Tourist Trap (1979) - full transcript

Teenagers come across a shut-in psychopath with telekinetic powers. He proceeds to use these powers to slay them one by one as well as animate the various mannequins he uses to keep himself company.


In the state capital today, the legislature
is winding up the current session

and by this time next week
all representatives will be involved

wooing constituents
for next springs primary.

The weather bureau marks
the current Victoria County

temperature of 98 degrees and climbing.
A high of a 102 is predicted.

Looks like Woody's farm did it again.

What happened?

The next time we go on a trip,
I'm riding this Jeep with you guys.

Look at the size of that hole!

- Didn't you bring a spare?
- Of course! Woody came prepared.

Only didn't have any air in it.

He went off to the gas station.

He'll never find
one on this old road.

Serves him right.

Poor thing!
I'll bet his feet are aching.


Hey, can I get some service?



Anybody back here?

Excuse me.


Open the door.

Open the door!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Let me go!

Look, where you going we're
hot all over those springs.

You know, these
tourist traps are all alike...

They give you a big billboard,
and when you get there...

there's nothing but a roadside shack
and a bunch of cheap drinking.


It's Woody's tyre.

He must have gone this way, right?


What happened?

I don't know.

- What's wrong?
- I don't know, man.

What happened?

I never had any trouble
with this thing before.


Let me know when you get
your act together, sweetheart.

What do you think it is, Jerry?

Well, I'm a law student.
What do I know about cars?

- Hey you guys, come take a look at this!
- What is it?

I don't know...
I think it's paradise!

And you thought this
was a cheap tourist trap!

Well, I don't know about you
guys, but I'm going swimming!

I don't think you should.

Come on Molly.
Relax for a while.

- We can't go swimming anyway.
- Why not?

- We didn't bring our bathing suits.
- So?

Who needs a bathing suit?


You kids enjoying yourselves?

How about you, Missy?
You look to be having a good time.

Yes, sir.

Used to be I charge 75
cents a day to swim here.

Not no more though.

Used to be I'd have
25 to 30 visitors a day here.

But then the government
decided to build a new highway.

What is your name?

- Molly.
- Molly?

Hey, I like that.

I do not get many visitors, no more.

It seems that most folks
are using the new highway.

I guess they figured, it's gonna get
them to where they're going fast.

Everyone is in such
a damn hurry these days!

Do you know why that is, Molly?

I don't either.

There's not a place like
this in the whole world.

What bring you kids
to this parts anyway?

We didn't mean to trespass...

- Our friend got lost.
- A friend?

You see it...

Their car broke down.

This friend of yours... she a girl too?

No, he's a he.
His name is Woody!

Well, I can't help you. Ain't see no
one in these parts for weeks now.

I thought I'd better
come down and warn you.

You all best leave
before it gets dark.

What happens at dark?

Obviously a hole fills up
with water moccasins.

If you feel something
wiggling around you feet

it's just the early ones
comes out finding a good spot.

Hey, you guys all right?

- Some old geezer ran us off.
- He didn't run us off.

- Well, he was weird.
- Yes.

- I felt sorry for him.
- Oh, yeah?

Well how do you know he
wasn't some crazy old coop

like to chop up pretty
girls by moonlight.

Yeah, they always get
the pretty ones first.

Well, if that's the case, then you
girls have absolutely nothing to fear.

Very funny, Carl deGraaf.

What seems to be
the trouble, young fella?

Umm. Not sure.
Can't get it started.

- But I'm not much of a mechanics.
- Well, maybe I can help out.

Why don't you kids hop aboard?
We'll drop by the house for my tools.

Well, it's just down
the road, a piece in.

Well, we really
appreciate that, Mr. Slausen!

My pleasure, Molly.
My pleasure.

Well, come on kids!
Come on!

Welcome to Slausen Museum.
Now gone out of business.

Come on in kids!
Have a look around.

I decorated it myself.

Where did you get all these junk?

Oh it's junk alright.
I'm just a collector at heart.

I can't seem to bring myself
to throw anything away.

See my wife passed away just
after they finished the highway.

And the look of that is,
these junk, my memories.

Let's have that
beer I promised you.

Here we are.

Here you are Molly.

It's too bad you had to close
this place down, Mr. Slausen.

- I'm real sorry.
- Well, thank you, thank you Molly.

But hell, that ain't the worst
thing that ever happened to me.

Hell I was kicked out of the Navy when I
was 19, kicked in the head when I was 20,

...and kicked into jail when I was 21.

And that was just to warm me up
for what life had in store for me.

No sir, it's been a lot worse.

You get to be my age, you start
to understand what living is all about.

This is so life like!

Yeah, my brother got pretty
good at making those figures.

Your brother made these?

And he got so good, they hired him away
from me. Folks out in the city did it.

He's out there still making dummies
for one of them Wax Museums.

And watch this...

Pretty good heh?

Used to scare the hell out
of kids and Yankee tourists.

That's quite a killing.
How did you do that?

No, my brother did that.

He was real good with
mechanical things too you know.

Gears, motors, pulleys
all that sort of stuff.

He was a real talent.

Is that where you live?


I live right here in the museum.

- Who lives over there?
- Well...

Nobody really.

Just Davey.

Who is Davey?

Well, Davey Crockett, who else!

You see, he and General
Custer here couldn't get along, I had to separate them.

You girls mind guarding the place
while me and Jerry fix up his Jeep.

Guard it from what?

Oh, souvenir hunters.

Mr. Slausen!

- Can I use your phone?
- Oh sure, help yourself!

But it doesn't work.

I got nobody to call.

Oh if you are thinking about
wandering around outside...

I wouldn't if I were you.

- Why not?
- Well, I just wouldn't...

it's not safe at night.
We got trouble with coyotes.

Be back directly.

Something funny about that man.

He's lonely.

Likes living in the
past, that's all.

Something funny
about that house too.

I don't think Mr. Slausen wants
you fooling around out there.

Look, he's hiding something. I mean,
why else would he want us to stay away?

- Who cares?
- Aren't you curious?

- Nope.
- Well, I am.

Beside, Davey may have
a phone that works.

Eileen, don't go out there.

If I'm not back in 10
minutes inform the posse.


Okay by me, I just assumed...


Oh, my God.


Is that you?





Look at this!

Look at her features.

Aren't they strange?

Kind of looks like she could move.

What's the matter?

Feels like flesh.

Oh, you're right!

Must be made out of some
special rubber or something.

I don't want to
look at it anymore.

Molly, it's only a mannequin.

- Did you hear that?
- Mm hmm.

- Did you see anything?
- No.

I scared you, didn't I?

You should see your face!
It's white as a sheet.

Excuse me, Mr. Slausen.


We didn't hear your truck.

That's because
Jerry took it to town.

I walked up. Hell, we
couldn't fix that Jeep of his.

Nice boy that Jerry.
Got a real head on his shoulders.

- You two are married long?
- Oh, a while.

Yeah, you be good to him, you hear.

It's real important a wife
take good care of her husband.

- You know what I'm saying?
- Yeah.

My wife was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

What a charmer she was!

She could talk the birds
right down out of the trees.

And a worker too, Molly.
A real good worker.

Man can't ask much
more than that, can he?

She could make a pot of chilly, make your
mouth water just thinking about them.

We were gonna make this
place into a real fine resort.

She wanted to
build a nice hotel...

down by the spring.

She died so young.

It was cancer that killed her.

She died in my arms.

I'm sorry.

It should have been me.

I'm sorry, I...

I get carried away sometimes.

Where is that other girl?

Oh hmm... she went outside.

I thought I told her not to.

Well, she... said she
just wanted to cool off.

I'll bet she's
snooping around outside.


Davey, are you there?


Oh, my God!

What are you looking at?

Mr. Slausen's photo album.

This must be his brother.

You're a regular
little snoop, Molly.

It was on the coffee table.

Mr. Slausen might not be too happy if he
found you checking through his pictures.

- Becky!
- What?

Look at this!

- It's probably his wife. So what?
- Don't you see?

See what?

She looks just like
that mannequin there.

You're right.
How weird!

It seems this is the
mannequin of his wife.

I don't know.

Maybe it's just his
way of remembering her.

I loved her very much.

I wanted to keep
her memory alive forever.

This was the best way I know how.

That's the whole purpose
of wax museums, you know.

Keep the memory of the past alive.

And it's easier for me this way.

- She was very beautiful.
- She still is.

Where's Eileen?

I didn't find her. She...

probably went
back down to the jeep.

- By herself, without telling us?
- Or where else could she be?

- What are you doing?
- I'm going to find her!

With a gun?

Alright, without a gun.

Mr. Slausen!

Can we go with you?

It's best you ladies
stay put, right here.

Stay put, my ass!


- Don't go.
- I have to!

No you don't. You can
stay here and wait for Jerry.

I'm going.


I'll come with you.

But I think we're making a mistake.

Did you hear that?

Mm Hmm.
That is Eileen's laugh!

I'll bet you 10 bucks
I know she's in there.

Woody. What if you have some
lucky farm boy. It has to be, Woody.

Then why don't let those two
a few minutes in his house?

We got to climb the patios
and get the hell at them.

- No, leave them alone.
- They deserve this!

Come on, Becky. I've had all the
excitement I can take for one day.

I'm going back.
Let's go.

- Chicken!
- That's right!

- Now, let's go.
- I'm going in.

Then you're going in alone,
because I'm going back.


Come on, you've got no
business going in there!


I'm in here.



I... I know you're in here.

I'm in...


Come on!

Are we through?


Come on, guys.

Look, that's not funny.

You're beginning to scare me.





Eileen, is that you?


Open the door!

I brought you a visitor.

You are so pretty.

No, please!
Not again!

Why don't you like me?




Are you alright?

Who is he?

Slausen's crazy brother.

Where are the others?

I don't know.

What's he going to do to us?

He's going to kill us.

I was stopping for
gas along the highway.

I never even saw him coming.

He's crazy.

We're all going to die!

We're all going to die!

We are going to have a party!

How do I look, huh?
How do I look?

Well, here we are.

Here we are.



Leave her alone!

You can't get away.

- This is for you.
- No.


It doesn't matter.

It's time.
The party's over.

Oh, you're so pretty.

It's a shame you have to die.


It'll be quick.

But it won't be easy.

You'll die of fright.



It feels good, doesn't it, huh?

Cool and soothing.

It's funny about plastic.
As it starts to dry... gets very hot,
almost burning the skin.

You'll panic as I seal the lips.

And now the eyes.

Oh, your face is burning now.
The plastic is getting tight.

Your world is dark.

You'll never see again.

It's getting hard
to breathe, isn't it?

I'm going to seal the last hope.

You won't be able to
breathe, but you won't suffocate.

Your heart will burst from fright
before you lose consciousness.



you are one of us...

Isn't she pretty?

Stop it!

Oh, my God.

She is a pretty girl.

My brother didn't know about her.

I kept her hidden here.

He doesn't know much, my brother.

He's kind of stupid!

All he cares about is
that foolish museum of his.

I hate him!

One day I'm going
to get rid of him.

He should let me go to the city.

I could work for the Wax Museum.

Oh how much I hate him.

He makes me wear
these stupid masks.

Do you know why?

Do you know why?

Because I'm handsome.

I'm better looking than he is.

He doesn't like his wife to see me.

He is afraid she'll
be attracted to me.

He thinks I stay
here all the time.

He doesn't know what I really do.

I go out.

People don't come here anymore,
so I have to go out to the highway.

The gas station is perfect.

That's where I found Tina.

She's so pretty!

Pretty good trick, huh?

My brother doesn't
like me to do that stuff.

He pretends he doesn't
even know about my power.

But it feels good when I use it.

I shouldn't have to hide it!

I mean I can control it!
I can!

I shouldn't have to hide it!
It feels good!

But it scares me.

Sometimes I really don't
know what I'm doing.

Isn't she pretty?


Who is it?


Somebody's there!
I can hear you!

Come on, you guys!
Quit fooling around with me!

Seen my friend?

Wait, little girl.

Little girl!

See my friend!

- Molly!
- Little girl.


Don't go away, little girl.

See my friend!


- Help me!
- Good Lord girl! What happened to you?

He's trying to kill me!

Get us out of here!

What happened to you?
What's the matter?

This... thing...

- It's out there!
- Alright, calm down now Molly.

Calm down.
You're safe with me.

What, was it an animal
scared you like this?

No. It was some
kind of horrible man!

What did this thing look like?

He was wearing...

He was wearing some kind of mask.

Oh, dear God.

That man was my brother.

You are hiding him, aren't you?

You don't understand, Molly.
He never hurt anyone before.

He killed Woody!

And probably the
others, for all we know.

I was only trying to protect him.
Take care of him!

He is my brother!

It's not his fault,
he's the way he is.

We have to get the police.

I'm sorry, but we have to!

Well Molly, maybe
I better find him first.

Bring him in myself.

No, no!
He's too dangerous!

What mask was he wearing?

Looks like a doll's face.

He's trying to look like
me when I was a little boy.

He always wanted to be like me.

You see, I am his big brother.

He always wanted
everything I ever had.

Including my face.

Look, I'm gonna stop at the
house and turn on the radio.

- He always comes to the radio.
- No, no. I won't go back there.

Now I don't want them to
shoot him down like an animal.

I just want to get
him back to the house.

So I'll know where to find him,
when I get back from the police.

Alright, what I'm going
to do is turn on the radio.

You don't even have to come in.

- I'm coming with you!
- I'll only be a second!

I'm just going to set the radio
in the window and turn it on.

I'm scared!
I don't want to be alone.

Hop out.

Now I'm going to cork this.
Now here!

If you see anybody not invited,
point this at him and they'll leave.

I don't know how to shoot.

Honey, just point and pull the
trigger. That thing will do the rest.

Mr. Slausen!

Mr. Slausen!
Are you coming?

Mr. Slausen!
Did you hear me?

Mr. Slausen!

Thank you God.

Okay, Mr. Slausen!
Let's go, please!

Mr. Slausen!

Mr. Slausen!

Little girl.

Then you shot me...

...with blanks.

Bang, bang, you're dead.








This is a blade or something.


Try slide it over here.

I got it!

It's nice and hot.


There now... that's better.

Go on.

Eat your soup.

- How's that?
- Let's eat.

That's what I said.
Let's eat.

- It's good?
- Yes, it's very good.

You want some crackers?

- I'd like some more crackers, please.
- That's what I said.

- Yes, the crackers are very good.
- Are the crackers good?

Oh, I got to fix that.

Did you see something?

Shhh. Be still and
don't fidget so much.

You can't get away from me, mister.

What on earth has
happened to you, child.

Now you just take it easy.

I'll have you scrubbed
it up in no time.

Alright, there you are.

I'll just get my doctoring kit.

Mr. Slausen!

Just a minute.




Wake up, little girl.

Little girl.

Come on, girl.

Everybody's waiting.

Come on!

There we are!

Little girl.
You look tired.

I want to sleep.

Oh please.




It's time.

- What are going to do to me?
- Don't talk!

This used to be my brother's room.

He's dead now.

I trusted him.
He was a good man.

I always gave him
anything he ever wanted.

What are you going to do to me?

Do to you, Molly?
I'm going to take care of you.

Here, here.
This will warm you up some.

You're not like the others.

There's something
special about you.

Isn't my wife pretty?

You remind me of her.

Yeah, yeah.

That's why you're so special.


Please don't.

Mr. Slausen!


Talk to me.

Tell me you love me.

Tell me you love me.

Tell me.

I love you.

I killed her.

I killed the both of them.

Her and my brother.

They were whoring behind my back.

Whoring in my own house!

Well, she and him had to die.

I got a legal right to that.

That's what the Law says...

A man finds his
wife cheating on him.

He's got a legal right
to kill them both.

Afterwards, I missed her.

That's when I decided to
make that figure of her,

the woman in the museum.

I kept her alive that way!

I didn't really
want to kill them.

Not really.

It was like...

I couldn't control myself!





- Jerry!
- Molly!

Come on, Molly!

Come on.

- Where are the others?
- I don't know where they have gone.

It's okay, it's all over.
We're going home.

- Now, where are the others?
- Others?

- What are you talking about?
- You know what I'm talking about.

The other girls,
Eileen and Becky.

Kill him, Jerry.

Come on Slausen, I'm not playing
games with you. Where are they?

- I don't wanna have to hurt you.
- You don't want to have to hurt me?


Kill him, Jerry!
Kill him!

He can't, Molly.



This is not happening.

This is not happening.

Oh, but it is, Molly.
Look around!

They are alive!


All be alive, Molly!


Join us, join us...