Tower of Lust (1955) - full transcript


Adaptation of the famous work
by Alexandre Dumas and Gaillardet

Not far from

and the exuberance
of their cafes,

very close to the school
of Fine Arts,

and in front of the Louvre,

there was once,
in the heart of Paris,

a fearsome place

of which the story
and the legend

have continued to share
tragic fame.

A famous melodrama

has resurrected the actors
of strange and bloody adventures

that took place there.

Now we,

through Alexandre Dumas,

we offer you the show.

Those who walk
along the banks of the Seine,

should know that when skirting
the bars of the Institute,

they are walking on
a cursed place.

There it was erected,
700 years ago,

the Tower of Nesle,

of which the washerwomen
and the children of the time

made a song.

"The tower, take care
the tower, take care

"and do not let yourself be killed."

"The tower, take care
the tower, take care

"and do not let yourself be killed."

You know very well that is
the song of the assassins.

Listen! The mermaid
from the tower answers us!

Do you really believe that,
this mermaid of the Seine?

Who else would drag the youngsters
into the water, if it's not her?

Then, explain why
the corpses are fished out

behind the tower
and not in front.

Oh! There is another one!

How awful!


Master Orsini!

Barkeeper of the Devil!

How many corpses were found
this morning on the banks of the Seine

between the small bridge
and the tower of Nesle?


Always the same number.

And all three, without a doubt,
were noble, young and handsome?

All three noble, young and handsome.

And all three strangers
to our city.

All three.

As usual.



Attend to the Lord.


And wine!

It doesn't matter.

If I were to call myself Orsini

and my windows give
on this old tower of Nesle,

I would like to know

who are these vampires who drink,

every night for three months,
the blood of so many gentlemen.

I'm a bartender,
Not a night watchman.

They say it's a mermaid!

But they never catch it!

I, Enguerrand de Marigny,

Chief of Police of His Majesty
Marguerite of Burgundy,

promise to those who denounce
the assassins of the Seine

the sum of 100 gold marks!

I, Enguerrand de Marigny,

Chief of Police of His Majesty
Margaret of Burgundy,

promise to those who denounce
the assassins of the Seine

the sum of 100 gold marks!

Hot wine!

Fresh herring, blood sausage!

Hot wine,
fresh herring, blood sausage!


And order, please!

To work!

We are lost!

Where the head gets stuck,
the body does not pass!

Impossible without the help of the devil!

Good work.

The usual.

We lost the third on the way.

He had his reckoning.

Drag the river downstream

for at least one hour.
It will be enough!

And for what, after all,
I ask you?

To explain to Marigny!

Who would believe that the murderers
are hiding around here?

And so that they are completely

they make us play the song
of the assassins.

There is a mystery down there.

Here they come!

Watch out!


Friends, it's your last morning.

I've never seen
three larks like these!

How well dressed they are!

It would be a shame to leave them
on their backs!

Oh dear!
It's Lili!

It's Lili!

Pradal and Lili!

No, it's L?vi!

The vampire started with them!

This one got tired!

The siren finished them!

Come on! Quick!

Come on!


The assass ... The assass ...

Bless you!

No! The assassins!

The assassins!

Are you afraid?

Come on! undress!

I warn you, I'll count to three!

Goodbye sergeant.

I prefer to start
with the sirens!

Dying is a mortal sin!


Don't annoy him,
let's take off our clothes!

Let's take off our clothes!

Now it's better!

Oh, I'm not happy!

Also take the arrows of the sergeant,
they can always serve.

Come on!

"Death trembles

"the wind blows

"If the rose has lost its wind. "

Oh! Satyrs!


Save us!

Thank you!

Where are you going?

To the saddle!

Thank you, captain!

We are saved!

I repeat to you that the Queen
is waiting for me for her portrait!

Mr. Gaultier d'Aulnay
has preceded us once again.

It is normal.

Will you explain to me,
my dear Joinville,

how that little student
from Giotto,

as bad a painter as he was,

has become so quickly

the first squire of the Regent?

If the King only knew!

The king?

As long as he gets tired every day
at the Jeu de Paume, (tennis)

He doesn't care about anything else.


Help yourself!

Will we read this morning,

The Song of Roland?


Do you prefer "The Knights
of the Round Table "?

Or "Merlin the Wizard"?



Oh ! Calm down Angela!

Stories of battles!

Chivalry, eh?

You know that the novels
of chivalry,

we've known them by heart
for a long time!

So in that case,
we will return to love,

with the story of Tristan
and Isolde.


Take care!

Take care!

- We must call the Regent.
- No.

These murders give him nightmares.

All these noblemen massacred,
it cries for revenge!

The war kills a hundred times
more people in a day!

Since they are usually peasants,

you don't care,
Mr. Steward of the Armies!

- It can not be compared!
- Your charge with mine?

Certainly not!

I am in sole charge
of order and justice.

Princess Jeanne!

My lords,

the queen is resting
and will not receive anyone.

"One day, the king said to Tristan:

"To reward your shining zeal,

"If I give to you the Queen

"for your trouble,

"tell me what you shall do

"with my Yseult,
that God has filled.

"Speak, Tristan.

"Say your desire.

"Yseult will do
all your pleasure.

"To better reward
your welcome,

"I give her to you naked."

"King, for our sheltered love

"I have prepared a room

"made of crystal and shadows

"where you can observe us."

You too know by heart
the story of Tristan and Isolde?

I would like to die like him!

My queen!

How kind of you!

Only the doublet is for you.

The master sells them for 30 sols.

Lay them on the bed

and you with it, if you wish.

Oh, Sir!

What are you doing here?

It is for the return of the King.

This is my room.

The arrival of the King
attracts so many travelers

that the servants
sleep on the steps.

That's why I offered you my bed!

And what's your name?

Alice, sir.

Do you like the King?

No, but they give us ten sols
to throw flowers in his path.

And it's tomorrow?

Yes, that's what they say,

but he is still 20 leagues
from Paris.

He stays playing la paume (tennis)
with the soldiers.

Whole days!

Oh ... La paume ...

What are you doing!

I too will play la paume,

while we wait for him.




It's urgent!

You seem to ignore that they are waiting
for you tomorrow in Paris, Sire.

Holy God!
What an imbecile!

The crowd was summoned
for your parade, Sire!


Read it!
What are you waiting for!

I can not, Lord.
It's a special letter

from the Regent.

- Read it, Donkey head!
- Very well, sire.

"Lord, my husband,

"the kingdom is doing well,

"but our castle
is like a prison

"and the weight of affairs
on my frail shoulders ... "

Read further!

"I had my portrait done

"next to your father's,
in my room."

What does that matter to me?

By the way,

it is rumored in the Court

that Mr. d'Aulnay ...

I told you to read further!

Yes, sire!

"Your Minister keeps issuing
fake money,

Like your father
Philippe le Bel. "

She's crazy! How could we make war
if we didn't make it?

"There is a lot of discussion in Paris
about the many murders

"committed on the banks
of the Seine

"against gentlemen."

Let them go to the devil!

There are always too many gentlemen
around the throne. Good riddance !

And in fact,
why does it concern her?

Oh, sire!

Too many nobles ?!

Now you understand
why this husband

is not completely blind!

Get up! It's time!

Come on!

Go find some clients,

Let's go slackers,
hurry up!

Of course you come to see
the return of the King.

Ha ha, of course!

But mostly to see my brother,
who is the first squire of the Regent.

Mssr. Gaultier d'Aulnay?

The same!

It's true that you look like him.

I have often seen him
prance beside the Queen.

The most beautiful woman in France!

I would like to find accommodation
for Bouvine and me.

Oh, that's simple. Here, Orsini's tavern
is just a stone's throw away.

Come on.

You will take care of my horse, won't you?

- Of course.
- Thank you.

Come hither, you will find hot bread!

Fresh herring!

Come in, my lord! Come in.

A writing desk and wine from Cyprus!

What are you waiting for
to work, Nicolette?

Yes, three, as usual.

You have already found one.

Sleep easy!

You will have your three clients
for tonight.


Are you arriving from a trip?

Yes, from Flanders.
I was fighting.

I followed you on the street.

If I had seen you first
it would be the opposite.

My Lady who loves the brave,

thinks that you have
a good aspect.

Are you as brave
as you are a pretty boy?

Speak bluntly, miss.

If it's about you,
I'm the man you're looking for!

No, it's not about me.

But from my mistress

who is a hundred times
prettier than me.

I don't believe that
there can exist two such suns!

My mistress will be waiting for you tonight.


Go at the time
of the curfew

to the corner of Froid-Mantel Street,

A hunchback will approach you

who will say to you: "Your hand?"

You will show him this ring

and you will follow him.

Do I have your word?

You have it!

Adieu, Cavalier!

Pleasure and courage!

Come and see!

The best pint of beer!

Our excellent Burgundy wine!


Your name!

Landry, my lord.

Take this letter immediately
to my brother in the Louvre.

He is the first squire of the Queen,
Mr. Gaultier d'Aulnay.

A shield if you walk!

Two if you run!

Greetings, my lords!

If you are looking for where the tax went

that Philip the Fair
raised on the beggars

the day he named king
his son Luis le Hutin,

you will find the thirty parisian sous
on the back of the Queen's favorite

pinned in curly gold fabric!

Are you speaking of Gaultier d'Aulnay?

And who do you want me to talk about?

The Queen only smiles when
that bastard brushes her dress!

Who says that Gaultier d'Aulnay
is a bastard?


They'll cut your throat, thief!

In the meantime,
we'll cut yours!

Hello, audience!

Silence, my flowers,
the boss is sleeping!

Ten against one?

Ten louts
against a gentleman?

It's five too many!

I heard the noise
from the street.

I apologize for my discourtesy,

but I don't like
a fight without me!

I think it's time
to lengthen the knives.

Before you kill, Messires,

allow us to introduce ourselves.








And your servant,


And you, my lord?

If you are worthy
of your sword,

you will recognize my name
on the tip of mine!

That thrust gives him away!

There is only one man who can
work so neatly.

It's Buridan!

You can not hide anything from them!

You alone have touched me.


I knew that we would eventually get along

my dear seigneurs! (gentlemen)

You call us gentlemen

It's too much honor!

I said saigneurs (bleeders)!

Isn't that your title?

Come on, my little one!

Come on, everyone shout:

all together, "We were wrong."

We were wrong!

Perfect! Come closer!

What demon possessed you to imbibe with
the prey that I had just brought down?

We did not see the ring.

By dint of sending each evening a trio of
swells, we acquire bad habits.
The bad habit of sending
Every night a trio of fools!

There it's a duty,
here it's a crime!

I heard a minister say that.

How will we make this brute
pay for the damage?

But he's one of the lot
that falls tonight!

Then there is justice.

Get a doublet!

Serve these guys,
they drink to our health!

It's nice.

It's a good job.

In your skinning.

But no, sir. Here this kind
of work is an exception.

Aren't you afraid the doublet
will be recognized?

No, my lord.

I won't keep it long.

What do you mean by that?

You would be embarrassed.

A Buridan is never touched
on the back.


Come on, what do I owe you?

Five dead and three jugs
of wine.

But we'll settle all that
next time.

Excuse me, my lord.

The last obligations ...

Come on, boy!

Come on!

Come on!

Sit down, friend!



That's me, Buridan,

proud with arms, slicer of mountains.

I split it and I fight!

Nothing can resist me!

Yeah, right.

It's a joke.

Why this contempt for your strength?

I also make songs!

And card tricks.

I read the lines of the hand.

I win all the battles!

For the side that pays me!

Where is my real value
in all of that ?

Is it in the arm?
In the fist?

The legs?

The patter?

Buridan, it's my name of war.

My real name is here.

And here.

One day,

We will know who I am.

Isn't glory enough for you?

What more do you want?





It's fine at your age!


Why not.

Do you know anyone at the court?

Yes and no.

I am the same age and
from the same country as the Queen.

I was her father's page,

Duke Robert II.

He was murdered, I believe.

At that time,

Margarita had ...

pardon me, ...

The Queen

was 16 years old

and I 18.

Now, we have forgotten
that time.

There is a secret
between her and me,

which will make my fortune

or my loss.

And you intend to see her at the Louvre?

Alas, the doors are well guarded.

They won't be for you anymore!

My brother, Gaultier d'Aulnay,
is the Queen's first squire.

Is he as handsome and brave as you?

Much more!

Then our fortune is made!

The Queen, I know her ...

will not deny your brother anything.

Sorry! It gives me pleasure
to address you familiarly.

As you wish, Captain!

What's the matter?
Does your arm bleed?

No, it's a cross
that I've always had.


Are you going out tonight?

My faith ...

And you?

I'm thinking about it.

Nice ring!

I was going to tell you the same thing!

I've only had it for an hour.

And I also!

A woman approaches,
And says to me:

"My lady loves the Brave...

"thinks that you have a good aspect."

It's the same!

It's a dream or a challenge!

A jest!

Oh well... better than nothing.
It must have its price!

Will you go?

By my patron saint,
I wouldn't miss it!

And you?

Why shouldn't I go?

Aren't I old enough?

I hope it is not the same one.

Or, it's her sister.

In that case, let's be good brothers!

That is true.

What if there is only one?

In that case, I'll give you the place.

No no. I beg you!

After you!

Come on!

No, I wanted to say ...

No no. It's nothing.

The housemaid will suffice for me!

Maybe she's the most beautiful!


Do you still love me?

Like my other half!

The famous Captain Buridan!

Who just saved my life!

I thank you for him and for me,

If Gaultier d'Aulnay can ever be
good for something,

he is ready to offer you his life

as he offers you his hand.

What a pleasure to see you like this.

He's my whole family!

And I am all his.

When he dies,
I will die.

It is written in the sky
of our love.

One for the other!

And between us, all in common:

a horse, a purse,
sword at a signal,

Our life on a word!

Everything between two!

And now that you have saved him,

Everything between the three!

Will you come with me to the Louvre?

No, uh ...

I have an appointment.

Two hours in Paris
and you already have a love appointment?

Take care!

For some time the Seine has been loaded
with corpses of gentlemen.

I did not know that.

Did you hear, Captain?

I knew that a mermaid
walks around there but ...

I only have an appointment
with a lady.


You too?

Yes Yes. We made an oath.

If there is an oath, good. But ...

Be cautious!

Tomorrow, at the first hour,
I'll meet you at the Louvre.

Goodbye Philippe!

Goodbye Gaultier!

It is curfew, gentlemen!

Goodbye Philippe!

They wait for me at the second tower
of the Louvre.

And me on Froid-Mantel street!

Good night!

My sweet children ...

To the Tower of Nesle!

The musicians are late again tonight.

I don't like that.

Come on! Quick!

I appreciate your silence.

You would have lost the benefit of this sweet
journey with the slightest word or curiosity.

And here is the mainland.

Lower your head, my lords.

We have arrived.

At the gates of hell!

The barge of the Styx,
the wind, the thunder!

There's nothing missing!

Is that you, Captain?


Are you here too?

Morbleu! Can't we remove
this bandage?

Only with her, my lord.

Of course.

You see, Captain,
that it was the same?

Well, we'll play it
by the short straw.

Follow me, my gentleman!

No! There is a third!

Our beauty has an appetite!

The first time I offer myself
a distinction,

and I'm starting to find it
very strange!

Where am I?

You don't know?

Then we are all three ignorant!

On your arm,

Captain Buridan.

Messire Philippe d'Aulnay,

on my right.

And you, sir, who are you?

Hector de Chevreuse,

crazy, curious and shy.

It reassures me to feel a sword
by my side

during this game
of blind man!

Here, over here, my lords!
This way!

And lower your head!

Wait a minute, my lords.

What a perfume!

I think we are entering
the Palace of enchantments!

Now, gentlemen,
take yourselves by the arm

and follow me.

Be careful, there is a step!

The first of the stairs.

We will go down to find the siren

passing through the seventh heaven.

Gentlemen, everyone
to their guard posts

to replace our friends
fallen in the field of honor.

Okay, boss.
But double rate, then.

So much for bump,
So much for the murder.

Ah, there is no conscience!

Come on!

Come on!

One last step ...

This sweet music
and these intoxicating fragrances

are made for the cut-throat!

Dream or nightmare,
soon we will see ...

Over here, gentlemen ...

Don't move forward!

Stay there!

You can untie your headbands.

Ah! Very good!


Pinch yourself.

I want to know if I'm not dreaming.

I was so afraid
that there was only one!

Now, choose.

With much pleasure.

Hard to choose.

What do you think of these nymphs,
my lord?

I think I'm not thinking!

I'm burning!

Take off your mask, please.



Not that!

You took the oath not to ask me.

That is true.

Excuse me.

Lord, how beautiful and young you are.

What soft and fresh skin.

Let me look at you well.

It's not possible!

What isn't possible?

Be patient.

First, let's drink a little
musk wine, if you want.

Help yourself.


These arrows have the mark
of Marigny.

They can always be used
to confuse the trail.

I can't wait to see
this last batch finished.

Quick, the three strokes of the signal!

I think those crazy young people
will not wait long!

It does not matter!

Under the pretext that they could
recognize the place,

they are shut up forever,
it's tough, boss!

For us,
there is nothing left to lose.

The choice is made:

This job or the gallows!


Why are you always looking
at that hourglass?

It is letting time fly
between our lips.

I want you to remember all your life

the stranger that one night,

has split in two
one of your nights of love.

Like this hourglass.

Without offering you anything

of what you have asked for.

But why?

So that the hope of getting it one day,
never leaves you!

But that's madness!

You are fighting against yourself.


Maybe, but it has to be that way.

Tell me, how old are you?

19 years.

Oh no!

Later. Not now.

I have to give an order.



The night is coming, Madam,
it's time to leave this place.

This night is not like
those which have preceded it, Orsini.

And this young man,
I want him to live!

He is so different from the others.

I want to save him!

You shouldn't think about it, Madame,
It will be our undoing.

Of course not,
He did not see my face.

He did not guess anything.

And he is so beautiful, so confident!

Leave, lady.

Is it not me who orders?

Take the other two and do
whatever you want,

but I want
this young man to live!

You just have to drive him,
blindfolded, far from Paris.

And you will answer for him
with your life!

Very well, madam.

I'm in the eighth heaven.

No, you can not stay here.

I beg you, we must go
before the day comes!

For me there is no longer
either day nor night!

There is only you!

It's only you!


I beg you!

It's about your life!


Another moment,
my beautiful mistress.


There is not a single minute
to lose!

I am giving you an order!

Why don't you want to leave?

Try to understand!

So be it.

But I'll leave only
if you tell me your name.

To be able to repeat it
in my dreams.

Because I seem to be dreaming.

Perhaps ...

It is so sweet that only
a bird can sing it ...

The name of a flower ...

The name of a fairy ...

No, for you
I do not have a name.

This is my house here and I am free
to do whatever I want.

I give you back your freedom.

This night was just a beautiful dream,
as you said.

Well ...

I wake you up

You must go!

Let me!

Do not tell me your name!

I beg you in my turn,

Show me your face before
I leave forever!

Why look for death?

Unfortunate one!

Have you gone mad?

To see your face and then die ...

Maybe it's worth it!

Yes, I will see it!

I'll see it!

You hurt me!

Don't come near!

You have dared!

No, do not come near!

Chance excuses me.

Tell me your name
or do not tell me.

Keep your mask,
I do not care.

I will always recognize you
by that mark that you made yourself!

Yes, look at this blood,

unhappy fool that you are!

Look at this brand!

Look at it well because
you will never see her again!




Open up!

We have come to liberate the young man.

Are you hurt?


Open up!

Execute the original orders.
The others are canceled, Orsini.

He must die!


Not now!

Not now!

Wait until I'm away.

You two watch the other doors.
You here.


Are you losing your reason?

What did you do ...

What did you do with my sword?

What have you done with it?
It was there.

Your sword?


Answer me!

I'll go look for it.

That's it, go get it, yes.

The bitch!


So we can all hope!

But who are these furies?

What? You don't know?

Much better for you!

If I see mine tomorrow,
I would recognize her!

- Was she unmasked?
- No.

But with this brooch, she made
such a wound on her forehead

that she could not hide herself
among a thousand!

She has injured herself ...

We are lost!

Let's try our luck!

You're crazy!
Come on!

Do you want to impale yourself
on those spears?

Don't you see where we are?

The Louvre opposite ...

The Tower of Nesle!

Hector de Chevreuse ...

If I die ...

Where is my brother?
Will you avenge me, Buridan?

I give you my oath.

And if I die, I'm sure
that you will do the same.

And for your brother,
I need proof.

Unfortunately I have neither
pen nor ink!

Here, the brooch!

Give me your arm.

It's the second time that my blood
has been poured to be recognized.

Write for your brother
to believe me.

"I die murdered


Do you know her name?

I suspect it.

No weapons!

Here! Take it!


Buridan, you will not escape!

Catch them!

They won't get far!

Come down all!

Let's separate.

May God protect you, Captain!

May God preserve you, Philippe!

Attention, Captain!


- Is it you, Landry?
- Yes, it's me!

From soldier,
you've become an assassin.

Ah, we grow old, Captain.

In Italy, I saved your life twice.

Today its your turn.

We will try

But quickly, eh?

Can you swim like a fish?

When you jump, throw your hat
toward the left

and dive to the right.

Swim underwater

There is a sentinel up there.

Tell me ...

Do you know ...

Gaultier d'Aulnay?

The first squire of the Queen.


Give him these tablets.

Today in the Louvre.

From me.

Very well.

Tomorrow I will come to retrieve them
by ten o'clock.

Yes, but ...

If you are not at the rendezvous?

Let him open them.

Do what is necessary.

Don't bother!

It's done!

Let me see your face ...

And then die!


Now I can satisfy your desire.

Marguerite of Burgundy!

The Queen.

The Queen of France.

Oh no!

No, Alice, no.

Enough for tonight.

"Chance excuses me."

"Tell me your name
or do not tell me."

"Keep your mask,
I do not care."

"I will always recognize you
by that mark that you made yourself!"

Why this need
to take revenge on all men...

for the evil that one of them
did to me in the past?

What infernal force makes me strike
at the height of human abjection?

Yet, you know, Marguerite ...

that you kill yourself
every time you murder ...

and that you can never
die completely.

"For me there is no longer
either day nor night."

"There is only you."

"Take off your mask, please."

"Tell me, how old are you?

"19 years."

"And this young man,
I want him to live!"

"I want to save him!"

"To see your face and then die ..."

"Maybe it's worth it."

"Yes, I will see it!
I'll see it!"

So it is tomorrow that
our King arrives, Sir?

In the morning.

At Vespers.

Ah! Gaultier d'Aulnay!

The king's return
will not please everyone.

Are you looking for someone?

Yes, my brother!

Your brother?

To present him to the Regent,
Without a doubt...

If she allows it.

You will introduce me too,
won't you ?

It's useless, my Lord.
He looks like me.

You wouldn't like him.

Calm down! Come on!

Good day, my Lord!

- Your humble servant.
- What do you want?

I have a message

A secret message

to give to you.

From my brother, no doubt!


No, on behalf of Captain Buridan.

- Captain Buridan?
- Yes.

Last night,
I met him.


In a place of bad reputation,
as is his custom.

All the ladies of the Court will want
to copy your new hairstyle, my Queen!

Your squire has arrived.

This may be the last time,
for a long period,

that we will be able to see each other
in broad daylight and without constraint.

But Sir d'Aulnay
adores you, Madame!

Yes, I know.

I have never doubted it.


Go, leave us alone.

Service to the Queen!

Oh, my Queen!

My dear Gaultier!

Did the angels allow me
last night

to occupy a humble place
in your golden dreams?

Listen ...

I saw last night in a dream,
a handsome young man of your age

and who resembled you
in a strange way.

He had your eyes,

your lips and your voice.

He held out his arms to me,
begging ...

But I could not betray you.

And my dream had an ending
truly terrible.

What was it?

I can not tell you.

I will forget it forever.

What is it?

You seem worried.


I'm waiting for my brother
who is my second self.

I thought I would find him
in the gallery but ...

I hope you will present him to me.

I already feel that I will love him
as I do you.

Ah, but I'll never be
jealous of you!

He is too loyal to betray me.

So go, Gaultier,
and bring back your brother.

You are, and will be forever,
my King.

And you would be the only one
if it was love that made royalty.


Bring in Monsieur de Marigny.

Messire de Marigny,
this is the last audience

that I grant you as regent.

It is also the last, Madam,

in which I present myself
as Minister.

I beg you to relieve me of my charge.


All these crimes remain unpunished.

I will spare the King the trouble
of sending me back as a bad servant.

That shows great scruples,
Messire de Marigny!

And if after all, the truth
is impossible to discover?

Oh, it's not what I don't know
that torments me, Madam,

But what I know!

What do you mean, sir?

Speak, I'm listening to you.

I know these murders will end
with the return of the King.

But want the culprits
to remain unknown.

Perhaps you are afraid to accuse them?

I'm afraid of the shame
and the scandal

that could reflect
on the Crown of France!

The Crown of France, know this,

has no need
of your protection, Sir!

But she needs my silence!

your intention is to keep quiet?

At the price of my life, Madam!

After all, I think you're right, since ...

all these crimes will end
with the return of the King.

I order you to stay
at your post!

I understand, Madam.

I think the Queen will grant you
an audience this morning.

Unless she is detained.

You know how much she likes
the painting.

The river has just ejected
another drowned man on its banks!

What was he saying,
Messire de Savoisy?

I said that the river just ejected
another drowned man!

Excuse me, but there are two.

Princess Blanche!

Princess Jeanne!

If you want my opinion
about these crimes,

our city is full
of magicians and sorcerers, right?

You just have to look towards the street,
You don't see anything else!

Here, that one who holds forth

who fixes his attention
on this window.

Hey ! Magician !

Come here to tell us
good fortune!

Let him come up!

Without the permission of the Queen,

Good fortune ...

The Queen loves that,
You know it.

And we can put him to the test
since he doesn't know anyone here!

God or devil?

He came through the wall!

What is your name, magician?

I am Merlin!

The magician!

The fool's own!

Oh yes.

Start your exhibition.



For you!


You can keep talking, charlatan.
I am incredulous.

You will die ...

without having revealed your secret,

at the new gallows

that you just built.

And when, please?

You only have two days to live.

If I'm not far
from the gallows,

you are even closer to the prison!

We will take the road together,
my Lord!

Have you seen my brother?

I thought to find him
in the midst of you,

This starts to worry me!

This magician will inform you

I don't have time for this!

Your brother will not come!

I'm not asking you anything!

People are grouped
on the banks of the Seine.


Around two corpses.

Crying out.

My brother!

Run to the shore,

look at the left arm
of one of the drowned ...

My brother!

My brother!

Stop that man!

The Queen, Gentlemen!

Who has dared to bring
this mountebank to the Palace?

Come in, lady!


Arrest him and take him
to the gallows!

What do you think
of this talisman?

Yesterday, diamond

ruby tonight ...

Ah, yes...

It was you.

You did well
to change your hairstyle.

Get away from me!

They have found ...

only two bodies
on the shore...

You say ...

Only two bodies?

You expected three, of course ...

- No?
- Yes

Who are you?

The devil!


To you.

Leave us!

Pretend to be interested
in my tricks.

I have you!

I have your life,

your love,

and your honor in my hands.

Keep quiet!

I beg you to Keep quiet.

We will meet again tonight...

After the curfew...

In Orsini's tavern.

But a Queen of France can not leave
the Palace alone at that hour.

Except to go
to the tower of Nesle ...

Very well.

very well, I'll come.

I will bring a scroll,
the seal of the State.

Meanwhile, go home
and don't let anyone in.

Especially not Gaultier d'Aulnay,
especially not him.

I lift the charm!


The Queen thanks you!

And pray to God

to have you in his care.


It is my brother, Monseigneur!

My brother!

There on the shore!

This is his blood!

I want his killer!

I must slay his assassin!

Calm yourself, sir!

My blood!

My gold, my rank to whomever
finds me the murderer!

Take care, sir!

Not a drop of blood
is shed in this city

that you are not required
to report!

I want to see the Queen!

Where is the Queen?

The Queen!

Where is the Queen?


The door is closed.

No one can pass!

But I will pass!

Open it!

The Queen!

I want to see the Queen!


My brother!

The Queen!

She owes me justice!

My brother!

What now?

If ever that cursed gypsy speaks ...

We are lost!

You are the monster!
You alone!

Yes! It was you who trained us
the first night!

Out of pure curiosity!

Have you forgotten already ...

That the next day ...

instead of following me,
you preceded me?

What awaits us today
is the stake!

There is only one way left,
To flee!

You're mad!

It would be as good as
denouncing ourselves right now.

And the King will be here tomorrow.


But this damn gypsy, what does he want
from us? What is his interest?

I'll learn that tonight.

He must disappear!

Yes, for that ...

You can count on me.


Can I trust you?

For 20 years, I have never failed
at your orders, Madame.

That is true.

You are the only one.

Someone must have betrayed us.

Who knows, one of your men maybe...

That's impossible!

They would not have ...
let escape ...

No, two died in front of me.
We found their bodies.

As to Captain Buridan, Peony
planted an arrow in his head.

The police found his pierced hat
in the Seine.

You reassure me.

I have an appointment here with
an extremely dangerous man.

Be ready to intervene.

At your orders, Madame!

Permit me.

If you drop this cup
behind the chest,

I will understand.

With that signal,

he will be dead.


It's him.

Go. Leave me alone.

Are you afraid,
that you don't close the door?

I was waiting for a gypsy.

He is in front of you, Madam!

But the other suit, after this morning,
was too compromising.

You will recognize that
for a queen

to come here is a gesture
that has its price.

The price of misgiving.

I was sure you would come, madame.

Learn, sir, that one must speak
standing up before the Queen.

For that you would have
to be Queen.

Where is the Queen?

Where is your throne?

This stool?

Half destroyed ...


Here there is only a man
and a woman.

And when the man is calm
and the woman trembles ...

it is the man who is King.

I do not tremble before you.


Because at your hunting board,
you only have two victims!

You are missing one.

And the third one?

It's me.

Captain Buridan.

Who now has the honor of greeting you.


Yes, me.

Are you looking for the brand
of the arrow?

Yes, a hat,
it's like a crown,

it can get lost.

I refuse to believe you!

Then, I'll enlighten you.

Last night, at the Nesle tower,
there were three masked women.

Princess Jeanne,
Princess Blanche,

and the Queen of France.

There were also three men:

Hector de Chevreuse,

Captain Buridan,

and Philippe, the brother
of Gaultier d'Aulnay.

Philippe d'Aulnay?

The brother of Gaultier?

Yes, Gaultier's brother.

Who hoping to see your face,
wounded you here!

The brother of Gaultier!

Now you know my secret.

But it will disappear with you

You are under my power!

The proof...

You want to play the hero,

but unfortunately
there is nobody to admire you.

Yes, you!

Watch out!

You were going to drop this goblet.

It would be very stupid.

You are curious.

Tomorrow you will definitely want to know

what will happen with Gaultier d'Aulnay.

I would be very curious, indeed,
to learn it.

Especially if Orsini throws me
tonight to the fish.

Very well ...

Gaultier d'Aulnay, your lover ...

Gaultier is not my lover!

Of course...

If he was your lover,
he would have died long ago.

Well, your future lover.

When not seeing me arrive,
he will open the tablets

that I gave him this morning
at the postern of the Louvre.

The tablets?


That he swore to keep with him.

In secret!


anyone becoming of aware of it

until ten o'clock tomorrow morning.

You are so naive!

To believe that my Gaultier

will hesitate a single moment between
my word and your writing!

It's not about my writing,
but that of his brother.

This story is implausible.

Since I did not leave Philippe.


Just the time to give the order
that they kill him.

It's the ransom of those imprudent minutes
that I come to seek.


He did not know who I was!

Rest assured ...

I had guessed it.

What are you going to demand of me?


I will give you everything you ask!

The death of an enemy?

Just write his name.

A position in the State?

Speak !
Say what you want!

I want all that.


I want to be prime minister.

Prime Minister?

An order to arrest
Enguerrand de Marigny?

And replace him with ...

Captain Buridan.

Marigny suspects you,

we must make him disappear.

Will you sign?


Otherwise, Gaultier will ask for
his brother's blood and mine.

Sign ...

The Kingdom is ours.

Your husband is an imbecile,

We'll send him to play palm
in a good fortified convent.


I'll leave you Gaultier.

He will never know anything.


That's it!

It was so simple.

And the key?

It's useless.

You think you can open that door
thanks to your magic alone!

Why bother the devil,

when you have a good
stool at hand.

Your Prime Minister,

will be at the Louvre tomorrow
by ten o'clock.

"Death trembles ...

"The wind blows ..."

What a demon!

- You know what you have to do?
- Yes

Count on us!


I have waited for this moment
all night long.

My brother Philippe,

you know,

has been stabbed.

I demand justice!

Be sure ...

that I will do all that is in my power
to come to your aid.

Justice will be returned to you.

Thank you, madam!

What are these tablets?

Does the knight's sorrows
take refuge there?

These tablets are not mine.

They aren't yours?

I have sworn not to read it.

Are there secrets between us?

Let me look.

That's impossible, madame!

Simple curiosity of a woman ...

You have to satisfy her ...

I have given my word!

Curiosity of the Queen!

You must obey!

But my honor, madame!

Nobody will know it!

What does it matter to you?

Madame ...

You put me in a
dishonorable situation.

It seems that it is
an important secret.

I had sworn not to open
these tablets

until this morning at ten.

Pick them up.

I only wanted to test
your fidelity.

And the proof is that I
give them to you intact.

without even looking at them.

Thank you!

I give you my word that your brother
will be avenged, Gaultier.

Ten years of my life to know
who has killed him!

I will do everything I can

so that you may learn his name.

And to give you the means
to catch him!

Is that possible?

The doors of the Louvre are closed,
my Lord.

It's impossible, it's nine o'clock.

Well, let's stand guard.

What is at least as strange

is that there is no corpse
this morning on the bank.

What is that noise?

He must be a Marquis or a Duke
to have a ten man escort.
missing line?

"By order of the Queen,

"Enguerrand de Marigny
is deposed

"and replaced
by Captain Buridan

"who assumes the rank of Minister
of State in his venue and place. "

The Queen could not
have made a better choice.

What has become of Marigny?

He is premiering his new gallows.

Long live Captain Buridan!

Our new Minister!

Long live the new Minister!

Long live Buridan!

Death to Marigny!

But it's my excellent Captain.

Why has Buridan become
Prime Minister?

I don't understand!


I run to give him these tablets.

Carry him this order at the same time.


His arrest?

He's the murderer
of your brother.


I will give you an audience

this afternoon, my lords.

Let these doors open!


Ah ...

Messire d'Aulnay

You are punctual and discreet!

"We, Marguerite of Burgundy,

"Queen of France,

"order that you seize
Mr. Buridan,

"Prime Minister
of our Kingdom,

in order to imprison him
in our Chatelet."

Today is the feast of fools!

So the Queen spent her
night signing orders?

I am relieving you of your oath.

Read, you will understand.

There are only blank pages!

It's a good joke, isn't it?

So you have failed your oath!

You showed them to someone!


No one has opened them!

You lie, murderer!

Wretch, you betrayed
your brother!

Well done, Marguerite!

Let me distribute what gold
I have left to these poor people.


Do not fear

Be near the King,

and when he passes under
your window,

give him the case

that will you find under
the third tile.

It concerns my life.

Gentlemen ...

I am yours.


Bring Orsini.


I'm going!

115, 116, 117

118, 119, 120

121, 122


We are approaching hell.

What time is it?


It's okay.

The King won't pass until four.
I have time.


Ah, but ...
From the balconies of heaven,

we see Kings very well!

Do you have a confessor?

Ah no!

But if the Minister
wants to tell me his sins,

I will entrust them to a priest

and, soldier's word,
I will do penance.

Oh, bravo! Very good!

It is well.
Where are my rooms?

Did ...

Leave us.

Buridan is imprisoned in Ch?telet.

I already knew it.

I see that nothing escapes you.

You did a good job.

There's still much to do.

In an hour,

Captain Buridan has
to disappear from this world.

I understand.

How many men?

You. You alone!

And at four,
with great pomp,

to the right of the King,

I will enter the Louvre.

I have a better idea.

One moment.

Lord Governor,
The prisoner is well tied up,

So that we can approach him
without danger?

Oh, yes your Majesty.

Leave me alone, Gentlemen,
with his confessor.

Stay here, and at the slightest call,
come to my aid.

You understand?

The keys.

And now I'll go in.

This time...

if I have to bow
in front of you,

it's not out of respect, madame.

However, forgive me

for not being able to receive you standing

and unprotected.

In spite of everything, I thought
of the salvation of your soul

and I have sent for a priest.

Ah ... you don't waste time!

What court would dare to judge me

without hearing me?


The walls of this prison
will stifle your cries.

Your lamentations.

Your agony.

I was sure you would come.


Woman of all pleasures.

You missed that of seeing me die.

But if you kill Buridan ...

you risk the resurrection ...

of the ghost of Lyonnet de Bournonville.

Lyonnet de Bournonville?


He's been dead for a long time.

Captain ...

No, no...


with this...

"I die murdered by
Marguerite of Burgundy "

I have nothing to fear anymore!

Do you remember...



What did you do with your two children,

What children?

20 years ago ...

Burgundy was happy ...

With her beloved King,
Duke Robert II.

Duke Robert had a daughter,

with the appearance of an angel
and the soul of a demon.

She was called Marguerite de Bourgogne.


Duke Robert had a page,

with a sincere heart.

He was called Lyonnet de Bournonville.

For months ...

they loved each other ...

One day, the daughter
of Duke Robert,

confessed to Lyonnet

that she was going to be a mother.

My God!

Eight days later,

this secret was no longer one
to the father.

Cut my ties, Marguerite!

Come on!

She was holding a dagger ...

as you have right now.

She told Lyonnet:

"If my father dies,

"there would be no obstacles
to our love. "

The next day,

Orsini handed the page
gold and a letter

where you told him:

"We are bound by a common crime,

"you will make
the fruits of our love disappear. "

And then?

What do you want me to do
that you have this letter?

Do you forget that before long,
you Will be dead?

That letter will be the first petition
that will be given to the King

when he enters Paris.

Let throat be cut today
or hang me tomorrow,

At least it will be
in your company.

Not you!

Not you!

Open this cell, Marguerite!

Open this cage.


Thank you.

I prefer to die standing up.

Buridan ...


I'm not Buridan anymore!

I am Lyonnet from Bournonville!

The page of Marguerite!

The assassin of Duke Robert!

Do not shout like that!

What are you afraid of?

Since these walls extinguish
the screams and sobs.

The priest and the assassin ...

You planned everything!

For the same price.

My compliments!

What do you want?

What do you want from me?

I want to go back to the Louvre now.

Me to the left of the King.

And you on his right.

And my letter?

When they deliver it to the King,

I will intervene to recover it.

Am I not the Prime Minister?

Marguerite ...

Our children...

Are they still alive?

I don't know.

Orsini will tell you.




My son!


I'm going to confess to you.

At this moment,
I am the Prime Minister.

Confirm it, madame.

It is true.

What happened to our children?

Your children?

Captain Buridan is none other than
Lyonnet de Bournonville!



Or I'll have you hanging tonight!

I gave them to a friend.

I was told they were dead.


The name of this man!



Let him come to the Louvre tonight.

Today, I will have settled
all my accounts.

For the love of God,
Let it be done fast!


Two fast horses at the door!

Come on!

Come along, madame.

You will cry after
the announcement of the trumpets ...

Twice to the air,

and in this order:

"Long live the King!"

"Long live the Queen!"

"Long live the Prime Minister!"

We installed the barrels on the spot!
The barrels are in place!

Two sous are here for everyone,

if you shout very loudly:


"Long live the King!"

"Long live the Queen!"

"Long live the Prime Minister!"

But who is the prime minister?

That does not concern you!

You have been asked to shout, that's all!

The square is full of people!

Is he still far?

He's still at the Saint Marcel Gate.

We still can't see much.

And the Prime Minister?

Neither the Prime Minister nor the Queen
is with him.

Let me pass!

Long live the king!

Long live the queen!

Long live the king!

Long live the queen!

Long live the Prime Minister!

I preferred your old hairstyle, Madame.

Was it your painter who advised you?

Sir, allow me to introduce you
to your new Prime Minister.

Count Lyonnet de Bournonville,

the famous Captain Buridan.


Put that on this pile of petitions,
I will take note of it.

There are too many!

Take care of them,

But of course.

Lord, allow me
to distribute them.

By the way, now it's your job.


Your smile is so rare, Madam, that
I take it as a compliment of my arrival.

Do you want to leave us,

And come back for the Council?

I need to see you alone.


You aren't thinking anymore
about avenging my brother, is that it?

Yes, I think about it more than ever.


Why have you released
his killer?

I can't explain it to you,

but I love you, Gaultier,
I love you more than ever.

But I have to yield to him.

You can't be here right now, Gaultier.

Go, I beg you.




With these new weapons so formidable,

the war will soon become impossible.

Will it not, Bournonville?

Certainly, Sire.

Oh, what consideration!

You don't displease me, but I think
your promotion has been a bit rapid.

The Queen has praised your merits,

the mistakes of a woman are like
those low balls in Paume

that nobody can catch.

Are you talking about the balls in Paume?

But you know that I can
catch them all?

Wherever they are.

You're very sure of yourself!

Sir, some balls are irretrievable.

If you allow it, majesty ...

Let's play.

A short ball?
On the ground?

At your pleasure, Sire.

Truly! A Prime Minister who can make that point,
I would name him for life!

Let's try!



You cut off my legs!

How did you take that ball?

Oh, it's very simple:

with a hand like this ...

You will be in my next tournaments.


Send me one!

Careful ...

With pleasure!



Oh, Sire!


Two new supplications!

Oh, the Council, the hearings,
the supplicants ...

Take care of all that, Lyonnet!

Of course.

The Council is open!

Her Majesty the Queen!

Join me in the crypt under my room
after the Council,

I need to speak with you.

What did my wife tell you?

Her Majesty the Queen calls for the death
of her police chief Marigny.

What are we accusing him of?

Of protecting the murderers
from the banks of the Seine.

For hatred of the nobility.

That is an opinion!

But pressed by the anger of the people,

He ended up confessing that the culprits
were none other than his own archers.

The fool!

He built his own gallows!

Who replaces him?

Count de Savoisy.

We hope that the Seine will not
go red from our weakness.

Oh, it has already begun:

There is no victim this morning.

I am pleased!

Because the stories have already tired me
of sordid noises in the tower of Nesle.

Then this ...

Ah ...

Gaultier d'Aulnay!

is this the little painter?

Gaultier d'Aulnay is my first
squire, majesty.

Her Majesty the Queen,

despising the low calumnies
that circulate about this young man,

requests a lieutenancy for him

on the marches on Champagne.


There are also beautiful women in Reims ...

Here is the signed order.

Give it to him, Madame.


Sire, I have an idea ...

For a very important decree.

How would you like it ...

if the game of Paume
was obligatory

in all the colleges and universities?

No, I'm not going to leave!

Have you seen Gaultier?


And I have told him
that he will not leave.

The King orders it.

And the Queen is opposed!

You forget our agreement.

We are accomplices.


I made you a minister,

and you left me Gaultier,
don't you remember?

We had said the power
between two,

and not between three.

This young man in love
would be dangerous to our secrets

and those of the State.

So it's impossible.

Gaultier will not leave!

You know I can ruin you ...


perhaps ...

When you were just Buridan.

Today our fate is linked.

No today it is not Buridan who begs
that he leave,

It is my love.

Your love!

For twenty years ...

I have waited for the moment
to see you again.

It was not to share you with another!

I can not believe you.

If I returned your letter ...

All your letters!

To prove to you that they
have only served me

to obtain what you will grant me.

And in exchange,
what do you want from me ?

One night.

One night...

A night like 20 years ago!


Wherever you want.

Even in the Tower of Nesle!

In the...

Tower of Nesle?

Why not.

It's to prove to you my trust.

Since you can, at leisure,
have me murdered.

Perhaps it's the first time
that you are sincere to me.

You doubt it?

I don't know anymore.

If you knew the desire that burns me,

You would not doubt it!

Don't grip me so hard!
I wouldn't be so strong.

You do me wrong.

And tomorrow,

you will be able to
keep those letters.

Until tonight!

At ten.

At ten in the tower.

I'll give you
the key to the tower.

Wait for me here, I'll be back.

Go in an hour
to the tower of Nesle,

with ten of your best men.

But I...

There I will tell you
what they will have to do.


Leave by the other door!

I was looking for you to kill you!



There is no Buridan.

I thought Messire Lyonnet from Burnonville
was Prime Minister.

I don't care about the title!

I want to know why
you threaten the Queen!

You want to know?


Why do you dare attack her?

You're not curious to know
with whom she spent the night

Take care, Messire!

You will not say a single word about her
in my presence!

Then I can not answer
your questions anymore.

You don't want to accept the position
that I claimed for you?


You want war ...

You will have it!

You want the truth?

You will also have it!

If you dare to tell me!

You won't be afraid to face it?


Even at the price of your life?

I'm ready!

Then stay quiet.

Hide here.

Look and listen.

Until tonight.

Do you understand now?

Margeurite of Burgundy has been
my mistress for twenty years.

She is waiting for me tonight
in the Tower of Nesle.

It's not true!

You're lying!

Do you want to go in my place?

In your place?

Are you afraid of the truth?


I'm not afraid!

I will go!


You forget the key to the tower.

Gaultier ...

It was she who murdered your brother.


The Prime Minister
requests an urgent audience.

Let him come.

I'm listening.

I'm listening.

You recommended me, Sire,

to be more vigilant
than Messire de Marigny.

What is it now?

About the Tower of Nesle and
the murders on the banks of the Seine?

Exactly, Sire.

I have some reason to believe

that the assassins will meet tonight

in the tower.

The very evening of my return to Paris!

Write, Buridan!

"Order is given

"to Count Savoisy

"to arrest all those that are
at the tower of Nesle tonight. "

Whatever their title?

And their rank?


Whatever their title and rank!


Thanks to you, my Lord,
I would not have so soon taken office.


This is the most important
that you will ever fulfill.

At what time?

Let them enjoy their eleventh hour,

at midnight, that will be enough.


A man asked to see you.


His name is Landry.

He says that you sent him
to the Louvre tonight.

Landry, yes ...

I was waiting for him.

He is in your room.

Thank you.

Landry ...

You have gone through all
the trades ...

but I don't believe you can lie ...

to a man who has saved your life.

I'll try, Captain.

Twenty years ago,

Orsini gave you

two newborn children.

You remember?

Yes, I remember it.

What did you do with them?


I would rather not answer.

You killed them!


No, captain.

Pardon me.

I received the money, but ...

I did not have the courage.


So then...

I left them in the atrium
of a church.



It's yours.

Because I stole money
you give it to me?

So, what happened to them?

Ah ...

That same evening ...

They were no longer there.

I will never see them again?

It may be possible.

Explain yourself!

I made a mark on both of them.


With my dagger ...

To the arm.

To the arm?

Yes, on the arm ...

On the left arm.

Now, that's it,
I remember.

But the mark ...

Do you remember it?


A cross.

A cross?

A cross on the left arm
of both?

Oh no!

No that's not true.
Tell me you're wrong.


A thousand marks if it's another sign!


No Captain, It was a cross.

on the left arm,

On each.


My children!



One is dead,

and the other, maybe ...

Hey, ...


God's justice!

I would have done better
to kill them, eh?

Come on!

Let's go!
there is one left to save,

perhaps ...


But what are these?!

You asked me ten
for tonight.

I was missing three.

That's the count!

Good ...
Where are you from?

From prison.

Of torture.

Ah ...

I have a job for you!

Oh yes, but eh ...

Clean work, right?

Ah, you could not have been more timely.

Just now,
you will watch at the top of the tower.

Not you, him!

You will stay here.

We will have our eyes wide open.

And good!


A man and a woman
will arrive separately.

They have the key.

Nobody else must enter
apart from them!

Alert with the horn
any other situation!

Arrange your men!

So, you two there!

Did you understand correctly?


Bah ... I'm not surprised!

Wait for my orders.

Are you the Minister?


Then leave!

This boat is not for you!

To go to the tower by the bridge
of Notre-Dame,

How long?

Half an hour.


What do you have, Orsini?

You're trembling.

No mercy for Buridan!
He must die!


With the King in Paris?

That doesn't matter!

I can't anymore, madame.

This is the last murder
I will require of you.

I swear to you!

Buridan knows all of our
terrible secrets.

I have struggled terribly
against him

these last two days.

If I had not done it,
we would all be on the gallows!

A boat has just left
the other side.

It's him!

It's him!
Kill him on the stairs.

Prevent him from getting here!


I never want to see him alive again!

Then you shoot at those who arrive,

and you sound the horn.

So, we must shoot and then ...

sound the horn

at the same time?

One pulls and the other blows!
Come on!

- I'll blow!
- I'll blow!

No! One pulls and the other blows!

You pull and you blow!

- Ah good!
- Good, good.

And then,
you look straight ahead eh!

And if someone comes from the side ...

Or from behind?

Right in front of you, I tell you!

Where is the key?

- Buridan!
- Buridan!

What are you doing here?

A clean job!

We are engaged to the faction.

Are there armed men in the tower?

Yes, captain!

Oh yes, I don't doubt it.

So, I take you on my account.

Yes, Buridan!

Did you see a woman enter?


And a young man?


Ah! God be praised!

Well, if he arrives, prevent him
from returning at whatever price.

Then you will call me.

Yes! Where will you be?


Climb to the top of the tower.


You see ...

I have no more weapons.

But I come to teach you something
magnificent and monstrous.


Tell me!

Tell me quickly!

Our children...

that you wanted to kill
at birth ...

I know what has happened
with them.

You have seen them
and you did not recognize them!

Hide yourself all of you!

Let those who have
the key to the tower enter.

You did not understand?

That our two sons are none other than
Philippe and Gaultier d'Aulnay?

Philippe ...

Murdered by your order!


And Gaultier ...

your lover...

It's not true!

Gaultier is not my lover!

He will come here!

He? No!


You still lie!

I gave him the key to the tower.

Orsini ...

My God ! They've killed me!
They've killed me!





Unhappy child!


Shut up, cursed one!

Shut up, I beg you...



Gaultier, my child!


You will never know who I am!

It's true, Lyonnet!

You know it!
I am his mother!

Hush, calm down!

Today I can say it!

I can say it,
I can shout it!

I have nothing to fear!

I will avenge you, Gaultier!

I will avenge you!







In the same place
where your brother died.


In this same place!

And like him ...

Yes, like him ...

Like him, you smile
with this terrible ...

and desperate smile.


There is blood

on your chest!

My God!

Oh my God,

Why do you allow there
to exist on earth

things that exceed
our poor reason?

He sleeps, he's alive!

He breathes!

My little one!

My little one!

"Death trembles,

"the wind blows ...

"The most beautiful...

"The most beautiful ...

"of the marguerite (daisies)."

I take you all as prisoners!


Do not forget that you are in front
of your Queen and the Prime Minister.

There is no Queen
nor Prime Minister!

There is a dead man here!

Two assassins!

And the signed order of the King

to arrest this night, without distinction
of title or rank,

all those I find
in the Tower of Nesle!

Run to the boats!

Come on!

Come on, they're coming!
They're coming!


"The most beautiful ...

"of the marguerites."

Similarly ...
where is the Queen

who commanded that Buridan

be thrown in a sack
into the Seine?

But where are the snows
of yesteryear?

Adapted from the French and Spanish
subtitles, March 2018, Horace Holly