Tower of London (1962) - full transcript

On the death of his brother King Edward IV, Richard of Gloucester conspires to get the throne for himself. The late King had two young sons, his heir, Edward V and the younger Prince Richard, but they are not of age and so names his other brother, Clarence as Lord Protector of the Realm. Gloucester soon kills his younger brother but is haunted by his ghost and what he has done. As he continues to kill those around him, Gloucester is haunted by those he has betrayed hearing voices and slowly descending into madness. He spreads rumors that the late King's two sons are illegitimate and therefore not eligible to ascend to the throne. He assassinates the young princes and is crowned King Richard III. The ghosts from his past have the final say however.

The Tower of London.

A monument
to the corruption of the soul,

where in the shadowed past
a man came to the throne of England

despite the insane ambition
that drove him to evil and murder.

He escaped the headsman's block

but he could never escape
the ghosts of his conscience.

It is the night of April
9th in the year ^1483.

The night that Edward lV,
King of England, will die.

Rumors that the King
is on his deathbed have filled London

and the people await the booming
of the cannon on the battlements.

For this will be the signal
that Edward lV is no more.


- Richard!
- Buckingham, dear Buckingham!

My brother still lives?

Death is very close. You'd best hurry.

My sons. Where are they?

Your Majesty, you must not...

Where are they? l must talk to them.


Edward, you bear my name, my son.
You will wear my crown.

- Father...
- No, let me speak while l can.

You're very young.
I leave you a land filled with trouble.



England has been cursed by wars

and you have been my right arm.

What l have done, Edward,
l have done for you... and England.

Now we must have peace, Richard.

Not torment for this child
who will soon sit in my throne.


You raced Death and won.

- A good omen, is it not, Tyrus?
- Yes, Your Majesty.

Have l ever failed you when you called?

This will be my final request, Clarence.

My sons are now yours.

You will lead and guide them
in the ways that are best for England.

I name you Protector of the Realm.

Clarence, my dear brother.


It's been too long since last l saw you.

It's good we three are together again.

Nothing should be important enough
to separate brothers.

You chose well for the Protector, Edward.

In all of England there is no wiser man
than Clarence.

Not the strongest but the wisest.

I wanted you to approve.

- The King must rest.
- We will go, Tyrus.

L'll summon you if there's any change.

Richard? Do you really approve?

Clarence and l are your sons, Mother,
as well as Edward.

What is honor for one Plantagenet
is honor for all of the family.

- Why should l not approve?
- Mother.

Could we not have talked
in our own chambers? Why down here?

The grieving of women
grates on my ears, Clarence.

L've been a soldier too long.

L've seen too many men die

and heard too many women weep.

Do you not want a woman to weep for you?

One will.

One only. My wife Anne.

No others, man or woman,

will redden their eyes
for Richard Plantagenet.

You are wrong.

There are many who think you
the greatest man in England.

When we were children,

there was no such thing as death.

We were three brothers
who would exist forever.

If we could have known then
the roads we were to travel.

The years haven't changed you.

Even as a child you thrilled to the swords,

the lances, the heat of combat.

To you a battlefield possessed
a grand-sounding name only.

It was not a field
where men had cruelly shed their blood.

And you, the child of wisdom.
Yes, we were so different.

Yet our love for each other was the same.

That at least will never change.

As long as we both shall live.

Battlefields and wisdom!

And to George, Duke of Clarence,
Protector of the Realm!

My task will be difficult, Richard.

Will you give me your loyalty, Richard?

And your strength.

For the love of God!

Don't blame me, Clarence.

Blame Edward's choice.

Once l carried you like this from a river

when l saved your life.

You see, Clarence,

the years have changed me.


My brother's blood.

Blood washes away.

- You're sure he's dead?
- Yes.

He's dead.

It had to be done.

- Wine cellar.
- The Duke of Clarence!

- Buckingham, this blade.
- The crest of the Woodvilles.

Richard! Your brother is dead. Murdered.


Clarence was a man without enemies.

The blade bears a crest you know well.

The Woodville crest?

Do you accuse my name?
You accuse your Queen?

I accuse only this dagger and the hand
that wielded it, Your Majesty.

This will be a bitter moment for Edward
to take to his grave.

Come, Anne.

Not yet dead
and already the vultures strike.

Elizabeth, was power for your family
so important?

Please, my husband, believe me.
I am innocent.

Your family murdered Clarence
to usurp the power from my son.

- Edward, no!
- But Richard still lives to be Protector.

He will see that my son rules
as a Plantagenet, Elizabeth,

not as a Woodville.

Is it what men do that darkens the sky?

Or do the skies blacken the souls of men?

And do l laugh to myself
because l am ambitious

and would be a king?

Or do l laugh at myself?

A misshapen thing that traffics with evil
to gain a throne?

You seek an answer, Richard?

Do you want the truth

or only words to justify your evil?

Clarence? Dear God, have you come back
from the grave?

Just long enough, Richard.

Clarence, you would have ruined England.

A man of books cannot fill a throne.

Nor can a murderer.

I had to do what was right for England.

Right will be done, Richard.

For you will die.

All men die.

But not before l am king.

You will die in violence.

At the hand of a man already dead.

A ghost cannot kill me.

The King is dead.

And you would be king?

Is wine replacing blood in your veins?

Clarence lives.

His body is already in the crypt.

His ghost, then.
My brother's ghost was on the balcony.

He tried to kill me.

Is that what you want to believe?

Don't taunt me, Anne. Not you.

A stone fell from the battlement.
It almost killed me.

Can you really believe
that a ghost could hurt you?

It was an accident.

Clarence said that l would die violently

by the hands of a dead man.

A king makes his own destiny.
And you shall be king.


I will be king.

- You will be queen.
- Go then.

Pay your respects to Edward.

My oldest son is no more.

I bore him.
He fulfilled his promise and he died.

The dreams of Clarence died with him.

For him, nothing was fulfilled.

Yes, there was.

He knew your love, Mother.

Because he was capable
of loving in return.

And you think l am not?

You think my affection
is as warped as my back?

Do not keep Edward waiting.

Goodbye, my brother.

I envy you your peace.


Blood on his forehead!

See? There.

I see nothing.

What did appear, Richard?
Blood from your kiss?

- The mark of Cain?
- Blood? What blood?

If there's no blood, then l do not
see it either. A shadow, perhaps.

One brother dies. One is murdered.

How did Clarence die?

As Cain slew Abel?

I brought this curse upon our house

when my womb conceived you.

Better l should have died in my labor

and never unleashed
your evil upon this earth.

You talk of evil?

You who gave me deformity

in a twisted spine and a withered arm?

Who possesses the greater evil?

You who made me this way,
or l who have to bear it?

You seek a word
of understanding, Richard?

The word, perhaps, is truth.

Clarence, let me be.

You will find that truth...

at Bosworth.


What is it, Clarence?

The name Bosworth
means nothing to me.

Anne, he stood there.

The wine still dripping from him.
See there, on the floor.

- Your wine.
- My wine?

Richard, these nightmares are not real.


I tell you, he was here.

He spoke to me of the truth l would know.


- You were not seen?
- Do not think so, Your Majesty.

These accusations against me, Tyrus,
do you believe them?

No, Your Majesty.
A Woodville dagger is easily obtained.

And Richard will do anything
to come to power.

Perhaps murder a brother.

A brother's blood for the crown?

A fair trade to a warped mind.

Ambition in Richard is an ocean
which cannot be held back.

- Then you are with us?
- L am, my lord.

But l fear that Richard
is but at the beginning of his plans.

Then you see how important it is
that we all stay together.

My few remaining friends, l thank you.

Now guard yourselves carefully
and observe.

We will meet again.

Your Majesty. Lady Margaret.

Good night, Your Majesty.

Margaret, you must go home
to your father in Scotland.

- Lt's not safe here.
- You know l can't go.

Yes, l know.
I wish you'd never left Scotland.

Then l never would have met you.

No fear can find me now.

Not with your eyes to watch over me,
your hand to touch my face.

The day comes so brightly.

It seems there never was a night at all.

A good beginning
for the new Protector, my lord.


Yes, we must protect
the young Princes well.

If something were to happen to them

the country would be in turmoil.

Yet l fear that unless something happens
to them, there will be turmoil.

England needs a man to rule.


And yet l am a modest man.

What could possibly happen
to the young Princes?

My lord?

Mistress Shore, you may descend.

- Mistress Shore?
- Yes.

I have something in mind
l think may interest you.

I trust that we did not take you away
from your duties to our mourning Queen?

No, my lord. May l offer my sympathies
over the death of your brothers?

Thank you. l suffer
but perhaps England suffers more.

They were great men.

But history does not pause.
The pages keep turning.

You could be of great service
to your country, Mistress Shore.

L? l am of no influence at court, my lord.

You underestimate your position.

Since the death of your mother
you are the only person still alive

who was present
at the birth of the young Princes.

- That is true.
- Ln the pain of birth

a woman screams, cries out,
becomes confused in her mind.

She calls out the name
of the man dearest to her.

Often husband

but sometimes lover.

- L don't understand.
- With your help, Mistress Shore,

the birthright of the young Princes
could be easily discredited.

Who would believe
such a monstrous lie? The Queen...

- The Queen would do nothing.
- No!

You defend a woman whose family
stands accused of murdering my brother?

- My lord, if l may go...
- You may not.

You ask me to take away the legal
birthright of two innocent children.



Ratcliffe, escort Mistress Shore below.

Perhaps the great persuader Gelder
can remind her of her loyalties.

No, my lord, l beg you.

If you change your mind,
you may yet know l am a patient man.

Hurry, fool. Let me in.


Despite all that we have done,
she still refuses to cooperate.

Mistress Shore,
are you content to die there?

Or are you ready to grant what l wish?

Perhaps a taste of the rack
would be more to the lady's liking.

It's not a pretty death.

What manner of man are you

that you could live with such evil
on your conscience?

The children are your flesh and blood,
sons of your brother.

You have to testify
that they are not my flesh and blood.

That would make it easier
on my conscience, would it not?

I cannot do it.

Please have mercy!

Two more turns and you'll plead to do it.

Have him stop!

Why don't you ask him yourself?

Gelder is an understanding man.

Is it worth it, Mistress Shore?

I'm afraid it's too late. She's dead.

It's a pity.

I'm going to be a tumbler when l grow up.

Good. l'll come watch you.
You'll be Chief Tumbler of all England.

Do you hear that? Tomorrow someone
must teach me how to be a tumbler.

Tomorrow you will help your brother
learn about the coronation.

You're going to be king.
Why can't you give orders?

When he is older, Richard.

But until then he will take orders.

That is why your father
named me as Protector.

- Ls something wrong, Uncle?
- No.

No. Nothing.
Only my fears, my apprehensions.

Your father entrusted me

to see that you came to power
in an untroubled England,

that you had the loyalty
of all your subjects.

Don't l, Uncle?

There are certain armed forces
to the north

that as of now have failed
to declare an oath of loyalty.

Do you speak of my father?

Yes, l do, Lady Margaret.

When the crown
is securely on Prince Edward's head

that oath will be sworn and upheld.

My lord, you may rest assured -

the loyalty of Lord Stanley is
to the rightful heir and none other.

That is all we require, Sir Justin.

For so young a king, it has grown late.

I enjoyed the performance.
Thank you, Mother.

It's past bedtime for young princes also.
Mistress Shore?

Lady Margaret, will you tend them?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, l do not see
Mistress Shore here. ls she ill?

Mistress Shore is dead.

As Protector of the Realm
l cannot tolerate treachery to the Crown.

Mistress Shore has been executed
for such treachery.

There was no more faithful woman
in the castle.

I had always thought that myself,
Your Majesty.

But when she admitted her crime
l had no choice.

Mistress Shore has been spreading rumors

that the young Princes are illegitimate

and therefore not heirs to the throne.

This is a lie. She would have no reason
for doing such a thing.

Unless our enemies to the north
are using weapons other than armor.

You have executed a most trusted woman
of this court without trial.

You say your motives are honorable?

Those who suspect treason in others

should first look into
their own hearts for loyalty.

The rumors will spread quickly.
It was a brilliant stroke.

Who will know what to believe?
Are the Princes legitimate or not?

The doubt must be created
over and over again.

- Lt shall be done.
- And what of Buckingham?

I couldn't read his face
when l made the announcement.

Does he follow in my shadow?

He is a clever man of much influence.
He wants to cast his own shadow.

I must know how he thinks
in order to trust him fully.

I will bring you a full report.

And one not colored
by your own desires, Ratcliffe.

- Did l startle you, my lord?
- No... You're dead!

Why do you retreat?
You were not afraid of me while l lived.

You're dead. l saw you die.

By such a ghostly weapon you will die.

You left so suddenly, my lord.

Wouldn't you rather look at my back?

Is it not attractive
as a woman's back should be?

See, my lord.
It is not deformed as is your own.

Do not mock me.

Why do you hate
the young Princes so, my lord?

Because they stand
in your way to the throne?

Or is it because you have no children
of your own to bear your name?

You had your chance.
Get out and leave me.

Is your crooked back and your limping leg
so repulsive to your wife

that she cannot abide your embraces?

Am l not graceful, my lord?

Get out.

Get out!

Come, Richard. Come to my embrace.

You... You!


When l was summoned l found Richard
still holding his wife in his arms.

In his grief his mind wandered.

He talked of ghosts, specters
and evil things that haunted him.

We have been seeking proof. Perhaps
it can be found in Richard's mind.

Tyrus, in all your medicine

have you no key to unlock
the closed doors of the mind?

Your Majesty, there are herbs from the East

which bring peace
and lower the brain's defenses.

Does it not seem
that Richard sorely needs such peace?

He must be convinced that he does.

What is it?

It is Tyrus. l must talk to you.

- What do you want?
- L fear for your health, my lord.

My health?

Your cries were so loud.
I heard them when l passed your room.

My cries?

What cries? l was asleep.

A nightmare perhaps. lt seemed as if
you were struggling with someone.

- As though to protect the Duchess.
- My wife is dead.

What else did l cry out in my sleep?

I heard nothing else

but others may have heard something
before l passed.

You are a learned man,

versed in knowledge denied other men.

If evil spirits did seek to own a
man's mind, can they be destroyed?

There are rituals
to accomplish these things.

- Do you know them?
- L do, my lord.

But to cast out an evil spirit
l must first call it into being.

Are you willing to endure
such an ordeal?

If it must be, l am ready.

I cannot bear this grief. l loved my wife.

My lord, come with me.


I summon you in the name of
the Lord of Darkness, the Prince of Evil

and Master of the Lower Regions.

I summon you!

Quick, my lord. Step within the pentacle.

Enter now, Black Spirits, and give a sign.

My lord, the moment you seek is here.
You will face your torment.

Ask what questions you will.

The spirits will answer in flame.

When the fire rises up, the answer is yes.

When it ebbs, no.

Speak, my lord!

Tell me, will l be king?

Tell me now...

Did l kill my wife?

You lie!


You murdered your brother,
you murdered your wife

and the innocent woman, Mistress Shore!

Stop this torment or l lose my mind.

Help me! Protect me!

I would protect the sons of my seed

and all those who cross
your murderous path.

You don't understand, Edward.

I must be king.

I will be king.

Nothing on this earth can stop me.

He tried to kill me.

You saw it. He tried to take my life.

It was an accident, my lord.
Who could be here to harm you?

You did not see my brother Edward?

I saw nothing but the explosion, my lord.

All else was in your mind.

Hold your ground, Edward!

Very good. You try it.

- Well done, Edward.
- Sir Justin, we must talk.

Continue till l return.

Have them join their mother
and not leave her side.

Do as Tyrus says. l'll return shortly.

There's no doubt then.
These murders all by Richard's hand.

A growing madness grips him,
he's caught up in his own violent dreams.

But it is the young Princes l fear for.
How can we protect them?

Not here. There's not a corner
of the Tower safe now.

- Westminster.
- The Abbey, of course. Sanctuary.

L'll have a coach for Margaret
to go to Scotland.

Lord Stanley must know
of this treachery.

Anne, without you l cannot bear
the loneliness of my thoughts.

The torture of my dreams
shrivels my courage.

Richard, hear me.

If you need me, l'm here.

No, Richard.
Come to me where l sleep.

- The grave?
- Wake me, my husband.

Wake me from my sleep.

Wake me, wake me.

Wait, Anne.

Richard, hear me.

Do you hear my voice, Richard?

Hurry, Richard.

Come to me so that l can see you.

Hurry, Richard. Hurry!

Before the darkness separates us

and l am but a shadow of memory.


You said if l needed you and l do.

I do, l do.

I need you more now than ever before.

You didn't die.

Yes, Richard, death is upon me.

- But you said if l needed you...
- Am l not here?

I need the warmth of your embrace.

I need your tenderness.

I cannot give you that, my husband.

My arms are cold.
There is no tenderness in their embrace.

Anne, only you gave me love.

Tell me that you still know that love.

I cannot go on in emptiness.

Then come to me, Richard.

You must be outside before the dawn.
Please hurry, Your Majesties.


Your Majesty.

I will go first.

Lord Buckingham.

Where are you going?

At my age one needs but little sleep,

so l often roam the Tower
in the dark hours.

A taste of good wine helps sleep.

Yes, it is true, but one hates
to drink in solitude, my lord.

However, if you would honor me?

With the greatest of pleasure.

In my chamber is a rare bottle

which l have been saving
for just such a worthy occasion.

You'll find no argument in me, Tyrus.

Our chance encounter is most opportune.

Wait here, Your Majesty.

- What is it?
- The guardroom.

Go back.

Your Majesty! Please, Your Majesty.

Who goes there?

Edward, the guards.

The tunnel leads to the river,
go to the abbey at Westminster.

- But my son!
- Do as Sir Justin says, l'll be all right.

The coach is waiting. Stop for nothing
until you reach your father.

Your Majesty, l beg you, go quickly.

Your driver, Lady Margaret. A pity.

I'm afraid the coach to Scotland
will be delayed.

I have no anger for you, Edward.

You are the victim of an older and...

treasonous mind.

Are you certain the treason
lies with me, my lord,

when our Queen has to seek
sanctuary at Westminster?

Is the church a fortress
that it cannot be breached, Sir Justin?

You wouldn't dare.

My nephew, l am responsible
for your safekeeping.

I cannot again have you put
in a position of danger.

But your action tonight
leaves me no alternative.

Take the Prince to the Garden Tower.

You have lost your mind!

My mind, Sir Justin?
You think my mind has lost its power?

Perhaps you will have more respect for
the power of my men. Take the Prince!

Take your hands off me.

Under ordinary circumstances
l would have had your head.

But as it is, your head is
of more value to me where it is.

I wish you to take a message
to Lord Stanley in the north.

- That message is?
- You will tell Lord Stanley

that Lady Margaret is my prisoner.

The Old Park Road
is very pleasant at night.

You will also tell Lord Stanley
that unless he swears allegiance to me

his daughter dies.

Well, Sir Justin,
when do you wish the horse?

I will leave in the morning.

And you, my friend.

In the morning
you will notify the Archbishop

that l request
his presence here immediately.

You choose your cloth well, tailor.

- Lt pleases me.
- Yes, my lord.

- Do not touch my back!
- L must measure, my lord.

- L cannot construct your garment...
- Why not?

Because it is not like
the back of a normal man?

My lord, l did not say...

- Who knocks?
- L come with the Archbishop, my lord.

Get out. Come in.

- Good morning, my lord.
- Good morning, Eminence.

You look well today.

Entertaining guests
seems to agree with you.

I am sure you're aware
that the Queen has asked for sanctuary.

The Queen, yes.
And young Prince Richard,

did he ask for sanctuary also?

The child?

The Queen speaks for him.

My dear Archbishop
l alone can speak for the young Prince.

According to our laws, those given
sanctuary must also ask for it,

if not, it is assumed
that they are being held prisoner.

My lord!

Since the boy did not ask for sanctuary,

l must insist that you release the prisoner

and put him in my custody
by noon today.

The Queen seeks protection for the boy.

You will do as l ask.

Or Westminster will be surrounded
by my men and the boy taken by force.

- Violence in the house of God?
- You have the means to prevent it.

You leave me no choice, my lord.

The boy will be returned in peace.

I bear further instructions
from the Lord Protector.

Yes, Tyrus?

You will carry this document
to Lord Stanley.

Young Richard has been put
in the Tower with Edward.

As l feared.

Only Lord Stanley can stop Richard now.

- He cannot move until Margaret is freed.
- There is one possibility.

And you will be wise
to forgo any further treachery.

Gelder guards Margaret in the dungeon.

I promised him a potion
to restore his speech.

Is there such a potion?

After he takes it,
speech will mean little to him.

L'll arrange for the carriage
and return at noon tomorrow.

Now, off with you and quickly!

Richard, there will never be
a better time to seize the throne.

With Stanley unable to move,
there is no one to stand in your way.

- Ls Buckingham with us?
- He will blow as the wind blows.

And if he doesn't...

Then let my coronation
be announced at once.

All remaining obstacles
must be removed tonight.

All remaining obstacles?

Yes, all of them.

Strange that they died so easily.

With their struggles no more
than a sparrow's in the teeth of a fox.

So easily.

Not even blood to wash away.

Uncle Richard. You have it.

My puppet.
L've been searching everywhere for it.

Bring it to me, please. l beg of you.

Edward, lad. Are you here?

- Very near.
- L'm with Edward, Uncle Richard.

We're playing hide-and-seek.

And you can join us.

We found wonderful places to hide,

places where we can never be found.

Even in death
you still play your childish games?

Why don't you find us, Uncle Richard?
Then you will know.

- Find you?
- You have to. lt's part of the game.

Show yourselves, lads. Where are you?

Search for us. Come, Uncle Richard.
You must find us.

Then you can give us the puppet.

Come, Uncle Richard. This way.

See how he smiles.
He knows where we are.

Do you remember our old chamber,

where Mistress Shore cared for us
when we were very little?

Mistress Shore would rock us to sleep.

- Lads.
- But you won't find us there now.

You must keep looking.

When l was small,
l told you l would like to fly like a bird.

Now l can do anything l wish.

Are you in here, lads?

Why don't you try the battlement, Uncle?
Perhaps we are there.

Hurry, we are waiting for you.


Lads, show yourselves.

I have your puppet.

Uncle Richard. Here.

- Come this way.
- Lt's a nice place to play our game.

Yes, we could have such a good time.

You see, other children
wouldn't allow me in their games

when l was your age.

L've brought your puppet, little Richard.

I'm glad that you can play with us now,
Uncle Richard,

for there'll be no time after Bosworth.


What do you know of Bosworth?

Come with us and you'll have the answer.

Hurry, Uncle Richard.


Why did you stop me?
The boys wanted to play with me.

You could've been killed.

But they wanted me to join them.

Now they won't wait.

Come, Richard.

They won't wait.

Tomorrow, the coronation.
And a madman on the throne.

Madman, dear Buckingham?
You should take care what you call him.

His madness will cause his downfall.
And we'll fall with him.

- What should l do?
- There is a way to save our heads.

Free Lady Margaret and the Princes

and send them to Stanley
to prove our loyalty.

An excellent thought but a little late.

- There is sufficient time.
- L'm afraid not.

The Princes are dead.

Say what you mean, Ratcliffe.
They were murdered by that madman.

Richard is sane enough
to be interested in your opinions.

- England will hear of this evil.
- Not from your lips.

Richard, you think you can destroy
everyhing that stands against you?

It was too much wine that brought me out
onto the battlements.

- But you chose to think me a madman.
- Listen to reason.

Reason? Here comes reason!

And with it comes truth.
What greater truth is there than death?

Richard, have mercy!
I have always given you my full support.

You thought
you were deserting a sinking ship?

Well, l find this quite appropriate.

Richard, l beg of you.

While you are being entertained
by your hungry guest,

l shall be crowned.

Were the invitations to my coronation

accepted with alacrity?

All within traveling distance will be here,
Your Majesty.


Perhaps you are a bit premature.

But only a moment.

My lord Archbishop!

Did not the Queen accompany you?

She has this day
taken a vow of the cloister.

Then perhaps she will pray for me.
Are we ready?

All are not yet assembled.

They delay deliberately.

They show me their displeasure.
Very well. l will show them mine.

That does not have my blessing.
In order to solemnify the coronation...

You must mumble phrases over these
and me to make me king?

It is for the Church to confirm
and make holy your kingship.

I made myself king.

You may bless me if you will.

But l bless England with my own hands.

Open the door, priest!

The people wish to see their king.

Your potion, as l promised.

This will bring back your speech.
Here. Drink!

The keys!

The coach is waiting.
There's no time to lose.

Go! Don't wait!

Go while you can! Godspeed.

This was a day
l had always planned for you.

King Richard.

And Queen Anne.

Still you live within me.

You are queen.

Your Majesty! Lady Margaret has escaped.


Speak, traitor!
How long have they been gone?

Long enough to be safe.

This is not your first betrayal, physician.

Pretending to cure my grief,
you put evil spirits into my mind.

Dreams, you said they were,
ghosts from my nightmares.

You tried to drive me to madness.

I am dead already.

You still breathe.

Only to tell you
l shall rest easy in my grave

but you...

Then you die, physician.

And the specters that bedevilled
my brain die with you!

I am free at last.

I shall know peace now.

Our scouts say Margaret and Justin
have reached Lord Stanley

and that he is bringing his armies
into the field about here.


You know this place?
It's but a small village in a remote area.

No, l've never heard of it.


How could dead men have known?

Ghosts with no more substance
than the shades of night.

It was not within their power to know.

The future is not preordained.

I say that man controls his own destiny.

Your Majesty!

Why do l cringe, Ratcliffe?

I have nothing to fear.

Did not those same ghosts tell me
no mortal hand would kill me?

If Bosworth is where he wants battle,
then Bosworth it is!

Stanley camps there.
His armies will be rested.

The long march will tire us.

Let England know
it has a king who would fight.

These are my orders.

We march at daybreak.

I will issue the orders immediately,
Your Majesty.

Beasts! Get out!

The wind blows from Bosworth.


Can a ship sink on land, Richard?

Need the rats desert?

Do not mock me, Buckingham.

You will drown, Richard.

The land will turn to a sea of blood.

I can shut you out.

Do you hear me?

I can shut you...


Do you hear me?

I will prevail!

I am the king!

I will prevail!

I am the king!

Your Majesty, it is most urgent!

This just arrived by
courier from the north.

The Earl of Richmond.

Crossed the Channel with a full army
and joined Stanley at Bosworth.

Then the riddle is answered.

Now we know what Bosworth meant.

- Your Majesty, we cannot attack now.
- Shall we run?

Shall the last thing England sees of me
be my crooked back?

Does not right lie with the Crown?
Then right will triumph.

Stanley and Richmond will share
the same headsman's block.

I say we march!

Your last march, Richard.


You prescribe from the grave?

Not my grave but the graves
of those you tortured and murdered.

Their spirits shall rise against you

and your own madness will destroy you.

This has always won my battles, physician!

And it will win them again!

Gaze at the dawn, Richard.

The same dawn
that rises now over Bosworth.

Its light shall fill your eyes
for the last time today.

Look long, my lord.

Feel the warmth of day,

for after it comes the long, cold night.

The day will break again
for me tomorrow.

For many tomorrows to come!

Do you hear me?

I will live!

Is this defeat, that l stand alone here?

Where are the sounds of battle?

Where are the cowards
who carried my banners?

Is this defeat?

I say it is victory. l'm still alive.

I am alive! And you, Sun,

you were born this morning
but you are dying now.

Richard still lives to see you born again,

to win the final victory.

Where are my troops?

We are here, Richard.

We, your knights and men-at-arms.

Then rally to your king.

The day can still be won.

You're dead!

Damn you, stay dead!

Does death so appeal to you
that you seek it twice?

He's come to his final madness.

What could he have seen
that drove him to his death?