Trackdown (1976) - full transcript

When his sister Betsy packs up and leaves the family's Montana cattle ranch to find fame and fortune in Hollywood, her brother Jim decides to follow after her to make sure she doesn't get into trouble. He's a little too late, however, since almost as soon as she gets off the bus, Betsy has her belongings stolen, then gets kidnapped, gang-raped, and is sold to a pimp to work for him as a prostitute. It is now up to Jim, with help from social worker Lynn, to rescue his sister and set things right.

{mellow music)

- Sis, I'm gonna be back in a couple of days.

Take care of your mom.

- Okay.

- Try not to argue with her.

- All right, I'm sorry.

- We'll work things out when I get back, okay?

- Okay.

(engine starting)

{mellow music)

(horses neighing)

♪ Sometime in your life the days look all the same ♪

♪ And the place you dream about starts calling out your name ♪

♪ It's a place where you think you'll find love ♪

♪ Waiting there for you ♪

♪ It's in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

♪ Sometime in your life morning makes you high ♪

♪ When you stop to think about it ain't no reason why ♪

♪ There's a place where they hide the sunshine ♪

♪ Don't know why they do ♪

♪ It's in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

♪ Don't forget what you turned away from ♪

♪ Waiting here for you ♪

♪ If you try you can find the way back ♪

♪ And I hope you do ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ And I wish it wasn't true ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ And I wish it wasn't true ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ And I wish it wasn't true ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ And I wish it wasn't true ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

- Baby, what's up?

♪ And I wish it wasn't true ♪

♪ You're in the city ♪

♪ That's no place for me and you ♪

(man speaking foreign language)

- [Man] Everything she owns is (speaks Spanish).

- That's number one pussy, man! (speaks Spanish)

- Oh, what do you know about pussy, loser?

- Not as much as you do, mama! That's for sure.

(men laugh) (speaks Spanish)

(man speaks Spanish)

- First things first, what'd you say Chuch?

- I dunno, man. I don't like it.

- You owe me a hundred, (speaks Spanish)!

(cars rev) (horns honk)

- If I do this thing for you,

then I don't owe you nothing, right?

- (speaks Spanish) You do this and we're even.

- Okay.

(speaks Spanish)

(cars rev) (horns honk)

(chatting in Spanish)

- Thanks!

(horns honk)

- Root beer, please! Hey, wow!

I can't believe this!

- I beg your pardon?

- You're Linda Kelly's younger sister, right?

- Who's Linda Kelly?

- You're putting me on? Linda Kelly, the movie star!

You don't know who she is?

- I might have heard of her.

- God, that blows my mind.

You know, you really look like Linda's sister!

Believe me, really!

Hey, I'm sorry if I bothered you, you know?

Like, I was sincere about what I said.

Cause the little bit I have seen-

- [Betsy] He stole my suitcase! Stop him!

- Don't worry, I'll get him!

(intense Latin music)

(yells in Spanish)

(tires squeal)

(thief laughs loudly)

(mellow music)

(Betsy cries)

- They split up!

The one that had the suitcase, I couldn't catch him.

The other guy threw this away.

- My wall let, everything I have was in this purse!

I don't know what to do!

- Hey, wow. I know it's a drag, but at least you're okay.

Come on, I'll take you home.

- It's straight up. I'll be all right.

It's okay.

- Hey, I just want to help you.

- I don't even live around here.

- Neither do I. My place is in East L.A.

You from the Valley?

- No, you don't understand. I'm from Montana.

- Far out! You're a runaway, huh?

- Hey, bitch! What are you trying to pull?

- What?

- A buck and a half, bitch! $1.50, got me?

- Hey, blanco. You don't want to talk like that, huh?

(speaks Spanish) Now, here's your dinero.

You take it and get the hell out of here.

(cries quietly)

- Listen, I'll pay you back, really, I will.

(speaks Spanish)

- Hey, chula, the way you look, you're going

to have TV stars killing each other to buy you lunch.

- Anyway, thanks.

- What are you gonna do? You got some friends in L.A.?

- No.

- Hey, that's (speaks Spanish).

- Well, I figured with the money I had,

I could get a job and find a place to live.

- Wait a minute? (speaks Spanish) I got an idea!

Can you type, you know? (speaks Spanish)

- Yeah, but not very fast.

- That's it! (speaks Spanish) I got this com padre.

He needs a girl to answer the phone,

type some letters, stuff like that.

What do you say? You want to meet him?

- You don't even know me.

Why would you want to do that for me?

(speaks Spanish)

- What's your name?

- Betsy, Betsy Calhoun. What's yours?

- Chucho Alez, (speaks Spanish)

- Pleased to meet you.

- Come on. I got some wheels across the street.

We've got to go see my com padre

before he finds another chick, okay?

Come on.

(wood scraping)

- You've got it! You start manana, okay?

- You're kidding!

- Yes, listen.

All you gotta do is say, "Muchos gracias" and we'll split.

- Muchos gracias!

(Chucho speaks Spanish)

- What did you tell him?

- I tell him you type, you speak English good,

most important, you speak perfect Espanol.

- You didn't?

- Sure. Why not?

- Because I don't want to be asked

to speak a little Mexican!

- Don't worry!

(Chucho speaks Spanish)

By tomorrow, you lose your voice.

- Terrific!

(Chucho laughs)

- Churros, carnitas, and chicharron.

- Churros, carnitas, and chicharron.

(Chucho laughs)

- No, baby. You got, you got to put an (rolls r).

(Betsy rolls her r)

(both roll r's)

(psychedelic rock music)

(chattering in Spanish)

(indistinct chattering) (psychedelic rock music)

(car engine running) (dog barking)

- Thanks!

(car door slams)

It's right up there.

I hope you like it 'cause I ain't got it fixed up yet

but maybe you got some ideas from me, okay?

- Oh, I don't think you have to worry about that.

I got lots of ideas for you.

(Chucho chuckles)

- Come on, right through here.

You know something? You don't take such a bad picture.

- Oh! - You know that?

[Betsy] Think that's pretty good, do you?

- [Chucho] Yeah! Come on, I'll race you!

Come on!

(Chucho laughs)

{mellow music)

- You wanna try?

- Okay.

Like this?

- Inhale and hold it in a little.

Hold it, oh!

(Betsy coughs)

- You all right?

- I'm fine.

(Betsy clears throat)

- You know something? You're terrific, you know that?

- How do you say that in Espanol?

(speaks Spanish)

- What's that mean, exactly?

- Terrific, marvelous, precious, a delicious piece of candy.

- You mean it?

- Yeah.

- Me too.

I don't know what I would have done,

if you hadn't been so nice.

It really makes a difference when you meet somebody special.

- Betsy, sometimes you gotta be careful about people.

Sometimes things don't look the way they are.

- I'll take my chances.

- You're terrific, you know that? You're the max.

(Chucho kisses)

(Betsy and Chucho kiss)

(car engine running)

{men whooping)

(man singing in Spanish)

(car doors slam)

(phone rings)

(Chucho clears throat)

- Yeah?

- Chuch, what's happening, man?

(man laughs)

- Hey, man it's the middle of the night. What do you want?

- [Feo] We want the chick, man?

- Hey, what the hell do you mean?

- That's our chick! We found her, man.

Now we want her. You bring her up, Chuch.

Or we're gonna come and get her!

- Are you crazy? Hey, listen, I'll meet you outside, okay?

We gotta rap!

(phone clatters)

(Latin music playing)

- You okay?

- Yeah, yeah.

You sleep, okay? I'll be right back.

(Betsy yawns)

(dog barks) (Latin music plays)

- Hey, Chuch! What's happening, man?

- Let me buy some wine we'll talk it over.

- We got wine, man. We can talk about it now.

No problem, right? Hey, Chuch!

What happened to the chick, huh?

- Yeah, hey, man. What you do?

What you do, fall in love with (speaks Spanish), huh?

(all laugh)

- Listen, you guys. We made money on this chick, okay?

We got some good bread!

- Yeah, he fell in lover with her, man! He did!

(speaks Spanish)

- Tell you what? I'll tell you what?

Let's make a deal! I'll buy her.

- Oh!

- What with, stud, huh? You gonna make payments?

- Hey, hey! A hundred down and 36 a month.

- Right!

- Kid, go get the broad.

- Yeah, and like, like introduce her to us.

- Yeah, yeah! - Yeah!

- No.

- What?

-Can't do it.

- You can, man. You will

Now go get the damn broad, now!

(intense music)

(punches thud) (Chucho grunts in pain)

(yelling in Spanish) (punches thud)

(knife clicks)

Chuch, you stay out of it, you hear?

Or I'll cut your eyes out! Got it, huh?

(dog barks)

(intense music)

- Who are you? Where's Chucho?

- Chucho?

- Where is he?

- Chucho? You know Chucho?

Chucho took a walk!

(men laugh)

- He asked us to take care of you.

- Don't be bashful!

- Yeah, he was right!

- What do you want? - This is a piece and a half.

- Hey, relax, man! Chucho said you were terrific, man.

We're gonna have fun! Relax!

(Betsy screams)

- [Betsy] Let go of me! Let go of me!

(Betsy screams)

(Betsy screams are muffled)

(man speaks Spanish)

- Pass the vino!

(suspenseful music)

Here, amorcita.

You had a hell of a ride.

Take one of these. It'll calm you down, come on.

(soft rock music)

- Say, partner, can you tell me where missing persons is?

- I don't know. I think it's back that way.

- I'm looking for missing person.

- Oh yeah, that's Sergeant Miller,

fifth floor, room 550, this way.

(phones ring) (typewriter clacks)

- Pardon me, ma'am? I'm looking for Sergeant Miller.

- [Secretary] He's right over there.

(indistinct muttering)

- Sergeant Miller?

- Yeah.

- My name is Calhoun. I'm looking for my sister.

- L.A. resident?

- No, we're from Montana. She ran away.

I'm down here looking for her.

- She is a juvenile, right? This is missing persons.

We do not handle juvenile.

- Look, she called me and said she was in Los Angeles.

- Well, that don't exactly pin her down now does it cowboy?

- No, but she is missing.

I told you we only handle people, not kids.

- Well, who does handle kids?

- Who does handle kids? Nobody.

- Nobody.

(Sergeant Miller sighs)

- Come here, look, I tell you,

we've got a lot of city out there,

and on that one street in one hour

maybe a hundred girls like your sister come passing by.

You think we can stop them all, shake them down for ID?

People got rights, you know?

All God's children, they got civil rights.

We can't stop anybody in this town without probable cause.

- Look, Sergeant, if my sister tried to get a job

she'd have to fill out a tax form.

She'd have to get a Social Security card.

- If I call Social Security, Internal Revenue, or a bank,

or a hospital, and ask them to use their records

to trace somebody, they're just gonna tell me,

"no can do, Sergeant,

violation of the right of privacy", see?

New laws, cowboy!

- What you're telling me is a little girl can come

into this town, disappear, and nobody gives a damn.

- What I'm telling you is we've got 50,000 runaways

out there scattered over a thousand square miles of city.

We've got 15 different police jurisdictions.

And we ain't got enough police

on the entire damn police force

to trace them down if we knew who they were, which we don't.

Now you want to try juveniles, it's one floor up.

I wish I could help you. I really do.

- What you're telling me is nobody can help?

- You got something specific?

An address, a relative in town?

- Look, if I had something specific,

like an address or a relative in town, I wouldn't be here!

- Right! This is missing persons.

So how the hell you expect me to find somebody

for you if we don't know where in the hell they are?

See? Now, I'm very tied up here.

So if you don't mind-

- Look, you're not tied up here, Sergeant. You're crazy.

(speaks Spanish)

- Give her another pill, man. Keep her down, you know?

(hand slapping) (woman cries)

- You understand what I'm talking about, huh?

- Hey, what?

- (speaks Spanish) I'm busy! You understand?

- I gotta talk to you!

I got some dynamite fresh business, man!

- You ever hold out on me again,

I'm gonna rip your liver out, you understand, huh?

Take care of her. (woman cries)

Where is she?

- In the car, huh?

Hey, Billie, show him her (speaks Spanish).

(Betsy giggles)

- Is she a junkie?

- No, man! A little bad acid is all.

She's French, man, from the country!

(Betsy giggles)

- I'll give you a hundred dollars.

- Oh, shit, man! She ain't for no jerk off parlor!

This is special stuff for Johnny Dee!

- Bullshit!

- Hey man, come on. Wait a minute, you owe me.

Come on. All right, man.

All I want to do is show this stuff to Johnny Dee.

You're doing him a favor!

- I take half.

- Oh, what the hell, man?

I do all the work and you get half?

- Si, man!

(speaks Spanish)

- All right, bastard.

(hands slap)

- Vamanos, let's go!

(engines roar) (whistles blow)

- Hey buddy, can't you see the sign?

It's a one-way street. Move it!

- [Jim] Look, I'm trying to get over here to-

- Hey, I said get that pile of shit out of here!

(horn honk)

(engine roars)

♪ Somebody, I want somebody just like me ♪

- Can you help me, I'm trying to find a-

- You got a blue pass, fella?

- Look, I'm just trying to find-

-You need a blue pass 10 park in this section. This is P1.

- Can you just tell me where I can go

to get some information.

- Not me! Go to information, they will tell you.

But you can't park here though.

Now get this thing out of here. Sorry.

Come on. Move it!

- You mean to tell me that nobody looks for these kids?

- It's not possible.

There's too many of them and too few of us.

They never come here unless they've been arrested

or they turned themselves in.

- Well, let me put it to you another way.

Suppose you were me?

- All right.

This list hospitals, known communes,

halfway houses for pregnant girls and such.

It might be of some use, but I doubt it.

- It's a beginning. Thank you, ma'am.

- You're welcome.

(engines roar) (horns honk)

(upbeat music)

- I don't care. No.

No, that doesn't make any,

that doesn't make any difference!


Yeah, look, I don't care if he owns the Marina Del Ray,

we don't operate under his restrictions.

Tell him to forget it. He's a punk.

(phone slams)

- The city attorney's office just called,

they've accepted the amended plea.

Charlie will get six months suspended

but they're dropping all the felony raps,

right down the line.

- Terrific. Get the joints open.

Call Ellie and tell her to lay back on the motel action

in case they're trying to nail us on the quiet.

- Got it!

- Okay. Honey, that's enough.

Would you bring out the next gal?

- Busy, busy, busy.

- Yeah, Christ. You make the money to live, right?

And then you've got no time to do it.

- Take a vacation.

It says here the natural surroundings

can have a salutary effect on your sex life.

- Okay. When I can't get it up no more, I'll buy an island.


- Johnny, it's my friend.

He come across something special, very nice.

He asks as a favor maybe you can advise him

as to how much it's worth, huh?

- You need girls?

- Always.

- Hey!

(Betsy groans)

Where'd you find her, under a truck?

- She's okay, man. Just a little bit tired is all.

(man laughs)

She's a class chick!

- Yeah. You'd know all about that, wouldn't you, punk?

- Hey Mr. Dee, like, we picked her up,

especially for you, man.

This lady is fine. I can promise you that.

- What else can she do, juggle or milk reindeers?

Get her out of here before she pisses on my carpet.

- Leave her alone.

- See, she's all right, man, really.

500 bucks. That's cheap, man, that's a bargain!

- A real bargain. Look at these tits.

- Hey, let her see them!

- Shut up!

- Help me, please!

- What's the matter honey, you hurting?

- They raped me!

- I know, I know. What do you want to do?

- Help me! Take me away from him, please?

- It's too bad.

- Take her.

(speaks Italian)

- Okay. You bought her you clean her up.

- Come on, baby. I'll take you home, come on.

- Did she give you any telephone numbers?

- No.

- Any friends or relatives?

Hey, are you okay? My name's Lynn.

(phone rings)

Uh, listen, uh, give her to Sue

and have her keep an eye on her, okay?

- [Jim] Pardon me, ma'am?

- Excuse me, just a minute.

(phone rings)

Crisis House, Lynn Carson.

No, I'm sorry that's not our bag.

You'll have to call juvenile hall

and they'll tell you whether or not she's been booked.


(phone rings)

I'm gonna take that in the other room. Terrific!

- Excuse me, I'm trying-

- Excuse me just one second.

- Crisis House.

Lady, I told you I don't have your daughter.

No, I don't know where she is.

(woman screams)

(phone rings)

- What's your name? - It's okay.

- What's your name, you hear?

- Rebecca.

- Okay, Rebecca. What happened?

He she taken any drugs?

- No, (indistinct)

- Okay. I want you to find her a room.

I want you to call Dr. Welsh right away.

- Okay.

- Can you handle her?

- Yeah. Come on.

- Okay. - It's okay.

- Take it easy. - Come on.

(baby cries)

(phone rings)

- I'll be right with you, just a second.

(baby cries)

What can I do for you?

- Mighty busy place you have here.

- Yeah.

- I'm looking for my sister. The police sent me here.

- Naturally. You have a picture of her.

- Sure. She just 17.

She ran away from home, came down here to the city.

- Sorry. She's not here.

- Are you sure?

- Well, sure, I'm sure. I know faces and she's not here.

- Would you mind if I look around?

- Hell yes, I mind if you look around!

Why don't you just leave her alone wherever she is?

(phone rings)

Do you know why kids went away in the first place?

Because their parents are such idiots

that it drives them around the bend.

Okay, you got a missing sister.

If she was here, I'd put the two of you together

and you could work it out and she is not here and that's it.

(phone clicks)

- Lady, I'm tired of people like you,

who are too busy to do their job.

I'm tired of getting the run-around.

Now, if you can't help me just say so and I'll be gone.

But until you do,

at least give me the courtesy of your attention, okay?

- Wow!

You're right, I'm sorry. It's been that kind of a day.

You don't know much about this town, do you?

- Nope, and I don't want to, but I need some help.

- I tell you what you do.

Go down to Hollywood Boulevard and Fine street

and just start walking West,

sooner or later the kids all make the Boulevard scene.

It's not much but it's the best I've got.

- Well, it's something which is more

than I've gotten out of anybody else in this town.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

(phones ring)

(phone clicks)

You think you might be able to tell me

how to get to this Hollywood Boulevard?

- You know, if I'm not careful

I'm gonna have someone coming in here looking for you.

-Yes, ma'am.

- Um, you should have a guide, you know?

- That's not a bad idea. Think you might take the job?

- I wasn't thinking of myself.

- [Jim] I'll buy you dinner.

- What the hell? It may be just what I need.

(door slams)

- Anybody here? Betsy?

- Hi.

- Hi. You feeling better?

- I sure am.

- Good. Did you take those pills I left ya?

-Yes, ma'am.

- Good girl!

- Boy, this sure is some apartment!

Women back in Roundup would buy tickets

to see a place look like this.

- I know. I'm a small town girl myself.

Well, why don't you open everything up and see if it fits.

I had to guess at the sizes.

- What are they?

- Well open them up and find out.

- Can I have the big one first?

- Sure. - Okay.

- Where's this Roundup anyway?

- Montana, about 80 miles from Big Falls. What about you?

- Del Rio, Texas, horse of the Bible belt.

Hotter than hell in summer

and boring as hell all year round.

- Oh my God. It's an original!

I mean it is, isn't it?

- It better be.

- This is really beautiful. I can't take this.

I really can't.

- Cookie, your first lesson in the big town is

that when somebody gives you something nice,

you never say no, you just say "thank you" and grab it.

Let's try on the silk, see if everything fits.

- Okay, what the hell? I can't hurt to try it on.

But I can't keep it. No way!

What'd it cost? (giggles) No, you don't have to tell me.

I'm just kidding.

- It was on sale.

- You better tell me.

(Barbara laughs)

- $300.

- $300?

- Yeah.

- You're kidding.

(Barbara laughs)

- Here, try the shoes on. See if they fit.

You got bigger feet than I thought.

- Barbara, what do you want from me?

- You mean you don't believe in Santa Claus?

- No, I just mean you've been really terrific to me.

I just don't want to get fooled again, the way Chucho did.

- Who the hell is Chucho?

- Chucho's the boy I told you about.

The one who tricked me

and the reason I'm in all this trouble.

- You take a look at yourself in the mirror.

There is no reason for you to take crap

from any man on earth.

You could be a big winner in this game.

If you got the guts to learn how it's played.

- You really haven't answered me.

- I'm a call girl, cookie. You know what that means?

- Sure, I know. I'm not a kid.

- All right, I'll tell it to you straight.

I need girls with your kind of looks,

if they've got the brains and ambition

to want to cash in on their assets.

- Call girl's just a a fancy name for whore, isn't it?

Where I come from that's about a low as you can get.

- Listen, baby. I come from where you come from.

Where we come from,

they still think the pumping out babies is

all a woman's good for.

Fucked and finished by 35 and if you spread your legs

to catch some shit kicker with 200 acres,

why then you're the smartest girl in the County.

I tell you something, missy.

If you still believe in all that crap,

then you better get on the next bus back home.

- What the hell do you think I ran away for?

I made up my mind a long time ago,

I wasn't gonna end up like my mom.

- All right, then. You've gone that far.

Go all the way. What else are you gonna do?

Pound a typewriter for 120 a week?

Wait tables for $80 plus tips and, oh yeah,

screw the cook just to keep your job?

You know what an average girl makes with me?

800 a week tax-free.

That's better than 40,000 a year

for selling what you know damn well

you're already giving away.

Come here.

There, if I can find it. Yeah.

Know who she is?

- Sure, who doesn't.

- She was a call girl in London.

And her, know her?

- Sure.

- She used to work for me.

- Isn't she married to um-

- I know she's married to. How do you think she met him?

Listen, honey, this magazine is full of girls like me.

Look, Johnny's invited me to a party tonight.

Gonna be some aerospace people there from St. Louis.

You come with me, okay?

Anytime you don't like what you find, you walk away.

- I have to think about it.

- All right, got all afternoon.

- Your sister's really pretty!

- Yeah, that's always been her trouble.

- How do you like our city?

- It's different.

- Different from where you come from?

- Yeah. You bet it sure is.

- Listen, I'd like to check out some places

along the Boulevard but I hate to say it

but I'm not gonna get any information out

of anybody if I walk in with John Wayne.

- Okay, then why don't we split up?

- Okay. Look, I'll meet you at one o'clock, okay?

There, on the corner.

- Okay. Anything special to look out for?

- Yeah, your wallet.

(upbeat orchestral music)

{mellow music)

- Well, well look at all the big guys.

Out together tonight, huh? How are you?

- How are you Johnny?

- Why don't you all introduce yourselves?

I've got to circulate, right?

- Hi, I'm Joe Andrews.

Honey, I don't know who you are,

but I'm pulling rank to make sure your mine.

- I'm Liz, Liz Carr. Pleased to meet you.

- I always said L.A. was my lucky town.

- Is that what you always say?

- Mm-hm.

- Where are you from?

♪ I've been watching you sitting there alone just like me ♪

- Hey, partner, I wondered if you could help me out?

I'm looking for a little girl. Have you seen her?

- No, I haven't seen her, but I'd sure like to meet you.

- You gotta be kidding!

- Hey, man, like, I'm really hungry.

You got some spare bread?

- Sure.

- Oh, wow, a whole quarter?

Hey man, a quarter ain't gonna buy shit!

(funky music)

(Barbara and Betsy laugh)

- What was that chocolate stuff?

- Chocolate mousse, it's French.

- Oh boy. It sure beats ice cream.

- Honey, there are a lot of things that beat ice cream.

Hey, you know you were a pretty big hit tonight.

- Yeah. He's pretty nice.

- Better than that, sweet little Joe is willing

to pay five big ones for the pleasure

of your company tonight.

- You know that's the most money I've ever seen at one time?

- Well, it's all yours if you want it.

- I gotta be honest, I want it. I'm just scared.

- Hey, you haven't got a thing to worry about.

Come on. I'll be right next door.

(Betsy sighs)

- God, I have been wanting to do this all night.

You are some pretty thing.

- Easy, Joe! You're gonna ruin my new outfit.

- Take it off, honey.

Can't wrinkle skin.

(funky music)

- Hot coffee?

- Sure.

- So, I'm looking for this girl.

- Ain't seen her.

- Ain't nothing but a honky bitch.

She can't take it like Nadine can.

- Yeah, Marlboro man wants something fresh.

- Say, how much do I owe you for this?

- Hey, sweet man. We just playing along.

We can help you.

- Yeah, don't get bugged. We cool.

- We know how to find new chicks, new in town.

- Me, too. We've been there.

- Hey, square business.

I'll take you to the man.

If you put $50 in his hand, he'll find Jesus Christ for you.

Now he knows this town.

- Where is this man?

- It's around the corner.

- Okay.

(suspenseful music)

(intense music)

(kick thuds) (woman yells)

(punches thud)

(body crashes)

(indistinct chattering)

- Really?

- What? What the hell happened to you?

- You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

- No, I wouldn't.

- I got in a little trouble

with three guys dressed up like women.

I got me a scalp, though.

First one of these a Calhoun has had in a hundred years.

- Well, listen, while you were out scalping,

uh, queers, I got a lead.

- What?

- A newsdealer I know, he thinks he saw your sister

with a Chicano kid named Chucho.

- Did you get an address?

- No, but I know some people in the barrio,

so we'll go visit them tomorrow.

- Good, good.

- Listen, where are you staying?

- I don't know. I'll find a place somewhere around here.

- That I got a great picture of.

Maybe you ought to come home with me.

- That's the best offer I've had all night.

(upbeat country music)

- Let me handle this, okay?

(doorbell buzzes)

(Lynn knocks)

(Chucho speaks Spanish)

- Chucho Valdez?

- [Chucho] What do you want?

- I want to talk to you.

- [Chucho] No, man, I'm hurt. Go away!

(door bangs)

(door crashes)

Hey, who the hell are you?

- Wake up, Chucho.

- What is this? Who are you, huh?

- Come on, up!

- Jesus, man. What'd you do that for?

- We're looking for a girl.

- My sister.

- Man, I don't know your sister. How could I know her?

- Take a good look.

- Hey, why come to me? I never saw this chick in my life.

- Bullshit. You know Louie down at the magazine stand?

He saw you, Chucho. He saw you and your gang rip her off.

- Ah, come on. Louis' at gringo, we all look alike to him.

Now, if you don't have a warrant or something,

just get out of here okay?

- All right if I handle this now?

- Jim is this her?

(stuff clattering)

(switch knife clicks)

- You're watching God!

You put a hand on me, and I'll kill you twice!

- Now put that away son, before you cut yourself.

- I don't do nothing! You take a look at my face!

I try to protect your sister and that's what they did to me!

I tried, man. I dug that chick.

- And what happened to her?

- I don't know, man. I don't know.

They took her. These (speaks Spanish), these filthy animals.

They beat me and they took her who knows where.

- I'm down here to find my sister,

and up to now you're about the only person I know

that might be able to help me.


- Hey man, look, I'm sorry, you know?

I was trying to do this girl a favor

and you see what they did to me?

I got hurt over your sister.

I don't get hurt like that no more.

- Look you stay out of it.

Just tell me where I can find these people you say took her.

- Man, that is very dangerous.

- Look, I'll give you something for your trouble.

(Chucho laughs)

- Hey, what do you think I am, man? You think I'm a puta?

- You tell us what you are, Chucho.

- You a big son of a bitch, huh? How much you weigh?

- Enough.

- Okay, okay. Let's say we go find these pig?

Yeah! What the hell?

I'd like to see their faces when I come in with you!

(speaks Spanish)

♪ 'Cause I ain't got nobody ♪

- You like that music?

- Yeah.

- Man, that's bad.

♪ Who need somebody who wants somebody just like me ♪

- That's him.

♪ You don't need to tell me ♪

♪ What made you come in here tonight ♪

♪ I sure have missed you ♪

♪ And seeing you again's a pretty sight ♪

(Latin music playing)

(Latin music playing)

- Hey!

(punches thud)

(glass shatters)

(glass shatters)

(punches thud) (men grunt in pain)

Where is my sister?

- She ain't come in (indistinct)

- Where is my sister?

Where is she?

- (speaks Spanish) We found her.

- What are you saying?

- Hey, man! I didn't know who she was!

This guy, that punk, he brought her to me!

- What's he saying, Chuch? What's he saying?

- We found some rich dude! I don't know his name!

- Tell me where she is or I'm gonna bite your face off!

- Johnny Dee, we sold her to Johnny Dee!

- [Chucho] Okay, I know who he is.

(punches thud) (Chucho speaks Spanish)

- Tell me again now what's gonna happen.

- Johnny brings these dudes in from Vegas,

and they play for very high stakes.

If by the end of the evening, Johnny's way ahead,

then we simply cut out.

If he's losing, then we're nice and sweet

and we make these fellows happy enough

to stick around for a few days.

At least until Johnny gets even. Simple?

Wait till you see Johnny's newest toy.

Private express, all the way to the top in 10 seconds.

- Pretty expensive toy.

(slow piano music)

- How's the boss doing?

- Not so good. He can't get any cards.

- He's gonna get this tough.

- He always does when he loses.

- How do you like it?

- I don't believe it.

- Come on.

How's it going?

- Well, it could be better.

- Who's the new broad?

- Girl named Liz, I'm just breaking her in.

- Nice.

- Next game in Vegas. I'll bring her along.

- A whore's a whore, Johnny.

Listen, fellas, what do you say we play the same thing.

I liked that.

- Let's, let's double that ante.

- All right, John. If you wanna be a bear, be a grizzly.

- What are you doing? What are you doing tonight?

Look what I got here!

Beautiful, beautiful girls.

Look at this! Look at her!

Beautiful, beautiful, all kinds.

It's the United Nations over here.

What's the matter with you, cheap?

Hey, what are you looking for a free ride? Get outta here!


- Come here man!

- [Flash] What do you want?

- I got some business!

- What kind of business you got, huh?

I mean, you know, you're breaking my chops!

(horns honk)

- Hey, man! What are you doing?

- I gotta talk to you about something.

I got this person I want you to meet, girl.

I mean, she really wants get in with your organization.

- Hey, hey! What is this?

Hey, hey! Hey, hey!

(punch thuds)

- There's a fellow name of Johnny Dee.

I want to know where he lives and where he works, okay?

- Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

- Man, you're crazy. This is one dangerous cat!

(Chucho speaks Spanish)

We fool around with this man and he'll step on us like we-

- What happened? - Were little cockroaches!

- Did you find her?

- I'm telling you, man.

- This guy. - Chucho!

- Is no punk!

We gotta be careful now.

- Hey! Would someone mind telling me what's going on?

- His sister, she got mixed up with Johnny Dee

and I'm trying to tell this loco,

we fool around with these people,

they're gonna blow us away!

- Stay out of it, okay?

- Hey, what do you think you're doing?

You're not in Montana anymore, Jim.

Here we go to the police.

- Look, I've been to the police

and they didn't do a damn thing!

- But you didn't have any information!

You didn't even have a lead! It's different now!

- I'm trying to him. Call him a loco.

You can't go against this man head on!

Listen, you're really a trip, you know that?

You talk all the time, you want to save your little sister.

Okay, me too!

But I'm telling you, if you go blasting in on Johnny Dee

and if she's working for him, then she'll be dead!

You get me, man? Do you understand what I'm telling you?

You try this tough shit,

and you're gonna kill this little girl!

Now you do what you want. I don't care!

- Jim, you know what?

You're just gonna have to go with the rules.

You just gonna have to give them a chance.

- Lynn, I've been a hunter all my life.

A hunter develops instinct. I've got bad feelings, Lynn.

- I got that, but when you're a hunter,

don't you have to walk soft sometimes?

Don't you? Hey, I know Johnny Dee.

I've had girls that have been mixed up

with him land on my doorstep.

Oh, he's bad! But he's a businessman.

He's not a kidnapper, you know?

All we have to do is just put some legal pressure on him

and he won't keep Betsy for a minute.

What do you say? Just wait tonight.

Look, tomorrow I'll go with you to the police.

We'll put some fire under them, okay? It's just a few hours.

- Okay. I don't like it, but okay.

- I don't like that man.

- I'm sorry, honey.

I'd take him myself, but he's the big winner. He wants you.

- I really don't want to go with him.

- Sometimes you got to take the shit with a sugar, honey.

Part of growing up.

Here, take this for luck.

(Betsy sniffs)


- Okay. - Okay.

(upbeat music)

- Leave it on.

Turn the music up, will you? I like it loud.


- What are the gloves for?

- You're getting paid. What the hell do you care?

- What do you want to do?

- I got this little hangup.

I like things rough, you know what I mean?

(hand slaps) (Betsy screams)

(shirt rips) (Betsy screams)

Barbara! Barbara!

(Betsey thuds)

Damn it!

(glass clanks)

(Betsey yells)

Let go of me!

Somebody help! Barbara!

Help me, Barbara! Barbara!

(glass shatters)

(intense music)

(glass shatters)

(punches thud) (Betsy yells)

- You dirty bitch! You dirty whore bitch!

Who do you think you're fucking with?

(punches thud)

- All to say, I had no idea

she was some kind of a crazy, man.

Listen, you've got nothing to worry about.

I'll clean it up. You'll have no problems, okay.

- You better do that, Johnny.

You God damn well better do that. You got me?

- How is she? She's gonna be all right?

- Now, now, no problem. The doctor's taking care of her.

- Thank God, thank God, thank God.

- Now, look, now you go home, babe,

and I'll talk to you in the morning

and everything's gonna be okay so don't worry.

All right? Rosey, you drive her home.

And then come back here.

- Right, Johnny. Okay.

- All right? Okay, now everything's gonna be all right.

(Johnny sighs)

How is she?

- Bad, damn near out of it.

You better get her to a hospital

or you're gonna have a corpse on your hands.

- Are you crazy? I can't do that for Christ's sake.

- I'm telling you there's brain damage,

probably a hemorrhage.

- I don't want to hear about it! You'll fix her!

She ain't going to no hospital!

Shit! Do some broad a favor and look what you get.

I need this like I need a hole in the head!

(Betsy wheezes)

- That's a hell of a story.

- [Lynn] So what are you gonna do about it?

- Excuse me.

Fred, why don't you get a cup of coffee,

while I talk to these citizens, okay?

- What the hell is this routine?

- All right, now,

if you tell anybody about this conversation,

I'm gonna call you a liar.

I got five and a half years to go to pension

and I'm gonna be here to collect.

- Sergeant, I don't understand.

We're asking for some help in dealing with a hood.

This is not a conspiracy.

- What I'm supposed to tell you is

that I'm gonna turn your lead over

to vice in the Hollywood district.

They're gonna get right on it,

check it out, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

But you're good people, I mean,

even if your friend is a little insulting from time to time.

- Look, what are you saying?

- You know how we used to handle somebody like Johnny Dee?

We would go in there and bust heads!

We would run his pimps out of town.

We would roust his joints, hassle his broads,

and every time we saw the son of a bitch,

we would throw him in jail

and by the time he made it around the precinct a few times,

his face wouldn't be so pretty.

- Well, that's not a bad idea.

- It had its bad side, but I'll tell you one thing,

the pukes did not run this city

and anybody who touched a decent girl, they bought the farm.

- I don't happen to be a fascist, Sergeant.

And I really don't see any point

in this trip down memory lane.

- Oh, well then if you feel that way, miss,

you'll understand why I can't touch Johnny Dee

on the basis of what you told me.

-That is not true!

-Oh yes, it is.

All we got is unsworn allegation and hearsay.

I couldn't get a search warrant.

Hell, I couldn't ask Johnny Dee for the time of day

on the basis of what you told me here.

- I think I understand what you're saying, Sergeant.

I appreciate your time.

- You know where to find him?

- I think so.

- [Miller] If you don't call me.

- Wait a minute, wait a minute. What the hell is going on?

Aren't you gonna do something?

Jim, wait a minute.

Oh, that's terrific. Jesus, that's terrific.

You're gonna run your big macho number

and get yourself killed in the bargain.

Hell, with a little luck, you might be able to start a war.

- Look that's a load of garbage, Lynn.

It's okay. But I don't want to go into it.

Look, I like you, and maybe you like me.

- Will you spare me the- - Well, just forget it.

- Bullshit please? - Look, I don't bullshit Lynn.

- The hell you don't bullshit!

I know you don't think you do,

but you bullshit just like everybody else.

Your sister isn't a baby anymore, Jim.

And if she was in trouble, why didn't she call your mother?

Why doesn't she just go to the police herself?

You know, maybe, just maybe, she doesn't want

to live the way you think she should.

- Look, Lynn, you're a bright lady.

A hell of a lot smarter than I am.

But if it was your sister and you found out she was mixed up

with the hoodlums and pimps and whores

and if you had to think twice about what you do about it,

then lady, I feel sorry for you.

(intense music)

(bell rings)

- What do you want, fella? Building's closed!

- I'm looking for Johnny Dee.

- Nah, you got the wrong place.

- I don't know, man. How are we gonna get in there?

- You know the joke about educating a mule?

- No.

- First, you got to get his attention.

- You okay, man?

- Hang on!

(engine roars) (tires squeal)

- Jesus Christ!

(engine roars)

(glass shatters)

(boxes thud)

(intense music)

(guns click)

(door slams)

- My name's Calhoun. I'm here to see Johnny Dee.

I don't have an appointment.

- Well, who the hell is he? Didn't they say anything?

- I don't know he just asked for you.

Then he came back with a truck.

- Oh, terrific. Listen, hold all calls, please?

Have you got any idea how much those doors cost?

You want to talk to me use the telephone!

- A man told me you bought my sister.

- Is that some kind of a joke?

- Not to me.

- Listen, friend, I'm in the pleasure business

and I got a lot of girls that work for me

but it's not a hundred years ago.

I don't force anybody and I don't buy anybody.

I got volunteers knocking down my door.

- Yeah? Well this volunteer is 17 years old.

Her name is Betsy and you got her from a street gang.

- Listen, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to be so flip about your family problems.

Sure, I remember remember. Remember, Barb?

The one that called herself Liz?

Yeah, she, she was a runaway she said.

She came in here with a bunch of punks

she'd been running around with.

Sure, I remember.

- Where is she?

- Well, this I don't know.

When she came in here she wasn't in too good a shape.

Somebody must've abused her, I guess.

Anyway, we cleaned her up,

and we got her some nice clothes, right, Barb?

- Right. She was beat miserable.

We took care of her. She seemed like a nice girl.

- Look, just tell me where she is.

- You don't understand.

We set her up with some road money and she moved on.

What else can I tell you?

Barb, did she say anything to you about her plans?

- No, she didn't seem to want to go home

but I don't know where she went, just left.

Not even a thank you.

- Now that doesn't sound like my sister.

- No offense, friend, but if you knew her all that well,

you wouldn't be here.

- Hey, Chuch?

How do you say stupid liar in that lingo of yours?

(Chucho speaks Spanish)

- Yeah, well that's what we got here is

one of them, (speaks Spanish).

- Listen, friend, I'm sorry you're so emotional,

but I don't have time to hold your hand.

So why don't you and your pet spic

take your truck out of my lobby

and go back to the boondocks where you belong?

- I came down here to find my sister

and with your help that's what I'm gonna do.

Now here's an address,

where you can drop her off no questions asked.

You got two hours.

- I told you, I don't know where she is.

- Well, for your sake, I hope you're wrong

because I don't want to have to come back here.

You understand what I'm saying?

Come on, Chuch!

- Call Ben and tell him we need some outside help.

No connection with us. Take the address.

- How do you want it?

- I want that big ox dead

and I don't care if they use the bazooka.

- Gotcha. Let's go.

- Why the hell are you doing that? Let him see her.

Even beat up she's gonna tell him

to go to hell, I guarantee it.

- I can't do that.

- Why not? It's stupid this way.

Just tell him what hospital she's in.

Where is she, Johnny?

- It wasn't my fault.

- Where is she?

- She's dead, God damn it to hell! She's dead!

- You said you fixed her!

- You were going out of your bird!

What was I gonna say to you?

- You said that she was in the hospital!

- What was I gonna say?

Take her into Cedars 11

and say she slipped off her fucking bike!

- She was alive, Johnny! She was alive!

You goddamn son of a bitch!

I trusted you! I trusted you!

- You're overreacting! You hear me, overreacting?

Now calm down. You're going to make me angry.

- You killed her.

- That's the breaks, kid. It's a lot of bad luck.

Now just be careful, okay?

Because if you don't,

you know it's gonna be all over for you, okay?

Remember that.

(somber music)

(phone dial clicks)

(phone rings)

- Hello?

- [Rosey] Calhoun?

- Yeah.

- I just put your sister in a yellow cab.

Be there in 10 minutes.

(engine roars)

(suspenseful music)

- [Lynn] It's a taxi, Jim.

- It's her!

- Chuch, let's go easy, huh?

(suspenseful music)

(four gunshots)

- Shit!

- Are you okay?

- Yeah, I'm okay. Nice friends you have around here.

- Put it away, Paul. I've got a taxi coming.

(door closes)

(intense music) (Barbara screams)

- Where the hell were you gonna run away to?

Christ, I could of taken a chance on you,

but I hear you're buying tickets and running around crazy,

what the hell could I do?

(intense music)

It's a goddamn shame, you know that? A waste!

(stove hisses)

(upbeat music)

- Hey, Chuch, you sure we got the right address?

- Sure, man. Old Flash sang just like a bird.

(intense music)

- [Man Over Radio] Come in, 367.

- [Woman] What happened to her?

- [Man] Somebody said it was a suicide.

- Jesus, this is bad. Man, we're into something very heavy.

(suspenseful funky music)

No way, man. It can't be done, it's crazy!

That private elevator is the only one that goes

to the top to Johnny D's apartment.

They got it sealed off like Fort Knox.

- Do you know how to get to the elevators?

- Yeah.

(suspenseful funky music)

(breaks squeal)

(doors slam)

Man, you're killing me, you know that?

- Why don't you think of something besides yourself?

- I'm a good man as anybody. I just ain't crazy.

- You've done your part. You're off the hook.

- Bullshit! You make me ashamed.

- I'm sorry.

- What do you want from me, man? I'm a person, not a hero.

- Chuch, do what you have to do.

(suspenseful music)

- So, we're here, but I still don't see-

- Look, all of these elevators run in a common shaft.

We're gonna go through the ceiling in this one.

That'll put us right next to Johnny Dee's.

- Oh, terrific! Then what?

- You'll see.

(suspenseful funky music)

- Listen, I want to see nobody. You got that?

No people, nobody.

- Johnny, there's no way you can be disturbed.

Rosey is downstairs. Alarm system is primed.

- We don't know where that cowboy is.

- He's got to be bananas to come here.

- He is! Close it off tight.

- Okay.

(suspenseful funky music)

- What's happening, man?

- He wants security to double:

all night, all day till we get the cowboy.

- Think we'll ever see him again?

- Are you shitting me? His ass is back in Oklahoma by now.

Hey, you want a beer?

- Yeah, it tastes pretty good and I'll get the boys.

- Yeah, you get the boys.

(suspenseful funky music)

- [Chucho] Can you see it?

- [Jim] Yeah, it's at the top.

(suspenseful funky music)

(elevator whirs)

- Hey, Chuch, I want to test the speed of this horse.

Take me on up!

(suspenseful music)

(elevator buzzes)

Okay, that's enough. Hold it!

The express is much faster than we are.

I don't know how the hell we're gonna do this.

Look, take me back down.

- See, senor? Loco!

- Oh, to hell with it. Chuch, get ready to go!

Next time she comes out of the chute, I'm gonna try a jump.

- Good luck!

- You stay with Fred. I'll take Walter with me.

- Okay. - Come on, Walter.

(elevator whirs)

- Are you ready, Chuch?

- Ready.

- [Jim] Go!

(suspenseful music)

(body thuds)

- What was that?

- I don't know. Maybe we hit a deer.

(Walter chuckles)

(suspenseful music)

Hey, this is really someplace.

- Hey, this is no tour. You keep your eyes open, you hear?

Are you nervous? You're still alive.

(suspenseful music)

(alarm sounds)

(alarm beeps)


(man screams)

(intense music)

- I can't get this thing to go up anymore!

- I'm coming back down!

Chuch, take it down!

- Take her up!

(gunshots) (bullets ricochet)

- They're coming back down, reverse!

When I give you the word,

I want you to shoot through the wall!

- Hey, I never shot nobody I'm my life!

- Yeah, well now's a good time to start.

(gunshots) (bullets ricochet)


Reverse! Reverse, goddamn it, reverse!

(suspenseful music)

(gunshots) (bullets ricochet)


(gunshots) (bullets ricochet)

Get the hell out of here!

Come on, damn it! Get those doors open!

- I can't they're stuck!

(gunshots) (bullets ricochet)

- I don't care what they are. Get them open!

(gunshots) (bullets ricochet)

Let's move it!


(intense music)

(tires squeal)

- That's it, man! I want his ass on the wall!

Just hit him!

- You want to use your own people?

- I don't give a goddamn who you use! Kill that cowboy!

Get you asses down to that barrio

and find that Mexican kid!

I don't care what you have to do, just find him!

(suspenseful music)

- It's in the fan.

We got dudes all over the neighborhood,

asking you questions about us.

You got to get out of town or it's over.

- I'm not going anywhere.

- You're crazy, you now that?

God loves the crazies, but not that much.

You are trying his patience, man.

{knocking on door)

- [Chucho] Yes?

- [Lynn] It's Lynn.

(locks unlocking)

- Sergeant Miller called, Jim. They found Betsy.

(somber music)

-1, um, can I be alone?

- Get off your butt!

- I'm telling you, guy! I just wanna see Johnny Dee, huh?

Please? Come on, please don't hurt me, huh?

{man grunts)

(kick thuds)

Please, Mr. Dee. Please don't, don't kill me Mr. Dee please.

- [Johnny] Where'd you find him.

- [Man #2] He came looking for you.

- [Johnny] You're dead, mouse. You've had it, comprendo?

- Give me a chance, please! I can't hack it anymore!

I want out! I want to live!

- Five more minutes.

- Listen, listen, I can nail him!

The cowboy, he's trusts me! I can kill him for you.

- Punk, you just said the only thing I know of

that can keep you alive.

(suspenseful music)

- Hide it in the magazine. No tricks, don't miss.

- Come on.


(car engine roars)

(tires squeal) (Lynn yells)

- You son of a bitch!

- You're all right, kid! You're really, okay.

Now look, get out of town.

Go down to Guadalajara and eat some beans or whatever.

Stay going for a couple of months

and when you come back here, you got a place with us.

- Thank you, Mr. Dee.

- Call off special security

and get the boys back on routine.

I'm going to Vegas.

(suspenseful music)

- Give me a hand with that.

(Chucho groans)

- [Lynn] Okay, got everything?

- Yeah. Ready to go?

- Yeah.

You know, Chuch?

You're not a bad shot for a city folk.

- Well it damn near killed me to do it.

I was out of my mind the whole time.

- Well, that's what made it work.

You guys know where you're going?

All right, you ready to go?

- Hey!

(Jim and Lynn kiss)

(suspenseful music)

(suspenseful country music)

- Chucho, here he comes.

- Look, you come a long way, baby!

(men laugh)

- Yeah, she's gone a long way, too.

What's the matter?

- [Rosey] Nothing. Just a detour.

Hey, what's that?

(suspenseful music)

- Holy Christ, it's him! Stop the car!

That spic kid did a number on us!

Waste that son of a bitch!

(suspenseful music)

(can rattles) (shotgun snaps)

(trunk slams)

(shotgun snaps)

(shotgun snaps)

(suspenseful music)


(glass shatters)


{man groans)

(engine roars)

(gunshots) (glass shatters)

- Oh, you son of a bitch! Come on, come on, you mother!

(gunshots) (glass shatters)

Come on!

You dirty mother!

(gunshots) (glass shatters)

(tires squeal)

(car crashes)

(car explodes)

(flames crackle)

(upbeat country music)

♪ You always were a dreamer with your eyes on the horizon ♪

♪ Wondering what laid beyond as far as you could see ♪

♪ You left to find a castle, a knight in shining armor ♪

♪ Or maybe just to spread your wings ♪

♪ And feel that you are free ♪

♪ Runaway girl, there's someone here who loves you ♪

♪ And understands you, you're not alone ♪

♪ Runaway girl, I won't stop until I find you ♪

♪ And put my arms around you and take you home ♪

♪ Runaway girl, runaway girl ♪