Trade (2019) - full transcript

Trade tells the story of two men, one a streetwise hustler, the other a straight-laced lawyer, who meet and form a relationship that brings to light who they really are.

[jazzy hiphop
instrumental music]

- Cherry, it's gonna be
slow as fuck tonight.

And this sucks, cause I
need like $200 for real.

- Bitch, you always
need coin for real.

Busy or slow night,
it don't matter.

Who are you foolin'?

- Oh my God. [laughs]

You right.

A bitch be about her coins.

- Here.

Shut up and get
your life together.

- God.

- You're gonna be
top bitch tonight.

- Thank you.

[jazzy hiphop
instrumental music]

I'm glad to see you reconsidered

my offer, sugar.

- Yeah, I took a minute to
decide exactly what I wanted.

- Mm, and what's that, sugar?

- The perfect blowjob.

- Oh, that can be arranged.

It's gonna cost you 50 bucks.

A hundred if you
want it Jimmy free.

- Good morning.

- Hey.

- Thanks, babe.

- Hey, listen.

We have that appointment
with Dr. Ansley next Tuesday.

So make sure Melody
has your schedule

booked out from one to three.

- I did, I made sure she
already blocked it out.

- Good.

I think this doctor's
really gonna help us.

I mean, he's so
genuine and up to date

on all the latest advancements,

and all the reviews I've read

have been so glowing.

- Yeah, that's great.

- Michael.

I'm serious.

This is important to me, to us,

and we've already
talked about it

and decided this is
the best approach.

I need you to be on board.

- Babe.

I'm 100% on board.

You're gonna get
everything out of me

that you need.

And I do mean everything.


- Hey, Ms. Kaydence.

I see you ain't going
to school today.

- Nope, I'm sick today.

- Oh, you sick?

What you sick with?

- A stuffy nose.

[stuffily inhales]

- Is that right?

A stuffy nose?

- [Kaydence] Yup.

- How much?

- Good morning to you, Shawn.

Good morning, Aunt Chelle.

How was your night, Shawn?

Oh it was nice and
steady, Aunt Chelle.

- The hell with
the pleasantries.

I want to know the facts.


So, what you got
planned for today?

I got some hustle
errands to run.

- Her butt need to be in school,

that's where she need to be.

I don't know why you let
her get away with this

"I got a stuffy
nose" all the time.

Girl, you ain't sick.

- Oh, yes I am.

- That girl is sick in the head.

That's what she is.

Her ass so nosy,
she just want to be

all up in my ass all day.

- That's why her butt
need to be in school.

Don't put that on
her, you the adult.

- You right.

I am the adult.

And as the adult, I pay the
rent in this motherfucker.

And as the adult, I teach
you how to make that money

without you stressin'.

- How bout I go take my
shower, and wash my ass.

This good ass that just
got you all that cash

that you got in your
big ol' titties,

to go take care of
whatever business

you gotta go do.

That's what I'm gon' go do.


- You shut your ass
up, little girl.

Or I'mma drop your ass
off up at the school.

- Hi.

Michael Lewis.

I'm the managing partner here,

and I'm very
excited to meet you.

One of the things our
firm prides itself on

is the personal touch,

and the relationships that
we build with our clients.

Our history speaks for itself.

Our motto is, one
client at a time.

We consider you
friends, and family.

We focus on the personal touch.

- I see that.

The view's amazing.

It's not your typical law firm.

- Nothing is typical about us.

In 2016, we managed a portfolio

of over 750 million
dollars in securities.

Each and every
one of our clients

saw a gain of at least
five percent per quarter,

ensuring a complete
positive growth

for the fiscal year.

We litigated, and made
sure that any discrepancies

were handled with a
95% positive outcome.

- One of the main reasons
we left the last firm

was because I feel I shouldn't
have to get a call back,

and I shouldn't
have to wait longer

than an hour for a reply.

Especially when the
firm is handling

our hundred million
dollar portfolio.

You know, personal
details are a must

for me and my business.

- And we take pride in assuring

that our conservative nature

blends with our
conservative approach.

We cherish the phrase
"attorney-client privilege".

- Which is why we
are a perfect fit.

Personal touch is what we do.

It's what motivates us.

And this firm has
been rated number one

in client satisfaction

for the last five
consecutive years.

- Oh, that's what
made us take notice.

We heard good things about you

from one of our clients.

He spoke highly of you.

- Thank you.

I take a lot of pride
in my reputation.

The goal is if is
somebody says my name,

they say it with a smile.

- And smile they do.

[somber acoustic music]

- Let me get this straight.

You telling me that you needed

to run my information for what?

Suspicious activity?

- [Cop] Exactly.

- And this suspicious activity

was what, you said?


Now please explain to me

how me walking to the store

to purchase some damn cigarettes

and some fucking Hot Tamales

that I legally paid for

with my own cash, is loitering?

- Hey, is there anything
I can help you with?

- You asking me if
I need some help?

No, no, no, no.

Help is what this man
standing right here needs.

He needs help explaining to me

why a black man can't
walk to the store

to get some damn cigarettes

and some fuckin' Hot Tamales.

Why he can't walk in peace?

Why he gotta be harassed?

What, he got a problem
with a black man?

He mad at me cause I'm black,

or he mad because I'm gay?

Like damn, I'm fucked
either way with you.

- Have a good night.

- Classic.


- [Michael] You okay?

- Yeah.


Yeah, I'm good.

This shit ain't new.

It's part of the deal.

Fuck him.

Who the fuck is you anyway?

- I just saw something
that didn't look right.

I was concerned, I
thought I'd come over

and offer you some help.

- You gon' help me?

You gon' help me stop
being a black man?

How you gonna help?

- No, that's not what I meant.

I meant it's my duty as a lawyer

to make sure that citizens
are treated fairly.

- A lawyer.

Yeah, okay.

- You live around here?

You secure for a ride?

- Secure?

Yeah, you a damn lawyer alright

with these big old polite words.

Yeah, I'm good.

I got here easy, I can get back.

- [Michael] Alright, well
listen, it's no trouble.

I'm heading east.

- Sure.

Fuck it.

I live over by the wash,
so you can take me home.

- Great.

That's the way I'm
going, come on.

- [Shawn] Nice
ride you got here.

- Thanks.

So, does this happen a lot?

- What?

Getting cute white
men to take me home?

- No.

The cops.

And yes.

- Being a black man in America

is a reality that will
never be justified.

So you can imagine
being a gay black man.

- [Michael] Do you think he
harassed you because you're gay?

Why would he even suspect

that it's because you're gay?

- Exactly.

Guess his gaydar was on.

But I know the drill.

The look.

The eye contact, the blinking.

In the world I live in,

I can tell when they want to

walk across the other
side of the street.

And he just wanted to
take his frustrations

out on a black guy.

Double edged sword for me.

- That has to suck.

- Yup.

What kind of lawyer
are you anyway?

Gotta be a nice one to
have a ride like this.

- I'm a corporate
transaction analysis lawyer.

- There you go with
them big words again.

- How long you
lived around here?

- I lived here pretty
much my entire life.

But I moved around a lot
since my teenager years.

- How about work?

Where do you work?

- Wherever I can to make money.

- And how do you make money?

- I'm right here.

And I make my money the
best way that I know how.

[jazzy hiphop
instrumental music]

Hey, I really
appreciate the ride.

It's nice to know
that there's still

some good people
out in the world.

- It's not a problem.


In case you need anything.

If you want to talk, if
you need some legal help.

- Legal problems.

My corporate transactions
I have lined up?

Yeah, honey.


- Oh, thank you honey.


You'll never guess
who called me today

with some good news.

- Who?

- Lori.

She's five weeks pregnant.

- No way, that's crazy.

- Yes.

And she's pregnant naturally.

Michael, she's like two
years older than me.

We were so excited,
we were screaming

like teenage girls.

Like, planning parties,
birthdays, vacations.

Can you imagine
if they have a boy

and we have a girl?

Or vice versa?

They could get married.


Whoa, Nelly.

You're gonna have to
slow down a little bit.

You're glowing with
so much excitement,

I'm afraid you might
explode or something.

- I'm just saying, you know,

it would be great if we had ours

like a year later.

I'm telling you.

This is a good sign.


- Okay.

Well, I'm gonna go upstairs

and take a shower, alright?

- Wait 'til I'm done,
and I'll come join you.

- Why don't you just keep doing

what you're doing, alright?

I had a really long day.

I just want to relax
and decompress.

- Are you sure?

Because all this baby talk

has me very, very wet.

- You save that for me, okay?

Let it marinate.

[melancholic music]

So, does this happen a lot?

- [Shawn] What?

Getting cute white
men to take me home?

- Are you serious?

- What?

[melancholic music]

[intense ambient music]

So, what exactly
is it that you do?

I mean, I remember you
mentioning graveyard work.

That's gotta be tough.

I remember pulling those shifts

when I was in law school.

- Hm.

What do I do?

How do I put this in the most
politically correct response.

I offer services to
those needing servicing.

- Wow.

Well, that must be an
interesting service.

- It can be.

Don't get me wrong,
it's just temporary.

- How long you been doing it?

- Ever since I realized
I had the gift.

- Doesn't sound very
temporary to me.

- Well, it's sort of
hard to get real work

when you have a felony record.

- Oh, you have a record.

- Yeah.


It's not something I'm proud of,

but shit happens.

- What did you do?

If you don't mind my asking.

- Nah, I ain't ashamed of it.

Let's see.

First, got caught
up in the system

because of credit card
fraud, and identity theft.

And before you know it,

I was wild, rowdy,

drugs, robbery,

you name it, I was in it.

Here I am now.

Working under the table,

just to make sure I can survive.

It's the price of my sins.

No regrets, no regrets.

- That's a good
attitude to have.

I admire that.

- Yeah.

Well, what's your story?

I see you're married.

- Yeah, yeah.

Nine years.

- Never understood
how guys could hide

something like that so easily.

I couldn't do it.

- You just do.

I guess when you're so used to

hiding it all the time,

you get used to it.

I've tried to go to the bars,

they're too personal.

I can't afford to be outed.

And I can't end
up in some romance

that I can't control.

- I have someone that I
think you should meet.

They may be able to
help you with that.

[door creaks]

- Hey, Kay-D lady.

I see you're dressed for school,

and yet school
started an hour ago.

- I was sick, but
I feel better now.

- Oh, you were sick and
now you feel better.

It must be a miracle.

- Yep.

Who's that?

- That's my friend Michael.

- Does he work with you?

- No.

He's just my friend.

- [laughs] Hi.

What's your name?

- I'm Kaydence, I'm eight.

When I grow up, I
want to be an artist.

- An artist.

What kind?

- I don't know, any kind.

- Well, good for you.

- Shawn.

Make sure you pick her up today.

I got things to do after work,

and I can't get her in time.

Who's this?

- Damn, girl.

Good morning, hello,
how you doing?

Like, we really need to work

on your morning manners.

- Fuck you and your manners.

Who you got up in
my house this early?

Now, I know you ain't
brought your work home.

- Girl, this just
my friend Michael.

Michael, this my
crazy Aunt Chelle.

- Pleasure to meet you.

- Mhm.

You look like you're
rich, Mr. Michael.

Got that fresh money
smell this morning.

What you do for a living?

- He do none of your
business, Aunt Chelle.

He here for me, don't
worry about our business.

- Shoot, I need to know
who be up in my house.

- I'm a lawyer.

- Now that's what
I'm talking about.

Go on with your bad
self. [chuckles]

Kaydence, get your
bags so we can go.

- I see she on her own schedule

when it comes to school.

- Oh yeah, she tried to
pull that sick card today,

but it didn't work.

Child, remember what I said.

Make sure you're
here when she gets

dropped off today from the bus,

and you know what I mean
when I say you are here.

- Bye, Aunt Chelle.

- [Kaydence] Bye, Mr. Michael.

- Bye, Kaydence.

It was nice to meet you,
have a good day, okay?

- Follow me.

I want to show you something.

So now get comfortable.

I have someone I
want you to meet.

[romantic piano music]

Hi, Michael.

- Hello.

[romantic piano music]

- Relax.

Let me help you find that
touch you've been wanting.



[romantic piano music]

- It's funny.

I haven't felt a release
like that in years.

- Well, thank you.

I take pride in my skills.

- So is this the real you?

Is this who you really are?

- It's who I wish I could be.

I wish I could live
my life as Coco,

but as I'm sure you
can already see,

it's not that easy.

It's bad enough I have to deal

with being a gay black man.

People close to me
can handle that.

But when I dress as the real me,

that's when the
uncomfortableness kicks in,

and it's hard to get
to where I want to be.

You know, the media
may act like it's okay

to be transgender these days,

but it's not.

We still get shit for it.

- I can imagine.

- There was never any
doubt within myself

that I was different.

I was never afraid of that.

And I was never
that little nigga

that got picked on,
or called faggot,

or whatever.

Niggas just knew
that I was different.

What was classic was the dudes

that was trying
to act the hardest

in front of everybody

was the ones that
was sneaking with me

back in the alley, kissing
and sucking and shit.


Just classic.

- When I was growing up,

there was this little
boy who lived next door,

and we would kiss
and fondle each other

when he would come
over and play outside.

I didn't think
anything about it.

It was just something we did.

My mom, my mom,

she did everything she could

to try to make this disease

she thought I had go away.

Prayer, counseling.

These deep sessions.

You name it, she had me there.

And I just played the role.

Just went along with it,

cause it sure made her happy.

When did you know
you were a woman?

- To be honest, it
wasn't something

that I ever thought
that I was gonna be.

I was okay with
just being Shawn.

Shawn who liked the boys.

And in my teenage years, I mean,

I was always comfortable
with my feminine ways.

I mean, it wasn't no surprise.

I liked women's
clothing, wore makeup,

always made sure my hair
was always nice and fly.

And then when I hit the cells,

I got caught up in the system.

I was unfortunately
blessed with a cellmate

that made me realize,

if you want to call it realize,

that I needed to dress up.

- He raped you?

- Rape is such a strong word.

And I liked men,

and I'm locked up
with so many men

who regardless of
if they're straight,

they just really want
to get their dick sucked

or feel some form
of penetration.

You know?

And here I am with this cellmate

who was much older than me,

he was a lifer,

and so his whole
mode and process

was that of a hardened criminal.

And here I am, this 19 year old

wild, gay boy just
throw into a pit.

And he knew that he
could manhandle me

at every angle.

It went from every
morning blowjobs

to him fucking me all day.

And there's nights I
didn't even leave the cell,

cause he wanted to nut all day.

And after a while, it's just
easier to feel like a woman,

want to be like a woman.

It wasn't something
that I ever planned.

But if you want to
say that I was raped

into becoming a
woman, than yeah.

And I took it.

And I understood it
while it was happening.

And I wasn't inside
of there crying

and ashamed of my gayness,

it wasn't no secret.

Hell, when I
stabbed that Mexican

on the yard in front of
everybody that one day,

oh, they knew I
wasn't just no typical

tgirl up in there.

I was Candy.

That's what they used
to call me on the yard.

I was Candy, that
would cut your neck.

- I can't imagine how
you overcame that.

- No need to overcome it.

Probably just needed
to happen that way.

- Is it difficult?

To live your life
as Shawn and Coco?

How do you do that?

- I just do.

I mean, I've been in
the street living,

and on the block every night,

hooker hotels, and smoked out,

and in and out of the cells,

and after a while, all that shit

just got old, you know?

I realize that I am who I am.

Took my last stint in the pen

to realize that I have to live

my day to day life as Shawn.

It's easier.

But I go make my money as Coco.

It's the only real
way to survive.

But I got plans.

This ain't no career.

- And how does Coco
make her money?

- Coco is on that block,

and turning tricks when
and wherever I can.

It's good money.

Police is cracking down
on that street hustle.

But the internet done
changed the game.

I gotta hustle from
here to there every day

just to make ends meet.

Standing on the block
ain't what it used to be.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

there's still some
good money out there,

but it ain't like it
used to be 10 years ago.

It seem like only
the real hustlers

is out there now.

[lighthearted music]


Next word is fountain.

I'm gonna drink some
water from the fountain.

- Next.

- Alright.

Next word is together.

We can make the cake
together tonight.

You little Twinkie head.

- Aw yeah.

- Ah.

Hey Kay lady.

How was school today?

- [Kaydence] It was good.

- And Shawn?

How was you doing today?

- Now you want to
know how my day was?

- Mhm.

- You so nosy.

- Well, shit.

You gon' have George
Bush in your ass

before I leave outta here.

I gotta hear that info.

- Oh, so you got jokes.

No, he just somebody
that's new to the world.

- Did you turn him out?

- I just helped him
turn his light on.

You already know how I get down.

I ain't trying to build nobody.

I need you already built,

and ready to go.

- Well, don't lie.

You don't have to
kick it like that.

I can see it in your face.

I know you're into
something else.

This mofo is a lawyer,
and he got the cheese.

And you better make
sure you a rat,

and gon' eat it.

- Everybody ain't a
hustle, Aunt Chelle.

- Bitch...

Everything is a hustle.

I mean you think just cause
I got these scrubs on,

ain't a hustle?

You think you staying
here ain't a hustle?

You better get your mind right.

- Next word is forever.

I am forever tired of
hearing your Nanny's mouth.

[Kaydence chuckles]

No, I just think I
made a good friend

who needed some pushing

in the right direction.

- Well, you better be careful.

See it's one thing
dealing with them fools

who's all up in the trade.

And it's another
thing when someone

who's just curious.

What time you leaving tonight?

- I plan to head out
around eight-ish.

- I'm gonna go take a nap,

and before you go,
make sure Kay-D eats.

- Okay.

- [Kaydence] Can
I get McDonald's?

- Sure.

- Yes!

- Aight, next word.

[catchy music]

- My son is 13 now.

The kid has girls FaceTime
him like he's famous.

I have to make sure
they're not doing

any of that funny
stuff on those chats.

These girls these days are bold.

- Can you imagine if
we had cell phones

back in the day?

- In my day, you had to be
a master conversationalist

just to get the
girl on the phone

to have phone sex.

It took so much
prodding and convincing

just to get her to put the phone

next to her pussy so
you could hear it.

Now these jokers can
actually sit there

and watch it.

- It's a whole new world

when it comes to pleasure.

- Can you believe my wife

still won't let me film
her giving me a BJ?

I'm like babe, nobody's
gonna see this but us.

And still, she won't budge.

- Mm, that's so wack.

- Tell me about it.

So, let's talk business.

How does 500 sound this time?

- Sounds perfect.

With an extra 100 for the tip?

- Of course.

[sirens blaring]

[catchy hiphop
instrumental music]

- I talked to the doctor,

and he seems to think
the insertion method

is gonna be the best one for us.

- Insertion method?

- Yeah, he has like 90%
success rate with it.

And he said with our
age, and our schedules,

we could probably
get pregnant between

90 and 120 days.

- Oh, I mean, I kinda
wanted to go about it

the old fashioned way,

and see which little
swimmer won the prize.

- But, Michael, we've tried
the old fashioned way,

and for some reason,

those little swimmers don't
want to take the prize.

- Ashley, it seems so fake.

It seems like we're
forcing a child

in this world that isn't ready,

and I want us to welcome a child

that wants to be here.

- Well, I'm tired of waiting.

And I'm ready to
meet him or her.

You know, and science is there

to help speed up this process.

So are you with me or not?

- Well, after that comment,

I feel like you're
going to do it

whether I am in or not.

- Michael.

I'm serious.

I've always supported you,

and I've given you everything.

This is what I want,
this is what we want.

And I've never hidden the fact

that I wanted to be
a mother from you,

so please don't do that.

- Ashley.

Baby, I get it.

I understand that you
want to be a mother.

I'm not trying to
be the bad guy here.

I just never
envisioned a scenario

where I would have
to go see some doctor

and jizz in a cup.

- That's not fair.

It's not like we haven't
tried the natural way.

You know, sometimes nature
just needs a little help.

- Okay.

Tell me what you need.

- Great.

Okay, well, okay, I'm gonna
make an appointment for you,

and you'll go give a sample.

- So fun.

- And let him work his magic.

And if you need help
getting that sample,

I can be there too.

Michael, this is
gonna be amazing.

Can you imagine having another

little Michael around?

- Oh, baby, we are not
cursing a child with my name.

- Or maybe she's
gonna be a little girl

with big blue eyes
and blonde hair.


Why don't we go in and try
the natural way right now?

- Ashley, baby.

I've got a ton of work to do,

I have to finish a brief,

I got behind last week.

- Fine.

Then I'll go use my friend.

You're not the only one who
likes to pleasure themselves.

- Ouch.


You're just trying
to make me jealous.

[waves crashing]

[relaxing instrumental music]

- Hey there, Mr. Michael.

- Hi.

I didn't know I was
having drinks with Coco,

I would've been prepared.

- Baby, you should
always be prepared.

- I'll have to
keep that in mind.

- Let me explain
something to you.

In the simplest way.

I don't have time
for no bullshit.

- Understood.

- You playing this lost puppy,

new virgin thing,
it's not required.

I deal with this shit every day.

- Was I that obvious?

- It's not about being obvious.

It's about respect.

- Understood.

I wasn't trying to
be disrespectful.

- No, I get it.

You have to play the role

for your wife and your friends.

Can't afford to be
seen in your true self.

- No.

That's not it.

I've always known
I've liked men.

It never was an
uncertainty with me.

- Then why live a lie?

- I don't know.

I got really caught
up in how life's

supposed to be.

And then I met Ashley,

and it was just easier
to play the role

to get where I needed to go.

And here we are, 10 years later,

and I'm still playing the role

to get where I need to go.

- Playing the role is
only making it worse.

- I found a way to manage.

But meeting you is different.

All the other men
I've been with,

they were in similar
situations as mine.

They needed a
discretion, like I did.

So I was just in and out.

But you...

Something felt different.

- Man, don't bullshit a hustler.

Do you think I'm
dumb enough to think

that I'm the first gay man

you've ever talked to?

Stall that shit.

- No, no.

But you're the
first one who's real

about their other world.

You're the first one
that is experiencing life

as a woman

and getting to live out
those same fantasies.

I tell you what.

How about you take
another ride with me.

- Is this your other home?

- Something like that.

You make yourself comfortable,

and I will be right back.

[catchy instrumental music]

- Oh, okay then.



So, who is this?

- Hello, Shawn.

It's nice to meet you.

My name is Honey.

- Mm, Honey.

You're full of all kinds

of surprises there, Ms. Honey.

Not bad.

It's not bad.

So is this the you
that you want to be?

- This is me.

This is what I look like when

I want to feel good.

And you're the first
person to see me like this.

- Okay.

Okay, well I guess I
should feel honored.

Why are you showing
me the real you?

- I want to take this me

into the real world.

And I believe you're
the perfect person

to show me that world.

- [chuckles] Wait a minute.

When you say the real
world, what world?

You trying to walk the block?

You trippin'.

You trippin', you are
not ready for that world.

It ain't no just
let's go hang spot.

I mean, you gotta
know the rules.

- Teach me.

I just want to be free,

to be me for once.

For someone to see me as me.

And to pleasure me that way.

- Girl, you are crazy.

- I want the real experience.

I want to see and
do what you do,

I want to walk that
fine line between

being real and being sexy.

- Okay.


Want to hit this?

Just hold the pipe.

There we go, watch your fingers.

Go slow, go slow.



First lesson.

[catchy instrumental music]


There ain't no
playbook to this shit.

You're either about
it, or you not.

And you listen to me.

And only anybody that I
tell you to listen to.

These bitches out
here is real salty,

and they'll have you turned up

in a dumpster somewhere, okay?

- Okay.

- Alright.

And all good dick
ain't good dick.

And just because
somebody pull up

and want to party with you,

and want to take you on a ride,

don't mean you gotta
jump in there and go.

Peep the scene.

Cops love to bust
us when they bored.


- Yes.

- Remember.

Put your hand on the
thigh next to the balls

when you go in for the kiss.

Now if he jump back real quick,

then you jump your
ass out that car,

because ain't no
cop gonna let you

kiss all up on him

and kiss and touch
up on his dick.

Now, you got this?

- Yes.

- Alright.

Bout to jump in the deep end,

I hope your hoe ass
is ready to swim.

[catchy acoustic music]

See, I told you those
cops be trippin'.

- I see you, Coco.

- Hey, Ms. Cherry.

This is Honey.

- Hi.

- This the new bitch
you're putting on the block

that you was talking about?

- Absolutely.

- Oh.

These motherfuckers
are gonna be for reals

up on this white bitch here.

You're so unclockable
it ain't even funny.

I hope you like 10 inches

all up in you, girl.

- Be nice.

- You hustle before?

- No.

- Bitch.

So you saying this
is your first time?

Ooh, we got a virgin
up in these streets.

We're gonna give you
the first treat tonight.

Let you pop it right away.

[catchy acoustic music]


This is Honey.

She's gonna take real
good care of you.

Give you everything you need.

- Hi, honey.

- [Man] How much?

- [Michael] What are you
looking for tonight, honey?

- I want a BJ.

Maybe even a little
tugging action.

- Mm.

That's gonna cost you a hundred.

[catchy acoustic music]

- [Shawn] Let's hope my
pussy don't come out.

- Holy shit, that
was such a rush.

Just the excitement,
the readiness of it all.

I see why you do it.


- Don't get it twisted.

This ain't no party train.

You're just on one right now,

and it's still all in your head.

You get to doing this like me,

on the regular,

you'll get tired of it.

- I can see that.

Sometimes I get so
good at pretending,

that I believe it myself.

I believe that I actually
want to have kids,

and a family, and all that shit.

But in my heart, I
know I really don't.

But sometimes it's
easier to pretend,

and be able to keep
my true essence.

But tonight...


Tonight was something so magical

that I wanted for
such a long time.

I got to be truly
liked, and desired

as the real me.

- What's crazy is you
didn't even flinch.

You walked right out there

like you've been practicing

and preparing for it.

- Well, maybe I have.

This room.

This suite was my only outlet.

In here I can talk
it, I can walk it,

I can sauce it up,

I can stand in that mirror

and stroke it if I want to.

Do whatever I want to please me.

I never even thought
to bring a man in here.


It took going out to the
boulevard to do that.

- Go hard or go home.

Just don't get too
comfortable on this.

It ain't you.

- This is me.

This is me.

- Bitch, I'm talking
about these streets.

Shit ain't you.

Yeah, I brought you out here

so you can get a taste.

But it ain't you.

You want to keep
a fantasy world?

Keep it here, in this room.

Motherfuckers will come here,

they'll fuck you down,

you don't gotta be
on that boulevard.

That's my world,
that's not your world.

You want to have your
fun this weekend?

Get you some freaks, some tricks

to run all up and
through here, it's cool.

But come Monday morning,

you have your little white ass

back at that office
doing that lawyer shit.

Go home to your wife.

This shit here, psh,
this shit ain't you.

- Hi, honey.

- We getting a room?

- No baby, you're
gonna keep it in park,

and I'm gonna take
care of you right here.

I like a little car action.

- Okay.

Me too.

- You nervous?

Don't worry about it, baby,

I'm new to this too.

- You are?

How new?

- This week.

So just relax.

What are you looking for?

- What can I get?

- Baby, you can get
whatever you want.

You want me to touch it,

you want me to touch yours,

you want to suck it,

you want me inside of you,

whatever you want,
I'm down for it.

- Can you suck and I'll play

ring action on you?

- Sure.

- Okay.

- Okay, need to see
that money first.

- Oh, yeah.

- There we go.

Let me see what you got.


- [Man] No, no!

- Stop it!

Get off me!


Jesus fuck!

[Michael sobs]

- What the fuck?


Oh my God.

See, this is why I hate
that internet shit.

These motherfuckers act like

they ain't got no
motherfucking sense.

Here, put this on your face.

And take this wig off.

- Oh, thank you, ow.


- Sorry.


You white folks bruise up fast.

- Thank you.

- No problem.

You see?

This life isn't as
fun as it looks.

So, Coco tells me
you're a lawyer.

Married, rich and all that.

- I wouldn't say rich.


- Bitch.

You drive a rich man's car,

and you ain't living in
an apartment like this.

You rich.

- [Michael] Fine,
maybe I'm "okay" then.

- Yeah, you're "okay" then.

So, why you gotta be
tricking for money?

Why you gotta be
tricking for ass?

This life is for bitches

who ain't got no other
options for money.

Do you know how many jobs I had

when I tried to convince myself

that I don't need to
be tricking for money?


I have had 55 bullshit jobs.

Did I tell you I was in the Navy

when I was 19?


I did my time in the military.

But that whole don't ask,
don't tell shit is bullshit.

Everyone knew I
was a flaming fag.


I mean, can't hide it.

But I was no punk.

I could outrun them fools,

out jump, out shoot.

But do you think they were okay

with me being me?


And somehow, I found myself

dishonorably discharged.

Even though I was one
hell of a soldier.

So that whole thing
with the military

being cool with trans people?

Don't believe it.

And every job since then,

I was either fired or let go of

because some asshole didn't like

the way I wore my makeup,

or the way I moved my hips.

Plus, I got tired of
making $12 an hour.

Can't nobody live
off of $12 an hour.

- So is this how
you make your money?

- Honey.

I make my money
any way that I can.

The block, trade shows,
video, hustle, internet.

You name it, I go get it.

- Trade shows.

- Girl, I should
take you to a show.

It's that classy hustle.

You would be the
talk of the night.

Cause you're fresh, and new,

and well, you ain't saucy.

- Saucy?

- Yeah.

Your shit clean.

You ain't got the virus.

You ain't gotta worry
about no 25 to life.

[phone rings]

- [Michael] I gotta get this.

- Yeah, you better.

- Hi, honey.

- [Ashley] Hey, babe.

You having a good time?

- That's one way to put it.

- Yeah, I got into
a little skirmish

on the golf course.

I guess don't drink and drive

goes for golf too.

- [Ashley] What?

Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

I just have a little
accident on my face.

The golf cart definitely won,

but I got my licks in.

- [Ashley] Oh, honey.

I'm so sorry.

Shoot, I might like
the boxer look on you.

Sounds sexy.

- Yeah, well, tequila and golf

definitely don't go together.

How's your weekend?

- [Ashley] These women
are gonna drive me crazy.

I can't even begin to explain

my level of frustrations.

- I can imagine.

- [Ashley] Honey, I'll let
you go and get some rest.

You sound beat.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Love you.

- [Michael] I love you too.

- You got your game down packed.


- You have no idea.

- Oh.

Looks like you made
a career change.

I kind of like the
fighter look on you.

- I bet you do.


- I hope you got your
actual business handled.

- I did.

It was a very effective weekend.

- Good.

Why don't you go get
cleaned up and showered

and we can grab some lunch.

Sushi sound okay?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Is this all you have?

- [Michael] Yeah.

- Okay.

[melancholic music]

- Now, look, Honey.

This is the classy shit.

These motherfuckers are
already here for the trade,

and you just gotta
play the game.

I know you think
you're a pro now.

- I think I'll be okay.

[smooth instrumental music]

- Ms. Cherry.

Who is this beauty
we have here tonight?

- This is Honey.

She's sweet.

- Honey.

Welcome to my home,
take a look around.

Whatever you want, it's yours.

- Thanks.

[smooth calming music]

- Excuse me one minute.

I have to admit, I'm impressed.

- Excuse me?

- You know, at
first, I wasn't sure

I was seeing what I
thought I was seeing.

But you know, it's
amazing how you literally

transform into
something beautiful.

I mean it, Michael.

Like, you make a
beautiful woman.

And as for the detail

that you put in your work,

you also put it in
your personal life.

- You can't tell anyone
at the firm about this.

This is the first
time I've done this.

- Oh, trust me.

I won't say a word.

You think anybody at my
group would like to know that

I love the trade shows?

I don't think so.

[Michael chuckles]

I mean, the fact that I'm worth

a hundred million dollars,

who really gives a
shit what they think,

but I'm just in awe of
how gorgeous you are.

- Thank you.

- I always had a
little crush on you.

When you were dressed
as Michael, you know?

But seeing you as this, as...

What's your name?

- Honey.

- Yes, Honey.

Seeing you as Honey has

turned from a little boy crush

into a full blown
college kid hard on.

- Excuse me.

I need her for a minute.

What the hell are you
doing here, Michael?

- What the hell do you think

I'm doing here, Shawn?

- No, motherfucker.

I'm here because this
is how I make my living.

This shit here ain't no block.

These parties is for
bitches just like me

who really do this shit.

This is real life shit.

This shit here is that
social media shit.

You trying to be all
over the damn internet?

These fuckers up in
here are legit fuckers.

They fuckers just like you,

with money, and a wife at home,

but they just be
craving the dick.

You about to get yourself
caught up, up in here.

- I know where I am, thank you.

And I don't need an
ethics class from you.

- You think I'm playing, bitch.

Now you wanted a taste
of the fast lane,

and I helped you get
that out of your system.

But this shit ain't for you.

You about to lose all you got,

and for what?

Some fast dick?

Like seriously.

Go home to your wife, Michael.

- I'm a grown ass man.


Whatever the fuck I want to be.

Now I don't need your permission

to figure out how I
exist in this world.

Now I thank you for helping me

figure out this part of myself,

but I don't need your
permission to be me.

So let me tell you
something, Shawn.

Unless you have something
positive to say,

why don't you trot your
happy ass away from me,

and I'm gonna go back inside,

and possibly fuck the man

who just gave me law
firm 15 million dollars

to manage their account.

And let me tell
you something else.

I'm gonna get every dollar

out of my time with him.

- You know what, bitch?

You go right ahead.


- Before you open your mouth,

be very smart about
what comes out of it.

- How did you know I was here?

- Michael, I've always known
about your second home.

I was fine with it, no big deal.

Felt like you probably
needed the extra space

considering all the
stress you take on.

Hell, I even thought
you might have

a hooker or two
every night and then.

- Okay.

Why are you here then?

- Well, I decided
to come tonight

because the thought
occurred to me that,

no, not that my
husband might be gay,

which by the way,
I always suspected,

but, no, my husband
wants to be a woman.

He doesn't want to penetrate

another man's ass,

he wants it in his ass.

- Ashley, I--

- Stop talking!

Could I have handled this

maybe you're gay, maybe
you're not, years ago?


And I did.

I accepted it.

You think I've never
noticed how you act

when other men are around?

You think a woman
who's been fucking you

since she was 19 years
old wouldn't notice?

You think I didn't know

about the whole
pray the gay away

intervention shit
your mom made you do?

I did.

I knew.

And I accepted it,
because I love you.

I love you for you, and
you being you for me.

But this whole fantasy,
role play crap,

it's not you.

I mean, I get you growing
up with a single mother,

and not having a role model,

and the need to always
be so perfect and clean.

But this is just wrong.

Then you go on some
pretend business trip,

and you come back
with a busted face.

Respect me, Michael.

Respect yourself!

What is it?

You want to be the bitch?

You want your face slapped?

You want your hair pulled?

Is that what it is?

- Yes.

This is me.

It always has been.

- No.

I don't accept that.

I think it's just
you being bored.

Just fighting the reality

that we need to advance
our family, our future.

Our relationship.

I get that you're
scared, Michael.

I'm scared too.

But this, whatever
this is inside of you,

it's gotta stop.

So you need to end this shit.

- Ashley.

You have to understand!

There's part of me that
feels good this way.

I feel brave, I feel strong.

I feel sexy.

- And you were all
those things, Michael,

as a man.

A man with a fucking dick.

So get over yourself.

And whatever this is you
have inside of you, fix it.

Because I never want to have

this conversation again.

It's embarrassing.

I'll see you at the house.

[Michael sobs]

[somber music]

- [Michael] Ashley.

- Remember, you need
to be at the clinic

30 minutes early,

to fill out some paperwork
before your test.

- [Michael] You
don't want to discuss

what just happened?

- And make sure you give enough,

you don't want to
have to go back.

- [Michael] Ashley.

We have to have a conversation

about what just happened.

- Michael.

I said what I needed to say,

and you did what
you needed to do.

We don't need to
discuss or decide

anything from last night.

Have a busy day.

I'll see you this evening.

[somber music]

- [Nurse] Are you
currently taking

any medications, Michael?

- No.

- [Nurse] Any preexisting
medical conditions

that need to be addressed?

- No.

- [Nurse] Are you
sexually active?

- Sexually active?

- Yes, as in currently engaging

in any sexual intercourse?

- Yes.

- You use protection?

- [Michael] Yes.

- Are you engaging in
any homosexual activity?

- No.

[dramatic music]

- Michael.

Sid's in your office
waiting for you.

- He is?



I didn't know we had a
meeting this morning.

I would've been here sooner.

- Sit down, Michael.

- What seems to be
the problem, Sid?

You're not worried about
the Gelp Group, are you?

I've got it under control.

[Sid laughs]

- Do ya?

You sure about that?

- What's that?

- This is you having
it under control.

- Sid, I can explain.

- No need.

Jonathan explained it enough

to anybody who could
hear and understand.

- Sid--

- You know, Michael,
I could care less

about anybody's sexuality.

I mean, my brother's gay.

You want to dress up as a woman

in your spare time,

in the privacy of your own home,

do what you want to do.

It's none of my business.

But this, doing these
freak show sex parties...

What were you thinking, Michael?

I mean really, what
were you thinking?

Because Mr. Flynn attends
some of these functions,

you thought it would be okay

if the man who manages his money

could be there too, is that it?

You see, even if
it was you there

just as he was, just
getting your rocks off,

but you weren't.


Instead, we have

pictures of you

taking it up at the ass

at a God damn freak show!


What am I supposed to
do with this, Michael?


How am I supposed
to respond to this?

You tell me what my reaction,

what my response
is supposed to be

for something like
this, tell me.

- Sid, if I thought
this was gonna

affect our clients in any way,

I would never have been there.

- That's your answer.

It's a very good
answer, actually.

But it's not enough.

- What does that mean?

- What that means is
I'm pulling you off

the Geld account.


I will not have anything
that's happening

in your personal life

interfering with my business.

I built this from scratch,

and this is what I get?

As of now, you're
suspended from all

duties and responsibilities
in this company

until I personally assess

if you even have a future here.


Go home, Michael.

Go see Ashley.


- Hey.

Kaydence, right?

How you doing?

- Good.

- Is Shawn home?

- [Chelle] Who at
the door, Kay-D?

- The white man.

- Oh.

This white man?

You looking for Shawn?

- I am.

Is he here by chance?

- Yeah.

Get on in here.

Ya'll, this is the mofo

we need to be talking to.

- I just need to see Shawn.

- Okay, in a minute.

But me and you need
to talk some business.

You see, I got
this business idea

that I've been trying
to put together,

and I think you are
the perfect person

to help me get it poppin'.

- Stall all that, Aunt Chelle.

Ain't nobody trying to hear

about your latest hustle.

Michael, what are
you doing here?

- Can we talk somewhere please?

- Yeah, let's go out back.

What are you doing
here, Michael?

- You tell me, Shawn.

I get to work today and my boss

somehow, someway,
has pictures of me

from that party the other night.

- And?

- And how the hell does my boss

end up with pictures of me

from a private party?

- Whoever said that that
was a private party?

Your ass just
assumed that because

it was at a home,

that it was a private party.

Well, I got news for you.

Them functions ain't private.

- I didn't see any
photographers there.

I didn't see any
film crews there.

So you tell me how those
photographs got there.

- First off, I told
your stupid ass

you didn't need to be there.

And you was way
in over your head

with this fixation on
wanting to be a tgirl.

Well, here you go.

You've officially
hit the circuit.

You're a tgirl, you're a Trish.

- I'll tell you what
I am officially.

I'm officially off the
biggest client at my firm.

I'm officially almost certainly

out of a job very soon.

- Well, you wanted
this, Michael.

You wanted to be free.

Well, this is what
freedom feels like.

But it doesn't feel
so good, does it?

It doesn't feel good to realize

that your options are limited

to what you can do.

Welcome to my world.

Maybe you should
focus on going home

and having this
conversation with your wife.

Well, go on home, Michael.

Deal with the real issues.

I gotta get back
to my real life,

I got a hot date,

and I got some money to make.

[jazzy hiphop
instrumental music]

- Come on in here. [laughs]

Shit, where you been at girl?

You got a nigga feelin'
like you dodging a nigga.

- No, I just been busy.

It's nothing like that.

- Busy?

Too busy to come see
your favorite dude?

- Nah.

- That ain't like you.

What's really good?

- For reals.

I just been busy.

Trying to save up enough

so I can go to school.

- School?

What kind of school?

Since when you want to
become a schoolgirl?


That ain't the
Chocolate that I know.

- Chocolate is dead.

Coco wants a better
life, you know?

And since Chocolate
ruined any chances

of me getting a regular job,

or receiving any
federal student aid,

Coco is forced to
hustle and stack.

- You know, I
can't hate on that.

Just make sure when I call,

that you answer a nigga call.


Cause you know, a
nigga get lonely,

and be needing that Chocolate,

or excuse me, that Coco fix.


- I know that's right.

- You know that nigga Nico

got out the other day?

- What?

He was in there for
like four years, right?

He went in there after I did.

- Yeah.


Yeah, he was a straight soldier.

You know.

I didn't think he
was gonna hang,

but he took his bid like a G.


- Yeah.

I didn't understand why
he got caught up anyway.

I didn't realize he was
that deep in the game.

- Nah, he wasn't that deep.

It was just that, you know,

he was the one that had to

take the hit for the team.

Somebody had to do it.

And when shit got hot, you know,

it gotta be one of
the little niggas

to take that bid.

So we was able to
keep that money going.

- And what does that mean?

- What does that mean?

That means that sometimes
the little niggas

gotta be the one to
take that charge.

- Take that charge?

Nigga, I took a charge.


- Yup.

Yeah, you did.

You took that shit
like a soldier too.

- What you mean I took
that like a soldier?

You knew I was gonna
take that charge?

- When your shit got hot,

I could not be the
one to take that hit.

Money was flowing too
freely at the time,

and debts was too strong.

So you doing that time

was a much easier bid.

You in them streets.

The judge ain't
gonna look at you

the same way he looking at me.

- You telling me I did two years

cause you wasn't trying
to do them years?

You telling me I
got this jacket,

and I'm forced to
walk these streets

because money was flowing?

- Man, relax baby, relax.

Them two years flew by.

Chill out. [laughs]

I mean, you was in there

running and handling
shit from both ends.

That's what I heard.

You know, shit,

you really took my bid

like a motherfucking champ.

- Nigga, I took that
bid for me, not you.

You wasn't in there
dealing with that shit.

It wasn't nothing
good about them niggas

passing me around
like I wasn't shit.

It was nothing good about me

turning tricks with
them white boys

just to satisfy
some nigga's debt.

And you wasn't
getting fucked raw dog

just because some
nigga was bored.

You know, that's
fucked up, Cedrick.

- Aye, where you going?

- [Shawn] I gotta
go to the bathroom.

- Yeah.

You do that.

Go ahead, freshen up.

Nigga dick tingling
from this hit.

Ready to let you play with it.

- I bet.

[dramatic piano music]

- Yeah.



Oh, I'm ready for this.

[dramatic piano music]

- I cut this
motherfucker's throat.

Can you help me?

[phone rings]

- Dr. Ansley.


I'm so excised, I've
been waking up early

just to mentally prepare myself

for those morning
sickness moments.


Sure, I can come in.

Okay, thank you.


- You must be Ashley.

- I'd be able to
reply who you were

if I knew who you were.

But it's obvious, you're
the man screwing Michael.

- My name is Shawn.

- What is he, smoking
this shit now too?

- Maybe we should call Michael.

- No.


What's he gonna say?

Ashley, meet my gay black lover.

Black lover, meet Ashley,

my wife of nine years,

who I pretended to love
and start a family with,

while he's secretly
taking it up the ass

from this man.

No. [chuckles]

He doesn't really have anything

to say to me at this point.

- You know, I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

And this is not what I'm about.

Michael had his issues

long before he came to me,

and I just think that
I helped him realize

they weren't issues,
but a reality.

- Reality?

Do you want to hear my reality?

My reality is that I may never

have children with this man.

This man that I gave
100% of myself to.

The same man that went out

and wasn't smart
enough to wear a condom

when he decided to fuck

whoever he wanted,
whenever he wanted.

So now his sperm is
tainted, it's useless.

God knows what else.

And I'm so fucking embarrassed

that I can't even go
back to the doctor

that could give
me what I wanted.

A baby.

So excuse me if I
don't see your reality

as something Michael
needed to do.

- And I'm sorry.

I'm truly sorry.

But I think this
is a conversation

that you need to have with him.

[door slams]

[dramatic piano music]

- I didn't know you were home.

- I remember the day I
fell in love with you.

We were eating at
the park near campus,

I'd gotten mad at you

because you couldn't
come to a party

cause you got too drunk
with Phil the night before.

You made it up to me by

picking me up and
taking me to the park

for a picnic.

That was the day I
knew you loved me.

And you would do anything

to make up for your mistake.

And I loved you
ever since that day.

[Michael chuckles]

- I remember how
mad you were at me.

You cursed me out all
the way to that park,

and then you saw
the picnic basket

I'd hidden in the trunk.

That smile you gave me.

That was priceless.

- I remember the
moment that I wanted

to spend the rest
of my life with you.

I remember the thought of

wanting to have
children with you,

start a family,
grow old together.

Die together.

Never did I think that
I'd want anything more

than to love you,

and for you to love me.

- I know I let you down.

But the reality
is I do love you.

- I don't doubt
that you love me.

- I kept this side
of myself so deep

and so misunderstood
for such a long time,

I can't hide it anymore.

All my life, I tried
to protect people

at the expense of
my own happiness.

- Did it ever cross your mind

that my happiness
might be at stake?

Did it ever cross your mind

through all the
secrets and desires

that I want something more?

That I need something more?

Maybe I need something more than

you felt I needed?

- I'm so sorry.

I wish this wasn't what it is.

But I can't do this
to you anymore.

I won't do this to me anymore.

Too many things have happened

for me to hide anymore.

- I could've handled
the confusion,

I could understand your desires,

and I can tolerate
the embarrassment.

You want to wear
women's clothing?


You want to explore
your sexuality?


But you have
disrespected my future,

my dreams, and my health.

And I may never
know what it's like

to have life growing
inside of me.

So now I'm thinking wow,

the man I love, he
doesn't respect me,

he doesn't love me,

he doesn't even care about me.

- Everything I do
is to protect you.

To protect your honor.

I want you to have
everything that you need.

- No.

I can no longer have
everything I need.

That dream is gone.

You've made sure that
I'll never be a mother,

and you've made sure that

I'll never fulfill
what I needed from you.

That's not an option anymore.

- Ashley.

I'll always love you.

I'll never abandon
you, or our child.

- Our child.


Our child.

[gun fires]

Our child.

[gun fires]

[jazzy hiphop
instrumental music]

[somber piano music]