Toy Story 2 (1999) - full transcript

While Andy is away at summer camp Woody has been toynapped by Al McWiggin, a greedy collector and proprietor of "Al's Toy Barn"! In this all-out rescue mission, Buzz and his friends Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm springs into action to rescue Woody from winding up as a museum piece. They must find a way to save him before he gets sold in Japan forever and they'll never see him again!

Buzz Lightyear mission log.

All signs point to this planet as
the location of Zurg's fortress,

but there seems to be no sign
of intelligent life anywhere.

Come to me, my prey.

To infinity and beyond!

So, we meet again Buzz
Lightyear for the last time.

Not today, Zurg!

Oh, no.

No. You almost had him.

I'm never gonna defeat Zurg!
Sure you will, Rex.

In fact, you're a better
Buzz than I am.

But look at my little arms!

I can't press the "fire" button
and jump at the same time!

Where is it? Where is it?


Hang on, cowboy!

Woody, are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine, Buzz. Okay. Here's your
list of things to do while I'm gone.

Batteries need to be changed.

Toys in the bottom of the
chest need to be rotated.

and make sure everyone
attends Mr. Spell's seminar

on what to do if you or a
part of you is swallowed.

Okay? Good. Okay.

Woody, you haven't found
your hat yet, have you?

No! And Andy's leaving for
cowboy camp any minute

and I can't find it anywhere!

Don't worry, Woody.
In just a few hours,

you'll be sitting around a campfire with
Andy making delicious, hot "sch'moes."

They're called s'mores,
Buzz. Right, of course.

Has anyone found
Woody's hat yet?

Keep looking, men. Dig deeper!
Negatory. Still searching.

The lawn gnome next door says it's
not in the yard, but he'll keep looking.

It's not in Molly's room.
We've looked everywhere.

I found it.
You found my hat?

Your hat? No.
The missus lost her earring.

My little sweet potato!
Oh, you found it!

Oh, it's so nice

to have a big, strong
spud around the house.

Oh, great! That's just great.

This'll be the first year I miss cowboy
camp, all because of my stupid hat!

Woody, look under your
boot. Don't be silly.

My hat is not under my boot.
Would you just look?

You see? No hat, just
the word "Andy."

And the boy who wrote that

would take you to camp
with or without your hat.

I'm sorry, Bo.

It's just that I've been
looking forward to this all year.

It's my one time with
just me and Andy.

You're cute when you care.

Bo, not in front of Buzz.
Let him look.

Miss Peep, your sheep!

This is Al from Al's Toy Barn

and I'm sitting on
good deals here.

I think I'm feeling a deal
hatching right now.

Let's see what we got. We got
boats for a buck, Beanies for a buck...

Turn it off! Someone's gonna
hear! Which one is off?

Buck, buck! And that's
cheap, cheap!

So hurry on down...

For crying out loud,
it's this one.

I despise that chicken.
Fellas! Fellas!

Okay, I got some good news
and I got some bad news.

What news?

The good news is I
found your hat, Woody.

My hat! Slink, thank you.

Where'd you find it?
Well, that's the bad news.

Oh, it's Buster!

Canine alert! Man your
battle stations!

Let's move, move!

Woody! Hide! Quick!

Okay! You found me!

Buster, all right. Hey,
how did he do, Hamm?

Looks like a new record.
Okay, boy. Sit.

Reach for the sky.


Great job, boy.

Who's gonna miss
me while I'm gone?

Who's gonna miss me?

Who's gonna miss me?

Andy, you got all your stuff?

Have a good weekend everybody.
I'll see you Sunday night.

It's in my room.

Stick 'em up.

I guess we'll work
on that later.

Hey, Woody. Ready to
go to cowboy camp?

Andy, honey, come on.
5 minutes and we're leaving.

5 minutes.

Help, help! Somebody help me!

Let her go, evil Dr. Pork Chop!


You must choose, Sheriff Woody.
How shall she die?

Shark or death by monkeys?


I choose Buzz Lightyear!

What? That's not a choice!

To infinity and beyond!

I'll save you, Miss Peep.
My hero.

Thanks, Buzz.
No problem, buddy.

You should never tangle
with the unstoppable duo

of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

Oh, no.

Andy, let's go! Molly's
already in her car seat.

But Mom, Woody's arm
ripped. Oh, no.

Maybe we can fix him on the way.
No, just leave him.

I'm sorry, honey, but you
know toys don't last forever.

What happened?
Woody's been shelved.


Woody? Woody?
Honey, are you okay?

Yee-haw! Ride 'em, cowboy!

He's back? Hey,
everybody! Andy's back!

He's back early from
cowboy camp!

Places, everybody!
Andy's coming!


Hey Woody! Did you miss me?

Giddyap, giddyap.
Ride 'em, cowboy!

I forgot you're broken.

I don't wanna play
with you any more.

No, Andy! No. Andy! No!

Andy. Andy.

Bye, Woody.

No! No! Andy!

Wheezy, is that you?

Hey, Woody. What are
you doing up here?

I thought mom took you to get
your squeaker fixed months ago.

Andy was so upset.

She just told him that
to calm him down

and then put me on the shelf.

Why didn't you yell for help?
Well, I tried squeaking.

But I'm still broken.
No one could hear me.

Besides, the dust
aggravates my condition.

What is the point in
prolonging the inevitable?

We're all just one stitch
away from here to there.

Yard sale? Yard sale!

Yard sale! Guys, wake up!
There's a yard sale outside!

Yard sale? Sarge,
emergency roll call!

Sir, yes, sir! Red alert!

All civilians fall in position now!
Single file! Let's move, move!

Hamm? Here.

Potato Head, Mr. and Mrs.?

Troikas. Check, check.

I hate yard sales!

Someone's coming!

Okay. Let's see what's up here.

Bye, Woody.

Wheezy! Think, think, Woody.

Hey. Here, boy.
Here, Buster!

Up here! No, no!

Okay, boy. To the yard sale!

What's going on?
He's nuts.

His arm ain't that bad.

Don't do it, Woody!
We love you!

Careful on the steps now.

Okay, boy. Let's go.
And keep it casual.

Not that casual.

Piggy bank coming through,
coming through.

Is he out there?
There he is.

He's getting in the box!

He's selling himself for 25 cents!

Woody, you're worth more than that.

Hold on. He's got something.

It's Wheezy!

Hey, it's not suicide.
It's a rescue.

Good boy, Buster. Hold still.
There. There you go, pal.

Bless you, Woody.
All right now.

Back to Andy's room.

Way to go, cowboy.

Golly bob howdy!
Woody, I'm slipping!

Mommy, look! Look at this!

Mommy, look! It's a cowboy dolly!
No.Hey, that's not her toy! No.

What's that little gal
think she's doing?

Mommy, can we get it?
Please, Mommy, please.

Oh, honey. You don't want
that toy. It's broken.

There's a snake in my boot.

Original hand-painted face.
Natural-dyed, blanket-stitched vest!

Little rip. Fixable. If only you had
your hand stitched, polyvinyl...

A hat! I found him!

Buster! Quiet down!

Excuse me. Can I
help you? Yes.

You can help take his
paws off my pal.

I'll give you 50 cents
for all this junk.

Now how did this get down here?
Hand her the sheriff.

Nice and easy.

$5. I'm sorry.
It's an old family toy.

Now just walk away.

Wait. The other way.

I'll give you 50 bucks for it.
50 bucks ain't bad.

It's not for sale.
Everything's for sale.

Or trade. You like
my watch? Sorry.

He's safe. Way to go Andy's mom!
All right, she showed him!

Molly, don't touch that, sweetie.

Yeah. Go home, Mr. Fancy Car.

Hold on. What's up?

What is it, Buzz?

What's happening?

What's he doing?

I can't watch! Can
someone cover my eyes?

No, he's stealing Woody!
What? He can't take Woody.

It's illegal.

Where's he going?
Do something.


Get him, Buzz.

Where's the red jacket?

Why would someone steal Woody?

All right. Let's review
this one more time.

At precisely 8:32 ish,

Exhibit A, Woody was kidnapped.

Exhibit B, a composite
sketch of the kidnapper.

He didn't have a beard like that.
Fine. Etch, give him a shave.

The kidnapper was bigger than that.

Oh, picky, picky. Let's just
go straight to Exhibit F.

The kidnapper's vehicle.

Now the vehicle fled the
scene in this direction.

Your eyes are in backwards.
It went the other way.

Hey. Put a cork in it.

How do you spell FBI?
My crime scene!

Oh, why don't you watch
where you're going, Godspilla?

I didn't know there was a
crime scene. Excuse me.

A little quiet, please.
Thank you.

Lazy toy brain.

Lousy try, Brian.
What are you doing, Buzz?

Some sort of message encoded
on that vehicle's I.D. tag.

Liz try bran. It's just
a licence plate.

It's just a jumble of letters.
Yeah and there are about

3.5 million registered cars in
the tri-county area alone.

Lou's thigh burn.

Oh, this can't help. Let's leave
Buzz to play with his toys.

Toy. Toy. Hold on!

Al's Toy Barn.
Al's Toy Barn!

Etch, draw that man
in a chicken suit.

It's the chicken man!

That's our guy.

I knew there was something
I didn't like about that chicken.

Yeah, I'll be right there.

And we're gonna do this commercial
in one take, do you hear me?

Because I'm in the middle of
something really important.

You my little cowboy friend

are gonna make me
big buck, bucks.


I can't believe I have to drive all
the way to work on a Saturday.

All the way to work!

What? Whoa!

Hey! Stop! Horsey, stop!
Stop! Sit, boy!

Stop it! Sit, I said!

Whoa! Whoa.


It's you! It's you!

It's really you!
What's me?

There's a snake in my boot.

It is you! Please
stop saying that.

Prospector said some
day you'd come.

Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln!

The Prospector! He'll
wanna meet ya!

Say hello to the Prospector!

It... It's a box.
He's mint in the box.

Never been opened.

Turn me around, Bullseye,
so I can see.

Why the prodigal son has returned?


It's you! It's you!

You're here! It's you!
It's you!

Okay. I'm officially freaked out now.

We've waited countless
years for this day.

It's good to see you, Woody.
Listen. I don't know...

Hey, how do you know my name?
Everyone knows your name, Woody.

Why you don't know who
you are, do you? Bullseye.

That's me.


Holy cow.

Cowboy Crunchies,

the meal cereal that's sugar-
frosted and dipped in chocolate,

proudly presents...

Woody's Roundup.
Come on, it's time to play

There's Jessie, the yodelling cowgirl

Look it! That's me!

Bullseye, he's Woody's
horse. He's a smart one

Pete, the old Prospector

Has anyone seen my pick?

And the man himself. Of course,
it's time for Sheriff Woody

He's the very best

He's the rootinest
tootinest cowboy

In the wild, wild west

Woody's Roundup

I can't find it! It doesn't seem
to be on any of these stations.

Keep looking.
You're going too slow.

Let me take the wheel.

It's too fast.

How can you even tell
what's on? I can tell.

Here it is. Go back.
Back, back!

Too late. I'm in the 40s. Got to
go 'round the horn. It's faster.

Back, back! Stop! And
look for the giant chicken!

Now, Etch!

That's where I need to go.

You can't go, Buzz.
You'll never make it there.

Woody once risked
his life to save me.

I couldn't call myself his friend
if I weren't willing to do the same.

So who's with me?

I'm packing you an extra pair of shoes
and your angry eyes just in case.

This is for Woody when you find him.

All right,

but I don't think it'll mean
the same coming from me.

Mr. Buzz Lightyear, you just
gotta save my pal, Woody.

I'll do my best, son.

Okay, fellas. Let's roll.


You'd think with all my
video game experience,

I'd be feeling more prepared.

The idea is to let go.

We'll be back before
Andy gets home.

Don't talk to any toy
you don't know!

To Al's Toy Barn and beyond!

They don't call this

the old abandoned mine
for nothing, Prospector.

l reckon we oughta
get outta here.

Where's my gold? Hold on.
I'll light me a candle.

This sure is a fast-burning wick.

Blast us to smithereens!
That there's dynamite!

Holy tarnation.
I'll call for help.

Hey critters, go get Sheriff
Woody. Now scurry!

Good job, Bullseye.

l reckon the new school
house is finally done.

What's that?

Jessie and Prospector are trapped
in the old abandoned mine and

Prospector just lit a stick of
dynamite thinking it was a candle

and now they're about to
be blown to smithereens?

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

You're fanning the flames, Jessie!
It takes brains to put out that fire.

My biscuits are burning!

Will Woody and Bullseye
land to safety?

Can they reach Jessie
and Stinky Pete in time?

Tune in next week for the exciting
conclusion, "Woody's Finest Hour."

All right! All right! Next tape!

Hey, wait. What happened?
What happens next?

Come on! Let's see the
next episode! That's it.

What? The show was
cancelled after that.

Wait. What about the gold mine and
the cute little critters and the dynamite?

That was a great show!
I mean why cancel it?

Two words, Sput-nik.

Once the astronauts went up, children
only wanted to play with space toys.

I know how that feels.
But still my own show.

I mean, look at all this stuff!
Didn't you know?

Why you're valuable property?!

I wish the guys could see this.
Hey-howdy-hey. That's me.

I'm on a yo-yo.

Oh, hey. Nice teeth. And
yet still a good-looking guy.

Oh, it's a bank! Cool.

What do you do?
You push the hat and out...

Oh, out come bubbles. Clever.

Wow! Hey, what's this thing do?

I get it.

"There's a snake in my boot."

Hey, Bullseye. Go long!

A record player!

I haven't seen one
of these in ages.

Okay, now. Slow.

That's funny, Bullseye.

Hop on, cowgirl! Think fast!

Not bad.

lt's time for Woody's Roundup

He's the very best

He's the rootinest
tootinest cowboy...

Look at us! We're
a complete set!

Now it's on to the museum.

What museum?
The museum.

We're being sold to the
Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo.

That's in Japan!

No, no. I can't go to Japan.

What do you mean?

I got to get back home to my
owner, Andy. Hey, look, see.

He still has an owner.
Oh, my goodness.

No. Can't go.

I can't do storage
again. I just can't!

Jessie. I won't go back in the dark!

What's the matter?
What's wrong with her?

Well, we've been in storage
for a long time

waiting for you.

Why me? The museum is

only interested in the collection
if you're in it, Woody.

Without you, we go
back into storage.

It's that simple.
It's not fair!

How can you do this to us?

Hey, look. I'm sorry but
this is all a big mistake.

You see, I was in this yard sale...
Yard sale?

Why were you in a yard sale
if you have an owner?

Well, I wasn't supposed to be there.
I was trying to save another toy when...

Was it because you're damaged?
Did this Andy break you?

Yeah, but... No, no!
It was... It was an accident.

I mean... Sounds like
he really loves you.

It's not like that, okay? And
I'm not going to any museum!

Well, I'm not going back
into storage!

Al's coming!

Go! Go on, Jessie.

Jessie, look at me.

I promise you'll come out
of the box. Now go! Go!

It's show time!

Oh, money, baby. Money.

And now

the main attraction.

No! His arm! Where's his arm?

No. No, no!

What am I gonna do?
I know. I know.

Come on! Come on!
Pick up the phone!

Hello? It's me. It's Al.

I got an emergency here.

Here I'm busy.
Yes, we're all busy.

It has to be tonight.

All right. All right.
But first thing in the morning.

It's gone! I can't believe it!

My arm is completely gone!
Come here. Let me see that.

Oh, it's just a popped seam,

easily repaired.

You should consider yourself
lucky. Lucky?

Are you shrink-wrapped?
I am missing my arm!

Big deal.

Let him go. I'm sure
his precious Andy

is dying to play with a
one-armed cowboy doll.

Why Jessie? You know he wouldn't last
an hour on the streets in his condition.

It's a dangerous world
out there for a toy.

All right. Nobody look till
I get my cork back in.

Good work, men. Two blocks
down and only 19 more to go.

What? Nineteen?

Are we gonna do this all night?
My parts are killing me.

Come on, fellas.

Did Woody give up when Sid
had me strapped to a rocket?

No. No.

And did he give up when you threw him
out of the back of that moving van?

You had to bring that up.
No, he didn't!

We have a friend in need and we will
not rest until he's safe in Andy's room!

Now let's move out!

And that concludes
our broadcast day.

Bullseye. Bullseye, go, go, go.

Come on. You don't wanna
help me. I'm the bad guy.

You're gonna go back in storage
because of me, remember? Just go.

Bullseye... All right. All right.

But you have got to
keep quiet. Come on.

Over here. Attaboy.

Okay, Bullseye. Upsy daisy.

Bullseye. Cut it out.

Stop it. Bullseye. Stop it.

Stop it.

Woody's Roundup
Come on, it's time to play

No, Officer! I swear. What?

Get in there. There
you go, cheap case.

Where is the remote?

Where is the remote?

Why don't I put it in the same
place every... Oh, here it is.

What is your problem? Look, I'm
sorry I can't help you guys out.

Really I am. But you didn't have
to go and pull a stunt like that.

What? You think I did that?

Oh, right, right. The TV
just happened to turn on

and the remote magically
ended up in front of you!

You calling me a liar?
Well, if the boot fits...

Say that again.

If the boot fits.

Okay, cowboy.

How do you like that?
Take it back! Take it back!

Don't think just 'cause you're a girl,
I'm gonna take it easy on you.

Jessie, Woody, you
stop this at once.

I don't know how that
television turned on

but fighting about it
isn't helping anything.

If I had both my arms...
The fact is you don't, Woody.

So I suggest you just
wait until morning.

The cleaner will come, fix your arm...
And then I'm outta here!

Oh, no. Bullseye, don't
take it that way.

It's just that Andy...
Andy, Andy.

That's all he ever talks about.

Hey Buzz, can we slow down?

May I remind you that some of us
are carrying over $6 in change?

Losing health units. Must rest.

Is everyone present
and accounted for?

Not quite everyone.

Who's behind? Mine.

Hey guys. Why do the
toys cross the road?

Not now, Hamm.
I love riddles. Why?

To get to the chicken
on the other side!

The chicken!

Oh, well, we tried.
We'll have to cross.

What the...

You're not turning me
into a mashed potato.

I may not be a smart dog,
but I know what roadkill is.

There must be a safe way.

Okay. Here's our chance.
Ready. Set. Go.



Drop! I said "drop"!




That went well.

Good job, troops. We're that
much closer to Woody.

Thank goodness you're here.

Is the specimen ready for cleaning?

So, how long is this gonna take?

You can't rush art.

Oh, no. It's closed.

We're not preschool toys,
Slinky. We can read.

Hey Joe, you're late. We've
got a ton of toys to unload.

All right. All right.
I'm coming.

All right. Let's go.

But the sign says it's closed.

No, no. All together. Now!

Nelly! How are we gonna
find Woody in this place?

Look for Al. We find Al, we
find Woody. Now move out!

Woody? Woody.

There you go.

He's for display only.

You handle him too much,
he's not gonna last.

It's amazing. You are a
genius. He's just like new.


I could use one of those.

You know they make it so you can't
defeat Zurg unless you buy this book.

It's extortion. That's what it is.

Hey, I always thought the
golden sector was the only...

I thought we could search in style.

Nice going there, Hamm. So how about
letting a toy with fingers drive?

Am I really that fat?

What are you doing?
You're in direct violation

of Code 6404.5,

stating all Space Rangers
are to be in hyper-sleep

until awakened by
authorised personnel.

Oh, no.

You're breaking ranks, Ranger.

Buzz Lightyear to Star Command.

I've got an AWOL Space Ranger.
Tell me I wasn't this deluded.

No back talk! I have a
laser and I will use it.

Mean the laser that's a light bulb?

Has your mind been melded?
You could've killed me, Space Ranger.

Or should I say "traitor"?

I don't have time for this.

I order you to halt!

Listen to me. Listen. Wait.

We've been down this aisle already.
We've never been down this aisle.

It's pink. Face it.
We're lost.

Back it up. Back it up.

What a great party?!

How low can you go?
How low can you go?

Excuse me, ladies.

Does anyone know where we might
find the Al of Al's Toy Barn?

I can help.

I'm Tour Guide Barbie.

Please keep your hands, arms
and accessories inside the car

and no flash photography.

Thank you.
I'm a married spud.

I'm a married spud. Then make
room for the single fellas.

To our right is the Hot Wheels aisle.
Developed in 1967,

the original series had 16 cars
including the Corvette.

I beg your pardon, ma'am,
but where's Al's office?

Please hold all questions until
the end of the tour. Thank you.

It says how you defeat
Zurg! Look!

Excuse me, sir. Get this
outta here, geekosaur.

Look out! Stop, stop!

Turn into the spin, Barbie!

My source of power!

No! Come back! No!

Wait up! Hey! Come on!
Slow down!

Dinosaur overboard!
Slow down!

Remain seated, please.

Listen to me. Listen to me.
You're not really a Space Ranger.

You're a toy. We're all
toys. Do you hear me?

Well, that should hold you
till the court martial.

Let me go! You don't realise
what you're doing!

And this is the Buzz Lightyear aisle.

In 1995, shortsighted retailers did not
order enough dolls to meet demand.

Hey, Buzz! Halt!
Who goes there?

Quit clowning around
and get in the car!

Buzz, Buzz, I know
how to defeat Zurg!

You do? Come on.
I'll tell you on the way.

No, no, guys! You've got the wrong
Buzz! You've got the wrong Buzz!

Say, where'd you get
the cool belt, Buzz?

Well, slotted pig,
they're standard issue.


It's like printing my own money.

Yeah? What?

Mr. Konishi. Yes, I have
the pictures right here.

In fact, I'm in the car right now on may
way to the office to fax them to you.

I'm going through a tunnel!
I'm breaking up!

Oh, wow! Will you look at me?
It's like I'm fresh out of the box!

Look at this stitching! Andy's gonna
have a hard time ripping this. Hello!

Hi! Hello!

Great! Now you can go.

Well, what a good idea.

Woody, don't be mad at Jessie.

She's been through
more than you know.

Why not make amends
before you leave?

It's the least you can do.

All right. But I don't know
what good it'll do.

Hey. Whatcha doing way up here?

Thought I'd get one last look at the
sun before I get packed away again.

Look, Jessie. I know you
hate me for leaving,

but I have to go back.

I'm still Andy's toy.

Well, if you knew him, you'd
understand. You see Andy's a real...

Let me guess. Andy's
a real special kid.

And to him, you're his
buddy, his best friend.

And when Andy plays with you,
it's like even though you're not moving,

you feel like you're alive,
because that's how he sees you.

How did you know that?

Because Emily was just the same.

She was my whole world.

When somebody loved me

Everything was beautiful

Every hour we spent together

Lives within my heart

And when she was sad

l was there to dry her tears

And when she was happy, so was l

When she loved me

Through the Summer and the Fall

We had each other
That was all

Just she and I together

Like it was meant to be

And when she was lonely

I was there to comfort her

And I knew that

She loved me

So the years went by

l stayed the same

But she began to drift away

I was left alone

Still I waited for the day

When she'd say

I will always love you

Lonely and forgotten

Never thought she'd look my way

Just smiled at me and held me

Just like she used to do

Like she loved me

When she loved me

When somebody loved me

Everything was beautiful

Every hour we spent together

Lives within my heart

When she loved me

You never forget kids
like Emily or Andy.

But they forget you.

Jessie, I didn't know.
Just go.

How long will it last, Woody?
Do you really think

Andy is gonna take you to
college or on his honeymoon?

Andy's growing up and there's
nothing you can do about it.

It's your choice, Woody.

You can go back or you can stay
with us and last forever.

You'll be adored by
children for generations.

Who am I to break up
the Roundup gang?

Hey Woody, are you in here?
Nah. This one's empty too.

Woody! Woody!

Pardon me, gentlemen,

but have either of you seen
a cowboy doll with a bad arm?

Why? No, I haven't.
Hey! He was talking to me!

No! He was talking to me!
Why, you...

You see all along,

we thought the way into Zurg's fortress
was through the main gate,

but in fact the secret entrance is
to the left, hidden in the shadows.

To the left in the shadows.
Got it.

Someone is coming.
Everyone, take cover.

It was a big pile-up, but I don't
want to bore you with the details.

Yes. Now, let me confirm
your fax number.

What's it like?

That's a lot of numbers.
No. I got it.

It's him, the chicken man.

Funny, he doesn't look like poultry.

That's the kidnapper all right.

A kidnapper! An agent of
Zurg if I ever saw one.

And the piéce de résistance!

I promise the collection will be
the crown jewel of your museum.

It's Woody! Now that I
have your attention,

imagine we added another
zero to the price?

What? I'll pay anything
you want. Yes! Yes!

You got a deal! I'll be on
the next flight to Japan!

Quick. Into the poultry
man's cargo unit.

He'll lead us to Zurg.
Move, move!

Don't touch my moustache!

Rich, rich, rich!

Destroy Buzz Lightyear.

Destroy Buzz Lightyear.

He didn't take the bag!
No time to lose!

He's ascending in the
vertical transporter.

All right, everyone. Hang on.
We're gonna blast through the roof.

Buzz? To infinity and beyond!

What are you, insane? We're
wasting time. Stand still, Godzilla.

I don't understand.

Somehow my fuel cells have gone dry.

Blast. He's on level 23.

How are we gonna get up there?

Maybe if we find some balloons,
we could float to the top.

Are you kidding? I say
we stack ourselves up,

push the intercom and pretend
we're delivering a pizza.

How about a ham sandwich
with fries and a hot dog?

What about me?

You can be the toy that
comes with the meal.

Troops! Over here.

Just like you said, lizard man.
"In the shadows to the left."

Okay. Let's move!

Mission log. Have infiltrated
enemy territory without detection

and are making our way through
the bowels of Zurg's fortress.

You know, I think that Buzz
aisle went to his head.

Oh, no. Which way do we go?

This way!
What makes you so sure?

I'm Buzz Lightyear. I'm always sure.

We've been detected. The walls!
They're closing in! Quick!

Help me prop up vegetable
man or we're done for.

Hey! Put me down, you moron!

Guys, look! It's not the walls!
It's the elevator!

Come on. We've got no time
to lose. Everyone, grab hold!


Buzz, why not just
take the elevator?

They'll be expecting that.

Hey, Buzz! Stop!

Slow down!

To overnight 6 packages
to Japan is how much?

What? That's in yen, right?

Dollars? You are deliberately
taking advantage

of people in a hurry,
you know that?

All right. Look, I'll do it!
All right. Fine.

I'll have the stuff waiting in the lobby
and you'd better be here in 15 minutes

because I have a plane
to catch, do you hear me?

We're finally going.
Can you believe it?

That's custom-fitted

foam insulation you'll
be riding in, Bullseye.

First class all the way!

You know what?
I'm actually excited about this.

I mean it. I really am!

And why shouldn't you be?

Swing your partner do-si-do

Look at you, dancing cowboy!
Look! I'm doing the box step!

Hey, heads up down there!

Pork bellies are falling.
Hey, how much farther, Buzz?

Halfway there.

My arms can't hold on much longer!

Too heavy.

What was I thinking?

My antigravity servos!

Hang tight, everyone.
I'm going to let go of the wall.

What? He wouldn't.

One... He would.



To infinity and beyond!

Approaching destination.
Reengaging gravity.

Area secure.

It's okay, troops.

The antigravity sickness will wear
off momentarily. Now let's move!

Remind me to glue his helmet
shut when we get back.

How about giving me a
little intro there, Jessie?

Introducing the high ridinest
cowboy around...

You forgot "rootin' tootinest"!

The high ridinest, rootin' tootinest
cowboy hero of all time,

Sheriff Woody!

Say, little missy, you notice
any trouble around these parts?

Nary a bit, not with
Sheriff Woody around.

Wait, wait! I got it!
This is great! Okay!

The bandits got the critters tied up in
the burning barn. Now the best part!

Help us! The barn's on fire!

I've got ya, critters.
No need to worry.

Woody saves the day again!


Now, where's my trusty
steed, Bullseye?

I have to ride off into the sunset...

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Watch it. Wait. I'm
ticklish, okay?

Oh, you are?

No, no. Cut it out.
Stop it. Stop it.

No, please. No.
Stop! Stop!

Mission log. Have reached
Zurg's command deck,

but no sign of him or
his wooden captive.

Please, no!
That's Woody!

This way!

Please, no!

Buzz, can you see?
What's going on?

Take that! To the left.

No, your left.

Take it up higher.
What's happening?

Oh, it's horrible.
They're torturing him.

What are we gonna do, Buzz?
Use your head!

But I don't wanna use my head!

What's going on here?

Buzz, guys! Hey,
how did you find me?

Watch yourself!

We're here to spring ya, Woody!

You heard of kung fu?

Well, get ready for pork chop.

Prepare to meet Mr. Angry Eyes!

Hold it, now! Hey, you
don't understand!

These are my friends!

Yeah, we're his friends! No Rex,
I mean they're my friends!

Hey, stop it!

Leave him alone,
springy dog! Hey!

Grab Woody and let's go!
Fellas, hold it! Buzz, put me down!

Retreat! Quick to the vent!
They're stealing him.


Hold it right there!

Buzz? You again?

Woody, thank goodness you're
all right. Buzz, what is going on?

Hold on. I am Buzz Lightyear and
I'm in charge of this detachment.

No, I'm Buzz Lightyear.

I'm Buzz Lightyear!
I'm Buzz Lightyear!

So, who's the real Buzz?

I am! Don't let this
impostor fool you!

He's been trained by Zurg himself
to mimic my every move.


I had a feeling it
was you, Buzz.

My front end just had to
catch up with my back end.

Will somebody please
explain what's going on?

It's all right, Space Ranger.
It's a code 546.

You mean it's a...

And he's a...
Oh, yeah.

Your Majesty.

Woody, you're in danger here.
We need to leave now.

Al's selling you to a toy museum

in Japan! I know.

It's okay, Buzz. I
actually wanna go.

What? Are you crazy?

Look, the thing is I'm a
rare Sheriff Woody doll

and these guys are
my Roundup gang.

What are you talking about?
Woody's Roundup!

It's this great old TV show and
I was the star. See, now look.

Look! Look at me!
See? That's me!

This is weirding me out. Buzz.
It was a national phenomenon.

And there was all this
merchandise that got packed up.

You should have seen it.

There was a record player and
a yo-yo. Buzz, I was a yo-yo!

"Was"? Woody, stop this
nonsense and let's go.

Nah, Buzz.

I can't go. I can't
abandon these guys.

They need me to get
into this museum.

Without me, they'll go back
into storage. Maybe forever!

Woody, you're not a collector's item.
You're a child's plaything.

You are a toy!

For how much longer? One more
rip and Andy's done with me.

And what do I do then,
Buzz? You tell me.

Somewhere in that pad of stuffing
is a toy who taught me

that life is only worth living
if you're being loved by a kid.

And I travelled all this
way to rescue that toy

because I believed him.

Well, you wasted your time.

Let's go, everyone.
What about Woody?

He's not coming with us.

But... But Andy's coming
home tonight.

Then we'd better make sure
we're there waiting for him.

I don't have a choice, Buzz.
This is my only chance.

To do what, Woody?

Watch kids from behind glass
and never be loved again?

Some life.

Is everybody okay?
Sheriff Woody!

I knew you'd make it!
Now remember, deputies,

the real treasures are
your friends and family.

Before I go, kids, I want to share
something special with you

for the times I'm not around.
Good going, Woody!

I thought they'd never leave.

You've got a friend in me

You've got a friend in me


You've got troubles

Well, I've got 'em too

There isn't anything
I wouldn't do for you

We stick together
and see it through

'Cause you've got a friend in me

Some other folks might be
a little bit smarter than I am

Bigger and stronger too

But none of them will
ever love you

The way l do
It's me and you, boy

And as the years go by

Our friendship will never die

You're gonna see it's our destiny

What am I doing?

Buzz! Wait!! Woody,
where are you going?

You're right, Prospector. I
can't stop Andy from growing up.

But I wouldn't miss
it for the world.

No! Buzz!

Yes? Yes?

I'm coming with you!

Wait, wait. I'll be back
in just a second.

Way to go, cowboy!

Hey, you guys...Come
with me. What?

Andy will play with
all of us. I know it!

Woody, I don't know. I...

Wouldn't you give anything just
to have one more day with Emily?

Come on, Jessie. This is what it's
all about, to make a child happy.

And you know it.
Bullseye, are you with me?

Okay, good boy.

Prospector, how about you?

You're outta your box!

I tried reasoning with you, Woody,

but you keep forcing me
to take extreme measures.

Wait a minute. You turned on
the TV last night, not Jessie.

Look, we have an eternity to
spend together in the museum.

Let's not start off by
pointing fingers, shall we?

You really are Stinky
Pete, aren't you?

Prospector, this isn't fair.

"Fair"? I'll tell you what's not fair.

Spending a lifetime on a dime-store
shelf watching every other toy be sold.

Well, finally my waiting
has paid off

and no hand-me-down cowboy doll
is gonna mess it up for me now!

Buzz. Help, Buzz! Guys!

It's too late, Woody. That silly
Buzz Lightweight can't help you.

His name is Buzz Lightyear.

Whatever. I've always hated
those upstart space toys.

It's stuck! What do we do?

Should I use my head?

It's Al!

Look at the time.
I'm gonna be late!

Figures. I can't miss this
flight! I've gotta pack.

All right. Let's see.
Wallet, keys, tickets,

passport, beefjerky,
very expensive over there.

Shower! Oh, I can skip the shower.

I just gotta get outta here now!

Quick! To the elevator!

Hurry. I can hear it coming.

So, we meet again, Buzz Lightyear,

for the last time.

It's Zurg! Watch out!
He's got an ion blaster!

Quick! Get on!

The emergency hatch!
Come on!

Come on! Hurry!

But Buzz is in peril!

Buzz, Buzz...thank
you for the rescue.

Surrender, Buzz Lightyear.
I have won.

I'll never give in.
You killed my father!

No, Buzz. I AM your father.


Come on! Come on!

Buzz, you could have
defeated Zurg all along!

You just need to
believe in yourself!

Prepare to die!
I can't look!

I did it. I finally defeated Zurg!



How are we gonna
get him now?

Pizza, anyone?

Go, go! I got it!

Buzz, are you coming?

No, I have a lot of catching
up to do with my dad.

Good throw, son. That's
my boy. Go long, Buzzy!

You're a great dad.

Does anyone know how to drive?

Slink, take the pedals.
Rex, you navigate.

Hamm and Potato,
operate the levers and knobs.

Strangers. From the outside.

Oh, no. He's at a red light!
We can catch him!

Maximum power, Slink!

It turned green! Hurry!

Why won't it go?
Use the Wand of Power.

Rex, which way? Left!
No, no! I mean right!

That's right! No, I mean
left! Left is right!

Buzz, he's turning left!
He's turning left!

Oh, boy!

Oh, I seriously doubt he's
getting this kind of mileage.

Go right! To the right!
Right, right!

You have saved our lives.
We are eternally grateful.

Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

The white zone is for immediate
loading and unloading...

No parking.

Guys, we can't park here!
It's a white zone!

You have saved our lives.
We are eternally grateful.

Final boarding call...
There he is!

...for Far East Airlines
flight 451 to Tokyo.

All confirmed passengers
with boarding passes

must board at this time.

Passenger Twitch, passenger
Leon Twitch, please pick up...

You have saved our lives.
We are eternally grateful.

Will you just leave me alone?
Someone is coming!

A puppy! Bark, bark.

Bark, bark.

Listen, flyboy.

The contents of that case are worth
more than you make in a year!

You got that, sport? I understand,
sir. You be careful!

Do you have a "fragile" sticker
or something to put on that...?

I had a box of cookies once
that came back as crumbs!

The Mystic Portal!

Once we go through, we
just need to find that case.

There's the case!
No, there's the case!

You take that one!
We'll take this one!

Whoa! Buzz!

Buzz, my back end is
going to Baton Rouge!


Here we come, Woody!
Here we come! Woody!

Nice flash though.

Okay, Woody, let's go!

Take that, space toy.

Hey! No one does
that to my friend!

Your choice, Woody.

You can go to Japan
together or in pieces.

If he fixed ya once, he can fix
ya again. Now get in the box!

Never! Fine!

No! Gotcha!

Idiots! Children destroy toys!

You'll all be ruined, forgotten!

Spending eternity
rotting in some landfill!

Well, Stinky Pete, I think it's time you
learned the true meaning of playtime.

Right over there,
guys! No. No!

Atlantic Air flight 810
from Point Richmond

is now arriving at Gate 3.

Look, Barbie. A big
ugly man doll.

He needs a makeover.

Hi! You'll like Amy.

She's an artist!

Come on, hon!

Happy trails, Prospector.

Buzz! Woody!
Help us out here!


Oh, no. Jessie! Come on!
Oh, Woody!


Come on, Buzz.

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

Hey-howdy-hey! Giddyap!

Come on, Bullseye!

Buzz, give me a boost!


Here's the rest!

Excuse me, ma'am, but I believe
you're on the wrong flight.

Come on, Jess.

It's time to take
you home. But

what if Andy doesn't
like me? Nonsense!

Andy'll love you! Besides,

he's got a little sister.
He does?

Why didn't you say so?
Let's go!

Hold it! There's a couple more
bags coming from the terminal!

Okay. On three.

One, two...
Too late!

Put 'em on the next flight!

This is bad. How are we
gonna get outta here?

Over there! Come on!

You sure about this?
No! Let's go!

Hold on, Woody!

What's a cowboy without
his hat? Buzz!

Buzz! Buzz, get
behind the tyres!

Jessie, let go of the plane!

What? Are you crazy?

Just pretend it's the final
episode of Woody's Roundup.

But it was cancelled!
We never saw if you made it!

Well then, let's
find out together!

We did it! We did it!

Nice roping, cowboy.

That was definitely
Woody's finest hour!

Your hat, partner.

Let's go home.


Hey, Woody! Woody?

Oh, wow! New toys!

Cool! Thanks, mom!

It's Bazooka Jane and
her jet-propelled horse!

Woody, Buzz, that polecat Zurg
has stolen my space cows!

Andy, come on, hon.
Time to go.

Hey, you fixed Woody!

Glad I decided not to take him to camp.
His whole arm might have come off.

Well, what do you know?

Oh, Bullseye,

we're part of a family again!

Ma'am, I...

I just wanted to say you
are a bright young woman

with a beautiful "yarnful" of hair.

"Hairful" of yarn. It's...

I must go.

Well, aren't you the sweetest
space toy I ever met?

What's that? Bark, bark?

This fella says he needs to go out
back for a little private time.

That critter needs help!

Hey, Rex, I could use a
hand over here, buddy.

I don't need to play.
I've lived it!

No, no! Oh, nuts!

Welcome to Al's Toy Barn.

We've got the lowest prices in town.

Everything for a buck, buck.

Well, I guess crime doesn't pay.

Andy did a great job?
Nice and strong!

I like it. Makes you look tough.

You have saved our lives.
We are eternally grateful.

You saved their lives?
Oh, my hero!

They're so adorable!
Let's adopt them!


Oh, no.

Wheezy, you're fixed!

Yeah. Mr. Shark looked in the toy
box and found me an extra squeaker.

And how do you feel?
Oh, I feel swell.

In fact, I think I feel
a song coming on.

You've got a friend in me

You've got a friend in me

You just remember
what your old pal said

Babe, you've got a friend in me

Yeah, you've got a friend in me

Come on over.
You are such a big girl.

Andy, you think she's ready
to drive the car yet?

Yeah and I can teach her.

You still worried?
About Andy?

Nah. It'll be fun while it lasts.
I'm proud of you, cowboy.

Besides, when it all ends, I'll have old
Buzz Lightyear to keep me company

for infinity and beyond.

You're gonna see it's our destiny

You've got a friend in me.
Yes, you do

You've got a friend in me.
That's the truth

You've got a friend

in me.


Speed. Marker.

And action.

Okay. A little help here, please.

What are we gonna do, Buzz?
Use your head!

But I don't wanna use my head!

Speed. Marker.

Okay and pull back.

I don't remember eating that.

I can't believe this.
That's the fifth time.

What row is that guy in?

I had that bean burrito for lunch.
Okay, I'm all right now. Sorry.

And action.

I'm packing you an extra pair of shoes
and your angry eyes just in case.

And if you get hungry, here's
some cheese puffs. And a key.

I don't know what it's for,
but you never know.

Speed. Marker.

And action.

Could...? Should we just...?

Should that just be part
of the movie now?

He lost... He lost his string.

And the golf ball, if
you have time for golf.

And a plastic steak and a
rubber ducky and a yo-yo.

Who's behind? Mine.

All right, cut. Good take.

What good acting.
That was a good take.

You're such a cute little bottom.

Look at you. Look at you.

In fact, I think I feel
a song coming on.

Mr. Mike, I'm so sorry.
Did I hurt your equipment?

You gotta aim it right
here at my flipper.

I'm not a very good catch.

Okay, I'm ready for another
take. Let's go again.

Oh, no! I think I swallowed
my squeaker!

And an extra-bouncy bouncy ball.

And some extra teeth.
Be careful, they chatter.

Marker. And action.

We'll be back before
Andy gets home.

What? What're you
laughing about?

Real funny, Woody.
All right.

We're losing our light.
Wipe it off and let's go again.

Golly bob howdy.

What? What's so funny?

Darn it, Woody!
Okay, let's go again.

And crayons, in case you get bored.

And some blue Play-Doh.

Isn't this exciting, Heimlich?
Our first day of shooting.

Oh, yeah, it's so exciting!

You know, I can't believe you talked
them into making A Bug's Life 2.

Yeah, I can hardly believe it also.

But there's a little baby tiny
thing I forgot to tell you.

What's that, Heimlich?

Well, it's a "2" movie,
but it's not A Bug's Life 2.

What...? I don't understand.
What is it then?

And action.

Marker. And action.

Bullseye, are you with me?

Okay, good boy.

Prospector, how about you?

And so, you two are
absolutely identical?

You know, I'm sure I could get
you a part in Toy Story 3.

I'm sorry. Are we back?

All right, girls.
Lovely talking with you.

Anytime you'd like some tips on acting,
I'd be glad to chat with you.

All right, off you go then.

Speed. Wait! Let me check focus.

So, did you make it into
the first Toy Story?

Well, if you look in the letterbox copy, you
can see my arm grabbing Woody's ankle.

What are you doing next?

Well, I'm up for this villain in
a toothpaste commercial.

Wow, that's great.

And a dime, call me.
And monkey chow.

Monkey chow? For what?

Well, for the monkeys, of course.

Come on, monkeys.

That's it. I draw the line at monkeys.
Get my agent on the phone!

Marker. And action.

It's your choice, Woody.

You can go back or you can
stay with us and last forever.

Good heavens. Was that me?

Oh, my. I am so sorry.

I guess that's why they
call me Stinky Pete.

Okay, let's cut.

We are so glad you came.

Bye-bye. Bye-bye.

Bye-bye, now. Bye.

Remember, please discard all candy
wrappers and popcorn containers

in the nearest trash receptacle.
Thank you.

Okay, bye-bye, now. Bye.


Are they all gone?

Is everybody gone?

Good. Oh, my gosh,
my cheeks are killing me.

I can't keep smiling like this
any more. I am exhausted.

I think I need a break.

A little break? Okay.