Tracktown (2016) - full transcript

A young, talented, and lonely long-distance runner twists her ankle as she prepares for the Olympic Trials and must do something she's never done before: take a day off.

"In long-distance running,

the only opponent
you have to beat is yourself."

Haruki Murakami.

"Gold medals
aren't really made of gold.

They're made
of sweat, determination,

and a hard-to-find alloy
called guts."

Dan Gable.

"If you keep on believing,

the dreams that you wish
will come true."


"Team, T-E-A-M--

everyone achieves more."


my cousin, dancer cousin?


She said she does it
every night

before one of her
big dance shows.

- Does what?
- She does it.

- Plum, she has sex.
- What?

- Yo, Plum!
- Good luck!

Yeah, so,
ever since then,

it's kind of become
one of my pre-race rituals.

Oh, my God.

Doesn't that hurt you, like,
the night before a race?

but running hurts.

You still enjoy that,

Come on.
I'm just messing with you.

"I don't compare myself
to anyone else

because they do
what's right for them,

and that's okay by me."

- Hi, Plum Marigold!
- Taylor Swift.

Hey, wanna come get pre-race cookies?

Are you going to finally ask
for bakery boy's number?

- No.
- Then I am not going with you.

"You give up
your childhood,

and people say it's awful.

I say it was a good trade."

Mary Lou Retton.

We all know the college
running star Plum Marigold.

But the Olympic Trials?

It's a whole new level
of competition.

What's going through
your mind right now?

Well, I've wanted to make
an Olympic team

for my entire life.

All the work is done.

I just have to stick
to my routine

and, you know,
turn in my homework.

So I'm not going
to let any distractions

get in my way between now
and making the Olympic team.

One sec.

So, I just sold
a bunch of power muffins

to a group of 80-year-old guys
wearing the same tights as you.


- What?
- Sorry.

It's okay.


I sent in my Eugene Marathon
design today.

The committee loved the idea
of finishing at Hayward Field.

They said that's something
you can't do

in New York or Boston.


It's just exciting,
is all.


Sweetie, I know you're worried
about tomorrow's race.

But listen...

Do you know
what the kernels are?

What, Dad?

Untapped potential,
all right?

I have so many 10th-graders,
11th-graders on my team

that could be great
if they chose,

but there's
only 24 hours in a day.

Okay, Dad.

You know what the-- ah--

the burnt ones are?


- Okay.
- But this one, Plummy...

You know what this one is?

This is you, Plum.



A prime kernel.

Protein powder.

- Morning.
- Morning.

"The successful warrior
is the average man

with laser-like focus."

Bruce Lee.

30 % of these women

won't even show up
to the race mentally.

They let their nerves
take them out.

When that first move is made,
I want you to go with them.

Stay on the lead pack.

All we need is sixth place
to make the final.

Next up on the track,

it's the women's
5,000-meter prelims.

You are seeing the makings
of the new Team USA.

And a big hometown welcome

for Plum "All That Glitters is" Marigold.

"A goal is a dream
with a deadline."

Napoleon Hill.

The race
is starting to speed up.

We can see the lead pack
breaking away now.

Remember, folks,
only six go to the finals.

Legere heads straight
to the front

and controls the pace.

There's no surprise there.

And there's the bell lap!

Uh-oh, a little pushing
and shoving!

Plum gets hit!
That's not supposed to happen!

Can she recover?

These ladies
mean business.

Who will go all the way?

Final stretch.

Legere, Siegel, Hirsch,
Schmidt, Anderson,

and Marigold grabbing
the last spot in the finals!

The men's 10,000 meters.

Plum Marigold!

You just got sixth place
to advance to the finals.

Must feel pretty good.

Yeah, I'm happy
to be advancing.

You were seeded first
in that heat.

Can you talk
about what happened?

It looked like you were in pain
towards the end there.

No, yeah, with 300 to go,
I tried to make a move

and got a little
knocked around

and, um, you know,
wasn't feeling that final kick,

and, you know,
nothing's guaranteed.

And, um,
I tried to be brave.

I'm sorry.

"Expectation is the root
of all heartache."

William Shakespeare.

I can't recommend
that you run in the finals

unless you're recovered.

You had an extremely
aggressive race today,

and your body needs to heal.

I want you to take tomorrow
completely off.

No running.

But I never take days
completely off.

The finals
are in three days.

I'm well aware,

but if you want
to tow the line strong,

you need to be smart now.

what's your weekly mileage?

90 to 100.

It says here you haven't
menstruated in two years.

Is that right?

Is that bad?

It has to do
with your bone density,

which is likely low,
and poor bone density

can lead to complications--
for starters,

increased likelihood
of injury, permanent damage.

There are long-term

that you need to consider
beyond your athletics.

I mean,
you're still a woman.

What does that matter?



They said
I'm ruining my body!

It's better than,
you know,

letting it wither away
from disuse.

What you mean wither?

Why do you have all these
trophies in the house, Dad?

Why don't you get rid
of them?

Because they're yours, Plummy.
You've earned them.

- They're your achievements.
- I don't want them!

- Okay. All right.
- Hello?

- Gail!
- Mom, why are you in our house?

I came to see you.

Great timing, Mom!

Gail, um...
are your parents with you?


Maybe we should call them.

No, I don't have to tell them
everything I do.


Is Plum mad because of me?

No. She had
a very hard race.

I thought the race
was Monday.

The finals are Monday.
The prelims were today.

Gail, okay, we love it
when you visit,

but you have to contact us
before you come, Gail.

It's as simple as that.

You don't think
I should go talk to her?

No, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.

You made the finals.
It didn't have to be pretty.

This isn't just a fun race.

The Olympic Trials
are really important

for my future.

It's just a day off, Plum.

Your future will be fine,

My mom showed up again.

Are you all right?

I have a headache.

You can't worry about her.

Just take your nap, okay?

Hey, do you think we're going
to be able to have babies?

Plum, we're fine.


Let's worry about not having
babies for now, okay?

I love you.

Love you, too.

And then
we've got high school events

from 10:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.
nonstop tomorrow night

right here at historic
Hayward Field.

Louis takes the lead
as they go to three laps.

That was at 70.


That was the second fastest
in the last heat.

He's coming up now
on the outside.

I was watching that.

No, you weren't.

Please turn that back on.

I don't like it when you fall
asleep in front of the TV.

It makes me
feel sad for you.

Plum, I was just
watching TV.

I don't know why
that would make you sad.

Because it does.


Can you stay home tomorrow
so I'm not all alone?

Plummy, the Pancake Mile
is tomorrow.

I'm captain of that ship.

I have to be there all day.

You have that every year.

I'm going through
a really hard time.

I'm injured.

you are not injured.

Don't forget
the MCA race

is coming up shortly.

The conditions are are hot.

That may explain
the slow pace.

It's looking tactical.

"Never give up on something

you can't go a day
without thinking about."

Sir Winston Churchill.


It's okay, sweetie,
today's just

about being relaxed,
all right?

All the work is done.

I got to head down to set up
the Pancake Mile registration.

The guy who was supposed to run
in the pancake costume

dropped out last minute.



I got to run.
Are you going to be okay alone?




Stay relaxed.
Do your coloring.

I love you!

I love you, too.

Rest and recovery.

Plum! Hi!
Good morning!

Dad's not here.

Oh, that's okay.
I came to see you.

I'm busy.

Oh, are you about
to go running?


Oh, well, your dad said
you have a day off,

so I'd really like
to spend some time with you.

Let's go to the park.

I got you this.
Come on.

It'll be fun.


"The bamboo that bends

is stronger than
the oak that resists."


I started a business.

Look. Look.

This is for you.

It's a Kitsy.

What it is,
it's a monthly subscription,

and every month, the subscriber
gets a new crafts kit.

So I pick the crafts,
I assemble the kits,

and then I mail them off
to my clients.

And this is Beading Month,
and I'm up to 77 subscribers.

It's-- it's a virtual

- That's great, Mom.
- Yeah.

I know the Olympic Trials

are an important time
in your life,

and I thought
you might appreciate

having your mom around.

A mother understands
what a child does not say,

you know?

Is it profitable?


Your new business.
Is it profitable?

Or do grandma and grandpa
just pay for it?

Oh, oh, well, you know,
I mean, it's a start-up,

so, you know, I mean,
they pay for some things,

but it's, um--

you know, no one's forcing
anyone to do anything, so...

And, you know,
it's important to get support

from your parents sometimes.

I mean, you know, that's why
I decided to drive up here.

I just want us to see
each other as much as we can

while I'm here.

I love this.
It's so great.

Just a little
bumping and grinding,

and a little no-fly zone.


- Good morning.
- Hello.

Don't worry about him.

He's nobody.

- You want to go for a run?
- Are you joking?

I just want to shake out.
It's not a big deal.

Don't be stupid.

I'm fine.



No. I'm being
a good teammate.

Go home.
Watch a Disney movie, okay?

Turn off your brain.

I don't want to go home.

Do you want to play
in the pool with us?


- Do you want to go to Target?
- No.

Well, that's what
I'm doing today,

and you're welcome to join,
but I'm serious,

if you run,
I'm going to call Coach.

And I'll know,
because I have people.

Don't call Coach.



"If you don't know
where you're going,

any road
will get you there."

Cheshire Cat.

We're closed!

- Sorry.
- It's okay.

Do you need more cookies?
We have some in the back.

You can just take them.


Um, do you need
anything else?

- Like food?
- Yeah, food.


Can I make you a sandwich?



So, in my head,

I always call you
"Chocolate Chip Runner"

because you always order
the same thing every time.

I always knew your name was
Sawyer because of your apron.

What's your actual name?

It's Plum.

That's a cool name.

Um, can I maybe have
some more meat?


A little more, please.

- Cheese?
- Oh, it's perfect as is.

You just want a pile
of plain turkey on bread?



Here you go.

Thank you.

This is nice.

Normally I close up alone.

Normally, I have
practice right now.

Oh, but not today or...?

Not today.

I had to take a day off

because I'm running
this big race soon.

Do you usually get nervous
before a big race?

Everyone gets nervous.

I remember when
I was in elementary school,

I was in a play,
and I was so nervous

I was going to forget
my lines.

It was traumatizing.

So what'd you do?

I quit.

Thanks again.

No problem.

So you going to feed the ducks
with all those bagels?

Sort of.

I was always taught more practical bumblebee lessons.

Like that bumblebees
die when they sting?

No, not all of them.
Only honeybees do.

Bumblebees can actually sting
you without killing themselves.


So, how old are you?


Are you sure
you're not, like, 15?


Look, you can definitely
outrun me, okay?

But I'm pretty sure
if push came to shove,

I could take you
just based on body weight,

pure laws of physics.

I don't know.
We lift weights.

Come on, this will
only take a minute.

Hey, come on.

- Hey.
- Hey, Sawyer.

Oh, hey, man.

Hey, Vicky.


I come bearing gifts.

Oh! Oh, beautiful.

Oh, yes.
Thanks, man.

- Of course.
- Mmm. Naturally.

This is Plum.

- Ah, Plum, welcome. Hi.
- Hi.

Are those your friends?

They're my roommates,
kind of.

I don't know,
kind of a weird situation,

but they're pretty cool.

Oh, you live here.

Well... technically,

I live there.

It's pretty cool.

They let me park here
and shower here

and stuff like that.

Are you sketched out?

No, no, I see these things
all over town,

but I've never actually
been in one.

Yeah, I mean,
I'm kind of stuck with it,

but it's pretty cool.

It's got a bed
and a kitchenette.

- And the engine still runs.
- It's so cool!

You can eat and sleep
and drive somewhere

all in the same place.

Yeah, you can drive
all the way to China.

You can't drive China.

Yeah, you've probably
been the China.

I heard the Oreos taste
different there.

Can we go inside?


yeah, yeah.

Watch your step.

- Pretty deluxe.
- You don't even lock it.

Watch out for that.


I like your decorations.


It's got a lot of character.

I've thought
about selling the place,

getting some cash
for another place,

but I'll just spend
my money on stupid shit.

Like what?

Like I bought
a unicycle.

So stupid.

And I ended up giving it
to a homeless man.

- The man that rides the unicycle?
- Yeah, that was me!

- Whoa!
- Yeah.


You can sit down.

So, you live
with your teammates?

I live with my dad.

Oh, what about your mom?

It's just Dad.

Oh, I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

Oh, no, my mom's not dead.
She's in a hotel.

- She's--
- Oh, she just doesn't live in Eugene.

Staying in a hotel.

Well, she used to.

And then she had
a breakdown

and had to go live
with my grandparents.

So now we just
have visits.


Oh, hey...

It's okay.

Not everybody's fit
to be a parent.

My mom was a nomad.

I mean, I grew up
moving around a lot.

Where is she now?


She decided to leave
Eugene for good

and run off
with her boyfriend.

I guess not everyone
was meant to stay.

I stayed.

And I'm happy.

I've only ever lived
in Eugene.

That's cool.

See, I think Eugene
is like this sink drain,

but not in a bad way.

It doesn't
suck people down.

It just makes them stay

and float with
all the other particles.

- Sawyer!
- Oh, God damn it!


These assholes.

- Come here.
- You know them?

Yeah, they're my roommate's.

God-- agh!

I always tell them
they're going to get run over,

but he says, "No, no, no,
let them learn the hard way."

But they're chickens.
They can't learn.

Sawyer! Sawyer!

Come here!
Hey, hey!

Guys, not the bush!

Oh, over there!
Ah, Cornelius!

- Get it!
- Oh, gotcha.

This is Cornelius.

He always tries
to run away.

He's stupid, isn't he?

Yeah, are you stupid?

I think he's brave.

You okay?


What happened?

It's just I really should be
elevating my leg today.


so... what does
that mean, exactly?

It means that you lift your leg
above your heart

so that the swelling drains out
and you recover faster.

Do you need to lie down?

Um, I probably
should ice, too.

Oh, I know where
we can get some ice.

I-- I think maybe
I should go home.

No, no, no, no.

This place has
the most awesome,

best ice on the planet.

It's so cold and it's just,
like, really good,

and I'll take you there,

and then I'll take you home
after that and drop you off.

We can put that leg up
on the way.

Okay. Great.

♪ Can't stay awake

♪ I wonder how long
I can fake it ♪

♪ Outside I wait,
I feel my body hesitating ♪

♪ Can't find
a little more time ♪

♪ This world knows
how to take it ♪

♪ Don't even know

♪ But I need somebody else
to break this ♪

♪ Somebody who

♪ Can stay awake

♪ I need somebody who

♪ Somebody who

♪ Can stay awake

♪ I need somebody who...

Okay, no peeking.
No peeking.

Okay, gosh,
where are we going?

Where is--
where am I taking you?

What a weird place, huh?

Oh, jeez. Okay.

All right.


Here it is.

So, what do you think?


Didn't you used to come here
when you were a kid, or...?


Is this the ice place?

Yeah, they have ice here.



Hey, Sawyer.

Hey, I didn't know
you worked here.

Yeah, I've worked here
for, like, two months, stupid.

Can we have two cones
and a bag of ice?

Do you want yours dipped?

Yeah, yeah,
we'll take them dipped.



And now like this.

Very good.


Thank you.

Do I know you?

I know you.

You're the runner.

She's famous.

Bringing famous people
to my place of work.

You know, this one I used
to date, but not anymore.

He smells bad.

So, is running, like...
your job job?

Like, you get paid?

Not in college,

but once you sign
with a pro team, yeah.

But you went to college
for free, right?


You must like pain.

I mean, running hurts.

At least it hurts
every time I try, so...

Sorry, I...



I'm fine.
Dad, I'm fine.

I'm sitting on the couch.

One sec.

I don't know, Dad.

I'm good.

I'll see you
tonight, okay?

Love you.


I'm really, really,
really, really sorry

about what happened.

I need to go home.


It's just I need to nap
in my altitude tent.

You sleep in a tent?

Can I see it?

My house is really messy.

I really like you.

Me, too.

I really do need
to nap, though.




Have a good nap.

- Dad?
- Hey, P.

Nice steaks.
Red meat.

Did they approve
your marathon course design?

Not this year.

That's okay.

Just gives me time
to come up

with a better design
for next year.

Why are there three steaks?

Mom's coming over
for dinner.

It's delicious.

You know what?

I only have steak
when I come here.

It's an art,
you know...

the perfect steak.


Doesn't just leap off the pan
and tell you it's done.

It's about knowing what's going
on underneath the surface,

even though
you can't see it.

Yeah, well, how do you know
what's going on underneath, huh?

sometimes you just have to cut it open with a knife.

But the real pros,
they just know.

to the perfect steak.

To the perfect steak.

can you pass the salt?


There you go.

your dad used to get the same nervous look

on his face before a race.

Yeah, that one you're making
right now, right now.

- Oh, and he loved his salt, too, right?
- Mm-hmm.

You guys,
you guys are like twins.

When you think of racing,

you only think
of the physical part.

I didn't think of how much
mental tricks

can get played on you
by yourself, I guess.

You know what?

I remember,
it was the NCAs, the finals.

I was doing the 1,500,
and Gail made a sign

that surprised
the heck out of me.

I made the finals,
which was the biggest deal ever,

as you know,
and I'm rounding the final turn,

and I'm in seventh place.

- I got no shot.
- Oh.

But as I turn,
there you are,

and out of the cardboard boxes
that we had had

my breakfast cereal in
for that entire week,

you had made
a "Go, Bert, go" sign

and painted it red,
white, and blue

as if I was ever going
to make any Olympics.

I just love
watching you race.

Plum has surpassed me.

So, Plum's graduating now.

What are you going
to do, Burt?

She's going to move out?

We're not sure yet.

You know, Plum,
your dad and I lived

in your room in this house
when we were in college.

That was the first room
we lived in together.

So, your major
was something-- sports?

"Surround yourself
only with people

who are going
to lift you higher."

Oprah Winfrey.



- Hi.
- Hey.

Hey, who are
all these people?

Just my housemates
and their stupid friends.

Can we hang out?

Um, I can't really leave
this situation,

but you can hang out.

Wait, aren't you supposed
to be in bed now?

Yeah, but I have
to tell you about my day.

I kissed a boy.


I'll give you a hint.

He makes cookies
for a living.

Shut up!
Shut up!

Bakery boy?

I just think it's risky,
your mixing business with love.

What do you mean?

I mean you pretty much
go to this bakery every day,

and now you're making out
with the bakery boy?

His name's Sawyer.

Look. You can put this
on your refrigerator.


Hi, it's Plum.


What are you doing
right now?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Come on.
- Okay.

I like your sweatshirt.

Thank you.

It's the only thing
my mom ever gave me

that I actually like.

So, is this what you do
with all your Saturday nights?

This is my laboratory!

You're the one
who called me.




You're not like
any other girl I've ever met.

I feel like you're
from another world.

You think I'm crazy.


I think your extreme.

I like it.

I feel really lucky.

"Luck is what happens

when preparation
meets opportunity."

We just have to wait
for 10 minutes

and let all the lactic acid
drain out.

There's a hole in your sock.

I know.

They're my lucky socks.

I never wash them.


if you make
the Olympic team,

does that mean
you'll leave Eugene?

Runners travel a lot.

That'll be cool.

We could travel.

We could go somewhere.

I thought you were going
to stay in Eugene

and float
with all the particles.


I'd leave
if I had a reason to.

I'm strong.

I know it's kind of gross.

It's not gross.

I look like a boy.



You look amazing.

Whoa, whoa.

Is this okay?

It's just moving
really quickly.

You've never
done this before?




I got a question.


When you're running,

is there such a thing
as going too fast?

when you're running,

there's an edge...


what is and isn't
too fast.


But, um,
it's not a sharp edge.

It's stretchy.

And if you're brave,
you push on it.

I have to go.

No. Stay.

I can't.

My teammate is waiting for me,
and I have to go to be with her.

Why don't you just tell her
you can't come?

I can't do that to her.

I bet she'll understand.


That's not
how teammates work.

Will I see you again?


Mm, when?


You're a good teammate.

"Only you
can control your future."

Dr. Seuss.

You're probably mad
I'm here.

Should I be mad, Plum?

I don't know.


Did you get a tattoo?


Did you take something,



I'm not going to get upset
with you

for staying up too late,

That's not my job.

It is your job.

- No.
- Yes, it is.

No, my job is to coach you,
to guide you,

but you still get to make
your own choices.

I don't like making choices.

I want you
to tell me what to do.

But that's not
the way it works.

I cannot go to the starting line
with you, Plum.

It's hard.

Yeah, it is,
but you're the best.

And you love it,
don't you?

I can't imagine
anything else I would do.

that's how you know

you're doing
something you love--

when you can't imagine
doing anything else.

"Every champion
was once a contender

that refused to give up."

Rocky Balboa.

Okay, let's get started.

Flex your muscles.
Flex your muscles.

Oh, yeah, that's great.

Oh, my God,
it's beautiful.

Okay, show me
your start line pose.

Okay, uh, you're the president.

You're the President
of the United States.

Mr. President-- I mean,
uh, Mrs. President.

Mrs. President.

You're running,
you're running!

You could still decide to keep
running next year, you know.

I don't want to run
next year.

How come
you don't want to?

Because I don't.

You don't like
training with me?

It's not
all about you, Plum.

Are you going to stay
with that guy?

I don't know.

Do you love him?


Then why are you with him?

For fun, Plum.

You remind me of my mom.

She never figured out
quite what she wanted to do.

That was a really
dumb thing to say.


I'm gonna go.

Hey, I'm supposed
to drive you home.

How are you going
to get home?!


"There are
no traffic jams

along the extra mile."

Roger Staubach.

- Plum!
- Sawyer?

Hey, I thought
I'd surprise you.

How did you know
I was here?


I don't know.


come with me later, okay?

Let's go for a ride.

I'm taking the RV to the shop
and getting it all checked out.


So we can go away


Oh, my God, Plum,
I'm just kidding.

I can't hang out today.


Just skip your nap
and skip stretching,

and, come on,
you recovered fine.

I don't understand.

I don't skip things.

You wouldn't just leave
your job at the bakery

if someone wanted you
to hang out, would you?

No, but I also,
at a certain time

during the day,
stop working.

I stop working!

Running doesn't work
that way.


Okay, listen to me.
Listen to me, okay?

You need to find time
every day

to make yourself happy!

You have to do it.

I didn't get to where I am
by doing that kind of stuff.

Hey, look...

we have fun together,

Come here.


And I am happy!

"I live to succeed,

not to please you
or anyone else."

Marilyn Monroe.


Hey, Plummy,
how are you?

What are you doing?


I don't want you to clean.

Look what I found.


Place looks pretty good,
doesn't it?

I didn't ask you to do this.

Sure you did, remember?

"For every minute
spent organizing,

an hour is earned."

Benjamin Franklin.

You okay?

Honey, this needs
to be cleaned.

- I'll do it.
- No, it's fine, honey, I will.

- I don't want you to hurt yourself.
- Dad, Dad, stop.

- You're being silly, sweetie.
- Don't touch it!

Plum, Plum, Plum!
You're going to hurt yourself.

That's fine.
That's what happens.

Please don't say that.

You need me
to make you happy.

Plum, I'm perfectly happy.

No, you're sad.

No, I am happy.

I love my job.

I'm part of this community.

I have a daughter
who is running

in the Olympic Trials finals

Gonna win.

I have a garden, huh?

And... I love being
part of your life.


I love being
part of your life.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.
It's fine.

Oh, honey, come on.
Careful, careful.

It's okay.
It's okay.

Sweetie, it's okay.

"It is our choices
that show what we truly are."

Albus Dumbledore.


Excuse me.

There's no clothes
allowed back there.

Oh, I'm just going
to meet someone.

Her name's Gail.

It's the rules.
Here, have a robe.


I picked you these.



In elementary school,

I told people you
were an astronaut,

and that's why you had to leave
and come back all the time.

Oh. Thanks for making me
an astronaut.

That's not what a mom is.

What do you mean?

Of course I'm your mom.

No, you're not.

You're more like
a jack-in-the-box.


Oh, shit.

Look, it just started
to become really stressful,

and the stress just affected me
really badly.

Like, really badly.

I do want to be a mom
to you, okay?

I'm just a late bloomer.

I don't need a mom.

That's what I came here
to tell you.

But it makes me happy
to come visit you.

Dad and I figured it out,

so you don't have to worry
about it anymore, you know?

That makes me sad.

No, it should
make you happy.

Um, you can still
be in my life,

but you just can't my mom.

And... you have to be
something else.

I can do that.

Okay. Yeah.

I'm going to go now.

I have somewhere
I need to be.

Okay, go,
but I'll see you later, yeah?


And good luck tomorrow.

"If you want something
you've never had,

you must be willing to do
something you've never done."

Thomas Jefferson.




Why are you here?


Don't you have
a race tomorrow?

Shouldn't you be
preparing, resting?

Shouldn't be here with me

when you have something
special like that.

You're special, too.

No, I'm not,
not like you.

It's okay, I get it.

Not everybody
gets to be an Olympian

or an astronaut
or whatever

their elementary school
teacher told them.

Don't say that.

I don't want
to mess this up.

Do you want to be here?

Do you like me?

Yes. Yes.

So, you're not mad?

I'm happy.

You're so small.

Now you.

Now what?

How are you?
I'm good.

How are you?

I'm good.

Where are you going?


Back to the altitude tent.


That's cool.

You should stay.
You don't want to stay?

Hey. Hey.


Come here.

Just stay a minute.


"If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave."

Mo Willems.


I'm sorry.

Shh, no.


Do you think
everyone will know?

They can't know.

They can only see
what happens on the track.

Next up on the track,

the women's
5,000-meter finals.

Our United States Olympic team
will be chosen here tonight.

This is it.

Let's show our support
for the future Team USA!

The weather
could not be more perfect

here in the Emerald Valley.

In all my years,
I have never seen

a field as stacked
as this one.

I feel the magic
of historic Hayward Field.

Don't you?

I'm nervous,
and I'm not even racing!

This is track,
ladies and gentlemen.

No halftimes, no time-outs,
no substitutions.

Our sport
is your sport's punishment.

"You can't master
how to run a race.

You can only know
how to run the race you're in.

Every race
has two things in common--

there can only be
one winner,

and it's always
going to hurt."

Tracktown's own
Plum Marigold!

"A race is like a cliff.

You have to get close
to the edge to see the view.

At first,
it scares you.

It will probably
always scare you.

But the closer you are
to falling,

the more beautiful it is."

Plum Marigold.

♪ Play me a sad song

♪ 'Cause that's what
I wanna hear ♪

♪ I want you
to make me cry ♪

♪ I wanna remember

♪ The places that we left

♪ Lost to the mists
of time ♪

♪ I know that
you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you ♪

♪ Ooh, always

♪ I know that
you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you ♪

♪ Ooh, always

♪ On buses that move
through the night ♪

♪ We sleep on and on

♪ We got off at Memphis

♪ Black top heat
will make us thirsty ♪

♪ We'll never get sick
anymore ♪

♪ I know that
you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you ♪

♪ Ooh, always

♪ I know that
you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you ♪

♪ Ooh, always

♪ Yes, I know
that you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you always ♪

♪ I know that
you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you ♪

♪ Ooh, always

♪ Always

♪ I know that
you'll go soon ♪

♪ You'll find out,
so take me with you ♪

♪ Ooh, always

♪ Play me a sad song

♪ 'Cause that's what
I wanna hear ♪

♪ I want you
to make me cry ♪

♪ I wanna remember

♪ The places
that we left ♪

♪ Lost to the mists
of time ♪♪