Trade (2007) - full transcript

Adriana is a 13-year-old girl from Mexico City whose kidnapping by sex traffickers sets in motion a desperate mission by her 17-year-old brother, Jorge, to save her. Trapped and terrified by an underground network of international thugs who earn millions exploiting their human cargo, Adriana's only friend and protector throughout her ordeal is Veronica, a young Polish woman tricked into the trade by the same criminal gang. As Jorge dodges immigration officers and incredible obstacles to track the girls' abductors, he meets Ray, a Texas cop whose own family loss to sex trafficking leads him to become an ally in the boy's quest. Fighting with courage and hard-tested faith, the characters of Trade negotiate their way through the unspeakable terrain of the sex trade "tunnels" between Mexico and the United States. From the barrios of Mexico City and the treacherous Rio Grande border, to a secret Internet sex slave auction and the final climactic confrontation at a stash house in suburban New Jersey, Ray and Jorge forge a close bond as they give desperate chase to Adriana's kidnappers before she is sold and disappears forever into this brutal global underworld, a place from which few victims ever return.


In a basis of film - Peter ledsmena's clause
" girls in the neighbourhood " from new york city.

Happy birthday, princess!

Is this for me?

Certainly, princess.

It's for you.

Congratulations... and happy birthday.

Thank you.

Where did you get it?

What a nice bicycle!

Yes it's fantastic,

And it has a basket, side pockets, and it's 18 speed.

These friends of yours, who are they?

They help me with stuff, mom.

Yea? What stuff?

Answer me, what kind of stuff?


We take tourist on tours around the city,
i do it in english.

What else?

I got many brains!

Later, princess.

All right, come with me, and i'll show you around.

No, it's too dangerous, with all these foreigners.

Why do you act like this?

Mom, i bought it, it's paid for.

Why can't you behave, like your sister for an example..

You wouldn't talk to me like this, if your father was here.

Well he's not here!

Be back later, mom.

Will you be back later today to spend the night?

You will be back later, no?

You can't use this bike, i forbid it.

Why not? The lord created bicycles for this purpose.

The lord did not create bicycles, and i wont let you ride it!

Time is money, my friends!
I got to run!

My name is veronica.
How are you?


I am happy to be here.

That's real good, you're getting better.

Welcome to mexico city.

Thanks you.

Attention please!

Passenger ramona lopez, please go to the nearest pager phone...

Is this it?

Ok. Girls let's go.
This way

Girls, this is vadim yochenko
head of the agency

And this is...
- Manual

He will be escourting you to los angeles.

Welcome to mexico.

What a pretty smile.

Let's go, we'll talk in the car.

Oh i forgot... can i get your passports please.

It's ok.
Thanks you.

Exuse me, but there's something wrong?

What's wrong?

The passports.

Forgive me, but why have you taken our passports?


But we already have visas.

Shut up, don't forget we know where your parents live,
and we also know about your little son.

Hey! What's up my friend?
You're alone?

I can show you around, (?)...
museum of furtility?

No thank's... i'm cool


Mui... cool... suave?

Hey! But you got to take a look mr. Cool.
Look, just look.

Please, look... look... just a second.

Here... please

You want a true mexican experience?

We got treasures that look better then these fucking pyramids.

Your dollars will go a long long way down here.

The one on the left there - Rosita, la ra rosita.

She's first class, she gives real good head.

Come on! We're close.

Forgive me my friend, you wont get to taste today
any mexican pussy.

Don't kill me.

Yes sir you'll be giving us everything, ok.

You know what, if i was you?
I bet you hate all mexicans right now.

Guys, what do we do to gringos?
Who disrespect the mexicans?

Show him!

Die bitch.

Down with americans, america sucks!

To my brother with love, from adriana.

No! No! No!

Look's like they're enjoying themselfs.

You're not kidding!

Hey! This bicycle looks familier.

Hey! Hey...

What's the matter? What's going on?

What's the matter?

Hey you, son of a bitch,
you stole my sister bicycle.

No! I found it in the street!

Tell that to your mother!


I found it beleave me!


I'll show you, where i found it!

Let's go! Hurry up move! Faster!

Show me! Where you found it?

Right there.


Hey! Where you going?

Jorge, what are you doing?
That was my sisters!

Why?, why?

Did you see the girl on the bicycle?

My son is a sleep, and i can't...
god help you.

Nobody saw a damn thing,
it's time to go and see don victor.

Let's go!

If she was taken in this part of city,
it means the russian took her.


They're animals.

They buy and sell anything they get there hands on.

A pretty girl, like your sister, it's very possible,

And for them a virgin... is solid gold.

She's only 13, don victor.
Please tell me, where i can find her!

Help me please!
With the russian?

They're everywhere.

Heard about globalization?
It's rediculess.

How about in mexico city, don victor.

What are you gonna do?
Go there and knock on his door?

I am not afraid of them.
Besides, my friends will back me up.

These two blockheads?
Look at them!

You don't have any idea about the russian!
You guys wont be a treat to them

They will go with me!

Why the long faces?
Are we not in fact brothers?

She is my sister, god damn!
You chickenshits!

It's my sister, for christ sake!
Kiss my ass, jerkoffs!

Calm down!
Calm down!

Calm down right now!
Stay calm!

Take it easy...

If they really taken her, she's probably in route by now.

In route where?

After they kidnapp the girls, they get'm across the border

As soon as possible and there they sell them, they do the same thing over and over again.

If it is who i think it is, they always use the same routine.

They stay usually in a place close by the airport.

And they get more money if they sell them to...

Thanks you

In there

Don't touch me, please.

Come on, lay down and enjoy yourself.
We know, where your son is.

Mexico - The cheapest way there?

This here is the best choice.

I need to make some money, so i can take my son to america.

Mom is back!

You'll be very happy with this travel package, i agree it's the best way,

The names and the address of my parents, is that realy necessary?

Usual bureaucratic procedure.

It's here.

Why! Is it necessary for us to be here?

No it's not necessary.

Take this.

Vitamins... i'll help for the pain.

Take it,

Do you speak spanish?


A little.

Me too... a little.

I wish all this would end.

I want to go home, i miss my mother.

You believe in it?

You pray to it?

Very strong.

She's great, she'll make my brother to find me.

You have a brother?

That's good.

Hey! Hello!

Did you see a girl, about this tall, with long hair?

Dark hair, brown eyes, very pretty?

- Thanks.

This tall, long dark hair, with a ribbon?


Did you see her?


Dark hair, dark eyes, like yours.

We got to go, hurry up, hurry...

Did you see a little girl?

Did you see a little girl, that tall?

No, no, no, i didn't see her.

With a ribbon.

Watch where you're going,
why don't you look?

Keep a look out and watch them

Let's get going, get a move on.

Come on sweety.

Here we go, get in there, let's move it.

This guy has some fucking nerve!


That asshole!

Where the hell's he going, that bastard?


That motherfucker!

Where is this place wheelbarrow?

Thanks you
thanks you

You got to take these pills.
You understand me?

What flowers have you brought us today?

How you all doing?
Will they behave and not cause a problem?

Which one do you like?

The nice blonde.

She's very young.

You, you and you, get out.
You too.

Let's go! Hurry up! Let's move it!

Very well, they wont be any trouble.

Over here! Let's go!

Good morning, senorita.

Put this on.

Right here, let's go, hurry up!

The documents have to be ready by tomorrow.

Forgive me, my friend, but nothing get's done here without

Here are a lot of scoundrels.
Realy, how about the officer?


Come here, stand right there.

Pose, like a cover girl for a magazine.

Pose, and smile damn it! Do it right,

I understand!
I understand!

What the fuck?
Don't stop now! Shit...

Fucking shit!

It's good, yes?
You must to eat.

Mommy no eat.

Hey, mommy.

I don't know when, but one day you'll suffer from the same cruelty, you've been giving us.

Fucking communists.
Sure it was hard, yes?

Devil's communists.

Can i use your phone please?

Sure, you can make a call.

Who is it?

Hello? Why?



Everybody down!
Stay down! Stay down!

We're on the border.

Be carefull.

Good luck, let's go.


Well, we made it across

Shut your mouth or your family will end up dead.

Hands up! Don't move!

Ray, is it you?

Hi, honey.

What's going on?
Where are you?

I'm in juarez.
I'll be home tomorrow.

How is ramona doing?

Not so good, i had to take her to the vet again.

What you're doing in juarez?

Nothing realy, get some sleep i'll see you tomorrow.

Delivering a speech from the oval office,the president emphasized the importence of security at the border

Now it's a 1.9 billion dollar campain to tieden border security.

He hopes to win the backing from conservatives
to overhaul the imigration laws.

And plans to order thousand of troups to the mexican border.

Welcome back, sir.

Thank you

Open the gate.

As you can see.

Bring in the next - The following.

You, you and you!

Sir! Sir!

What you want?

We've been kidnapped!
We're kidnapped.

Yea yea right.
Sit back down.

Children, you're welcome to walk around, you'll meet your teacher back here in 30 minutes.

So, we shall begin.

Everybody fallow me.
What will happen to them?

They'll send them back to mexico, and release them.

Most of them will cross the border again tomorrow.

Hello, i'm a student from el paso uni. High

I study spanish and my teacher is mr. Perez,

And for 4 hours we do public service.

I'm also part spanish.

Here, i hope you like it.

Vehicle 174, you should make the border by 5:30.

Copy that, be there in three minutes.

Hey! Hey! Hold...

What are you doing in my trunk?

How did you get in?
When did you get in?

In juarez!


I had to get across the border, man!

You took the wrong ride, dude.


Get in the car!

In the car!

Sit down!

Open it!
Open it!

Hey... hey...

Do not move.

Where are we going?

Going to the police.


You broke the law, son.
And you got real unlucky, because i'm a cop.

Fuck that!

Watch your language in my car.
Fasten your seat belt.


Your belt!
Put it on!

All right!

Watch your language.

I did!

Look mr... you can't take me to the police.

Well i have to.

They'll send me back, i got to stay here!

I'm looking for my little sister! She was kidnapped!

I'm not kidding, man!


My little sister she's just 13!

They took her in mexico city, and i followed them all the way up to that house in juarez!

What house?

You know the house, you were there.

Please, mr... i need to get to new jersey?

Why new jersey?

To find her!
It's my fault she got taken!

If your a cop? Why can't you help me?

I not that kind of cop.
And why should i believe you anyway.

If your telling the truth,
the police will help you.

Sure the will the fucking police!

This isn't mexico.

Yea right, like the cops are so differnd here!

They'll do nothing but send me back,
then my sister will be here all alone!

Don't you understand?
They will do something terrible to her!

She is pure!
She never...

All right! I get it!

So what you gonna do?

Go to the police.
I hate liars.

Forgive me, last time we had some problem.
This time i am more informed.

Stay back, let me take a look.
- Fine

Yes, yes okay!

Quiet... get down! Get down, down!

Please god help me!

All right, they're gone.

Let's go! Move it.

Sacred virgin, sacred maiden, please hear my

The lord be with you, and blessed are thee...

Forgive me for what i have done...

Sacred maria, sacred virgin, pray for us sinners...

Can i help you ma'am?

Somebody broke in.

The back was door was locked.

My husband is out of town, and we moved in recently.

Can somebody come out to the house...

Sure ma'am.
We'll get an officer out there right the way.

Your name ma'am?

Ms. Bjukenen, your address?

6525 glennbrook lane.

Do not move.

We'll try to get somebody out there right the way

Sorry to interrupt.
I need to see your commanding officer.

I got a boy here, he says his sister been kidnapped.

Which boy?

Come here.
Where're you going?

New jersey, i told you.

If you're going to new jersey you're going the wrong direction.

New jersey is that way.

You just gonna take me back to the cops.

No i wont

Listen, if your sister is in new jersey,

I know someone there, who might be able to help us.


A guy i went to the accademy with
he's a good man.

Come on we should try to see him.

Is it far away from here?

It's a little out of the way, but... i'll take you.

Why should i trust you?

I don't think you a have choice.

Come on.

Please change the music.

You don't like that?
Put your seat belt on.

What for, it's stupid.

Middle of the damn day?
Don't do it again stupid.

You think the cops taking a nap?

Are you crazy?

That ain't bad.

We are here, aren't we?
And i'm not crazy.

Hurry, hurry, let's go!
Pick up a knot! Move!

You got a name?
I thought, even mexicans have name's.

What's your problem?

Jorge, please to meet you jorge.
I'm ray.

How come you speak english so well?

I work in tourist industry.

Put your foot down!

My god! What's the big deal!

The car can be cleaned!


That's yours now.

So... how come you where in that house in juarez?

Private investigation.

What kind of investigation ray,

It's private.
That means i don't want to talk about it.

Why not?

Because i don't!

Oh, jesus!
Why you getting so pissed off?

We got to find a rest stop.

When's the last time you took a shower?


If you haven't noticed it, you stinks.

Stop here, we'll make some real good pocket change off of this

They're not real bussy yet.

You stay with the rest of them.

You, come here.

Take me!

Let her go.

Take me!

Hey! Let her go!
Take me!

She's realy scared, don't take her, let me go instead,


You will be called princess, that's your new name

But no fucking this one.
I have to keep her a real virgin.

How much?


I'm a virgin.

It's only 14 more kilometers.

Patty is something wrong?

Why? How's ramona?

The vet had to put her to sleep.


This afternoon.

If you've taken your god-Damn cellphone
with you, i could have reached you.

I'm so sorry patty.

It's good to hear that.
It's realy good to hear that.

Patty? I can't talk anymore ray.

Good night.

Let's eat.

Who's ramona?

It's our cat.

You have a cat?

Yea, people do have pets, you know.

I hate cats.


Any kids?

Kids? No.

So you guys live alone with a cat?


That's cool?

New t-Shirt, pretty cool ha?

Listen, i only have pesos.
Are you going to pay?

Do i have a choice?
You order what you want.

Okay then.

Are you guys all ready to order?

Yes i'll have orange juice, coffee
an omelette with cheese and bacon.

Thank you.

I want a cup of coffee too, an orange juice, an
omelette with cheese, ham, mushrooms and onions.

A fruit salad with yoghurt, and a new
york ripeye steak medium rare with fries,

Pancakes with blueberrys and
a strawberry milk shake please.


You said i could order what ever i want.


I know that kid.

Hey! Stay away from my van,
you god-Damn little punk!

What's going on here?

I'm looking for somebody!

Let me see some i. D.

I left them at home sir.

Where do you live?

I live...

Allen, texas.

This is my son, officer.
Where the hell have you been?

Allen p. D.

I'm looking all over for you.

No problem. Have a nice night.

Thanks you, you too.

What the hell is going on?

I knew that kid!

From where?

He was with my sister! I saw him!

He's one of the kids that they took.

Exuse me sir, can i
talk to you for a second?

Hey, you! I wanna ask you a
question, is this boy your son?

I'm sorry?

I asked you if this boy is your son?

There's a misunderstanding.

Sure. Come on.

I'm trying to find the boys
parents! I didn't do anything!

Listen! Where did you get the boy?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You son of a bitch!

Where's my sister, you son of a bitch!

You fucking bastard! I hope, you'll die!

Calm down! Calm down!

I want you to take the boy
outside and give him to the police.

Go with him outside...

I hope you'll die, motherfucker!

Okay we got two possibilitys here?

There's cops out there.

If you like, we scan go out there
and let them handle this whole thing.

And you know, they love guys like you.

Or we can handle this just between us?

What do you want from me?

All i want is information.

You okay? Can you
understand, what i'm saying?

Can you tell, what happend?

I be back in a second.

What we got?

Possibly child molester.




He does't know, where
the other kids are.

Hands on your head!

Enough we gotta roll.

Yes, yes.

Okay don't cry. Tell me.

I want to go home. My
mom dont love me no more.

Your mom always loves you. Always.

It's party time.

Leave us alone, we don't want.

It's no question about voluntiering, bitch.

You see? Well, good gal.

Swallow now, swallow, like a good girl.

Good gal.

Cyber cafe.

Enter password.


Enter password.


Just come to get you. I need your help.

Sir... that's my sister.

Her name is adriana not maria.

Bidding starts at $500.00 coming soon

Stay tuned!

I'm gonna kill the motherfucker
who does this. I kill them.

Yea, yea. I tried the
password, it checks out

Bidding starts. Probably, in a day.

I leave it up to you. Alright.

So... what did your friend say?

Good news, he's on the case.

I gave him all the information.
The password all that stuff.

He's gonna pass it on to his
friend at the internet crime unit.

They'll take care of it.

Password? That's what the
guy gave you in the bathroom.

Yea, he bought that kid on the internet.

He was the highest bidder, he
flew all the way from thailand.

He paid $25,000.00, that's how it works.

I am sorry i didn't tell you before.

I just wanted to make sure.
I'm just trying to protect you.


Jorge this is good news.

Jesus! You don't trust anybody, do you?

Not everyone is your enemies, you
know. Try a little optimism sometime.

It wont kill you.

And be like you, and end up with a cat?

Sorry, i didn't mean it like that.

When is the auction?

Soon, i like to be in new jersey
when it happends wouldn't you?

Do you drive?

You want me to drive?

I'm tired.

But if i drive, we need
to play another music.

What is your problem with my music?

It puts me to sleep, you want
us to get killed or something?

You can't stay here.

Two guys and three girls, that's
to many! It's gonna look suspicios!

It's only two girls.

Have you gone cracy? Look i
know that, we leave tomorrow.



Hello? How you doing?

Listen, we've been on the
road day and night, simply...

Okay calm down, calm down.

All right, i've got it. Yea.

Son of a bitch. They set up
the next auction for tomorrow.

You've got to be kidding me.

That's what they want, she's next.

We have to be in new jersey by tomorrow.

That's unreal.

Get up.

Get up!

Good morning.

Good morning. What kind of cop are you?

I'm in the fraught department.

What kind of fraught?

Insurance, mainly.

You work for insurance companies?

Well, yes.

I think, you work for the wrong side.

You have mexicans friends?

I have mexicans friends.
A very good friend in fact.

He works in the office
right next to mine.

You only have one mexican friend?

A good friend.

How can you live in texas, and not
have hundreds of mexican friends?

Okay wise ass do you have
a hundred american friends?

All my friends are americans.



All mexicans are americans, and all my friends
are mexicans, so, all my friends are americans.

It's northern america, central
america and south america.

That's america. And not
just you, in one country?.



What the fuck!

What did i tell you!
What did i tell you!

Stupid son of a bitch!

You idiot! Let's go,
move it, faster idiot!

Go... i call my family.

Look there, the police. Look.


Operator may i help you?

Yes... collect... collect to poland.

Hold on, i'll give you international.

This is international can i help you?

Yes... collect to poland.


7, 3, 7, 5, 5, 1, 5

And your name?


One moment please.


Veronica, where are you?

Mamma, i'm glad to hear your
voice. Listen, i have a problem.

Is everything alright? Mamma! Mamma!

You need to leave there.
You and dad are in danger!

Have you made it to america yet?


What are you saying? With what?

People from agency came by.
They have shown me documents.

They've taken them from me.

Mamma they're gangsters.
Mamma they're holding me... help!

Get them in the van! Hurry!

Who did you call?
Who the fuck did you call?

Who do you think she called asshole?
She called the cops!

Who did you call? Well you can
forget it, you will now pay for this.

And your son.

Get your ass out there, and keep it out of site.

You pay for this, i will show you.

No! No! No!

Come in.

You're late,manual.


Sit down.

Your, probably adriana, yes?


What a beautiful name.
Is this what everyone calls you?

You have no idea, how to
deal with young girls, do you?

Where are the other girls?

You hear me? Where are the other girls?

The brazilians kept one of them, and the other...

We lost on the way here,

She had an accident.

Which one?

Which one?

The one from poland.

Another accident?

One more accident, and we wouldn't have any
buisness at all

Looks like you can't handle this job.

You have to deal with vadim on this
and it's not going to be very pleasant.

What a loser.

You're an impocill.

Let's go, adriana, we got things to do.

I'm leaving got to take care of buisness.

Hello! Welcome to the holiday inn, how may i help you?

I need two rooms if you got them.

Single or double, sir?

Let's see what you got..

It's fake. You have internet here?

Sure, in the amusment center overthere.

The passwords is (?), right?

Would you like to pay on a credit card?

Excuse me, my wallet is here.

Be right out.

Hey... 2 pm

Here is your room key, you go up and get some rest.

I'll be in his office, i'm going overthere now.

Detective sheridon, how exactly did you get involved in this case?

Ray not only investigates insurance fraught.

But in resent ocations he also get's involved with...

Detective jefferson, no offence, but i like to hear the story fom detective sheridon himself.

The bottom line is, this girl will be auctiont of in a few hours,

And i need to know what you guys gonna do about that auction,

Look we've been monitering this group for quit some time.

We know where there jersey oporations are.

Ray, the real problem is that this thing is global

Even though this group might be based in mexico city, they have oporations all over the u. S..

And over every one of the continents.

Their server for example, is located somewhere in maldives.

Their banking is in south africa.

There are many jurisdictions at work here

Cia, state department, the
interpol extr... extr...

So what we do is fallow the money, connect all the dots and we'll come up with the source.

I get all that, but you know where the oporation is in new jersey.


But you can't be bother and do anything about this little mexican girl,

You got bigger plans.

That's what you're saying, or did i hear you wrong?

Well gentlemen, if you excuse me?

Thanks you

We are the fucking gringos, aren't we?


I said we are the fucking gringos!

Hi patty, i'll be home in a few more days.

I want you to take out a big junk
of money from our savings.

But i don't wanna do it unless you say it's

I guess i wont have to ask, what it's for.

I'll tell you all about it when i get
home, and i promise no more secrets.

Have you found her?


Karla that's her name?


Ray... if you find your daughter,
i want you to bring her home.

If i do, i will.


Thanks you

You shouldn't thank, me for loving you ray.

Bye bye.

Hey, hey, what's going on?

I got us some money, you and me gonna do the auction.

And what about your friend?

Forget about him.

Sure you got tell to me something gringo.

Why are you doing this?

Who is it?

It's my daughter.

Your daughter?


This is what you've been looking for?

That picture was taken 10 years ago, i realy don't know what i'm looking for.

I met her mother just after i was married

To patty my wife,
and i was a happely married man

And then i met elenore,
and everything changed. She was...

Oh she was so... wild and alive.

I don't know what i was expecting
but i was ready to give up everything.

My marrige everything, so stupid!

And then she met this other guy and...

He was everything i wasn't, i mean...
she found him exiting... and alive...

Anyway and then she told to me, that she was
pregnant with his child. And a...

That kind of did it, i left and a...
went back to patty

Did patty take you back?


Go figure.

That would never happen in mexico.

Just a few days ago i get a knock at my door from a couble of officers and they told me that elenore has died.

From an overdose.

And they found this letter in her apartment with my name on it.

That she's written 10 years
before, but never sent.

And she says she needs money, and that karla is my daughter.

Which i always... wonderd about.

You didn't know she had a daughter did you?

I did.

We had our ups and downs years

We helped her out all we could,
but she's always in trouble

And the daughter?

In foster homes mostley,
but i always managed to get her back.

After you.

She went over the border to
juarez about ten years ago.

Probably at the time when she
wrote you that letter.

Was her daughter with her?

We have no idea.

We do know, that she got back here
two years later,

The girl was gone

And the house was still a mess.
Did you...

Did you ask her what happend to the daughter.

She told us that she left her with her daddy.

We didn't know what kind of daddy she was talking about?
We couldn't proof anything, what are you talking about?

We think, she sold the girl
i don't know, but with junkies that happends

She sold her.

If i... if i gotten that letter 10 years before, everythingl would be different.

Me and patty always wanted a child.

She's pretty, ain't she?

Yes, she has beautiful eyes.

Green.. Like her mothers.

So, that's what you where doing in the house in juarez.

Well, by the time you cliemed in to my trunk,
i've pretty much givin' up on everything.

But now i relized i gave up to soon.
Wich is something i do a lot of...

I guess.

Veronica, i hope, you are happy in heaven.
If you can talk to virgin maria for me,

And ask her to have a good and kind person buy me at the auction.

I'm very scared. Please help me.

Be well.

It's started allready.

We need a name. Write: world traveler.


Alright we're in.

One bidder is on line, at $8,000.00,

Go $10,000.00

Little buddha goes to twelve.

Try... try thirteen.

It's 15 now

Go to eighteen.

A new one from south africa went to...

All right. Allright


Please, god help, i promise, no more tricks.

I shall not steal any more.

Go 25.

20 seconds!

All right, all right go twenty
nine. No, go to 32,000.00.

But wait till there's only 2 seconds left


The auction is closed! The winner:
world traveler.


Let's find out where she is


They wanna know where we are.

All right give them the adress of the hotel
and tel them to ask for worl traveler



Thanks you

You 're a lucky guy, we have your
package real close by.


Why are you in hotel? You're from out of town?

Yea, i'm on the road a lot

What do you do?

I'm a sales rep.

Well you sure got a lot of dough for a sales rep.

You must realy like virgins pussy ha?

Oh yea.

You gonna get an address in your computer
we'll pick you up there.

You bring the money, we bring the girl, it's that simple.

World traveler?


You got the money?

Where's my girl?

Not far from here.

Leave your car here, we'll pick her up.

No, i follow you.

No, no, no.

You get your ass over here in my car,
or there wont be virgin pussy for you today?

But you gotta bring me back.

Why sure. I'm your driver.

Fuck! Fuck man!

It's here.

Follow me.


How you doing?

Fine, how are and you?

Good, have a seat.

No, no, no, give him the money.

So? Do you like her?

Better in person, ha?


Adriana say hello to the senior.

It's all there.

The money is all there

Come here.

She's a little shy.

Sit next to him.

Where you from?

Why you wanna know?

No reason.

No reason.

Look you remind me of someone

Who would that be?

Some one i knew a long time ago.

You're very nosey

Are you a cop?

No i'm not a cop.

What do you think manual?
I think he's a cop.

Get up!

Look why don't you just give me the girl,
i'm telling you i'm not a cop

Sit down.

You're gonna proof you're not a cop

Proof it how? How would i proof it?

Easy, first fuck is here.


You gonna fuck the little virgin right here.

That's not part of the deal.

I know. But let's say it's kind of my insurance

If you're not a cop it means, once you've been with her you wont talk.

But if you're a cop you wont
fuck her and then you're fucking death.

You want some water?

So, what's it gonna be?

I think, for this amout of money
i deserved a little privat.

Sure, you can get your very own room

No, no, no,

Go with him.

You go and be a nice little girl.

Oh and ah... i wanna see blood on the sheets.

It's okay... i'm not gonna hurt you.

Amigo... i'm a friend of your brothers.


Jorge your brother, he's here with me.
We're gonna get you out.

I'm not sure how exactly


I don't trust this guy, go check up them!

Let's go!


Remember, veronica is watching, it's
not to late.


That son of a bitch has already justified your so called insurance policy.

Just what i like to see a satisfied customer

Manual is gonna take you back to your car.

Adios adriana, good bye world traveler.

What a nice daddy.


Police! Police! Drop your weapons!

Don't move! On the ground now!

Don't move! Stay on the ground!

Stay on the ground! Show me your hands!

Please. Please.

Come on! Get up!

All clear!

I knew, i had to keep an eye on you.

Stop to resist!

Don't touch me, you pig!

It'll be all right.

I got to get back to base.

Here we go.

Thank you all.



Good work.

Tell my guys.

All right.

Check the cellar!

Over here.

That lady and that gentleman there, gonna take care of you

They'll make sure you get on the plane so you'll get home all right

Your keys, sir.


They're good people, trust them for ones

Can you do that?

Okay, but you gotta come and visit us in
mexico city, ones in a while

I'll give you a tour.


For you.

Thanks you

Save that sir.

Take care of your sister.

You've got a good brother.
He'll look after you.

I'll be the best.


Take this.

Come on don't argue.

Ray gracias, thank you.

Good luck with every thing.

When you get home, put all this behind you all right?

Stay out of trouble. Don't make me worry
about you okay? Cabrone.

Ladys and gentlemen, please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts

We're approching mexico city airport
and we'll be landing shortly thank you...

Vergin maria pray for us, mother of jesus
give us strengt, the lord be with you.

You are our hope forgive us sinners
please help us in darkness to find the light

Go in, everthing's gonna be fine, trust me

Adriana... adriana

Where have you been my angel!

I'm so happy to see you again

Good-Bye, i'm meeting someone

We'll see you later vadim.



Be quiet you mongrol.