Tower Block (2012) - full transcript

Several months after witnessing a murder, residents of Tower Block 31 find themselves being picked off by a sniper, pitting those lucky enough to be alive into a battle for survival.


Oh, fuck!

Oh, come on! Come on!

Fuck's sake!

Help! Help, someone!
Let me in, please!

Someone, please, help me!
Let me in! Please!

Shit. No, please, let me go.
Please. Please! Please!

Fucking... Oh! Fuck off!

Please, please... Please don't hurt me.

'This is the police.
Please wait to be connected.'

Now what? Get up! Get up!

Right, get up! Get up!


Fucking get off him!

You don't know... No! No!

Fuck you!


You bitch!

Wait, wait...

- Please help me! Please!
- Shut the fuck up!

- Please!
- Shut up!

Help! Please! Help me!

Please! Help me!

Help! Help me! Please!

Look, I told you, I was mugged.
I never saw anybody attack that boy.

The paramedics found you
outside your door.

- It must have been the same people.
- I never saw them.

- Was your partner in?
- He doesn't live here anymore.

Look, I've spoken to everyone

and we've got nothing to help us
identify the attackers.

- Nothing at all.
- It's not my fault.

Please. I know you're scared,
but we can protect you.

We want to put away whoever did this.

The boy's father has given us names of
several people his son hung around with.

We can do a line up,
but without a witness, we have nothing!

- Why won't any of you talk to us?
- I told you, I never saw anything!


If you think of anything else,
please call me.

Take it from me,
a hint of paperwork, boredom'll get ya.

Nah, Daniel's not gonna let that happen.

Officer on deck.

- See ya later, Guv.
- See ya later.

- Anything?
- Complete waste of time.

Half of them didn't even
want to be seen talking to me.

- Forensics?
- Nothing useful.

It's a public area.
Everyone and their grandma's left traces.


15 years old, beaten to death
and nobody saw a fucking thing!

No, they never do.

Come on.
They don't want us here.

I'll show you
the top ?oor and the roof.

The rest is all boarded up.

I mean, if it was me,
I wouldn't wait for rehousing.

I'd kip on a mate's sofa till they found me
somewhere. But no, not this lot.

They're sticking it out.
God help them.

Can't you... convince them?

First thing I thought of. Council said
it's illegal, technically a bribe.

I said, "Call it a goodwill gift."
They wouldn't have any of it.

No, I mean... persuade them.
Make them want to leave.

Yeah, well, I might have to
if this drags on any longer.

- It's down here.
- OK.

Bloody kids keep trying to pick the lock.

If one of them gets in and falls off
the roof, whose fault is it?

Eh? Yeah.
Muggins here. Come on.

I said leave me alone!

- Let's just talk about it.
- It won't change anything.


I'll go first thing in the morning,
stay at my mum's.

We can sort this out.

I'm so sorry.

- Vic, are you on, mate?
- 'Yeah.'

I'm on the bridge. Can you give me
a bit of cover in a minute

cos I think Little Nunn's been...

He's in all kinds of trouble over here.
Can you cover me?

I need to... There's loads of them.
Honestly, it's fucking carnage.

Not again!

- Are you still on that bloody computer?
- Mum, you have to knock!

- What's all the shouting?
- The internet's freezing.

It's ruining my scores.
Are they working on the roof?

I don't know. It might be an excuse
to get some fresh air.

- Come on, it'll do you good.
- OK! After this game.

Well, I tried!

Tell him the building's on fire.
Come on, you scrawny bastard.

I wish.
We might get rehoused quicker.

Are you deaf?
What the fuck did I say to you?

Get inside your room now! Let's go!

You never do what you're told!
All the time talking the piss!

- Excuse the residents.
- I've seen worse.

- Don't fucking think I don't know!
- Get away!

What you playing at?

Mr Rawlins.
Checking on your investment?

Yeah, all the good it's done me.
Had any word from the council?

Not yet, no.

No, didn't bloody think so.

You taking the fucking piss!
Don't smile at me!

Are you smiling at me? Don't you smile
at me! Or I'm gonna hit you!

What? It's my fucking kids, innit?

You're not knocking it down now,
are you?

Just a preliminary check.

Good! You better fucking not be,

cos we'll go when the council says
and not before! Do you hear me?

- They can hear you in Australia, love.
- Good!

Should be a piece of cake.
We just wait for everyone to leave.

Do we have to?

Come on!

- Hi, Liz.
- 'Hi!'

- 'Are you coming to thingy's leaving do?'
- I don't know.

'Oh! Everyone's going.
It'll be a laugh!'

Er... No. I've hardly known him
the whole time he's worked there.

I don't even know his name.
Anyway, you know I hate work dos.

'I'll keep calling until you say yes!
You know I will!'

Hello there, blondie!

You look fucking lovely, don't ya?

- Time to pay me.
- Piss off.

Eh? What did I just fucking say to you?

Do you need me to come in there, do ya?

That's it. It's fucking easy.

Oh, it's going up next week, as well.

- What?
- 3O instead of 20.

- Why? No, I can't afford...
- I know. Inflation and shit.

Still, there are other methods
in which you can pay me.

- Oh, fuck you!
- I'd love to smell your morning breath.

Shame, that.
Right up my fucking street and all.

Hello, Nanna! Did you miss me?

All right, Vi. I got this.

- Let's have it, then.
- Good manners cost nothing.

You're not paying me
for fucking good manners.

No. I'm paying you
not to smash up our flat.

Don't expect me
to be scared of you, though.

Bye then, son!

Brave old soldier, you, eh?

Bet your Mrs isn't so brave, though.
Bless her.

Be a right shame if something
should happen to her, wouldn't it?

Give her the fright of her life,
might have a heart attack.

- You lay one finger on her...
- Whatever, mate.

That's the one. Good man!

See you again, yeah?

Fucking arsehole.

What you saying, Kurtis, man?
Let us know if you need any help, innit.

What's that, lad?

Saying, like,
if you needed any help, innit.


You keep an eye on your sister
or I'll break your fucking neck, right?

- What?
- I didn't say anything.

I can't afford a fucking babysitter, can I?

You could if you didn't go out drinking
every night.

Don't you tell me how to raise my kids.
Don't you fucking dare!

Cos I will kick your fucking teeth in!

That's what I thought... pussy.

Oh, I'm sorry,
this was all I could find.

It suits ya!

Er, do you want a coffee?

Well, that's what started
all the trouble last night.

No, this time I mean actual coffee.

- Yeah, I'd love one.
- OK, erm...

Bollocks! There's so many of them, dude,
I don't know what I'm doing here.


You're joking! Come on!

I preferred the dressing gown.

It looked good. Ladylike.

Yeah? I wasn't feeling it.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

- So...
- So...

- It was a great party last night.
- Mm.

Yeah, it was good.
It was really good fun.

Look, I don't do this all the time.

- What, drink coffee?
- No, you know what I mean.

Erm, I... I just came out of
a long-term relationship a while ago

and... well,
I haven't really been out much.

I'm not used to it.

I had a great time last night.

- And I'm having a great time now.
- Me, too.

- So don't worry about it.
- Thanks.

We don't have to get married right now.
We can always wait till next week

or next month if you like.
I mean, there's no hurry!

So not funny!
My mum warned me about blokes like you.

I should hope she did!
I'll tell you what though...

- Danny, for goodness sake.
- Internet's gone again.

Mum! Mum! Come on, please!

Mark! Get down, man! Get down!
Fuck, get down!

Fuck! Shit!


It's all in your head, darling.

What the fuck's that?

OK. All right. OK. Stay down.

Stay down. Towards the door.

He's shooting at you, too?

- Is anybody hurt?
- We're not hit. My dad...

Oh, Jesus Christ!

- We need a mobile phone!
- I've got one. It's not working.

- Same here, there's no signal.
- The internet's down.

- Is it some sort of terrorist thing.
- Why us? Why here?

- The police will sort it out.
- But no-one's called them.

- I didn't hear any shots.
- He must be using a sound suppressor.

- So nobody heard it.
- The other block's empty.

It's a quarter of a mile
to any other buildings.

So no-one's coming for us.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God,
we've got to get out of here.

- No, don't, Mum. He's at the front.
- We'll go out the back, then!

It's not coming on. It's not working.
Why is it not working?

Probably the same reason
everything else is down.

- We'll get help somehow.
- How? How are we gonna do that?

- I don't know.
- Help!


Sit down, mate.

Did you hear that?
Someone was shooting into our flat!

- It's the same for all of us.
- Mark's been hurt! Someone help!

He's been hurt!
He's gonna die if nobody helps him!

Why should we?
You and that Kurtis bastard never help us!

Come on! This is slightly different!
He's gonna die if nobody helps. Please!

I can do first aid. Get me some
clean sheets or clothes and alcohol.

We've got vodka and some T-shirts!

And if anyone has any painkillers,
bring them to me.

- It's OK.
- It's gonna be all right, bruv.


Are you OK? Where's the kids?

They wanted to watch cartoons.

I stayed in bed.

Then I heard screaming.

OK, ready? Ready?


- Good lad.
- Did one of you do this?

Why would I do that'?
That's your department, vandalism.

Why would someone do it'?
They never did nothing to nobody!

He's shooting at everyone.
We don't know why.

- They was just kids!
- I know, I know!

We'll call for help.
We're gonna get out of here, OK?

- Please, somebody!
- Jesus! Violet!

- Where you going?
- It's OK.

Just keep still.
I'm gonna help you.

What's the point? Look at her!

She's fucked!
What's a bit of torn-up T-shirt gonna do?

Just shut up!

Just lie there and don't move. Shhh...

Don't try to talk.

- Where's Jeff?
- Shh.

It's OK.

We'll get help
and we'll get you out of here.

We're all gonna make it. OK?

_ " OK?

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

- Help! Amy?
- He's alive.

- Amy!
- He needs help!

- We're not going in!
- Nobody asked you to.

But somebody's gotta go in there!

And that would be me, apparently.

I'll go. I don't mind.

I mean, you've all got someone, I haven't.
Makes sense, really.

- Are you ready?
- Not really.

Thank you.

I had an opening in my schedule.


Jeff, come on.

- Where is she?
- She's in the hall.

Come on.

That's it, Jeff.
That's it, keep...

That's it. Stay down, down, down.
Stay down, stay down.

Stay down.

I'm so sorry.

Is everyone accounted for?
Who's missing?


I suppose I better go and check.

- I'll wait here.
- OK.


Kurtis, are you in there?


It's OK, come on.

Check in there.

Yeah, he's... he's not in there.


It's OK.

Kurtis, no! Agh!

- What the fuck are you playing at?
- Take it easy.

You fucking take it easy!
Come closer, watch what I'll do!

we just wanted to check you were OK.

Right. Well, I'm fine. Thanks for asking.
How the fuck are you?

Someone's shooting into the ?ats
through the window.

I'll give you five seconds
to start telling the fucking truth,

otherwise I'll start cutting off this ear.

- Look, look...
- Stay fucking there, Paul!

- Five.
- Kurtis, it's true.

- Honestly, there's someone outside...
- Four.

- Brian's dead, Amy's dead.
- Three.

Jenny's kids. Mark's been hurt.
Call him! There's no signal!

- One!
- Open the curtains!

- No, you fucking open them.
- No, don't, please, he'll shoot me!

You nearly broke my fucking shoulder,

- I was aiming for your head.
- Have you lost the plot?

Just open the curtains!

Get back, get back!

Get back.



- Where's Mark?
- In the hall.

Oh, you're still with us, then?
That's a relief.

Talk to us, lads.

Someone's outside shooting us, man.
Got me fucking bad.

I don't know why, man.

Fucking bollocks.

What the fucking hell's
this shit, then, eh?


Oh! Oh, fuck me, father!

Someone's trying to kill us all.

We dunno why
and we dunno who it is.

What about
the developer guy, Rawlins?

He's been trying
to get rid of us for ages.

No. No way.
The police are bound to suspect him.

- What if it is?
- I don't give a fuck who it is.

- It's probably a random psychopath.
- He's not crazy. He's well organised.

- He's taken out phones and internet.
- Also, the gun.

What do you mean?

It's really accurate, even with
the laser sight. It's military grade.

- They're hard to get and expensive.
- How expensive?

Given the accuracy and range, it's
something like the Heckler & Koch PSG1.

They go for ten grand.
All the top-level sniper rifles do.

- How do you know all this?
- I play Battlefield 3 online a lot.

Too bloody much.

It's training you how to be a killer
is what it's doing.

Maybe if we all make a run for it
out the main entrance,

maybe we could make it.

It's semi-automatic.
He'd get us in seconds.

Nice one. Innit just fucking lovely to know
that we're all proper fucked?

- So what do we do?
- We wait.

Until the police realise what's up.

Or until he goes away.

What if he doesn't go away?

What if he's gonna stay there...
till he's killed all of us?

I need a fucking doctor!

Hang in there, OK?
We'll get help soon.

- We need to do something!
- Oi. Stay calm, OK?

Mark needs you.
Just stay with him.

- He needs help.
- I know.

We're gonna get out of here somehow.


Calm down, mate.

If we could figure out a way downstairs,
we could get out the back door

- and he'd never see us.
- That's a good idea. We should all go.

OK. You do that, then.
I'll be getting rat-arsed in here.

What? No, you can't!

- Hey. Hey, hey, hey! All right!
- Dick.

Kurtis, we're all working together now.

Nah, yous can do that.
I'll be having a piss-up.

Hey! We all pay you for protection!

- Yeah?
- Yeah. So protect us!

All right, you're not gonna do
anything stupid, are ya?

OK, yeah, I'll give you that one.

Fucking hell.

You're a fucking bitch, you are.

You're not in control anymore.

It's not our problem.

What about the lift?
There's usually a ladder in there.

- I'll try that.
- Me, too.

- What are the rest of us supposed to do?
- Sit tight.

Jeff, Kurtis, you come, too.

Jeff? He's just lost his wife.

I don't want Gary and Kurtis
getting any ideas.

Gary stays here.
Kurtis, come on!

How's your bollocks?

- It's not working.
- What's that?

I dunno. Local kids messing about?

- Can we get on with it?
- I'll get Dad's toolbox.

Stay away from the window!

There's plenty of screwdrivers.
Just one torch.

- Good thinking, Daniel.
- Get the fuck out of the way!

Come on!

- Come on!
- Yeah, just take it easy.

You take it easy! I wanna get out of here
and find the bastard that did this!

Give us the torch.

Stay back, everyone!
Stay back! Stay back!

What the fuck is going on?

Jeff's dead. Stay there!
Stay with Mark!

- Jesus Christ.
- There's someone in there!

- Kurtis. Oh, fuck, it's high up.
- What are you doing?

No, there's nobody there.
It looks like some sort of trap.


Kurtis, careful!



He could've planted them everywhere.

We'll just have to be
extra careful then, won't we?

Are we shifting him then or...

Let's put him with Amy.

One, two, three. Yeah? OK?

Hey. Be careful.


OK. Good.

- OK.
- That's it. Go on.


Don't leave me, man.

That's it.

I don't want you going in there again.
Do you understand? It's not safe!

Stop talking to me
like I'm stupid.

- I'll talk to you any way I like!
- Mum, please, stop it!

OK, those faces
are starting to creep me out now.

OK, get back. Watch out.

No! Fuck!

Locked. Off we pop, then.

- Er, aren't you forgetting something?
- Eh?

- What sort of criminal are ya?
- Oh, piss off, you!

Right)! Tighty, lefty... loosey.

Come on, you fucking thing!

- Fuck's sake!
- Do you want me to help?

- Piss off, Paul!
- Right, OK.

Come on then,
you fucking shit of a thing!

Paul, you do this. Wait, wait, wait.
Stand back, Kurt.





Look, if we push at the same time,
we might be able to move it.

- Yeah?
- Come on. Count of three.

Come on!

OK? On three. One, two, three.

Fucking hell!

' Keep pushing!

- Nah.
- Keep pushing!

- Stop. This is impossible!
- Great! Just fucking great!

Yeah, well worth it, that, wasn't it?

Probably worth Jeff's life.

- Stop it.
- Stop what?

Still, it's one less person to worry about.

- Fuck you!
- Fuck you, mate.

I didn't kill him, did I?


Right, OK, so what do we do now?

We go back upstairs.

- How's your leg, Mark?
- It's fucking agony, what do you think?

I'm gonna need some more pills.

- It ain't been four hours...
- Just give me the pills, man.

It says it on the label.

This is weird, isn't it?

Yeah. Weird.

And that's the end
of that conversation, yeah?

So what now?
There must be something we can do.

Probably is, yeah.
Just let us know when you work it out, eh?

- What about the roof?
- What about it?

If someone climbs down the back
of the building, the sniper won't see.

But how would they climb down,
this someone?

I don't know.
We could tie together lots of sheets.

I'm not doing it. Neither is Daniel.
We've suffered enough.

We've all suffered, all right, Carol?
We'll ask for volunteers.

Well, you can count me out
and all. Sheets?

They're never gonna hold
any fucker's weight, are they?

- We could use the fire hose.
- It's not long enough.

Tie them together.
They took them out of the other floors.

- They're down there.
- Great idea! This could work!

- Look at it. What if it rips?
- I don't think you'll get any volunteers.

- If it goes wrong, it's a massive drop.
- What other choice do we have?

This is ridiculous!
We haven't done anything!

- He's got to leave sometime.
- He's got going anywhere.

This isn't just some random attack.
All the planning, these pictures.

He's trying to tell us something
or teach us a lesson.

What does it mean, then?

See no evil.
Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

- The three wise monkeys.
- She's right.

What does that mean for us?

It's the boy who was killed here last year.

Nobody saw nothing,
heard nothing or said nothing.

We didn't help.
So nobody got arrested for his murder.

It's our fault.

God has come down to punish us
cos we let that boy die

and now it's our turn.

I tried to help.
I got the shit kicked out of me for it.

You wouldn't talk to the police.
None of us did. We are all to blame!

Jenny, what you doing?

My babies are up in heaven now.
I'm gonna go with them.

- Jenny, no!
- No, Jenny!


- No! No! No! No!
- No, no, no.


Oh, God. Come on.


I suppose she couldn't cope
with losing her little ones.

Oh, don't start talking fucking bollocks.

She couldn't care less.
She treated them like shit, mate.

What? I know you're all thinking it.
You fucking hypocrites.

She deserved it.
She did. She deserved it.

For every time
she fucking screamed at them,

smacked them,
left them on their own!

You don't do that to kids.
You just don't.

You do that then you get
what's coming to you, don't you?

So fuck it off!

It's dark.

Can't we just turn off the lights
and sneak out?

No, he's set all this up,
he'll have night-vision.

- You don't know that.
- Well, there's one way to find out.

He'll be expecting it.
He's waiting for us to slip up.

He's thought of fucking everything.
Every last detail.

So what about these faces, lads?
There, look.

- Where?
- These faces, there.

They're all over the building
and specifically your door. Why?

- Dunno, they're just...
- Hey!

Look, man, we don't know anything.

- I dunno why they're on our door.
- They're just there!

- Yeah?
- Yeah!

- In the flat then, lads.
- What?

- In the flat. I want a word with ya.
- All right.

What, man? What?

Ah, fuck!

Oi, what you doing?

- Drugs?
- Yeah, drugs. Call the pigs.

Just be careful.
Make sure you don't open the...


Some kid gets kicked in
out there, yeah?

And you two muppets suddenly disappear?
Am I losing my touch?

- Kurtis, it's not like that.
- Shut the fuck up.

I know those last few bunches
come up short.

Yeah. Selling it on the side, was yous?
Did he get in the middle?

So you kicked him in in your own fucking
building? Have you lost the plot?

This is fucking stupid!
Where you getting this from?

Come on, Kurtis, please!

- Fucking leave him alone! Come on, man!
- Oi, oi.

- Fucking hell!
- What you doing?

- Leave him alone!
- Tell me what the fuck happened now.

All right! He couldn't pay us
the money that he owed us.

So fuck it, we were just gonna beat him up,
scare him. We didn't mean to kill him.

You divvie cunts!

Do you see what yous have
fucking started, boys?

Sorry, man!

Oh, my God.

It was those two!

They murdered that poor boy
in our own building?

If it's those two they want,
we should just give them to him.

- Hold on.
- No, no, we haven't done anything!

They should give themselves up
to save us!

Look, Kurtis, think. It can't be that, man.
Why would he wait so long?

I don't fucking know. Planning.

Yous are gonna go out there
and have a word with him.

- Nah, man.
- No way, man! It was an accident!

- It was a fucking accident!
- Was it?

I'm not gonna let him shoot us!

- An accident?
- Yes!

What you doing?

- Go on, then, go on.
- No!

- Try it with me! Go on!
- No!

What are they doing?

Kurtis? Kurtis!


No?'NO! NQ!


- Don't do anything stupid, Kurtis!
- Open up, Kurtis.


- Where you off?
- Kurtis!

Going, are ya? Go on, then.

- Open the door!
- Go on, then.

Nah! I'll show you Gary. Have a look.

There he is. See that? Have a look.

- Be careful!
- Do you like that? Go on, get up.

Open it! Open the door! Kurtis!

- Kurtis!
- Come on then, Mark, up you get.

Up you get. In your own time.


Come on, lively. Come on!

Go on, first punch, have it.
Go on. Go on!

Fucking hell.

Fucking hell.


What did you do?

You know what I did.
I did the right thing.

- You killed them?
- Nah, mate, he killed them.

Jesus Christ!

All right, yeah,
I did a very, very bad thing.

Very bad.

Doesn't mean I was wrong.

Anyway, it was me that did it.
So none of yous need to feel guilty.

I dunno why you give a shit.
They kicked your head in.

Gary could've climbed off the roof.

He doesn't need to now.
The sniper's killed them. End of.

- Have you stood at the window?
- No, Becky, I didn't.

- So you don't know!
- Of course I don't!

- He's a fucking nut job!
- How do we test it?

I don't know, Nev, stick an arm out.
Go on, then!

This is stupid! We gave him those two.
He's got what he wants.

- Carol.
- We're leaving.

- We can't!
- Look, just do as you're told!

- It'll be fine. He'll leave us alone.
- He might not do!

- We don't know if he will!
- We haven't done anything!

- He'll let us go!
- Carol, I know you're upset. We all are.

Oh, are we?

You met your bloke,
what, last night?

I was married to my husband
for 18 years!

- Excuse me?
- Well, it's hardly the same, is it?

Losing a husband
and losing a one-night stand.

How dare you? How dare you decide
who's suffered more here?

I'll decide whatever I want.

And right now, I'm deciding
that me and my son are leaving!

- No, Mum, Mum, Mum!
- Carol!

- Piss off!
- Don't do this!

- Are you gonna stop me?
- If I have to!

- Get out of my fucking way!
- Please! Not Daniel, just in case.

- Just in case what?
- If you're wrong, you are both dead!

Please, just think about it.

Oh, Daniel! I'm sorry.

Don't be scared, OK?
I'm gonna go and get help.

You just stay here
and everything will be fine.

Mum, don't, please.

I love you.

I love you too, sweetheart.

I'll be fine. You'll see.

And then you can all follow me out.

- So you're going, then?
- Yep.

OK, be careful and put your arm out first,
for Christ's sake?

Why don't we use Mark's arm?
He's not gonna want the fucker, is he?

It's fine!

It's fine.

I think it's OK.

I'll shout when I get to the bottom, OK?

Press the intercom on your ?at
when you get down,

so we know you made it safely.

- Mum, wait!
- No, no, Daniel!


You're welcome.

If they make it down there and
around the corner, we'll know for sure.

Come on.


It's OK. We're down.

He made it! He made it! Daniel!

We're gonna get help.

Shit! Daniel, run!



Daniel! Daniel!


Let me go. Let...

Let me climb down
from the roof, I mean.

- Why?
- Because I need to do something.

I'm tired of sitting around
waiting for him to kill us.

The hoses might not hold.
You could die.

Yeah, and if they don't,
then we're all dead anyway.

No. It was my idea.
I should be the one to take the risk.

No, we need someone with ideas.

- We need you!
- Me?

I don't know what I'm doing.

You're doing pretty well so far.

Maybe we could...
send a signal from the roof instead.


And then he could come in
and finish us off.

Let me climb down.

I can't take the responsibility.

That's why I'm volunteering.

It's not on your shoulders
if anything goes wrong.

- We have to try!
- I know.

Look, if anything happens,

do you want me to pass a message on
to anyone? Family, friends?

Nah. I don't have anyone.

- It's just me.
- I'm sorry.

Nah, it's OK.
You get used to it.

Sundays are the worst.

It's technically Sunday now.

Oh, yeah.

Well, it's not the worst Sunday
I've ever had.

I hope you make it.

Thanks. Will you remember that
when you're tying them hoses together?

Jesus, you're shaking!

- You don't have to do this.
- It's not that. I need a drink.

- You need to stay sharp.
- No, I mean... I need a drink.

- What, you're an alcy?
- And you're a drug dealer!

I... I ran out of booze 24 hours ago.
I'm not coping well.

- Has anyone got anything?
- I've got some rose.

No, no, no! Fuck that. Hold on.

Potentially his last drink.
Do you know what I mean?

So you're gonna want something decent.

Fucking rose! Honestly!

I give up! Two ticks, yeah?

I... I have been trying to give up.

You must all think I'm pathetic.

We've all got our flaws.
That's what keeps us human.

Nobody here thinks badly of you,
Paul, I promise you that.


Single barrel shit, mate.
Only for special occasions, yeah?

There y'are, lad.

OK, yeah, more for you? Cheers.

Are you feeling better?

Much better. Thank you.

Nah, don't thank me, mate.
Just get the next round, yeah?

OK, let's do this.
Vi, you're staying here.

Nev, wait!

it's gonna be dangerous up there.

I'm not bloody useless.
I'm not staying here by myself.

Either we both go or we both stay.
That's final!

You're not too old
to put across my knee, you know?

Promises, promises.

Fucking hell!

Ugh! Fuck about! Right, then.

Let's have a look.

Let's... fucking... have it.

- Aw, yeah! Ya fucking beauty.
- Wait, Violet!

* Vi! _ gasps)

No, no, no! No, no, no, no! Vi!

I love you, Nev.

I love you too, baby! Ohh!

Oh, God, Vi!




Nev, stay here, OK?
Look at me. Look at me.

Nev, we are gonna get out of this!
I promise you, we are gonna make it.

Whenever you're ready.

Look, if...

If anything happens and...
and you still get out of here...

will you tell them I tried?
Don't think like that!

Go on!

- Paul?
- Yeah.

So far, so good!

- It's working!
- Go on, then, Paul, son!

No. No! We'll get you back up!

Paul, you're gonna have to get down!
Pretty quick!

No! We've gotta distract him!

Fuck it, then! Come on then, son!

Let's fucking have it, then!

- No!
- Shoot at me then, cunt! Come on!

- Paul!
- I'm stood here!

- No, no!
- Whoa, Becky! Fucking hell!

Get down! Fuck me!

He's gone now, Becks.


He's just gonna fucking
toy with us now, mate.

You bastard!

You're not having us all!

- You're not fucking having us all!
- Fucking right, man!

We're gonna burn
this fucking place down.

When you say "burn the place down"
yeah, we're still in it.

- I hope someone sees it fucking quick.
- What if we burn before anyone turns up?

We don't give him
the satisfaction of shooting us!

Not very clever. "You can't shoot me,
I'm on fire! Who's laughing now?"

- It's a wank plan!
- It'll work!

- How do you know that?
- Because it has to!

All right, OK, if we're gonna burn
to death, I'm gonna put some food on.

Because I'm fucking starving. Yeah?

OK, Neville, you go down first, OK?
Then you don't have to rush.

And what about Violet?

- We can't help her now.
- I'm not leaving her here to burn!

Nev, someone will come and rescue us
before the fire spreads too far, OK?

- Then I stay here with her.
- No, please, Nev!

What if something goes wrong?
Wouldn't she want you to get out safely?

What would she say to you?

She'd tell me not to be
such a stubborn bastard.

- There you go, then.
- You going with him then, yeah?

- Mm-hm.
- I'll set it off up here.

You know you'd only cock it up.

And I don't want yous in my way when I
slide down the lift full pelt, all right?

- Good.
- Touching.

Well, piss off, then.
I'm stood here waiting.

- OK?
- Yeah.


You all right?

We're down!

Agh! Oh, fuck!

Agh! Oh, no, no!

Oh, fucking hell!

- Help!
- Kurtis!

- We're here! We're here!
- It's fucking bad!

I've snapped my leg!

Agh! Oh, fuck!

- All right.
- Gotcha.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, steady!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!

- Come on! Come on!
- Put him over there.

Oh, fucking hell, it's bad, innit?
It's fucking bad!

- It's all right, Kurt.
- Agh!

Help's on its way, OK?

Fucking hell! Oh, fuck!


Fucking hell!

- Easy! Easy! Easy!
- OK! OK! I've gotta tie this.

On, fucking hell! On, shit!

- Agh! Agh! Whoa, whoa!
- All right, all right, all right!

Hang in there.

- How long now?
- We wait... till the police get here.

Here you go!

What the hell is going on?

- What's going on?
- Kev.


- Christ almighty!
- Call someone, quick!

Well, I can't,
my phone's gone to shit! Hello?

Bloody hell!
I hope there's no-one in there.

What the fuck is that?



Fuck! Fuck!

Oh, no, shit,
he's shooting them!

- Fucking hell!
- They can't help us now.

Get back here, you bastard!

Agh! Agh!

Help! Help me!

Wait. Shh.

Oh, my God.
Oh! Help me, please!

- Someone's made it!
- Shush!

No. No! No!

Get him up!

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Go down the end.

Break into one of the flats.
I'll sneak out and get help. Go! Go on, go!


Go on, Nev, fucking have him!

Oh, fuck me! It's that pig!
Remember? He come knocking that time!

Why? We never did anything to you.

You fucking psycho!

You murdered a load of innocent people.
For nothing!


Those fucking scumbags murdered him.

You should've helped him!

None of you would talk
so the killers got away with it!

- Where's the fucking justice?
- Shut up!

It wasn't our fucking fault.

You people all deserve it.

What about Jenny's kids?

Daniel? Was it their fault, too,
you fucking murdering bastard?

Now what?

- Do we just hand him over to the police?
- Yeah, let's do that.

- When he's dead!
- Too easy. I want him to suffer first.

That's it, Nev! Go on, fucking have him!

Get out of the way,
I want his fucking blood!

Steady, Becks. Listen, Becky.

That's cold blood
you're killing him in there. OK?

You'll never fucking forget that,
believe me. Listen to me.

Becky, listen to me.

Just fucking walk away, please.
Please, Becky, just listen. Walk away.

Oh, fuck you!

No! On, fuck!

Agh! No!

Fucking hell!


♪ Standing out of place here.

♪ I know that I don't belong here.

♪ Can't seem to find an old face

♪ I drown myself in a glass of cold beer.

♪ Dancing out of rhythm

♪ Across the room, a vision of beauty.

♪ Feel like I'm in prison.

♪ Suddenly this music's therapeutic.

♪ You think you're the lucky one.

♪ I guess you couldn't be more wrong.

♪ Cos I am the lucky one

♪ Got to take you home.

♪ And brought you back to my home.

♪ You fell asleep in my arms