Toyour elzalam (1995) - full transcript

Dedicated to Atef El Tayeb

The film is purely imaginative

Resemblance to any person
is purely accidental


Farouk Hassouna

What brings you at this
late time?

Welcome me first

Isn't it enough that those
damn kids broke my windshield?

- Was it you then?
- Me? What do you mean?

No, forget it

- Want a drink?
- A drink of what?

- What is this?
- Whisk y is too expensive

and it's diluted, this is cheap,
it doesn't need to be diluted

because it's already diluted.
Want some tea?

No, I don't want tea

I'll make you some tea

Do you have a case in
our court?

I've come to you at the request
of the big man

I'm glad he still remembers me

No tea, but it seems there
is coffee

- Want some coffee?
- Fathi, I don't want coffee

No, you'll have some coffee

The big man claims that
only you can handle this case

Here, study it and write
a report

Take your time, the hearings
are a month off

Here is two thousand pounds,
your fee in advance

And how much does the big man get?

Since when do we know
what he gets?

Before I look at the case,
my fee is ten thousand pounds

Put the sum on the file,
I'll start work

You can smoke these on a hubble-bubble
at the nearby cafe

You talk like I've got a say
in this

I'm a measly representative.

I'll connect you to the big man
and you discuss matters

Don't bother yourself,

this isn't a phone..
It's a door bell -

press the button outside,
it rings over here

but it can't carry phone calls

See what I mean?

- Hello, greatest of men
- Good evening, maître

In your presence,
I become three meters

- Do you have customers?
-No, go in

This is Mr. Farouk, a colleague,

a lawyer also, but only for
the pashas of Egypt

This Out El Eloub,

a kind lady, and friend,
and a customer,

a very constant customer with me.
She was accused of murder

- Of whom?
- Her husband, but I got her out

Go in, straight to the bedroom

So if her case is over,
what's she doing here?

- The rest of my fee
- How much did you get?

A kilo of kebab and kofta
and a bottle of stuff

You refuse two thousand
pounds and accept -

a kilo of kebab and kofta
and a bottle of stuff?

I do what I will

- The kofta, maître
- Did you take the case?


- And the money?

Go, God be with you

If the big man agrees,
welcome back -

and don't forget to get one of
those stuff bottles

- And if he doesn't agree?
- Lawyers by proxy are plenty

The kofta, maître

- You eat in the bedroom?
- The fog is thick at night

Go on so you can see ahead of you

Don't fear for me, I see ahead
of me quite clearly

After you eat the kilo of meat
and drink the stuff,

you will not be able to
see what's beneath your feet

I never look beneath my feet,
I always look ahead

Get it? Upwards, greet the big man


- The kofta
- Coming, coming, you monster

First Degree Court

Morning, Mr. Fathi

Is the destruction of human
relations required?

Are we to change people to
inanimate objects

Your Honour, the Egyptian family
depends on close social -

and traditional relations..

Please, stick to the core
of the problem

- What's up?
- A new judge and as you see,

none of us can talk sense
in front of him

Your Honour, the truth is -

that there is no case because
the accusation we face is -

that this man tried to kiss
this girl in public,

that is to say in the street and
this is exactly what happened

This man is the uncle of
this girl..

Her uncle, the brother of her mother!

He was working in Saudi Arabia
as a math teacher

She had not seen him
for 4 years, so when they met

the warm family relations made
her run up to him and scream :

"How are you, uncle! I miss you, uncle"

"My niece, how have you grown up"

and he kissed her on her cheek

The emotion and love of a
father and daughter

And here, your Honour, is an
official certificate proving -

that my client is the uncle of
the girl -

and here also is another
document stating that -

they met on the second day of
his homecoming

Hence your Honour I plead
innocence from the accusation -

of an indecent act performed
in public

A fine of five hundred pounds

- But he's her uncle, your Honour
- He did kiss her, didn't he?

He kissed her but he's her uncle

But the passers-by in the street

don't know that he's her uncle

They saw a man kissing
a woman in public,

an indecent act..
next on the roll

The judge is very strict
and I'm scared

Your case is number 36,
still a lot of time,

I promised you acquittal,
I'll get it

No, wait, say something

If I defend you, you will
get the most cruel sentence

I'm out for a while

Haven't you seen Mr. Aly El Zanati?

Hello, Aly

Hello, Fathi

- Do you have a case here?
- No

So what are you doing?

Listening to the trials

Come, I need you

- Me, defend a slut?
- She is not a slut

and the accusation hasn't
been proven

- Even so
- And so what if she's a slut?

How does she differ from
the drug dealers,

thieves and killers you're
always defending?

- Why don't you defend her?
- The judge won't like my looks

but when he sees you,
he'll feel at ease,

and will listen to you.
I'm sure of what I say

OK, for the friendship
and the old times between us

Give me a quick idea about the case

The girl was caught with
a guy in bed

What are you listening for?

- Well?
- I'll tell you, come

All ye o faithful,

if you are approached
by an infidel with news,

check it out less you harm
people through ignorance -

and become regretful of
what you have done

Thus in truth, spoke God the Great

Your Honour, and before we delve
into details,

we have two motives,

and we want after praying
to our Prophet,

to prove them because -

they are the proof of innocence
by the will of God

The first plea is the invalidity
and incorrectness

of searching and arrest due
to the lack of a court order -

from the Prosecutor General
to do so,

and the lack of apprehension
during the act

The second plea is the lack of
presence of a crime,

such a crime presupposed
being a habitual one-

and that it is committed in
exchange for a fee,

in accordance to what is
stated in the penal code

Your Honour, the documents in
front of you lack -

the apprehension of any
proof or currencies with -

the defendant at the moment
of arrest

The big boss is waiting
personally for you outside

And the incident, is a trivial,
unnecessary matter,

mainly that the officer who
arrested her

wanted to present his services
to her,

but she refused to be led by
this demonic lust, hence,

her arrest was a form of
revenge and punishment

We seek the justice of the court,

and the ruling of the innocence
of the defendant

I thank your Honour


Next case

This is a noted day in the
history of the entire governorate

A VIP honoured it with
this visit today

You two-piece joker

Get in, Fathi, get in

- How can I open it?
-Get in

Are you aware, you little rebel,

that I was offered the post
of governor here and I refused?

We lost and you won, Mr. Shawkat

We lost an honourable governor
and you won peace of mind

Did you ask Farouk about my share
in the case I sent you?

- A million pounds

My share in the case is a
million pounds

So I wasn't mistaken to
ask for ten, one hundredth

And you'll get the ten
thousand pounds now

Give them to him, Farouk

And you'll receive twenty
percent if we get off innocent

That is two hundred thousand

Give him the case, Farouk

Farouk, wait, did you get the stuff?

OK, take these with you

Does the suitcase hold any thing
beside the case, the money,

and the you-know-what?

Give me the suitcase because
this is an important case

The prosecutor has turned
the case over to the court,

and it has no loopholes the
defense can escape through

That's your game

The defendants are all public
and important figures -

and a ruling of innocence
will save many VIPs

Every bolt has its screwdriver

Would you like to stay in a hotel -

so as to concentrate your efforts
on studying the case?

It isn't worth it

Tell us where you're going.
We'll drop you off

It wouldn't work, Mr. Shawkat

Where I'm going, if a car
like this enters,

a revolution would erupt



Place for one for Zambeel Al Gabal

How are you, Om Saad?

Who is it, Fatheya?

It's our glowing youth Fathi,
son of Nofal

May he rot in hell,

coming to visit his mother
and father empty handed

Shit! Who on earth is knocking!

See who it is, boy

Why are you in such a hurry?

- How are you, Mansour?
- How are you, Mr. Fathi?

- How are you doing, father?
- How are you doing, son?

Didn't I ask you to forget
about this job?

This is the job that feeds us,
while you've forgotten us

And besides, what's wrong
with this job?

Didn't it make you an effendi
and a bey?

Where's my mother?

Your mother's gone to offer
condolences to Al Senousi

- He died this morning
- This is one God-damned day

She too doesn't want to stop working

Let's go, mother

Never think I'm an ingrate,

or ignorant of what you have
done for me

Father, starting today you'll
stop weaving these mats -

and mother won't be a professional

Starting today, it's a new world

Take, pa

These are ten thousand pounds,

the first ever decent sum
I have earned

I want you to buy land,
I want you to be a land owner

I'll send you more money

so you can buy more,

and when you've reached an

send for me so I can write
the contracts myself

Hold on, mom, there's mourning
in a house nearby

Fathi, Fathi

- Have you been waiting long?
- Where have you been?

I was visiting my parents

I was disturbed when I couldn't
find you after the court ruling -

of innocence for your client

Why don't you keep this classical
Arabic for the court,

speak simple, we're at
a sidewalk cafe

People say "good evening"

You've come to take your fee,
isn't that so?

No, no, I've come to discuss
other grand plans

That's fine, but each receives
his due share

I cede all my share in
today's trial

No, no, by justice,
each takes 50%

but it is I who cede my share

You cede, I don't. Let's go up
because I need to go to the loo

Our bill, brother

Sometimes, going to the loo is
better than the bridal suite

- Isn't this enough?
- What do you mean?

- The chaos you're living in
- Don't worry yourself, Aly

What's the important business
you wanted me for?

- I want you with us
- With you where?

- In Cairo
- Do what in Cairo?

To have an office there

Why don't you look at yourself, Aly?

I'm okay, I have an office there

and now it's at the stage
of preparation

Now you'll also tell me the cases
are good and ready

This is true

And who is this who hands out bureaux

for lawyers with ready court cases?

This question comes ahead of its time

This will be in exchange for what?

Nothing.. In exchange
for nothing

Zanati, there is nothing
made for nothing in exchange

Mention this thing so we can
determine if it's worth it or not

Answer the phone

This isn't a phone,
it's the door bell

My, did you finish with
all the procedures so quickly?

Your money butters your way out

Greet Mr. Zanati the lawyer,
who got you off the hook

May God help you always and
elevate you higher and higher

What's going on?
I beseech you, God!

You see, our lawyer here
doesn't like kissing

- What does he like then?
- He doesn't like anything

May God protect me

- Go on, sit and eat
- I'm full of joy, sir

There are things that need to be
washed, wash them

while I tend to business
with our lawyer

Come and eat, Aly

Are you crazy, I eat from
the sweat of sluts?

You see, this kebab is in
fact my payment,

and you asked for 50% of it,
at your own will

May God protect me

She isn't a slut, the court
found her innocent

The sentence is still hot,

just like this kebab,
come on, eat

Eat what?

Come on, eat, you've already
eaten many times before

Your main job will be the defense
of callers of the faith

That is of course in addition
to the normal cases

Will there be payment?

Or will the cost of the bureau
be paid back in court cases?

The bureau is a gift

A gift?

No one accepts a gift without knowing
its source

A clean and honest source, donations
from religious and pious people.

Funds from Al Zakah,

support from countries
concerned about Islam

And since when are the funds
of poor Muslims -

used to finance bureaux
for lawyers?

Don't give me a headache

Calculate how many years have
passed since our graduation

What have we accomplished?

Don't think we're real lawyers,

we work for crumbs

Those who write out applications
earn more than you or I

What do we do? Some beating,

a stolen goat, a squabble
over a milling wheel?

If you get the chance to be
something -

never for a moment turn it down

- The matter is...
- Interest...

Where is your interest?

I love this frankness very much, Aly

Why did you choose me?

Did I ask why you chose me
to defend -

that girl washing your
clothes in the bathroom?

I chose you because I correctly
read the judge

All he lacked was a beard

I thought I'd get him one
of his own team

Great, many judges don't
like the likes of us in court

So you work with your team

So I'll be without a beard

Just join us, with or without
a beard. What do you think?

Shall we read the Fatihah
in confirmation?

This opportunity seems out of
size for me -

because opportunities
are like shoes

They're either too tight so
you limp -

or too wide and you end up

Yes, but you are turning your
back to a sound and solid future

Your opportunity has no future

Aly, you'll take fame and fortune

but never forget you'll be against
the government

And why not say one of
the revolutionaries

What revolutionaries?
Are you kidding?

You just said the matter was
that of interests

It seems you enjoy defending
widows, divorced women -

and.. girls of ill fame

I'm like you in a way,
waiting for an opportunity,

but one that fits me,
and it'll come

Here, Aly

Don't say you've stopped playing

I'd really be disappointed

Take it, Aly

Ya wash ya wash, Aly

Yawash yawash, o swing

Don't upset it, o swing

Alley alley cop

Fathi Nofal - The Lawyer


I put the tea kettle on
the stove

- Isn't there any food?
- You know better

Rats would desert this house

You know how to read, right?

Of course, I have a diploma
in commerce

A diploma in commerce?

So why didn't you get a job
instead of walking this bad path?

Does the government have
any free jobs?

The private sector, in a shop,
a company, a factory

And work for what? Sixty pounds?

The boss squeezes you,
and gets what he wants

So why not free lance better?

How much do you earn working free?

A thousand pounds, a bit higher,

a bit lower, it depends

Isn't that a low price for selling -

oneself the whole month?

It's not exactly every day,
I'd be working on and off

- On and off?

What do you say to working for me -

instead of this free work of yours?

- Work as what?
- Everything

- How much will you pay?
- Three hundred pounds

I'll be washing and cooking
and cleaning,

making tea, changing the bed sheets
every day

In addition to office work

And that too? So why not pay
the thousand?

With me you'll be respectable,
and that has a price

I'll pay five hundred



- Sign the contract?
- Let's sign the contract

The window is open

The contract must be signed
in daylight

- Good morning
- Good morning

- Is our boss in?
- Do you have an appointment?

Just tell him it's Fathi Nofal
the lawyer

Mr. Fathi Nofal, the lawyer, sir

Please, enter

- Hello, hello, Fathi
- Good morning, sir

The case didn't take but
ten days, is this possible?

That was all it took, and besides,

in the countryside we're
considered idle

I won't take too much of your time

Well, did you find a passage

The case has five loopholes, sir,

three that blow it sky-high,

and the remaining two lift up
the debris

Oh my God, you see through your
cases in a very strange way

To wrench out the loopholes-

it was necessary to squeeze
them out, sir

These are the loopholes, sir

These are the loopholes of
the case that aroused -

public attention?

It's all up to you, sir

I'll have to excuse myself now -

and I'll await Farouk
and the rest of my fee

- Are you that sure?
- Days are close

Why don't you spend the night?
I might need you

I am here tonight due to
an occasion I'm attending

Where are you staying so
I can call if I need you?

Any hotel near the railway station

Book a room at the Sheraton
for Mr. Fathi Nofal the lawyer

- With a drink, sir
- Full Board

Aly El Zanati, the lawyer

Fathi, please come in,

Peace be upon you all

I was sure I'd meet you here

- How are you, Fathi?
- Okay, praise the Lord

Aly has invited the whole gang

- Except the girls
- Of course not


- What is this, brother?
- Rice pudding

Could you get me something cold?

- We have cinnamon
- God bless you, no cinnamon

What is going on, Fathi?

Aly chose the path that
suits him well

Get up, let's go

May God keep this bureau help -

and sustenance for all the poor
and defenseless


May God keep it for innocence forever


May God keep those who
enter it deprived,

leave it triumphant in
the name of God


May God scatter your gathering


May God make you all gobbledygook


A blessed opening, brother Aly,

Was Aly El Zanati in the
Muslim Brotherhood?

To my knowledge, at the
university he was a communist

No, he was Brotherhood hidden
among the communists

The communists have meager funds,

the Brotherhood now has huge
reserves. Aly El Zanati,

as you've seen, has chosen
the rice pudding

Why not smoke hookah at the cafe?

Come, come I'll take you
to a decent place

Seems to me, such a sitting
could cost you -

the pay of one of those
countryside cases

So what will you do when
you find out -

I live in this place, upstairs?

- Do what?
- Yes, what would you do?

- I'd fear you
- No, don't fear

I'm still honest, I'm just
invited here -

for one night's work

Are you thinking of switching sides?

You know something? These days
nothing is guaranteed

- What do you do nowadays?
- I work in digits


I'm head of the accounts
department in a sweets factory

a job with no lies

No lies yes, but embezzlement
is possible

Who hates lying,
hates embezzlement, Fathi

Yawash yawash, o swing

Don't upset it, o swing

Alley alley cop

All the dresses look really
beautiful -

how'd you guess my size?

If I can't guess your size
number, who in blazes can?

And look at your hands, like
a scale, you miss no detail

Do you know French?

- What?
- French

No, but you can figure and decide

I meant French, the language

- No, nothing
- What about English?

"Good morning", "how are yon?"

- Is that English?
- Sort of

The coming days need everything
to be good and proper

Today is the court ruling in
the major corruption case,

anyone want to bet?

And why bet? Conviction
is inevitable

It seems you don't know what
Shawkat Attest has done?

He has rendered the case
to shreds

Nevertheless, this is a case
of public interest

The court is ruled only by law



- Listen, please
- "Blease"

- I'm Mr. Laker
- "Leika"

Hi, Samira

- I'm English
- English

- I'm a teacher
- "Teeeechar"

The best door bell,
and the best phone ring

- Samira
- Yes, sir

Get the door, the court ruling
has arrived

With pleasure

Welcome, welcome, sir

Please come in, we have been
expecting you


Congratulations to all of us

By the way, you are invited by
the boss to a party held -

by those who won the case

Am I invited alone, or can
I bring someone along?

All whom your heart desires

- When's the party?
- Next Thursday

Okay, next Thursday book me two
adjacent rooms at the Sheraton

Will you count the money
or should I go?

No, go, or wait

- How much is this batch?
- Ten thousand pounds

It's yours

Who is it? Who knocks so
hard? Easy on it!

Fathi! Welcome, welcome

You should have told us,
dear son,

we'd have slaughtered something
in your honour

Time is vital, take, father

What is this? A pair of shoes?

There is 180,000 pounds

- What?
- 180,000 pounds

I want you to buy more land -

and build a new house in
the clearance

Come on, surface on top
of the world, come on

If I weren't ashamed, I'd do
like Aly Baba when -

he entered the cave and
screamed: "Gold,

diamonds, precious stones!
I thank you, God"

p don't believe it, Shelbaya

Celebrate, Shelbaya

We need swift, quick and
effective movement,

and the creation of sensation
is imperative,

and therefore our movement
in the matter of the call -

be as follows, Brother Maged Magdy
will raise -

a court case against state
television demanding stoppage -

of all indecent programs,
like all quiz shows,

advertisements and the like

Brother Said Hamed will raise
a case against the university -

because it banned the entrance
of a veiled girl

Here's a letter of appointment
from her father

Brother Amr Azkalany,

you will raise a court case in
Mehalla El Kobra because -

there's a movie theater that
needs to be demolished -

and as you know, the law
forbids this

And you Amr, always
succeed in such cases

- May God be with us
- If it pleases God

Brother Abd El Hamid Al Touni,

you will raise a court case
demanding the confiscation -

of pornographic books, this
file has a list of their names

Yes, let him in quickly

Leave now, I have to tend to
important matters,

we will continue later


Welcome, sir.
Please come in

This is a great honour.
Close the door, Abd El Rehim

You gain admiration day by day, Aly

Praise be to God

The Brothers have decided,
all being convinced

to assign you to a leading post

I have dedicated myself
to God and to you

You will visit the Brothers in prison

Prisoners? What I have to do -

with our prisoner brothers?

What is the purpose of this visit?

Be patient, boy.
You are their lawyer,

and your visit is legal
as their representative

And of what character is
the mission?

Always, the big ones are for
the big missions, Aly,

and you have become one of
the leaders

Now you are one of the big
brains between us,

and when you meet the Brothers there,

you will understand the importance
of the case -

and the importance of yourself

Oh my God! What is this
brother, Mr. Fathi?

Was I teaching you English to
enable you to talk like this?

- I mean who are these?
- These are those who live

This party is a corruption
case in its own right


Good evening, sir

I've been searching for
your Excellency

- Your Madame, of course
- She's my office manager


Let me introduce you to the
top people in the country

Sayed Pasha, center
of the case

Mr. Fathi Nofal,

one of my students and a
rare genius lawyer,

and to him, a lot of credit
goes in your case

Thank you, it was all due
to your magnanimity

Great respect goes to him,

and to all those who helped us

Please, go enjoy yourself.
Go on, Madame

This party is not because
I got off free,

but to prove there is still
sound justice

Music, entertainment!

- What is all this, Fathi?
- I don't know

I'm afraid to eat anything
which might turn out wrong

Excuse me, do you have white
beans with rice?

I'm sure it's a grand conspiracy
against me

Those good-for-nothings in
the party want to -

chuck me out, in some children's
game to boot

Your place is respected in
the Ministry,

and you have a sound reputation
with the big man

No one can plot against you

The party wants to nominate me
for a constituency which -

I haven't visited for twenty years,

to run against a very popular man

Surely they want me to go
into election -

and lose and then find myself
out of the Government

- Withdraw from the elections
-I can't

I'll seem scared and lose
my popularity

Run the elections and come
what may, and by the way,

I know a young lawyer who can help
you a lot. He's here tonight

You were saying, sir,
how much does this cigar cost?

- Forty pounds
- Why?

I'll tell you why, only because
you're a nice guy

In its country of origin,

they get the tobacco leaf
damp and flattened,

then they roll it on the
thighs of virgin girls

Oh, on the thighs of virgin girls

- Is it worth it?
- Of course it's worth it

It seems this one was rolled on
the thighs of one that -

married at least sixty times

The minister inquires about
a fellow countryman

Does anything escape your Excellency?

Abd El Hamid El Seyoufi

He's a great man, a good man

This man, if he runs for
People's Assembly elections,

would he win?

Not only win, but would
overtake everyone

Even if his Excellency the
Minister is running opposite

See here, your Excellency,

Abd El Hamid El Seyoufi has a
popular tobacco factory,

that means that in every cafe,
in every home -

there's a packet of tobacco
that bears his name

And apart from that
shares in -

people's weddings, funerals,

he slaughters during feasts
and finances poor homes

and even cheating won't work
with him

- And what could work?
- Nothing except death

Apart from death

This is a matter that needs thinking

Think about it,

and if you come across a
good idea,

my office is open

Are you sure this is the one
who can help me?

He's a genius

Those who see this country from
above see it so differently -

from those who see it from below

Which is better, the one from
above, or the lower part?

He who wants to see it pretty,
must see it always from above

Is this the first time you
live high above?

The first time, but it won't
be the last

Down there is choking:
jams, poverty and polluted air,

and people walking the streets,
bumping into each other

That's it, we won't live down
there anymore,

we'll always live up here

We know there is no hope for us
going out soon -

but we hope for our movement
to continue outside

as it should be and even better

Your burdens are heavy and

and the souls of many of
our brothers

are now a responsibility
around your neck

Haj Youssef Abdallah,

owner of one of money exchange
companies in Mohandessen

- I know him
- Go see him, and when alone,

recite to him Cow surah from
the 12th verse to the 15th

I want you all to be assured,

all proceeding of your arrest
are illegal

Furthermore, all your
confessions were extorted

under torture and coercion. We
will meet in court, God willing

The operation must be
finished before the trial

- Say: God willing
- God willing

I don't want any phone calls

- What will you do?
- We work the American way

What do you mean?

I will be manager of your
election campaign

Consider it done

My pay will be the pay
of a court case

- And how much is that?
- 200 thousand pounds

200 thousand pounds?

Since when have you been
paid this sum?

You are a village lawyer

The corruption case which you
attended the party celebration of

So what did Shawkat Atteya do?

Mr. Shawkat stood in court
with his name

and fame and his eloquent
linguistics -

and read out every word
I wrote for him

and received eight hundred
thousand pounds

But I calculated that the
budget for my entire -

campaign would be two hundred
thousand pounds

A great budget, only if your
party is backing you -

and providing your opponent
is anyone other than Al Seyoufi

What in your opinion is
an acceptable budget?

Half a million pounds

You're ensuring yourself,

brushing away a powerful opponent -

and overcoming those enemies
who already have -

the knife over your neck

I'll consider it a gamble of

God will help us succeed,

And if they meet the faithful,
they proclaim their faith,

and if they are alone with
their demons,

they say we are with you,
we are ridiculing

God ridicules them and furthers -

their despotism to blindness.
Thus spoke God the Almighty

God bless all of you, and we ask Him,

the Almighty, to shelter you -

and make you and your
youth victorious

Hey, have you increased your
visits to Cairo?

Or do you dwell in the city now?

No, not yet, get me a
cup of coffee

Harbi, a cup of coffee,
exact sugar

I need you for a job that will
bring you a good sum of money

How much?

You'll get what you want

Yes, but I've left the law
business since ages,

now I simply tend to book
and registers

No, this has nothing to do
with book tending,

it has something to do
with elections

Don't tell me you're
planning to campaign?

Not me, Rushdi El Khayal is
running in my hometown

and I'm handling his election

- What do you need of me?
- I need your expertise

You were always a whiz kid as
far as elections were concerned

and were the best one to say
slogans, you're a revolutionary

And is this Rushdi El Khayal

That is not our concern,
this is work

Must we do anything for
anyone as long as he pays?

- This is how the country goes
- No, no, seek someone else

All what is needed are some
fiery slogans to be written -

on signs of cloth.. that's it

What signs do you speak of?

You want naked people to stare
at unreachable signs of cloth?

- I'll pay you 10,000 pounds
- Save them

I believe very much in my slogans,

and will never sell them
or use them

for a policy I do not believe in

Aren't you aware of what's
going on around you?

You come and ask me to
act as broker for elections?

Isn't that better than smoking

I puff with the smoke some of
the anger inside me

No use with you, you're a lost
cause with your slogans

When you're sober, send for me

- And the coffee?
- I don't want coffee

Good evening

And peace and the mercy of
God be upon you

Is Mr. Aly in?

He is being interviewed by

"Opinion Forum" or
"Speech of the Soul"?

Not Egyptian television,
it's the BBC

- Where?
- The BBC

On the BBC

In answering your question, dear
sister, we condemn violence -

and terrorism. and the Islamic
movement in Egypt -

has legitimate demands,
seeks to realize them,

and he will, God's willing

Our first demand is the rule
with God's book -

and the teaching of his prophet

But you use violence to realize
these goals

In fact, it is the government
who always initiates-

the circle of violence,

and some brothers see,
and they might be right,

that this is a matter of Jihad,
the duty of every muslim

Doesn't it pain you,
the bloodshed between people

of the same nation
and the same faith?

O sister, a Jihad in the name
of God must have some victims,

and bloodshed is bound to occur,

and this has been recorded
throughout history

Martyrs will enter paradise

Mr. Aly, by your calculations,

how strong is the Islamic
movement in Egypt?

God bless them, are you
casting an evil eye?

Anyway, they are in constant
increase thanks be to God

The Islamists have in fact
reached rule -

in Afghanistan,

but now they are in bloody

Could this be the case
if they took power?

I believe it will be different
as the disharmony -

between brethren can be
brought under control

By the way, the government is
very clever -

it leaves you to speak as you want,

granting interviews inside
and outside

It has left you all the mosques,

all this to prove it is a
democratic government

And we are very pleased with
this democracy

Of course you are pleased

The government wants to create a
reputation, and no one believes it,

while you gain new ground daily

Your presence is clear and felt

Something of a fait-accompli

Fathi, your future is with us

Everything in due time,

no one knows what the coming
days hold for us

Aly, if my future really
worries you, I need your help

You know I can never delay
anything you ask for,

as long as it is within my reach

Rushdi El Khayal is running in
our constituency against -

Abd El Hamid El Seyoufi,
and we need your help

We need the votes of your brethren

- For which one?
- For Rushdi El Khayal

Rushdi El Khayal?
He is a corrupt man

And what but a corrupt man
do you need?

You prosper on corruption

And what do we get in exchange?

If you want money, we'll pay

No, no money, we have more
than you can imagine

So, what are your demands?

We will consider it a compliment,

on condition that it be returned
if ever -

we need the reciprocation

You do, as a matter of fact,
have bundles of money

It is Rushdi El Khayal,
the revolutionary man

It is he who refuses the
squandering of funds unnecessarily

Rushdi is not in need of slogans
on signs of cloth,

but rather the cloth is
needed for your sons -

and daughters for a better
and brighter future

Go all of you, take the cloth

Rushdi, Rushdi, Ooh, Ooh

What does "Ooh Ooh" mean, Fathi?

It's the new national
and popular cry,

we must keep up with times

May God keep you and save you
on Earth and in Heaven

- Kiss him
- What? He's got scabies

Kiss him on the mouth

Long live Rushdi El Khayal,
hero of the poor and scabied

Long live Rushdi El Khayal,
hero of the poor and scabied

Long live the scabied

Long live the scabied

May God never shame you

He's wet

Rushdi El Khayal, hero of
the wet ones

Rushdi El Khayal, hero of

Rushdi El Khayal, hero of
the wet ones

Good evening, sir

I hope you're pleased with us

Officer of the security service,
Kamal Abul Oan

- Do you order anything?
- I want to talk to you

Can we talk alone in a secluded

As you wish

Who will your vote go to?

I have no vote in this constituency

You know I'm not from these

You know that the government's
nominee must win

If the government wants
him to win

I love your openness, sir,
and this is why -

I also will be open with you.
I want to strike a deal with you

I know you're a lawyer
but you must know -

you are talking to an officer
of the security service

- The bargain is legal
- If it's legal we can talk

I want to strike Abd El Hamid
El Seyoufi in his birth place

I want all the votes to go
to Rushdi El Khayal

- That's impossible
- Quite, to the contrary

if you listen to me, it will
be quite easy

The Gharabawy family is one
of the biggest in town

Tewfik El Gharabawy as you well
know, is a drug dealer

I want you to arrest him
two days before the elections

If you weren't a lawyer

Is arresting people that simple?

Where is the permission of
the prosecutor?

- Caught red-handed
- What?

- Red-handed
- And then?

What will the Gharabawy family do?

They will go to their friend,
Abd El Hamid El Seyoufi

They will ask him to interfere
and he will in fact interfere

- And then what?
- He'll come to you, ignore him

Then Rushdi Ell Khayal will come,

and to him I give all my attention,

and release Tewfik El Gharabawy

Of course, because our slogan
is "Deeds not Words"

Rushdi El Khayal,
a landslide victory

Fathi, you removed the knife
from over my neck before -

I was slaughtered, you will by force
remain with me always


Fathi, Fathi, Ooh Ooh

Fathi Fathi, Ooh Ooh

I can't understand why you're
removing the sign

The bureau is no longer
of any use

After the minister won, has he
taken you under his wing

I'm never placed under a wing,
I'm his right arm

his office manager.
I'm changing residence

What about me? Get me a job

You don't fit in a job.
The salary won't suit you

You'll go back to your original job

Do you want me to go back
to one-night stands?

Don't be stupid, you'll go
back to your real job

Don't you carry a diploma
in commerce?

- You'll work in commerce

You, too, will change residence

What about this apartment?

This will be a home for
the family

They too will change residence

Why is your mood strange, son?

I want to know what goes
on in your head?

After you made us live on top
of the world

and we own a house and
own land

you want us to leave here
and go live in the city?

Yes, mother, and what I tell you
to do, just do

Here everything will remain
as it is

I just want to save you from the
glare and gossiping of people,

specially because we're
branching out

Your son is riding the wind,

And he is taking us with him, Nofal

The minister has been in his
office for ten minutes

And you know this well,
everything is negotiable

except the orders of the President

Try to meet the President and
present your point of view

But I can't present someone
else's point of view

and no matter how close
I am to the President


- Good morning, sir
- Good morning

There are several matters that
need your immediate concern

Fathi, my trust in you is limitless

Any decision you see fit, make it.
I authorize you

This kind of trust I fear for
myself of,

and a responsibility I am
incapable of handling

I'm busy with too many other
more important things

At last I've found you to
carry this burden

The big man keeps calling me,

the political problems have no end

With this kind of trust

I can only offer my complete

There is only one little thing

- Ask for anything
- The party

Are you still not officially
in the party?

If you're not in the party,
who is?

I don't need anything from
the party -

I need membership only to be
close to you

since we want to put our house
in order

Fill in this form

Thank you, Mr. minister

Excuse us, Haj Nofal, we burden
you with our demands,

but we look up to you,
you're father of the Pasha

What is it you want, boy?

Uncle Hussein Fattouh is a
kind old man -

and seeks a service from you

Granted, God willing

Sit, son, get him a
soft drink or some tea

I'm not through, yet.
Go to hell!


This one, this one, and this one


Yes, Fathi. What's in all
these files?

They need your Excellency's

they are all requests for
petty services from members

of the People's Assembly

Remove them

Now that the election is over,

they want to recompensate
from month one?

Mr. Minister, if you would only
be more patient with me

How many are the members of
the People's Assembly?

450 give or take, I'm not sure

Of these 450, how many are influential?

Unfortunately, not many

100, may be 50

Of them we need only ten
or fifteen members -

- to support us constantly
- To do what?

Does any of them know even
how to swat a fly?

And besides, if we open the door
to these requests,

we'll never see the end of it

They'll be the soldiers
that defend you in time of need

and they will be the bouncers -

if you need to teach someone
a lesson

I'll try to understand from you,
Fathi, go on

Each one of these esteemed
members has a following

He doesn't get them,
they gather around him -

You are aware that there are
people in the Assembly -

who neither understand nor
know anything at all

Those that you see snoozing
or daydreaming

Each of them awaits someone
else to explain

Each one has behind him
five or six, ten or twenty

Why do we need them?

Use them to aggravate your enemies -

with huge questions and drown
them in legal mumbo-jumbo

Keep them exposed constantly,

busy defending themselves in
every hearing or meeting,

and this besides the impression
given to the public opinion

If I thought like you do
two years ago,

I'd by now be Prime Minister

And these same members will
come to our defense -

if we ever get the boot

Fathi, did you graduate a
lawyer or an engineer?

I like loyalty in work

- What's this chic look?
-I am your façade, sir

And what a great façade!


Samira, today you will
get a VIP customer, a surprise

He asked me from where
I got my chic look, I told him

No, no discount.. we seek
special service

We want him to hook on to
that chic look

Naglaa, there is a company
of sweets called Fontana

I want its owner or general manager

No, I don't know names

May I know what's behind this
decision of yours?

Simple, we have a new
financial department -

- which has a manager
- Who is this manager?

- You know
- He is my assistant

You appoint my assistant
as my manager?

Each to his ability, Mr. Mohsen

Does that mean that I'm not
capable enough?

You're capable in the position
you're in

Thank you very much

You will receive my resignation
in five minutes

I'm sure this size will
suit you, 54 large

- Excuse me
- Consider yourself on the beach

The swimsuit in any case is
much shorter than this

Yes, but we must in any
case stick to norms

Norms are that your Excellency
try out in the clearing

to feel totally at ease

Customers might drop in
and you know my position

Your position, oh it's taken
into total consideration

You're worth all the customers
we have,

I put a sign that says
"closed" outside

So you can try, try things
at ease, Mr. Minister

Come out

This is much better,

that room was crammed
and hot and stuffy

Mr. Rushdi

- Samira, my name is Samira

What a lovely name!

- Mr. Rushdi
- Yes, Samira

Would you like me to dress you
up to my taste?

Of course, of course

Mr. Rushdi, would you like to
try out the jacket first -

or the pants?

- What do you think?
- Both ways are possible

Do whatever you want

The party at this particular stage -

has to present new solutions to
the problems facing the country

Haven't you noticed that the
minister's language -

has improved dramatically”?

Look at the wizard beside him
and you'll know the reason

- Who is it?
- Later

And it is no secret that there
are other political forces -

that claim nationalism

but in fact spray their poisons
among the people and so,

the spread of trust and calm
amongst the masses

is in the forefront of duties
of the party

- Mr. Minister

We hope the Ministry of the Interior
fulfills -

its duties of security towards
the spread of damaging rumors

It is assumed that matters
like this -

are dealt with decisively


There is no turning back on
democracy -

that the party has chosen

- Dialogue
- What?

The importance of dialogue

The importance of dialogue
is the basis of democracy


What dialogue, Mr. Minister?

Are these people to open a
dialogue with?

They have us accused of corruption -

and people believe them

Let those who speak go on speaking

Speech has never held back
a people's march

This man is corrupted.
Get him

Stop listening to what others say,

but that doesn't mean we defend
the corrupters

He who sees himself corrupt
should have some decency,

and as the proverb goes:
"People in glass houses.."

Who was that sitting next
to Rushdi El Khayal?

Fathi Nofal, a lawyer and
his office manager,

Without him, Rushdi is just
another ass

That kid is dangerous to us,
now and in the future

Find out about him,
there must be something wrong

That guy will end up swallowing
all of us

You don't call,
so I thought I'd call

You've always been great,
Fathi. What'II you drink?

I felt that I missed you
so I passed by

I hear good stuff about you

I'm a bit angry at you,
not even a phone-call?

I know you're busy and didn't want
to disturb you

My business never keeps me away
from my friends

- How are you doing?
- Fine

Your work going on strong?

No, I left my job some time ago

And did you get a better job?

No, there were some developments
at my work which didn't suit me

I gave in my resignation
and they accepted it

And now what?

Surely I'll find a better job,
it's just a matter of time

You should have called me
Mohsen, we are brothers

Do you want to work in any
Arab country?

I have lots of friends
and connections

I'm here in this country,
Fathi, and will never leave it

Strange. My mother's calling
on the car-phone

My deepest condolences,
be strong

Strength is from God

The deceased was very close
to us all

And he did great services

God bless you

But there is one small matter
I wish to tell you about

Go on

Your father, God bless his
soul, before he died,

took 5000 pounds from me to
buy me a flat -

but God chose him before
he fulfilled his promise

He took five thousand pounds?

Yes, sir

Go take them from him

Go take them from him

Be calm, Fathi

Ya wash ya wash, Fathi

Ya wash, O swing

Alley alley Oop

Yes, put him on

Yes, Aly, how are you?

I know

You can see me any time, Aly


OK, Aly

- Why this place, Aly?
- To ensure secrecy

and security, for me and for you

- I'm at your disposal
- We need a favor of you

I owe you a favor,
and must fulfill it

God bless you, it is also
a game of elections -

- and we need your help
- Which elections?

How typical it is of all of
you in power,

you only note those elections
that are big

We are not greedy,
we seek only the unions,

we have our nominees that
need strong support -

in the Lawyers Union,
the Engineering Union...

Slow down, what did you say?

You heard me well, Fathi

You are demanding the impossible, Aly

You must differentiate
between you and me

You are a group unable to
develop into a party,

and we are a party unable to become
a group,

and both are against each other

You and I are opponents in
the same case

But in the end we are friends

Not at the expense of the case

Cases do not belong to lawyers
or even judges,

but belong to the people

and we are concerned with
one and the same case

This is not just any case

This is a case concerning an
entire country

I consider it a case of
conflict over ownership

Consider it as you please,

I have paid back for your
service several times

How, Fathi?

Don't ever think you're far
from the eyes of state security

You are under scrutiny

What do you have to do with
state security?

I'm in a ruling ministry,
and my job is politics

Your reputation is that you're
a religious lawyer,

or what is widespread is that
you are a religious lawyer

You must understand that
you are secure thanks to me

And you live in luxury thanks
to me

Let me clarify another
matter for you

Your presence is closely
tied to Rushdi's presence

So what will you do my friend
when he goes?

It is obvious that you will
go with him,

and you are aware that who
goes out never comes back

To be with us is better than
to be against us,

and safer for you also

Is this a threat?

Don't misunderstand

What I meant was that we
will win the case in the end

When hell freezes over

Let's be opponents in a case,
and friends in reality

Let's not fool each other, Aly

There will never be friendship
between opponents

Two wolves can never exist
together in one cage

They will tear each other apart

- I know a lot about you
- I too, know a lot about you

Is daddy home?

Welcome, Fathi, welcome

I'm sorry, I dropped by
without prior appointment

Don't sermonize, this is
your house, please come in

Please sit down

Mona, ask mommy to make
some tea

No need Mona, go on studying,
I don't want any tea

Mona is in third primary,
and Akram is in second

May God keep them for you

Mohsen, how much was your
pay at the sweets company?

- Why?
- Just asking

All in all, basic salary,

fringe benefits and what
have you, 650 pounds

Good, because I was worried
the new job -

I'd offer you had a lower salary

It wouldn't differ, Fathi

I've grown accustomed to
living with any salary

The new job offers a salary of
five thousand pounds

Five thousand pounds?

Yes, you will handle
administrative matters -

in an investment bank

Is this job honest?

You are useless, Mohsen

Just because the salary is big,
the job must be dishonest?

Fathi, you're behind my getting fired

This is true

This is an act I fail to

Don't ever think I want to
burden you with gratitude

I want nothing of you

I've come to do a service to
a friend of mine and that's all

This job any other incompetent
person could have taken -

simply for having the right

Couldn't you at least have
discussed the matter with me -

and then I would have felt
free to accept or not

You wouldn't have accepted

The storage of slogans inside you
would have forced you to decline

I know you too well, Mohsen

You are a man of law,
will accept anything

I needed to force you to accept
a better future

- By order, Fathi?
- By order, Mohsen

The job's there, go check it out.
If you find it dishonest, leave it

and I'm ready to return you
to your old job by telephone

I'll leave you now

I know you're wondering
why I'm doing this

I swear to you by God,
I don't know why I'm doing this

Take care of yourself

Listen, Fathi, certain big whales
don't want you to grow,

these are people who have no
mercy for anyone,

and I want you to cover
yourself from them,

and don't you ever allow them
to hold anything against you

I am an old man and understand
this country well

If anyone falls,

he never gets up again but
I am sure you won't fall

It's a great night, when I open
the door and see you

Have you been here long?

- Where were you?
- With His Excellency

His Excellency has a dirty
rotten story -

- I know nothing of
- Not at all

He's well limited, he's a failure
at joking

but he's great when it comes
to teasing and petting

Anyway, I didn't come to discuss
teasing and petting,

You will marry Rushdi El Khayal

Why marry him? Matters are
smooth and couldn't be better

I tell you he's only good at
teasing and petting

But that is wrong,

some people's eyes are watching
every move,

every moment, they ache for
any mistake

So matters must be straight,
you have to marry him

Can I fix you a drink?

I'll tell you something that
will please you

Today we made a bank deposit
of 550 thousand pounds

And where are they from?

Don't tell me they are the
winnings of the boutique

Is there a boutique that makes
half a million pounds per month?

This is the money of Ibrahim Antar,

whose land you cleared in
El Amereya

The agreement called for half
a million pounds only

What are those extra fifty
thousand for?

The man paid the extra
sales tax of his own will

Tomorrow you start the proceedings
of an export and import enterprise

With your help

No, keep me away, you have
Rushdi El Khayal your husband

And what if the man's afraid of
his wife and refused to marry?

He'll marry alright

The petting is more important
than his wife

- Can you help me?
- Of course I'll help you

I always like to be on
legitimate side of things

Do you know what I feel
like right now?

I know

As long as you know,
let's go inside

It won't work anymore

A woman who accepts division
over two, I don't need

Since when? Have you forgotten
that you've known me since -

I was like Cinema Miami,
whoever has a ticket, enters

Starting today, you are full house


How did you know I was here?

I'm your man, sir

Leave us alone for a moment

- What is it, Fathi?
- Nothing, stay relaxed

It's all very simple, we need
a solution for Samira Rashwan

- Is the story out, Fathi?
- Don't worry, sir

She's a good girl, nice and loyal

What is happening is all
very simple, we are humans

We work hard, sir

All our time is dedicated to
work and responsibilities,

Locked up in offices
18 hours per day

We listen only to phones
ringing and orders,

either the ones we give,
or the ones we receive

People like us deserve a
moment of rest -

a moment of joy,

a moment of letting go
to be able to continue,

but matters must be correct

What do we do, Fathi?

The law, as it serves justice,
also serves wrong -

and we are people whose
wrong must be legal

- I don't understand
- Just a little piece of paper

If things are exposed,
it will be an illegal affair

But if we have this paper,
things will be legal

Marry her?

Yes, just a little piece of paper,

and no one will ever be able
to confront us.. it's marriage

But this is a frightful thing

The girl could abuse this
bit of paper

And who said she will have the paper?

The marriage contract will be
in my hands

We are only saving ourselves
from any talk. Rest, sir

It makes sense

- Peace be with you
- And peace be with you

Haja Soraya sends you
her authorization

God bless you and her

You have honoured us with
your visit

May God honour you well-being,
Haj Radi

- I've come on a mission
- I'm at your service

The Brothers have a big and
dangerous operation -

which will have wide
and serious ramifications,

and you have a role to play

And we can never fall back

You must hide the Mujahideen
youths that will do the job

and also defend them
if necessary

But you know that the Ministry
of Interior leaves -

no stone unturned these days

Except your hiding places,
Haj Radi

I want you to prepare yourself
and be expecting the Brothers

after their triumphant return
tonight, God willing

God willing

- Samira
- Yes, My Rushdi

I want you to come meet my wife

so that everything appears normal -

and there's no reason for doubt

Do you still live in a furnished

Is it that you can't afford one?

Actually, it's not the apartment
that is a problem

First, one must find the wife,
then search for the apartment

Do I understand then that
you are still unmarried?

I've been wanting to marry
for a long time,

but if only I find the suitable girl

Anyway, everything will happen
in due time

In all cases, if you decide
you need a flat or villa,

Madam Faiza will help you out

Hello, madam

- Faiza Sharkas
- Of course, Faiza Sharkas

Madam Samira does a lot of
dealing with us at the Ministry

Welcome, Madam

Your taste is marvelous
in interiors

It is you who has great taste

And Hassan and Fad ya,
my children

Don't you want to become
customers at my boutique?

Of course, after we've seen
papa's elegance

I wish the Haja would
become one of your customers

The Haja likes to make
her own dresses

I am at your service
any time at all

Honour me any time.
Excuse me


Who is this Faiza Sharkas,
big man?

Daughter of Ihsan Sharkas,
a leading businessman

Her basic work is enterprising
but there are other works also

She is divorced and manages
a large company

so as to avoid boredom

You've always been a man
of magnanimous nature

- May I kiss you?
- Go ahead, boy

Don't think I'm an important
civil servant only

I'm aware you are a politician

And a businessman by proxy

I don't need your money or
your father's

I'll marry you

- What are you saying?
- I'll marry you

Do you think anyone can
be wed this way?

- Yes, we two can
- You enjoy negotiations

And you are a businesswoman

and can strike a deal through
a phone call

I know you want to marry me
to hide your money inside mine

OK, we'll marry

If the marriage goes okay
we have babies

If the marriage turns sour,
we're just partners

What do you think?

Who said "Birds of a feather
flock together"?

This merchandise is imported
only by my company

Let's refrain from this
"open market" terminology,

If you botch up one deal for
me, I'll botch up three for you

Agreed? Goodbye

Yes, Mourad?

The jasmine paste was
shipped today

The importing company owes us
750 thousand dollars

Tell them to transfer the sum
to Switzerland

It's ready, everything
about cleaning detergents

Great, very well done


Hello, your Excellency

I wish so, I would love to

So be it, just like last time

Hello, partner.
I miss you

I received sensational news,

I heard you're going to get married

It's clear you are in a great rush

Anyway, congratulations.
I'm happy for you

Soldiers assemble under the awning

Right. At ease

Have you seen the film
"How to win a million dollars"?

- Was it Arabic or American?
- How is Arabic if it's dollars?

- No, I don't remember it
- We will win 2 or 3 million

- How?
- A little game

Would anyone hate playing a
little game and win such a sum?

New economic laws will be
issued in two months

Customs on certain items
will increase

So they must import them
starting now

And other items will be
banned from importation

The clever one would buy them
now and store them

But this operation seems
too big for our company

What's it to us? We will be
far away from all this

We'll see what these items are
and who is importing them

We give him the information
and collect the money

- I want to tear you with kisses
- You are married, and so am I

- Order me one French
- French, please

You are crazy!
What brought you here?

The man you chose to hide us

has forsaken us and told
us each for himself

Why didn't you hide in
the sugar fields?

The soldiers were more than
the sticks of sugar-cane

and every place was searched,
and if we were to shoot,

a thousand bullets would
have come in reply

- So what?
- Orders are to shoot to kill

We thought the crowds of Cairo
would be safe haven for us

Imbeciles, I have never seen
more stupid than you

This is a lawyer's office

Do you know if anyone sees
you here, what this will mean?

Out! Your faith is weak,
your resolve is shallow

Out, you are not up the

Come, from the window

What God decrees will be

Expected economic laws paralyze
the market

D.A. questions El Zanati. 10 Defense
lawyers for the Islamic attorney

Who are you, and who is your boss?

Our boss asked that you come
and meet him at his office

All this is unnecessary, Madam.
You'll come with us calmly

so everything seems proper
to your employees

This ruckus can break the Ministry

Your stocks are high and
in the wind, sir

The chair of the Prime
Minister needs upholstering

But there is a problem

- What is it, sir?
- I would lose you,

because if I sit over there,

I'll keep you over here,
in my place

In all cases, I will be with you, sir

- Aren't you leaving?
- I'll stay for a while, sir

- Good night
- Goodbye, sir

- What is it?
- Nothing, sir

Please join us to the office
of the Prosecutor General,

and there you will know
everything there is to know

- May I change my clothes?
- Of course

- What's going on?
- Nothing, Faiza

Please take a seat, Mr. Fathi

Do you know why you
have been asked here?

- I have no idea
- You are accused

Of what?

Do you know this Madam here?

Is knowing this Madam an accusation?

She is a lady of society and
many people know her

Yes, but your acquaintance
with her is quite different

We are an old acquaintance,
surely she has told you

She spoke, and I'll let you
hear what she said

Madam Samira, tell the
gentleman your confession

The shop and the companies,
the commissions and the bribes,

the gifts and selling information
were done for him

I was his manager and
following his orders

The Madam can say all she wants

We first met when I defended
you in a case of prostitution

They know everything, without
my having to tell them

I think it's quite unbecoming
that you believe one like this

and doubt someone of my status

But anyway, there are laws
in the country

- Which law, Mr. Fathi?
- The law that governs all

These shops and companies
have contracts of ownership

- See who owns them
-I own them all

But it was you who did the collecting

Look here, Fathi Nofal will not
be the scapegoat for others

Wisen up

How extensive is your wealth,
Mr. Fathi?

That which is written in my
official tax return documents

My salary plus a hundred
and fifty thousand pounds

My savings from the days
when I was a lawyer

Yes but you, in the name of God...

Surely you know whose daughter
I'm married to,

and who is my wife

Do you remember this picture?

Of course, this is a picture
of the Madam and myself

- We were having lunch
- And settling accounts!

On that night, he leaked the
information about the customs

and wanted me to sell it for him

I have no information to be leaked,

and have no idea about them.
It's not my field of specialization

- How did I find out?
- From your husband, Madam

She is the wife of the
Minister Rushdi El Khayal,

and this is a copy of their
marriage contract

The meeting at the restaurant
was sheer coincidence

I couldn't see the Minister's
wife and leave her alone

At your service


Still together, Aly?

By the way, Fathi,
we're in the same boat

I'm here under temporary
arrest, under investigation

I'm also under investigation.
What's your charge?

Surely they are still thinking
up one for me, but I'm clean

So am I. Are you afraid, Fathi?

I never fear, Aly

- But I'm being released
- I'll be out before you

Subtitled by: ANIS EBEID
Cairo, Egypt