Toys in the Attic (2009) - full transcript

In an attic full of discarded junk, a pretty doll called Buttercup lives in an old trunk together with her friends, the marionette Sir Handsome, the lovable Teddy Bear, a Mechanical Mouse and the plasticine creature, Laurent. When Buttercup is snatched and taken off to the Land of Evil, her pals set out on a wondrous and daring adventure to rescue her from the all-powerful Head of State.

Supported by the Czech State Fund
For Czech Cinematography

And the Ministry of Culture
of the Slovak Republic

A film by Jiri Barta


Concept and Screen Play




Executive Producer



Scenery Supervisor

VFX Supervisor





Time to get up my dears,
it's morning!

What's going on?

Oh, it's already morning...
So I've got lots to do. Take my hat.

Yes, what was it, this and that...
Ok, it's time to get to it...

Good morning Buttercup!
You look good today!

Good morning Schubert!

Good morning dear listeners! Your
Madame Curie at the microphone again

Let's get happily out of bed
and stretch our bodies a bit.

One, two. One, two. One, two.
One, two. One, two...

And stretch out those arms,
one, two, one, two, one, two!

Don't bend your legs,
one, two, one, two...

Ok, that's nice, one, two, and keep
breathing. One, two. One, two.

Don't stop. Don't stop.
One, two. One, two. One, two.

Attention. Stop!

Now, let out your breath.

And put your hands on your
shoulders like a bird.

Curie wishes you a happy, peppy day!

Until tomorrow morning, bye-bye.

Blasted, I'm lying here getting old,
while my food is getting cold.

- C'mon! I'm throwing first today!
- Blasted!

- It's my birthday today and my cake!
- We have to wait for Sir Handsome.

Buttercup our beauty winsome,
like a log did sleep Sir Handsome.

- Excuse me...
- Yay!

Throw it now Schubert!

So, is it settled yet?

Who has a birthday today?

Oh, I've got terrible luck.


I'm not playing, that's Teddy's
third birthday in a row!

So, Teddy - all the best!

Only you could make
such a nice cake.

Your are our star Buttercup!

Hey, hey!

Teddy, Teddy hurry up, no dawdling.

The passengers are waiting!

Take care of yourself Buttercup.

- Have a nice trip Teddy!
- Don't open the doorfor strangers!

- Farewell, Buttercup!
- Schubert, drive safely with them!

I'll snuff out that dragon chump,
My little princess round and plump.

Handsome, your lucky charm,
so you can finally beat that dragon.

Thank you Buttercup.

For without my lucky charm,
that dragon would surely do me harm.

Pardon me.

Come back in time for dinner!

Little screw...


"Waiting room"

Oh, it's already eight!

"Waiting room"

Handsome! Don't sleep!

I'm not sleeping, not sleeping...

I'm gathering up my strength, inner
- so I don't end up a dragon dinner.

Attention please!
The international express:

High Tatras, Alaska, Paris, Tokyo.
Will pass through on platform one.

End of announcement.

The Kasparov family, late as usual.

Good bye!

So... and that's that.

- Break a leg Handsome!
- Oh, it's already eight!

Take that! And that...

You monster you have my word,

I'll punish you with my sharp sword!


What's going on here?

Good lord! You've punctured
my dragon again...

That'll be anotherfifteen crowns,

Forward... Take that, and that...

At last I see you...

How beautiful you are little girl...

Such soft and delectable hair,
plump little fingers...

Some kind of stupid radio game,
what is Curie broadcasting?

You'll not turn me off little girl.

I'm looking forward to you!

When the train arrives,
ourflowers come alive!


The brakes!

Commence operation Buttercup!


Take that!

Take that! Phooey!

Disappear you beast! Scram!

Go away!

Take that you beast! Go away!

No, no, bad girl!

Don't poke out my lizard eye!

Careful don't get yourself dirty.

Well, well Andrea,
it's just a mess here!

I told you not to rummage
around in here.

It wasn't me grandma, I promise.

It wasn't?
Don't you blame it on the cat!

Andrea, hand me those clothes-pins!

"Humorous fairy tales"

Andrea, let's go!
Or I'll lock you in here!

Look what I found, grandma!

Show me.

It's a dirty old hag,

as old as Moses.

Leave her here.
See how it looks.

- But I like her grandma.
- But you have so many nicer dolls.

- I'm going to take her!
- There's nothing here for you!

- And won't the dolly be sad here?
- Not at all, she's got that Tomcat.

Andrea! Don't tell me
you weren't playing up here!

When we get downstairs
take off your dirty shoes.

Wow, look grandma,
what stuck to me!

Show me.

Yuck, some filth.
I'll scrape it off.


Teddy! Sir Handsome!



What's wrong Buttercup?

Nobody anywhere? Bad luck.

You'll have to jump down.
No other choice.

Down into the abyss?
Your eyes must be bad.

It's very deep. I'll surely die.

You won't.

I'll lend you my umbrella.

- You can return it at the bottom.
- I'm afraid grandpa.

Stop dawdling! Go!

Grandpa, do you know
how I can get home?

You have to go this way,
follow your nose and don't turn!


...two, four, eight...

This is the stationmaster.
I'm listening.

Teddy, you better brace yourself.
There's been a terrible accident!

- What's that rustling sound?
- It's your head! Listen to me!

Mrs. Nemechkova threw Buttercup into
the mountains. Run for Sir Handsome!

Tell Curie to proclaim an emergency.
I'll be up there in a jiffy.

Yes, And there's still...

Schubert, can you hear me?

What's going on? Hello?
Do you hear me?


That's a fine mess!

What happened here?

Buttercup! Hello!




Boys! Where are you?

Sir Handsome!

Take that...

Sir Handsome!

In the face of my sword,
who dares make a word?

It's me Handsome. Here.

What's so important
that you're standing here panting?

- Buttercup is lost in the mountains!
- Oh, my! Hurry, how did it happen?

Come quickly, I'll tell you
everything on the way.

And where's Schubert?

He said he'll be up here

"International border.
No trespassing!"

Finally, you have arrived.
I welcome you to my realm.

Who are you?
Help me please, I've got lost.

You know that I'm going to help you.

No, help... help...

Let me go... you beast!


Welcome, my winsome little doll.

Who are you? And what
do you want from me, Sir?

Absolutely nothing. Only you.

Let me go home immediately!


Just as I had imagined you.

You will like it here with me,
you'll see!

Let me go!
My friends will take care of you!

Now, now... l'm already afraid.
You mean this one?

Or these two?

- We have to go this way!
- No! This way!

Let me out, I want to go home!

Come now...

Not that!

We won't
become friends that way little girl!

My little kitten will
show her claws.

Teddy, Sir Handsome,
Schubert! Help...

- I don't see anything, turn around.
- All right.

I can see her already.

We can go.

Hurry up! Let's go Handsome!

It's you! I thought it was that tom.
He wreaked havoc here!

Two lamps, a transformer,
a condenser, everything shattered.

Curie announce an emergency please,
our Buttercup was...

What do you think I'm doing?
First I must make some repairs.

- But our Buttercup...
- I know everything.

Buttercup was kidnapped to the Land
of Evil. Heard it on the waves.

The Land of Evil? Where is that?

It's at the other end of the world.
It's a horrible trip.

- We are not afraid of the tomcat.
- It's not about the tomcat!

A golden Head rules there
and he's a powerful monster.

I'll take care of it in a flash!

It's better that you go.
Or you'll break everything in here.

Go to the mountains,
we'll meet up with you there.

- Get up Handsome! Come now!
- Lordy, please, c'mon...

And bravely, bravely we are off.

Sir Handsome, do you know the way?

Have no fear, just follow me,
and we'll reach the goal you'll see.

How do you like it in your
new house my child?

You better let me go. My friends will
return and I have to cook for them.

I see you don't know who you're
speaking to, I am all powerful.

I can do anything with you I want!
You ninny!

- That's because you're rude!
- Thank you for the shower.

You will regret that...
Get out of my sight!

Give her to us! Give her to us!

We'll take care of her!

We'll cook her!

We'll cook her!

You are right doctor,
we'll try something else.

And do a proper cleaning here,
little beauty.

Sir Handsome, are we there yet?

I can't go on.

Let's have a snack!

Now I'm sure that I can hear,
a mountain storm is coming near.

Sir Handsome, careful, run away!

Teddy... here I am!

Handsome! Handsome!

Be... fearless...

Oh my!

With my sword held high,
we'll climb to the sky!

Again already?

Forward! And away!

Hop to it!

All right. Like that,
do it right, I have to...

And whoops-a-daisy!

Oh my, what a beautiful falcon!

What is that before my eyes?

On the cliff a phantom flies!

OK! Perfect.

I'm afraid Curie won't find us here.
We'll surely freeze here.

If yourfaith doesn't fail,
we'll surely prevail!

Over the mountain we must be strong
find the Head and right this wrong.

All right Schubert, keep going,
almost there, almost there.

Just a little farther...

You think this room is clean?

If you're so smart,
clean it yourself.

Our little girl still hasn't
come to her senses.

Hey! Go away! What is that!

Wait, what the?

You hairy little beast, go away!

Go away!

Handsome! What are you doing?

Stop flinging yourself!


Hold on Schubert, hold on!

Hurry up! Up we go...

That turned out well Sir Handsome,
you clumsy idiot!

Now how are we going to
get to Buttercup?

Sir Handsome,
it doesn't look good here...

Let's go back!

The lunar light is shining bright,

- our path is clear, direction right.
- Yes, I see.

Ow, something bit me.

Where's my flint and steel?

What do you think
Buttercup is doing?

I'll leave a piece of cake for her.

Here you go Handsome...

Play so we won't be sad.

Help! Help...


- Sir Handsome! - Hey!
- You're burning!



The duke once said:
Always put out the fire right,

So it doesn't eat you in the night.

Well that went well...
How will we get there now?

Clean it well again, little girl!

"Do not disturb"

Hello, hello, it's Curie here!

Can you hear me? Our Buttercup
has been stolen to the Land of Evil!

I'm organizing a rescue party.

Come everyone who has a brave heart!

We will go up against evil,
all for one!

We will follow in the steps
of our brave friends,

who have gone on before us!

Sir Handsome, no trespassing!

This stupid sign here,
does not cause us fear!

If you say so, you go first.



Don't twist...

C'mon please.


Isn't this Buttercup's bootie?

With any luck we'll meet her.

Calling the administration center.

Copy the criminals' pictures at once
Those who threaten our land of peace

Finish boarding!

Dear brothers and sisters,
dear citizens...

Dangerous criminals have invaded:
Sir Handsome, Teddy and Schubert.

They wish to carry out subversive
anti-state activities.

Our common good
is threatened by these beasts.

I am declaring an emergency
in our land.

Remember, he who doesn't protect me,
isn't protecting himself!

It's you again?

- Let me go!
- Orders are orders, girl.

You're going nowhere.

What are you doing?

The little bird wanted to fly away!

You're trying in vain,
I'll never be yours.

Great idea doctor!

"Effective disinfectant mouth wash"

An airship through the heaven wends!

Come on Teddy, it's ourfriends!


Here! Here we are!

And that's it...

Sir Handsome!

- Rosie...
- Teddy!

Don't panic. We'll drown
half of them in the sea,

and the rest we'll batter
with papers.

Let loose the Black Sea!

Let's go! Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

Hello! Hello?

Hey there, hello.

- It's our Schubert!
- How will he get down here to us?

Watch out below!

They want to drown us!

Quickly, come with me!

Let loose you bugger!

- We'll see who is who!
- Quickly, this way!

Sea waves on full power!

Hurry, quickly...


Get on board!



Wait! I'll catch you!

Not even the mouse can be spared,
do you hear me?

- Not even that four-eyes!
- He's gonna get it from us!

We're gonna show him
what for, right?

Don't worry Rosie,
We'll give it to him.

My people! You on top,
and you at the bottom,

an insidious enemy has invaded
our peace-loving land

in order to steal Buttercup,
who wants to live with us.

We will teach them a lesson.
Everyone to their weapons!

Shoot at every living thing...

If it's alive
it's fatally dangerous!



- Hurray!
- Hurray!

- Hurray!
- Glory to our Leader!

Long live our Leader...

Set the table!

We must celebrate our victory!

Bravo doctor!

Here's to the honor or our victory,

and to my deletable wife!

Do you like me dear?

Kiss me on the forehead, my angel.

- Friends, we have arrived too late.
- What? - The Head has charmed her.

I'll speak to her.

We have to convince her
to return with us.

It's our duty.

A wise word from the scout,
would help us all out.

Teddy... Teddy...

I'm here! Teddy, Teddy!

Buttercup? Buttercup!
What are you doing here?

What about untying me, bear?
And I'll bake you a cake.



Here, here, I'm here!



Scout, help!

Stop dawdling you little squirt!

Give me a cigar my dear.

- Sir Handsome, who is that?
- Where did you find her Handsome?

What did you say?
I cannot hear.

I have freed our little dear!

I saved herfrom the water,
just look at me!

I was the one who saved our doll,
I brought her here to meet you all.

- You want to tell me who I freed?
- Are you blind? - I am Buttercup!

- I'm the real Buttercup! Who are you?
- What are you doing here sillies?

Follow me quickly! I've found her!


By Jove!

Stay! Be quiet!

Wait here!


Who dares touch my treasure?

I'll destroy you!

I'll crush you!

Quickly, everyone come here!

Come help me!

Come here! Hurry, here she is!

Darn it, don't crowd!

Slowly! Slowly! Carefully!

Buttercup! Wake up!

She's not moving! I have an idea!

I know mouth to mouth. I swear!

Wait! I'll wake her.


- Hurray!
- How did you find me?

- And where is the head?
- The head is no more.

But we have countless enemies here!
Hurry to the boat!

Wait Curie! Our Buttercup
can't run with only one bootie!


To dear Teddy?
That must be for me.

Oh... That's beautiful.

We're in a fix,
how will we get home?

I don't know...

Quickly, come help me!


Not that!


- Teddy...
- Hold on!

That's a beauty!

I don't want to be impolite friends.
But, who has a birthday today?

We do! We all have birthdays today!

We were all born anew.

- All the best, friends!
- All the best Handsome, Teddy...

- All the best Sir Handsome...
- All the best Schubert, all the best!

Subtitled by Mike Manning

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