Tower of London (1939) - full transcript

In the 15th century Richard Duke of Gloucester, aided by his club-footed executioner Mord, eliminates those ahead of him in succession to the throne, then occupied by his brother King Edward IV of England. As each murder is accomplished he takes particular delight in removing small figurines, each resembling one of the successors, from a throne-room dollhouse, until he alone remains. After the death of Edward he becomes Richard III, King of England, and need only defeat the exiled Henry Tudor to retain power.

Look, your majesty,

just like a little frog.

He loves the water.

Better than some people I know.

Your little brother is
setting you a good example.

Now stop squirming.

This is a bad snarl.

If god made me a Princess,

why didn't he take a little more time

and make my hair so it wouldn't snarl?

There, that finishes you.

Run along.

You can broider your
for your doll.

Edward, you're next.

Gibby, be sure to dry him thoroughly.

Razor sharp.

It must be, master mord.

He has a neck like leather.

Tougher than yours, my rooster?

I only wanted to be
sure of your making it

with a single stroke, sir.

= go on.

Get off.


Water, please.

= the bell.

Is someone dead?

Lord devere is to die, your majesty,

on tower hill.

= it's a tower hill execution?

But I forbid it.

T forbid it.

T forbid it.

Tell them the king forbids it.

King Edward, the new king,

he ordered it.

Oh, yes.

Yes, I remember.

I was king once,

but now a yorkist king sits on the throne,

but my son, my son,

not his, will be king one day.

My son, the noble prince of wales,

will return from exile in France

with an army larger than Caesar's

and will sweep these
usurpers into the sea.

= that is true.

I've heard it said he
may land any day now.

Then we'll see who's king.

Then we'll see.

Your majesty, I don't
like to disturb you,

but have you forgotten you're expected

at devlin tower?

I'm afraid we're already late.

If only I could forget.

Oh, Alice, what strange
duties have the queen.

I'm supposed to forget that I'm a wife

and a mother.

Why can't I be spared a sight

which always haunts me?

Where's his majesty?

In the armory, my lord Hastings,

having a bout with the Duke of gloucester.

Oh, he forgets everything

when he plays these dangerous games.

If that blow had landed,

you'd be minus a brother

and england a king.

Only the
brother would be missed.

= well done.

The way they go at it,

you'd never think they were brothers.

Here's one, Richard,

to straighten that crooked back.

Here's one.

Careful, Richard, you swine.

I think you meant that for me.

Sorry I missed.

That just missed the Duke of Clarence.

= oh.

Your majesty,

I pray your majesty.

You are late.

Devere is on his way to the scaffold.

= that's the best bout we've had

for many a day.

Richard, you're a wizard with that weapon.

If I weren't, I wouldn't be
in this box string with you.

Three tallies for me, Richard,

and two for you.

No, no, three for me.

All right, a draw then.

Look, his majesty is wounded.

Oh, a scratch, Hastings, a scratch.

Your majesty takes too many risks.

You chance death and call it sport.

My dear lord Chamberlain,

the only way to learn
to fight is to fight.

Richard and I can take care of ourselves.

Edward, did you see
Richard try to brain me?

= no.

He didn't miss my head
by more than an inch.

Clarence, he meant to miss.

He didn't try to clip you.

If he had tried...

Your majesty must hasten.

Everything is waiting.

The people expect you.

Yes, yes, it's a nuisance.

Devere was betrayed by
the Duke of gloucester,

and I'm not going to see
him go to his death alone.

Remember, Richard of gloucester

is the king's favorite brother.

Please, John, don't antagonize him.

You have yourself and Alice to think of.

I'll ask the queen's permission.

Your majesty, may I have a word?

What is it, John?

If it please, your majesty,

none of lord devere's
friends dared appear,

so he has asked that I be with him

on the scaffold?

He's your cousin, I know.

Go with him.

But the king might...

I've given my permission.

John, dear, do you think it wise

to show sympathy for an enemy of the king?

I would wish devere
to do the same for me

were I to face the ax.


Yes, your majesty.

201, 202, 203 executions I seen.

Me old granny only seen 95.

Down you go.

Please, mister clink, please wait.

I wants to see the head
fall in the basket.

Oh, a body would think that your heart

was as black as your face.

People thinks now that sweeps

is black all through

instead of black all over.

= it won't make me no cleaner

to miss the fun.

I says you can't see it.

Better to have a black face

than be worried about black deeds.

= I'm late.

T know.

T know.

Their majesties, the king and queen.

Ah, the traitor has a friend.

What's John Wyatt
doing with young devere?

I gave him my permission.

He's devere's cousin.

And also some sort of cousin of yours.

It didn't prevent him or his father

from helping to cut off my father's head.

I think Wyatt is at least indiscrete.

As is customary,

the condemned prisoner will be allowed

to make a farewell speech

before his sentence is carried out.

Make it short, I pray you,

so as not to bore the king.

= you are assembled here

to see a repentant man give up his life

for the crime of treason.

In that you will be disappointed.

I am not a repentant man.

I am not guilty of treason.

I am only quilty of fighting a usurper.

The rightful king of england,

Henry of Lancaster, lies
imprisoned there in the tower.

Stop, stop.

You cannot go on.

Think of your friend here.

I'm sorry, John.

I forgot I might get you into trouble.

Forgive me.


Take these as a remembrance.


Stick to your principles,

and beware of gloucester.

I believe a fee is customary

to ensure the best effort on your part.

Here is a groat, the smallest coin I know.

Do your worst.

Well, mord, a true
stroke if ever I saw one.

I was proud of you.

Here are five pounds.


I won the wager,

but you earned it.

Your highness, you're more than a Duke,

more than a king.

You're a god to me.

Crookback and dragfoot,

misfits, eh?

Well, what we lack in physical perfection,

we make up here.

Goodnight, mord.

A king,

a god,

a king.

I have plans for you all, my little ones.

Paper crown Henry,

wales, you robbed me of the
only woman I will ever love.

My nephews,

Brother Clarence,

myself, I will not always be sixth

in succession to the throne.

I know, young man,

but the king was furious.

You're under suspicion for
daring to attend devere.

I admit it would
have been a senseless risk

if the queen hadn't given me permission.

But, my dear, you should have realized

that the queen's word wasn't enough.

Gloucester said you were indiscrete.

You know he's all
powerful with his majesty,

and we need every bit of influence

with the king for our own problem.

Young woman, if the king
doesn't soon give his consent

to our marriage,

I'm gonna carry you off like this.

Oh, John.

We'll take refuge in France

with the exiled Henry tudor.

Oh, if we only could today.

Well, why can't we?

We're bound by every tie of love

and loyalty to the queen.

Promise me you'll stay

regardless of what happens.

She needs every friend.

I promise.

J a noble heart j

all right, ,

I'll pull you up now.

It's late.


Here, here

what do you mean by fouling
the queen's apartment

with this infernal dirt?

= don't club me.

Ti skinned me arm.

I didn't mean to do it, my lord

oh, don't be angry with the poor child.

He's hurt and frightened.

= you should be more careful.

Oh, where is he?

Where is he?

Oh, praise be.

He's all right.

Me little helper,

was I worried?

I thought he'd met an untimely end.

The lad didn't mean nothing, my lady.

It was me own fault.

= it was an accident.

Here's a shelling.

Buy some salve for your elbow.

Thank you, my...

I'll see that he gets
the best of care, my lady.

He ain't hurt bad.

We gets used to skinning

and scraping ourselves
climbing around in flues.

Now he thanks you.

Thank you.

And I thank you, my lady,

for being so kind.

Yes, my lady, I won't forget you never.

Call on me at any time for anything.

Tom clink's me name,

the best sweep in London.

J sweep your chimneys, me ladies

j sweep them clean and dry

it's the queen.


Oh, I took the blame for
your imprudent act, John.

The king was very angry,

but I think he'll be lenient.

Do you think he will give his consent

to our marriage?

= t think so.

Why don't you go and ask him, John?

Run along.

I was saying goodnight
to my lovely nephews.

How I envy my brother,

so happily married,

his succession assured.

Goodnight, your majesty.

= did he touch them?

I think he loves them, the darlings.

= loves them.

Loves them?

Good evening, Wyatt.

Waiting for his majesty?


your highness.

I hope the keepsake devere left you

will prove a talisman of good fortune.

Oh, plantagenets have been on the throne

for more than 300 years,

some weak and some strong,

and I propose to be the strongest,

but to be the strongest,

ti must be the richest.

Money builds armies.

Armies build kingdoms,

and as I have demonstrated,

the simplest way of
increasing the family wealth

is by shrewd matrimonial alliances.

Clarence here is particularly fortunate

as he had Warwick as a father-in-law,

the late, lamented Warwick,

and he was richer than any king.

Now you, Richard,


I realize what you're leading up to,

and I refuse.

Oh, I know how you feel

about little Anne Neville, but...


our dear brother arranged that match,

deliberately married the girl I love

to our deadliest enemy,
the prince of wales.

I had nothing to do with it.

She was in love with him.

How could you expect any woman

to be really in love with you?

See, Edward?

He's always threatening me.

I don't blame you.

Well, let's get back to business.

Anne Neville is married

and out of your reach.

= not forever.

Some day I'll come to grips
with the prince of wales,

and Anne Neville will be a widow.

Oh, some day, some day.

I can't wait that long.

I must bring this Norfolk
tribe into the fold.

Now you're strong in the north,

and the duchess is strong in the south.

As much as I love and respect you, no.

In this instance, I'm the king

and not your brother.

Edward, I've never disobeyed
you in any other matter.

= this is a fine time to start.

Well, what do we do?

Unfortunately, my own sons
are as yet too young to marry.

It'll have to be somebody
else and tonight.

The duchess arrived this morning.

That does make the gravy thick.

There's an eligible young man

waiting in the next room.


Come on.


Your majesty.

Good evening, Wyatt, good evening,

glad to see you.


Your majesty, I came to ask if I might...

Yes, yes, oh, I must instruct
the book you are reading.

It demonstrates a favorite theory of mine.

As you know, I believe in
strengthening the throne

by the right kind of marriage.

The queen's family has been invaluable.

Her brother, your cousin Antony,

married an extremely wealthy heiress.

Her sisters, also your cousins,

are brilliantly allied with
the Duke of Buckingham,

the Earl of huntington,

the Earl of arundel, the Earl of essex,

and lord strange of knockin,

and now comes your turn.

As cousin to the queen,

it's manifestly your duty

to ally yourself with the family,

which will strengthen the position

of the crown in succession,

both by wealth and power.

Therefore I have the honor
to announce your betrothal

to the dowager duchess of Norfolk.

A perfect match, your majesty.


Your majesty knows lady
Alice barton and I are...

Oh, well, the duchess will
make you an excellent wife.

But, sire, her grandson is older than I.

True, true, and her dowery
will be in proportion.

= t cannot.


It's a simple problem
between heart and head.

I would rather answer
the dictates of my heart.

By not losing your heart,

you will keep your head.

It's an old axiom of mind.

Marry your enemies

and behead your friends.

After all, she's old,

can't last for long.

I beg you not insist upon this marriage.

Instead, make lady Alice and myself

the happiest subjects in your kingdom...

= there is no alternative.

= then I still refuse.

His highness the Duke put
this idea into your head.

You've made a choice
between head and heart,

but I assure you your heart

will not be worth much
after your head falls.

Guards, take him to the
constable of the tower.

There, my pretty.

Let that be a lesson to you.

Don't try to escape from old mord.

= don't touch me.

Don't come near me.

Don't even speak to me.

Now go to your room.

My love, my sweet, my thrush,

my little porcupine,

why, I must be obeyed in my own palace.

Why, if every subject flouts my authority

and escapes punishment...

John Wyatt is different.

In the first place, he's my cousin,

and in the second place,

if you send him to the scaffold,

I'll leave you.

If I Grant him his life,

will you be nice?

Marrying him to that old crone,

oh, I know my family's not of royal blood,

but you needn't throw it
in my face all the time.

Oh, my darling, I never
said or thought that.

Why, you're a queen, a wonderful queen.

I love you,

and I adore our beautiful children

who will become kings and queens,

but being a king is my business,

and you must not interfere.

Oh, release my cousin.

No, Wyatt was insubordinate

and must suffer the consequences.

Edward, you know that isn't true.

Elyzabeth, if I allow
him openly to defy me,

why, every one will take
it as a sign of weakness,

and I'll be in a fine position.

= but he won't die.

All right.

I promise.

As punishment, I'll banish him to France.

He can join that troublesome
youngster Henry tudor.

Oh, poor Alice, what will
she do while he's away?

I'll arrange all that.

Now she shall marry lord...

= Edward.

All right, all right, dear.

I won't do anything about it.

You shall have your way.

Your majesty, your majesty.

Your majesty.

What is it?

Sire, a courier's just arrived.

Wales has landed from France

with a strong force,

and the lancastrian sympathizers

are rallying to his standard.

The best news for months, Edward...

What, will we never have done

with these awful wars?

You have no cause for worry, madam.

We'll crush wales and his
misbegotten friends like flies.

Don't be overly confident, brother.

I'm happy, brother.

I've waited a long time
for the prince of wales.

Oh, yes.

Couldn't we take old
paper crown king Henry

into battle with us?


If fortune should smile,

one of his son's men,

even the prince himself,

might accidentally cut him down.

Oh, I don't think we could do that.

I mean, could we?

Well, why not?

Well, mayhap we could,

but would the old fool go?

Gladly when he's heard my explanation.

You rascal.

You may go.

My brother and I are
no longer your enemies,

but your majesty's vassals
united in a common cause,

under your leadership.

My leadership?

Yes, your majesty.

You see?

Your majesty.

Your pack of beggars can
go anywhere and do anything

without arousing suspicion.

Tomorrow they must play on
the temper of the people.

Instruct them to start their whisperings.

Spread the word that
king Henry has renounced

all claims to the throne

and is supporting king Edward.

Your highness.

They say Henry
has renounced the throne

and is supporting king Edward

against his own son,

the prince of wales.

That's right.

Now remember it all,

and take your usual stations.

Here's silver for you.

Edward, the king.

Your highness, let me go with you.

I've never killed in hot blood.

It'll be different, more exciting.

Many men are killed in battle.

Please let me go.

The king.

I need your eyes and ears in the tower.

Remember, of every two persons

left in this loamy pile,

one is an enemy of ours.

They say Henry has renounced the throne

and is supporting king Edward

against his own son, the prince of wales.

They say Henry has renounced the throne.

And is supporting king Edward

against his own son, the prince of wales.

Edward, the king.

I'm not permitted to see
lord Wyatt before he sails,

so I'm hiding this note in his flowers.

You must get them to the
master of the ship trident.

It's very important.

Yes, my lady.

But, Edward, dear.

Ah, but Anne, the future is golden.

Father is in no condition
to resume his position,

so naturally the throne will come to me.

Edward and crookback may even
run away without fighting.

Edward alone I do not fear,

but Richard is a Valiant knight

and a vicious enemy.

Don't underestimate him.

I'll rid you of his evil influence.

He's haunted you too long.

Anne, I think you loved him

even before you married me.

No, not love.

He's so clever, so ruthless.

It'll take more than
his misshapen genius

to prevail against me.

I wish you could come to tewkesbury,

but a battlefield is no place for a woman.

Stay here with the prioress.

I'll come for you directly we have won.

I'll say goodbye to my Princess.

I'll return to greet my queen.

Look, Edward.

Yonder is wales.


For Edward, for Edward,

for Edward.



= we meet for the last time.

Victory is ours.

All hail king Edward.

Isobel, Isobel, Isobel,

oh, Isobel.

Wales is dead.


= wales is dead.

We must get your sister
Anne out of the country

before Richard can find her.

She's at the priory in...

= t don't care where she is.

Go to her at once.

Make Anne believe that Richard

killed her husband, murdered him.

A brilliant plan's taken a strange turn.

Instead of bringing back a corpse,

we brought back a hero.

Don't worry, brother.

Several learned doctors have assured me

that Henry hasn't long to live.

The cheers of my people, my victory,

oh, it's very wonderful.

It brings back memories, memories.

Oh, I'm very happy.

I have you to thank for all this.

Must give thanks to the all highest.

Fitting occasion for a
blade in the shape of a cross.

It will ensure the thrust
and bless the wound.

Oh, lord, be with me.

And with thy spirit.

Yes, beacon, what is it?

Your majesty, it is my duty to report

that as a consequence
of his many infirmities,

Henry of Lancaster has
just died at his devotions.

He was a saintly man.

We must give him a splendid funeral

and later say prayers for his soul.

Then Anne
Neville will be a widow.

She must be in disguise,

hidden in some unlikely place.

My spies...

Clarence has mocked me too long.

Find her.

Find her, or you'll taste the rack.

Anne disguised as a serving wench.

Now she's posing as a serving wench.

Arrest her and not too gently

and in the king's name.

= you've made some mistake.

I'm only a servant.

, tie her.

Please, sir, please.

You mention a word of
this outside these walls,

I'll tear your tongues out.

To the tower.

50 pounds if you'll tell
the Duke of Clarence I'm here.

There's only one person

with influence enough to serve you,

and that's the Duke of gloucester.

Did I hear my name?

What means this dark
corner gossip about me

with a serving wench?


Anne, how come you here
in this strange guise?

= she's under arrest.

Who dared give such an order?

The king, your highness.

The king?

Oh, Anne, someone has
made a terrible mistake.

If I'd only known it before.

Appoint me to plead for you.

I'll risk everything to
take you to the king.

We must go together.

If this isn't the finest
robe ever made for a wedding,

you'll feel the strength
of my displeasure.

It will be magnificent.

Oh, your majesty, may I...

= no more time now.

Out with you.

Go on.

Scurry, scurry, scurry.

I hope you have sufficient cause

for this untimely interruption.

Your majesty, I have presumed

upon our mutual affection to bring...

Who is this kitchen wench?

Anne Neville, sire,

your prisoner, and I
beg you to release her.

Anne Neville,


You go too far, brother.

Only for love,

for love of a childhood sweetheart.

Regardless of what her
feelings may be today,

humbly, on my knees,

I beg you to listen to the poor girl.

Poor girl?

Poor girl?

Daughter of one enemy, wife of another,

she must pay the penalty for treason.

But, your majesty, she
was driven into marriage,

surrounded by lying people,

her mind poisoned against us.

I will be responsible for her loyalty.

Have you lost your senses?

Only a husband can be responsible

for a woman's action.

But she was imposed upon.

= silence.

T will consider her release

only upon condition

that she marry you.

= that is too much to ask of her.

Well, now you're wrong, Richard.

You've always been true and loyal to me,

and I'll be loyal to you and the king.

I give myself gladly if you'll have me.

Richard, my friend, my
brother, my counselor,

you must be mad or really in love.

I suppose even a king must learn

to forgive his enemies.

Richard's a great man,

known to everyone by his sacrifices.

You will never regret it, my dear,

and I'm pleased to have
such a lovely sister.

My brother.

Now, not a word of this

until after the Duke of
York's wedding tomorrow.

Anne, now be discreet.

See no one.

I am planning a surprise.

Now run along.

Bless you, my children.

I tell you Edward and Richard

are up to some mischief.

I can tell by their expressions.

Every time I look at them,

they laugh at me.

You're getting morbid.

Perhaps it's only Edward's jubilance

over finally bringing the Norfolk tribe

into the family.

Even if he has to marry
his five year old son

to another child?


they couldn't have located Anne.

Oh, they couldn't have.

I talked to her yesterday,

and she's safely lodged
with some old servanters.

Oh, Clarence, we must hurry.

You've had enough to drink.

No, thank you.

Where is Richard?

= t don't know.

Richard, wilt thou
take Anne here present

for thy lawful wife

according to the rite of
our holy mother, the church?

= it will.

Anne, wilt thou take
Richard here present

for thy lawful husband

according to the rite of
our holy mother, the church?

= it will.

= it will.


I have called you here
to solemnize a wedding,

which has been done,

but now I wish to announce the betrothal

of the Duke of gloucester
and lady Anne Neville.

J; Hallelujah 7


Richard may well have my
sister-in-law as a bride,

but he's to expect no part
of the Warwick estates.

I'm perfectly satisfied
with Anne for herself.

I ask you for nothing.

Oh, enough of this bickering.

You're both too selfish

to think about what's due the girl.

As one of the daughters and
heiresses of the late Earl,

she must have her just portion.

But I settled that long ago.

By grabbing everything for yourself.

Warwick amassed enough
to make a dozen men rich,

too much wealth and power

to be centered in the hands of one man.

It makes for a second king in the realm,

and one I do not trust too well.

But I've always been your friend.

I've never aspired...

Some friendship is
closely akin to treachery.

The estate will be divided
according to my wishes.

Anne shall have all the domains

of middleham and barnard.

But, Edward, the choicest estates...

= as well as the castles themselves.

That isn't fair, Edward.

That isn't fair, and you know it.

You'll be sorry.

You'll be sorry.


you're master of middleham,

what coveted for so long.

Yes, as much as 1
appreciate honors and wealth,

at the moment I'm thinking of Clarence.

Yes, your plan's working.

He swallowed the bait.

Treason's fermenting in his unworthy soul.

After all, my lords,

it is well known that Edward

is only my half brother.

Our mother's mistake makes
his claim to the throne

far weaker than my own,

and if my plan is successful,

you, my lords, shall benefit thereby.

= well?

The Duke of Clarence was conspiring

against king Edward.

= come on.

Your support will bring you an earldom.

His royal highness the Duke of Clarence

is under arrest by order of the king.

Why, you...

By order of the king.

I have been working on Edward,

asking him to be lenient.

He's not inclined to bear a grudge.

What's the matter with you?

I won't be galled by a pack of lies.

You hate me, and I know it.

Oh, come now.

Have I ever wronged you?

Did I demand middleham and barnard?

No, no, but I don't trust you.

I know you don't mean half you say.

It's Edward.

He takes you literally.

You provoke him.

Here, some of your favorite malmsey.

Let's drink to a better understanding.

I know you, Richard, poison.

You're trying to kill me.

Get out of here.

= you fool.

You insulting beast.

I will kill you,

but honestly and fairly.

I challenge you to combat
with any weapon you choose.

= no.

Sword, dagger, mace, Lance, stones,

a-horse, a-foot, standing on our heads,

or your favorite joust, with wine,

and the prize to the winner,

the whole of the Warwick estates.

All right, Richard.

I'll accept that last challenge,

if you'll take me to the cellars

where I can pick a cask
of my own choosing,

rich, heady malmsey.

You won't take unfair advantage.

I'm unarmed.

On my honor as a knight, I swear,

malmsey will be the only weapon used.

Oh, my brother, I shall win.

You haven't the liver or the stomach

of a first rate wine bibber.

Mord, unlock me.

This one, Richard, for
middleham and barnard,

The whole of the Warwick estates.

Oh, Richard.

I've won.

Little crookback, crookback,

you've met your master.

I should have someone here
to witness my triumph.

Someone, Thomas.

I've won.


Richard, you promised.

You swine.

He asked for malmsey.

Well, what is it, beacon?

With sorrow and regret, sire,

I have to report the
death of his highness,

the Duke of Clarence.


Due to an overindulgence of malmsey.

Where's Richard?

He should know about this.

His highness is too drunk, sire,

to know anything about anything.

Richard, drunk?

He should profit by
Clarence's bad example.

What hour is it?

Three of the clock, sir.

Well, don't let the bell toll till 6:00.

Henry, oh, Henry tudor.

This way, John.

I knew I'd find you
hereabouts at this hour.

So few miles across to england,

vet so far away for us.

Bad news, John?

Yes, the king is seriously ill,

and Alice cannot leave the queen.

If the king dies, Richard
will have more power.

Then anything might happen to the country.

Richard, Richard has kept us both

in exile all these years,

but the time will come

when we can fight him in the open.

Are you ready, your grace?


You go first, Edward.

All right, Richard.

Madam, the king is worse.

I think you'd better...


Come with me, Alice.

We won't tell the children.

Do not mourn, dearest.

You have the children.

Why are you crying, Alice?

Not for me.

After all, I've brought you
nothing but unhappiness.

Hastings, give Wyatt my pardon.

Bring him back from exile.

Let them marry.

Where is Richard?

At York, sire.

= send for him.

He must be appointed protector

until my son is crowned.

Edward, I...

Richard is the wisest man in england.

Rely on his judgment.

He will take my place
as father to our sons.

The high and mighty prince Edward

is now by the death of our late sovereign

become our only lawful and rightful liege,

king Edward v.

The king is dead.

Long live the king.

Behold your sovereign prince and lord.

Long live the king.

Long live king Edward.

Then it is agreed that the
fishing rights of the thames

should be the property of
the constable of the tower.

= sh.

The council meeting has proved
wearisome to his majesty,

but we can proceed without him.

My first suggestion is one

which concerns his majesty.

You see how heavily the
weight of his duties

press upon the boy child.

He's not happy here,

alone in the tower.

I suggest that his brother join him.

= excellent.

= t think he should be here.

But the queen mother
is in westminster Abbey

with her other children,

and I don't believe she will consent.

Here is a note from his majesty

asking that his brother join him.

The king's message puts
a different complexion

oh the matter.

I refuse to let my son leave.

But the message from the king.

= t refuse.

= the note is a command.

My lords, I'm not
suspicious of your motives,

but it must be apparent that the protector

is planning to extend his
power over both princes.

I have a mother's intuition,

a foreboding of evil,

Foreboding of evil.

Your majesty is overwrought.

Overwrought, oh, no, I'm not.

Once before I was forced

to seek safety within
the walls of a church.

My eldest son, the king,
was born in sanctuary

in this very building.

You see, this is not my first experience.

But then you were
avoiding lancastrian enemies

who are no longer to be feared.

I count the Duke of gloucester an enemy.

Your majesty.

Unjustly, your majesty.

I've known the protector since childhood,

and I challenge you or anyone else

to name one time when
he's every been anything

but the most faithful subject.

You uphold the protector.

You either cannot or will
not realize my position.

Isn't it enough for him

to have my eldest son?

Must he take my other boy?

I appeal to you as a mother,

not as a queen.

Oh, your majesty.

He needs his brother.

He misses all of the family.

He cannot understand why you, his mother,

have chosen to shut yourself off from him.

The council believes it
would be a grave mistake

to deny this first request
of our new sovereign.

Every loyal subject must obey,

even the mother of a king.

Send for the prince.

Your majesty may rest assured

that we will assist the protector
in caring for your sons.

They'll be safe, quite safe.

Why, some day you may look back

upon your present fears with amusement.

You're going to join your brother.

And help him be king?

Goodbye, my son.

May heaven keep you.

Take my love to your brother.

Yes, mother.

Lord Hastings will take care of you.

Lord Hastings?

Your highness.

= is all this meant for me?

It's customary to so
greet the heir apparent

of the throne, your highness.

I thought my brother had ordered it.

Where is he?

We'll take you to him now.

Look out, Edward.

Look out, uncle Richard.

He'll hurt you.

Good, Edward.

Please, uncle Richard.

You have to teach me too.

Hello, Richard.

Let me use your sword and dagger.

On guard.

All in good time,

all in good time.

I tell you the sentiment in the city

is for a strong king.

= where do these rumors come from?

There's some movement on
foot that we don't know about.

There's the flag.

There's the flag.

Spread the word.

Richard, Richard for king.


Richard for king.

= Richard.

Lift the portcullis.

Richard, we want Richard.



You must accept the crown.

It is the will of the people.


I am deeply touched
by this demonstration

of faith and loyalty,

but I must have time,

time to consider the
great responsibilities

that you would thrust upon me.

I must do what is best for our country.

= John.

Alice, my darling.

Your majesty.

Oh, thank heaven you're here, John.

You're the only one who can help us.

I beg you and Alice

to put aside your personal affairs

until after this crisis has passed.

We are at your service.

Richard's plans must be blocked.

He's assumed power over both my sons,

and with the exception of lord Hastings,

he has the entire council
in the palm of his hand.

Not only my personal welfare,

but that of the whole nation is at stake.

Henry tudor and I have laid all plans

for raising an army,

but we can do nothing without money.

So far, Richard hasn't dared

to appropriate the royal
treasure, but I dare.

John, you must steal the
treasure from the tower.

In the hands of Henry tudor,

it will serve as a weapon strong enough

to overcome even Richard.


Hurry, hurry, give me the sack.

Nobody left by the river.

Now has anybody gone through the gate

with a cart or a wagon?

Only my lord Wyatt and his men.

He had a pass to remove

some of the queen's personal belongings.

The queen's belongings?

It was the king's treasure.

Be seated, my lords.

My lords, the royal
treasure has been stolen.

And why were we not informed of this?

Please, silence, my lords.

Let the protector explain.

This is a shocking
accusation, your highness.

Are you certain?

= you shall see.

Acting on the queen mother's orders,

this man,

this man removed money, plate, and jewels

belonging to the crown

and refuses to disclose their whereabouts.

= is this true?

He very shrewdly
employed a group of sailors

who have since disappeared,

so but he alone knows the hiding place.

Refusal to answer is
an admission of guilt.

= the treasure will be returned.

Take him away.

I am the only true plantagenet left.

Edward married beneath him.

His sons are not of royal blood.

The boy's a weakling,

and we need a strong king.

The king would be strong

if you gave him support
instead of treachery.

You speak boldly for a prisoner.

It's not very difficult to be bold

when death at your hands is inevitable.

You misjudge me, Wyatt.

Titles, honors, wealth,

and immediate marriage with
the girl of your choice

are yours for the asking if...

Alice is inured to waiting

as I am to confinement in a prison.

She'd despise me if I betrayed my trust.

You've already betrayed one trust

by seizing the royal treasure.

To save it for the king.

For which I thank you.

Wyatt, I've been more
than generous with you.

Tell me.

Where is the treasure?

You may be sure of one thing.

It will never be of use to the queen.

Her sanctuary is a prison

surrounded by my men.

Now are you willing to speak?

= no.

You'll never lay your hands on
that treasure, your highness.

Well, there's a way of tearing the truth

from the depths of a man's soul.

Where is the treasure hidden?

Where is it?

Where is the treasure hidden?


Where is it?

But you cannot even
communicate with him, my dear.

He's guarded day and night.

Tortured, I've heard.

Well, I can stay here no longer waiting,

waiting for nothing but evil tidings.

Oh, we must save him.

If only I could get past Richard's guards.

You must take no unnecessary risk.

Gloucester would have no compunctions,

even about killing a woman.

Do you think anything would be

an unnecessary risk to save John?

Oh, father, you must help me.

I will try to get you
out of the Abbey, my child,

but after that...

You needn't worry.

I know exactly what to do.

Oh, think what this
means if I'm successful.

= Alice.

Please, your majesty,

you must have faith in me.

= he's unconscious.

Take him back to his cell.

The iron will bring him back.

= take him back to his cell.

Well, if it ain't old Tom
clink come on the wrong day.

The king's council is meeting.

The tower is closed to all outsiders.

= but not to me.

My business won't wait.

Neither you nor your master the devil

can stick his nose inside
the tower this day.

Oh, all right, I'm off.

Soots and smut will fall
on the lords and ladies.

Smoke will get in the king's eyes,

and they won't be able to blame Tom clink.

No, sir, they'll blame those stupid lunks

that wouldn't let Tom
clink do his lawful duty,

which was ordered by the constable

of this here blooming tower.

I did hear somebody complaining

about clogged flues this morning.

Well, let him in.

, raise the portcullis.

Come along with you, clink.


Come on, come on.

Come on.

Get along with you.

Keep your filthy hand off my helper.

Now in you go, missy,

and if you does as I tells you,

you won't get stuck,

but if you get stuck,

don't get scared

'cause I can get you out.

It's not so bad getting stuck

as it is getting lost.

Now if you gets lost,

you might get caught.

Then I can't help you.

Now remember, two tugs of
the rope, I let you down.

One tug, I pulls you up.

Yes, Mr. clink.

= good luck.

Remember two tugs, down,

one tug, up.

John, John,

oh, my darling, my darling.

It's Alice, Alice.

= Alice.

Darling, how did you get here?

Tom clink, the funny old chimney sweep.

You must go.

If they find you here, they'll kill you.

Listen to me carefully.

I've got files for you
to cut your way out.

There's a rope hanging in the chimney.

After dark, let yourself
down into the moat.

Tom clink will be waiting for you

in a small boat just
outside of the water gate.

I've arranged to have a
boat take us to France.

= we can't leave without the treasure.

It's buried under the big oak

behind the queen's palace in London.

Tom clink will help
you get it aboard ship.

Take it to Henry tudor

regardless of what happens to me.


Go, go.

If you don't try to escape,

t won't leave.

I'd rather stay here and die with you.

Look what they've done to you.

Oh, the beasts, the beasts.

Darling, I'll get out somehow,

but you must play your part.

Now hurry.

All right.

Here are the files.

Now remember Tom clink
will be waiting for you.

He'll be singing.

= it's 10 of the clock and all is well.

Oh no, you don't.

J if freedom fails j

ahoy, there.

Fishing rights on the
river below London bridge

belongs to the constable of the tower.

He'll cut off your ears

if you don't watch out.

Just fishing for eels,

just one little eel.

You know, there's some who says that eels

ain't fish anyway.

More like snakes, I calls them.

Well, get out of here.

Yes, yes, my lord, I'll get out.

> Freedom j

J that freely lives

J if freedom fails j

J that freely lives

hang on, laddie.

Hang on.

Here he comes.

What news of Wyatt?

He sailed on the French ship,

the one that dropped down
the river last night.

T should have killed him on the rack.

The queen and tudor
have been hand in glove

with Wyatt as go between.

That woman has stopped me at every turn.

She is in sanctuary
where I can't touch her,

but I can crush her spirit for all time.

Take the young princes
to the bloody tower.

It's very queer.

One day everyone is so pleasant,

and then the next,

they tell me I'm no longer king,

and they put us here.

It has something to do with our mother,

but uncle Richard says not to worry.

He will take care of it.

They told me that,

but uncle Clarence was
imprisoned in the room below

before he died.

Come to bed, Richard.

I'll be there soon
as I finish this hood.

Go to sleep, charlemagne.

Dear lord, I pray you protect my mother

and my sisters

and Grant his majesty,
king Edward, my brother,

a long reign.

And I'd like uncle Richard to,

I would like uncle Richard too.

= come on.

Wake, Edward.

Wake up.

They have come to kill you.

Kill me.

Kill me, and let Edward live.

= go.

Here is the means to
raise an invading force

which will be joined by all
of england when it lands.

We beg you to hasten.

My plans are laid.

The only thing I lacked was money,

and that you brought me.

If we are successful,

this means an earldom for you.

Henry tudor by himself means nothing,

but the combination of tudor
and royal treasure means war.

= a battle?


Will you let me fight with you this time

against many men?

I may need every friend I have.

Your majesty, your majesty.


Henry tudor has landed.

Richard is marching to meet him,

but his soldiers are
deserting him right and left

to join your friends,

so you see, your majesty,

your prayers have been answered.

Gloucester thought to
exterminate our line,

but I've saved my daughters,

and I know that I shall again see a child

of mine on the throne of england,

but my poor, innocent boys.

= yonder is tudor.


You say Richard will be easy to find?

He'll be at the head of his troops.

Henry tudor.

Long live the king.

Take that body away.

Long live the king.

Long live the king.

Baby killer.

Baby killer.

The king.

Long live the king.

J; Hallelujah 7

j; Hallelujah 7