Toutes les nuits (2021) - full transcript

Belleville. A working-class Parisian neighborhood. Nadia teaches french to Chinese prostitutes in an association. Committed to her work, she gets close to one of her students, Mei, who is saving money to make his son travel to France.



Come on,

get up.

I don't have time.

Is there still no one here?

Well, they'll come.

"They'll come"?

You say that every time.


It's getting late, isn't it?

Isn't Samy waiting for you?

Well, you know, he's used to it.

Well, suit yourself.

I'm going to go or my cat will eat
the sofa, the curtains, and the rug.

See you tomorrow?

See you tomorrow.

Sorry, professor.

Oh, come on, enough.
You're never on time.

Sorry, professor.

I've been waiting here for two hours.

And close the door, it's cold out.

This is the last time, OK?

Let's pick back up
where we left off.


Where did we stop, again?

Uh... Oh, yeah.

It was the story of the husband.

My husband


in China.

Mei, want to give it a shot?

My husband


in China.

Very good.


My husband

too lazy to work.


Well, I don't know him too well,
but I can imagine.

So, the word for "lazy"
is a very interesting word in French,

because the feminine version
of it is...



Paresseuse, that's right.

But lazy in the feminine is very rare
in both France and China,

as everyone knows.


You know,

in two weeks,

enough the money.

I wanted to bring my son, Pao, over.

That's great.


I'm happy.
What are you going to do after?

I'm going to find a good job
and a good apartment.

That's good.


promise, no late.


-See you tomorrow.
-See you tomorrow.


That guy is weird...
What does he want?

He's an asshole. Ignore him!

I hate him.

Is your François
going to come by today?

You know he always comes.

He's very in love with me.

By the way, you haven't paid rent!

Did you see Yan? She's depressed.

Yan, don't you want to work?

Make an effort! Smile!

That's not how you attract clients!

This week, I made almost nothing!

Liar! I saw you,
you've been turning down clients!

-It's her choice!
-Of course it is! She's young...

I don't turn them down, I pick them.


Come on, get in!
Get in!

For fuck's sake!

Let's get them to the station.

No way. They aren't here?

They'll come.

"They'll come, they'll come..."

Anyway, it's official, the budget
has been cut, we're in the red.

We always manage, don't we?

The girls need to make an effort,
because this is getting tough for us.


Mei! Police!

Vincent, call the lawyer.

-I'm coming, I'm coming.

Good evening.

-You arrested Mei Zhang,

a 35-year-old Chinese woman
in Belleville.

Are you family?


Then I can't help you.

I've been teaching her
French for two years.

I know her well.

She's a nice girl, no problems.


I'm not leaving here
without knowing where she is.

Yeah, Farid, what do you want?

What do you want?


Oh, yeah?

It's now you think of your son?

Samy, have you seen the time?

You haven't set the table?

You said you were going to stop
smoking in the house.

Yes, that's true. Sorry, sweetie.

Stop it,
you're going to mess up my hair.

Did you get the plane tickets, then?

No, I haven't had time.

You told me you were getting them.

-You promised me.
-I know.

Seems like you don't want to go.

It's just not a good time.

When will it be a good time, then?

Look, Samy, I'm doing what I can.

Yeah, well, it's not enough.

I can't let down my students.

Not now.

So you can let down your son,

By the way, you know who called me?

Your father.

He's got some nerve.

He vanishes for two years,

and then reappears
as if it were no big deal.

It's the lawyer. They arrested Mei.

Hello? Yes, thank you for calling.

No, I wasn't able to see her.

Oh, you found her?



Very well.

Thank you.

I'll let you know. Thank you.

Hello, Ling. It's Nadia.
They've found Mei.

As soon as I see her, I'll...
I'll call you.


Move forward and empty your pockets.

Spread out your arms.


I brought you some food.

And your toiletry case.

Thank you.

Listen to me, Mei, this is important.

Was there an interpreter there
during your custody?

She showed up late.

She said,
"You have to sign the papers, quick."

Did the interpreter say
you were allowed to see a doctor?

And a lawyer?


No doctor, no lawyer.

Don't worry, Mei.

I'll do everything I can
to get you out.

Visits are over now.

Hello, Sir. Yes, it's Nadia.

I saw Mei, yes.

You were right,

they didn't respect
the procedure at all.


Samy, are you in there?



I'm going on vacation with Dad.

He got the plane tickets,
we're going to Algeria.

You're never at home,

you work too much.

Dad has time.

When I come back, well...

we'll see, but...

maybe I'll go live with Dad.