Traces of a Dragon (2003) - full transcript

A surprising look at the past of movie star Jackie Chan and the difficulties of Chinese families during the Culture Revolution.

Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. Ma.

Your twins are really lovely.

Look, the nose is exactly like yours.

Yes, everybody has
a big nose in our family.

It's even better
if they're fraternal twins.

If our daughter's nose
is like yours, who wants her.

Isn't it great now with two dragons?

Give me the two dragons.

Sergeant! Sign the register.

Call Headquarters,
to say I've got Crazy Keung.

They look exactly the same,
how do we separate them out?

Come on,

don't say separate, it's unlucky.

The convict escaped!

My son, be good...

Who are you?

Why did you come into my room?

Taking away my son?
Give me back my son?

Dare to fight with me?

Don't... Keung, the child is innocent.

Please, I beg you not to!


My God!

Please return my son.

Get lost!

Go away!

Damn you!

Don't move!
Even this didn't kill you?!

You beast, won't even spare a baby?!

Tuberose, I sing for you...

Boss, why don't you go home? It's late.

Want someone to drink with you?

You don't drink, I drink!

Sergeant Keung, the baby is gone,
left only a wheelchair.

Can't even protect a baby,
what kind of policemen are you?

The cry is really sad.

So sad!

Are they going to U.S. And won't return?

Bring the handkerchief!


Yuen Ting,
when did you give Yui the child?

Let me hug him.

I didn't give him the child.
I picked him up in the street.

So lovely!

Hey kid, pay your protection fee.

No way.

Don't run, you bastard!

How come?

He made a pass at me.

What? Dare to molest my girl? Don't run!

Bok Min, he hit me with no reason.

Fight back!


Drink it, got to go.
It's them!

Hit him!

Don't hurt the innocent.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!
Thank you, mom!

Very good!


How about this?

Share among the brothers.
Hey brothers!

Come on, see these photos.

Brother Wing, your driving skill
is better than Kuen's.

Your name will be foremost in Hong Kong.

If you're not there, how fast they go,

it won't be a race.

Come on, let's cheer for brother Wing.


Bok Min, over here!

What are you dressed up for?

We're going out for fun.

Where's the weapon?


You haven't told me,
why you are dressed like this?

Settle a score. Wing got my girl.

You've got a girl?
How come I didn't know!

Do I need to tell you?
Should I write you a report?

Such a beauty.

Is this the girl?!

No taste, you don't think
she looks like Maradonna?

Maradonna is the soccer player.

Anyway go ahead with your settlement.

Well, you still treat me
as your big brother.

Brother Wing, sing along!

O. K...

Brother Wing, take her up to a room.

One needs the mood to do it.

The room's booked for 3 days.

Sorry Sir, it's a full house tonight.


...will love bear first?

Will promise turn love into truth?

Separation may not be bad...

Song is not finished yet, let's go!

Bok Min!

Only way, O. K?

I'm here to negotiate,
don't need table, O. K?!

Go up and sing again!

Don't have to.

Who said that?

I said it!

Who are you?

I'm Tarzan. He's my bodyguard, Bok Min.

Never heard of you.

You are cheeky.

You have more men but I'm not afraid.

Not that many!

Go get toe microphone!

This on for you!
I don't know how to sing.

I'm here to get you.
No, I'm here to save you.

Save me? You or him?

Take the box away!

Bok Min, draw the gun.

Give this microphone to whom?

Don't touch my girl.

Brother... Bok Min, come and save me!

Don't let him go.
Damn you!

Get the weapon, quick!


Don't move!

Are you alright?

No, since I paid a high rental for this.

Don't move...


My hand hurts!

Are you alright?

You don't have to be afraid!

Are you Bok Min?

I beat 5 guys bare handed.

These bullets... 10...

Anyway, it's a lot.

Who wants to die for you boss,
come forward.

Come forward!

Let's go, boss!

Go?! How about the score?

Not so easy.

Give me the gun and let me show off.

We've already done so.

You did, not me.

This gun is so light.
Don't be wordy!

Kneel down, kotwo, apologize,
it's a dummy gun!

What are you doing?

Only a few bucks. Of course it's a dummy.

Quick, run!
Get them!

Close the door! Pull down the latch.

Don't run!

Damn you!

Iron cloth!


Bok Min!

Your turn.

What? Can't beat me, too shameful.

How can you keep up with this job?


Damn you!

Bok Min, here I come to save you!

How come things never work out.

Good! Good!

You competing with me?
Look at yourself, so short.

You baldhead,
you're not that much better.

Ah Wai!

You're Ah Wai, our rule is to
hit the big one and spare the small.

Want to shame yourself again?

Can't do worse than you.

Wait. I said the left leg.

Leave the right leg for me
to step on the gas in a car race.

Car race?!

You want to race?

I'll sure win, Wing!

You want to be like Kuen,

all his ribs broken.

Kuen is nothing?

His headlights

dare not shine on our bumper.

One touch of the gas and I beat him.

What's your credential?

My driving skill

is famous in Macau.

Princess Margaret Road is nothing to me.

Good, I'll race you in Macau.

What's the bet?


Thirty thousand? O. K!

No, it's 300,000!

O. K, 300,000, no problem.


I'll keep your I.D. Cards.

Go and find 300,000,
meet you at the pier.

Go to Macau and see who wins.

How would you race with him?
The car's always broken.

Do you guys remember me?

Get in, please!

Thank you for what you've done.

I've been working
at the Karaoke for a few days.

Wing comes for my everyday.

Weren't for you,

he would have forced me
to go to bed with him tonight.

Never mind.

You are really called Bok Min?

Yes really.

The name is so strange, what's yours?


You don't know him?

Never been introduced.

But you said she's your girl?

Sooner or later, she'll be my girl.

Damn you, come out.
My turn to settle with you.

Bok Min!

Don't break our friendship for a girl.

I'm about to got her.

I can lose my life for you.

But you should know about yourself.

This Maradonna, will she like you?

Look at her hair.

That means you'd be cuckolded.

Possibilities start as impossible things.


I mustn't be recognized,
I'm here to make a living.

What's your name?


Miss Barbara, please tell this gentleman.

Whether you like him?


You don't have to say it. I know.

My boss is choosy.

You take good care of him.

Take her out. I'll go home.

Mister Ma,
is it your first Hong Kong Concert?

Yes! It is.

How do we raise $300,000?

Chan, where is my money?

Didn't you take my car for a race?

You owe my one?

Hey, you bet

and won in the race.

The car belongs to my boss.
The engine fell apart.

My winning didn't
even cover the repair cost.

What do you mean then?

This car just had a checkup.

Damn you, you want me to show
this picture to your boss?

Want to blackmail me,
don't even drink of it.

My boss hasn't met her yet
when I went out with her.

Is that right?
But there's no date on the picture.

Tarzen, remember to print some more,
it's on him.

Give one to everybody in the hotel.

O.K., I'll write it down.

My boss's going to Japan.

See how you blackmail me?

I won't let you repair my car anymore.

Don't worry about it today.

It's done!
Take a leak first,

the washroom is very pretty.

Be quick, take the money and run.

I know!

What's the big deal with a big car?

I'm sorry...

Here we are, Mr. Ma!

Is there a washroom in the car?
You're living it up!

Pretend to have taste?

Fooling me? Don't you fool me?

My ass.

Hey kid, you're wrong.
I don't like to play this.

Then when do you like to play?

Tarzen, what are you squatting down for?

You think it's fun?
Still pretending to have taste?

Dare to hit me?!

Damn you, ridiculous.


Mr. Ma, welcome!

This way...

How come it's not a mirror?

It's not 200,000 but 400,000 shares.

Ma Yau! Do you recognize uncle?

Uncle Tong!

Great, we haven't seen each other
for a long time, come over here...

Look, recognize her?

She's Tong Sum, your childhood playmate.

Daughter, come over here to say hello.

This is first encounter.

She's a nurse.

She quits her job to look after you.

I'm not sick.

You're back in Hong Kong for
the first time, very easy to get endemic.

You're an internationally
famous conductor.

If you get sick, you'll have no
interest in everything, and...

Uncle, I'll go to change.

O. K... we'll talk later.


I've got a boyfriend.

I'm finding you a husband, not boyfriend.

What about Rocky?


No, Frankie Lok. I call him Rocky.

Rocky tells people to fight.
Hold this medicine chest.

I'm better than Rocky,

handling seven here.

Hope you can make it with Ma Yau.

Then our joint business with
the Ma family will get prosperous.

This is also struggle to succeed.
The market is very quiet right now.

Ma Yau, my daughter is looking for you.

Remember touch... Go, get in!

Dear daughter, all depends on your now.

Alright, stop packing.

Really a lot of medicine,
I thought uncle was joking.

I didn't know nurses
nowadays dress so sexy.

You've exposed yourself on the top!

In fact, I don't take medicine
and vitamin pills.

Had I known it,
I wouldn't have brought so many.

Come, sit over here.

Your dress is so tight,
bad on your blood circulation.

Wrong posture.

Your spine must hurt a little.

How do you know?

Come, get into the bed!
So fast?!

Don't be nervous.
Do it slowly, be patient.

Do whatever you want to do, I'm yours.

Come, raise your leg higher. Relax!

It's almost done.

Is it better to take off the clothes?

Don't get anxious!

Is this foreplay?

I'm helping you warm up,

to let your blood circulate better.


Relax... is it comfortable?

Hey... Fall asleep already?

It's so tiring to twist this hard.

I learned and grew up here.

Never thought I have to leave.

I haven't heard about people
slipping back to the mainland.

Great, we're the first ones there!

We may get listed
in Guinness World Record.

Is there any prize?

Whatever it is,
we'll share it equally; hold it!

It's me again. What are you doing?

Make a phone call to Barbara.

She told you her phone number?

Look it up in the telephone book, stupid!

Damn, I take off my hat to you.


You made me very comfortable last night.

Miss, what do you want to drink?

Boss, you're late.

Don't bother me, go talk to him.

What's with him?

I don't want to say. Ask him.

Where's the money?
Tarzan, pay the money.

You pay.

The money's with you.

Cheaper, O. K?

Pay him.

This boat is stolen,

costs you nothing. You're rich.

Call me when you get to Swatow.

Hey, what's Barbara's last name?

Barbara's last name, of course, is Bar.

Sun, does this boat have enough fuel?


Something's wrong.
We've been betrayed by Sun.

No boat?

No, a lot of people come to say farewell.

Don't have to!

You take a look!

Where did you put my phone book?

Use IDD to call 108 when you get there.
Release the rope!

They're down there!


Start the boat!


Damn it... Didn't make it.

Didn't even let me know
you're going out to sea.

Go back ashore.

You're kidding.

Go back ashore. I don't know how to swim!

Stewed celery with preserved vegetable,
plus one egg.



Sit tight.

Hold this boat...

Can't hold it.

Stewed celery?

How vulgar can you get!

Put on the life jacket. No more rubbish.


Follow them.

Sit tight, be careful.

It's too dangerous
to enter international waters.

What are you doing?

The seat is springy.
I feel like sailing.

I feel funny ever since
I came to Hong Kong.

I've never been on a boat.
Is this seasickness!

Dad said to let you have this car,
it's more convenient.

It's no use.
I'm not familiar with the roads.

If you get lost, just call me.

It's trembling a lot.

It's close to the sea.
It's really trembling a lot.

You better sit further.
The wave is big here.

Damn you, stop him.

You're too careless.

Pull over there, let me beat him up.

Go to hell!

What a big garoupa!

Let it go, we're running for life.

Go to hell! Got it.

Tug boat!


Got one.

Hit it, stupid!

They've slowed down, go hit it.

Bok Min, I'll go first.

It's not Swatow yet,
you've got to hold on.

I'll revenge for you.

Bok Min, I'm alright, no need to revenge.

Go to hell. Use the fish gun to shoot us!

I don't know how to drive
a speed boat. Help!

Keep your eyes at the front, look out...

No way to go.


Really lucky!


O.K., O.K.

You blind?

Be careful of the car!


The bill!

Sorry to make you wet.

Let's go ashore.

Why don't you get changed,
we'll go for a drink.

No, I'm afraid you'll
go back to the boat.

Thank you!

Don't worry, we'll find one
which is not close to the sea.

Guess what are they talking about?

Maybe dress rehearsing.

Tarzan... Tarzan...

Are we in Swatow yet? It's so noisy!

No, still in Hong Kong.

You're lucky,

the bumper is only slightly dented.

Wing's car has fallen apart,

a total loss.

Wing... Wing...

Shut up,

can't even hear his heartbeat.

Are you a doctor?

Are you a doctor?

You blind, do I not look like a doctor?

We don't need you.

We've invited a supernatural power person

to cure our master.

Please give way!
Supernatural power?

This kind of medical technology
is too behind, you may go.

Excuse me, everybody please step back.

I'm afraid I'll hurt you people
when I exert my force.

Short of breath?

Breath is not there yet...
Give way please.

It's alright...
Continue with the exertion.

No need to.

Hey kid, I have practiced
feat of strength.

Don't know if you're better, or mine.

Don't interrupt me
when I'm saving people.

So exaggerating!

Eat slowly, it's hot.

Hey, don't interrupt
when my boss's eating.

The protection fee
of this hospital is paid to us.

Hey man, you put yourself to death.

Boss, let's go to another one.


My brother...

Don't move!

If you can move out from
this hospital, I won't be Advisor Tso.

At first, we want to do
a deal with Choi's driving skill.

But, you've made him like this.

I know your driving skill is not bad.

You have to take on this deal now.

Doing what?
Don't ask,

turn on the cellular phone
24 hours a day.

Report at anytime.

Or else, get ready
to collect Tarzan's body.

Let's go!

Emotion, I need feelings!

It's too mechanical
to read the notes and play.

No feelings, no response.

I want you to look at my hand, my face.

My eyes, my feet.

My body language

will give new feelings to the music.


What I need

a fusion of emotion and music.

Tong Sum, where are you? Speak out.

Hey, Rocky, I'm very busy.

Are you with another man?

I don't have another boy friend?
I didn't lie to you.

I'll call you in a few days.

I'm doing some business for my dad.

Tong Sum!

It's him.

She ditched me for this guy?

Dad's business will collapse.

Now you get the feeling right.

Don't use an instrument.

A musical instrument?


Dare to date my girl?

Tarzen treated you well.
Why don't you see him.

Who says women are soft-hearted?

No reaction to my begging at all.

No gas.

You can buy gas anytime,

but can't buy one's trust.

Think of it as visiting a friend,
give him some confidence.

Visit him? I'm afraid he'll sink deeper.

You cure him after he gets well.

Me again? An exorcist?

Which movie are you guys talking about?

I know, it's bad luck.

Give some comment, O. K?


Two? This way please!

Aren't you seated already?

Tarzen and I don't think
kindly about you.

Don't talk about me.

Mr... please don't lean against the glass.

You'll press against
the gentleman on the other side.

Mr... please don't lean against the glass.

It's not good to press
against the gentleman.

Still shaking while sitting down.

Didn't you mother teach you
that shaking legs cuts one down.

You and he are of the same kind.

People do change.

Good, I like music. What about you?


Finished singing?

What is music anyway?

What do you have to say?

Right, who's that guy?

My boyfriend.

He looks like an angel from hell.

He's my partner at the health club.

What? Aren't you a nurse?

Occupation doesn't matter.
Compatibility does.

How can I tell him then?

Whatever you want to say.

I understand men.

You treat him and he'll fight with me.

Hey, you're not the one called.

Go and explain to him.

I'm so confused these days.

In fact, your masculinity
is not as strong as his.

But I like you too.

What did you say? What good is liking?

I didn't say it, others did.

But, you have to see him.

Forget it. I'll take you to him.

I won't take any responsibility.

You won't, I will.

Waiter, give me the check.

Okay, coming!

Wait for me at the door;
I have to go to the toilet.

Let's go back early today.
I have a rehearsal,

and a performance tonight.
Paying the bill?

I haven't ordered anything. What payment?

Something's wrong with my eyes.

Mr., are you paying the bill?

In fact, he's not that mean.

Your partner is coming.

Go into hiding.

What now?
Don't come out! Hide yourself!

Tong Sum!

You bastard, don't go away.

You date my girl! Bastard, don't run!

Rocky, don't!


don't you dare!

Tong Sum, I want you to know
what makes real man.

You better run; he will beat you to death.

Bastard, I'll kill you.

Tong Sum, you stand there.

What happened, men?

Don't hit him; hit me instead.

Miss, why are you so nice to me,
a stranger?

Get away!

You better run, I'll hold it for you.
Quick, run!

Miss, you hurt my male ego.


Mister, change!

Keep it.

Hold her. Take it!

Haven't you had enough?

I don't know you.

I don't know you either.


This long!

Why so scared? Didn't pay the bill?


This outfit is not yours. You stole it.

What? What stealing?

You're play-acting? This car is pretty.

So you're driving your customer's car!

Not bad, doctor or lawyer?

Miss, where are you going?

Start the car! Is real leather.

Stop it...

A percentage even on this!

You play dirty.

Sir, this is all mine.

Not me. It's he who hit me.

Hey, I really don't know you.

Don't know?

I don't know you two either.

I'll finish you off.


Damn you!

Look out!

You've been working out.

How annoying!
These are so expensive.

Everything is gone now.

Bastard, you refused to yield me.

All finished.

Pick as much as one can.

Enough is enough.
Stop or I'll fight back.

Told you to stop.

Wait for a minute!

My stuff was all broken.
Who is going to pay for it?

The loser must pay, right?

Not yet?

You're so strong.
I'll go first; he's got money.

You're rich; pay for it, quick!

I'm not.

It's he who hit me.


I didn't know you before.
What are you doing?

Get to know you right now.

I think it's true. What do you want?

Stop making fun.

Stop joking? Then what?

Miss, what's your name?

Barbara. You've asked
ten times already, Bok Min!

I'm not Bok Min, I'm Ma Yau.

Miss, where can I take you?

To see Tarzan.

Tarzan? Do you like this kind of movie?

You said for me to see him.


It's a waste of talent
as you've not an actor.

Right, I took opera
when I was in college.

You sing opera?

Very good, your singing isn't bad.

How come you know it too?

I played ninth grade piano
when I was eight,

and got into the
Royal Music Conservatory at 12,

and won the
Beethoven Conducting Award at 20.

Yes, I know. You have a lot of money too.


Oh yes, you returned from studies abroad.

How do you know?

Oh, of course!

You have some interest in music too,

My father taught piano in Mainland China.

You know, the situation
wasn't good at that time,

he didn't leave me anything.

Just everything he knew about music,

for me to start something.

Before I could make
his dream come true he died.

You will get the chance...

So big!

Hey, you made me
so comfortable last time. Do it once more.

I can repair cars but not other things.

I'll wait for you in bed.

This joke has gone too far.

I have some skill for this. Let me try.

What about it? Beethoven!

Do you want to listen to Beethoven?

What're wrong.

Keep going!

Nothing, play another one.
O. K!

Try it, come on!

Me? No... Don't!

Come on!

Close your eyes,
and imagine it's your recital.

What? I'm waiting for you, hurry!

Damn you!

Do you drink and smoke?

I drink and smoke every night.

What did we do a moment ago?

You asked me to come to bed.

It wasn't like this last time.

Did I go to bed with you last time?

What do you think I am?

I didn't think you're a whore,
so you'd better not think I'm a gigolo!

Whore? Gigolo?

Go and get the phone?

Time to stop the argument.

What concert were you talking about?

It's my concert.

Your concert?!
When will you stop fooling me?

With my boss in Japan,
you've leaning on me!

You're so impolite. What is your name?

Don't fool around, Bok Min.

Get him out.

This gentleman...
What's the matter?

He is making a scenes here. I...

Mr. Ma?!

You know why your boss got sent to Japan.

It's because
he was also rude to customers.

In fact I...
Quickly apologize?


Get out.
Never mind!

Mr. Ma, glad to meet you!

It's OK... Say no more. It's OK!

I am sorry!
I have to go back to my room.

Mr. Ma, your concert
will start at 2 o'clock.

Right, I almost forgot.

You'd better take a rest.
We'll keep the secret.


You last name is Ma?

Artists are also human.

Why did you dress me like this?

Are you going to take me out,
or I take you out?

What are you talking about?

Come, have a kiss.

Come on, people are waiting
for your performance.

No, me and you? Don't fool around!

Quick, pull up the zipper.
It got caught!

Elevator's here, hurry...
Where we going to?

How much did you pay for this show?

The rent here is 2000 dollars each day.

American dollars

Your game is really expensive.

My God...

Let's go.

What game are you playing?
I'm not playing.

Who is he?
I don't know.

What's the matter?

Please take me as your disciple.

Please be my teacher.
I want to learn form you.

Learn from me.

Please let me be your student, Master.

How much have you learned so far?

I'm at the eighth grade in karate
and the ninth grade in Taekwondo.

Then why do you need to learn from him?

You must teach me.

You've mistaken. I am a music teacher.

I don't know any Kung Fu.

I don't like fighting.

He hates fighting
but he has special psychic powers.

Psychic powers.
I don't like fighting either.

I've totally changed, look.

Every scar on my body is a gift from you.

The scars represent
my determination to be your student.

Why did you hit him so.
You are wrong.

He didn't hit me. He taught me.

It sure looks like it.

Master, please be my teacher.

Please don't...

Fine, I'll be your teacher.

Then when should I start to learn.

Start now. You must first buy a piano.

Then practise six hours everyday.

Playing the piano...
what kind of Gung Fu is that?

It's a practice of pressing.

Your fingers will become stronger.

I see. When should I start, Master?

Lmmediately. Say goodbye now.

Goodbye, Master...

Is she your wife? Bye
Shut up.

Have a nice day. Master, Madam, bye.

He doesn't know how to act.
Who would trust him.

I myself don't believe in him.

Let's rush to the press conference.

What? Press Conference?

Come on.

You sure look like a musician.

I am really a musician.

You thought I was lying?

I knew you were lying,
but I chose to believe your lies.

Don't know where she is going to take me?

When will this joke end?!

Looks something unorthodox is called for.


There's no reason.

Oh, ghost!

Why do you look exactly like me?
Even the same clothes.


Are you ghost or man?
How come exactly the same?

Right, good to run into you here.

Seen by people outside,
we'll be in real trouble.

Oh, that short-haired girl
must have mistaken me for you.

That's why she insisted
I dress like this.

Damn you!

The long haired girl
must thought I was you,

that's why she wouldn't
believe I'll give a concert.

A concert? So you're a band boy.

So what?

Nothing, hey, you understand now?

I understand. Remember,
you must give me back my clothes.

Or else it'll get very messy.

O.K., but don't mention it to that girl.

Do you know Barbara?

What? You've seen Barbara?

I didn't know whether is her or not.

But she got into my car uninvited,

and kept saying to see Tarzan.

Then I'll buy her a Tarzan video tape.

Hey, how come we both sneeze
at that same time?

That's right!

Have you been on a boat lately?


My god, no wonder I was seasick.

Do you react if I call a prostitute?

Did you really do it?

Why should I tell you?

Hope this isn't his reaction.

I don't like people
patting on my shoulder.

You forgot this phone.


You damned band boy.

Mr. Ma, this way!

Finished with the washroom?

What are you doing here, Barbara?

You sick? You brought me here.
The room is very pretty.

When did we turn out to be so close?

In the room today.

Room? You and him in a room?

Why do you react like this?
You're acting?

What have I done?

What has he done?


Didn't you know what you've done?

Must remind you always.

His involvement is also my involvement.

I just want to see whether you remember.

Did you say to buy me
a Tarzan video tape?

When did Tarzan make a video tape?

Oh no!

Hey! It's Bok Min.
Bok Min?

Come out. Been looking for you.

I'm not Bok Min. You made a mistake.

I took the wrong one; this phone is his.

Fooling around again!

You can't even remember
what you have done?

You damn fool,
always do things similar to mine.

I'll check with you later.

Hello, Bok Min?

I'm inside, where are you?

I'm outside.

Come in quick. I have to protect her.

Hey, this place is full of danger...

I can't come in now.

You come out and help me explain, OK?

I will if I can.

But I really can't come out.
Right now, I'm...

Damn it. Battery's out.

You wait for me,
I'll change the telephone.

It'll be late.
Won't be long.

Wai is looking for me. Don't go away.

This way, Mr. Ma!

Changed the telephone?
Been waiting for you!

Why is Wai waiting for me in the car?

It's almost time, don't fool around.

Start the car!

Start the car? Where to go?

The concert.

Don't tell me he's left on that car.

You guys saw it.

You thought I have blurred vision?

My God, when did you get off the car?

What? Good, I have to
explain one thing to you.

Don't touch me.

Pretend you do not know us?

I don't know you people.

Tarzan's life is in our hand.
Don't you dare to play tricks?

They like to watch Tarzan too.

You know we've got Tarzan.

You better make it clear, I'm confused.

I know what had happened
in the washroom a moment ago.

You knew? You just
came out of the washroom.

And kept asking me what had happened.

What did you tell me then?

Are you going to ask me again
what have you done?

No, but it'll be good

if you are willing
to tell me one more time.

Take both of them away.

Take them away!

Who are you people?

Hey, I don't know this place.
What do you want me to do?

Want you to save people.

That's great, save who?

Our boss has been taken away today;
he is in that car.

No way, it's serious crime
to rob a patrol wagon.

Your skill is tops, show it this time.

If you fail, Barbara and Tarzan will die.

Calm down!

You've got to calm down first.

You look more scared than I do.

This is your concert?

I didn't want to come here.
You pushed me here.

Don't fool around,
unless you admit you're not Ma Yau.

I'm really not Ma Yau. I'm Bok Min.

Don't joke with your own future, go!

I hate making jokes with people's future.

If you go away now,
you'll ruin Ma Yau's future.

Why don't you go out? Got no guts?

I have guts,
but you have to take the consequence.

I've already known
what the consequences are.

So many people!
What are you doing?

How can I face such
a big crowd by myself?

Right, the baton.

Isn't it a baseball bat?

Use the baseball bat next time.

Damn you!


Their fire power is stronger than ours.

Call back to headquarters.

Withdraw, withdraw.

Don't be afraid, boss.
I'm coming to save you.

This can do?

Relax, don't be afraid...

Don't grab my hand.

You wait for me here, relax.

You two get off the car.

What's wrong? Can't start it!

The safety switch! Be patient.

Calm down!

What? Is this good enough for an X movie?

How about this! Replace the quiet scene

with a bestial scene.

Hurry up!

Like two bulls versus a girl, no...

To be exact; two pigs!

Two bulls or two pigs? Think it over.

Who are you?

Bok Min? Where are you?
Come and help me, quick.

Brother, please come to help me.

I'm performing for you
in the concert right now,

and it is such a mess.

This is messier than the Persian Gulf,
come help me over here.

What Persian Gulf?

Persian Gulf War! Flying bullets!

Listen if you don't believe.

What am I going to do now?

The smart aleck's advice:
Before the coast is clear.

Don't surface.

Did you hear it?

You're acting as me right now.

Do whatever you think
I'll do under the circumstances.

You're acting as me too.

Do what you think I'll do.

Einstein said a good band
needs a conductor,

a lousy band needs an agitator.

Come out!

Good luck everybody.

Come out! Get up and
open the patrol wagon.

Brother, don't aim at me please.

Hey, man, got a light?

Damn you, bear with it!

Started already.

Come on, that dummy
couldn't open the door.

Who is this guy? He is so mean.

He is my brother's brother.

Big Big Brother! The biggest?

Start the car please? I beg you.

Start the car... hurry!


What feelings! Shut up!

Is this riding a horse or driving a car?

Hit him! Hit this bastard!

No way, it's a crime.

Don't run into it!

Are you alright? Boss!

I'll go first!

Start the car or get killed.

They are here, Wai!

Step on t he brake, step on it...

You do it!

What is it!

It's a brake.


Pull the hand-brake!

You do it, brother.

Go and save the boss, hurry!

Welcome, Mr. Ma!

Your concert is a triumph.

Our hotel has prepared
some champagne for your celebration.

Mr. Ma's back.

Hello, welcome!

Is the VIP Function Room upstairs ready?

I'm pleased!

We're all ready.

May I know who are you?

Ma Yau!

And then who is that guy a moment ago?

Did he come back?


Come on, people are waiting for you.

I'll take a shower first
and come down later.

A shower?!

Come in and talk.

You band boy has
caused me a lot of trouble.

I nearly lost my life.

Don't say anything now.
We'll change back our identity.

You're back as Bok Min; me, Ma Yau, O. K?

Hey, did you do it with Barbara?

What, no!

This is my room.

Is Tong Sum!

Under this situation,
you should hide upstairs.

O. K, I won't keep you from happiness.

Did I say wait for me downstairs?

You haven't shower yet?
People are waiting for you.

I know, you go down first
and I'll be there soon.


Have a kiss first.

You fool!

Wait for you downstairs.

Where is the purse?

Hey, are you alright?
What are you doing there?

I'm ready for a shower,
you think I'm sleeping?

It's getting more complicated.
What do you think we should do?

Tong Sum takes you as me,
and Barbara takes me as you.

I really don't know what to do.

Honestly speaking,
is Tong Sum your girl?

But in fact, I like Barbara more.

Barbara is Tarzan's girl.
Don't even think of it.

Think what! I don't know Tarzan at all.

What? You touch my friend's girl;
it's just like touching my girl.

No touching my girl.
Don't you understand?

You touched my girl too.

I didn't know she's your girl.

I don't care whose girlfriend she is.

She is not my type,
and it is none of your business.

What did you say?

Doesn't matter.

What did you say?

Want to fight.

Ma Yau!

Are you alright?


She's asking me, not you!

She takes me as you,
so I answer her for you.

Who are you with in there?

What to do? She's my girlfriend.

She thought the one she likes
is Ma Yau, not Bok Min!

One can't be sure. Beside,
with her I've...

So you want her to know that,

she's been cheated by a joke Ma Yau?

Open the door.
Or I'll ask someone to break it.

Coming... hide yourself, quick!

I say it in advance.

Don't make a pass at her.

Do you make a pass
at her of I make a pass?

My making pass is the same
as you making it.


What? Use you brain.

An intellectual!

What are you doing?

Are you alright?
I'm OK!

Who are you talking to just now?

I cheated you.

No body's inside;
it's me speaking as two people.

I've bathed. Let's go downstairs.

What are you doing?

You got me wet and I need a shower too.

A shower?

Will you excuse me,
I'd like another shower.

It's not necessary.
We'll take it together.

Well, I won't take it then.

We did the same last time.

Have I taken a shower with you before?

Not only once,
and you didn't behave yourself.

Afterwards we had another shower.

You damn fool.

You said no shower
but you're undressing yourself.

I'm just doing what people do.

It's really absurd.

How come you've put on the clothes?

Me? I haven't taken them off.

Haven't? Were my eyes blurred just now?

What are you doing?

Running the water!

The water's clean.

Didn't you have a shower earlier?

I did... but I like to
fill the tub after the shower.

It's a habit!

I have to get used to your habit slowly.

I just don't know how.

I have to anyway, I'm yours already.

Better no shower.
Last time the shower never ended.

What is it?

Come, let's take
a shower together like last time.

You're disgusting.

You're naughty.

People are waiting. Don't fool around.

Don't worry about them?
Let's take a shower first.


What? Shouting in front of the mirror.




You scared me to death.


Where's the man? It's gone.

It's not a mirror. No more games.

I'm not going to play more games.


Don't fool around,
we'll be late. People are waiting.

I'll dry you. Come out quickly. Hurry!


Operator... nothing,
just want to order a car.

What's with you?

I cleaned it,
and you made it dirty again.

You're really bad.
Hurry, people are waiting for us.

Damn you!

Why it takes so long?

Who are you looking for?

I'm looking for Bok Min.

Miss, who did you say you're looking for?

Did you get the wrong room?

I've been in this room before.

He took me here just today.


Would you go downstairs
and check whether it's this room?

Bok Min!

Go fast and hide.

Bok Min...

Dare not see me?

I don't mind your fooling around.

What's the matter?

Crazy Keung asks you
to bring the briefcase,

to Yau Lun Dockyard
to meet him in one hour.

Or else, Tarzan will be dead.

What's wrong with you.
Just now you were fine.

Suddenly you seem
to have become another person.

No wonder you can pay for such a
beautiful room, you must be a gigolo.

Hey, what are you saying?
What do you mean by that?

Who is she?


Is she your guest?


I'm Tong Sum, his fiancee.



Don't you get me excited.
Remember you promised me.

I promised...

He needs people to remind him.
He never remembers?

Why are you so nervous about her?

It's exciting. You may not stand it.

Bok Min, come out!

No need to hide. The truth is out.

He's afraid of scaring you girls.

Don't hide, come out now of never.

He's got not other way.

Have to find him. Bok Min, come out!


Is it I have schizophrenia?

This is hallucination, not real person?!



Come out!


Tarzan's in trouble;
you have to see Crazy Keung.

Where's Crazy Keung?

He's at Yau Lun Dockyard.
Remember to bring this briefcase.

Then you look after them.

Will you come back?

If I'm alright I'll come back for you.

That serious?!

Please, please use
Function Room for photo taking.

Thank you for you co-operation...

Manager Chan!

Mr. Ma!

This way...

Mr. Ma!

Bok Min!
Mr. Ma!

Bok Min, we're so alike.
No reason we're not brothers.

God is really not fair,
but I won't balm him.

If I had your good background.

I could have done as well.

You can die for Tarzan.

I really want to have a brother like you.

Together we'll go...

If anything happens at least
one can make a phone call.

We have to act like the same person.

My boss's been waiting some time.

May I know...

So polite. Inviting me to your wedding?


So many people!

Bring the briefcase over here.
Bring it!

Don't get close.

Don't you dare.

Bring the briefcase here.

This is dynamite!

Don't believe me?!
It'll explode when I throw it.

If not, would I dared
to come here by myself?

I'll go for a piss.

Are the fish swimming?
Frog style or back stroke?

Where is Tarzan?

Very close to heaven!

Help, Bok Min, help me please.

I'm stuck to a big magnet. Help!

Don't move. I'm scared.

Are you Tarzan?

Help, Bok Min...

You put him up so high.
How do I know it's him?

Bring him down and you'll know.

Is it clear?

When will Bok Min come?

Will Ma Yau procrastinate?

Say something to prove you're Tarzan.

You fool, you don't close
the toilet door.

Your fart stinks most.

That's enough.

Am I like that?

Say something good about me.

Say you shit? Really womanly.

Bring the briefcase over here
or I'll kill him.

Don't move!

Boss, someone slipped in.

There're two buttons.
Which one is right? Take a chance!


Haven't finished the negotiation.
Don't kill me, help!

Play tricks on me?


Fortune smiles on the lucky ones.


Come closer and it explodes.

Damn you. Pulling my leg? Hit him!

Go over there.

Don't be mad, boss.

It's all I've got.

Boss, look behind you.

None of my business.

Go check it out. Hurry go!

Hurry, put out the fire!

Don't let him get away, kill him.

Watch out for me, help!

It's not easy!

Tarzan, you go first!

Go up so quickly?

Go to hell!

You better run quickly.

I want it quick too.

You have supernatural power?

Come down from above already?

What did you say?
What supernatural power?

I can't use it, quick, move fast.

They're up there, get him!

He is over there, stop him!

He's got no way to go.

Damn you, have to take a chance!

Don't run!

Someone's coming in.

Go up there and look.

And over there.

Is it over your side?



Hey, quick!

Someone's coming in.

Your turn!


Seems to be someone.

Keep going!

Really, someone's got in.
I didn't lie. See for yourself.

Don't believe!

Really in here, holding a gun too.

Don't move!

Get down!

Still want to see the cards?


Tarzan? Tarzan!

It's so hot!


Close the gate!


Tarzan? Tarzan?

Bok Min, I'm here,
come over quickly! Get into the car!

What are you doing in there?

Let's rush out together.

The car has been blocked, can't get out!

Look around!

It's so foggy that I can't see!

Shut up and look for it.

Found it?
No, can't find it!

Excuse me, I'm sorry!

Oh no!

What are you doing out here?

Got to come out!

Don't come here!

Are you here? Bok Min?

Understand, come here!

You play tricks on me?

Don't you dare to come over.

Hit him.

Come over here!

Hit him.

Hit him, Bok Min, hurry!

Nice shot, good posture.

I told you to hit him,

not to be hit by him.

It's so hot.

Why did you show mercy?

You aren't this useless?
I told you to hit him.

Don't hit me...
Hit you?

Hit yourself!

I'm going to faint.

Only you?

Tarzan is in danger. Go to this rescue.


Go to hell!


I never thought my kick was that good!

Kick you to death...

Don't you dare to hit my men? Wai.

Damn fool, haven't got enough?

Great! Terrific!

Very hot.

I don't understand.

Why did you not fight back
until he beat you up so badly?

You're kidding.
I won't let him beat me up badly?

OK, let me turn off the stove.
Teach him a lesson.

Why did it go down? Oh no!

I'm sorry, I got it wrong.

What's wrong? It's getting lower.

What are you doing? It's so hot.

Yes... it is.
I'll cool down in the other room.

Very comfortable!

You're here so soon.
You'd better go!

This one is easy to take care of.

Am I easy to take care of.

You must have not tried my kicks.

Bok Min!


You're back again.

Don't worry.
I'll take this with my kicks.

This should be my turn!


Don't hit me!

Bok Min!

So fast!

Don't look! Just run fast!

Supernatural powers?!


Tarzan, why did you run that way?

Not that way. It's this way. Hurry!

Tarzan, why did you go that way;
it is this way.


So fast!

Hey, why did you come back?

I'm going to pieces,
I don't want to play.


Stop, don't move!

Scared of this too?

Bok Min...

Go find a place to hide.

He's out!

Get him!

Go to hell!

I'll remember you.


Don't run!

Bad. Where can I find a phone?

Stupid. As I've said,
the car is the safest place.


So many people, we shall win.

Over there. Hurry, chase!


Over there, chase!

I'll go first.
Me too!

Go to hell!


Can fly?


Go or you get killed.

Bok Min, go quickly!


Tarzan... Tarzan...

Speed at 100km per hour.

Passengers all have seat belts.
Should be OK.

You alright?

I've got my seat belt on... I'm alright!

You, I have to fight you
to see who's better.

I can't. Wai, you go and fight him.

Wanting to kill all and spare none?


Take the weapon?

See where can you run?

Bok Min, where are you?

It's blocked, can't be opened.

The two, one can fight. The other can't.

Then, which one do you think I am?

What'd you say?

The fighter.

Wai, he's not Bok Min;
he's the other one.

Dare to fight me?

Wai, come fight me if you've got guts.

Dodge, dodge... dodge.

Power is here. Hit him...

Hit him... turn around and hit him hard.

Kick... kick him.

Not like this; wrong direction.

It's like this.

Get him when he's vulnerable.

Not me.

So both can fight.

Hey, open the door!

Can you tell me who I am?

You're Ma Yau. Who do you think you are?

Me, Ma Yau. How come I can fight?

Rubbish, open the door!

Where is Tarzan?

Should be in the car.

Don't move!

How come there's two?

Only one.


You've got a blurred vision.

Blurred vision?

It's blurred vision; squat down!

Two persons!

Ma Yau!

Where is the seat belt?

Speed at 300km/h
Passengers haven't got seat belts on.

Sorry, sure to die!

The flowers are pretty.

Where's the groom?

Hasn't shown up so far! Ridiculous!

I'm very anxious to meet
the man who looks like Ah Yau.

I hope he were our son.

Yes, me too.

But you have to be calm. Don't faint!

I know!

Dad and mom haven't see Bok Min.
Know where he's gone?

Mr. Ma, this letter is for you.

Congratulations to both of you.

Thanks for the effort.

You take a rest. I'll go over there.


It's a letter from Bok Min.

I never thought

I'd have a wife and family so soon.

This, to me, is too challenging.

I have decided to stall a bit.

I'll band over the two girls to you.
Straighten them out for me.


Dad and mom, I think we have
to cancel the wedding.


I have to find Bok Min.

Ma Yau!

Over there.

Mr. Ma...
Ah Yau...

Where are you going?

You've brought man people with you.

Big twin, Small twin!
Don't faint!

Old dad, old dad!

What to do now?

Run, of course.

They're gone.

Bok Min!

Don't run; come over quickly.

Exactly the same. Identical.

You're Bok Min? You're Ma Yau?

Who is who?

It's you!

What to do?

Take anyone you like.

It'll do?