Touch of Magic (1986) - full transcript

The content of this film is the creation of
the author for a knowledgeable audience
and must be perceived with restraint. Any
abuse can be dangerous.

Keep out of the reach of children. If you
have visual or nerve problems, consult
a doctor immediately.

Does not contain materials for experiments
on animals. One hundred percent
naturalness. With the preservation of the
ozone layer. The deadline for use is

"French Art"

Hank Reisner


Film by
J.D. Cadinot

Subtitled by Voiceh

Hello. Hi. Is it you who made
the announcement in "GI"?

What's your name?

Ah. I see! Are you interested?

Did you read my announcement?

Yes, and I'm calling from Cannes but
it seems you're busy with it, huh?

If it suits you.

Yeah. Don't you believe me?

Do you have you a big dick?

Are you a hunk?

Because here's the magazine photo
of guy in front of me. He is super.

Yes. It's me pleasure if
you look like he, actually.

Yes, I see. I'm not so skilled.

And you? How about you?

Well, I see.

No, no. The most unpracticed guys
are welcome too.

I'm laying on my bed.

Yes, a certain guy is beside me.

Are you dark-haired? Blond? I'm too.

Do you prefer brunets?

My fellow is brunet.

Oh really? Is he brunet?

And what about his stiffy?

Damn! You both get me excited.

Ah, yes! I'm laying on my bed too.

What are you doing?
Are you jerking off too?

Do you like when someone fucks you?

With a big cock?

Oh yes! I like it. It's pleasant.

No, I'm not so woolly.

And you?

I visualize both of you
and I wanna to be with you.

It's a bit hard for me
to be alone but...

Yeah, I envy you.

I am his friend.
Do you really like brunets?

Oh by the way, I like blondes.


Yes, I like it.

Your voice gets me excited.

Do you wanna me to fuck you?

Eh? Do you wanna?

Oh yes, both of you with your friend.

Oh no, it does not scare me.


And you're OK with gang-bang?

You must be high.

I have an idea to bring
the phone to the guy's arse.

Do you want?

I'm sure you'd like it.
Do you want me to test?

Yes, let's do it.

Do you like it?
Do you want me to do again?

Spread your hole.

That's good, huh?

I'm spreading my hole.

Yeah, I'm cumming.

Oh, that's splendid!

Give me, give me.

Do you know that
you're a godsend?

I can't take it anymore.

I'm cumming.

I love you.

"No more loneliness. The dream is real.
Your desires are finally fulfilled."

Magazine for gays "You & Me".

"The dream is real."

"The dream is real."

We saw what you were doing with him.
All that's known.

- Stop that!
- Don' t shove me.

After that, you are
no longer in the group.

Wow! Three in a row?

Oh, that's splendid!
Spread my hole.

Subtitled by Voiceh