Tow (2022) - full transcript

One, two three, four.

I declare a thumb war.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Try to get a thumb shake.



Abi, don't leave me!


One of the
worst serial killers

of the 21st century,

simply known to most
of us as The Mechanic,

will pay the ultimate
price for his crimes.

The state has set to
levy his final punishment

at 8:30 p.m. local time.

After serving 20
years on death row,

Randall Jackson will
be executed tonight,

giving final closure
to one of our nation's

most tragic moments.

The brutality of his crimes
will never be forgotten.

Twenty-six victims in all.

The only two victims
to survive his deadly

killing spree were
twins Abigail and

Madeleine Monroe, who
lost their parents

that fateful night at
the Cedar Creek murders.

Neither Abigail or Madeleine
were available for comment.

The only request
from Randall Jackson

was to face death
by electrocution.

When prison guards went
to his cell this morning

they found Mr. Jackson's
hands and fingers

scrapped down to the bone.

On the prison walls he scrolled
the same occult symbols

that were his
trademark calling card

of his crime scene 20 years ago.

Randall Jackson never
denied the killings.

The state appointed
attorneys for the defendant

received multiple stays of
execution over the years

on the grounds of insanity.

A defense that Mr. Jackson
categorically denied.

legacy of The Mechanic

will go down in history

as one of the most
atrocious killers

of the 21st century.

Hi, this is Abi.

Don't leave a message
after the beep.

- Goddamn it, Abi.

Where the hell are you?

And we will
never forget the brutality

brought on by The Mechanic.

Hey, this is Ethan.

Don't leave
a message after the beep.

You heard her.

Hey, Ethan and
Abi, please call me back.

Please stop avoiding me.

Abi, we said we'd still
go to Cedar Creek today.

I'd still really
like to connect.

Please don't ignore me.

...and put
an end to the legacy...

Just call me back,
okay? It's urgent.

Mr. Jackson
refused his final meal

and further refused to have a
pastor or a spiritual advisor

present at his execution.

But he did share his
final words this morning

and I quote, "I'll see
you in your dreams."

Once again Randall
Jackson, The Mechanic,

will be executed tonight.

Our thoughts and prayers go
out to the victim's families

and of course Monroe sisters

Please stay safe out there.

We thank you for tuning
in to the morning news.

Until next time..


- Hello!

Hey, I...

I'm in here.




Hey, hey, hey. Can
you help me out?

Come on.

Hey. Yeah.


I-I'm stuck.

I can't get out.

I need you to stop the truck.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

That's, that's it.

That's it. That's
it. That's it.

That's it.

few worst killers

that scar our past.

What's taking so long?

Hey. Thank you so much.

You are a life save...

- Oh.

Oh, shit! Oh!

and I quote,

"I'll see you in your dreams."

It's the
reoccurring dream.

It's the third or
fourth night in a row

this dream has happened.

He's finally being
executed, you know.

This is gonna bring
about a lot of emotions,

stress and memories
for the both of you.

How does Abi seem
about his execution?

Maddie, you know I can't
talk about my other patients.

Please, she's my other half.

Um, she's distant.

- She doesn't wanna go to sleep.
- Yeah.

Now I know how she feels.

Maddie, you and your
sister have been seeing me

about this trauma for years.

- This is not anything new.
- No, this is new.

This is different.

The dreams are-are more real,

more intense.

It's like I'm being
dragged to sleep

and no matter how hard I
try, I can't stay awake.

It's not like it's
lucid dreams either.

I can't control anything.

I'm just a prisoner
in this maze.

It's like ever since the date
of the execution was set...

I feel like these dreams
are leading to something.

I just don't know what.

I can prescribe you something.

- To stay awake?
- To sleep.

No. God, no. Are you crazy?


The idea of falling.
Asleep is terrifying

What about Abi's dreams?

Did she mention anything
about a tow yard?

I thought you two
weren't talking?

We're not.

But, Tom...

in this dream I'm her.

I'm Abi.

In the dream, her
hair, her awful clothes

and that terrible car of hers.

Um, could it be guilt?

Guilt that he grabbed
her and not you.

No, I don't think that.

W-what I think is weird, is
that the moment she disappeared

I became her in my dreams.

W-what if, what if...

W-what if she's right?

What if it's more
than just dreams?

What could it possibly be?

- My sister thinks that...
- Maddie...

That-that he's still after us.

- Not this again.
- Yes. Yes, this again.

I'm surprised to be
hearing it from you.

Me too.
Trust me. Me too.

I'm just not so
sure she's wrong.

How could he possibly
still be after you?

You know the crap he's
into. That occult shit.

Casting spells?

And what would these spells do?

The hell do I know, Tom!

We're supposed to
go to Cedar Creek

to make our peace.

Have a moment, reconnect.

But I can't reach her though.

- Have you talked to her?
- Not since our last session.

This isn't just Abi
just ignoring me.

This is different.
Her phone's been off.

And Ethan's not
answering his either.

Yeah. Sure.
I'll-I'll call her.

Thank you.

Hi, this is Abi.

Don't leave a message
after the beep.

H-hey, Abi. This
is Tom and Maddie.

Just checking in.

Um, give either of us a
call back. Okay? Thanks.


My time's up.

Maddie, I don't have another
patient for some time.

Th-there's no need
to rush out the door.

If you hear from her,
will you let me know?

- I feel like I let her down.
- Maddie. Stay.

Let's talk.

I can't talk anymore, doc.

I feel like I'm
going in circles.

Maddie. Come back to the
office. You don't seem well.

I don't like you
leaving like this.

No, I-I'm okay. I'm okay.

I'm gonna head over
to Cedar Creek,

maybe she's already there.

I'm fine. Trust me.


Your sister's
calling again.

- Ignore it.

How long are you
gonna ignore her?

Until she believes me.

What exactly do you think
you're gonna find out here?

This is where it all started.

Now, there's, there's
something here.

There's definitely
something here.

- Yeah, The Mechanic has not...
- Ethan!

Sorry. Sorry.

This isn't funny.

I know, babe.

But he's been in
prison for 20 years.

And the cops raided
this place forever ago.

What do you think you're
gonna find that they didn't?

They didn't look for
the right things.

They didn't take that
supernatural stuff seriously.

No one did.

There's, there's
gotta something here

that'll just help me stop...

Yeah, your dreams?

Yeah, my dreams, Ethan.

They're just dreams.
He's in prison.

He's about to be executed.

He can't hurt you. It's
physically impossible.

- You're safe.
- No, I'm not! I'm not safe!

I haven't been safe
for so fucking long.

You sound just like
Maddie and Tom...

- Oh, come on.
- Everybody else.

That is not fair.

Abi, this is a bad idea.

Do not go in there.

Then don't come.

A... Abi.
I'm waiting outside.

Hi, this is Abi.

Don't leave a message
after the beep.

One, two three, four.

I declare a thumb war.

Five, six, seven, eight.

Try to get a thumb shake.

Abi, don't leave me!


Abi, don't
leave me! Abi!

Abi, don't leave



Maddie! Maddie!

One, two three,
four. I declare a thumb war.

Five, six, seven, eight.
Try to get a thumb shake.

Honey, how much
longer do you think

we have to wait
for this tow truck?

Any minute now. Any minute.

Ah, there he is!

All right. Hang tight.

Maddie. Abi. Quit it.

Thank you.

I know it's been a long
night, we'll be home soon.

- What's taking so long?
- I don't know.

Maybe I should go check it out.

There he is!

- Is he okay?
- Yeah, he's walking weird.

- Oh, my God!
- Mom!

- What's he doing?
- Oh, my God!

It's okay. It's
okay. It'll be okay.



Abi, don't leave me!

Abi, help! Help!

Abi, don't
leave me here!



Let go!

Maddie! Maddie!

- Maddie, help...

It's okay! You're safe now.

Hi, this is Abi.

Don't leave a message
after the beep.

- Abi, I'm at Cedar Creek.

I was hoping you'd show
up like we promised.

I'm gonna wait
for a while, okay?

In case you do show up.

Abi! Abi,
let's just go home!


Abi, Abi. Abi, Abi.

Hey, hey. Hey.
Hey, what happened?

- Are you okay?


Come on.

Oh, my God.

- Hey! Hey! Help me!

Hello! Come on.
Over here! Hello!

all over the damn road.

- Fuck you.
- Shit!

Drink it
so can get going.

Oh, yes.

Come on. Come on.

You guys seeing
this? Come on.

- Hey, dickhead!

- Something's up, man.

Hey, can you help me? You
need to get me out of the car.

What the hell
are you doin' in there?

The doors are locked or
jammed! They won't open.

I don't know what's going on.

There's a guy, he's crazy.

You have to hurry, this
guy he will kill us.

- Who's going to kill us?
- The tow truck driver!

Hey, look,
just relax, okay?

I'm trying to tell you,
the guy is a psychopath.

She's hopped up on
something, Russ.

What are you now, afraid of her?

- I'm afraid of crazy.
- I'm not crazy.

If you will just
listen to me please.

We are running out of time.
He's going to come back.

Hey, don't worry
about it, all right?

Let's just break this
fucking window, man.

- Yes, thank God. I've tried.
- Hey, hey.

You're not the one
facing his third strike.

He's right.
We don't need to

- break the window.
- What?

We're not gonna
break your window.

- Okay? We can get this open.
- No, no.

It's my car. You can break it.

- It's okay.
- Hey.

This guy,
see where he went?

Yeah, he-he went
in the building.

- What're you doing?
- I'm gonna check it out.

No, I told you, it is not safe.

And I told you,
don't worry about it.

Probably scared his
ass off already anyway.

I can't get that.

Could you pop the hood?

- Yeah.
- Up here in the front.

You see anything, Russ?

looks pretty normal to me.

- Give it a try.
- Okay.

It's not working.

All right.

We might actually have
to break a window.

Hey. Shouldn't your
friend be back by now?

- What's that?
- Your friend!

Shouldn't he be back by now?

Yeah. She's right.

Hey, Matt, you see what's taking
him so long to get back here.

All right, I'm gonna break it.

gonna knock it out.

Can you cover yourself
up with something?

- Okay, yeah.
- Exactly. Perfect.

Good. Okay. Cover your eyes.

One, two...

He came back!

Help! Help! Help!

- Help! Help! Help!

- Russ!
- He's out there!

- Russell!
- Please, he's out there!

Please. I just saw
him! He's out here!

He went that way.
He went that way.

No, no, no, don't go,
don't go, don't go.

No, stay here. Don't go.

No, please.

No, don't go, don't go,
don't go, don't go, don't go.

No, no, no, no, no.

Stop! Please, stop!


Oh. Thank God.

Oh, why?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.

Okay. Okay. Come on.

What about Abi's dreams?

Did she mention anything
about a tow yard?






Okay. God.

Oh, come on. Come
on. Come on. Come on.


- Hey!
- Hi.

You're on private property.

I-I'm sorry.

- Might wanna move along.
- Yeah, sure.

- Hello?
- Hi.

- Is this Madeleine Monroe?
- Yeah.

This is Detective Scrim.

I'm calling in regard

to your sister Abigail.

Is she all right?

Well, if
you could meet us

at St. John's Hospital,

we need to ask you
a few questions.

Hi, this is Tom.

I can't get to the
phone right now.

Please leave a message
and I'll get back to you

as soon as I can.

If this is a medical emergency

please hang up and call 9-1-1.

- Hey, Tom. It's Maddie.

I just got a call
from a detective.

Abi is at St. John's Hospital.

I'm gonna head over there now.

Do you think you
could meet me there?

Let me know.

- Ms. Monroe?
- Yeah. Where's my sister?

I'm gonna need for you to answer
a few questions for us first.

Not until I see her.

Dr. Kravis,
you have a visitor

in the main lobby.

Dr. Kravis, a visitor
in the main lobby.

Abigail is caught on security
footage attacking three bikers.

She appears to have attacked
her husband as well.

It wasn't her.

Is there something
I should know?

No, it's just... My sister?

Three bikers, come on, how
does that sound to you?

Ms. Monroe, we
have the evidence.

Given the nature of the killings

and their relation
to Randall Jackson,

who's on the heels of
his impending execution,

we're having a
very difficult time

understanding Abi's
motives here...

Copycat killings?

At the scene of the crime,

she left the same occult symbols

as The Mechanic
did 20 years ago.

They also match the symbols
he's been obsessively drawing

in his jail cell.

This must be very
difficult for you.

And you think she tried to
do this to her husband too?

At the moment she is the leading
suspect in that crime as well.

And of another roadside murder.

In all three cases, the
same occult symbols.

It wasn't her.

I know this isn't easy to
process, but the evidence is...

- Screw your evidence.
- Miss.

No! You don't understand.

You didn't watch your parents
get murdered before your eyes.

You didn't escape the
hands of a psycho.

- I understand.
- No, you don't!

He-he grabbed her!

And he did something to her!

That-that night he
did something to her

and-and that's what all
this is! It's still him!

Please. Look, it...

I know this sounds crazy...

It's not crazy! I see
him, I see him everywhere.

The dreams are so real.

I feel like I'm
never going to sleep.

I'm starting to
wonder what's real.

Goddamnit, Maddie!

He's doing some dark
arts, voodoo bullshit!

What do you think those
things are that he draws?

That he's just
doing them for fun?

He's a sick man!

No shit. But they're not
just random scribbles.

There's a method to his madness.

Some satanic shit,
dealing with the occult.

Those symbols have meaning

and he's creating some kind
of eternity or afterlife.

The execution is
gonna set him free.

Wake up, Maddie.

It's only the beginning
of this nightmare for us.

Eternity? Abi...

How do you explain this?

What did you do to yourself?

You think I did this to myself?

This was him!


This is all been so
hard, for both of us.

The date of his
execution was just set.

When it happens let's
go to Cedar Creek,

make our peace, and
finally put this behind us.

You're not listening!

Abi, he's in prison.

He can't get to you.

Please stop this.

It's really hard. I know.

I'm sorry.

We got away.

He's not done with us.

He's never been done with us.

In your dreams, that's
where you can't escape him.

In your dreams, that's
where you can't escape him.

Excuse me?

Um, could I see my
brother-in-law, please?

Of course.

He's one floor down.

Thank you.




You, you stay the
hell away from me.

I don't wanna hurt you.

I don't care. Get back.

Oh, my God, Ethan, what
did my sister do to you?

Get back. Wait now.

This is exactly how
it happened with Abi.

- Get away. Stop!
- Ethan.

You have it too, don't
you? Show me your hand.

- No.
- Show me your...

- Open it up!
- No!

You have the burn
too, don't you?

- No. No, please.
- Let me see.

Oh, my gosh! Ma'am?


Can I get some help over here?

Oh, God...

No, no! No!

You piece of shit!

You freak!

Why are you...





I'm in here. Hello!






How do you like it now, huh?

How do you like it now, huh?!



Abi! Abi!


- Abi! Abi! Abi! Abi!
- Ethan!

- Ethan!
- Get me out of here.

Come on.

- Abi! Abi! Abi!
- Ethan. Ethan.

Hold on, hold on.

You got to find something.

I'm gonna try and
pry it open, okay?

One, two, three!


Oh... Oh, you-you're not Abi.

- No, Ethan. No, no, no.
- No, what'd you do with Abi?

I don't know. It's
really confusing.

- Wait, don't touch me! I...
- Shh! Shh!

- Go away. It's not that I ca...
- Ethan, Ethan...

- How did you get here?
- How did I get here? Abi...

Abi brought me

- Ethan, please. Shh! Shh!
- Don't, don't!

- Don't touch me!
- Ethan, please!


Oh, no! Ethan!


Ethan. Ethan.

Whoa! Ethan,
what're you doing?

- It's too late.
- No, no, no.

You, Abi, The Mechanic, you're,

you're all becoming
the same thing.

No. Ethan, we can stop him.

Okay, just put the gun down.

Ethan, don't. Ethan,
don't hurt yourself.

Come on. We can
get out of here.

We can stop him.
Please, I need you.

Please. Please!



Ethan, he could be anywhere.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!


Hi. I'm here to see
Madeline Monroe.




Tom! Tom!

Maddie? Maddie.

What the hell are
you doing here?

- Looking for you.
- You crazy?

Just-just stay here.


- Tom. Where're the keys?
- What?

He took 'em.

He took my keys.

- Come on.
- Oh!

- We got to get out of here.
- Okay.

Dr. Jay
Hamilton. Dr. Jay Hamilton.

What if she's right? What if
it's more than just dreams?

What could it possibly be?

- My sister thinks that...
- Maddie.

That-that-that he's
still after us.

- Not this again.
- Yes. Yes, this again.

How could he possibly
still be after you?

You know the crap
he's into. That old cult shit!

Casting spells?

And what would these spells do?

The hell do I know, Tom?

Maddie. Maddie, wake up.

- Oh, come on!

Check the battery.

The battery. That one.

Why don't you just start
the car for me, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Come on.


Okay. Try it now.

- Get me the paddles.
- Code blue.

- Code blue.

- Yes!

Yeah, yes!


Maddie, wake up.

Maddie, wake up.


- Maddie, wake up.

Maddie, wake up.


I'm here.


What's going on?

Talk to me.

You can talk to me.

Talk to me.

Talk to me.

I'll see
you in your dreams.