Toyland (2007) - full transcript

On a winter morning, a mother goes to waken her son Heinrich; his bed is empty. She leaves her flat to find him. The neighbors' door, with a Star of David painted on it, is ajar, the furnishings in disarray, the family gone. She asks passersby, runs to the police then on to the rail yard. Flashbacks show that Heinrich and the neighbors' son Paul are six years old and best friends. Paul's family's deportation is expected soon; Heinrich's mother tells her son that they're going to Toyland. Heinrich wants to go with them, has a bag packed, and listens for their departure. His mother realizes he's joined them, and her resolve becomes more urgent. Will she arrive in time to save Heinrich?



They are still practicing.

Don't you think they are getting better every day?
Yes, very good.

I'd give everything so he can play his whole life like that.

Probably tomorrow...

Quiet now above!
Stop that plink-plonk, jew scum!

You played very nice today. Very, very nice.

You won't catch me!

Hey, these are my notes.
Stay here.

Did you see my son?

Why in a hurry, beautiful lady?
I can't find him.

There was nothing goin on here.
The Silbersteins left today.

Yeah, it's better for Heinrich.
And the bear?

Why was Mrs Silberstein so sad?

Because the Silbersteins have to travel soon.

Travel? Where to?

To Toyland.

To Toyland? I want to go there too!

That's not possible, boy.

But i want to go to Toyland.

i sad No. Now eat.

Dad would have allowed it.

Hello, did you see a little, six years old boy?

Do you think i can keep the whole crowd apart?

- But he is my son..
- Jew?

So don't worry, madam.
We only brought jews to the station.

Have a nice day!


Could you..

..keep a secret?

Downstairs in the corner,
i bumped into a rhinoceros.

With a real rhinoceros?

Then i'll tell you my secret.
I come along with you to Toyland.

Even my mum won't allow it.

Why can't i go with them to Toyland?

- Because it's to far away.
- I don't care!

Besides, the teady bears are huge there.

Bigger than Paulchen?

Much bigger.

Much, much bigger.
Come, lay down.

We are not afraid of that, right Paulchen?

Mum, could you please keep the light on?

Jew scum!

I'm looking for my child.

Where is your starlet?

Where is your star??

Not a jew?

I'm looking for my child.

My son has to be here somewhere?

Why didn't you say you will travel?


Anyway, i come with you to Toyland.

That's not possible.

But we are blood brothers.

We swore we will always stick together.

I will take along the notes. Then
we can practice whenever we want.

Name of the neighbors?

Usually everything works fine here.

Your son wanted to go with them?
Because they are friends.

Wagon 3, Obersturmf?hrer.

Wait for me!

Heinrich, darling, we don't
want to play hide-and-seek.

Come to me, boy.

But i want to go to my friend!

I want to go to Toyland.

There is no Toyland.

Heinrich, come!

One moment.

Let us do that.

So handsome.
Like the mother.

Next time you don't scare your mother like that, promise?
We still need you.

Come, you'll go home.

Please excuse this trouble, madam.
Good Bye.

Scharf?hrer, you have to explain how this mishap could happen.

Do we play again?