Touchez Pas au Grisbi (1954) - full transcript

The middle age bon-vivant Max is a former gangster and close friend of his partner Riton. They have stolen eight gold bars of 12 kg each that worth 50-million francs and Max has kept them hidden for their retirement. Riton's mistress Josy is tired of him and has found a new lover to support her, Angelo, who is a dangerous gangster. Riton has made a comment to Josy about the gold and soon Angelo discovers that Max and Riton have the stolen gold. He abducts Riton to force Max to give the gold to him. Will Max exchange his gold for Riton?

Max, take a look at this.


Here's your paper, D?d?.

Come and see us, Max.
You won't be sorry.

It was obvious during rehearsals.

It's our best show yet.

I think so, too.
It really isn't bad.

You tell him, Riton.

You gotta come, Max.

Lola's a mermaid in the second number.
It'll give the guys heart failure.

Yeah, I know...

Where are you going?

To play my tune.

Here's the cake you wanted.

It looks delicious.

Love the cakes.

- Can we get some service here?
- Ladies, gentlemen...

- It's for dinner.
- Sorry. All booked up.

- What about those tables?
- Reserved.

We can have drinks while we wait.

Try Victor's.

- Victor's?
- It's an excellent restaurant.

Just across the street.

Victor's it is.

Just tell them I sent you.

Those idiots just don't get it.

- Already she's got an attitude.
- Thanks!

She's right. There's no room for you
if I take just anyone in.

You might've given them some cake.
Their mouths were watering.

I was closing.

Good evening, Madame Bouche.

You almost got tossed out, Marco.
Good evening.

- Hello, Marco.
- Good evening.

- Have you eaten yet?
- No, I'm not hungry.

- Good evening, Max.
- Hello, kid.

Sit down.

Bouche, bring him a fork.

Don't let this cake go to waste.
We blow enough dough here.

- Thank you.
- What'll you drink?

- A coffee.
- Bring him a coffee.

So, Max, are you coming or not?

What have you got to lose?
If you don't like it, you can always take off.

Nobody's forced to stay.

I'll come,
but I can't promise I'll stay.

Marco can tag along.

If I split,
he can keep you company.

Watching mermaids...
will be a change.

Thank you.

Something eating you?

You owe some dough here?

Yes, 9,000.

Relax. I'll take care of it.

Why should you?

Put this on Marco's tab.

Thanks for him.

Give me my bill.

All ready.

- Not hungry?
- No.

We're gonna be late.

- We already are.
- Ready?

I have to let you out.

- Lovely dinner, Madame Bouche.
- Just fine.

I don't poison my customers.

You can't take a compliment.

Move it!

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Max.

You have 11,000 credit here.

- How can I thank you?
- Skip it.

Sit next to your boyfriend.

- Violets, lady?
- No, thank you.

- 100 francs. Cheap.
- I don't want any.

Be nice...

Dumb bitch!

Am I going to see you
after the show?

That's what you think.

You'll still be dancing
when I start snoring.

Go on and snore...

at my place.

Stick around, Max.
It won't be any fun without you.

After midnight I always feel
like I'm doing overtime.

Stay anyway.


Yes, yes, yes...

Lola's happy now.

I warned you about that stuff.

- Don't park it too far.
- I won't, Mr Riton.

Don't just stand there!

Albert, a brandy.

- Good evening, Madame.
- Good evening, Madame.

Always late!
Next time I'll fine you both.

We'll be ready, Madame.

Get dressed.
And none of your lip!

It's not their fault, Marinette.
We're just too irresistible.

We had to force them to come.

You expect thanks
for causing a flap in my henhouse?

I'll give you a nice table
for the floor show.

And? How's this?
My best table!

- That's normal, my pet.
- Ain't it though?

If you'll excuse me...

Don't bother.
A bottle of bubbly. Dry.

I leave the brand up to you.

Order a magnum for us three.

You're right. A magnum.

Hello, kid.

You scored there.

That's Vera the Russky.
We got a thing going.

You've got your hands full.
Those babes are a real health hazard.

And away we go...

Mr Max...

Mr Angelo wants to see you
in Pierrot's office.

Excuse me.

Can I give you a hand
carrying all that?

You ought to know better, Mr Max.

- Where you going?
- To see your man.

Come in.

- Hello.
- Max.

- Hope you don't mind.
- Not at all.

- How are you doing, Fats?
- Ramon, leave us alone.

You can take the wheels.

Max, here's what it's all about.

We're counting on your experience...
to referee a spat we're having.


You tell him.

You know I've always supplied
the dope here.

And never a gripe.

Pure stuff at the right weight.

Just a sec.

Hey, Ramon!
Don't you need the keys?

Tell me...

What do you think of Ramon?

I don't think anything.
I couldn't give a damn about him.

All I know is Fats here
isn't crazy about him.

I think you can work it out.

A matter of the right man.

I don't know about Max...

I don't think you know Ramon.

No. Anyway, your dope racket
is specialised.

You need a guy with style
who fits in among the clientele.

I run a serious house,
with good connections. It has cost me.

I won't get closed down
just to be nice to Ramon.

Ramon's a bum.

Keep him as a driver.
It's all he's good for.

I've got an idea.
I think I have just the man.

Anyhow, I'll vouch for him.

If he's game,
I'll send him right up.

I like Max. He's a pal.

Do you mind?

Help yourself.

- Want some?
- No, thanks.

And when he likes someone...
he's a friend for life.

Take Riton, for example.

It's lasted 20 years
from what I hear.

Yeah, they've been a team
for 20 years.

Now that's friendship.

The same goes for me and Max.

I've got something for you.

Got anything on now?

Angelo needs a guy to sell dope here.

He's got his own crew.

Pierrot doesn't like his crew.

So I gave you a plug.

They're waiting for you upstairs
to discuss it.

I vouched for you,
so don't mess things up.

So, porcupine-head?

I'm fed up, I'm off.
Are you staying?

Have one last drink.
For the road.

"The road!"
I've heard that one.

We may end up
having a bottle with Pierrot.

Then the girls will want us
to take them out for onion soup.

- Then we gotta get it on.
- So?

Well, I'm not in the mood.
I'm tired.

Don't give me that.

I'll go and tell Lola that I'm going.

She might meet Mr Right tonight.

I don't want to ruin her career.

Thanks a million, Max.
The deal's on. You were great.

Enough, enough.

Come on in.

No harm done.
I was just congratulating Josy.

I know what you mean. I was out there.
Josy was... mighty fine.

She's a hoot, isn't she?


Well, I'm off.
Thanks for Marco.

Don't be stupid!


We gotta talk, Max.

What about?

- I don't love Riton anymore.
- Ah.

It's been quite a while.

Why tell me?

Because you just saw me
with Angelo.

And only you can make Riton
see reason and let me go.

Talk to him.
I don't have the nerve.

Angelo's right. You're a hoot.

He'd listen if you talked to him.

Don't be mad at me.

I need your help. I'm so afraid
of what might happen to me.

If you see Lola...
Skip it, here she comes.

The dresser had to lower my neckline
to show more of my boobs.

Don't let me down, Max.
Only you can help me.

Excuse me, I'm leaving.
I'm dead beat.

Aren't you waiting for me?

- Call that a man!
- Get in here!

That's the third time
the electrician jabbed my behind.

- I thought he only did it to me.
- You, too?

- Are you staying?
- No, I'm going, and so are you.

Listen, Riton...

Haven't you screwed around enough?
At your age? With your reputation?

That's what you look like now.

Look at those idiots.
Mr Dugenet and his twitch.

Duglandin, the fatso over there.

And best of all,
Dufion, the bogeyman.

Dropping a bundle
while waiting to pick up showgirls.

And you're just like them.

Waiting patiently for Madam
to get dressed to take her to the hotel.

You're a real jerk, old man.

A jerk? Why am I a jerk?

Ten years ago,
you'd have waited for her

to come home with the bread.

Now she hasn't a chance
to meet a guy.

Whether she makes money now or not,
I don't give a damn.

All the more reason...

Start spoiling a girl
and she'll take off.

So go home to bed.

Josy knows the way home.
What's more,

a little worrying
will keep her in her place.

You're right. Let's go.

It's on the house.
Orders from the boss.

Thank him for us.


Do you want me to drop you off?

I won't make you drive across town.
I'll take a cab.


See you tomorrow.
One o'clock at Bouche's.

25, Rue Alphonse Allais.

- Goodnight, Mr Max.
- Goodnight.

That ambulance is tailing us.

It has passed the hospital.

To go to another hospital maybe.

Give it a little gas, just to see.

That's enough. Don't sweat it.

Your street's coming up.
We'll see.

Slow down.
My building's third on the right.

Take off and don't turn around.

Thank you.

So, Mr Ramon...
ls this a new game?

Ambulance rally and surprise party?

We're not here for you.

Are you going
to see the midwife maybe?

I'll wake her up for you.

Are you nuts, Max? Stop it!

A brandy.
Have you got a phone token?

- You don't need one. Go ahead.
- Thank you.

Hello. Yes?

Mr Henri, please.

Mr Henri what?

Henri Ducros. Ducros.

I call him Mr Riton.

Count me in for 50%.

You won't regret it.

Excuse me, fellas.

Hello. Yes?

Listen to me.

- I'm listening.
- Anybody with you?

I'm with Angelo and Bastien.
We're discussing a job.

Listen good, Riton.

Don't leave your room
for anything.

There's something fishy going on.
Get me?


Get rid of them fast.

Once they're gone,
pick up again.


Just a sec.

Rotten luck, guys.

I can't come with you.

Family troubles.
I can't get out of it.

That's a real drag, Riton.

I was counting on you.

They're counting on me, too.
And have done for a lot longer.

Had I known,
I'd have asked someone else.

You'll find someone.

- Sorry for the bother.
- No bother.

It's me who's sorry.

So long, guys.
Some other time.

Are you still there?

Are they gone?

Hold on.

They've just driven off.
What's up?

I'll tell you in person.

Grab your stash and meet me
outside 40, Rue des D?troits.

Right, 40. 2 times 20.
Near the Porte des Ternes.

Make sure you aren't tailed.

Got it.

We need more customers like him.

- Nobody shadowed you?
- No, I was careful.

Drive in here...
Shove over. I'll drive.

Where are we?

I got a place in the building.

We'll park in the garage.

What's this monkey business
with Angelo?

It's a long story.
I'll tell you upstairs.

It's about time you saw something.

Whose is this?


Must have cost a million.

More than that, buddy.
It's a special...

How much?

Five million.

Come and take a look.

Here's our piggy bank.
I stashed our loot in cartridge cases.

Two gold bars per case.

That makes 50 pounds.
It's easier to carry this way.

And you run around
with our 50 million under your arse?

Are you nuts?

I brought this heap over straight from
the factory, the night before our job.

The next day I stashed it away.
It's been here ever since.

See? I played it right.

Why do you say that?

Excuse me.

I don't get it, Max.

I'll explain upstairs.

Funny lock you got there!

Ever heard of burglars?

You never told me about this place.

It's just a little investment.
I don't come here often.

Sit down.
I'll be right back.

It's not bad.

I almost like it better
than your other pad.

It's quieter.

The other one was quiet, too.

Yes, but not anymore.

Sit down, I said.

Try some of this.
It's from a pal in Nantes.

You'll have to settle for biscuits.

Dig in.

Remember tonight, at the club...

I left you to see Lola?

Do you know who was
in her dressing room?

Josy and Angelo going at it
like there was no tomorrow.

Why didn't you tell me?

I keep my mind on serious business,
not on petting parties.

I don't mix the two.

I hope you get my drift.

Now tell me why you told Josy.

What can I say?

To keep her hanging on.

She told me I'd come to nothing,

that I'd never have a joint
like Pierrot and Marinette.

So I told her not to worry.

I had what we needed.

You're right. I'm an idiot.

More like a dope, if you ask me.

But the real problem is Angelo.

What's Angelo after?

You haven't any idea?

No idea why he invited you out
on a wild goose chase at 2:00am?

Use your brains for once.

I still don't see, Max.

I'll tell you.

To take you somewhere quiet
and work you over to get our stash.

And for insurance,
he tried to snatch me, too.

Do you get the picture now?

I'll settle Angelo's score.

Sure you will.
Rub him and his boys out?

So? That's my business.

You're gonna keep us out of this.

This was my last job.
We were sitting pretty.

I'd been waiting for this.

I was fed up years ago
with all this bullshit.

I want to retire, understand?

I know, Max...

Well... get a load of your mug.

The bags under your eyes.
And mine.

And this, and this.
Think we're a pretty sight?

No, pal, it's time to sign off.

You're exaggerating, Max.

Like hell I am. I've got savvy.

Poor Riton.

I'll tell you
what we're going to do.

Tomorrow, we swap our gold bars
for nice little bank notes.

I wanted to wait,
but you had to be a wiseguy.

So we don't fix Angelo?

Nope. We even let him have Josy.
It'll do you a favour.

Not hungry?

We better turn in
if we're gonna get any sleep.

Some pyjamas.

And a towel.

Here's a toothbrush.
There's toothpaste on the sink.

Take your own bed,
I can crash here.

Suit yourself.


About Josy,
what would you do in my shoes?

How should I know?

I'll never be in your shoes,
you knucklehead.

Hello, angel.

Your uncle's in a meeting.
You can wait in my office.


Put it down there.

This stuff's heavy!

As lovely as ever.

Be serious, Max.
He's your uncle, after all.

This way it stays in the family.

It's a pleasure to see
our friends in good shape.

You ignore them.
We haven't seen you in months.

Business, doll, business.

Count on me, sir.

Thank you, my good man.

- Hello, Uncle.
- Hello.

Go on in.
I'm in a hurry.

Take the other two.

I'm not taking any calls.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

In what form?

Gold bars.

No certificates of origin,
of course?

Maybe you'd like an invoice, too?

How much is there?

200 lbs.

This junk is heavy!

It's yellow stuff.

Is this the best
you can offer me?



Do you think business is easy?

I'm not crazy about this.

Isn't it your line?
How much can you offer?

35 million.

You're way off the mark.
They're worth at least 50.

Sure, with a certificate of origin.

But I have to melt them down,
find fake reference numbers.

All that costs.

If you don't like it, I'm out.

Get them out of here.

This isn't a warehouse.

You're getting greedy, Oscar.

What about all the bloodsuckers
I have to pay off to keep quiet,

so that they don't have a chance
to get too nosy?

Are you gonna
grease their palms for me?

Pour us some drinks.

You're all the same.
To you, a fence is a crook.

Don't waste your breath.
Just cough up.

35 million just like that?

Do you think
I have that much on hand?

First, I have to get rid of them
one by one.

It'll take at least 10 days.

Gold coins would have gone quicker.

- Cheers.
- Thank you.

- Are you not drinking?
- Never in the morning.

By the way...

I want it in 10,000 franc notes,

divided equally into two packets.

Count it out right.

I'm your uncle, after all.

Ain't I lucky!

So long, kid.

As soon as it's ready,
call me at PER 5590.

My new place.

Don't worry,
it'll all go smoothly.


Hello? Hold the line.


Hello? Hello?

Just a second.


Forget about her.

Yes, what is it?

It's about time!
I want Miss Josy in room 16.

She's out.

Have you seen Mr Riton?

- Who's calling?
- Mr Max.

Hello, Mr Max.

Mr Riton just left in an ambulance.

Did you see the ambulance?

- Yes.
- What colour was it?

I didn't notice.

What happened to Mr Riton?

I don't really know.

You'd best ask Miss Josy
when she comes in. ls that all?

Yeah, that's all.

That Riton!

What a pain!
He's been a pain for years.

Always messing things up.

What a dope!
Jesus, how dumb can you get!

He thinks he's a big shot
because he's got guts.

He may have balls,
but what a jerk!

I should never have hooked up
with a mug like him.

The jobs I could've pulled off

if I didn't have him on my back!

Well, it's my own damn fault.

I should've worked on my own.

But I let feelings
get in the way.

Well, that'll teach me.

But how did I get mixed up
with a guy like that?

Not to mention the bread
he's cost me for 20 years.

Forking out for his lawyers,
for his mother...

Not a tooth in his mouth
that hasn't cost me a bundle.

Well, tough!
He's on his own now.

- Hello. ls that you, Max?
- If it isn't you!

Are you free for lunch?

For you, always.

I'd like to invite you over.
A wonderful idea, don't you think?

I'll just slip into another suit
and be over in half an hour.

See you soon.

Poor Riton.

I'm a real bastard.

Do you love me, Max?

Just a second.

You're a funny guy.

I don't really know who you are.

And that bugs you?

I have to go.


See you tomorrow?


- Hello, Mr Max.
- Hello.

Interested in working with me?
I need some back-up.

We'll be dishing it out,
but taking it, too.

I'll make it worth your while.

But I'm warning you,
it's no piece of cake.


Sure thing.
Riton's not with you?

No, that's just it.
I'll explain on the way.

Count me in.

There's something
I gotta do first.

Hi, Max. There's fish soup,
and roast chicken.

Take a look.

Looks nice, but I'm not eating.

Step outside.



I'm on a job that may turn nasty.

I'm leaving you a few grand,
just in case.

If I get into hot water,
it'll cover for the lawyers and packages.

You're the best.

Let's go, kid.


- Hello?
- Chez Bouche?

- This is it.
- ls Max there?

Mr Max?

- Who's calling?
- It's Angelo.

You're out of luck!
He's just left.

Is he coming back?

I have no idea.

Open the door for me.

It's occupied.
There's someone there now.

Open up. It's me, Max.

I can't open now!

I tell you it's Max.

What did I tell you?

- I want to talk to you.
- I'm busy.

You gonna whine now?

Well then...

Tell me what happened.

What happened?

I can explain, Max...

- Were you here?
- No.

Then beat it.
I'm talking to Josy.


Riton was here.

They jumped him when he walked in.


- First, Jojo...
- Where was Jojo?

There, behind the door.
I'll show you.

He slugged him.

So he was in your room?

After you saw us together,

Angelo sent him over
to protect me from Riton.

Jojo makes one.
Who else was there?

Angelo was waiting next door
with Ramon.

But I didn't know.

Not until the porter phoned them.

I recognised Angelo's voice,
just before Riton knocked.

That's a lie.

That's for starters.

So let's hear it.
That's my advice.

I told them he was coming up.
Maybe I was wrong to.

You sure were.

Where did they take him?

I don't know, Max.
If I did, I'd tell you right away.

And Angelo's hideout?

Where did you make love?

In a hotel.

In a hotel!

- You know too much or too little!
- No, Max.

Who asked you?

Do you know anything?

No, Mr Max. Honest to God,
I don't have any addresses.

What did they pay to shut you up?

50,000 francs.

Let's have it.

I'll deal with you two later.

What should I do, Max?

They wanted to take me, too.
But I ran away.

Why did you come back?

To get my things.

But I have no place to go.
Lola doesn't have room.

Poor little lost bitch!




Small world, isn't it?

Shove over.

How's Angelo?

How should I know?

We'll soon find out.

- Is Pierrot in?
- Yes, Mr Max.

Hello, Fats.
I need your help.

- What is it?
- But not if it bugs your woman.

Relax. Tell me.

Angelo and his boys
are giving me a hard time.

It started last night,

and this morning
they nabbed Riton.

I want to know where they took him.

- Angelo?
- Mm-hmm. Come with me.


The cellar's better.

- What are you gonna do?
- You'll find out, girlie! Move!

We're under the Metro.

Nobody will hear your screams.


Now talk.

But I didn't do anything.

You weren't following me
to offer me candy. Punk!

Angelo wanted to know
where you stashed your loot.

- What loot?
- Tell him.

Angelo said you pulled a 50 million job.

It was you two?

Keep going.

He said if we nabbed you or Riton,
the other would squeal.

Where's Riton?

I don't know! I swear to God!

We're wasting our time.

Take off his jacket.

Listen good, Fifi.
We're gonna beat the crap out of you.

If you tell us where Riton is,
we'll save time.

If you don't, you'll be real sorry.



What are you doing here?
Who invited you?

There's a call for Max.

For me? Who from?

He'll call back.

I don't get it.

How can he know I'm here?

- I know how.
- Then talk.

Untie me first.


Stay with him.

Is it Angelo?


- Hello? ls that you, Max?
- Yes.

- This is Angelo. You hear me?
- Yes.

Listen. There's no time to lose.
You want Riton back alive?

I'm listening.

I've got nothing against Riton or you.

All I want is the loot,
and within the hour.

I'll put Riton on
so you know he's here.

- Hello, Max?
- Yes, yes, it's me.

Don't give in.

Put Angelo on again.

Don't give in, Max.

Put him on, I said.

You heard him?

If you care about his health,
you better act quick.

You get me, Max?


I propose a set-up
that gives us equal guarantees.


Break out the rods
and bring that louse Fifi up.

Now listen good.
Put the loot in your car.


We're moving.

We're taking him upstairs.

- You're gonna do some work.
- Sure thing.

Nights are for sleeping.
I do my business during the day.

Let me get a word in!

You can say what you like.

I hate being woken up.

I can never get back to sleep.

Listen, I'm in a jam.

I need my merchandise right now.

Have Eugene bring my cases down.
ls he there?

I'll have to wake him up.

I'll be over in 10 minutes.

Thanks a lot.
Sorry for the bother.

Put it down here.

Sit down.

Help me with the hardware.

What do you want?

Come in and shut the door.

Thanks a lot, Max.

I'm sorry, Marinette.
Someone's on my back.

I had no choice.
We'll tell you about it later.

If we feel like it!

Take him with you.

I'll be right down.

You'll get your man back in no time.
You have my word.

At my age,
there's no second chance.

I said you have my word.

You're leaving me here?
How am I gonna get back?

Try hunting snails, fella.

Pass me the goods.

Hear that?

It must be them.

Here they come.

Looks like it.

Take it off.
What does it matter now?

Soon enough.

Get out, Riton.


Bastien, go ahead
and watch out.

Hey, Marco...

- That's me, Marco.
- Don't say hello!

Good evening.

Over this way.

Search them, Riton.

- Clean.
- That'll do.

Get moving.

Put them down there.

Now back off.


I hope these gentlemen aren't armed.

No, we're not.

Nor are we.

Marco, over here.


May I?

It's OK.

Ain't we lucky!

Let's go.

Wait till we're in the car.

Till then, no one moves.


Are you coming with us?

How about it?
I'd like to get to bed.

We're off. Behave yourselves.
For your own good.

Come on...

Move it!

I tell you, they had two cars.

I was blindfolded,
but I heard the other engine.


Take cover!

Move back more.
We're in the open.

I think I sprained something.

Turn around.


They got him good.

They won't get away with it.

We won't get far in this.

Get their car, fast.

Go and get Marco.

Where the hell are they?

Here they come!

Floor it!

The tyres!
Aim for the tyres!

Give me a hand! The loot!





Let's get out of here.


Thank you, Max.

You shouldn't all be in here.

He needs peace and quiet.

What do you think, Doctor?


He's tough.

He's already awake.

Still here, Max?

So, porcupine-head?

Pierrot, tell him to go.

Where's the fire?

Go out, Max.
Show yourself.

Go to the restaurant.

What time is it?

Six in the morning.

Riton's right.
You'd better leave.

I'm off.

- See you later, Doctor.
- Goodbye, Max.


You can come back after lunch.

See you later.

See you later.


You and your theories!

You gotta stop going to the pictures.

I never go to the pictures.
They hurt my eyes.

Get yourself glasses!

So, what about it?

The papers made it all up!

But it's Angelo's photo!

What does a photo prove?

You could be run over tomorrow,

and your picture will be
in the papers with any old story.

So the Orly job is just a stunt?

He didn't say that.

But it wasn't Angelo.

Angelo would never get mixed up
in something like that.

- Bouche, my cigarettes...
- I'm all out.

But it was Angelo in the car
with the loot, wasn't it?

How do you know it was him?

They found his ring.

The old ring trick!

You can ask him.


Hello, Max.

- You're not so bad looking.
- Thank you.

My friend Betty.
You haven't met her.

I've told you about Madame Bouche.

- Madame.
- Madame.

Sit down there.


Excuse me.

- How about it, Max?
- What?

- Haven't you seen the papers?
- Sure, why?

You knew Angelo.
Tell him what you think.

We've been discussing it.

That's good of you,
but I'm going to have lunch.

- Max...
- What?

How do you do it?

Well, you know...

That old devil Max.

Order what you like.
I'm having roast beef.

I have to make a call.

- Hello?
- Nana? Get me Mr Pierrot.

Hold the line.


It's Mr Max on the phone.

Riton's dead, Max.

Are you coming over?

I only just arrived at Bouche's.

Leaving now would look funny.

You're right.

Take your time eating.
The main thing's to be seen in public.

Sure. See you later.

You wear glasses now?
I never noticed.

They're for reading.

You'll need them soon enough.

- Tell me...
- What?

Do I hold onto your money?

For the time being.

- Are you ready for us?
- Go and sit down.

I'm not mad!
You're a bore!

Let's hear your story.

- But you know it.
- No, I don't.

Well, it's too late.

And he says he's not mad.

Say, Max,
B?bert's angry about Angelo.

Just deal and shut up.

- Do you mind?
- Not at all. What's the ante?

- 3,000.
- If you want.