers talk a lot.

But you're quite the chatterbox too.

- Am I?
- Yes.

Which makes me quite nervous.

So, keep your answers to yes or no.

Otherwise they will keep digging

until they know everything.

- OK, keep to yes or no.
- Yes.

Don't worry.

As you saw, my
father is quite stubborn.

He is a little prickly

and tend to raise his voice a lot.

Please just put up with him.

Pick something expensive

when you go shopping with them.

Get a dozen of it if you like.

He loves spending money.

My stepmum is harder to handle

but she's in her own world

when she's shopping

so we needn't worry about her.

Just stick to pleasing my father.

- OK?
- OK!

Want me to run through it again?

No! I'm good.

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

- Good morning, Mr Jung.
- Hey there.

- What?
- No, it's just...

Where's Mrs Jung?

She has to attend a church event.

- Shall we?
- Sure...

Why? Nothing to your fancy?

No, it's all very pretty

but I don't have much occasion

to be wearing heels.

How about that pair?

Yeah, nice colour.

- That pair, please.
- Right away, sir.

Get one more.

No, one pair is more than enough.

Just pick another pair.

In that case...

why don't we pick a pair for Sung-seok?

Park, I'm going to stay for lunch.

Stand by and wait for my call, OK?




I know an amazing beef stew place.

Want to have lunch with me?

B-B-Beef stew?

- I like beef stew.
- Let's go!


Mr Jung!

Let's do this...

Is this it? There's no sign.

The scent of home.

So many jars!

I can take on an army.

All right...

Where are they?

You're here?

- No problem finding the place?
- Not at all.

Just let me clean up for a bit.

Grab a seat.

- Over here?
- Yes, there.

- I...
- No, sit down.

- That's helping.
- I see.

Hae-myung! (Italian)

No, I'm Hae-seok. Her third brother.

From Hawaii. Aloha.

I'm a year younger, so
no need for formalities.


Clean up over there.

Good work.

- Need some help?
- No, please sit down.

You're our guest.

I'll get berated if you help.

- You're here.
- Great to finally meet you.

La frego!

- It's la prego.
- La prego.


La prego.

Why are you still
sitting there? Come help.

Right, absolutely! Of course I should!

Never done this before, have you?

It's good to sweat a bit.

We'll bust out cold
beer cocktail later.

- Beer cocktail?
- Soju, beer, miscare.

Mamma mia!

Soju, beer, miscare! Mamma mia!

Give them to me!

Keep piling them up. Those too!


- Oh my!
- That's bad!

What's going on?

I'll get you a change of clothes.

It's fine! It doesn't even smell.

- You must be quite a drinker.
- Yes.

There's no need to be so formal.

- Let's all relax.
- No, I shouldn't.

Why are all your
answers either yes or no?

No, not at all.

All right.

So what do you like about Hae-joo?



She's very passionate.

She isn't as sweet and
demure as some women.

In fact, she can be a bit headstrong

I have to admit.

But when it comes to her work

she's so full of passion!

I fell in love with that. Her passion!

- So you were her fan.
- Come on!

I'm so embarrassed! But yes, I am!

Mamma mia!

I'm track angel, Park
Hae-joo's number one fan!

Mamma mia!

Fan meets track star

and sweeps her off her feet.

That's good!

Congratulations, Sung-seok.

My brother-in-law!

Where are you going?

He's drunk again.

You haven't seen these, have you?

I bet she didn't show you these.

You're drunk.

She has a lot more at home.

- Try them on.
- May I?

Hae-joo won every one of these.

I was with her at every single event.

I really like this one.

He sacrificed
everything for the family.

He was her handler.

I didn't know.

He got her through school.

He gave up his dreams

to send us to study abroad.

Hae-joo was incredible at this event.

I know. I can still
remember every detail.

She was at the top of
her game at this event!

Yeah, that's the one.

Until her ankle injury
forced her to retire

and give up the Olympics.

That was heartbreaking!

We don't ever talk about it.

Hae-joo's ankle injury.

Especially when Mum's around.

I didn't know. I'm so sorry.

No, it's OK.

It's OK. Now you know.

- Besides, Mum's not around.
- Yeah.

It was better to swallow the pain.

For everyone's sake.

If I can just run away

and pretend it never happened,

I could put it behind me.

What's got you so frustrated?


Don't run away from it.

Even if you crash and burn

don't run away from it.

Whatever that may be.

Your wedding present.

Take it home, OK?

Thank you, Sung-seok.

No, thank you!

"I'm gaining someone"

"who will always be on my side."

Just remember that.

I'll keep that in mind.

You're saying the same
thing over and over.

Will you stop it already?

It's my first time saying it.

What's this?

Mum stayed up all night making this.

It's good, healthy food.

Her cooking is pretty good.

- You got him a driver?
- Yes.

- There.
- He's here?

I'll head home then.

OK, take care.

- See you again.
- That's enough.

Let's go inside.


Mummy, why is my life so messed up?

Sung-seok? What time is it in Korea?

I'm working.

OK, sorry.

Hang in there for a while more.

Your troubles are almost over.

What are you saying?

I'm not troubled. My life is good.

Mum, do you ever regret marrying Dad?

Of course not.

I gave birth to you.

Son, when you said
you won't get married

I blamed myself for it.

But lately, I've been so happy

because you're
finally getting married.

Son, open yourself to her.

Always put yourself in her shoes

and be considerate to her.


I got it. OK, thank you.

Ms Park Hae-joo?

Ms Park Hae-joo?

Ms Park Hae-joo?

- Is Ms Park Hae-joo here?
- Yes!

- Hello there.
- Good morning.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Take care.

So pretty.

Bride: Park Hae-joo

Hey, you shouldn't eat so much.

I know this is just a
sham wedding, but still...


It looks too real?

How should I put it?

Just spit it out.

I think he's crazy.

Groom: Jung Sung-seok

Which way?

Come over here! Come here!

Incoming call: Kim Si-na

There you are!

There! There you are!

You thought I wouldn't see you?

There! Hey!

- What the heck?
- I'm dead?

Bride, get in position.

A bit closer, please.


Yes, close but no cigar.

All straight. Very good.

Closer, with more passion.

Two magnets drawing each other close.

It has to look electrifying.

Closer, please.

Here we go.

Pull and push. One, two, go!

Very nice.

And one, two, go! Very nice!

- What's on your mind?
- Another woman.

Where are you looking at?

Your cleft.

Eye contact, go!

Very nice. That's very nice.

And go... go!


- Here we go.
- OK!

Now, the concept here is proposal.

Think back to the moment

and one, two, go!

I'd much rather run 100 laps.

This is so much more
tiring than dealing with

difficult passengers on a flight.

Bride and groom, we'll swap props.

Again? Swap what?

One second.

It's almost over.

Si-na, what's up?

Sung-seok, I've been thinking.

I think I need some assurance.


It's not that I don't trust you

but I'd like to hear it
directly from the girl.

Hear what?

That this marriage is a sham.

Of course it is!

It's not that I don't trust you

but I'm coming in.

Coming in? Where...



It's going to be a long day

with the party after the shoot.

I called her because
I need an ally too.

OK, let's get ready for the next shoot.

- Yes, sure.
- Your coffee, hold on.

Hae-joo, I think you're here.


Rest your head on her lap please.

As if burrowing into her warm embrace.

I'm just doing what I'm told to do.

Yes, very nice!

Bride, look at him like he's a baby.

Like a baby. A loving gaze.

Like a baby...

Like a baby, yeah.

Very nice!

And three, two, go!

Very nice!

And go... go!

Very nice!

We got the money shot. Wow.

Hey, look!

I'll wait at the restaurant

until the day I die.

I don't believe this.

- What's wrong?
- Sung-seok.

Help me out, OK?

- A photo? Now?
- Yeah.

- OK, smile.
- Smile?

One, two, three!

What is this for?

Hold on.

I'm getting married.

OK, time for a group photo.

Please gather around. Yes.


- Let's hurry.
- All right, coming.

Closer please, a bit more.

- Closer?
- Open your eyes wide.

Here we go! One, two, go!

Awesome. Another money shot.

OK, everyone focus.

We just have to get through tonight.

Yes... let's do it.

Bucheon Grade School, class 6-5.

- It's Bupyeong.
- Right, Bupyeong.

- Class 6-5.
- OK, class 6-5.

- It's class 6-8.
- OK, 6-8.

What happens when a
peanut allergy kicks in?

It feels like... well...

Swollen lips, runny nose, tearing

puking, difficulty breathing, diarrhoea

and passing out.

Diarrhoea? How do I manage that?

- Uncontrolled discharge!
- I think I know.

- Like a flood!
- Good!

- Straight ahead!
- Going straight.

So Mi-yeon will eat some peanuts at ten

and pretend to be sick.

You and I grab her and head to the ER.

That will end this get-together

before anyone brings up

the topic of our marriage registration.


can Mi-yeon really pull this off?

She's a professional. An actress. OK?

All right then.

Are you ready?


- Let's do this!
- Let's do this!

Since my brothers can be tricky

the oldest will sit beside me

followed by Hae-myung and Hae-seok.

My mum sits at the end

and Mi-yeon sits next to her.

Perfect! But...

Where do we put Si-na?

Well, for Si-na...

I'm thinking here would be good.

With my father right beside her.

He's weak against women.

Si-na can handle him for us.

My stepmother and brother here.

That would be perfect. OK.

- Here we go.
- Thank you for everything.

- Is this the right place?
- There they are!

- There! Madam, they're here!
- I see.

Looks great, very nice.

Here they come.

Yeah? Feels nice.


Father, sit over here.


- Mum...
- Sit here.

Please have a seat, sir.

Mum, take a seat.

Hae-joo, sit down.
You must be tired. Sit.

- Very nice set-up.
- Indeed.

It feels so nice to get together.

I have a rare wine here.

I think this is the perfect
occasion to open it.

Let me start with my in-laws.

Give me your glass.


Take this, ma'am.

Hae-joo, pass me your glass.


Hey. You're not doing it right.

Fill it up.

Yes, of course.

A huge weight has been
lifted off my shoulders

thanks to my new daughter.

Nothing matters

except them being
together till the end!


Until the afterlife! Cheers!


It won't kill you!

Drink up!

- Drink up!
- Mamma mia!

- Drink!
- Have some.

Mi-yeon, are you feeling unwell?


Not yet.


Sung-seok is such a trustworthy lad!

Hae-joo is such a beautiful girl!

So what do you think of the couple?


What? Oh... them?

A match made in heaven, of course!

- Well-said.
- Fantastic.


- They look good together.
- Absolutely.

Can we stick to the plan, please?

You should have said something.

My father does everything his way.

You should know that by now.

I can't get a word in
when he gets going.

And what about your brothers?

Once they start talking,
they just don't stop.

At this rate, they
will drink till sunrise

and go for karaoke after that.

What do we do?

Dang it! OK.

Don't worry.

I'm going to take
control of the situation.



- Over here.
- Yes, sir.

Allow me to make the introductions.

My Air Force Academy junior

and my airline's finest pilot.

Major Chae Chang-gyu!

- Applause, please!
- Welcome!

He's a very good friend of Sung-seok's

so I invited him over.

And this is Major Chae's
wife, Cho Su-jung.

Hi there.

So, where should they sit?

Over here. Sit! Yes!

Please bring them some glasses!

What went wrong with the flight?

There weren't any passengers.

Come on now.

I'm kidding!

What are you doing here?

What are you planning to do now?

I came because I missed you.

I miss you even when
you're right before me.

I also wanted to
get a look at my rival.

What rival?

Oh, bloody hell!

Why are you so adorable?

Swear again.

Come on. Let's go get drunk.

- Wait a minute!
- Let's get a drink.

Drink what? Mrs Chae...

Will you please sit down, Mrs Chae?

- Don't call me that!
- OK, fine, Su-jung.


Go on.

This is a very important night for me.

I'm begging you.


- Just for tonight, OK?
- What?

Please don't drink tonight. OK?

Why not?

- This is killing me.
- All right.

- I won't drink.
- OK.

On one condition.

What is it?

When I'm in Paris, I'll put myself...

At Su-jung's beck and call.

I'll put myself at
Su-jung's beck and call.

Happy now?

- There's no time.
- Let's go.

- Go where? I'll get back in first.
- OK.

- You come in later.
- OK.

I've saved the recording.

Here, the peanuts. Let's do it now.

Yes, before we end
up in the town office.

Marriage registration is done

at the district office.

- Right...
- What's going on out there?

Why must I drink?

I'm sorry, sir. Not tonight.

The restaurant is booked tonight.

Yeah, it's booked.

I'm facing the biggest
hurdle of my life.

Oh my, the biggest you say?

Fine, I won't drink then!

I poured my money here!

What? What's going on out there?

We slept together.

Or so he claimed.

What? You mean... really?

Your taste in men is intriguing.


Forget it. Just go get Mi-yeon.

All right.

Bloody hell!

- You're his Tears Of Love?
- What?

Yeah, it's her.

Let's get rid of him first.

Get his number and give him a call.

On it.

Park Hae-joo. Get it together, girl.

We're almost there. OK?


- Hurry.
- It's ringing.

Your hand. Good.

Say you'll meet him at Gangnam Station.

- Hello?
- Breathe.


Say something, Hae-joo.

- Meet me at Gangnam Station!
- That's it!

Gangnam Station?

Gangnam Station!

Gangnam Station!

I'll run over there! I'm on my way!

- It worked! - Gangnam Station!

He looks like someone
who will do well in life.

I wish I looked like that.

- My wallet!
- Holy cow!



Dude, why did you get here so late?

- Gangnam Station...
- You're drunk already?

- Yeah.
- Let's go for a smoke.

- Smoke?
- Let's go get a smoke.

- Hae-joo!
- Watch your step.

We have to go to Gangnam Station.


I know everything about Hae-joo.

From head to toe, I know everything.

You know?

- Mister?
- Yes, speak your mind.

Since we've slept together...

doesn't that make us a couple?

That's what I think. Don't you agree?

You agree.

Come on.

Come on...

The photo.


What's the matter with you?

You're the dude in
the photo, aren't you?

What a day.

I had dibs on Hae-joo.

Are you laughing at me? Hell...

- Hae-joo!
- Hey, wait.

- Hold on a second.
- Let go of me!

- Let me explain!
- Don't touch me!

Let me...

Oh, hell...

She has the weirdest taste in men.

What now?

Mister? Are you OK?

I hope he's not badly hurt.

People don't die so easily.

Are you worried?

Thank you, Sung-seok.


It's fine. Let's go.

Let's get this over with.

And now, we'll view our wedding photos

and end tonight's festivities.

Thank you all for coming!

Don't spoil the mood!

I barely got started!

- The night's still young!
- Oh, wow.

- Nice photos!
- A match made in heaven.

Oh my...

Where did you take them?

Hae-joo, wow!

They are great. I love these photos.

They are very well done.

Just how many photos did we take?


Hae-joo looks beautiful!


You're here?

I see. OK.


Their friends went too.

Where is this? It looks like Hawaii.

What's going on?

Ta-da. Surprise!

Amazing! Incredible!

Don't we need more drinks?

We're just getting started.

- Let's start over!
- Major Chae!

- Custom-made cake!
- Nice!

Hae-joo, thank you!

I'm sorry, Sung-seok.

The cake's a goner.

Do you know her, Sung-seok?

You're still hoping to pull this off?

Hae-joo, I'm calling it quits.

You should do the same too.

Forget about our plan to go to France.

Just how many women

did you promise to go to France with?

- You're drunk, honey.
- Three, including me?

That's too many! Hey!

How dare you do that?

What are you doing?

How dare you!

What is going on here?

Answer me!

Tell me. What is this about?

What's going on?

I understand your frustration but...

How can I possibly calm down?

Hae-joo, what's happening here?

Why did your friend tell you to quit?

- Don't shout at her.
- Tell me the truth.

Was it this guy's scheme?

- Explain yourself right now!
- Stop it!

- Stop! Don't touch me!
- Are you nuts?

- Ma'am!
- Mum!


Sung-seok! Take me to Paris!

Are you crazy? Did you eat peanuts?

You're crazy!


Spit it out... spit it out!

Stop it!

I'm sorry.

Our marriage is a sham.

We were faking it.


It's OK.

It's OK.

But, Hae-joo...

You silly girl.

Your happiness is my happiness.





Why are we meeting here?

It's nice outside. Let's go somewhere.

Where should we go then?

A blowfish eatery?

Actually, this place is good.

Their ice is nice and clear.

The penalty for a breach of contract

is really stiff.

Let's go half-half.

Thank you, Hae-joo.

I knew I picked the right woman.

Do what you will with the ring.

Use it for your real wedding.

Is everything all right on your side?


my mum was blindsided by what I did

so were my brothers.

They are still in shock.

But it feels like

I'm finally living life on my terms.

I don't understand
everything just yet though

but it's a good start.

How about you?



I'm relieved.

Extremely so.

So, what are your plans?

I'm not sure. I'll figure it out.

How about Miss Track
Angel? Need a ride?

No, it's OK.

I'll take a slow walk.

Shall we end this with a high-five?

Hugging isn't really appropriate.

How about a lucky hug for our future?

You're one cool lady right to the end.

Get in here.

Running fast isn't everything.

Now, I'll run at my own pace.

Even if I can't run far or fast...

that's OK.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Yes?

This is a no-parking zone.

Please move your car.

This spot here?

I'm sorry...

but I'm heading into
a life-changing event.

I'll be back in 10 minutes.

I'll give you five.

Be back by then or
you'll get two tickets.

Yes, salute! Thank you, sir!

All right, let's try this again.

This time, I'll do it
with all my sincerity.

Trade Your Love

The filmmakers would
like to sincerely thank

those involved with
the making of this film.