Toutes ces belles promesses (2003) - full transcript

After the death of her mother Marianne, a young cellist discovers that her father had a mistress. In order to find her, she casts aside her boyfriend Étienne. The mistress is a pianist named Béatrice. Béatrice and Marianne strike up a friendship while reminiscing about the past. They remember Édith Piaf's song : "Hymne à l'amour" and Marianne reconnects with her nanny Ghislaine who was a funny companion when she was young.


Etienne, I want you.
Do you want me? Yes? No?

Say yes! Come on!

Getting sentimental

8:00 AM already...

I've got an appointment...

We didn't get much sleep...

Had you not made me love
all night, I would resent you.

What for?

For that flautist.

What? Who?

I saw you.

- Is it wrong?
- Yes.


I really fancy you
this morning, sir.



You're a fool.

Say it again.


I really fancy you.

Come here.


I think you're beautiful.

I love your face,

your body,

your soft skin against mine

and your fierce
arrogant elusive soul...

Do you like my poem?

It's okay.

Why do you fancy me?


You're touching.


That's because you touch me.

Shall we stop here.

We stop, don't be afraid.

- Of what?
- Don't know.

So what...

So. How about my hat?



I'm not hurt
because you know nothing,

but I'm extremely disappointed,

my dear Etienne.

Sure you're not coming with me?



- Where are you?
- Here.

- Stop it, I'm late.
- Here.

But where?


I'm late. Keys are on the door,
slam it when you leave.

What do I do with them?


Unless we see each other tonight...



I kiss you.

- Kiss.
- Sweet kiss...

Very nice.

It's where your parents
held their parties.

That's right.

Ever attended one?

Never. I didn't mingle much
with diplomats.

I sometimes met your father
for business,

for trivia...

We're very interested,
isn't it so Serge?


When do you vacate?

In about a month.
Time to fix a few things.


Have a look around.

It's Etienne,
please leave a message.

Etienne, it's Marianne...

I'm in the flat...

Perhaps for the last time.
It feels weird...

I'm in my mother's room.

Where she lived her last years,
alone... until her death.

I wish you were here with me...



Marianne, open the window.


Open it,

I need air.

It feels nice.

I don't want to see you.

Don't be afraid...

I'm fine now...

I feel I'm sliding.

Mum, please.

I'm sliding...


We like it very much.

Here's our card,

call us when you want to sign.


It's Etienne,
please leave a message.

It's me again. I had to hung up.

Why don't you call me back?
I really want to talk to you.

You must be with the flautist again,

just kidding, enough,
I wanted to work you up,

you're fun when you're annoyed.

You know what,
I'd like you to take me on a trip,

we could go away together?

How about December,
after the concerts, we could go...

Ever been to Venezuela...

Do you know each other?

- Need anything?
- Don't worry, it's perfect.


Can you bring your Venezuelan hat
for the photo?

You should wear it.
It suits you.


You're so skinny!

- You look like a boy!
- You're crazy!

I like beautiful curvy women.

Grow into one!
Don't disappoint me!

Stop it!

Still cute, though.

Here it is!

Adrien stayed there six months

and it's all he brought me back!

Isn't it beautiful?

It's true!
I wore it for months.

- Beautiful as mum with it.
- I'm not a kid!

- Finally!
- What do you want?

- Am I disturbing you?
- No, no...

Something incredible came up.
Can I see you?

- Now?
- Yes.

- I'm busy now.
- Briefly, in a café, wherever.

- It's unbelievable!
- But what?

- I found my father's will.
- So what?

He had a mistress!

Hello! He bequeathed to her stuffs,
mum was to sort it out.

Course she didn't.


"I apologize to all I've hurt
or offended,

"mainly to my wife and daughter.

"But I'll die fulfilled

"for I have loved
and have been loved."

Isn't it amazing?
I would never have thought so.

My mum used to tell me
her love stories, my dad never.

Béatrice Marquet...

I want to know who she is
and understand. Is it stupid?

What? I'm boring you?

They're your private stories.

Not interested?

We said we were seeing each other
like that... without...

all your trip business...

What are you trying to say?

Don't pull that face.

It's growing difficult between us.

I care for you
but you're falling in love and...

You'd rather end?

I don't love you.

You're mistaken Etienne.

I don't love you either.

It's fun now, that's all.

Then it's not worth...

Who do you think you are?
I don't fall for random guys.

I've had men.
I know when I love.

As for you,

I feel completely free!

I'm independent!

I'm meeting her.

She's early.

She wants details on the tour.

How dare you!

Not only I don't love you, Etienne
but you horrify me.


Marianne's trip


can you please take care of Madame,
room 26.

Good morning, Madame.

May I?

If you need anything, dial 7.

Thank you.

Blankets are there.

Why are you smiling?

Is it my hat?


You don't like it,
you find it ridiculous?

Not at all, it's unusual...

Forgive me.


It's Etienne,
please leave a message.

Etienne, it's Marianne.

I'm sure you're avoiding my calls.

I'm fed up,
I've been leaving messages

for six days.

Sorry I lost my temper...

I'm not hooking on you.

I know it's better to end
before we hurt each other.


call me, I just want to talk to you
one last time.

Can't two adults just talk
and say their story is over?

I'll talk as a friend... calmly.

Loads of kisses, Etienne...

I'd go to the end of the world

I'd dye myself blonde

If you asked me

I'd do the impossible

I'd steal the fate

If you asked me

I'd disown my country

I'd disown my friends

If you asked me

People may scoff at me

I'd do anything

If you asked me

What's on your mind
when you look at me?

I don't know.

- I need to go.
- What?

I have to give this record to mum.

I found it.

Thank you, Marianne.

Mum, is Victorine in love with dad?

What's your dad up to
with other women...

Other women?

I've been set straight on him
for quite long!

Don't mention this to me,
it's giving me headaches!

I can feel it coming.

It's going to be okay.

Clarisse, a dance?

No... François!

If the sun
should tumble from the sky

Little goat, shall we dance?

If the earth
should suddenly collapse

If you love me

Really love me

Let it happen, I won't care

As long as love...

Happy birthday Marianne.

Your tree is beautiful.

Come with me!

I'm meeting Roland.


he's there, wave at him.

I'll go and see him quickly,
I'll be back, wait for me.

Wait for me.

- When is your plane?
- At 8.

Safe trip and see you soon.

Bye Adrien.

- Bye Victorine.
- Bye François.

Bye François.

That's my tree.

I'd go to the end of the world

I'd dye myself blonde

If you asked me

Aren't we late?
What's the time?

Can you hear me?
What's the time?

8:00 PM.

And you play at?

Concert starts at 9:00 PM.

So, let's go.

You mentioned Wagner?

Yes, a very short prelude.

Good. You know how much
I hate this music.

Lovers yelling their love
for hours,

I find it un-bea-ra-ble!

Anyway, it's a very nice hotel.
They spoiled you, this time.

See, you were right to come.

It's weird.
This place reminds me of...


Not again Mum, don't be sad!

A year after he died,
your dad decided we took a trip.

- Can you remember?
- No.

It was very strange.

For a second, it was awful.

I felt he knew all this song meant
to François and I.

But no... He never guessed,

he died
without knowing of the affair.

It's much better that way.

You never guessed anything either.

Study your husband.

Study him well.

He too has just fallen in love
with another woman.

It's their song too.

Perhaps he even asked the pianist
to play it.


you don't think of all that.

All you care for is François.

As usual...

The other woman

Here's all he wished to leave you.

This awful song!

Don't you like it?

No but your father loved it!

We listened to it over and over!

I was fed up with it!

Those stupid lyrics!
Hymn to Love?


I've always preferred
classical music. Like you.

It's more refined
and just as touching.

Anyway, he liked to think
it was "our song", so...

I prepared that for you.

Your dad was such a womaniser!

He had an affair with Victorine.

Can you remember her?
His secretary.

She was my best friend.

Through her,
I attended your parties where I met

your father.

He was travelling a lot at the time.

He was so proud of his daughter.

He used to give me pictures of you.

I liked that:

I felt part of his life,
his family.

Look, how cute?


Our affair lasted seven years.

He used to write me huge letters.

It was madness!

I have piles of it, saying

I was the one,
that we should live together.

You're the love of my life.

But I've always feared daily life.

It kills love, don't you think so?


He used to feed me fine talks

but never got divorced.
I could not put up with this anymore.

So you left him...

Wasn't it better?

Why go through it again?

- Do you mind the smoke?
- No.

- You're not feeling well?
- I'm fine.

I think he loved me more than I did.

I don't know...

In love, isn't there always
one who loves more?

Marianne, can you hear me?
What's the matter?

Rest a few days
and take those vitamins.

Mrs Marquet'll nurse you.

I phoned the hotel.
Your luggage are on their way.

I'll be back.
If you're not well, just call.

You'll stay here
as long as it takes.

It's Marianne,
the daughter of a man I once knew.

Seeing her today seems weird.

Cute, isn't she?


Come with me. Be quiet.
Don't disturb your dad.

Please, I need to talk to you.

You're a big girl now, listen.

- I'm listening mum.
- Don't interrupt me.

Marianne, your father...


Let me talk. Dad is ill

but he doesn't know he...

He mustn't know, Marianne,
he must know nothing!

What mum?

Stop acting stupid!


Listen to me!
Stop confusing me.


- Sorry?
- Forgive me.

Perhaps, I shouldn't talk to you
like that but I need to.

Forgive me.

But what?

I need you.
You need to help me keep the secret.

Which secret?

Your father mustn't know.

He must believe
he's going to recover.

Can you hear me?
You'll lie to him till the end.

Marianne, you hear me?

You'll be nice and patient with him

and you'll never
tell him the truth.

You're a big girl now,
just like mum.

You must act as a grown-up.
Do you understand, Marianne?

Say you do.

I do mum.

Oh, forgive me.

Forgive me.

Marianne! What's the matter?
Calm down!

It's too much!

What's the matter Marianne?

So hard! I've had enough!

Calm down! Marianne!
Tell me!

He doesn't want me anymore!
Fire is eating my stomach!

Stop fidgeting like this, Marianne!

It's over, I'm old.

My life is over!
I'm just like you.

Stop it!

You're not old!
Me neither.

Tell me: what's happening,
he stopped loving you?

He never loved me.

You still love him, don't you?

I wish I didn't
but I can't help it!

I hate him!
I'm sure he's with the flautist!

- Which flautist?
- I don't know! How would I know!

Help me! You, you've loved.
Tell me what to do!

I know it's not worth suffering
for nothing!

Not seeing him will make it worse.

Be quiet now! Listen to me!

It was intense with your father,
it's very true.

I waited for him so much,
I nearly died from melancholy.

Of course,
I believed all his promises!

I tortured myself so much,
it was awful!

I learnt the lesson

and after I looked for
much lighter love stories

and was a lot happier.

Don't ruin your life with a guy
who makes you suffer.

Free yourself Marianne,
you have so much to live for.

Don't fear happiness!

Don't put yourself in such a state!

Do you get it, Marianne?

I think so.

So it's agreed?

Say yes.

I've only met you this morning

and you make me say such things.

- May I ask you one?
- No, you're ill.

Just the one.

I couldn't sleep but...

that takes the biscuit!

I'm sorry.

Nights are very long around here.

How about listening to some music
and sipping whisky?

Drinking with pills?

Of course!
We can always change the treatment.

Come on.

Anything planned
after the concert tonight?

Yes, I'm doing something. Why?

Perhaps we could go for a drink.

With pleasure.
Maybe tomorrow...

- Are you coming?
- Coming.

I want you.
Do you want me? Yes? No?

Say yes! Come on!

What's the matter?


- Have you had a nightmare?
- Yes.

Someone was giving you a hard time?


I told you it's fine.

I'm sure it's Marianne.

You're nearly romantic,
it's hilarious.


Oh yes.

I think I prefer
when you fool around.

So do I.

Shall we fool around then?

Why not?

Fool around with me.

Cures for Love

Sorry, Michel, I can't find it.

Don't worry.
You'll give it back later.

I'm off, I have a visit.
Are you going home soon?

I don't want to be a burden.

Stop talking nonsense!

Here it is.

I've had it for a while?

- A year or so.
- What was it?

- Do you mind if I play it?
- Please do.

It was nice meeting you.

You too.

It's really beautiful.

I think so too.

Very moving.

Can I keep it a few more days.

Please do.


There's a concert tonight...
Perhaps you'd like to join me?


I don't know.

Michel knows a lot about music,
it ought to be good, go.



Coming with us?

I'm tired today.
I'll have an early night.


With great pleasure.

I'll pick you up at 6:00 PM.
See you.

See you.

- Bye, Béatrice.
- Bye, Michel. Thanks for the disc.

You're responsible for this!

Me, not at all!

Oh yes!

But are you upset with me?




You're not answering?


Isn't Michel's music
really beautiful?


Is it long since you last came?

Oh yes. How about you?


I remember everything.

Actually it's a bit mixed up.

Do you know who moved in after us?

Not at all.

Why are you staring at me?

Your hat.

You too find it ridiculous?

Not at all. I'm fascinated.

May I try it?

Of course.


- Very nice.
- Really?

Not too much for my age?

What! Absolutely not,
you look stylish with it and...





Figure it out.
I'd like to see myself.

Oh, here.

I used to wear one like that,
a while ago.

Men loved it.

I'm sure I still have it somewhere,
but where.

I look old with these glasses!

I should stop wearing them!


Really, I look available?

That's it.

- But not "crude"?
- No, just "available".

So here I was serene,
then you come

and I'm back to being available.

So you say!

Can you recognise her?

Do I know her?

She never left the area.
It's Ghislaine.


So it is.


- Ghislaine?
- Why are you in the dark?

I was waiting for you.

Little goat!

My little goat!

I had a great time. I danced!

You won't tell mum?

- You're tipsy, Ghislaine.
- Yes.

Stay here and watch.

Look, I'm so beautiful.



I'm the great white butterfly.

I'm the beautiful red butterfly.

Do you love me?
says the beautiful white butterfly.

I do, says the great red butterfly.

- Really?
- Yes, yes.

I don't love you anymore, go away!

You stopped loving me.

I'll die of love.

I'm dying.

No, come back to life!

Come back!

My little goat, I love you so much!

Little donkey!

So much!

Come in.

- Do I have nice breasts?
- Yes.

- Want to get the same ones?
- Yes.

Roland kisses them

and calls them: "My darlings".

My darlings! My darlings!

- Why don't you marry?
- Too soon.

- Love him?
- Yes.

So what?

You're annoying me.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

- A bruise?
- A love bite.

- What is it?
- Roland did it.

- It hurts?
- No.

What is a love bite?

It's done like this.

- It's weird, isn't it?
- A little bit.

Thank you!


Smell this! It stinks of your sweat
and my perfume!

You splashed yourself again!

You swore not to wear my clothes!

I won't do it anymore, sorry.

Your breasts and your large bottom
make the seams pop off!

What do I do with this dress?

Not only you partied,
you left Marianne alone!

I would never leave Marianne!
I swear on all I have!

Please Ghislaine, spare me this.

Clear off, not your business!

You've pinched my dresses before.

I forgave you, you had sworn.
Now, I can't trust you.

Madame Clarisse!

The shrimper can appreciate!
It's Vogue!

What are you doing with him?
He drinks!

- I love him.
- You love him?

- Yes.
- Have you gone mad?

I love Roland. I can't help it!

Quit this speech,
don't push me too far!

A party girl
does not do for my child!

You're dismissed!

Don't tear me away from my baby!

Well done, I have a headache now!

You again want to dismiss her?

If only I could!

If only she dumped that guy!

Enough with those men
ruining people's lives!

Ghislaine, it's snowing.

Introducing me to Roland,

you said:
"My little goat. Isn't she cute?"

My little goat!

That boy looked stubborn!
Was he already drinking then?

Yes, a little...

You didn't realise!
You were so hooked up!

When we walked

I watched you
kissing and stroking him!

I loved Roland so much!

Back home,
you always said the same things:

"Isn't he good looking?
You like him, don't you?

"I love him. He's my man.

"I want to spend my life with him."

He was good looking!

You wanted to spend your life
with me too.

Remember how hard it was
when mum and dad went back to Paris.

I remember.

Every night, I used to cry
and hold you tight against me.

Why did you abandon me?

I was too in love.

Why didn't you leave this drunkard!

I tried. Once.
He had beaten me up...

He was battering you?

- Not too often.
- That's awful!

That is really awful.

But I loved him.

And you know I still think of him.

I'm all alone now.

I look old, don't I?

And I'm not even that old.

I was so happy with you.
It felt so nice.

Little goat, my little donkey.

See where love-blindness can lead.

But isn't it beautiful?

Stop talking nonsense again!

I remember a thing.

Once, I heard my parents arguing.

My mother ended up
offering my dad to divorce.

He then mentioned suicide.


Yes. It must have been
after you left him.

He was desperate
but incapable of leaving his family.

He wanted to kill himself?
For me?

In despair?

I never knew.

What if?
You wouldn't have left him?

No! I stick to my decisions.

Still, I would have liked to know
he wanted to die for me.

See, you think passionate love
is wonderful.

No, it's not what I said!

You're not answering?

So let's walk home quietly.


Being with you feels nice.

With you too.


Take my hand.

Hold me tight against you.

You're sure you're not cold?

I'm sure, Michel. Not with you.

You're so soft and gentle.

So are you.

You're going to take me all night?

It's going to be beautiful?

And violent?

Please forgive me,

it's unforgivable.

No, it's okay.


Hold me tight against you.

Caress me.

Hi, it's Marianne.
I'll call back quickly.

Marianne, answer my messages.

Answer me, please.

I miss you. We need to talk,

call me Marianne.

When you tell me

My darling, what lovely eyes

You'll always be beautiful

You'll always be the one

My beautiful man when you tell me

With your lovely eyes:

Not a single day
will pass without our love

I love you, I always have

And always will

And then you'll say:
always and everyday

And forever and ever

Well I don't want to believe

Those fine promises


They need to be dismissed

Listen to me now, my darling

And I say:

Love for one evening
or for one moment

Let me find in your arms

Nothing but tenderness

And intense exhilaration...

- At what time is your train?
- Eleven.

And it is?


God, I need to hurry.

I can't lay my hands on...

Do you need help?


I'm looking for something
I really liked.

Your father hated it.

He thought it was too...


Too, too...
I can't remember exactly.

Then again
it came from my American husband.

It was a present from Los Angeles.

Adrien hated talking
about my husband.

It really irritated him.

Don't worry: we won't be late.

I'm not worried.

Got it!

Marianne! I found it!

It's here.

- Well, have a safe trip then.
- Thanks.

Come back whenever you want.

Come to Paris.
You have my address.

With pleasure.

Thanks for everything.

Thank you, too.

No, thank you.

Stop. We're getting pathetic.

You're right.



I miss you.

I love you.

You're the only one I love.

Can you hear me Béatrice?

Answer me.

Is my life behind me?

Béatrice. Good morning.

- Why are you here?
- To wave Marianne goodbye.

Your hat is splendid.
I love it.

One last ordeal

I just love music.

You're only into classical?

You're right. It's the best.

Do you play Vivaldi?
The Four seasons?

You like it though?
It's gay, isn't it?

A music for mornings
and sunny days.

Don't you think so?

To me, there's Vivaldi and Mozart.

Marianne, it's Etienne.

You're in the train?
You're coming back?

I'll come and meet you.
Which station is it?

Gare de l'Est.

Did I ask you something?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me now?

- I'll meet you at the station.
- No, don't!

I want to see you.

I love you. I finally realised it.
Can you hear me?

Listen Etienne...

Marianne, don't leave me.

I'm not like you!
You're sad! You're dead!

It's me, I've just arrived.
I'll be home in an hour.

Loads of kisses, my love.

Are you all right?
Can I help you?

I'm too weak. I won't be able
to resist him. It's appalling.


Marianne is...



I'm Etienne.

And you are?


Hi Isabelle.

- Keep it.
- Why?

Just because.

Yes. It suits you.



Well, it's a bit odd...


Do you have time for a coffee?



The lady seems sad.

She doesn't seem that happy.

- A smile.
- Give us a smile, madam.

Here goes the beret.

A smile against a beret.

Come on, give her back.

Okay, you can have it back.

Come on, wear it!

Please, wear it.

Don't you want to?

Slightly askew like that.

Now it looks good, very charming.

Bye miss.

Subtitles: Candice Zaccagnino

Processed by C.M.C. - Paris