Toutes peines confondues (1992) - full transcript

A young police inspector is sent to Zurich to keep an eye on an important business man.However,things get complicated when the young inspector seems to mix things and people.

Just give us your money!

Where is your money?

It must be somewhere!

We're getting that money!

It's very simple. We just want money.


A fire at the Gardella's farm!

Know what Inspector?
Old Mother Gardella they...

Know what Husquin?
I hate the small hours.

It stinks doesn't it?

What else?

We have a witness, at least
I think so, since he called in the alarm.

He says he saw nothing and
doesn't want to testify, right?

Yes, more or less.

What did they do
to poor Mrs. Gardella?

They sat her on the
stove to roast her tail.

Well then.

Don't say a word about the witness...

To anyone.

Not my parents!

I don't believe it.

It will sink in.

I'm going with Roselli.

I'll take care of everything...

The dead...

and the living.

- I want names.
- You'll get them.

We will help them.


- Where's Blodgett?
- He'll be right back.

Blue, that's not what I asked.

- He's on the toilet.
- Go get him.


Read this.

- Have you finished?
- No.


There's no point
reading to the end. So?

It's an awful story.

You're the awful one.

Gardella might show up here.

And give us an excellent
opportunity to approach him.

This Vade, the cop
who's in charge of this...

You'll have him,
a complete file on him.

- I saw what I saw, nothing more.
- He's stubborn.


Look at me Mr. Silas.

Your oldest neighbors, people who
respected you, victims of a sadistic crime,

and you sit on your ass
taking us for idiots.

I have nothing left for my pets.

I need to go to the supermarket.

You hearing this?

He has to go to the supermarket.

A bit of shopping Mr. Silas?

Let us shop for you.
He'll do it for you.

- What does he want?
- He's thinking.

- Some food for my dogs.
- Well then.

He can't go without money Mr. Silas.

All that money on dog food.

But dogs are useful.

With dogs, nothing might have
happened to the Gardellas. What say you?

- I say nothing for I saw nothing.
- What could you have seen?

Are you going or not?

Could I get something for us?

- Think you have enough?
- Don't think so.

It's expensive here Mr. Silas.

It would be nice to give us
some extra for our trouble.

For you.

Neither seen nor heard of.

Good accounts make
for good neighbors.

You're too nice.
Are you coming?

- So?
- It was true. He just got here.

- Didn't have what you were looking for?
- Yes but too many, I couldn't choose.

Turston, Interpol.


May I sit?

No thank you,
I'd rather stand.

Can you guess why I'm here?

You were tired and thought you
might come in and sit for a moment?

A very short moment.

I'm lucky.

You are lucky.

I'll get you out of here.

We'll have some fun.

Come, I'll buy you a drink.

If it amuses you.

You love women?

- Not you?
- No.

- You prefer men?
- No.

- You love no one?
- Right.

- Even yourself?
- No.

So how's work going?

Very good. I have a file...

this thick on you.



And the Gardella case?

There's also a file.

Result of the investigation:


That's why I'm here.

You will contact
the Gardella's son.

He needs a favor,
and this can help you.

The witness who won't talk,
you'll give over to him.

And then?

Gardella won't forget you.
You follow me?

I follow.

You don't trust me?

You expected Gardella,
you wanted Gardella?

He's very sad lately.

I always seem sad,

Since Gardella only knows this
one look, he thinks we are not sad.

But if I told him,
it could make him sadder.

Do you understand?

He might wish to
speak to me, this witness.

How might you convince him?

As I just did with you.
I made you wish to speak.

The witness did not trust you.

He was wrong.
I can't harm him.

Me neither.

I can't harm you either.

So why don't you trust me?

What does Gardella get from this?

Serenity, perhaps.

Excuse me.

The beer. Me too.

You can frighten the old man,
but don't raise a hand against him.

- Alright?
- You have my word.

Your turn.
I hate dogs that bark.

I'll give you ten minutes.

First off, make those dogs shut up.

Lie down!

I'll ask you some questions.

Answer evasively, I kill a dog.

Again evasively, another dog.

When there are no dogs left,
I kill you. Shall we begin?

He answered all the questions.

They come to pick up girls,

but they're no good at it,

so they drink to console themselves.

Then they get rowdy,

so they get tossed out.

That's them.

Yes, the local hoodlums.

I am a hoodlum.

You are a hoodlum.

Let's settle our
scores between hoodlums.

We'll do as planned.

- Great view eh?
- Yeah.

Oh look, there are some people.

Hey you guys!

You know auto mechanics?

Do you make good money
for such a disgusting job?

Not bad.

I could even afford a gesture.


Who are these guys?

On the left:


I'm nobody either.

But the one the right...

just buried his parents.

Rose and Sylvestre Gardella.

Sound familiar?

And on Inspector Vade's front?

He trapped himself.

He never should have spoken to me.

We hit the brakes hard.
They didn't.

- How many were there?
- Two, I think.

Drunk, I'm afraid.

An old dented Renault?

How did you guess?

You'll have to make a statement.

You dropped something.


- At least 10 000.
- At least.

- For their families.
- No families.

And no one to mourn them.

Good evening, sir.

I think I'll wash the car.
It relaxes me.

What are you doing?

Burying your parents.

- Why didn't you bring me.
- To spare you all that.

You're lying.

I'm your wife, yet
not part of the family.

No, especially not you.

Please hold the line...

Interpol Lyon,
please hold the line.

Interpol Lyon...

- Yes?
- Really!

- It's disgusting what made me do.
- But you did it.


I'm going to break your face.


So when you gave up the witness,
what did you ask in exchange?

Not to harm the old man.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

Not even to tell
you what he found?


I think that isn't much.


However, I'll still do
something more for you.

I'll pretend you didn't call.

So here, I'm calling you.
To tell you to pack your bags.

Starting tomorrow, you work for me.
Not in Lyon, in Z?rich.

I told you, you were
lucky to have met me.

It will be quieter here now.
I didn't know who to thank.

He's the best one.

- You'll see, he's good company.
- I know but...

I can't accept.

I'm going on a trip.

It's very kind of you.

What about your parents?

Some local hoodlums.

It didn't bring them luck,
they had an accident.

- Justice exists.
- Yes.

Yes, let it be known.

Do you feel rich?


Would you like to be richer?


And to earn more, what
do you feel capable of? little Nardixen.

Think you should get rich
without me, or with me?

Why are you asking?

You know very well I'm with you.
Especially right now.

We're not talking feelings,
we're talking money.

The drug

that unloads here
is a merchandise.

You order...

you pay...

with my money.

You let it circulate, in the end,
only in the end, you cash in.

And you keep your share.

If you imported oil,

you wouldn't work pipelines,
or steal a jug for your car.

You want to do everything yourself?
Work on your own? Look!

You want to go back to
dealing on a street corner?

It's beautiful
here in Antwerp.

We're going home.


If you'd like to call
me "Blue" that's fine.

Try it.

- Blue?
- Yes?

- It works.
- You see?

- Blue?
- Yes?

Lie down.

Want me to punch your face?

You saw the place,

this is the living/dining room,
that is the office...

that's the kitchen.

And this is the bedroom.

The bathroom is quite nice.

I set up the computer
and loaded files on Gardella.

- You know how to use it?
- Yes.

- Coffee machine instructions?
- In the cupboard with the coffee.

- The sugar?
- I forgot it.

- No coffee then.
- You're too thin-skinned.

- Blue?
- Yes?

- Good bye.
- Hello. Blodgett.


- Is my colleague here?
- Blue?


You know what Turston calls you?


And he asks that
you await instructions.

What's making you laugh?

I'm not laughing.


Since returning from Antwerp,
you haven't laughed once.

So tell me what would make
you laugh, and I'll do it.

Imitate Nardixen, afraid for his life,
hanging from the balcony.

Sort of like, "Happy to see you,
what a terrible hardship."

"Will he push me?"

I don't think
that's funny at all.

That's why I'm not laughing.

- Think Nardixen will play nice?
- No.

- You didn't scare him?
- I did.

But he always was scared of me.

That didn't stop him
from trying to cross me.

Now he's very afraid.

So now he'll try even harder.



do I have a choice?

Would you mind
going back to Antwerp?

Do I have a choice?

- You're pulling my leg.
- Not at all.

- You're too short for me.
- Not at all, I'll wear lifts.

Pacino is short, Dustin Hoffman is short,
Humphrey Bogart was short.

- All the best ones are short.
- And what's your name? Dustin?

- Humphrey?
- No, Manuel.

I'll come back later.


- So what did you find for me?
- Two Cubans, legit, pure powder.

- How much? - A lot.
Too much? Then you can share it.

I don't like to share.

Are they far away, your two Cubans?

No. In my Jag, Parking B.

- Let's go.
- Right with you, moment with a waitress.

- Her hairstyle sucks.
- Not at all.

It's called a "choucroute"
and it suits her very well.

In 20 sec. I leave the bar, 20 min. I'm on a
plane, and in 20 hrs. I'm around the world,

so follow me right now, without
thinking, and you'll live like a queen.

- Pulling my leg again?
- Not at all.

But thinking time is over.

- What will I wear?
- Need to see the money again?

- I need to pee.
- Hurry up!

I'll reserve a 25-star hotel.

Sorry about your car,
but you seem in a hurry.

Not at all.

I did what you told me, you said
you'd leave and that was all.

Oh really?

- I don't want to go there.
- But yes.

What's going on?

What are you doing here?

I'm going with him.

Too bad.


- Yes.
- Hold on, right with you.






I said "Blue," Mr. Blodgett.

- Yes?
- Ah, Blue.

Thank you, I no longer need you.

Still there Sweetheart?




Amazing coincidence!

Laying it on a bit thick, no?

Just passing through?

On the job. Working
on your bosses' file.

- Not alone, I hope?
- Waiting for my team.

Champion jerks, stubborn,
pedants, it's time I warned you.

And while you wait?

Know any crooked scams
that I could put an end to?

You wouldn't end them.

You would complicate things,
in the space of a day.

I'd rather have you meet
Antoine Gardella.

From the start, it's what
you've been waiting for, no?

...didn't notice I was following him.

You think we should meet him?

It would amuse him.
It would amuse us.

You could request close protection
from your Inspector Vade.

Start by asking him to dinner.

Him, you, Jeanne and I?

Him, you, Jeanne and not I,
but one of Jeanne's friends.

- Jeanne has no friends.
- More the reason.

We must remedy that.

He loves women?

It would be useful if he loved
the one we will present to him.

- May I be vulgar?
- Just this once.

She'll tell us how he screws,
we'll know how he is.


Why what?

Why are you laughing?

I'm seeing you double.

What's this for?

To get used to
the idea of wearing them.

What's this for?

- Preparing for Thomas' return.
- You want to impress him?

No, I don't want him to
be able to impress me.

OK recess.
Let's play a little.

Double play.

No. The big play.

Just out rowing like a galley slave...

Is there a problem?

Just admiring this gate, thanks.

Everything's fine.


I need a young woman with class,





good memory,

- and some discretion.
- And some monetary need.

I know someone with all those,
but who isn't short of money.


Laura, I would
not think to ask.

Right. It's because you didn't...

If you asked I would have said no.

- Is he handsome?
- Yes.

With a certain extra something.

Laura recommends this one,
this, and this one too.

- All three?
- Yes.

And you?

I go along with her.
Laura's my best friend.

Laura is a perfectionist.

We can't get her
out of the kitchen.

Try it. You have an
advantage in novelty.

I was absent-minded.

You can't wear panties
with such a tight dress.

I don't wear a wire for dinners,
if that's what you were checking.

I also enjoy a fight,
if that's what you were checking.

How shall we dine this evening?


Why Japanese?

Because even if we can't touch,

it's pretty to look at.

This boy has much intuition.

Dinner was very good.
But you're not really a cook.

You are very beautiful.

You are...

an adventurer.

I'm a banker.

Does Gardella entrust
you with his business?

Does this seem like
a business dinner?

I'm looking for something.

The mark of the waistband.

Your coffee will get cold,


One lump, two lumps, no lumps?

Three lumps.
I don't like coffee.

- What do you think of Laura?
- Perfect.

Exactly the type of woman
one would like to meet...

by chance.

You don't ask my
impressions of your wife?

She's my wife.

But since you brought it up, I'll ask.
What do you think about my wife?

You could say, "She's exactly the type
you wouldn't even dare dream of meeting."

That's what I'd answer. But I won't keep
supplying answers, you're the investigator.

So you're investigating me.

- May I know the reason?
- That's what I'm investigating.

Let's team up, we'll save time.

Go ahead, you have a head start.

I started out
sorting scrap metal...

- Various junk?
- One man's junk is another's treasure...

I got into used cars, ones that
I could fix up, then trucks...

- Because they're bigger?
- Because they look better.

Gift from my father.
He made it.

I always enjoyed work well done,

smart moves, clear business,
and well-kept accounts.

Do you have future projects?

I'll get into the art market.

If I make mistakes, you can
convict me of bad taste.

And you?

In local mountains, and now here.
It's no coincidence.

Occupational hazard.

- You earned a promotion.
- Dinner with you is a promotion?

You're too thin-skinned.

You think so too?

I hope this invitation,
didn't seem a punishment.

We are destined to meet again.

- You'll have your revenge.
- On you?

Or on the person
who gave you this job.

I'm a rather particular case.

My phone number,

if some evening you feel alone.

Damn, damn.

Damn it!

Hello Sweetheart, it's me.

Happy to hear from me?
Enjoying Z?rich?

How is business coming along?

No regrets? No questions?


May I ask one?

- I had dinner last night at Gardella's.
- Excellent, you're forging ahead.

We'll meet tonight as planned,
I'll be back in Z?rich.

I'll let you go,
you're a busy man.

Damn, damn, damn, damn...

- I thought you'd left.
- I'm back already.

What are you photographing?

The crabs.

There are no crabs in fresh water.

I haven't taken a single photo.

You should take off your shirt,
it's wet and we can see through it.

This way we can't see anything.


I'm just pretending!

Mr. Kimbler?

Sir, I had them tell you no.
I'm a very busy man.

Too busy for police?
Inspector Vade.

Inspector, let's not
continue in the stairs.

In front of the staff.

Your boss says to take
the rest of the day off.

Finished. Vacation.

Thank you Mr. Kimbler.

Gardella didn't say to expect me?

Yes, but not for today.

- Mr. Gardella is an excellent client.
- ...and financier.

It's a pleasure talking money
with him, from what I'm told.

I will surely find that out.

Mr. Gardella always
honors his business dealings.

Mr. Gardella can afford it.

That exactly what
my job is to check out.

Converting cash, money exchange,
transporting funds,

transfers, billing,
settling accounts?

That's staggering!

I'll have help.

You will not find
what you're looking for.

You read too many papers,
and not enough other things.

Laws have changed.

Dubious deposits,
dirty money, laundering...

that's ancient history.

Mr. Gardella is an old client.

And an exceptional businessman,

as competent as he is

In for the long term,
I hope you enjoy it.

Same to you. You told me a lot.
I didn't expect to find out so much.

Gardella also owns
shares in this establishment.


Controlling majority.

You'll burn yourself.

Do you know Mr. Gardella personally?


Interpol documents,
all rights reserved.

The annex tells what you ate
and the total bill. Don't care?

You don't care.

I didn't know Interpol
was sinking so low.

That isn't me in the photo.

That is my father,
he was director...

Before you.

You got this job by merit,
Mr. Gardella, or your daddy?

How about your father?
What did he do?

An electrician.

A good vocation.
You should have followed.

I kept the tools.

I've immortalized our meeting.

That recording has
no value in court.

It's psychological.

Have a nice day.



That asshole cop
just left my office.

I don't want to see him again.

You heard me?

I can't find the exit.

You should quit now
before you get fired.

I share Inspector Vade's opinion.

Don't ever speak to
anyone in that tone again.

Good evening, Kimbler.

Let's wait until
the end of the movement.

Nice truck.

- You like it?
- Yes.

I find it big.

Gardella has a fleet.

Transporting toxic waste.

When it rains, he poisons the Jura,
Alsace, and half of Belgium.

You're forgetting Luxemburg.

- It's wet too?
- When it rains, you just said so.

In prostitution, rackets, tennis...

The tournaments are rigged.

- Where did you start?
- I met his banker.

- What did you talk about?
- Money.

You know how bankers are.

- Gardella made you an offer?
- I'm not for sale.

That's true, you give without asking.
What did he offer?

Same thing as you:


How was dinner?

Very fine.

They say his wife is charming.


And he?


In the old days, guys like Gardella
came up in the streets with a meat hook.

Now they come out of big schools,
have stock markets listings...

They can steal in a few hours,
what you can't earn in 15 years.

We turn down diamond watches...
He's good company, I know.

We're on the same team?

No. I think we've said it all.

My dear, I hope to die by your side,
but is it quite this urgent?

You're driving too fast.

The police are at our heels.


Look behind you.

You need to know to look back.

- Inspector Vade?
- Yes.

Why is he following us?

He found you beautiful.

Is he stupid? Laura was
the beautiful one at dinner.

- He didn't find her beautiful?
- Of course he did.

Me too.

- And you?
- Very.

But you, "very very",
and he did too.

You found him handsome?

- Me too.
- Now you're stupid.

I found you "very very", he did also,
and I found he was not bad.

We leaving now!


Alright, I'll be there.

You missed the first, too bad.

Fine race.

I had delays at the bank.

The director left you?

Do give me your opinion
on his successor.


- You seem in a bad mood.
- I am in a bad mood.

Something troubling
is happening to me.

I watching horses I don't care
about, a guy beside me is pouting,

and to top it off
I feel a draft.

I recommend something.

I'm listening.

Is this a private line?

Not the least
little microphone.

Hurry, it's the winner
in the next race.

Get a good price for your car,

you can buy a faster, more discreet
one for all your future pursuits

That wasn't a pursuit,
it was sightseeing.

By the way, your wife
drives much too fast.

I'll buy bicycles,
should I buy 3?

- Did you bet?
- I'm sure to win.

It's not much fun.

Rigged race?
I'll denounce you.

Or you must give me half
of all your holdings.

- In all your businesses.
- Only that?

I'm not inflexible.

Me neither.

I could have won.

You know that you've won.

This time.


You know Inspector Vade?

What do you think?

- He works for you.
- Good thing, too.

You took your time
informing me on his arrival.

You don't tell me
much, do you?

That's why Vade is there,
he'll inform me on you.

Does he know about me?


I like our little secret.
Don't you?

- I want to quit.
- Pardon?

Let me stop doing this.

I can't anymore.

I'm always afraid.

I understand.

Afraid OF Gardella,

afraid FOR Gardella,

afraid OF me...

You're not afraid FOR me.

Nor for Inspector Vade?

I detest you.

I despise you.

I hate you.

I don't particularly like you.
And don't esteem you either.

Oh, spare me the desperate act!

You awaken in me a sadistic
desire of which I am not proud.

But you know Gardella tells me nothing.
You know I'm doing nothing.

Make yourself useful.

I want to quit.

As you wish.

You'll have the fright of your life,
but it will be the last.

I wouldn't mind
explaining to Gardella,

but if you prefer
telling him yourself,

just let me know.

Until next time!

First floor on the right.

Thank you very much.

I see Turston talked
to you about trucks.

- Why are you always behind doors?
- We got here ahead of you.

- We have a warrant.
- Upside down.

Can you explain who's in charge,
and what everyone does?

Inspector Fonni.

To harass him.

Inspector Noto.

To scare his pants off.

Rizzo, manager
of the enterprise.

So is he scared?

Whoever survives will see.



cargo manifests,
loading, unloading,

tons of papers.

How long will it take?

Rough estimate?

Moving toxic waste for industry
is a large part of your activity?

Quite a large part, inspector.

Do these cargoes ever
travel through here?

Never, the law forbids it.

And common sense as well.

- Who inspects them?
- The shipper, the receiver,

in transit, maybe customs.

We're only carriers.

To tell the truth,
they are hazardous goods.

No one feels like
breathing them too close.

- Could be dangerous?
- Certainly.

Thank you, it was brilliant.

So let's not all stay here
counting barrels then?

If you see some at
Gardella's, tell me.

- You like it there?
- Yes.

- Turston thinks you're afraid of him.
- He's right, but it doesn't stop me.


Look who dropped by
just to say hello!

You have a weapon
in your jacket?

Are you a cop?


Husquin the cop.

And this is a magnum.


I have the same one.
But it doesn't show.

- You're leaving?
- Going home for lunch.

You don't recognize me?
It was the night...

The night the assassins of
Gardella's parents had an accident,

by chance you followed us,

and by chance I lost some bills
that you picked chance.

That was no accident,
it's worth much more.

It wasn't even worth that.

You've already spent it all?

- No debts I hope?
- No.

Well, good.

I will see with Mr. Gardella
what can be done about this.

- So it's clear?
- It's very clear.


Where can we find you?


That's a dreary place.

Go to the "Eden On The Lake"
with my compliments.

We must enjoy life, Husquin.

You'll hear from us.

I never take elevators.

They're too coffin-like.

- You've read them all?
- Almost.


I was saving a few for my golden years,
but that was before meeting you.

My son, Thomas.

He gets along with
his stepmother?

Yes, but don't
use that word.

Jeanne is alone.
My son lost his mother.

They're happy together, that's all.

Your wife lost her family?

How long since
you last saw her?

Unpleasant isn't it?
Having your personal life dug up.

That's the job.

When your daughter is my wife's age,
She may not have family, or talk of it.

The problem with...

working from inside, is you can't
smash down doors to unwind.

Or jump from a window
to get away.

- May I keep the photo?
- It's yours.

- I have a question to ask.
- Me too.


For your girl's 16th birthday,
this would be a nice gift.

For the killer hired to end
her life, it would be good pay.

Same day, same amount.
What do you prefer?


When my daughter is 16,
she'll come live with me,

and you'll be in prison.
We'll drop by for a hug.

I'll give you time
to think about it.

Scandurat is coming, we'll need
5 minutes then I'll join you.

You can refuse to answer,
but not refuse to choose.

We never have a choice,
but we choose anyway.

That's what we're left with.

Sorry, I startled you.

Very funny.

Your husband is meeting Scandurat
for some dirty business, then he'll join us.

May I stay out here?


Let's walk.

You don't like it?

The lake?

I feel good here.

Still bleeding?


What if we slept?

We don't know
each other well enough.

What if we kissed?

What's happening to you?

A kick.

And you?

A kiss.

Go away.


Then you're staying for tea?

Pay him.

It's the best he could expect.
He'll leave us alone then.

He'll blow all of it.

Get himself noticed,
get us noticed.

- Is he that stupid?
- Yes.

He's one for Roselli.
Roselli doesn't mind stupid.

But Husquin's a cop.

We can't always be lucky.

Objectively, this brute
Husquin is a danger to us?


Then he must be made more
afraid of us than we are of him.


It's Thomas' birthday.

To write your memoirs,
when you're very old.

I should have known
about this, but I didn't.

Here. To play cops and robbers.

I can't accept, it's a real one.

Exactly, sometimes
a good illusion.


But she was at least
10 years older than us.

She still is.

Still have sex with her?

When she feels like it,
Sunday afternoons.

- But you...
- No, there's no one else.

And when she
doesn't feel like it?

She reads, embroiders,
plays with her cats,

She has a good life,
I watch her...

I'm actually very lucky.

- Yes.
- Say so.

- You're a lucky man.
- You're under arrest!

I also am a lucky man.

Finding you here, by chance.

Turston, Interpol.

May I? Kid memories,
I love these.

Go ahead, I was finished.

I'm butting in, but...

Routine surveillance,

the very essence
of innocence.

but these photos
went around,

sweaty hands,

wry smiles,

each with some
small appraisal.

In truth, she's exquisite.

This is all so sordid,

police are so obtrusive,

But you know all this,

this Vade is a hard worker.

My partners find
him very stimulating.

But such a novice!

It's a bargain, no?
Don't thank me.

Oh, this is fine.
Where is this from?

Milan? Antwerp?

In case of problems,
I can help you.

Some things I understand,
not Inspector Vade.

You understood me.

A clumsy movement.
Another coffee please?

Find something on him.

At any price.

No one is clean,
all men have faults. Hurry.

- At any price?
- Yes.

It's green, go ahead!

There he is.

Oh, sorry.

He is very dangerous,
I'll be careful.

He's quite ridiculous.

He is obtuse,
selfish and brutal.

I am intelligent,
generous and crafty.

I am extremely dangerous.

- Is it danger you like?
- Gabriel...

- Are you sure of your team?
- Yes.

Then there's no danger.


The higher up you go,
the prettier it gets.

You like the outfit?

Not his type,
but purposely so.

A man always wants
a woman who isn't his type.

- You ever notice?
- Yes.

I'll wait for you.

- On the house.
- Seriously?

A barmen sees all,
and cops drink free.


And the lady...

Can she have a free round?

That depends.
Is she with you?

Are you with me?

- That depends.
- Good enough.

What's your name?


What did you mean by
"that depends"?


He's asking you if
I'm a hooker?



So alright, since I
feel like making you pay.

- You're at this hotel?
- Yes.

Is the room nice?

Sure, I guess.

Show me.

No, I always take the stairs.

You haven't paid yet.

This is nice, it would be
a shame to get it dirty.

Watch me.

Do like I'm doing.

Let's smoke up, we need it.

You're joking? I'm a cop.

You're French. In Z?rich
you're not a cop, you're a client.

You never thought this
could happen? My little man...

Don't move or you're dead.

He's armed.

- I'm police.
- So am I. Shut up.

I also note the presence
of a prohibited substance.

A little drug party, big guy?

- No!
- Shut up, I said.

Please, go ahead.

What's this?

It's coke.

Someone here is trafficking.

It isn't me!

20 years.
This will get you 20 years.

- It's a mistake, I swear...
- And look at this attire!

Get dressed, dummy.

This is mine now.
Go on, bring this away.

I'll take care of the girl.

That was perfect.
We stop right here.

I don't think so.

You'll regret it.

I don't think so.

- Now run to your car.
- It's a favor because you're police.

But if I run, you'll shoot me.
I know the game.


It's if you don't run, we shoot.

Coco. Business lunch, as usual.

Then discussion, as usual.

Nothing to report, as usual.

Oh yes...

My souffl? turned out great.

The atmosphere is tense.

Inspector Vade came
for tea before yesterday.

A bit tense as well.

End of report.

It went well with Husquin

and very badly for Laura.

Scatamacchia demolished her.

- What came over him?
- What do you think?

To him she was a girl.
He's a cop, so he used her.

I have the report from the
doctor who fixed the damage.

So it's fixed?

Not everything can be fixed.

Laura is like you, Tony

she doesn't forgive.

And our President,
happy with lunch?

Very pleased with
Nardixen's replacement.

10 years of buying harvests
from Africans dying at your feet

to fatten cows in's good training.

- We sell them back powdered milk?
- We lend them money to buy it from us.

Thank you Lord for
making traitors and thieves.

- You give us good consciences.
- And help in my small business.

Gabriel, I'm very unhappy.

I know.

Shall we play a game?


Your parents.

Small-time hoodlums.

Old Mr. Silas.


I don't play by
the rules, I know.

Inspector Vade.




May I borrow a ball?



Want to play a game?

In fact, you know why
our President came in person?


He thinks there are too
many cops around me lately.

Where were you?

He wanted
to say goodbye.

Out for a walk?

I saw you on my way,
but you didn't see me.

Are you cold?
Go inside.

Go to my office,
there's something for you.

I'm sorry.

- I'll stop going.
- Forget it.

Go like you did before.

I enjoyed imagining
you nude on the beach.

You shouldn't have shown me.

Who gave them to you?

A policeman, yesterday.

I should have
kept them to myself.

- You're unhappy?
- Yes.

I felt miserable.

I understand.

What do you ask for
in exchange for your coins?

What will you give us
in exchange for our paper?

Maybe nothing.

I guarantee a thorough
investigation, not results.

Antoine Gardella has agreed.

My clients always do.

They'd rather risk much
than lose enormous amounts.

Or everything.

Enormously, or everything?

I'm not sure he
asked himself that.

- And you?
- Yes.


You're his best friend.

- It's not my place to tell him.
- No, that's my place.

Also part of the job.

We've already begun.

Your Turston is interesting.

He gives me many ideas.

Hello, Scati.

Don't give me beer.

What would you like?

Just beer?

Something else, not so cold.

What are you doing here?
Didn't you get our meaning?

I did, but I want my magnum.
It's a work piece,

and I can't explain losing it.

You're a special one.

I forgive you.
You can be useful to me.

- The girl, you saw her again?
- The hooker?

I don't think she
was a hooker.

A girl who plays the part
of a hooker is a hooker.

No...I didn't see her,

but if I saw her again,

I'd be surprised
if I recognized her.

So would I.

I prefer without accompaniment.

I'm announcing my presence.

You're alone.
I don't want to startle you.

- You are alone?
- Yes.

- I'm waiting for my husband.
- In the rain?

I love the rain.

Me too.

I'm also waiting
for your husband.

May I pass the time
by looking at you?

That's your job.

The night makes
you seem paler.

Except here.

It's all red.

Were you bitten?
You scratched?

It's rather cute.

Your dress is up
too far, you know?

How is your foot?

No idea, see for yourself.

I'm afraid to.

You'll kick me.

- You're not curious or
brave enough. - I know.

Before now I thought
I was brave, usually.

And very curious.

You both
excited me greatly.

Not anymore?

More so.

But differently.

More innocent?
Or less innocent?

I don't know.

Then you're
still very innocent.

Warm my feet please.

If you stay like that,
I can see your panties.

- Does it bother you?
- No.

If it doesn't bother you.

- It's sort of touching.
- Precisely.

Your feet are a bit dirty,
and full of innocence.

So then hold back
a little longer.

I think that
might be better.

Walk me to my car.

Do me a favor.


Tell Turston

he's a dirty vicious little fool.

He watches her walk away,




In truth, it's funny.

I have a funny life.

Some news? Exceptional?



A small personal message:

"Turston is a dirty
vicious little jerk."

Fool. A "dirty vicious little fool."
On behalf of Mrs. Gardella.

She can't take any more, so she
lashes out at me, it's amusing.

I don't know all the details,

but at the time
it amused me, really.

Shall we go for a walk?
I feel like ice cream.

She's telling you her secrets.
It's working out with you two.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- And ruin the surprise?

You would act differently if
you knew she worked for me.

- Since when?
- Since school. Nursing school.

She was stealing hospital
drugs for her boyfriend to sell.

He got caught,

and ratted her out.

I renamed her Coco,
like "cocaine"

- And I got her out.
- For how much?

Not much, about
the same as you.

To let Gardella approach her.

He became the man of her life,
I couldn't ask for so much.

She loves him, he loves her.

But marrying an Interpol target
in her line of work,

what a mistake!

He'll have her killed.

And he'll be killed too.

Since you have Gardella,
what do you want from me?

Find something else.

I want an offense,
a judgment, a conviction.

Not an execution.

And Jeanne?

Thanks to me, she'll
have lived a great love story.

And you'll have gotten
out of small-time policing,

so for your heartbreak and
conscience...I don't care!!!

- You're handsome in this scenery.
- You're very kind.

- A whisky.
- Same here.

I'm buying, I have
some dirty money left.

How much to enjoy
the scenery in silence?

Quite expensive.

And to not talk about money?

Too late. A few days ago this man
Turston, who knows you, came to see me.

- Yes.
- Yes what?

Yes I know him.

What's he like?


It wasn't pretty, so I changed it.

This Turston made advances.

Too strong for me.

Some grenadine please, miss.

He's toying with you, this Turston.

He knows you won't find
anything, it's not your specialty.

- So why do you want to buy me?
- Because I can still afford it.

You're just like Turston.

A poor dumb cop comes around,
and you buy him. You can afford it.

If it doesn't help, it can't hurt.
Well that's just it, it hurts.

Jeanne! What a joy!

I lost my employer, and
no longer have a protector.

Could you invite me to dinner?

Pretend I'm not here,

I'll look away.

My dear, no, my love

I miss you,
and count the days.

This day was so long,
no, strike that...

You're so far away.

May I take a cigarette?

- But you don't smoke.
- Yes.

In hiding.

Are you married?

I was.

When you were,
you loved your wife?


And my wife's friends.

And now?

My friends' wives.

Do you love my wife?


So we're friends.
I didn't buy him.

But he did try to.

That upsets you?

He insisted too much.

You were right to resist.

It was a bad idea.

It's late, we've been drinking.

I'd prefer if you slept here.

Thank you.

You're pretending.

That's a dirty trick.


- Just a little while.
- I know.

I delivered your message.

He told me the story.

What do you think of me?

I think you're here,
just as you are,

that's all.

I wanted you the first evening,
because you knew nothing.


Now I want you because
you know everything.


I like button-fly pants.

Have you noticed?
Tony wears them too.

Mine also unbutton.


You could stay awhile?

I feel good
when you're close by.

Now sleep.

Wake up, Jeanne, wake up.

What is it?

You were having
nightmares, you wanted to talk.

- Did I say something?
- No.

Maybe you said my name.

I dreamed of you.

You told me you
were going to die,

but you were happy.

You would meet
your old schoolmates,

it would be a
pleasant surprise.

You didn't know
who had also died.

You love me.


How are you sure?

I am sure.

- If I didn't would you know too?
- Yes.

- The answer is still no, sir.
- I'll come back.

No sir, your friend
is leaving the clinic.

That's good.
She must be impatient to go.

Could you tell her
I won't bother her again?

Yes sir, I bid you farewell sir.

Tell me "goodbye".

I had brought some books.

You may put them in the library.

I'd like to keep them, sir.

I'm very touched.

This is from her,

there is no other answer.

You love him. Passionately.

Yes. It's obvious?

I see it.

But each week I call Turston.

I say anything, well...nothing.

I don't want to know.

I know nothing.

I don't know what to do.

I can't help you.

You have helped me.

If you had let yourself be bought,
Tony would have gone down for corruption.

That's what Turston wanted,
to set a trap for us.

And I would have
gone down too.

Yes, a dirty cop.

You're clever,
my pretty one.

It's experience.

Where do you reach Turston?

I won't return.

I want to say goodbye now.

Just to you.

May I imagine I'm kissing you?

It's cooled off,
shall we go inside?

Message from Inspector Vade:
I'm ending the investigation.

Returning as I arrived,
not even corrupted.

On behalf of Jeanne Gardella:

Nothing more than last time.

I am patient.

I was waiting for you to pass by
this road one day, leaving Gardella.

Pardon this disguise,

you'll notice no sunglasses.

Feel like a drive?

I don't hide my scars.

The wind hurts me.

Pain can be measured.

This exactly I had no idea,

small variations going
from reprieve to the unbearable.

How did it happen?

An accident.

A false move, one could say
I fell under a truck.

A local cop.

A brute, a piece of garbage.

He beat me.

He raped me.

- Did you file a complaint.
- That's what I'm doing.

With you.

Because you're
investigating Gardella.

And this cop
works for Gardella,

and Gabriel Scandurat.

They surely didn't want this.

But they weren't able to stop it.

Doesn't pain
bring compassion?


It gives the
measure of treachery.

I'm no longer
investigating Gardella.

- He bought you?
- No.

- I quit.
- Give me a name.

Your replacement, or the one
who hired interested party...

To avenge you?

To have me testify.

To bring down Gardella.
You have no right to refuse me.

Where can I find you?

You're crying.


I'm thinking
it's all so useless.

I'm pleased to meet you.

Surely not.

And you're asking yourself why
I didn't go through Mr. Scandurat.

I'm curious.

I need to know
my clients' reactions.


Charming photos.

What are you getting at?

Question of intuition.

Even pictures that show nothing,
can be made to say something.

If that something is
innocent, we can dirty it.

There will always be someone
to need or want to believe it.

The rules of the game.

This guy is a snoop,
a voyeur, a little weasel.

Ones like those have a
pathological need for secrets.

And he'll suffer to see himself
as kind, since he thinks he's bad.

I have learned, Mr. Gardella,

We look for something on others,

and we find things about ourselves.

Life is full of chance.

That is true for you as well.

We put Turston on a microphone.

I brought you a recording
of his agent, Vade.

Nothing important.

Just that this call

mentions Mrs. Gardella.

We've done good work.

We have proof Mrs. Gardella
works for this Turston fellow.

Here it is.

Turston is ahead of us.

He has in Mrs. Gardella,
an incomparable trump card.

Do we continue?

Or stop right here?

Have you written
out your bill for this?

It's written there.

I thought I was buying your
services, not your whole agency.

You're right though.

It's only a small part
of the price to be paid.

So Jeanne, you wear the
disguise of a bride?

Turston wants
you to hear this.

Jeanne Gardella.

He knows.

Turston offers a deal...

- Go in without knocking.
- True. One could always knock.

The talented Inspector Vade.

Here to rescue his colleague.

I'm ridiculous?

- I didn't really think.
- Sit down, it will seem more natural.

- She told you?
- No.

You're the one
who spoke. To Turston,

on the telephone.

"On behalf of Jeanne Gardella:
Nothing more than last time."

I always talk too much.

You've condemned her.

If she's condemned,
so are you.

That makes you
feel you've won?

What do you
propose to save her?


I've asked Inspector Vade

to let me testify against you.

I've no right to refuse.

But I will refuse.

You asked me to
accompany you here

so you could betray me?


And to save Jeanne.

Jeanne said nothing to anyone.

Nobody knows anything.

Let her go.

With you?

That's what you've chosen?

We have to choose in the end.

You warned me.

You didn't choose the
best time to join the family.

I'll leave you.

I'm neither feeling sentimental,

nor in a mood to
change my mind.

I'll see this through.

You had things to
tell about us, Laura,

and now you have some
about Vade as well.

To shut her up and save Jeanne,
you'll have to get your hands dirty.

She would have talked.

And this is my trade.

Let her go.

You'll know how
to take care of her?

I'd know.

Dry her face and hold her,
she's about to fall.

You wanted to dance
with her, remember?

You'll have to teach
her to dance again.

Doing just fine,
Jeanne Gardella,

you'll also have to
learn to cry again.

When will you warn
the President?

It's done.

You had no choice.

We always have a choice.

Let's go.

You've always executed
everything well.

So it's up to you
to execute me.

Don't let them touch me.

I never imagined it
would end this way.

I didn't tell you...

I'm sick.

I have 6 months left...

or 8 months...

I thought you'd be there.

I'm sorry.

At the hospital, they
give you a plastic bracelet

with a number...

I don't like the idea.

I was going to ask
you to take it off.

Don't be troubled,

the plastic bracelet
isn't very important.

No, it isn't really.

I'm cold.



You're not in the mood.

This is his?


What's the difference,
as long as it helps us?

We know each other?


You seem familiar, though.

Come in.

Keep it.

It's my father's.


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