Touch the Sun: Devil's Hill (1988) - full transcript

Three kid's mother falls ill and they are sent to stay with their cousin Badge on a remote farm in Tasmania. A tremendous storm leads to a missing cow sending the kids on an exciting adventure in the Tasmanian outback.

[slow, suspenseful music]

[cheerful music]

[birds chirping]

[cheerful music]

[water splashing]

- Go, Leia!

[cheerful music]

[dog barking]

- Hey, Dad!

- Here, Killer.

Hey there.

- Mom made this for you.

- What do you reckon it is?

- Cornish pasty maybe.

- Well, it sure smells
like a cornish pasty.

You want a bit?

- Yes!


How's the bridge going?

- Oh, she's coming along.

She's going to make all
the difference, you know.

Your mom's going to be just
that much closer to town.

I'll be able to get the
cattle across the river.

We won't know ourselves.

[dog barking]

Ugh, what have we
done to deserve this?

[dog barking]


[dog barking]

- Shut up, Eddie.


- Look, Pa!

Big river!

- Sheppie!

Sam, I thought I told you to
keep an eye on your sisters.

- Bron, you're supposed to
be looking after Sheppie.

- Sheppie, you stay
away from the edge.

- Hey, you kids, hop up and get
the supplies from the truck.

- Come on, Bron!

- I thought I told you
last time, we don't want

any more supplies from you.

Not what you call
a charity, mate!

[water gushing]

Hey, Badge, give us a hand, son.

[suspenseful music]

[gushing water]

[suspenseful music]

[water gushing]

[suspenseful music]

- Why have you got
your eyes shut?

- I didn't need them open.

- Good day, Sam!

How are you?

Hello, Sylvie.

- My name's Sheppie now.

- Why is that?

- She wants to be a sheepdog.

- I do not!

I just like it better.

Anyway, what's wrong
with sheepdogs?

- Why all the supplies?

It's not Christmas yet.

What's the matter
with everybody?

- Mom's in the hospital.

- Why don't you just
get yourself down there?

Jessie will take
care of the kids,

and I'll look after your farm.

- I never liked hospitals, Dave.

But I'm not sending
the kids empty-handed.

There's plenty of tucker
and I put half a pig

in one of them sacks.

- I'll pay you back
everything that I owe you.

I just don't want
you to worry, mate.

- Yeah, and that half
pig of mine might fly.

Look, it'll be easy on
everyone if you and Jessie

were where you belong,
here on the farm

this side of the river.

- Oh, look.

We've been all through this.

We tried that before.

- Tried?

When did you ever
stick to anything?

Over the years, you've
been kicking around us all

and working for other
people when the two of us

would have made something
out of this farm.

- Jessie and me wanted
a place of our own.

- Pie in the sky, Dave.

That's pie in the sky.

- Look, Linc, the only
thing that's standing

between me and some of the
best dairy country 'round here

is this flaming river, right?

Now, when I get the cattle...

- What cattle?

You lost the cattle
and me best bull!

- [Dave] You'll
get your bull back.

In a couple of weeks, I'll be
driving the hood across here.

- Come out of the clouds, Dave!

There's nothing
for you over there.

When are you going
to wake up yourself?

Think of Jessie and your boy.

When all this is over, God
willing Florie gets better,

you'll have to come back.

Forget all that.

- Dad, I want to
stay with Uncle Dave.

I want to help him
look after the farm.

- We've been through this, Sam.

You do as you're told
or I'll tan your hide.

Now, Sheppie, don't you be a
trouble to your Auntie Jess.

Bron, you look after Sheppie.

All right, girls.

- Wee!

- Whoa!

[gushing water]

- Now, listen, Sam, you're
in charge of your sisters.

You muck up on this one, my boy,

and you'll answer to me.

Right, away you go.

- Dream on!

[suspenseful music]

- I'll see you in a couple
of weeks, eh, Badge?

Give this to your
mother for me, will you?

No, it's for your mom.

I want you to look after
things while I'm gone.

Look, I know that
Sam's a bit of a worry.

- Does he have to come, Dad?

- Well, you've heard
your Uncle Linc.

You know that
Florie's pretty crook,

so why don't you give Sam
just a little bit of room?

- Okay.

- See you, mate.

- See you, Dad.

[horse grunting]

- [Badge] Hey, Bron, you could
get on Leia if you wanted to.

- [Bron] No, that's okay.

I'd rather walk.

- [Sam] She's scared of
horses, scared of everything.

What's this place of yours like?

- It's real good.

- I bet it's a dump.

My dad says you've got no--

- Shut up, Sam.

It's not his fault.

- None of us wanted
to come, you know.

- The horses need to rest.

- Yes, sir.

- Whoa.

- You okay, Sheppie?

- [Sheppie] Yep.

- Ah!

- Sam!

- Tell me to shut up, will you?

For that you must be punished

with a Fu Manchu Chinese burn!

[Bron screams]

What's up, Bron?

- I hate you, Sam.

- Can't you take a joke?

- Here, Bron.

- Don't trouble with girls.

- Sheppie!

- [Sheppie] Coming!

- What's the big one called?

- [Badge] Devil's Hill.

- Devil's Hill, eh?

Pretty spooky.

- My dad named it.

He's the only one
who's ever been there.

- Yeah, big deal.

[horse grunting]

[harmonica playing]

- Gee, that's a beauty!

- Yeah, I got it in the city
when I was with Ms. Berry's.

Want a go?

- Oh, yeah!

- Not for nothing!

What have you got?


- I can't let you have it.

- Give us a look.

It's not worth anything,
just an old piece of glass.


[Sam laughs]

- Come on, there's
a storm brewing.

- Oh, nothing that I haven't
heard of this morning.

[harmonica playing]

[cheerful music]

[dog barking]

[harmonica playing]

I was right.

It's a dump.

[dog barking]

[ducks quacking]

- Hello, Killer.

- [Badge] Hi, Mom!

- Hi, Auntie Jess!

- Well, this is an
unexpected visit.

- [Bron] Our mom's sick.

- How bad's your auntie?

- Pretty bad, I reckon.

This is from Dad.

- I'll take that.

You're all welcome.

This is your home for
as long as you need it.

Come on, girls.

Let's put the kettle on.

I'm very impressed, Sam.

Nobody told me you
were a magician.

- No.

- But you've only
been here two minutes,

and you've made a loaf
of bread disappear.

- Sam can eat a horse [laughs].

- Yeah, that's what
Dad always says.

- He's not having mine.

- You've got to go back
to school next year.

- We stop every month.

Why would you want
us to go back there?

- I bet you will.

My dad said.

- I hate that school.

- If Mom hadn't been sick,
I would have gone down

to Ms. Berry's when
I was in the city.

- We never asked
you to come here.

- How much pocket
money do you get?

- I don't get any pocket money.

- I get six pence a week.

Sometimes I get a shilling
if there's a lot of work

to be done.

I'm saving up for a bike.

- I'd much rather have a horse.

- A bike would be no
good around here anyway.

- I bet you can't stay on.

- I bet you I can.

- Go, Bessie, go!

- Hey, away!

[cheerful music]

- Hang on, Sam!


Come on, Bessie, faster!

Come on, Bessie, come on!

[Badge laughs]

[cheerful music]

- Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!

[Badge laughs]

- Help!

Bron, help me!

[wind howling]

- How long have you had Bara?

- Ever since I can remember.

She's the best cow in the world.

Aren't you, Bara?

- [Sam] What's her name?

- Brendall.


- How'd you lose the
rest of the hood?

- We didn't lose them.

Kicked the rail down
and they all skedaddled.

- We gave that bull
and you had lost it.

- My dad will find him.

- He hasn't yet.

Dad reckons you can't stay here.

He reckons you'll have to leave.


[cow mooing]

[wind rustling]


- Come on, girls!

Let's get inside.

Badge! Sam!


[rain gushing]

- They won't bite.

- Mom says I break things.

- Where is the wireless?

- We don't have
one of those, Sam.

- No wireless?

- No electricity, no wireless.

- Well, what do you do at night?

- Badge does his schoolwork.

I do the dishes.

- But what about the serials?

We'll miss the Twilight Ranger.

- What's that?

- [Bron] Oh, the Twilight
Ranger's really good.

- The Twilight Ranger.

- [Sheppie] The demented
poetry is better.

- Nah, that's cheesy
stuff for girls.

Shadow, num-num-num-num,

who knows what evil lies
in the hearts of men?

The Shadow knows!

- Now, why do we need a wireless
when we've got Super Sam?

Here you are, Sam.

- No, thanks.

That's a girl's job.

That's what Dad says.

- Well, over here, if
you're man enough to eat off

a plate, then you're
man enough to clean it.

- [Bron] Sam, clean
up the dishes.

- What do you reckon, Sam?

- This looks like a job
for the masked avenger!

The least of my job, though.


- Scared?

- She's scared of
everything, Aunt Jess.

She's even scared
of my own shadow.

That's what Dad reckons.

- Who cares what you think?

- It's smart to be scared.

You don't laugh at the weather.

You watch out for it.


- I can do that one.

- It's my work.

I'll do it.

- Do it then.

- You're only up
to fourth grade.

You'll be a year behind when
you start school next year.

- I told you, I'm
not going back there.

- In fifth grade, the
teacher makes you do

English compositions.

- It's just making up
stories, Badge, that's all.

- Yeah, but the teacher
makes you read them out

in front of the whole class.

- You don't have to
worry about that, Sam.

He can tell a story.

- Go on, then.

- Go on, Batch.

Tell us a story.

- What, The Three
Bears or Mother Goose?

- Give it a go, Sam.

- [Sam] He doesn't
know any stories.

- I know so.

I can tell you
about Devil's Hill.

It's not a made-up story.

It really happened.

You see, Dad was out looking for

the lost herd.

He was out four days
into the wilderness

before he found their tracks.

He followed them down

until they disappeared
into the bush

and the mists rolled in.

But he kept on going.

- Was he scared?

- My dad doesn't get scared.

- Neither does my dad.

- Go on.


- He kept on going
until he came to a ledge

where he waited for
the mists to lift.

When the mists
finally did blow away,

he could see right across
this valley into the hills.

And that's when
he found the cave.


Dad was stuck for the
night, so he made camp

in the cave.

When the sun went down,
the mists rolled back.

So he lit a fire and
lay down beside it.

He woke up in the
middle of the night.

The fire was dead, and
he heard this sound,

like every cow he was
looking for was right there

inside the cave.

His skin crawled.

He could feel
something watching him.

- Aaah!

[Bron screams]


- That was a warmer.

- Mom! That's a tree down!

- There's nothing we can
do until the morning.

You sleep tight now.

- Mom's going to be all
right, isn't she, Auntie Jess?

- Of course she is.

Sam, I know it's hard
being here, but you've got

to make the best of it.

You'll be home soon and
your mom will be fine.

Good night.

- Good night.

- Sleep tight, son.

- You too, Mom.

Gee, you've got smelly feet.

[harmonica playing]

[horse neighing from a distance]

- I suppose we better
clean up this mess.

- I'm just going to
see if Leia is okay.

Where are the cows?


[subdued music]


- [Sam] Aunt Jess, come quick!

- Get the branch quick!


She's hurt bad.

- Keep her still.

She'll hurt worse if
she tries to struggle.

- Mom, we've got
to make her better.

We've just got her.

- Just keep her still!

- You'll be all right, Bara.

- Is Bara going to die?

- I don't know.

- You'll be all right, girl.

Don't worry.

- No, Mom!

You can't!

- All right, I want all of
you to go and try and find

Brendall for me.

Can you do that?

Go on.

- Mom, please.

We can make her better, please.

- Badge, if I could
help her, I would.

But she's hurt too bad to save.

You know that.

- But you can't!

- She's in pain.

I can't leave her here in
pain, not when she's been

so faithful.

Now, please, go with your
cousins and find Brendall.

Go on!

- Mom!

- Bara, our girl.

I'm sorry.

[sorrowful music]

[gun fires]

- Come on, Badge.

We have to find Brendall now.

Come on.

- Is Bara in heaven now?

- Yes.

- Cows don't go to heaven.

People go to heaven.

- Do dogs go to heaven?

- Yes.

- And birds?

- Probably.

- What about worms?

Do worms go to heaven?

- I don't know.

- Auntie Jess!

Brendall's gone!

- We looked everywhere, and
we still couldn't find her.

- We've got to find her, Mom.

We've just got to.

- A search might take days,
and I can't leave you lot here

by yourselves.

- I'll go then.

- Me, too.

- Badge, that's just impossible.

- If we haven't got Bara
and we haven't got Brendall,

then we've got nothing.

And then we'll have to
leave, like Sam says.

And that means Bara
died for nothing.

- I want to find Brendall.

- Me, too.

- We could all go.

- Yeah.

- You don't understand
what that means.

It can get very dangerous
out there in the bush.

[dog barking]


- [Badge] Dad calls
this the green gate.

You walk through and
it closes behind you.

Then you're really in the bush.

- It's like that story
in the Bible, you know,

Jonah and the whale.

- Yeah, the bush just
sort of swallows you up.

- Come on, come on.

- When I was at Ms. Berry's--

- Who cares?

- Bara was a pretty old cow.

She was hurt bad.

- Just shut up about it.

- She's just an old cow.

My mom's in the hospital.

I'm sick of this bush.

- Won't be here
much longer anyway.

Good riddance, too.

- What, do you want to go?

- Dad says that when
I finish the exams,

I'll probably fly.

- How come?

- Electricity.

[harmonica playing]

- It's just like you said.

We've been swallowed
up by the bush.

[harmonica playing]

Why are you doing that?

- So that I get no
spiders in me boots.

- I told you she was
scared of everything.

[harmonica playing]


[wind howling]

- Devil's Hill.

[birds chirping from a distance]

- Morning, Sam.

- What's for breakfast?

- Eggs and tomatoes.

- I hate tomatoes!

- You've got to eat them.

- Morning, Badge.

- Tomatoes, Sheppie?

- Yeah.

[water gushing]

- There's snow on the
mountain, Aunt Jess.

- I hope it doesn't set in.

[mischievous music]

[Bron screams]

- What's wrong?

- It went in my boot!

- It's just a beetle.

- I hate you!

I hope you get warts!

- Go on, stick
out for the girls.

What a crawler!

- Who are you calling a crawler?

- You!

You're a crawler.

- How come you pick on everyone?

- I do not.

- Well, you pick on Bron,
and you picked on me

when we entered the farm.

- Yeah, you'll be
coming back to the farm

and you've got
nowhere else to live.

- We will not!

- You couldn't live out here
without my father's charity.

- You take that back!

- You take this back.

[horse neighing]

- Badge, what do you
think you're doing?

I should give the pair
of you a good hiding.

When we've eaten what
we carry, we go hungry.

Get that into your thick skulls.

If your father was here--

- If my daddy was here, Auntie
Jess, he'd tan their hides.

- I'll tan your hide.

Clean up the mess and
then clean up yourselves.

[water gushing]

If she came this way all
right, I'm blowed if I know

how she got over that stream.

- Cows jump over the moon!

- Hmm, it's possible.

I wouldn't put
anything past Brendall.

- Auntie, this was above
the water not long ago,

wasn't it?

- That's right!

The stream was down
before the storm.

It rose after she got across.

- Good thinking, Badge!

- I can do that, Auntie.

- Next time, Sam.

Tie this up first on
that tree over there.

Now just take your time.

It's fast-flowing, but
it's not that deep.

- I'll be all right, Mom.

[water gushing]


- Badge!

[water gushing]

[suspenseful music]


[water gushing]

- Over here, Badge!

Over here, Badge!

- Sam!

[suspenseful music]

- Be careful, Aunt Jess!

- Give me your hand!

Give me your hand!

[suspenseful music]

[Aunt Jessie breathes loudly]

- You okay, Auntie?

- Yes, I'm fine.

- The masked avenger, eh?

Come on, give us your pack.

- I can do it.

You're not like Sam.

Sam would never offer to help.

- Oh, Sam's all right sometimes.

- I wish I lived
hundreds of years ago.

- Why?

- It was better for girls then.

Boys weren't like Sam.

They rescued you when
you were in distress,

and they even put their coats
down so you wouldn't have

to walk in the mud.

- I reckon I'll have to
think about it before I mop

that mud with coat.

- We'll make camp here.

Don't anyone go wandering off.

All right, Sheppie?

- Yes, Auntie Jess.

- When I was when I
was at Ms. Berry's

while I was in the city--

- Ohhh.

- She had this huge
electric heater,

one type for cold water, one
especially for hot water.

- Still doesn't sound
that good to me.

- Oh, yeah?

Well, I could get on a
tram and ride to the beach

and swim in the ocean.

And then I could go get
peaches and have an ice cream,

not what Mom makes at
home, but a real one!

And I could still
be home for tea.

And it only cost
me one shilling.

- ♪ They say that this
London's a wonderful sight

♪ With the people here
working by day and by night

♪ They don't sow potatoes
or barley or wheat

♪ No, the people are digging
for gold in the street

♪ At least when I ask them,
that's what I was told

♪ So I thought I would try
at this digging for gold

♪ But for all that I found
there I rather would be

♪ Where the mountains of morn

♪ Sweep down to the sea

See, Sam, there's two
sides to everything.

[subdued music]

- Are you all right, Mom?

- Yes.

- We're not going
to give up, are we?

- We've got food for nine days.

When that's out, we'll
move back to be safe.

We're not risking anyone's
life for a cow, not again.

- If we don't find Brendall,

will we have to
leave the valley?

- We'll manage, Badge.

We always have.

And if we have to start
again somewhere else,

then we will.

- We won't have to.

I bet we'll do find Brendall
and Dad will finish the bridge.

And we won't ever
have to take anything

from Uncle Linc again.

- You remind me of
your father sometimes.

Big dreams.

All the things we would
be if we could be.

The best spread in Tasmania,
that's what he said

the day he found the valley.

- And it will be, too.

It's our home, Mom.

Dad won't let us lose it.

- Badge, things don't
happen just because

we want them to.

Even your dad knows that.

- But Mom, we can't give up.

- No, son, we won't.

As long as you're around,
we'll never give up.

[subdued music]

You stay here and wait for me.

I don't think Brendall
came this far,

so I'm going to backtrack.

- Can't we come with you, Mom?

- I'll go faster alone.

Badge is in charge.

If I'm not back by
midday tomorrow,

you start for home.

Promise me.

- Yes, Mom.

- Yes, Auntie Jess.

- Now, you all look
after each other.

You know why I can't leave
you in charge, don't you?

- Yes, Aunt.

- See you, Sam.

- Good luck, Aunt Jess.

[subdued music]

- Auntie said we weren't
to leave the camp.

- We need water.

- Sam's just sulking because
you're in charge, that's all.

- I didn't ask to be boss.

Anyway, what difference
does it make?

Devil's Hill.

[cow mooing]

- There must be a
track down there.

- We haven't got time to look.

She'll get away!

- How do we get down there then?

- We'll have to climb down.

I'll go down first
and search the track.

Bron, keep Sheppie
back from the edge.


[suspenseful music]

- Badge!

- Brendall!

Brendall, come back!

- We could have caught
her, easy as pie,

if you hadn't been chicken.

She's gone for good now,

and it's all your fault!

- I'm going to see if
there's a way down.

- What good is that now?

- Whatever.

- You stay here.

- Why can't I come too?

- Who's going to
look after Sheppie?

- I can look after myself!

- Come on, Sheppie!

Let them find their own track.

We'll go look for water.


- Bron!

- I'm all right.


- Everyone's scared
of something.

- Well, I'm not
scared of nothing.

[dog barking]

- Look, water!

[suspenseful music]

Look, Bron!

[Bron screams]

- Bron!

[suspenseful music]

- Hi, Sam!

- Why did you scream?

- I didn't scream.

I just called out
because I found water.

- Come on, something scared you.

- I wasn't scared.

Was I, Sheppie?

- Bron wasn't scared,
and she didn't step

in that either.

[Sheppie laughs]

- I think Brendall
came this way.

[Sheppie and Bron laugh]

What are we going to do now?

- I suppose we'll
just sit here and wait

for Aunt Jess to get back.

Of course, Brendall will
be long gone by then.

- We're going after Brendall.

We'll take Leia
and a day's food.

We'll leave the rest here.

- Aunt Jess is going to
be awfully mad, Badge.

- She'll tan your hide, Badge.

- Mom won't be mad
if we find Brendall.

Anyway, if she is, I'll
be the one to cover us.

We'll go half a day.

If we haven't spotted her
by then, we'll turn around.

- What if Auntie gets
back before we do?

- We'll leave her a note.

[cheerful music]

- We'll never catch
her at this rate.

- Of course, if Bron
wasn't scared of horses.

- Sam's right, Bron.

It might be better if you and
Sheppie both ride on Leia.

- Do I have to?

- Well, if we don't catch
the cow, we'll know whose

fault it is, won't we?

- Just give it a go.

- Come on, Bron.

It's easy.

- Leia will look after you.

- Okay.

- Put your foot in the stirrup.

Use this to steer her.

Just relax.

- She won't move.

- Just give her a kick.

It won't hurt her.

- Come on, Bron.

Kick her harder.


[Bron screams]

[suspenseful music]

[Bron screams]


- Are you all right?


- Yeah, I'm okay.

Give me a hand up.

- You don't have
to ride if you--

- I want to.

- Okay?

- Yup, I'm all right.

[cheerful music]

- Cows are supposed
to stop and eat.

She just keeps going
straight ahead.

- Straight for Devil's Hill.

Maybe she's a ghost cow.

- Oooh!

[wind howling]

- At least we tried, Badge.

- Yeah.

- There's the Southern Cross.

- I saw a shooting star before!

- That means someone
needs helping.

- Oh, come off it.

- Everyone's got a star.

It looks over them,
their own special star.

- Come on, they're just
planets and things.

- Boys don't believe anything.

One of those stars
is looking over us,

and one of them is over the
hospital, where my mom is.


Don't tell Sam I cried.

- I wouldn't.

[Bron sniffs]

- You didn't tell us
what happened to your dad

in the cave at Devil's Hill.

- Well, he saw something.

Eyes, yellow eyes.

Then they were gone.

After, cattle tracks
he was following,

he got to the bottom
of Devil's Hill.

[mischievous music]

- Sheppie?

Sheppie's gone.


- [Badge] Sheppie!

- [Sam] Sheppie!

- I'm over here!

- Sheppie!

- You know you're not
supposed to run off like that.

- Oh, I was just
talking to Brendall.

- Huh?

- Over there!

Me and Killer were
talking to Brendall.

[suspenseful music]

- We'll never catch
her in this mist.

[gong banging]

- Hey!

Get off my horse!

- I'll get that cow.


- Come back here!

- Sam!

- I'll flatten him!

Fair dinkum I will!

- What good will that do?

- It'll make me feel
better, that's what.

If he sends my horse--

- We won't have to climb
it in this fog, will we?

- I hope not.

- Were you always
scared of being up high?

- Yeah, no one knows,
not even Mom and Dad.

- It's not your fault.

You can't help it, like I can't
help being scared of snakes.

Everyone's scared of something.

- I get scared of Dad sometimes.

- Sam's not scared of anything.

He told me so himself.

[horse grunting]

- [Badge] Leia!

- No wonder your dad
called it Devil's Hill.

- Sam!

[echoes "Sam!"]

- Maybe the devil's got him.

- Come on.


- Do you reckon this is the
same cave your dad found?

- This is where the devil lives.

- I don't know.


- See anything?

- No.

- Waaa!

[Sheppie and Bron scream]

- You're a looney, Sam!

- Can't you take a joke, either?

- You nicked my horse, you
can't stand a night without

tucker or water, and
you want to make jokes!

- She'll tan your hide, Sam.

- Shut up, Sheppie!

I nearly found Brendall.

I lost her tracks
just below the cave.

- You scared the
girls half to death!

- Scared you too, I reckon?

Welcome to Devil's Cave.

See the campfire?

I reckon this is where
your dad found camp

at that time.

- I don't like staying
here, just me and Sheppie.

- Someone's got to
watch out for Brendall.

She must be around
here somewhere.

- Me and Sheppie don't
want to stay here.

- Look for firewood then.

We'll need some for tonight.

- Sheppie, you keep moving!

- Cows move a lot.

Brendall moves all the time.


- We won't be long.

Just got to find some water.

- And don't get scared
while we're gone,

because this is Devil's Hill.

There could be things
hiding around here,

things like snakes.

- Don't listen to him.

Anyway, you've got
Killer with you.

- I wonder how Mom is.

- She'll be all right.

- Find a few more of
these, at least we'll have

something to eat.

- When I was at Ms. Berry's,
when I was in the city,

there's this fish and chip shop.

- Start looking, will you?

It will be dark soon.

[suspenseful music]

- Badge!


- Stay still.

Don't move.

[Sam breathes loudly]

Are you all right?

Did he get you?

- No.

- You were lucky.

He's a beauty.

Hey, do you reckon Bron
could use a snakeskin bag?

- Yeah.

- And if we get really hungry...

- [Bron] Who says?

- I says because I know.

- How come you're the only
one who knows about it?

- I don't care if
you don't believe me.

But I was stuck there.

When the bus broke
down and Dad was coming

to get me, the
school wasn't locked,

so I went back inside
for my pencil case.

It was real dark inside.

So I got the pencil case,
and then I felt this shiver

running right down
my back, so I headed

for the way out.

I could feel this
thing following me.

- He's lying, Badge.

- This thing was getting
closer, so I started to run.

But I couldn't find the door.

This thing was getting
closer and closer,

and I just kept running.

So I came around this
corner, and there was this

big black shape there,
and it had no face!

- Give it back!

- Come and get it!

- That was a stupid joke.

- [Sam] She's a baby.

What do you want a doll for?

- Because Mom made it for me.

- You better get some sleep.

We've got a long hike tomorrow.

- I can't get to sleep.

- Sam didn't mean it.

- He thinks I'm
stupid, so does Dad,

so does Mom.

Everyone thinks I'm stupid.

- I don't think you're stupid.

I think you're really nice.


- When I grow up, I'm
going to go really far away

to the other side of the world.

The stars are different there.

And then when I'm
rich, I'll come back,

and then they'll be sorry.

And I might even
buy some new cows.

- Thanks.

- Hey, you could come, too.

- Yeah.

At least you've got a
home to come back to.


I'd like you to have this.

- I couldn't take that.

- Go on, I'd like
you to have it.


It's a hollowed world in there.


[birds chirping]

- Two spuds and a bit of bread,

that's all we've got left.

- Badge! Bron!


Sam found Brendall!

[gong banging]

[cow mooing]

- Sam! Get Brendall!

[cow mooing]

- Easy now.

Easy, girl.

Easy, girl.

[mischievous music]

- No, Brendall!


- I could have had her, if
you hadn't been so stupid!

- Who are you calling stupid?

- You!

You're stupid!

Give up!

- No!

- You're scared just like
you were scared silly!

- Shut up!

- Stop it, both of you!

- You're bad, Sam!

- That was our last chance.

[horse neighing]


I'm warning you,
get off my horse!

I'll knock your block
off when I catch you!

I'll knock your block off!

- What are you going to do?

- I don't know!

- He sounded just like Dad.

- I'm sorry I yelled at
you, but I've had him.

- That's okay.

We're used to it.

Maybe he'll catch her.

- Sam couldn't catch a fly
with two pounds of sugar.

[suspenseful music]

- Breakfast.

- Thanks.

- Sheppie!

- Come on!

Come on!

Come on, Leia!

[gong banging]

Silly horse.

Come on!

- Sheppie!

She couldn't have
sneaked out past this.

- Where is she then?


- Badge, you don't reckon
there really are ghosts

up here, do you?

- No, of course not.

- What about what your dad saw?

- [Sheppie] Bron!

- Sheppie?

- [Sheppie] Bron!

- Sheppie!

- [Sheppie] Badge!

- Bron, grab a hold of my legs.


- [Sheppie] Where are you?

- [Bron] Can you see her?

- There's a tunnel!

I can hear her but
I can't see her!

I can hear it's
coming down there.

- So what are you going to do?

- We can't leave her down there.

- No, but I don't like caves.

- You can stay here if you like.

I'll go.

- And suppose you
don't come back?

- I'll go in first, then
you hand the lamp to me,

all right?

- All right.

- Okay, Bron, pass
me the lantern.

- I'm coming through.

I've never seen
anything like it.

- Me neither.

[horse grunting]

- [Sheppie] Bron!


I'm over here!

- Sheppie!

- It's better if we
just follow her voice.


- [Sheppie] Bron! Badge!

I'm over here!


[dog whimpering]


[gong banging]

- I'm over here!

[echoes "I'm over here!"]

- Which way did she go?

- Take your pick.

- Yellow top taxi,
one, two, three.

Yellow top taxi, you are here.

[gong banging]

- We keep going up.

Why can't she stay put?

- [Sheppie] Where are you?

[echoes "Where are you?"]

- She could be anywhere.

[a strange roar]


[a strange roar]

[creature roars]

[Bron screams]

- It's just like your dad said!

Horrible, with big yellow eyes!

- Listen.

[a creature roars]

- Run!

[Bron screams]


[suspenseful music]

- Hi, Badge!

- Sheppie!

- Hi, Bron!

- What are we going to do now?

- No way down!

- Let's go back
through the tunnel.

- Uh-uh, not
without the lantern.

- Bron, come on!

- No, Badge.

Please, please don't
make me go down there

where the devil thing is.



- Okay.


I'll go to the top.

Then I'll throw the rope down.

- Be careful.


[suspenseful music]

- You're getting there, Badge.

[suspenseful music]

It's okay to be scared, Badge.

[suspenseful music]

Good on you, Badge!

- I'll throw the rope down!

[suspenseful music]

Wait for us at the top, Sheppie.

- Okay, Badge.

[suspenseful music]

- Keep climbing,
you'll be all right.

Don't worry.

[suspenseful music]


- Sam?

[mischievous music]


[cow mooing]

- Don't move, Sheppie.

- Okay.

[mischievous music]


[gong banging]

[mischievous music]

- [Bron] Brendall, come back!

[dog barking]

[suspenseful music]

- We did it!

- We did it! We did it!


- We did it, Bron!

- Where are you going?

Come back here!

- Sheppie!

[dog barking]

[suspenseful music]

[mischievous music]

[cows mooing]

[cheerful music]

- Aunt Jess!

We got them!

[cheerful music]

- Aunt Jess!

- Aunt Jess, we got them!

- Mom, we did it!

We got them!

We got them all!

[cheerful music]

[Dave laughs]

[cows mooing]

Dad, we did it!

We got them!

[cheerful music]

We did it!

Sam got the horse,

and we found the
cave and the tunnel

brought us to the
top of Devil's Hill!

[cheerful music]


- Dad!

- Daddy!

[slow music]

- Daddy!

- Mom's going to be all right.

[slow music]

It's good to see you, son.

[mischievous music]

- Well, I'll be--

- Pie in the sky, Daddy!

Pie in the sky!

- I'll be blowed!

[Linc laughs loudly]

[Dave laughs]

- Here, have this stirrup.

- Gee, thanks!

- You know what, I reckon
school might be all right.

- It's okay if you've got mates.

- You know, we'll
look out for you.

- Your sister's pretty
fussy, isn't she?

- Yeah.

- Huh, boys.

- Huh, boys.

- Hey, Auntie says I'm nice.

- Tan your hide, Sam!

- Shut up, Sheppie!

[Sheppie laughs]

- Next holiday, I
reckon I might go back.

- To Devil's Hill?

- There's a bigger
one, further on.

- What's it called?

- It doesn't have a name.

No one's ever been there.

- I reckon I might go there too.

Sam's Hill.

- What about Sheppie's Hill?

- Bron's Hill sounds better.

- We can't call a
hill after a girl.

- Why not?

[everyone laughs]

[cheerful music]