Tough as Iron (2013) - full transcript

Gang-cheol is a legendary street fighter in Busan, who cleaned up his act to care for his sick mother. Things are going well for him, and he's happy in a budding relationship with Su-ji, vacationing in the seaside town. As their relationship grows, Gang-cheol is dragged into the criminal underworld when he sees Busan gangsters Sang-gon and Hwi-gon re-staging the accidental death of a Yakuza mobster as an accident and an old friend, Jong-su, gives him up to the Busan gang. Knowing he's desperate for money for his mother's operation, Sang-gon proposes that Gang-cheol works for him. Gang-cheol refuses, but when Jong-su gives the deed to Gang-cheol's how to Sang-gon as collateral for a private loan, Gang-cheol is left with no choice, but to bite the bullet.

What are you doing up there?

Get down here!

Like hell!

Come on, not again!

Get down right now!


You'll kill yourself!



Ma'am, what's with your
obsession with that chimney?

-Just come down!

Hey! Don't move!

Stay right there, just freeze!


Hey, Gang Chul, she'll send me
to my grave early.

I'll be quick.

Here, take this.

-Good luck!

Officer Kim!
Get the paramedics right away!

They are on their way.

He's really pissed!

You will be arrested
if you do this again.

We're classy people, aren't we?

Promise you won't do this again?

What's up? Cat got your tongue?

Freeze, freeze.


Darling, you're getting on my nerves.

How can I talk when I'm frozen?

Why are you late?

I was at work.

I was busy trying to make money
to support this gal.

Shut it.

How do you like it here?

I feel the same way each time I'm here.

The view is really special.


When I die, spread my ashes here.

So that I live in the sky, okay?

You're so innocent.

I heard that the longer you stare at me
the more adorable I look.

That's enough for now, let's go down.

You forgot the highlight! The highlight!


What are you doing?

Are you here on a tour?
Want some souvenirs?

Hurry down!

But there's a crowd down there.


Here's the microphone, darling.


Give it!

Now that you're out there somewhere...

...have you forgotten about me?

The name...

...which is as beautiful as a flower

A beauty. Who is it?



Gang Chul!

Hey! I was doing a collection run
and thought of you.

Am I the best or what?

Someone has to lead him
to start a new life as soon as possible.

But Lord, I'm so busy
that I don't have the time to do so.

You look like a thug minion.

We're not thugs.

Our sponsor is a Korean-Japanese yakuza.


You loan sharks suck the life
out of people like mosquitos.

Come on now, no class whatsoever.

We are not individual money lenders.

We are a private financial company
which provides financial relieve.

You mean relieve them of dignity.

You're just a gangster.
You're a third rate thug!

We're not thugs.

Here is the main entrée.

We're doing better here
than in Myungdeong.

That's all?

You took a lot.

I don't know what you mean...

Oh, you don't?

A dog should listen to the master.

Worthless gangster.

Is that your brother?

Yes, my only family.

He's young... he gets angry easily.

Please take it easy on him.



You bastards. You guys stink!

I'll kill you!

My apologies, sir.

Where is the gun?




Where're the assholes?


And it's obvious that the gun's fake.

I'm fine.

But I can't let them treat you like that!

Are you having a stroke?

One word at a time, slowly.

The asshole...the one...

...who called you gangster. I'll kill him!

But I am one.

You're too honest.

Advancing our society with fair commerce
is a good thing.

Look at them youths.

Traveling this cynical world.

Your mom loves this.

It's delish!

What are you doing? Are we dancing?

Young miss from Seoul.
Where did you go today?

The Sanbok Road.

My goodness.

I really don't get it.
There's nothing interesting there.

Thank you.

It was interesting yesterday.

I'm sure now.

What about?

She's so into me.

She's such a classy lady
but she's into you?

What nonsense are you talking about?

Don't doubt me, asshole!

I've been thinking very carefully now,
maybe she's head over heels for me.

I don't think I can do this anymore.
Sorry. From, Mi-young's mom.

My goodness.

Madam, you had a hard time, didn't you?

Thanks to you I was able
to rest easy for a bit.

We'll go to the church
when my mom's better.

Have a good night.


So pretty.


Are you sulking?


Forgive me, okay?

I'll come home early from now on.

Now that you're out there somewhere...

...have you forgotten about me?

Honey, if you leave me,
I'll kill myself.

Give those to me.

You speak elegantly.


I'll clean the place,
and give you a bath. Wait, okay?

Shall we order fried chicken for dinner?

There's a new place that
gives rice cakes too.


Please breathe. Okay? Breathe.

Drink this and feel better.

Please stay strong.

I can tell that you use
cheap glucose monitor to save money.

Do I look like a rookie?

I've been doing this for years.

Could it be an insulin overdose?

Then it's a
cardiovascular disorder.

What? Car audio?

Heart disease, heart disease!

You're just acting right now, so
don't pretend to be a know-it-all.

Are you cosplaying?

It's a disguise!

The crackdown's too harsh!


...Chinese stuff's everywhere.

Gotta use local organs.

What if she gets an infection?

One more anyway...

...even if I manage to get one.

Diabetes, renal failure, heart disease,
and dementia to top it all off!

You know what we call your mom?

-I know, I know.
-What is it?

The Helen Keller of Busan



Hello there!

I hear a dog barking.

Same old.


This is the lease contract
and my seal.


So the owner won't give
the remaining cash?

Even if we did, it won't
cover the surgery fees.

I have to get a loan anyway.

I know a banker, so I'll
apply for yours with mine.


Have you had lunch yet?

If not, I'll cook for you.
Give me some time.

What's the menu? I only eat rib eye.

Don't you worry! The best in town..

...kimchi stew!



You sure you don't want it?
It's so good!

He's a terrible cook

Even Jong-su never eats at home.

Bear the cold a little.

We need sunlight
especially in the winter.

That right there is a source
of vitamin D.



It's salty.

It's flat.

Are you training a mutt?
What do you want?

Be good!

I'm being super good!

You should be good.

Be good!

I got it, I will.

Shall we do a lesson for a change?

Madame, what is your name?

I am Kim Tae-hee.

Kim Soon-yi, try it

Kim Tae-hee.

Kim Soon-yi!

Kim Tae-hee.

Forget it! Be Kim Tae-hee, then!

I'll be Won Bin.


Are you...

...into me?

Sure I am.

I just feel it.


We barely even meet!

Sanbok Road two days ago, the hostel
yesterday and here today. Right?

Three coincidences equals to fate.

I'm Gang Chul, you?

I'm Kim Tae-hee.

I'm Su-ji. Jo Su-ji.

Your hands are warm like fresh dough.

What a childish. It's Jo Su-ji!

Are you unhinged?

You mean, unattached?

That's how you wear it.

Both of you are like
match made in heaven.


You told me to say that.

Holy shit...

Are you on a trip? Hire me? Okay?

As your guide! 50 dollars a day.

Are all Busan men like this?

Gotta be on our feet! Always!

When are you leaving?

None of your business.

Okay, I'll meet you at the hostel
in the morning.

Let's go.

50 dollars.

Yo, Jong-su!

Looking good!

How haev you been?

Hey, Mr. Lee, of course I'm well.

Is that a Seoul accent?

It's impeccable.


Who's that? Your next target?

Give me some tips, we gotta
help each other out.

Take care, I'm a bit busy.

That bastard...

Although he's a swindler...

...he sounds so convincing
with a Seoul accent.

Yo! What are you looking at?

Have you cleaned those shoes?

The fishing industry
will be huge business.

We'll switch it up in time.

Yagami went to Osaka...

...and since that dirty bastard
Akito's here alone.

Something's up.

If he touch even a hair on your head...

...I'll kill 'em all.

I'm your bodyguard, so don't you worry.


Don't overreact, okay?

Go kneel before Akito on my behalf.

If you have to kiss ass, do it properly.

Even if it's for show.

You understand?


Damn it.

Are you alright?


What was that?

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

What's your name?

Kim Tae-hee.

So ugly.

Is she crazy insane?

He's so ugly, don't look back.

Bro, are you okay?

What did I tell you?
Darn Akito is making his move.

Aren't you my bodyguard?

So much for one.

Well, I couldn't help myself.. Bro!

Go see Akito.

I asked him to come but
he sent his brother instead?

Who does he think he is?

I'm sorry.

Say what?

My apologies.

Thank you very...

very much...

Damn worthless scum!

Piece of crap Japanese...

He's got the nerve.

Kanemoto-san, accept my apology!

Don't put on a show,
you scumbag gangster!

Kanemoto-san, my apologies!

I took pity on you lowlifes
and took you in...

...and now you're big boys?

Even cutting our interest by half?

Gangsters need dignity too.

You piece of shit trash.

Bring your brother.

If your brother...

...kneels and begs,
then I'll let you live.

My sincere apologies!

Bring your brother.

Cry your balls out to him.

My knife isn't good enough for your blood?

Damn asshole...


Snap out of it!
Bring the car around.


What's going on?

What should we do?

-In the trunk.


On the double!

It's okay.

Shit. He was fine...

He called you a...

-Where's Akito?
-Where is he?

Where is he?

Save me.

I thought he was dead...

Don't stutter

Don't stutter!


I told you to chill, didn't I?

If you're gonna do it,
then go all out!

Why are you embarrassing yourself
in front of others?

I think someone saw what happened.

You hurt?

Shit, you got a scratch.

Hope it doesn't leave a scar for life.


What were you doing till
the morning?

Chul was waiting for you.

He's at his wit's end 'cos of money..., you should look into it, too.

It's not a few thousand dollars,
where do I find a 100 grand?

No way in hell.

I'm worried...

You know I'm healthy...

Eat before you leave.
Have some seaweed soup, it's amazing!

"Amazing?" It's so bad...

Put MSG in it or something!

Jong-su has grown up a lot.

He even forgot his birthday.

Not going anywhere today?

What are you doing?

My old collection.

I just can't throw them away.

Has anyone come for me?

Reservoir Dogs Doughs

Sorry? No.


Afternoon, lieutenant!

Sorry to bother you again.

Fish bread's in season!

Hey miss, her guardian's
here, you can go now.

She, um... she...

Ms. Soon-yi, your son's here!

I accidentally kicked the water bucket.

Sorry. I'll clean it up.

I can't...


I can't live like this...

I can't let my son suffer...

Forget it, you're having a hard time, too.

Felt good?

Don't do that, it's dirty.




I'm sorry.

If you're really sorry,
then don't apologize.

My son...



I'll pay everything back before I die.

Of course, I expect no less.

Let's go.

Let's go home.

Thank you.

Pull, pull.

Hwi-gon, how's this hotel?

Don't stutter.

Is it okay?


It is nicely built and
has clean facilities. It's great

Just you wait.
I'll take over and live to the fullest.

There's a pool on the roof, too.

When we were kids, our dream was
to live in a house with a pool.

Hwi-gon, relax.

I was dying to avoid paying the interest.

I'll take over the whole business now.

Eat your steak.

Yagami's one thing...

...but what if that witness calls it in?

I'm more worried about that.


You were at home
watching the Giants game.

No? That's what I heard though.


I wish you're...

...always this affectionate.

Dough Su-ji! It's Kim Tae-hee!

Straight from the boat.
This is genuine tuna sashimi!

I'm so happy!


Me too!


Yeah, I'm leaving tomorrow.

Is travelling fun?

I'm too old to just have fun.

You must've traveled quite a
bit, big balls for a girl.

It doesn't matter
if I'm a girl or not.

But a girl is still a girl,
a guy is a guy. That's how it is

You really are something.

Where's that infinite
confidence coming from?

Better than living
the life off the weak.

I'm so thirsty,
I'll just take one sip.


Be careful.

You're still a girl.

Are you worried about me?

When you come back to Busan,
I'll be your guide.

I'll stay if you teach me
to ride the bike.


I wanna learn.

I'm a little busy tomorrow...

The day after tomorrow at 3 PM.

Meet me at that wharf, okay?

Must be nice to have
everything your way.


Why are you doing this?
I'm so thirsty, give me one sip.

This, this!

Very nice, over here!

Surgery's easy.

The problem is what's after it.
You know that, don't you?

Infection's still possible no matter
what, so why spend the money?

Then I should let her die?

Don't talk so nonchalantly about it.

I checked the sample.

There are
three potential transplant candidates.

Show me the money!

First come, first served!

Are you up for it?

The money's not the issue,
it's the merchandise.

Don't worry and confirm the surgery date.

You promised.

You have a lot of debt.
Even a few thousand will be hard.

Try a a different place.

Getting a loan is not easy...

Wait a little longer.

Chul, there's a limit... one's kindness

Iron Head Chul

Hello? Is there
a knife-grinding minion?

There isn't...

Chul! Hey!

I was gonna give you a call.

-There's a café around the corner...
-I'm not here for you.


Kim Sang-gon


Shit, give me a minute,
stay there!

Afternoon, boss!

Sir, big boss is waiting inside.

Is he new? He looks familiar.

No, he looks so plain
that he gets that a lot.

Let me lead you in.

Son of a bitch!

What do you take me for?



Are you kidding me?

-Huh? How does that feel?
-You kidding me?


He hasn't called
after going to the sauna...

Should I look into it?

Forget it.

We'll be there soon to celebrate
mother's 70th birthday


...prepare for the party.

It's... him!

God is on my side.

Boss, boss!

It's your last day on earth!

Just go, Chul. Do you want to die?

It's okay, let go, dude.

Come on!


The hell? Let go! Let me go!

Let go of me!

You son of a bitch! Let me go!

Bro, it's him.

I told you. When Akito...

Stay calm. Okay?

What's your name?

Gang Chul, sir.

Is impudence passed off
as courage?

How could you face someone
with a sword?

I have a favor to...

It's sweet, like ice cream.

Sea urchin, or uni in Japanese.

Go on, it's a delicacy.

I'll pack enough to share
with your family.

But I should still ask...

You need money, right?

It's written all over your face.

You'll get it, I owe you.

I'll pay you back.

Sea urchins are fascinating.

Spikes on the outside, but
soft and tender on the inside.

People call us gangsters,
thugs, racketeers, criminals...

...but like sea urchins,
they don't know what's inside

No gangster's without a story,
no gangster's without a parent.


They're worthless. They're not desperate.

Desperation leads to confidence.

Why don't you join us?

Big boss said he'll lend you money?


But I won't take it.

Why? Why not?

He wants me in the gang.

But you gotta save your mother first.

Just join the gang like he told you to.

You're not desperate enough!

What was that for?

Is that even a question?

Dude, do I still look like a chump?

You may have been the top dog in school...

...but I'm the one in a gang here.

Shall we settle this
man-to-man right here?

I love you, my friend.

You won, Chul.

Go away.

Bro, did you do
your sea urchin routine again?

Goodness. Does that really work nowadays?

Why are you nice to him anyway?

I told you he saw us that night.

If he's gonna die, let's do it quick.

I'll just turn him into kimchi,
so let me take care of it.

I can't tell
if you're naive or just plain dumb.


What are you going to do?

Is this the time for us to make kimchi?

Is a person's life the same as a cabbage?

The little boss saw you that night.
That's why he's nervous.

I was an observer, honestly.


Can you kill a man?


If you just watched, then shouldn't
you actually kill next time?

I'll say it plainly.

Can you kill your father?

Are you nuts?

Becoming a gangster is the
same as stabbing your parent.

How could you do this to your father?

Then, I should work all my life.

I'll make tons of money,
have loyal men...


Have you ever given your father
even a cent in your life?


Your guys will sell you out to
the cops first chance they get.

Aren't you the one who went
to a gangster for money?

Don't talk the talk.

If you live like this...'ll end up with a knife in you.

For your birthday, idiot.

Bud, the world is a gangster.

Let's live properly, got it?

I won't live like you.

According to the police...

...speeding was the cause.

It was an accident-prone area...

...and due to heavy rain...

...the road was slippery.

Do I look stupid to you?

I don't understand.

You said Akito went to the sauna?

Akito has high blood pressure, so
he won't go to the sauna.

That's what he said to me.

Then one of you is lying.

Either Akito...

...or you.

Go check what's going on.

I'm sorry.

Liars always make the first move.

His patience wears thin.

Not mine.

Prepare as planned.

Mother's party.

Thanks for holding back.

We could've all died.

So, what do we do?

It's obvious.

An unsheathed sword must be used.

That's the bait.

Say that you're developing
the ocean floor.

Because no one owns the ocean.

It may sound like a lie,
but it's irresistible.

Did you call for me, boss?

I got this woman on my hook,
so I'm working her now...

...and she received $10 million
in alimony.

You feeling it?
Then put some money in it.

This is the best gig ever.

You put a specialized filter
down there...

...and it'll pump up minerals
full of nutrients.

If you drink that,
it'll cure atopy, diabetes...

No, don't hit me with that.

Get out, you idiot!

If I had any money, I'd give it to Chul!

Come on dad! Can't you just... and help me?

Think of it as saving your son,

Let me save myself first, you dumb child!

I'm a what?

You think I want to live like this?

If your press machine hadn't
chopped off my fingers years ago...

...I wouldn't be like this!

Who'd give a cripple a job?

What can I do? Look at it!

What do I do with this?

With this damn hand!

I'm so sick of being poor.

Did you think your
performance would move me?

Get the hell out! Now!

Why are you back? Get out!

I still have to sleep in my bed,
you know how peculiar I am with it.

I'm sorry.


My baby's finally awake?

Not sure if this will taste okay.

Open wide.

Come on.


How is it, good?



You came to your senses
so beautifully.

I tied you up
so that you don't flee.

Look who's talking.
You're the one who flees.

Don't you worry.

I won't go anywhere without my son.

Alright, my little puppy. Let's get ready.

Why? Let's stay a bit longer.

This isn't a dream, right?

Of course not.

It's time for my boy
to go to kindergarten.


I packed enough to share it with your
friends, listen to your teacher, okay?


Don't be a bad boy.

Get up, let's get going.

Come on, hurry.

Okay. My little puppy.

Let me see you.

All set.

You've grown, but still a baby.

My precious boy.

I'll see you soon.

Don't cry!

Don't cry, my little puppy.

Don't cry.

My baby.

Don't cry...

Underwater Ocean Filter Development

This is a very scientific
and biologically sound ...

The professors at KAIST said that
three people...

How much do you need?

Sorry. Thank you very much!

Finish this up for me.




Hey, Chul.

I was just about to call you.

Let's prep your mom soon.

I'll pay in two installments.

Huh? I have the money.


Jong-su transferred the money.

You received the whole sum?

Start / Cancel


Iron Head Chul!

How did you know where I was?

The big boss gave it to me.
Let's talk it over.

Buddy boy, so full of energy.

It's like seeing myself at
your age. Come have a drink.

I guess not.

Ladies, let's go somewhere nicer.

Hey, Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee!

I'm gonna return it.

What for? There's no need.

It's all pointless if your mom dies.

Don't even think about becoming
one of us. You live your life.

That's what you are.

I'll take care of the rest.

If you return that money, your
mom can't get that surgery.

I'll return it.

So, you're saying...'re returning the money and act
as if the deal never happened?

Are you kidding me?

It's $300,000!

And securing joint surety in your name!

Promissory note

Real Estate Lease Agreement

I never signed this.

Who cares?

We just need the payment
from you or Jong-su.

How about signing away
your organs too?

Mr. Gang?

You're really messed up now.

Hey, come in.

It's so good, it melts in my mouth.

Those idiots were too easy.

Jong-su and I were having fun...

...and that energetic one barged in...

...and caused a scene.

I freaked out.

I don't need to chew this,
it just melts!

Why? Is everything there?

Jong-su took 300,000 dollars, right?

His friend took a third for his mom,
so 200,000 dollars left.

And I took 2,850 dollars for expenses...

and 1,000 dollars for gas. So...

I lost count...

Get well soon!


What's with you?


Wanna buy my kidney or liver?

In exchange for my mom's surgery.

You voided the deal
and took the money back.

You can't just randomly do this.

So, you want it or not?

Just give it up, what's the point?

According to who?

I'm not ready to let
her go, why should I?

According to who?

According to money!

If you want to save your mom,
get the money.

Look after yourself too.

Hello? Mr. Lee? What happened?

Why are you avoiding my calls?

If you're conning me, we're both dead!

Don't you dare fool around
with that damn money!

Jong-su, that underwater
business went down under.

Time to pay back, Jong-su.

Chul, I can't reach Jong-su
for some reason!

This never happened before.

Did something happen?

People will swarm Busan in a
few days to see the fireworks.

Why waste money on that?

Romance? Will that feed you?

Give that sentiment to a beggar.
See if he eats it.

Do you know what life is?

Where is he?

You're born and you live. That's life.

Simple, isn't it?

It means don't think too much.

Where's Jong-su?

When an elder speaks, you listen.

It's all for your own good.

And should you be worrying about him?

Don't make excuses and
be a little more honest.

Aren't you here
to beg for your mother's life?

Am I right or not?

Take Jong-su with you...

...and I got a job for you.

Welcome, Mr. Gang.


Damn, that's scalding!

Laser's coming out of your eyes.

Are you okay, boss?

-Boss, please calm down!

The big boss will kill you
if you cause more problems.

Let go. Let go...

Damn it!

What is it?

Should I take care of him?

If he dies?

You'll take the job?



How could you...

How could you do this to me?


Do you think I did this for myself?

Has this world ever been on our side?

Hey! Hey!

I thought you went back.

I thought you were a good guy
despite your looks.

Getting into fights...



What is it?

I wish she'd just die.

My mom...

You should...

...choose your words more carefully.

"I am tired."

Try it.

You can hide words...

...but not your feelings.

"Keep your face to the sun and
you'll never see the shadows."

Helen Keller

That's my mom's nickname,
I wonder if she slept well.

Not about your mother.


Tell me something about you.


I got none.

Don't you have something you want to do?

There is.

The end.

Did something happen?

Tell me about you.

Don't change the topic.

Come on.

Okay, another time.

You promise.

I'm jealous.

Of what?


I've never left this place.

Let's go.


I'll escort you to the hospital.

Wanna go together?

On a trip.


I dunno.

It won't be fun if I tell you right away.

Let me think about it.



Where's my mom?


I knew it was about time
your mom did something.

We'll look for her too.

Soon-yi, where are you?

I give up, come on out!

Have you seen my mom?

No, I haven't

?Mom, where are you!

I can't find you! Come out!

This is nuts!

I'll do better! please come out!



I'm here!



-I'm here! Catch me!


Stop the bus!



Sweetie! Where did you go?

Stop the bus!

Watch out!


What is wrong with that lady?

Why all of a sudden?


You came out for me?

You're so kind.




Let me live too!

Get off, get off!

What are you doing?

Do you know this person?

Why are you bothering her?

Someone call the police.

Please let me live, too.

Let me live my life, mom!


Mom, please.



Dad's dead.


Why are you
always looking for him?


He lived off of your tears,
didn't he?

Be good.

Mom, I know you're doing this
on purpose.

Why are you always thinking
of him behind my back?

Be good to me.

I promised, you. I said I would.

Be good.

I promised I'd never leave you!

Be good!

I'll be good!

Be good!

I am good! I am good!

I miss him!

I miss him...

I miss him.

I miss him, too.

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

I won't leave you.

I'll never leave you.

I'll never leave you.

My boy, happy belated birthday.

This is good.

It's so good.

I put MSG in there.

Yagami will make his move soon.

We have to make the first move.

First move? When?

You would draw blood on
your mother's birthday?

Will Chul do as he's told?

He has no choice.

He's cleaning up your mess,
so take care of the surgery.

Don't worry, it's all paid up.

Oh yeah.

I noticed you got a bitch.

Will you be able to focus?

Shall I take care of her so you can work?

No doubt, you're a lowlife.

What, are you scared?

If you're so confident,
kill me and do it yourself.

Or use one of your boys?

No, if he runs...

...your life's all but over.

I'm your only option.

Don't act tough,
you worthless village thug.

Touch even a hair on her head
and I'll kill you all.



Wanna learn how to ride the bike?

Pretty good.

I do everything well.

You're here for my answer, right?


Go by yourself.

What do you mean by that?

Just leave on your own.

Just leave?

I am tired.

Take care.




Should we just die together?

Kill yourself, I wanna live.

He just arrived in Busan.

Since your surgery's tomorrow,
how about having our lesson today?

What is your name?

What's yours?

My name?

Mom, do you know my name?

Surname Gang, given name Chul. Gang Chul.

Gang Chul.

That's correct.

Surname Gang, given name Chul, Gang Chul.


Very good.

I'll be back soon.


Don't hid. Take care of my mom for me.


Madame Kim Bom-sim's 70th Birhtday

Don't worry.

Since you like him so much...

...if he succeeds, I'll let him live.

Are you really that naïve?

Chul will die whether he succeeds or not.

He's disposable.

I'll be at the pool.
Come up when you're done.


Go to the entrance after you're done

It has begun.


This is an announcement.

We would like to inform
our guests...


Hurry up!

Madam! Doctor!



Doctor, what's wrong with her?

What's going on?


To our health!

To our health.


Chul, Chul, please answer...

Dear me. Enjoying your life is
the only thing left to do

Thank you so much for coming.

Enjoy your meal.

Did Kim send you?

Soon-yi, I'll save you.

I'll get Busan as promised?

What are you doing? Shoot him.

I don't trust a traitor.

Stop it.

He's entering the hotel.

Alright. Grab his brother as planned!



Get him!

Nice to see you, asshole!

Son of a bitch!

Here, finally?

What the hell are you looking at?


The spring was almost here...

So pretty.


I'm sorry.

How's this place?

The view's really special
no matter how many times I come over.

When I die, spread my ashes here.

So that I live in the sky, okay?


Say something.


Are you crying?

Don't cry, please.

In your lifetime...

...there are times
when everything in the world...

...feels like a flower garden

Don't cry.

Yeah, I'm not crying



I want to thank you.


Thank you, too.

Thank you.

While I was on the brink of death,
she didn't give up.

My mother's disease-ridden
body was the only reason...

...why I was able to survive
the 10-hour surgery.

After my liver transplant,
the doctor told me...

...the liver was the only...

...healthy organ in her body


...kept her promise that she used
to say when her mind was clear.

Chul, I'll pay you back.


Let's go together! -Dough Su-ji

One sec.

I am...

...Gang Chul.

I am going on a journey right now.


Thank you.

Let's go together! - Dough Su-ji

Sure! - Chul