Tracey (2018) - full transcript

A phone call about an old classmate's death triggers a middle-aged man to look back on his past and the pained wish for a different past that may change his future.

It's been 25 years

Last night...

I had the same dream in
which I played with Ching and Jun in the lake...

...listening to the same music

The music which Ching liked best


Is that Mr. Tung Tai-hung?


Do you speak Mandarin?


I understand

Thank you


Anything wrong?

Ching has passed away

How sudden! An accident?

Do you want me to stay?

I'm okay. You go back to bed

Bowie, run, Bowie


Are you ill?

Hurry up...

Morning, mom


Hello, did you have fun?

- Let me
- Thanks

Do you want omelette or congee, like your dad?

Omelette! I'll shower first

Towel, Parti !

Mom, Bowie seems not well

Thank you, Parti

Tell her later her weekly day-off will be changed...

...from Sundays to Tuesdays


Aunt May saw her checking into Chungking Mansion

with a man last Sunday


It's an Indian from her hometown, with a beard


Parti is from Indonesia, not India...

They're all the same. I'm talking about men

I deliberately told her to go to the market yesterday...

...and rummaged her things in her room

You know what?

I found a full pack of condoms!

You rummaged Parti's stuff?

You were saying Parti made out with
a guy on Sunday, right?

Exactly! That's intolerable!

What if she's infected with those diseases?

Please, mom!



All human beings have sexual desires...

No! This is not permitted in this house!

I didn't expect her to have
any sexual desire when I hired her

- Eat! You'll be late!
- Yup!

- Let me call your dad
- He's giving me a ride



Regarding our plan to go to London in Christmas...

I have to double-check my schedule

Let's call it off


I was thinking of visiting a friend,
but he's just passed away

I was thinking of visiting some
university campuses

You must know your mom
doesn't want you to study abroad

My dorm application has been approved

I'll move out later this month

This'll save mom from rummaging my room

She's just cleaning up for you

Do you know she went into Parti's room
and search her stuff?

You know very well that she has mysophobia

She's simply sick in the mind

I have yet to mention that she's a racist

Good morning, Uncle Dong!

- Good morning
- Good morning, Chiu

Good morning. boss

Sorry for being late

Uncle Dong, Ann's nephew will come later
for a pair of glasses

Give him a good discount

- Sure
- Thank you

Uncle, did I hear wrong?

The boss was only a few minutes' late,
yet he apologised to us!

He's very gentle ever since he's a kid

You can find no boss like him nowadays


She's resigned

Is Dr. Chi in?


Why did he go to such dangerous places like Syria?

What's there to shoot but to be shot?

He's a war photographer!

D'you expect him to go to some peaceful country?


He's a typical Hong Kongese after all

Wherever one dies,
one always wishes to be buried back home

Dr. Chi , I'm off-duty now

- Sure. See you tomorrow
- Bye!

- Bye, Mr. Tung
- Bye

Isn't she hot?

I'll bet she'd be able to attract many patients

Make sure you won't be #Me Too-ed

Don't worry! I maybe a womanizer,
but I'm never a victimizer

I always parted with my girlfriends in good friendship

- Trust me
- You're shameless


- Hi , there
- Hello

- Where did you eat with Jun?
- We went to Yuen Long

That's far away!

Keep on practicing


I'd like to discuss something with you

I don't like our maid very much

Can we hire another?

It's up to you

In that case,

I'll ask my friends
in the troupe for some recommendations

The previous agency was no good


Are these Ching's photos?


Okay, I'll take a stroll with Bowie

How's Bowie?

Where is he?

The doctors are operating on him now

How come he passed out?

You should have taken him home if he's tired

Stop that

I tied him up on the sidewalk...

When I returned, he was already unconscious

You left him on the sidewalk?

Jesus! Why on earth did you do that?

I met a friend

I'll call sis

You'll wake her up. She's pregnant

I'll WhatsApp her

You never listened!

Ching, Jun!


Come over here!

What happened with that dog?

He's badly injured

Gross! Don't touch him!

He must have been bitten by other dogs or animals

Will he live?

Let's bury him

- Let's gather some leaves
- Why?

I once read that some animals,
like the elephants...

...will cover up their
dying fellow animals with leaves... a gesture of condolence


Hope you'll find yourself a good master
in your next life, Bowie

How do you know his name?

I don't.

The name of David Bowie just popped up

Isn't he your favourite?

I won't be going to school with you guys
for my open exam results

Why? Didn't we agree to go together?

My aunt recommended a job
at the restaurant for me

I've been working for 3 days

You're already helping your uncle
with his street stall...

...until 2 a.m . every night.
Do you have enough sleep?

You sure you'll give up university?

My sis is still in high school.
The priority for study should go to her

Any news from the police?

Have they arrested your dad's murderer?

They said the guy
might have escaped to the mainland

How about Graduation Ball? Are you going?

They're inviting the girls

from Sacred Heart and St. Paul's Convent

I'm still in mourning

You're betraying Ching and me!

We've always been The Three Musketeers!

Tai-hung will never do that.

We'll be best friends forever!

Right! Till death do us part!

How cheesy!

Let me drive you home first, Brigitte

May I stay with you and mom tonight?


Jeffrey has to be in court tomorrow.
I don't want to wake him

- How about your folate?
- I have that with me

Sorry for my poor Cantonese,
but I understand it well

What actually happened at the Customs?

I didn't realise Hong Kong is so backward

I was going through the Customs...

...and was holding Ching's ashes

A couple of Airport Security came up
and asked me what it was

I told them it's my husband's ashes

They immediately said that I wasn't allowed
to bring them into Hong Kong

Who did you say Ching was?

My hubby!

We got married in the UK.
Didn't you know that?

Then someone from the Customs

insisted they had to detain the ashes

I ended up in a fierce argument with them

I have lost Ching once.

I cannot afford to lose him twice

The guy from the Customs
took me into a small room ...

...and searched my luggage thoroughly

I showed them our marriage certificate

They said same sex marriage
is illegal in Hong Kong

I told them Ching was a Hong Kongese

But they insisted on proof for that

All Ching's belongings are in the UK

Why would his ashes be denied entrance
into his hometown?

Ching hasn't got any relative in Hong Kong

What kind of proof do they want?

Don't worry.

We'll find some lawyer to deal with that

Isn't your son-in-law a lawyer?

Gee, I was so shocked that Ching was gay

He was getting all the pretty girls in the world...

- ... leaving only the ugly ones for me
- Everyone has his own secret

Everyone has his own secret

- Did he make out with you?
- I diot!

It's all settled

- Shall we have dinner?
- I'm too tired for that

- I'll see you in the morning, then
- Deal.

- 9am tomorrow?
- OK

See you

Good Night.

- Bye Bye
- See you

See you

Let me call my son-in-law

Ok, Let's go.

No need to worry, dad

I've just contacted a Member
of the Legislative Council

He said it's just a matter of time.
We'll get the ashes back

Why the LegCo Member?

Because this has been a very hot issue...

...your friend's case can shed some light on it

But will this be appropriate?

Let's have a meeting with your friend first

Did you have a row with Brigitte?

She's been a little emotionally
unstable since pregnancy

Fair enough... Considering this,
and Bowie's situation

- She loves Bowie very much
- What's with Bowie?

Hello, Jeffrey... Sit

Why are you free?

I picked up a friend at the airport

He's not free for dinner

...half a century ago, he's known in Guangzhou... "Diva of East China"...

- Where's Brigitte?
- Let me find out

...Let's welcome Mr. Fa Yim-hung!

Brother Darling!

Here I cometh...

Mr. Cheng, which horse
are you betting on tonight?

My Fair Lady is a sure win!

Good luck to you

Take a seat first. I'll change into my uniform


Brother Darling!

where have you been?

The headwaiter was looking for you .
I told him you were in the loo

I've brought two classmates with me

- Serve them an extra dish
- No problem

Hello, are you Tai-hung's classmates?

Thank you

What's your favourite dish?
I'll get it for you

Cool! I'd like a shrimp rice noodle roll,
and chicken bun!

How about you? What's your name?

- I'm Ching
- And I'm Jun

Naughty Jun!

Want a Coke? I'll get you two bottles

Bro Darling, hot water please!

Coming! What's the rush?

Who's that guy? He's weird

He was a famous opera actor in Guangzhou .

He played female's role

Is he queer?

His stage-name is Fa Yim-hung.

But the nickname is...

- Brother Darling!
- Brother Darling?

He seems to like that

Peeper! Help!

I'll take a look

Sorry! Please forgive me

Softer! Thank you, Tai-hung

Are you alright, Tai-hung?

Bro Darling, this is Ching, my classmate

We've just introduced.
What a good-looking boy

What happened?

Bro Darling went into the ladies' room
and got beaten up

That's not the case at all

The cubicles in the men's room
was under repair for two days

I've been drinking almost no water, but still...

There's no one in the ladies' room.
So I thought I'd take a quick leak

And this woman just dashed in before I finished...

Why didn't you use the urinal?

I can't do that while standing!

I know what you're thinking

You are too young to understand

I'm actually a woman

Born with a male body...

I am actually a female...

Bro Darling!

Who was that old "qiandan" (drag singer)?

Old "qiandan" ?

You mean Bro Darling?

He's an old friend.

I knew him from the restaurant
where I was a waiter

He's almost like a teacher for me

Bro Darling? What kind of name is that?

It's a nickname. He's a great guy

Ching and Jun knew him, too

Is that so?

Brigitte has come to our house again

It's Gonorrhea! A venereal disease

How come?

Ask your fucking son-in-law!

Vincent! ...Sit down

When did that happen?

He said he was playing golf
with his friends in the Philippines

But why? You've been married for
less than three years

It wasn't the first time for that son-of-a-bitch.

Sis just didn't tell you

Shut up!

Are you sure?

You're the only one who's not sure

You aren't even sure
what kind of person that asshole is

- Vincent!
- Am I wrong?

In the beginning, it was mom who liked him

She liked him for his lawyer degree,
for the money he made

- What are you talking about?
- How could my sister marry him?

I married Jeffrey out of my own choice

What did Dr. Leung say about the baby?

Luckily, it's in the early stage.
The baby isn't infected

But I'm thinking of getting rid of it

But you just said the baby's fine

I learned about his messing around with women
soon after marriage,

I exposed his lies.

He promised me in tears he'd change

Things did get better for a while

But lately I've detected some traces again

I thought maybe a baby would help.

But I was wrong

Forget about abortion. It'll ruin your health

But I'm not sure
if I can raise a child on my own

You want to divorce?

- Is there any alternative?
- Shut up!

You must not divorce. I won't allow that

- Come on, mom!
- I'm not talking to you

You're pathetically pedantic!

There are only two choices for sis

Either divorce after abortion,
or give birth to the baby and divorce

Are you mad? Why insist on a divorce?

You don't just get rid of something
when it gets damaged

It's your generation that causes
all the chaos in nowadays' society

- My generation?
- Yes

- Do you know you're sick?
- Am I?

You wanna fire the maid

- because she made love to men
- What has this got to do with the maid?

- What has this got to do with the maid?
- I want to say...

- You're scared of VD, right?
- Of course

But that one who passed on his VD
to sis is your son-in-law

not the maid
I'm talking about my daughter,

not the maid
The maid has her human rights, too!

The maid has her human rights, too!

The truth is:
it's the privileged class like you who creates...

...all the injustice of this society.

Not my generation

- Are you accusing me?
- Vincent!

That's enough!

Enough? I've had enough, too!

This is ridiculous!

You must never divorce

You'll be left with nothing after divorce

How would you survive?

Aren't you tired after sex?

Males and females were created differently

Wow, what is this?

The theme of tattoo for a customer

She's very young and has a son in the primary school

Her first husband had abused her for 4 years

Her second husband loved her very much

but died from melancholia

She's heartbroken

and decided to tattoo this in memory of the latter

What are you doing? Take a shower and go home

You're disturbing my work

I'm homeless now. Can you give me a shelter?

You're my girlfriend after all

I must finish this tonight. Stop nagging

Why do you like tattoo?

There's no reason... My body belongs to me

I'd like it to be a canvas,
on which I can draw pictures... denote the different periods in my life

What will you draw to denote our relationship?

Where will you draw?

I think we've barely known each other for a year

But we've made love

for god-knows how many times?

- Come on.
- What are you doing?

Answer me,

have you ever made love on a tattoo couch?

- Many many times!
- Don't tell me!

- Many many times!
- Let's do it now!

I haven't been sleeping well since Ching died


I'd always wake up in two or three hours

You were rarely in touch with each other, right?


We were at different ends of the world all these years

How did you know each other?

Five years ago. In Myanmar



That was the year in which...

...Aung San Suu Kyi was released
and elected as a MP

I was thinking of a novel
with Myanmar as background

So I went to Rangoon for research

Ching was there for a magazine.
We stayed in the same hotel

You're a writer?

I published my first collection of prose
at 1 5 in Singapore

Then studied in Taiwan

I met Ching after my graduation
and went to the UK with him

Two years later, they passed the bill
for same-sex marriage and we got married

- Ching was very lucky
- I was the lucky one

You know... Ching loved telling me stories
of his younger days

Is that true? Did he say anything about me?

He said he had a crush on you

He said it was reciprocal

Nothing happened between us

He said you were avoiding him

Is fear the reason why you didn't come out?

I understand it was different 30 years ago

Is that why you used marriage as a cover-up?

It's nothing like that...
did you finish your book?

I had sent it to the publisher
before I left London

If things are smooth,
it'll be published at the year-end

It's a pity Ching won't be able to read it

Excuse me

It's my son-in-law


Hi , dad

Please sit.

Sorry. Didn't see you

- This is Bond... Jeffrey
- Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

I talked to a Legislative Council Member

about your story last night

He's the first LegCo Member to come out in Asia

He's preparing a bill for

"Cremation Arrangements for Same-sex Partners"

He's very interested in your story

This sounds great

Indeed we should raise
more public awareness in this issue


How about this?

Can you recount what happened in detail?

- Excuse me. Bathroom first
- Sure


Did Brigitte say anything?

She wanted a divorce

I still love her very much...

- Don't tell me this
- Can you help me

You must restore her trust in you

Can you still walk? Exhausted?

How many floors to go, Bro Darling?

Easy! I have to climb these stairs
a few times each day

Certain things require perseverance

Help yourself

I don't understand.
That year after I returned from Sichuan...

...why on earth did you disappear?

My uncle won a lottery and opened an optical shop

I became his assistant...

...and quit the restaurant

Please forgive me for not saying goodbye properly

Don't be silly. After all, this reunion is proof...

...that we're destined to cross paths again

And you? When did you
stop working at the restaurant?

More than 1 0 years ago. I'm too old and slow

But no worries. I'll survive

Luckily there're people
who still remember me as an actor

It gives me so much pleasure to perform

What a surprise that your wife's also an actress!

She sings very well

She's called Anne. She's an amateur

Any kids?

A son and a daughter

With a family and a career,
you must be a happy man now

I'm not sure

One's destiny is not for one to decide

How time flies!
We're now almost at the end of our lives


I got this Guanyin pendant
from a high monk in Sichuan

I had intended to give to you as a gift

But you left

Guanyin is formless and asexual,
sometimes male and sometimes, female

This is a female. Suits you

Thank you very much

How have you been, mother? How's your appetite?

I'm fine. It's nice of you to come

I missed you. Just wanna see you

Too bad I can't see...
Is Vincent going to the UK soon?

He can never make up his mind

Is it expensive?

It's affordable

Excuse me. It's a little messy...

Don't feel too bad

You know?

We were talking about adopting a kid...

...after he returned from Syria

We'd take him to places...

We had even thought of his name

Who'd have known...

...he'd come back in such a way...?

These people said ...

One of them said ,
"I've never seen the ashes of a homo,"

...and ordered me to open
the urn for him to take a look

Why must we have to call for lawyers
and senators and journalists... reclaim the dignity
that's been denied from us?

You're very brave

No, I'm not...

I'm very tired!

Ching hasn't left us

He's still here. I can feel it

What's that?

- What can I do for you, sir?
- I'd like an examination

Look at the brightest spot. What do you see?

A road

A deserted road , long and endless

How about you? What do you see in my eyes?

What exactly are you running from?

Well, Mr. Tung, thank you


This is where Jun, Ching and me...

...often played when we were young

You swam in nude?

They did . I didn't

Very youthful

Ching is the first man I fell in love with

And most probably the man I loved most in my life

He loved you, too. I know

But I cannot see...

...where the problems lied
when both of you loved each other


You're like that everyday?


You intend to spend the rest
of your life like that?

My life is coming to an end

How old are you?

I've seen queers coming out at 50...

...and gang-bang everyday till they're 70 or 80

I'm not gay

Fine. So you're not gay

Tell me. Do you love your wife?

Have you ever realised

you're hurting your wife and kids everyday?

Have you ever realised you're just being selfish

Stop thinking yourself a tragic hero!

You're just a masochist...

...who sees himself as a victim

I am a woman

What's this shit?

Not on the outside...

...but deep inside

Are you a transsexual?

I sensed that I was different from
other boys at an early age

At first I also thought I was gay

Until there was this time...

I realised at that moment...

...the least thing I ever wanted Ching to be...

...was him being gay

I loved him . But in my fantasy...

...if we're together,
I was always the girl, and he, the boy

I detested my body

But there's no way to get rid of it

I had to look at it and touch it everyday

It's so repulsive

I didn't know how to tell others

Even if I did, no one would understand

Ching would

He's passionate about life

He would have accepted you. He loved you

It's too late now

Nothing is too late

There are many things you can still change

I'm destined to be a man

The day before my matriculation
results were announced... father was killed by a thief on the street

It was a big blow for my mother

My sister was very small

I became the only man in the family

I had to quit school and work.
I was left with no other choices

Even my wife was picked by my mother

When my kids were born,

I actually felt grateful

I was convinced that this is my destiny

That's not true. You're just deceiving yourself

If there's nothing you can do about it...

...why wear female underwears?

When there are things you cannot obtain...'ll start looking for a substitute

Like whenever I take a leak...

I'll use the cubicle, sitting down

Ever since I had my own shop and private office...

... I started to secretly
change into women's panties,

and at times, corsets...

...during the day, and change back before home

That's that!

You can opt for an operation

Your kids are grown-ups now

I'm already 51 . Why should I do that?

Why not?

If you can live to 80,

there're 30 more years to go

I'm serious

Each of us is responsible for his own life


Parti took your suit to the laundry.

They found this in your pocket

They're presents for mother

Those are women's panties

I paid a visit to Bro Darling, the old actor

Seeing that he's kind of deprived,

I bought some cloths for him

Turns out he's a transvestite

So I ended up buying these for him, to cheer him up

I was so embarrassed upon payment


I know what you have in mind . I never did

Did what?

You should know better.

I never had another woman since we married

I wish you had

Don't be silly

- Did you read the news?
- What?

Ching, your buddy, liked men

I've just learned that

How about you? You don't like women, do you?

Elaine's husband told her a couple of days ago...

...that he had been living with a man for years

- Elaine who?
- The one who plays old men's roles in our troupe

I'd look for a guy if I were her husband

Relax. I'm not gay. I'm alright

If you are alright...

...does it mean it's me
who isn't alright all these years?

No. We are both alright

I promise. I'll take good care of you and the kids

Hubby, you're finally home

We have to part now. Thank you

Thank you for everything

Do you have anything to say to Ching?

Ching, you're the pride of The Three Musketeers

Please forgive me

Come on, cheer up

Let's have a toast

For Ching!

- Thank you
- Don't mention it

Now that I can finally speak my mind...

Honestly, the first time you said
Ching was your husband ...

... I was really shocked

Being gay is no big deal!

There's really no need for Ching
to be so secretive

Indeed! Although you were buddies... don't seem to be very honest to each other

What do you mean?

I always recounted my amorous adventures

to my two buddies... every single detail

Tai-hung is the most candid of us three

I know everything about him


Oh, shit! Did you really make it with Ching?



Go ahead

Go ahead what?

I simply couldn't find the words to tell you

Sorry, Jun

I'm fine

Comparing to you guys, I just feel...

...fucking shallow

I was supposed to be the most open-minded...

...but I turned out to be the dumbest!

What a fucking dumb ass!

Let me take you to see someone, Jun

- Who is it?
- Bro Darling? Bro Darling?

- Tai-hung? The door is unlocked
- I see

Bro Darling!

Recognise him?

Jun! Naughty Jun!

This naughty boy has grown into a hamshop man now

Bro Darling! Long time no see


Sit down first...

Sit down...

Don't rock him so hard

- I'm so thrilled
- Sit down ...

Let me introduce. This is Bond

Hi , Bro Darling. I'm Bond from Singapore

Ching was my husband

He's the hubby of our classmate, Ching

They got married in the U .K. , you know...

- You're being naughty again
- I'm always serious

You're so cute! Gosh! So cute!

Can't help being handsy, right?

- My turn now
- Come on!

Tai-hung, you, too.
...Come on, everyone!

- Tea?
- Thank you

These are very old pictures. You mustn't laugh at me

Wow, very precious photos! Autographed, too

Do you know who she is?


This is Hung Sin-nui .

She's like the Hong Kong Barbara Streisand

He's too young to know that

She came to watch our performance
and took this photo with me

I was in heaven!

There's more...

Bro Darling, you're such a beauty!

You're simply stunning

What a sweet talker at your age!

Where is the suitcase

with all those beautiful costumes?

You mean my dress container?

I've sold most of my costumes

This is my favourite role,
Huo Xiaoyu in The Purple Hairpin

Bro Darling is a real character!

Agreed. Such a nice person, too

Life is being unfair to him

Is he the same as you?

A trans

I bet he'd never heard of the word

I've got an idea


What's that?

What is it?

What is this? I hope you're not making fun of me

Bro Darling,

we're going to make you into a real darling

Presenting the modern version of Huo Xiaoyu!

Isn't this fucking great?

- Watch your tongue!
- My tongue is fine

Bro Darling!

Close your eyes

I guarantee you'll be a true beauty

in 30 minutes' time

How about you? Wanna try?

Come on! You probably won't have
another chance like this

I'm sure you'll be a sweetheart
to both men and women

Hello, Jeffrey... Sit

Why are you free?

- OK
- I picked up a friend at the airport

Tai-hung, I'll go pee

I can finally use the ladies' room

Your friend passed out in the toilet

- What
- Your friend passed out in the toilet!

Bro Darling?

Are you alright, Bro Darling?

I'm fine

Help! Help!

Taxi? Any taxi? Taxi?

Quick! Quick! Quick!

Go to the bar down there. We need help!

Go to the bar down there.

Make way for the taxi! Watch out!

Watch out!

taxi ! taxi ! taxi ...


Here! Let me... watch out for his head

Go help...

Watch out for his feet!

watch out...

Queen Mary's Hospital, please

Tai-hung, get into the car

Get into the car, Tai-hung

It's all my fault. I shouldn't propose to do this

I'm too capricious

It's not your fault

There's no denial that Bro Darling
really enjoyed himself tonight

I hope I can be like him , die with a big grin

Reply his messages. You're making him suffer

He's the one who's making me suffer

I don't even know how to face him

What's the fuss? He's just in drag

What if he's gay? What should I do?

Being gay and in drag
are two entirely different matters

And besides being gay,
there are other possibilities

Please don't further complicate things

Straight people can be transvestites

Some may be transgender.
There's nothing wrong about it

If my mom finds out any of those things
you've mentioned... true of my dad, she'll go nuts

My family will fall into pieces

So you don't even let him tell his story?

I don't want to know anything about it

Didn't you use the rainbow icon
as your Facebook profile?

So it's alright for others to be gay,
transvestites or transgender

Yet if any of these is true of your family members,
it's prohibitive

Please stop pressuring me!

- I'm very disappointed in you
- Come on!

Go away!

Come on, go home and take a rest

I'll deal with the hospital formalities tomorrow

Let's go, Tai-hung

Be sensible. Move

I can't go home

Why? Of course, the way you look...

Come to my house and change

I saw Vincent

Did he see you?


His son

Tai-hung, Sorry!

Who's that? Vincent?

Why don't you turn on the light?



It's me, Tai-hung


Go back to your room

Do as mom said. We have things to talk about

Over there, Anne.

- Let's talk
- What?

- Let's talk
- It's not necessary. I've known

You won't know

A couple of days ago...

I'm very tired.

You sit down and listen to me.
I don't wanna listen

Listen to me!

A couple of days ago you asked me a question

I'll give you the answer now

I don't wanna listen. I was just curious

I must tell you now

Don't say it. There's no return for that


I want to be a woman

I am, in fact, a woman!

I've always wanted to be a woman.
Don't you know that?

You're sick. It's okay.
We'll go see the doctor tomorrow


Go to bed now.
Everything'll be fine in the morning


- Don't say anything
- I am not sick

- Stop!
- I am not sick


I put on this dress and make-up tonight...

I felt totally myself

I've been deceiving you
and our kids all these years

I've been deceiving the whole world

I used to wake up in the middle of sleep
when we first married

I told you I had sleep apnea

But it was my nightmares

They continue to haunt me till today

I've suffered so much, Anne

I suffered, too

I'm your wife

It's been more than 20 years.
You thought I didn't know?

Let's just spend the rest of our lives like before

Please don't do that. Please!

- Please don't do that.
- It doesn't work anymore

I want an operation

Are you mad?

Please let me do it, Anne. I beg you


I'm sorry. Give me a chance

- You really want to be a woman?
- Yes!

How about this? You'll play woman on odd dates...

...and me, man, on even dates. Will that do?


- No.
- Please don't do that to me!

- Yes. Please don't do that
- No.

Listen! I want to be a total woman

I want a divorce. I want to lead a new life

A new life? How about my life?

You're just being selfish. What about my life?

Sorry, Anne. I'll treat you and the kids well

I don't want your money.
How can I walk out of this house?

How do I face the neighbours
and the members in my troupe?

- All this shame!
- Don't do that to yourself. Sorry

How do I explain to others
that my husband is a woman


Do you really want a divorce?

- Do you really want a divorce?
- Yes

No! Give it back to me! Give it back to me!

I will never agree to a divorce

"Seven months later"

How much does it weigh?

7 lbs 4 ounces. Born at 4:45pm. Taurus. Here it is

- It's porno! He's naked !
- Shut up!

It's so cute!

Congratulations! Cheers, grandma!

Stop calling me that. It sounds so old

Alright! Cheers anyway!

Are you going to the hospital? I'll go with you

I'd rather not. I don't want to upset Anne

It's Brigitte who sent me the video

You had given up all your properties to her

Women are obnoxious

Don't say that! I'm a woman, too

sorry, sorry


I won't blame Anne

I'm not in a position to blame her

Hello, I'm a volunteer worker
for The Church of the Blessed

In support of One Man, One woman,
One Wife, One Husband...

...and One Love, One Life

In support of One Man, One woman,
One Wife, One Husband...

...and One Love, One Life


How are you, madame? Sorry to bother you

I'm a volunteer worker
for The Church of the Blessed

We're here today to defend the traditional values...

...of the Chinese family

Please come over here

Do you find today's youths

are contaminated by all these...

...rotten values of today's society?

So, for the sake of our next generation...

...and to support the Church, please sign here

This is our statement

In support of One Man, One woman,
One Wife, One Husband...

...and One Love, One Life

For our next generation, please sign

Excuse me

But it's so simple, Mrs

You still awake?

I'll go to bed now


I'll drink with you

This is the first time I'm drinking with my son

Wow! It's very strong!

There's always this feeling of loneliness

after each performance

I gave dad a ticket. Was he there?

How is he?

He's fine

- He may have to wait for another year...
- Don't tell me


He'll come home after he's had his fun

I'll wait for him

It's not a matter of fun.
It's futile for you to wait

After his gender is changed into female
on his Identity Card...

...your Marriage Certificate will be cancelled

Me waiting and his coming back
or not are two different matters

You must think I'm getting old ...

...and have fallen out of times

I just wanted to be an ordinary housewife

Why force me to accept this?

Mom, I'll promise you...

... I won't argue with you again

I'll never use the F-word...

Never dye my hair, nor take drugs, smoke grass...

Never meet any girls, nor play with myself

No more love-making. I'll be a very good boy...


It's killing me!

"Another seven months"

What a great photo

You were so good-looking

Farewell, Tung Tai-hung!

We're all proud of what you are!

Thank you

Miss Tung, we have to close this place now

Thank you

- Hungry?
- Yes

I'll take you to a nice restaurant

Help yourself

High-heel shoes are awful!

Sorry, no comment

Do you know, I always twisted my "chai" (ankles)

when I first learned to wear high-heels

- You don't know the meaning of "twisted chai"?
- No idea

Cantonese are very naughty

"Chai" refers to the dick

So "dark chai" means the dick of a black man ...

...and "wasted chai" means an impotent person

It really hurts

Why do you keep two pieces of "chai" here?

- Give them back to me
- Okay

Bad boy!

Alright, I'll tell you

The doc told me I have to
keep exercising the vagina

Otherwise it'll grow back together

- Does it hurt?
- A little

It's a lot better than after the operations

Why two pieces?

The doc asked me what size do I prefer

I told him, "All sizes!"

- What are you laughing at?
- Why hit me with that?

To tell the truth,
I do have the feeling of a hard-on at times

But when I feel it down there...

... I know very well I'm a woman

Do you find it disturbing to have
that hard-on feeling?


It was very embarrassing in the past

But it feels pretty amazing now

The doc said I should learn how to
communicate and love my body

It's feels nice

Is was a wonderful.

What are you doing?

Do you feel like a man or a woman?

A woman

Are you sure?

I'm sure. I'm also sure Ching will do the same

And you?

Mother, watch my make-up

Let me touch you once more

Male or female, you're always my child

Don't cry

Mother knows you have had a difficult life

No one can blame you

It's just like what your father said...

One must learn how to find one's peace of mind

I understand, mother


I'm no longer called Tai-hung

What your new name?

I've adopted yours, Chui-see (Tracey)

Mother, let's take a stroll

Tell me, where did you pick up
the name of Chui-see?

Your grandpa had two wives

My mother was called Chui-ting.
My step-mother, Pui-see

I'm the eldest daughter.
Grandpa didn't like daughters

So he just picked a word from each wife's name... be my name. Hence, Chui-see,

What a misunderstanding!

I thought you're a progressive gal!