Tower of Silence (2019) - full transcript

When the great sorceress Kae is captured by a mysterious enemy, her young followers devise a plan to rescue her.

Before my time,
this was once a great library.

It held books from all kingdoms

on language, history, and magic.

It has been long abandoned.

But there should still be a
book or two worth salvaging.

Look for anything still intact.

The rest of the patrol
will be returning any minute.

Would you help us
with the supplies?

Yes, Lieutenant.

Come, friends.

In Hempstead, they are
accustomed to wheat.

Once that is done, take
the company and head west.

Yes sir.

We'll catch up within the hour.



Good to see you, nephew.

Glad to see you are well.

What news from patrol?

Walk with me.

We encountered
many of the enemy,

much more than we expected.

But our soldiers were able
to stand their ground.

We will return to
Bevervick once we resupply.

Let me come with you.

You know that I can
help you in the field.

No, it's too soon, Denzikel.

Please, uncle, I'm sorry
for the way that I acted.

You disobeyed a direct order!

You could have been killed

walking blind into an
enemy camp like that.

I survived.

Yes, you survived
by fate's favor,

not by your own luck.

Do not attempt this again.

Your rashness is
not the only reason

you must stay at the monastery.

I am more than fit for duty

and my talents are being wasted.


When did you last sleep?

I keep going back to that night.

If only I'd been there sooner

right now she'd still be alive!

You did everything.

Everything in your power.

Is it always this...



Yes it is.

Stay here and rest.

When you've recovered,

then come join me in Bevervick.

I will, I promise.

Now, there is still much
more that needs to be done.

Church guard must return
to Bevervick by sunset.

If these attacks continue,

our forces there cannot last.

What do you know about
this Captain Orson?

Or he is a good
man who can help us.

How do you know him?

Well his nephew stayed
with my family years ago.

What reason does
he have to help us?

We trespassed into
the wastelands

and the King's laws forbid...

Orson and Kae
share common enemies.

He will not turn down a
chance to defeat them.

The Blackguard are
not the only enemy

we have to worry about.

There are many other
dangers in the forest.

You have no need
to worry, Arcadia.

We're perfectly safe.



Time has not been kind to you.

You have fallen far, Groth.

Why did you spare my life?

Have you come to mock me?

Killing you would be merciful.

Oh no, old friend, I
have plans for you.

You will join us.

I will not be turned.

I would rather die
than forsake the light.

Pain is a great teacher.

When you are more
familiar with it

you will become
receptive to our ways.

If you resist, this false
world you cling to will burn.

Then what will you
have to fight for?

You cannot win.

Who will stop us?

There are still many
who will fight you

and your serpents.

All of your strength
will be useless.

You are blind, sorcerer.

I am not alone, no.

Marwoleath of the
necromancer has joined me.

There is some magic in the world

that must be left alone.

Even you would
not seek his help!

As I speak,
Marwoleath is in pursuit

of your students.

He will find them
and kill everyone

who stands in his path.

You expect me to
believe such lies?

I'll leave you
with the knowledge

that their deaths
are on your hands.

You horrid vagabond!

What's troubling you, my child?

I see my past before me.

I cannot sleep, my
days are waking dreams.

I don't know what to do.

Your suffering is
brought on by fear.


I am not afraid, Zahara.

I do not fear the
enemy, nor death itself.

You have a great fear of death.

You cannot bear to
lose those around you.

I know death is not the end.

But as many times that
I tell myself this

I still miss her.

I hate myself for
feeling so weak.

Denzikel, you are young still.

In time, you will learn
more about this world.

One day, you will
be a great paladin.

Why was I chosen?

I am not worthy of the title.

Surely there are others.

The fates chose you.

This is as it must be.

If you were not worthy,

you would not have been chosen.


You should be getting a rest.

Captain told me not
to let you take watch.

I thought the
night air might help.

Hope you don't mind the company.

Is something the
matter, my friend?

We're leaving for
Bevervick in the morning.

You're more
than welcome to stay.

The soldiers can
handle themselves.

I'm more comfortable
at the front.

I'm at my best when
performing soldier's duties.

Your skills and loyalty
have never been in question.

Thank you for your confidence.

But it is clear you need rest.

There's no shame in
staying away from battle.

You should take the time
you need to recover.

I do not think that
time will heal me.

Tomorrow I'll leave
to rejoin my uncle.

Denzikel, we were given
orders not to let you

leave the monastery.

If you attempt to leave,
we ought to stop you.

Ah, well.

Well then, you
leave me no choice.

I'll just have to find
a way to sneak past you.

I thought as much.

Be safe, friend.

You as well.

Paladins are hard
to come by these days.

So are friends.

Thank you, Mark.

I shall attempt to get some
rest before the morning.

How is he?

He's on the mend.

He should be himself
in a few days time.

He's leaving, isn't he?

Just as Orson said he would.


And we are agreed that
it's best to let him go.

He'll stand a better
chance with Denzikel

than without him.

What was that?

What is it?

There's something in the forest.

Could be a shadow,
I'm not sure yet.

We're under attack.

We're under attack!

Denzikel, wake the others!

We're under attack!

To arms, we're under attack!


It seems my time here will
not be wasted after all.

Swords will be of no use here.

I sense something
different in you.

It has been a long time
since I've had the pleasure

of killing a holy knight.

This persistence is useless.

I have a strength far
beyond any of you.



Why do you go to him?

You cannot save him, you
are all doomed to die.

Submit to me.

You have lost.

Face me!

What are you waiting for?


You will watch them die.

You have not earned
this death you seek.

I will never stop fighting you!


Mark, Mark!

Finn's dead.

He killed him.

It's okay, you
can still make it.

You can survive.

Stay with me, stay
with me, Mark!


My dear.

Please don't leave me.

I'm not leaving you.

- Please help me.
- I'm not leaving you!

Look for survivors.

Rahim, this one's still alive.

It cannot be.

This is the Captain's nephew.

Quick, we must get
him to shelter, come.

I will make my way
to the buildings.

Perhaps there will
be some supplies

that will avail themselves.

Stay with me.

Move slowly, you
need time to mend.

You've healed yourself.

No, Mark!

He's dead.

Did anyone else make it?

We found no one else alive.

I should have been more careful.

It is not your fault.

Denzikel, the fates
smile on you, friend.

I need a moment
to catch my breath.

You probably have
no memory of me.

I am Rahim.

This is Arcadia.

When we were boys,
you took shelter

in my family's house.

We were friends for some time.

Rahim, I remember you.

It's been many years
since I've seen your face.

You have survived
a vicious attack,

and by what miracle
I do not know.

I owe you both a
debt for saving my life

but I do not earn your praise.

Tell me, what brought you here?

Well we needed
to find your uncle

but it seems that
we are too late.

My uncle left at sunset
with most of our troops.

He was not here
for this massacre.

He is alive?

Then there is hope
for us to find him.

There is, but why do
you need to find him?

Our headmaster is
being held prisoner.

The enemy is marching here.

Your headmaster was
lucky to be spared.

But we do not know
how much longer they

will keep her alive.

The enemy has a new leader
and it is not like them

to travel in such great numbers.

There was a necromancer.

He led the fallen here
and killed my friends.

This is the same foe.

I know the roads
that can take us

to rejoin my uncle without
the enemy detecting us.

We can gather the
Church's forces

and we march up on the fallen.

There is no guarantee
that we will get

to the Captain in time.

Yes, but we stand a
better chance rescuing Kae

with Captain Orson alongside us.

My uncle could be no more
than a day ahead of us.

I will lead you to him

and we will recover
your teacher.

But first, I ask you to
help me with one task.

Why do you haunt me?

If you are starting
to talk to the trees,

it might be time
to get some rest.

I will keep them company,
you should sleep.

It's fine, I wasn't
planning on sleeping.

Instead of talking to
trees, you could talk to me.

I hope I can give
better conversation.


We have not found any survivors.

Not even any bodies.

How is this?

Neither the fallen
or their victims.

What was taken?

Livestock, gold?

Everything has been burnt.

We think the fallen
set fire to Bevervick

and slaughtered the
villagers as they fled.

There are no bodies, but
a good deal of blood.

The fallen have
carried off the corpses.


The townspeople
were slaughtered.

Their bodies desecrated
and carried away.

Why would the enemy do this?

I do not know.

But I assure you, Lieutenant,

I will end this.

Let us regroup.


The sorcerer is proving
resistant to our methods.

It will be simpler to kill her.

She is too useful
to be thrown away.

You must learn patience, Groth.

She will become one of us.

The task at hand
is more important.

We must not waste
our time on her.

Leave the sorceress to me.

I will break her.

You must lead the Blackguard

into the Iron Wood forest.

There's an old cemetery there

that will be useful to us.

There are still church
soldiers on patrol.

We must not leave this
tower open to attack.

We have nothing to fear
from a rabble of men.

They cannot stop us.

We will continue as planned.

Do not measure your strength

on what you have yet to possess.

We must be prepared
for an attack.

I'll trust you will not
forget whom you serve.

I have survived by never
underestimating my enemy.

I recommend caution.

Go into the Iron Woods

and find the burial grounds.

Take whatever forces you must

and bring me the remains.

Make sure nothing stops you.

Do you understand?

As you wish.

Denzikel, is that the
fastest way across the river?

It's the only way.

No other bridge
crosses the river

until Rensolere,
30 leagues north.

There are no
shortcuts here, friend

unless you feel like a swim.

The bridge leaves
us completely exposed.

We'll have to wait for the
cover of night to cross.

We'll have to risk
a daytime crossing.

We need to be cautious.

Every moment we stop, my
uncle gets further away.

We cannot afford to stop.

Exposing ourselves leaves
us open to an ambush!

Rahim, will you
please tell her that time is...


And yelling gave us away!

What are you doing?

We don't know how
many are out there.

There is nothing to fear.


When they approach,
I need you to,

Wait for my signal.

He is on his way.

Is he being followed?

Not anymore.


Your friend has a habit
of getting into trouble.

Yes, well he has a way of
getting out of trouble too.

He is slowing us down.

Are you sure he is
of any help to us?

Denzikel has suffered terribly

and we must have patience.

It is not like you to
ask so much of others.

My mind is fixed on one purpose.

Well I assure you, if
there is a call for battle,

he'll be one of the first
you want by your side.

My worry is that he is
far too eager to fight.

- That is not our way.
- Friends.

Please don't make a habit
out of needing to be rescued.



I could easily handle
one Blackguard.

One Blackguard?

What about the 12 on his heels?

I thought you were behind me.

We were.

But it is our belief that
we try to avoid bloodshed

until it is necessary.

I was unaware you were in
possession of such powers.

I have a right to my secrets.

Everyone does.

If you could hide us
from the Blackguard,

we can cross the bridge unseen.

Every time I hide you,
I'm completely vulnerable.

Rahim has to guard me.

There are limits to my magic.

Everything comes with a cost.

When we return for
Kae, I can help us.

But until then, we
need to stay hidden.


I hear something
in the distance.

They're heading toward us.

Take cover!

There's only one.

I can take him.

Stay put.

Resist the urge to fight.

That's not my way.


Who is he?

His name is Groth.

He took Kae from us.

He's not one of the fallen.


He communes with
something much darker.

You put all of
our lives in danger.

If the chance comes up
again, do not fight him!

He should be avoided
at all costs.

I suggest we make some headway.

Let us not assume we
will go undetected.

I'll keep watch.

Trust me, friend.

We are safe as in any castle.

She is remarkable.

I've never seen anyone
so gifted with magic.

Arcadia, she is
naturally gifted.

Beyond that, we had a
great teacher in Kae.

And what of you?

For all your talk
of studying together

I've not seen you
cast a single spell.

Is there something
you're not telling me?

It is my own fault.

I was overconfident
with my abilities

and threw caution to the wind.


What happened?

This is the mark of arrogance.

I chased after spells
that even masters

use with precaution.

I'm lucky to be alive.

How long will it take to heal?

This is as healed
as I will ever see it.

Well let me cast holy water.

It will do nothing.

The part of me
that once communed

with nature itself is lost.

I must bear this as a
reminder of caution to others.

When this is all over,

I will find a way to help you.

There are many
things in this world

which we do not yet understand.

And there may yet be
something that can aid you.

Thank you, friend.

I do not doubt your word.

Does Arcadia know?

She was one of the
first to try and help.

But don't worry about me,
I don't need protection.

I don't want you
worsening your condition.

I will not let this
stop me from living.

I want to live a full life

with those who see
me for what I am

and not for the foolish
mistakes I've made.

Are you well, commander?

We're nearing the
Wastelands, Lieutenant.

Yes sir.

This is an alternate route
that affords us speed.

The King has ordered us to
stay out of the Wastelands

unless we provoke
the fallen to attack.

They have already
begun the attack.

Bevervick is a warning
of what is to come.

We all swore an oath
to the crown, Lieutenant.

Here do I give my
life to the crown

and all she protects.

The lands of the
crown, its citizens,

the Royal Protector,
yet I hear no mention

of the King himself.

Are you being
flippant, Lieutenant?

I am merely concerned for
the well-being of the crown.

I will not foolishly
risk the lives

of my brothers in arms.

Sir, what are you
keeping from me?

It's not the first time
I entered the Wastelands

nor the first time I risked
violating the Royal Charter.

During our last campaign,

countless of our own were
captured by the fallen.

This was before we knew
anything about our enemy.

They were but another
foreign tribe.

I was to take a company
of soldiers in an attempt

to rescue them.

Simply sneak in and save them.

I was ordered to stand down.

I could not leave
our people to die

a cruel death at a foreign land

so when my company
arrived, we attacked.

That was when we
learned the fallen

are not born but returned.

Men and women, tortured
until they're nothing

but husks of their
former selves.

Our assailants,
once our friends.

I would look into
his eyes and I,

I see him as he once was.

I could still hear his voice

which once resonated
with laughter and truth.

They all echoed with
death and despair.

None of my soldiers
was prepared.


I was not prepared.

We now know the enemy we face.

You are not leading
these soldiers astray.

We know what we face,
we stay our path.

If this route leads
us into the Wastelands,

the fallen are sure
to take notice.

Should we survive, the
King will be displeased.

Every officer here
will be in shackles.

These soldiers are noble
in their conduct and calling.

Every mind is set on a
just and moral service.

Once again you lift the fog.

Lior, I am honored to share
a field of battle with you.

We've lost too much time.

Which way is the Captain's path?

This way will lead
us to Bevervick.

The other way strikes the
borders of the Wasteland.

The forest will afford us cover.

Bevervick is but a day away.

With my uncle guarding the
town, the path is safe.

Is that them?

Get off the path.

We cannot risk them finding us.

Is everything in place?

Yes Lord Groth.

Bevervick was burnt
to the ground.

Nothing was left.


Take the bones to the tower.

We need everything
back before sunrise.

As you wish, my Lord.

Move your sorry
hides, all of you!

My uncle's forces have fallen.

He has died a soldier's death.

It is at it must be, know this.

There are no
words for our enemies.

I must go to Rensolere.


We must warn them.

They are the next
town in the path

and in the most danger.

It will take three days.

But I am the last protector.

I owe them this.

Give him distance.

He is heartbroken
and buries his grief

behind his soldier's duties.

And that is his choice.

Should we stop?

Please, speak to him.

For all our sakes.

I never thought I
would see you again.

I did not realize that
you'd still be plaguing

the world in death.

Your understanding of life
and death is so limited.

If only you would open your eyes

and see what we have seen.

I will not give up
my life so easily.

Life is sacred.

We have moved beyond this
temporary stage you call life.

We do not age, we do not die.

We are permanent.

We will inherit this earth.

And from the ashes of
your mortal kingdoms

will rise our undying grace.

You spit in the faces of
the divines who gave us life.

You act to destroy
everything beautiful

that this world has to offer.

You submit to this constant
cycle of death and rebirth

forced upon us.

Mortality is weakness.

By claiming an immortal life,

we can become more
powerful than the divines.

We can be our own masters.

You are blind.

You would destroy
everything in this world

that is worth living for!

We shall see who is blind

when this fragile world you
fight for is laid to waste.

When my glory is made true,

perhaps then you can
be made to understand.

Keep her alive and bound.

Do as you wish otherwise.

Help, no!

Oh no!



What's the matter?

I am fine, go back to sleep.

That was more than a dream.

I could see it in you...


At least one of us will
get some sleep tonight.

I did not
know you were still awake.

Sleep has been escaping
me for some time now.

You have endured more
in the span of a few days

than anyone deserves.

I am familiar with this.

If you will not sleep,
may I ask you something?

You may.

What are you?

A spellcaster can only
be trained in one place

and I have not yet
seen you before.

I do not use magic.

I have seen it.

When the necromancer
left you dead,

you healed your body from
across consciousness.

It cannot be
willed or controlled.

There is no school for it.

Is it innate?

Were you blessed at birth?

My mother passed me her gift.

She died when I was very young.

I did not mean to pry.

I ought to afford
you some privacy.

It's fine.

She was the only other
paladin I've ever known.

When she died, Rahim's
family took me in.

I know better than
to offer you words

for your loss.

The pain never truly leaves us.

I've gone most of my
life without my family.

I can scarcely
remember their faces.

I do not remember their names.

You carry yourself
with great strength.

Kae has been my teacher,
my master, my guide.

I owe her everything.

I cling to the sliver of
hope she's still alive.

I do not ask you to believe me.

I do.

We will find her.

I give you my word.

Who was she?

You see her as well?

You called out to
her when we found you

lying in the field.

Her spirit persists.

She torments because
I failed her.

That is no spirit.

What is it that I see?

You must let her go.

Forgive yourself.

I do not need
your pity, Arcadia.

Forgive me.

You know, my company
bothers you so I will leave.

It was my fault she is dead.

Her death is on my hands.

And I've tried to forgive myself

but I alone bear the blame.

How long has it been?

It's been a fortnight
since I laid her to rest.

We argued.

And in my anger I
left her in the night.

The next day a patrol
recovered her body

from a Blackguard ambush.

It won't be much longer now.

Once the final
pieces are in place

all we will have to do is wait.

You put too much faith
into a single creation.

This is but the first of many.

We will use it to
storm the next town.

I will study its effectiveness

and make it more stronger
with every forging.

We should be turning
villages into our servants,

not grinding them
into weapons of war.

What use is an army if we
have no empire to rule?

I will not bet our
victory on chance.

There will be many
left to fill our ranks.

But we need an army to
take us to the gates

of the Capital, and I
will not have your mercy

weaken the kingdom
of the undying.

Is that understood?


Lieutenant, my
memory grows cloudy.

What was it that called
you to join the church?

I followed my instincts, sir.

Desire to serve those around me.

Hmm, you could have
served your country

and stayed in your homeland
as one of its guards.

My homeland is an island.

The sea itself is our protector.

The Blackguard have never
set foot on our shores

but I couldn't stay safe
while others were attacked.

You do not fear them.

I'm concerned for the
death and destruction

they will bring.

It cannot be allowed.



I do not know what we will
face in the days ahead

or how strong our
foe have become.

You must endure.

I will never run from a fight.

I'm a warrior to my last breath.

Of this I trust.

I pray our forces are true.

If the tide turns and
our strength fails us,

the King must be warned
of the growing threat.

I would never leave
your side in battle

as the couriers and
the men-at-arms,

my place is here.

Lior, I've lost too many
friends over the years.

You have many
years ahead of you.

If I am to die in that field,

it'll be as it must.

Your greatest deeds
may yet lie ahead.

You are most kind, sir.


Give it time, Denzikel.

Though your healing
may come slowly,

even with great sadness,
there's something to learn.

Your friends will be glad
to know that you survived.

I cannot change my
fate, nor would I.

You are quick to say so.

I miss my friends dearly.

But to want the power to
change my fate is unthinkable.

Though it is natural to
wish to see those we have lost

but our natural emotion
should not cause us guilt.

I fear deep sadness
that spoils into anger

and thirsts for power.

I'm forbidden from
desiring power

and the thought that I
might one day be tempted

makes me doubt my strength.

You Denzikel, are
a servant of good.

I have never doubted
your desire to do

what is right and just.

Thank you, my friend.

Please, Arcadia, hear me now.

Without the
Blackguard hounding us,

we should make Rensolere
in a few days time.

I hope that follow our news,

there's still some
respite offered us.


What's the matter?

You can stop them.

Return to me.

Go back to the tower.

It must be done.

There is the chance
to stop them.

The horrible weapon,
not even its creator

can control it.

You must destroy it.

Smite it with the holy
magic of the divine.

Fight it as you would
the most wicked darkness.

He can destroy this
creature, bring him here.

You can break his cycle

and save the lives of everyone
the necromancer threatens.

Do not concern yourself with me.

I have played my part in this.

No sudden movements.

Let your mind find
your body again.

We need to go back
to the Wastelands.

Kae is still alive.

Ah, fates help us.

Are you sure?

She spoke to me.

We need to save her.

We can do it.

I will go with you.

The Blackguard have too
many defenses in place

and their numbers are too great.

I have a plan.

Brothers and sisters in arms,

we have been forbidden
from entering this land

by order of the King.

But we all took a
vow to the Kingdom

to protect it and its people

from all evils.

I ask help, but only from
those willing to follow me

into this wretched place.

And know this.

There'll be no judgment
from me if you turn back.

But if you do follow me,

you'll be violating a
direct order of the King.

Today, I act as my own master

and I vow to part out
justice for those who cannot.

I go in the name
of the slaughtered.

You are free to make
your own decisions.

Choose wisely.

From this place, Kae led
us to the tower undetected.

I can keep us from being seen.

I will lead us.

How far to the end
of this tunnel?

Many miles.

The path is not straight.

It never is.

Are you sure of this?

By coming here, we
are doing what is right.

I do not doubt that.

I don't wish to
lead you falsely.

We may well not
come back from this.

I will not abandon Kae.

Nor I.

We are bound by honor, friends.

One does not need to be a
soldier to understand this.

We cannot stay here long.

I have found her.

How far from here?

A few floors.

Is she heavily defended?

Nothing but a locked door.

This is our chance.

Why would she be left unguarded?

I can keep us hidden.

Isn't there anyone
else in the hallways?

Just a Blackguard patrol
standing outside the tower

but something has him occupied.

Then we must move quickly

for that could buy
us but so much time.

We act now.

There's something
not right about this.

Rahim, I need your help.

Why is she not waking up?

She has a weak
connection to her body.

I will get her centered.

Kae, please.

Come back to me.

I've done as you asked.

Oh my dear.

I came back for you.

Rahim, oh.

Oh, oh.

I came back for you.

I will not leave you.

You must never give up hope.

You are a paladin.

Kae, this is Denzikel.

He has been a great
help along the way.

It's an honor to meet
you, headmaster Kae.

You carry the
mark of your family.

You do them honor.

Know that you have a talent.

Headmaster, we need to leave.

I could not find
the Captain in time

but there is still a
threat in this tower.

We cannot leave.

I have summoned you for a task

and I will see it through.

We are in no position to fight.

Have you not told them?

Forgive me, we need to leave.

Get behind me!

Arcadia, get Kae out of here!

Your doctrine is hopeless.

You have lost a valiant effort.

You don't have to die.

This world is temporary
and it will end.

In it's place, we
will build a kingdom

of neverending life.

We will be deathless.

Which world do you choose?

A poor choice.

You will suffer
for your weakness!


They bring their own damnation.

Soon they will be but a memory.


They are flesh,
they still serve us.

We have yet to
turn the sorceress.

Take them to the pit.

My creation nears its time.

These fools will live
to see its birth.

But this one may die.

No, Denzikel, wait!




Deal with them.

Kill the heretics!

No evil shall break our ranks.

We protect the living!

And we avenge the slaughtered!


Your time has come.

Prove your worth.

You cannot win, Marwoleath.

I already have.

Do you understand yet?

Do you see the kind
of power we possess?

We do not fear kings or gods.

And we certainly
do not fear you.

You have lost.

On your knees.

What happened?

Let me see him.

Be relieved, he's still alive.

Thank the fates.

That spell took a heavy toll.

But you have a great inner
resilience, my dear Rahim.

I could not let them kill you.


Let your strength return.

I'm glad you're still alive.

Save your strength, my friend.

There was a moment there
when I thought all was lost.

It is by some miracle
that we've survived.

I thought you were dead!

Denzikel, what happened here?

Why aren't you at the monastery?

The monastery was destroyed.

There is much to tell you.

But first there is
someone you must meet.

I cannot thank you
and your soldiers

enough, Captain Orson.

Without your arrival this day
would have ended in tragedy.

Are you hurt?

I've been worse.

Are there others in the tower?

No, I don't believe so.

But my student Rahim
needs assistance.

Captain Orson, good
to see you again.

His wounds are
not life-threatening.

Can you stand?



Rahim is stronger
than I believed.

Perhaps you can tend to
the safety of the others.

I was surprised to
see you here, Rahim.

I'm glad you survived.

Oh believe me Captain,
no one is more thankful

for the surprise than us.

Let us tend to your wound.


I'm sorry, headmaster.

What do you mean?

I should have found
the Captain as you asked.

I put everyone's lives in
danger, and I should have...

I could not be more
proud of you, Arcadia.

Is he all right?

He is now.

Much more than we expect.

You know what that means.

I cannot, truly.

Are you sure you will not stay?

I can send a courier
in your place.

I'm sure.

I need to make sure
they get back safely.

I owe them that much.

Safe journeys.

When you meet the
King, give him this.

It will explain all
that has happened here

these last few days.

Thank you for all you've done.

What will you do now?


With friends like you

and dedicated warriors
such as these,

we have a solid foundation
on which to build

a lasting peace.

Be well, my friends.

Well, we have work to do.