Touch the Sun: Top Enders (1988) - full transcript

Two children get stranded in the desert in Australia's Top End.

♪ On the north ♪
♪ coast of Australia ♪

♪ By the Arafura Sea ♪

♪ There's my lovely ♪
♪ home called Darwin ♪

♪ In the Northern Territory ♪

♪ She's a jewel of a city ♪

♪ And I hope she'll always be... ♪

[Woman] No no no, put
it off the accelerator

and down on the clutch!

Watch the road, Alice!


What are you doing!

(girl laughs)

♪ Oh she's a multi-racial beauty

♪ She's an adolescent girl...

You better let me
drive home, hey?

The more practice
I get the better.

What if she collapses
a real one done

have a heart attack?

I'd have to take
over wouldn't I?

(loud rock music)


[Alice] Oh no, Mick Nichols.


You wanna race?

Come on!

(engine revs)

Alice don't do that.

Calm down.

(family yelling)

Don't do that!

(tires screech)


Pull over straight away!

(frogs croaking)

[Alice] Mick always
picks on me at school.

He can't stand a girl
being smarter than him.

He gets everyone
to gang up on me.

Even the girls.

He's such a show off.

A real prawnhead.

You could be one too ya know.

It's probably why
you don't get along.

'Cause you can see in him

tons of things you
don't particularly

like in yourself.


Good night darling.

[Alice] We're
alright aren't we mum?

What do you mean?

Have we got enough money?

No I know we haven't.

What I mean is

we're not different are we?

Well, not everyone's
mum works in a casino.

We're just people Alice.

We're just normal
people trying to get by

the best way we can.

But we do have one
thing extra special.

That's you and me, kid.

That's what we got.


Is that enough?

I guess so.

You go to sleep.

See ya later alligator.

In a while crocodile.

(dog barking)


G'day, Susie.

[Sue] You're not
staying here Jack.

So you're broke eh?

Not all that different.

[Jack] Grown up Susie, honest.

I haven't been near a
race track in four years.

[Sue] Really.

Been in jail again, have you?

[Jack] Give it a break.

[Sue] Why, why should I?

When did you ever
give me a break?

What are you doing
back here anyway?

I was in this band

and the bass player
had a big ego problem

and I tried to...

And they sacked ya.

Not exactly.

Anyway I...

I thought I'd come
up and see you.

Where's Alice?

You can't see her.

[Jack] Why not?

[Sue] She's away.

Staying with friends.

Well how is she?

Oh now don't tell me,
I bet she's great.

Yeah she is.

I've been thinking
about you guys

a lot down in Sydney.

Remember that song I wrote?

When Alice was born?

Well I still sing it.


Still hittin' the booze ey?

Was, babe.

Not anymore.



We're on our own ey?

Don't do that please.

You should be in bed darling.


Do you know who I am?

'Course I do.

You're my useless,
no good father.

Well you certainly told him.

When's he going?

I don't know.

It's a free country I
can't run him out of town.

The police could.

Get the police onto him.


Why not?

He's a criminal!

He's not!

He got into trouble
a few years ago

but he's paid for that.

And he shouldn't be here!

He shouldn't be allowed near us!

You can get the cops to say

he can't come near us.

Only if he's a nuisance.

Well he is.

You divorced him years ago.

I didn't.

We only separated.

You should get a divorce
so he has to go away.

He's your father Alice,
he does have some rights.

Now would you just calm down

you're gettin' this whole
thing right out of proportion.

Why didn't you get a divorce?

Maybe I didn't want to.

Where do you think you're going?



I have to duck out to
the principal's office

for a minute so I'm gonna
leave you in charge alright?

You know what to do.

(rap dance music)

(children cheering)

Isn't he great?

(music stops)

I could hear this racket
from the principal's office!

Don't look at me.

Sorry Miss.

A nice demonstration Mick,

but it might be better
saved for the concert

don't you think?

I'd like to but I won't be here.

I'm going back to the
rodeo with my uncle.

[Jack] ♪ It's a place
where everyone's your mate

♪ It's a war

♪ We all feel great

♪ A land where you can
be any color you like

♪ Everything's much easier
if you have to be white... ♪

[Tourist] What a
cute lookin' family.

You think they'd mind
if I took their picture?

What time are we
getting to Katherine?

I don't know mate.

[Woman] How do you like
your new teacher Mick?

She says you're
getting on alright

with the other kids.

They're just kids aren't they.

[Woman] So are you.

[Mick] Look at him,
what does he think he is?

(guitar playing)

[Jack] Hey, sweetheart!

Is that him?

How'd ya guess.

See ya Alice.

Hi Mister A.

Loved your music.

So, bye!

Come let a guy buy
you a thick shake?

How're you doing this?

You're not that desperate
for money are you?

No but I enjoy it.

They do too.

It's good fun.

How's school?

[Teacher] Hello Alice.

How ya doing?


(patrons applaud)

[Jack] Thank you!

What'll it be Alice?

Thick shake?


French fries?

Well at least you got
in the car with me.

I'm just keeping an
eye on your profiting.

That's quite a tongue
you got on ya kid.

I'm not a kid!


Did mum say you
could take the car out

or did you just help yourself?

I suppose you'll
have to pay this too.

Thanks for the hamburger.

See ya.

No I'm comin' in.

Until your mum gets home.

She'll be home soon.

Anyway I'm used to
being on my own.

No I've got something
I want you to hear.

♪ I love you in the morning ♪

♪ In the nighttime too ♪

♪ I love you when you are ♪

♪ Just being you... ♪

Remember this?

Can't say I do.

Come on.

I used to play it all the
time when you were little.

I don't remember.

[Mick] I've always
gone with you.

I thought we were mates.

[Man] We are mate.

But your auntie Kath's right.

It's not life for a kid.

And she promised your mum
you'd go to high school.

But I hate school.

I can't do any of that stuff.

Kath's been talking
to your teacher.

She reckons you're
a really great kid.

And with a bit of extra
hard work you can catch up.

I don't want to catch up.

I want to be a rodeo champion.

You didn't go to high school.


And what sort of
future have I got?

What am I going to do
when I get too old for it?

Could do cattle mustering.

They're using
helicopters for that now.

You could come with me
during the holidays.


I want you to do me a favour.

Would you look
after these for me?

And when they get tarnished

you give it a little polish.

Hey what do you reckon mate?

[Mick] I'm gonna meet
my uncle Roy in Katherine.

He reckons I'll bring him luck.

[Boy] You won't be allowed.

[Mick] Yeah?

We'll see.

Good morning Alice.

You didn't tell me your
father was a musician.

Ah yeah.

Well he seems like a
very interesting man.

Yeah he does seem like
a very interesting man.

Ah Mick.

You are gonna be
able to rap for us

at the concert now aren't you?

Mick's decided to stay in town.

And we're very pleased
to have you Mick.

Stuck with you are we?

Shut up.

[Boy] Good luck charm, hey Mick?

(country music)

You wanna go for
a walk on the beach?

This is more fun.


What are you doing later on?

I've gotta work.


I thought we could go
somewhere romantic for dinner.

You're going troppo Jack.

All that stuff's over between us

we're just mates.

Is that all we are?

Just mates?

Don't do this to me Jack

I've been okay for six years

I don't wanna go
through it all again.

G'day sweetheart.

Planning a holiday?

School project.

Kakadu National Park.

Seems like a pretty nice place.

Maybe the three of us could
go there together someday ey?

My project's gotta
be in next week.

Had a bit of a yawn to
your teacher the other day.


[Jack] Yeah.

Well anyway she says
you're smart as a whip.

Should go a long way.

Academically or the tops.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well what do you think it means?

I don't know, you tell me.

It means your manners
are right down the hole.

She said that.

[Jack] No I said that.


Ever since I've got back

you've been behaving
like a spoiled brat.

Now I realize I haven't
been exactly what you call

the best of fathers.

So I've been pretty tolerant
about the whole thing.

I don't believe this.


Listen Alice.

I just want us to have a go

at being a proper
family alright?

No it's not alright.

You think you can
just come and go

whenever you'd like and
we'll be waiting for you.

Well you're wrong.

And you're not
allowed to come here!

This is my place!

Don't you ever come here again!

Now listen sweetie...

You listen sweetie!



Come back here!

[Teacher] Thank you.



Anyone seen Mick Nichols today?

He's sick Miss.


Homework, Alice.

Didn't do it.

And why not?

Didn't feel like it.

I see.

(muffled rock music)

[Sue] What's this I
hear about you giving

Jack a hard time ey?

[Alice] What's that racket?

[Sue] Jack's just rehearsing
some people for his band

he put an ad in the newspaper.

[Alice] You let him?

How am I supposed
to do my homework?

Well he couldn't do
it where he was staying.

I told him just this once.

Just this once, just this twice,

then only three times a week,

then he might as
well just move in.

You know what he's like.

How am I gonna do
my homework now?

Hey come on.

How could you?

You said you'd never have
him back after the last time.

Took you years to
parve the harpit

just on his band stuff and
now he's doing it again.

And he'll keep on doing
it as long as you let him.

You're gonna take
him back, aren't you.

It's not that simple.

Whether you like it or not
Alice he's a part of our lives.

Don't be so hard on everyone.

Sometimes people make mistakes.

[Alice] And sometimes they
make the same mistakes twice.

You know what your
trouble is mum.

You just let people
walk all over you.

And you know what
your trouble is?

You think you're the only person

with feelings about anything!

(loud rock music)

Lets say we go to that
pizza place for tea.

I don't have to work 'til eight.

Just the two of us.

I rang Marta's (mumbles) early.

She's gonna help me
finish my project.

I'll stay there tonight.

Mm, okay.

See ya later alligator.

Yeah, see ya.

[Intercom] This is the
final calls for passengers

traveling to Kakadu
and Alice Springs.

Your coaches are now
ready for departure

in (mumbles) terminal.

Please board immediately.

[Driver] Tickets
please, thank you.


My mum's got it.

[Driver] Thank you, tickets.

I'd like to remind passengers

in the interest of
hygiene and comfort

the consumption of food
and drink on the bus

is expressly forbidden.

Refreshments can be
purchased at our next stop,

on the left hand side you will
see the Darwin crocodiles...

You're a little young to be
travelin' on your own honey.

I'm doing a project
on Kakadu National Park.

I'm meeting my mum there.

Oh that's a beautiful place.

All those beautiful
Aboriginal paintings.

Just gorgeous, we
did it yesterday.

But isn't this
bus going to Kakadu?

No honey, it's going
to Alice Springs.

We're gonna do Ayers Rock.

'Scuse me.

Please stop the bus,
I'm gonna throw up!

[Male Passenger]
Why we stoppin' here?

[Driver] Hey you!

Who had that kid?

That's all I need, I'll
have to report her.

We can't have stop here.

[Female Passenger]
But she's ill.

[Driver] Ill I though, she
just didn't have a ticket,

I was checkin' the book.

Now back in your
seats everyone please!

[Male Passenger] I'd love
a cup of coffee, driver.

[Mick] Alice!

Mick, stop!


[Mick] Can you
stop a minute please?

[Man] Sorry mate I don't
want to get into any trouble.

Go on, out ya go, go on.

[Alice] Mick, Mick wait!

It took me a day
to get that ride.

You didn't have to get out.

Whatcha doin' here anyway?

I'm meeting Roy in Katherine.

Thought he dumped ya in Darwin.

Who told ya that?

Mai, she said you'd run away.

Well she got it wrong,

but I bet you did.

Only for a few days.

'Til mum comes to her senses.

Then I'll go back.

Well, see ya.

Where ya goin'?

Down the road a bit.

More chance hookin' you a
ride if you're on your own.

Tell you what,

you'll get a longer ride
if you're on a truck

and seem grateful.

And keep yacking.

Helps 'em stay awake.

See ya.


[Mick] I told you we'll
never get a ride together.

Who said I wanted to
get a ride with you.

I'm just going up the road a bit

so I get the first
one that comes along.

Ladies first.

Not many cars are there.

Could've been in
Katherine by now.

Oh alright, you don't
have to rub it in.

Mars bar?

[Dealer] Place your bets
please ladies and gentleman.

Thank you.

No more bets.

17 black.

Thank you sir.

Place your bets.



You look weird.

Well I got to, they don't
employ women over 25 up here.

Do you reckon I pass?

Nah, look like
mutton dressed as lamb.

You can talk.

What are you doing
up here anyway?

Lookin' for you babe.

Hasn't Alice given
you the lecture

on the dangers of gambling?

That kid's got
right out of hand.

[Sue] She has not.

She's a very bright,
responsive, intelligent,

affectionate young woman.

She's too smart.

Yes she is, and thanks
very much but I'll deal with

all that in my own sweet way.

Just as I've dealt with
every other problem

concerning her for
over six years.

I'm terribly sorry sir,
I'll have to ask you to leave.

Oh I'm with...

Dress rules prohibit
the wearing of denim

in the confines of the casino.

[Jack] Yeah alright
hands off the merchandise.

How long's Mick been gone?

Since yesterday
but I'm real sure

he's on way to Katherine.

He was really upset when Roy
didn't take him with him.

Have you told the police?

No way.

They'd just lock him up.

Put a message out on
the yalunga radio but

richest all the Aboriginal
communities down there.

They'll look out for him.

Maybe she went with Mick?

Why would she want
to go to Katherine's?

Nothing there.

Why would she go with
Mick, she can't stand him.

She's not too keen
on him anyway.

Well you'd better
call the police.

No not yet.

Why not?

My family my problem.

I don't want the law
stickin' its nose in.

Anyway I think I
know where she is.

See ya.

[Kath] You stay in that
bath Maurine, or else!

I'll get the rodeo to
put a message out for her,

just in case.


[Kath] Maurine!

G'day, too hot to be walkin' ey?

Get in!

(country music on radio)

Lovely day isn't it.

Have you driven far?

Been on the road
seven, eight hours.

(horn blares)

Wake up ya mongrel!

Look you're pretty
drunk, I mean,

you're pretty tired.

How 'bout letting me
drive for a while?

I do know how to
drive, don't I Mick.


You gotta be kiddin'.

No Sheila's gonna
drive my pride and joy.

[Alice] Stop the car please.


Wake up Mick?

[Driver] What's wrong with you!

[Mick] What are you doing?

Why did we get out?

You should be grateful
I saved your life.

I don't believe it.

We'll get another ride.

Come on.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm staying right here.


Alright suit yourself.

Mum my bag for me will ya?

What are ya doing now?

[Alice] Mick!

Mick quick!



Where are you!

Thought you'd been bitten
by a snake or something.

I found our next ride.

This river doesn't
go to Katherine.

How would you know?

I just do.

Isn't there a
river at Katherine?

Yeah but...


Trust me.

We can't just take it.

The owner might be around.


Can you see anyone?

I can't see anyone.

Maybe they dumped it.

You know, like old cars.

With a petrol tank in it?


Do you want to get
to Katherine or not?

I'll go and get my bag.

Keep an eye out for crocs.

[Alice] Uh oh, what's that?

[Mick] That's a log stupid.

That's the real thing.

Well where else could she be?

How on Earth would I know?

Well you're a mother you
should make it your business

and all instead of
lettin' her run wild,

comin' and going
whenever she likes.

Shut up!

(engine sputters)

I told you to put
petrol in it today,

I even gave you the money!

I did, look!

Full tank!

Must be the battery.

Well if was your idea
to keep the lights on.

We'll have to clutch start it,

get out and push.

You get out and push!

Well take the handbrake off!

This is the life.

Coulda been there by now.

Here we go again.

You sound like a broken record.

It'll be your fault
if he's not there.

If he's expecting
you he'll wait for you.

He doesn't know
I'm coming, does he.


So you did run away.

You want some?

I want a thick shake
and french fries.

(animal growls)


Look out for the red spots.

You know, their eyes.

Better not lef the fire go out.

Keeps the snakes away.

(animal growls)

(water splashes)

(engine starts up)

[Jack] Hey wait!

[Man] You want me
to throw you in there

and make you a crock breakfast?

[Alice] Leave us alone.

You got no right.

You had no right
stealin' my boat.

It's government property.

You can go to jail for that.

But how'd you find us?

[Man] Whose idea was it?

Don't you know
there's a fire ban?

Don't know where you
thought you were going,

the river doesn't go anywhere.

Go on, get your bags.

And hurry up.

Missing person's report out
on you two on yulunga radio.

You kids are gonna be in big
trouble when you get back ey?

You're crazy.

Yeah you're right,
we might as well just

give up.

406 to VKM.


Come back!

[Alice] What are you doing?

[Mick] You want him to find us?

Just help me push.

Okay, let it go.

How much money you got left?

It's in the boat.


You think he meant
it about jail?

Just remember.

It was your idea
to steal the boat.

[Alice] Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

Only two dollars a photo.

A bargain at twice the price.

Last chance!

Hurry hurry hurry!

Don't miss out on the
chance of a lifetime.

Only two dollars to
get your picture taken

with a genuine
Australian Aborigini.

Only two dollars a photo!

Chance of a lifetime!

A bargain at twice the price.

Can he maybe say something
in Aboriginal for me?

(speaks in Aboriginal)


What did he say?

He said that'll be extra.

I'm never gonna do that again.

I thought you
looked rather cute.

Say something in
Aborginal little boy!

Well at least you
made it sound real.

It was!

Was it?

[Mick] Yes.

I can speak the language.

That's what all my family
there in Katherine can speak.



So what'dya say then?

I said I was only
doing this because

some prawnhead was stupid enough
to leave their bag behind.

(dog barks)

[Alice] Where'd he come from?

[Mick] Give him your hamburger!

[Alice] Why me?

I don't think he
likes hamburgers.

Strange isn't it?

Here boy.

Nice boy.

Here boy, nice boy.

He likes me, bud.

(dog barking)

Shoo boy, get!

Go on get lost!



Shoo, get!

Go on!

Get lost!


Go on!

I've gotta find Roy.

He'll get a nice surprise.


What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

I'll take in the sights.


You'll need it more than me.



Yeah, well

see ya!

Yeah see ya!

[Mick] Come on boy!

(Aboriginal music)

Where's the rodeo?

Gone mate, since yesterday.

[Boy] Hey Mick!

Mum, Mick's here!




Come on.

Leave him alone Kevin,
he's had a long trip.

I told Kath you'd end up here.

She was worried sick
sbout you, you know.

[Girl] Cut it out Kevin!

Where's Lyle?

Lyle's out at the
outstation with the men.

Roy reckons he might
be able to pop in

and see them on his way
through to Mount Isa.

Lyle's a big boy
now, not like you.

You were always
on the small side.

You look like your dad.

Lyle's about to
become a man now.

It'll be your turn next.

I'm not gonna get initiated.

That stuff's stupid.

Well they might
not have you anyway,

the way you've been mucking up.

Stop it Kevin!


Kevin I wish you'd
stop doing that.

Have some onions.

No thanks auntie Elva
I'm not really hungry.

[Elva] Well you get
that lot into you.

It's going to be
a long trip back.


I promised Kath I'd put
you on the bus to Darwin

soon as you got here.

But I don't want to go back!

Well that's for you
and Kath to work out.

Kevin behave yourself.

(dog growls)

[Bus Driver] Attention all
passengers catching the bus

from Katherine to Darwin,
your coach is ready

for remaining depature
so all aboard please.

This is the first and
final warning call

for all passengers traveling
from Katherine to Darwin,

so all aboard please.

Thank you.

Come on Mick.

You can't take that
dog on the bus.

[Bus Driver] Get that
dog out of here, will ya?

(dog whines)

(dog barks)

Everything alright dear?

Hey, come back!


[Sue] Alice!




[Boy] I wanna go to the toilet.

Mick, Mick!

Get in quick!

What's wrong?

The cops are after me!

(dog barking)

Wait hang on a sec.

I can't leave him.

[Alice] Hurry will you!

[Mick] Where ya going?

[Alice] Anywhere.

Wanna take me out east?

Got nowhere else to go.

Where are we going?

[Mick] To the outstation.

Auntie Elva said Roy'd be there.

[Alice] Then what were
you doing on the bus?

Auntie Elva was sending
me back to Darwin.

[Alice] They're all insane.

[Mick] Who?

[Alice] Adults.

[Mick] Yeah.

Ow, watch it!

Which way?

That way!

[Alice] How do you know?

[Mick] What are you doing!

[Alice] Trust me.

[Mick] That won't fool anybody.

[Alice] We'll see.

[Mick] So how'd
you learn to drive?

[Alice] I got mum to teach me.

She said girls have
gotta be independant

and not rely on
men for everything.

I agree.

None of this would've
happened if you'd

brought that kid up right.

I tell ya certain
things are gonna change

now that I'm back.

Two, we want two rooms please.

Things have changed, hey Jack?

(both laughing)

[Alice] What am I gonna do?

[Mick] You can't stay here.

Besides there might
be crocs here.

And dogs bring them.

It's true what I said
about the crocodiles.

I don't care if
a croc does get me.

Bush fires!

They're fellows
hunting for wallaby.

They smoke them out.

That's cruel.

It's food, for
them and those crows.

They hang around
for the leftovers.

[Alice] No?

[Mick] Like vultures.

You wanna go back?


You can't come with me when
we get to the outstation.

Who said I wanted to?

Oh no!

(car engine sputters)

We've run out of petrol!

What do I do if it comes out?

[Mick] Catch it, stupid.

[Alice] Do goannas bite?

Only if you put your
hand near its mouth.

[Alice] Actually
I'm not really hungry.

[Mick] It tastes real good.


Where'd you learn all
this stuff anyway?

My mum taught me.

She at the outstation too?


Well is she dead?


Where is she then?

In the Kimberlies.

I don't like the bloke
she's living with.

So Roy said he'd look after me.

We've got the same Dreaming.

Smoke Dreaming.

I'm Church of England myself.

You don't believe all
that stuff do you?

You believe that Moses
parted the Red Seas

and all those other
miracles and things?


Dunno what I believe any more.

So where's your dad?

You know what?

[Alice] What.

You talk too much.

I suppose we work
our conscious out

something like this that...

(knock on door)

Well if it's good
for me, that's good..

Go away Jack.

(Aboriginal folk music)

[Singer] Thank you very
much ladies and gentleman

after a short break.

Nice guitar.

Cheap japanese (mumbles)

Yeah where'd you get it?

I said where'd you
get the guitar, punk?!

Hey man listen to me.

But this is my guitar!

It was in my wife's car
being driven by my daughter

now what have you
done with her, huh?

Someone call the coppers!

If ya think you
could take down ya...

Hey cool it man I've never
seen the guitar before.

[Cop 1] Yeah tell
me about one really.

I've not done anything man!

[Cop 1] You'll wanna
pull your head in.

[Cop 2] Cheap japanese rubbish.

Kindof a surprise in
this part of the country.

[Cop 1] Which one
of you mob's Charlie?

That's him there.

Your mate's blamin' ya.

You'd better come
inside for a chat, hey?

He reckons he found
it out on East Road.

About fiteen K's out.

Well what are you waiting for!

We're waiting for the dawn sir.

We won't see anything
if we go out there now.

Haven't you got
any black-trackers?

They're not supermen sir.

They're human beings
like you and me.

They can't see in the dark.


It'll only be a few hours now.

Yeah meanwhile my
kid's stuck out there

in the middle of nowhere...

We'll keep our friend there
in the lockup here overnight.

And I suggest that if you
don't want to join him,

you'll go back to
your motel room,

and get a bit of shuteye.


Oh great idea, let's
go on our beddy byes, hey?

I think you could do with a bit

of beauty sleep too.


[Mick] Why don't
you like your dad?

[Alice] It's a long story.

You don't want to hear it.

I talk too much remember?

[Mick] I didn't mean it.

What's wrong with him?

[Alice] I don't
know, everything.

Well not everything, but nearly.

At least, he's unreliable.

[Mick] That's not so bad.

[Alice] It is when you
don't turn up at a concert

that you're supposed to
be playing your guitar at

'cause your six-year-old
daughter's gonna sing a song

that you wrote
especially for her

and made a big deal
about it being her song

and no one was gonna
play it with her

except you 'cause it
was their special song.

So he didn't turn
up for a concert.

Where did he go instead?


And I had to sing
the song without him

and he couldn't of cared less.

He was thousands
of kilometers away.

Why did he leave?

I dunno.

Don't care either.

So what do goannas
really taste like?

Dunno, never caught one.

That rotten dog's got fleas.

They're all over me.

Hey, watch the doogo.

Where's the other Toyota?

It's out in the DUI.

You take him.

[Cop 2] Out!

Where was it?


Where exactly?

Right there (mumbles)

Put her down here.

Looks like she's heading south.



It's too simple.

If you're running from
the cops you don't

leave clues hanging
around like that

unless you want 'em found.

Yeah you'd know wouldn't ya.

[Jack] She's settin'
up a false trail.

Look the girl is twelve, right?

But she's my kid, I
know how she thinks.

She thinks like me.

Dead tricky.

What's he on about?

He doesn't know what
he's talking about.

[Cop 2] Look, tell
'em to swing it south.

Shake 'em up in (mumbles) Creek,

find out where the
flying doctor is,

get him to send a
caravan out here.

It's gonna be a long day.

[Charlie] There was two of them.


And a dog.

Your legs are amazing,

I mean no footprints nothin'.

How do you do it?

I passed them on the road.

They were going that way, east.

Why didn't ya say somethin'?

Ya kiddin' me man?

Look at the trouble I got
into finding that guitar.

Get in the car.


Just get in the car.

Hey what are you
doin' with me car!

Should I go after him Sarge?

No no no, leave him.

He might be right.

For once in his life.

At least he's out
of my flamin' hair.

You can use alcohol for fuel.

Since when?

We did it in science.

Of course you wouldn't know.

Oh yeah?



(engine sputters)

Well that was a great idea.

You got any better ones?

We'll have to walk.

Can't be that far.

Besides there'll be water
in them ridges over there.

How do you know?

[Mick] Look, I know.

I've heard that one before.


White people are told never
to leave their vehicles.

What's that for?

I don't want the
dog to run away do I?

I'm not leaving here.

Look, no one knows we're here.

You made sure of that.

Besides, I know a shortcut.

Come on.

[Cop 1] She must
be headed south.

There's been no
word from up north.

[Cop 2] You realize we'll
have to charge the kid

for stealing the boat.

Did a lot of damage to it.

Least $300.

She could be out there dead

and that's all you can think of.

Anything out of
Wayne's CB, constable?

Not as quick, I reckon
it's been turned off.

Your husband's an idiot Sue.

He's gone and turned
his flamin' radio off.

He means for the best.

[Charlie] Hey
stop here for a sec!

[Jack] Hey where ya goin!

Don't want any more stuff man.

You stay on this
road, you'll find 'em.

No sweat.

What's up now?

Trying to remember
the landmarks.

Every hill has its own name.

You've never even been here.

Yes I have, when I was a kid.

We've gotta go that way.


And get more lost?

You don't really
know where we are.

It's not a shortcut at all.

I don't know why you made me
come here in the first place.

I didn't make you come,

I don't know why you did.

What're you gonna do
when we get there?

Can't be too far now.

Come on, let's go
find some water.

[Alice] Mick!


Must be under the next ridge.

(bird cawing)

[Alice] Look out!


[Mick] Run boy!

(Alice screams)

Who is it?

It's my dad.

Is he dead?

No he's not dead.

Take it easy mate!


Any water?

Alice is just looking.

Are you sure you know
where you're going?

'Course I do.

Get the map.

Hello, hello!

Is anybody there?

Come in!

He's so hopeless, he
never gets anything right.

Least he found us.

Maybe your people will find us.

They don't know where we are.

I'll have to find them.

Mick, you can't just leave us.

What if he...

I haven't got any choice.

What else can I do?


(dog barks)

Get away from it!

It'll kill you, you stupid dog!

Stop it!

Come here boy, come here!

(dog yelps)

Couldn't kill it.

It's my Dreaming.

[Alice] Dad?

[Jack] Eh?

[Alice] Thanks for coming.

[Jack] Don't mention it.



I'm sorry about all this.

It's my fault.

No it's mine.

No it's mine.

You just didn't think.

Look dad I'm not gonna argue,

it's my fault and I want

you to know I'm sorry.

About everything.

Thank you Alice.

But don't you worry.

I shoulda stayed in Sydney.

Why did you leave Dad?


No I meant us.

That last time.

Why didn't you turn
up at my concert?

I waited and waited for you.

I dunno Alice.

I had a big fight
with your mum and,

I just sorta took off.

Things weren't workin' out
between me and your mum.

She was gettin' all
chewed up inside.

Gettin', what she used to call,

tension headaches
everytime she looked at me.


[Jack] Yeah.

She hasn't had those for years.

You're a little ripper Alice.

Streets ahead.

I wish it could
have been alright Dad.

Between you and mum.

And me.

(singing an Aboriginal song)

(singing Jack's song)

(speaking Aboriginal)

Did anyone ever tell you

you've got beautiful
eyes sweetheart?

Did anyone ever tell you
you've got a big mouth?

(women laugh)

[Roy] I should
give you a belting.

You're crazy that's
what you are.

And what were you doing
bringing them here?

You know white fellas
aren't allowed to come here.

Let alone white girls!

We've got men's
ceremonies going on.

I never thought
you'd be so stupid!

And you!

You'll all have to stay
here in women's camp

until the cops get here.

Come on!

It's time you grew up.

(didgeridoo music)

You don't have to go
through with it Mick.

Not if you don't wanna.

Not if you're scared.

[Mick] I can take it Roy.

Yeah I know you can.

Now shut up.

(didgeridoo playing)

[Jack] The circus'd
come to town.

[Cop 2] You alright mate?


Just as well, that
car's gonna cost ya.

Alright, you're
should end up in the

children's court on Monday.

[Jack] Oi!

Leave her alone.

Stealing and damaging
government property.

Stealing a motor vehicle.

Take it easy now.

[Cop 2] Driving
without a license.

What do ya think
about that Alice?

[Alice] Sorry.

What was that?

I didn't hear you.

[Alice] Sorry!

Well, it nearly worked.

Don't kid yourself mate
you never had a chance.

Still mates though, hey?

Dad I think you should
come back Darwin with us.

And stay.

Well at least 'til your
leg's fixed and then...

Well you know, whatever.

Are you sayin'

that I should come home with ya?


What do you mean no?

No, but thanks for the offer.

It's the best
present I ever had.

And I know it's from the heart.


I've got a present
for you too Alice.

Thanks Dad.

So where are you
heading after this?


I'm stayin' put.

You know that guy
who found my guitar?

Well he shot through and
they need another guitarist.

I've got some really
great plans for 'em, ey.

(Sue laughs)

Don't tell me I don't
wanna hear about it.

Come up for Christmas
if you're still around.

I gotta come up.

Gotta to to Alice's
school concert don't I?

I wouldn't miss it
this time sweetheart.


God look at the smoke!

Remember you've got
certain responsibilities

now you got initiated.

Not allowed to lie
or steal things.

Or swear, or cheat.

And you're not allowed to chase

other men's wives either!

'Course I won't, Roy.

You must remember everything

you've been taught out there.

Everything you've seen is yours.

Respect it, and don't forget it.

[Elva] I hope your
car makes it back.

So do I.

Say hello to Kath for me, ey?

I'll see you on the holidays.

Make sure Kath's kids don't
get their hands on them.

From now on I'm doing
the driving right?

Do you think he really
will turn up for the concert?

♪ I love you in the morning ♪

♪ In the nighttime too ♪

♪ I love you when you are... ♪

[Alice] Not again.

[Sue] Come on you
kids get out and push.

[Alice] Oh no, we
need to get home.

♪ It's good just ♪
♪ bein' here with you ♪

♪ Good just hangin' round ♪

♪ I love to sit beside you ♪

♪ When you're so sound asleep ♪

♪ I can tell you're dreaming ♪

♪ And not just countin' sheep ♪

♪ You are like a star above like ♪

♪ A rainbow on the ground ♪

♪ It's good just ♪
♪ bein' here with you ♪

♪ Good just hangin' round ♪

♪ I might cause you sorrow ♪

♪ With things I say or do ♪

♪ One day you'll ♪
♪ know it's just me ♪

♪ And it's me who loves you ♪

♪ You are like a star above like ♪

♪ A rainbow on the ground ♪

♪ It's good just ♪
♪ bein' here with you ♪

♪ Good just hangin' round ♪