Touch and Go (1986) - full transcript

An ice hockey star is accosted by a youth gang who attempt to rob him; after he chases them off he catches the youngest member and gives him a ride home, where he meets the boy's mother. A romantic plot ensues, as well as a confrontation with the gang leaders.



Come on!

ANNOUNCER: Chicago's gold
forward line, number nine,

Bobby "The Hornet" Barbato.

His 48th goal of the season.

Just another 40
will reach Levesque.

The official time of the goal
was 19:59 in the third period.



Bobby, over here.

How's the leg, Bob?

Good. Good as new.
By the way, how's
your back, Al?

-It's fine, Bob.
Thanks for asking.

Bob, you're got to win
two out of the next
three games

-in order to even
make the playoffs.

You honestly think
you came back in time
to pull it off?

Uh, quite frankly, no,

I probably came back
a little early.

But I think these guys
couldn't have won it
without me.

Bobby, your nickname is
The Hornet on the ice,

because of your temperament
and style of play.

Now what nickname would you use

to describe yourself
in your private life?

Well, thanks to guys like you,
I don't have a private life.

Bobby, over here.
Who'd you like to meetin the first round of playoffs?

Anybody in particular?

Uh, I wouldn't mind
going up against Montreal,

'cause I'm gonna kick
Boulet's ass whenever
I get the chance.

Is that Maurice Boulet?

Uh, no, that's Francis.


Why is it you want
Johnny Mathis to sing
every national anthem?



♪ I can hear the sound
of a lonely heart

♪ In a Windy City night

♪ And it's crying out
For a lover to come along

♪ I can't help myself
When I see your eyes ♪

Excuse me? I'd give anything
for your autograph.

Well, sure.
Where do you want it?

-Will you call me some time?


Take it easy.

You too.






Play time, Bobby.

Have a good time, man.



Twenty seconds.



Bobby "The Hornet" Barbato.

Forty-ninth goal of the season.

Who's out there, George?

Nobody now.
Just me and you.


You played a good game, Bobby.
Why don't you go home?


-Hey, mister.

How about helping me out.
I'm trying to get home.

What do you need, bus fare?

You know what,
I'll tell you something, kid.

You shouldn't be
hanging around here
this time of the ni...

Right there, asshole.

Get the keys.


Don't take my license, man.

You know what a pain in the assit is to take that test.

Shut up.

-Start the car.
-KID: I'm driving.

Bullshit you're driving.



Let go of me, you faggot.

Let go of me!

You ripped my shirt.

Steal another one.

Wait, don't jump yet, kid.
I'm only doing 50.

Let's go talk
to the cops. Out.

I ain't going in there.

You don't tell me where you go.I tell you where you go.
Now get out.

Up yours.

Rape! Rape! Rape!

You keep yelling,
it's gonna be homicide.

Okay, okay.
Just don't make me
go in there, okay?

They made me come along.
I didn't know who was
going to stick you up.

-Yeah. Sure. Sure.

Keep talking.
My bullshit meter's on ten.

Okay, okay.
That part's bullshit.

You're right.
I came on my own.

But it's only
because I had to.

See, we lost the welfare,

and then my mother,she had this elevator accident.

She's kind of like
a paraplegic.

She can't move
from here down.

I mean, what was
I supposed to do?

I gotta dress her,
I gotta feed her.

We were desperate, man.
It's the truth, really.

I swear to God,
cross my heart
on the Bible.

She finds this out,
it'll kill her.

Come on man,
have a heart.


What's your name?


Willy what?


Okay, Feinstein.
What's your address?

Anywhere along here is fine.

I'm not gonna
ask you again.


-I'll let the cops...
-1550 Langley.


Talk about
a short fuse!

Get out.

Wait, wait, wait.
I want to hear
the end of this.

You're real funny.

Let's go.
Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Get off of me.

Which apartment?

All right, we'll knock
on all of them.
With your head.

3P, God damn it!

Come on.

-Let me see that note.
-What note?

The note you took off the...
Give me the note.


The note is personal.

So was sticking
a gun in my face.

I didn't have no gun.
You see me with a gun?

"I didn't have no gun.
You see me with a gun?"

"Dear Louis..."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

"Having dinner with Jerry,
back late.

"Please don't give
Mrs. Solerno any trouble

"and get to bed
before 11. Mom."

You know, she runs
pretty well for a paraplegic.

She's in therapy.

All right, what happened
to Mrs. Solerno?

Did you drive her
to a nervous breakdown?

Left before she got here.

Great. Great.

All right, who's this Jerry?
What's he? The boyfriend?

You could call him that.

What's his number?

You can't call Jerry, man.

You don't think so?

Watch me dial the phone.
Now what's his number?

-No way, Jose.
-You wanna go
back to the cops?

-Let's go, slick.

Jerry Pepper,
that's his name.


Feinstein, Pepper.
Where do you come up
with these names?

-That's his name.

He runs
a travel agency.

"For the seasoned traveler."
Get it?

The guy's a real wit.

See? We got
Pepper ruler,

Pepper calendars,
Pepper baggage tickets,
Pepper keychains,

Pepper shakers,
Pepper pens...

All right, all right, all right.

On second thoughts,
call him, go ahead.

Tell him you're
waiting for my mother.

He's wrong for her anyway.

Look, I said all right.

Hell, I'll call him.

Enough, I said.
Give me the phone.

This is my personal number.

Whoa! Yeah!

You give this to your mother,
and you have her
call me tomorrow,

and if she doesn't,I'm going straight to the cops.

And I'm not bullshitting you.

Before you go,
lend me some money, huh?

-I'm hungry.
-Yeah, right.

There's nothing
to eat around here.
I'm starving.

Don't do it, Bobby.

Don't do it.

You always swallow it whole?

I'm not criticizing you.

No, but you're
making me nauseous.

So look the other way.

He likes it, huh?


-Charming boy, huh?
-Yeah, really.

Wait. What kind
of pie you got?

Um, apple, blueberry,
peach, and custard.

Okay, give me
a piece of custard

with peach ice cream on it
and chocolate sauce.

Oh my God,
don't make me sick.

-You want the pie
warmed up?

So the ice cream can melt
all over the dish?

No, thanks.

Oh, you're real tough.
Boy, you're real tough.

I'll tell you
about tough, man.

You know, when I was
about your age, right,

-I'm in a gang on the South Sidecalled the Falcons, right?

What are you
telling me for?

I look like
Phil Donahue?

This is hopeless.

-That's it. Hey, Ray.

Forget about the pie, all right?Just bring me the check.

You're a jerk.

Yeah, he was wearing
a grey sweatshirt,

and a green
army jacket, okay?

And he had...

Oh, God, Louis,

Are you trying to give me
a heart attack or what?

Where were you?

He was with me.

And who are you?
Who's he?

My name is Barbato.

Not Bobby Barbato.

You know him?

Yeah, sure,
The Hornet.

J. Pepper.
How you doing?

I'm great.
How are you?

I mean, I don't understand,
what are you doing
with my son?

Why don't you
let him tell you?

He's in trouble, right?

DENISE: What happened?

Not in front of
Pepper, Ma.

Jerry is our friend, okay?

And whatever it is,
we can say it in front of him.

Actually, Denise,
it's probably better

if you two kind of
work this out between you.

Better for
the boy, I mean.

-Nice meeting you.
-All right.

Jerry. Don't go now,
come on.

A schmuck.
Am I right?


Well, ciao to you too.

What are you trying
to do to me, huh?
Answer me!

-Don't talk back.

-Now you answer me.
-Hey, hey, lady.
Calm down.

Why are you telling me
to calm down for?

Who the hell are you
anyways, huh?

-Well, if you shut up
for a minute, I'll tell you.-Who are you telling to shut up?

-You shut up!
-Shut up!

I've been out with your kid
all God damn night,

and I don't really have
the God damn time.

Okay, I'm sorry.

We're all calm now, okay?

So, what did he do?

He tried to mug me.

He tried to mug you?


Sir, he's four feet tall.

He wasn't alone, he had
a couple of friends with him.

They were using this.


Look at me.

Is it true?


it's great.

Great to come home
to mugging people
carrying guns.

Look lady, he wasn't
actually carrying a gun.
That was another guy.

But he was
the frontman, I guess.

Oh, much better.

What am I gonna do
with you, huh, Louis, tell me?

You stay here and listen to me.How can I trust you anymore?

Yeah, well, maybe
if stayed home instead of
running around and...

Go to your room.
Now you go to your roomand I'll take care of you later.

Thanks a lot, asshole.


And don't slam the door!

I don't know. I mean,
what can I do with him?

It's just that
everything is so crazy.

-I don't know what else
to to with him, you know.
-Wait, wait. Wait a minute.

-He's like...
-Wait a minute. Lady, lady.

Ho! Wait a minute.

I'm just the guy
who brought the kid home,
you know what I'm saying?

I'm... I'm sorry,
it's just that...

Thank you.

No problem.

Careful with that gun, huh.

Oh yeah, don't worry.
Good night.

Listen, and...

Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't
offer you some coffee
or snack or...

Don't worry about it.
We ate already.

Jesus, you fed him too?

Well, it's not a big deal.

I was hungry, so we
grabbed something to eat.

-Good night.
-Good night.

And, you know...

It's not his fault.

Really, it's all these creeps
he hangs around with.

Right. Well, you know,
maybe he learned
his lesson this time.

Uh... Good night.

Good night.
And, uh...

Very nice
meeting you.

Yeah, you too.



Damn it!

Hey, hey,
look at him go.




Hi, Bobby. Guess what.


We've got something
just for you.


Gee! How'd they
get this number?


Hey, Louis.
How you doing?

What are you guys
doing here?

You'll wake
my old lady.

-Tell her to
join the party.

She probably already
got company.

You guys are wasted.

Listen, man.
What did you tell
the hockey player?


You give him
our names, man?

I didn't tell him shit.

How come he
brought you home?

-I don't know.
-You don't know?

You think we're
assholes, man?

No, man, I don't think

-you're an asshole.
-Uh-uh! Don't fuck
with me, Louis.

Don't you never
fuck with me, boy.

-I'm not...
-He brought you
home, man.

He came upstairs.

Then you leave with him...

Get your hands
off him.

Get out.


I'm warning you,
I already called the cops.

That means I got two hours.

That means you've got
five seconds, buddy.

You really scare me, lady.
I'm getting chills.


Louis! Stay here!

Just remember
both of you,

I retaliate.

And you can tell that to
your hockey player friend too.

Sorry, Mom,
the guy is nuts.

I can't
think straight.

Don't cry, Ma.
We'll be okay.

When I saw that hammer,
even I was impressed.



Louis, listen, I'm...

I'm calling cousin Dee Dee
in the morning.

No! No way!

Louis, I'm
the parent here,

and I don't want
an argument.

I hate those God damn people
and they hate me too!

That's too bad, because I'm
calling them anyway.

Well, you can go ahead
and call them,

but I won't stay there,
you hear?


Louis, come back here!

LOUIS: I won't stay there!

Oh, good morning, Bobby.
Your car has been trashed.

BOBBY: Thanks for the good news.


Oh, well, of course,
Louis can stay with us.

I mean, we'd be happy
to have him.

-Wouldn't we, Lester?


Well, it will only
be for a while.

You know, until I can get
a few things taken care of.

Oh, sure. I understand.

It'll be great.

You'll be here in time
for Courtney's birthday party.

Yeah, I'm having
a slumber party.

All my girlfriends
are coming.

DEE DEE: Oh, well,
no, not all.

Just ten.

We didn't wanna be
too indulgent.

But I'm sure
you'll have a good time,
won't you, Louis?

Hmm, I'm sure he will.

Of course, we have to follow
the rules this time,

don't we, Louis?


Ma, don't do this to me,
I'll freak, I'm serious.

Louis, it's only
for a little while,

until I find us
a safer place to live.

-But, Ma, you don't...
-Now, don't give me
a hard time, Louis.

Okay, I mean,
it's bad enough.


I'll call you.





-Let's go, Pierre.



Take two minutes,
get some water,
we'll do some shooting.

-All right.
-All right.



I wanna train Gardner
on the line today.

But he don't have
the red shirt, coach.

Then switch with him.


Change jerseys
with Levesque.



Look what Garrity does here.

I saw it.

What's on your mind, Bobby?

I wanna know what's
going on with Levesque.

-What do you think?
-I think you're replacing
him with Gardner.

See, you didn't
need me at all.


The guy skates in line
for six years and you
replace him like that.

What should I do,
drag it out?

No. Don't necessarily
replace him.

Put him on a slower line.

He's already slower
than the slowest line.

Nobody's irreplaceable,
Bob, you know that.

And Levesque can't cut it
anymore. He's costing us.

I don't know. You know Jim,
he played pretty well
in Pittsburgh.

Did you check his stats?

Six chances to score
and he never made one.

Look what he did
against Montreal.

Jesus Christ.
I don't know, you know.

The guy skated
on my line for six years, man.

He knows every move I make.

Please, spare me the bullshit,
will you, please?

You, Bobby Barbato,

telling me you'd rather
keep Levesque than win?

Tell me again, I wanna
make sure I'm hearing this.

Wait, wait, wait.
I'll make you a deal.

You tell me to keep Levesque,
I'll keep Levesque.

That's how sure I am,
you're full of shit.

So, go on. Tell me.

Would you rather
keep Levesque or win?

It's up to you.

-I wanna win...
-What's that?
Can't hear you.

I wanna win.

That's why you're
a great player, Bobby.

You're willing
to make sacrifices.

I'm a great player,
'cause I'm a great player.


Uh, remember me?
You know, I'm, uh...

-Denise DeLeon.
Louis's mother.

-You know, the kid
you brought home last night.

-You want my wallet?
-Hey, I...

I'm sorry, no, I just...

I came to tell you
that after you left

those guys that were
with Louis

when he tried to...

-You know, mug you.

Well, uh, they paid us
a little midnight visit

which I wanted to
warn you about.

Because the big one saidthat he was going to retaliate.

Hey, I don't knowhow real that is, but I just...

It's pretty real, they already
retaliated on my car.

-Oh, I'm sorry.
-Well, it's not your fault.

Hey, yeah...

I feel terrible,
what kinda car?

It's a Jag.

Oh, Jesus. A Jag.

-Oh, now I really
feel like shit.

I mean, I really feel
like it's all my fault,

-you know. I just...
-It's no big deal.

What can I do
to make up for it?

-I just...

How about if I take
you to dinner?


Lady, it was a Jaguar.

Where you gonna
take me, Europe?

Oh okay, I know
it's ridiculous.

But, you know,
at least let me do that.

No, no, no. Look, look.

-Forget about it. Forget it.

-I can't.
-It's unnecessary.

Well, for me, it's necessary.

I'm gonna feel much better

if you let me do that, you know.

-It is necessary.
-Hey, listen, listen to me.

Listen to me for a second, okay?

It's all okay, all right.

There are no feelings.
Have a good life.


Look, listen.

Regardless of how it looks,

Louis is a good kid.

I'm sure he is,
I'm sure he's a great kid.

I know. Mugging is not
like a great recommendation,

-Hey, lady, look...

I'm sure the little tyke
has a bright future
ahead of himself.

Probably open up
a little auto parts shop.

You know what I'm saying?

But I'm under a little
pressure here right now.

I understand.

I understand, but I want you
to understand also,

that we are good people,
honest people.

And I always pay my own way
and Louis's way, okay.

I just don't like
to feel obligated.

Okay, excuse me.

See, I'm constitutionally
unable to relieve myself

in front of a woman. All right?

So, uh, you give me just
a little time alone,

we'll go grab a burger
and we'll call it even.

No, no burgers. I wanna
take you to a nice place.

Okay, you pick the place
and we'll go there.

Just give me five minutes,
all right?

No, but, I just can't
make it tonight.

Okay, what's a good night
for it?

Ah, Wednesday night?

-Wednesday night. See you.

-Eight o'clock? Fine, great.
-Eight o'clock's fine.

Oh... I...

I... I can't make it on
Wednesday night.

What night?

-Friday night?
-Friday night.

-Good, it'll be fun.

-Friday, eight o'clock.

Right. Okay, thank you. Bye.

Oh, excuse me.

One... One more thing...


I'm looking forward to Friday.


Should be an interesting date.

WAITER: Enjoy your meal.

Well, I hope you approve
of this place.

Oh, yeah. This is nice,
very nice. Thank you.

WAITER: The wine list.

We serve our wines
only by the bottle.

Thank you.

I think we're going to...

We're going to order first.

Is that okay with you?


Not on the menu, of course,

is our famous
New England lobster.

In a three, five,
or seven pound size,

at only $19.99 a pound.

Objectively speaking,
I cannot recommend
the lobster highly enough.


I'm gonna have a salad.


Just a salad. I'm on a diet.

Hmm. Sir?

You know, I think I'm just
gonna have a salad myself.

Ah, wait a minute.

Don't worry about
the price, okay.

I mean it. It's my treat.

If you had a Chevette
we wouldn't be here,

but just order
whatever you want,

and let's have
a good time, okay?

Don't even look
at the right side of the menu.


Can I have your word on that?

Not even looking.

All right.

I'll tell ya what,
gimme the lobster.

Three, five or
seven pound size, sir?

Ah, seven.
What the hell, I'm hungry.

What's the lobster come with?


It's a la carte.

So why not...


I'll have the asparagus,

and, uh... Spinach.

Garden peas.

And, uh, let's see.

Gimme carrots julienned.

See what I'm doing here,
is I'm trying to surround
the lobster.

Excellent choice.

Excuse me, sir.

-Ah, I'm sorry,
what was your name?


Perfect. Listen,

Emil, I changed my mind.

I'm gonna have a salad,
just like the lady.


BOBBY: Now, how about
some real dinner?

Such an animal.

Don't worry about it.

They got a guy in the back
that hoses you down
before you get outside.


So at age seven, you picked
up a hockey stick

and you were
set for life, huh?

Actually, age six.

-Yeah? So young?


Not really that young.

Sometimes you just
connect with something.

Or someone...

That you really want.

You know what I'm saying?


And uh...

Thank you.

So what made hockey so right?

Don't know.

What about you?

What about me?

What do you do?

Freelance personnel.

What is that? Temp work?

Yeah, similar.

-But you know what I want?

I want to have my own agency.
That's my goal.

Because I'm so good
with people, and...

[CHUCKLES] I've had
like an advantage

in a way by being invisible.

What do you mean invisible?

Yeah, you know,

when you're a woman
and you're unmarried

and you have a kid
and you don't have any money

then... Then you're invisible,
because no one sees you.

Well, they see your tits,
but they don't see you.

I gotta tell you.

-I see you.

Do you?

The tits are invisible.


-Shut up.

[LAUGHING] God, you're mean.

Oh, thank you.

You'll sleep with
a laughing girl tonight.



So, tell me,

what is it like
being a celebrity?

Mostly it's bullshit.

Gotta be real selective
about who you trust.

Yeah, even if you're
not famous.

The thing is, I never
could figure out

how do you know
who to trust

until you trust them first
and then find out?

First thing you do is...

Figure out what you want.

Then you figure out
who's gonna benefit most

from me getting what I want.

If they benefit,

trust them.

Yeah, sounds practical.

So, you're happy then?

Well, I don't look
at it that way.

So you're not happy?

It's irrelevant. I mean,
I didn't set out to be happy.

You know, I set out
to achieve certain goals.

So, I just try to achieve them.

Yeah, but, if they don't
make you happy...

Hey, it's not like,

you achieve something
and then all of a sudden,

boy, I'm happy and
I'm running around

grinning like a moron.

Best thing to do is...

Find your own particular arena.

Eliminate the chaos.

For me it was hockey.

What do you do when
you're too old for hockey?

Well, I mean, not that
you're gonna get any
older of course.

-You know...
-I'm sorry.

Thank God, because that's notthe kind of thing I wanna hear.

What is it that
you wanna hear?

-Let me tell you.




-Louis, where you been?

Your mom's alone
in the apartment now, huh?

Yeah, she's been inviting me upfor a little visit.







TV REPORTER: An excitement
is building as our
Chicago Eagles try

to win two out of their
final three games

in order to make the playoffs.

In basketball action yesterday,

Chicago's Rich Cogswell
scored 27 points,

leading them to a 104
to 97 victory

-over Atlanta.

Seattle had an easy time
with Detroit, 112 to 93.

The Cougars signed rookie
fullback Ronnie Franks

to give them added strength
in the backfield

for the game against...

DENISE: Hi, good morning.

-Good morning.
-I got some stuff
for breakfast.

You have nothing
but vitamins in here.

So, how do you want the eggs?

Scrambled, fried,

over easy or poached?


Uh, where's uh, the knife?

-Ah, it's in here.

You know, I don't want
to get off in the wrong
direction here.

What do you mean?

You don't eat breakfast?


That's not what I mean,
what I'm saying is,


First of all,

I really think
you're a terrific woman.

I really mean that.


I'm not looking for
an extended thing here,
you know.

[SOFTLY] Yeah, I see.

So that is why you left
this morning, huh?

No. I... No. No, I had to run.

Oh, yeah, sure and...

What was I supposed
to do, disappear?

I'm just trying to be honest.

Yeah, right. Honest.


Keep the eggs.


MAN: Okay, so what do
you call yourself?


MAN 2: Antonio Montano.

And you,
what do you call yourself?

MAN 1: Where did you learn
to speak English, Tony?

MAN 2: I learn at school.

You know my father,
he was...

Bobby! Bobby!


Get back!






[VOICEMAIL] Hi, this is Bobby.
Leave a message here
after the beep

and I'll call you
when I get a chance. Thanks.


LOUIS: Hey, man.
You talking to
Tony Montana, man.

You better pick up
the phone, man.


Hello. Who is this?

You better let me in,
I'm downstairs, man.

They think they're so
big in bed,

just 'cause they got money.

Lester the Jester,
what a turd brain.

Hey, do me a favor,

don't even tell me about
your relatives, all right?

'Cause see,
it's not my problem.

Okay, fine.

All I need from you is
enough cash

for me to get a hotel room.

What do I look like, a bank?

-You owe me.
-I owe you?

How do I owe you?

Okay, first of all,

if it wasn't for you,

my mother would have neverfound out about the gun and all,

I'd be living on my block.

Lupo would be off my ass.

And this whole thingwould have never have happened.

You participated in a felony.

You should be in the slammer,

instead of that you come
crying back to me.


What's that mean?

It means shit from a bull.

Okay, that's it. Get out.

Get out. Get out. Let's go.

Get out.

[MUMBLES] I don't have any
place to go.


I said I got no place to go.

I don't believe it.

Let's go. There's the door.
Just get out.



I said I'm sorry.

Okay, just because
I'm curious.

What are you sorry about?

I don't know.

I just am.

You wanna take a nap
for a couple of hours,

you can sack out
on the couch, all right?

I have to be on a busto Minneapolis Friday afternoon.

And I don't have time
to babysit, you got it?


I'm not running
a goddamn nursery here.

You understand?


-You ready to lift that

right leg high?

And let's go to it.

-Here we go, one...
-LOUIS: Hey, Bobby.

Hey, the crotch shots look
great on a big screen.

...four, five...

BOBBY: You don't even know
what you're talking about.

WOMAN: Straighten it out...

-You wish.
-...keep that
full flex, lift it.

Three. Come on,
you grew it, you lift it.

Six, seven, eight.

Again. Do it.




Louis, let's go.

I ain't going back to Jester,

so you can just forget that.

Don't make it worse. Let's go.

Do what your mother says.

I don't care what you say!

I ain't going back there.
No goddamn way, Ma!

Two against one...

Real fair, guys.


Mr. Barbato got things to do.
Come on, Louis.



-Come on. Louis, Louis...
Louis, where were you?

Where were you?

-Mother called the police.
-DENISE: It's okay,

it's okay, it's okay.

Yeah, it's okay. It's just
a misunderstanding.
Everything is fine.

Louis, let's go.

-Louis, come on.
-Aren't you somebody?

-Wait. No. I know you are,

I know you are.
I saw your picture
in People magazine.

No, I've never
been in People magazine
or any other magazines.

It was you, I swear. You're...

-Bobby Barbato.

-[GASPS] I knew it.
-GIRL: Wow.

-You play for Chicago.

Are you coming in?

-Please. My dad'll freak.

He's a real sports fan.

Hey, why do you think
I asked him to the party?

Kid, you're gonna die.

-Can he really come?
-Oh, can you come out
for one minute?

-Please. Please, can you come
to my party?
-It's her birthday.

DENISE: I'm sorry, girls.
No, he can't stay.

-He can't stay, girls.
-Come on, Denise.

Five minutes.
And if you like it,
you could stay, okay? Please.

I'm sorry, he can't stay.
Louis, let's go.

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday to you

♪ Happy birthday, dear Courtney

♪ Happy birthday to you

Make a wish. Go on. Make a wish.

[CHUCKLES] Now don't tell
or it won't come true.

-I never tell.

-It's fun, huh?

-Daddy, champagne!

I think just a taste
is permissible

on a special occasion
and for a special guest,

wouldn't you say, Bob?




-GIRL: I love it.
-Well, I'm impressed, Denise.

I didn't know you moved
in celebrity circles.

She don't like to brag about it.

Hey, you're in training.

Well, I...

I just met Mr. Barbato recently.

Oh. How was that accomplished,
I wonder.

Well, we, uh...

-We've got mutual friends.

I introduced them.

Too much sugar, Mom.

[SIGHS] Louis, give me back
that cake.

LESTER: Kids, huh.

They're tough. Especially boys.

You got any kids, Bob?
I mean, that you know of.


♪ Fire

♪ Fire

♪ We have got to go together

♪ Together

♪ Or just feel it get away...

He's gorgeous.

I'm so jealous.

We're just friends, that's all.


He doesn't look at you
like a friend.


No, he probably doesn't.

♪ It's now or never

♪ We need to make our move

♪ We've got nothing else
To lose

♪ Let's build a future

♪ We're going to
Get to know...

I want to say I...

I feel a lot more optimistic
about Louis now

knowing he's got
someone like you around.

Well, that's why I'm here,

spreading out optimism.

I hope you can spread some
before the Minnesota game
on Saturday.


-You guys better be
on your toes.


Maybe you can give me
a pointer or two.

Well, I'd say,
work on your backhand.

You'd say that, really?

I think that is

probably the most neglected shotin professional hockey.

-Isn't it the goalie killer?

I mean, look at Ratelle.
He made a career out of it.

Of course,
that was Ratelle. [CHUCKLES]

I only mention this because

I used to play myself.

Wait a minute.

You used to play yourself?

I used to play hockey

-comma myself.

-Not with yourself.

with myself.

-On a team.

-See, I was gonna say, if you'replaying with yourself...

♪ Fire...

Mr. Barbato, we'd be honored
if you'd stay for dinner.

Uh, no. I'm sorry,
I've really got to run now.

-Oh, why? So soon?
-Yeah, I'm sorry,

but I've got some things to do.

But, listen,
thanks for the party.

one thing about Denise,

she's always good for a party.

-I'm kidding.


I'll... [SOFTLY] I'll call you.

Hey, Bob.
Hey, where are you going?

-GIRL: Yeah.

LESTER: Oh, no.
Not on the table.

DEE DEE: Come on, darling,
not on the rug. Come on.

LESTER: Not on the sofa.

DENISE: Louis.
Sweetie, are you okay?

The hell with him.

Look at the sofa.

Well, I'm sorry, Lester.
I'll clean it up, okay?

Oh, you're goddamn right
you'll clean it up.

Not that you ever cleaned up
any other mess you ever made

-in your life.-Lester, that is not necessary.

It is necessary.

That's a $3,000 sofa.

-Well, it'll come out.

Look, I'm not
a babysitting service.

I'm not the welfare department.

The next time you want to go offand have yourself

some cheap fling,

you can take your kid
somewhere else.

He will not be welcome here!

-Hey, hey, just back off, man.
All right?
-No, man,

I will not back off.
You butt out.

Look, look, I'll pay
for your goddamn sofa.

Listen, I'll pay for it myself.

Fine. For once, you can
take some responsibility

for this...
This offspring of yours.

Just mind your own business.

Hey, I'm making it my business.

DEE DEE: Come on, girls. It timeto go into the other room now,
girls. Come on.

BOBBY: There's no reason
to insult anybody, is there?


You go up and open the door,
I'll take the wino.



Just go to sleep.

BOBBY: I don't know.

DENISE: You don't know?

BOBBY: Well,
it's just like I, uh...

Saw another side of you
in there before, with Louis.

It was real nice.

Well, it only comes out
when he's drunk, you know.


Have you ever
been married, Bobby?

No. No way.

No. Me neither.

-What about the kid's father?
You weren't...
-That jerk?

Are you kidding?

I mean, Louis is
the only good thing
he ever did in his life.

Well, that must be
pretty tough on you guys.


At first, I wasn't gonna
have him and...

Then I'm sitting
in the doctor's office,

and suddenly I get mad,
you know.

And, uh, I go...


"I'm not throwing
this baby away."

And I left.

I'm proud of that moment...

Because it's important

to have something real
in your life.

You know what I mean?


He's real enough, all right.


He sure is.



Jesus. I got to go.

Well, so long.

So long.


I could kiss you, right?

But uh...

-We'd get carried away.
-Oh, no.

You know what I'm saying?



So, anyway...

You're Bobby Barbato,
aren't you?

Can I buy you a drink?


What are you drinking?

DENISE: You're going to school,my friend.

And afterwards, you're gonna gostraight to where I work

and we'll come home together.

That's the way it's going to befrom now on, you got that?

LOUIS: What? Dream on.

You are dreaming, kid.
I'm awake.

We got rules here now,
and I'm gonna enforce them.

My mistake was I treated you
like an adult.

So? I treated you that way, too.


Don't be a smartass
with me, okay?



Yes? Whom did you come to see?

One of your employees, actually.

Denise DeLeon. She's temporary.

We prefer not to have
our employees socialize
during working hours.

This is a mortuary, you know.

It's really an emergency.

Her mother died.


Pretty convenient timing,though, when you think about it.


how did you find out
where I was working?

I bribed your boss
with a couple of tickets
to the Minnesota game.


I'm flattered.

-You look nice.

Thank you.

Listen, Denise...

The reason I came here is, uh...

I want to make you
a proposition.

-No, a business proposition.

You said you wanted to start
your own agency.

Well, why don't you let me
finance it for you?

Why should you do that?

I don't know.

Call it an investment.

So, in, uh...

You know, couple of yearsfrom now, I retire from hockey,

I don't just sit around
doing health spa commercials.

What do you say?

Nothing. Good luck
in Minneapolis.

Ah, it...

Look, it's a loan for Chrissake.

-Don't get insulted.
-I don't want any money
from you.

Wait a minute. Goddamn it.

Jesus Christ, Denise.


A person can only give
what they're able to give.


It's fine with me.
Just take care of yourself.

Oh, goddamn it. Look, man,
you know,

you know as well as I do
you and I

-can never be...
-What? What?

This can never work with us.

Oh, now, how do you know that?


I think it's pretty obvious.

[SCOFFS] Well, yeah, I know
it's obvious, sure, but...

I'm just curious, you know.

I mean...

Why wouldn't it work?

What, you want a list?

Sure. You got one?

tell you something.

If you want a list, I got it.

Okay, great.

You give me your list,

and then I'll give you mine.


-This is silly. I'm not gonna...-Chicken shit!

Oh, wait.

All right, you want a list?

All right.

This is the list.


You're a mess.

Financially, professionally,

socially, and emotionally,
a mess,

because, B, you react
from your emotions down here

and not up here,
where it counts.

Which is why you're
inconsistent, unreliable,

and you're totally unorganized.

And C, you got a kid

who's probably gonna end up
in Cook County prison

before he's 12.

-And D...
-Oh, there's a "D" also?

-Yeah, D...
-That's good, yeah.



D, you don't know anything
about hockey.

[SCOFFS] I know I hate it.

Fine, you hate hockey. Great.

And E, any or all of the above,

none of which am I looking for
in a relationship

even if I were
looking for a relationship,
which I'm not.

That's my list...


Pretty good list,
you know. [SCOFFS]

Yeah. Okay, great.

My turn, okay?

A, you're the type who thinks

that because he's got one thingunder control,

he's got everything
under control.

But it is only because, B,
you put it all into hockey

so you forget how
to deal with the rest of it.

C, when you ain't
got hockey no more,
which won't take long

because, you know,
jocks get old faster
than the rest of us,

then you're going to have to
deal with it,

but you won't know how.

And... And... [SIGHS]

-God, where was I now?

And D, who wants to end up

with an out-of-shape ex-jock

who knows everything
about hockey
and nothing about life?

And E, which is P.S...

It's irrelevant, because I neverasked you for anything anyways.


DENISE: I hope you win
your game.


Well, at least we communicate.

MAN 1: Hey, come on,
that's an expensive bag.

MAN 2: Come on, let's go.

DRIVER: Jesus.

There's a dead kid in here.

-MAN 3: What?
-MAN 4: Where?

MAN 5: What the heck's going on?


-MAN 4: We got stowaways again?-MAN 5: What the hell?

Kid, what's your name?

-Louis what?

Louis Barbato.

Hey, Bobby? Bobby?

-Where's the cigars?
-MAN 6:
Happy Father's Day, Bobby.

MCDONALD: Louis Barbato,
let's go find out papa's
room number.





Denise, where the hell you been?

I've been trying to call you.

Yeah, he's... He's here.

Right. He stowed away
on a bus.


No, no, no, no, he's fine.

He's fine. Unless I kill him,
then he won't be fine.

Yeah, wait a minute.

Ma, how the hell are you?

What's the big deal?

I just came down
to catch the game.

I don't know.

Hey, when are we coming back?

Give me this.

He's going back tomorrow.

Yeah, with an escort.

Right. Get him out of here,
all right?

How are you doing? Great.

Well, you know, I...

Look, I can't really, uh...

Get into that right now,
you know.

Okay. You too.



What are you looking at?

You better not get any hair
on that couch,

'cause that's where
you're sleeping tonight.


What the hell is that?

I had to take a leak.

BOBBY: In there.

Close the door.



God damn it.

Jesus. [SIGHS]

LOUIS: Thanks.

Who are you playing
tomorrow night?

BOBBY: Minnesota.


I've never seen a hockey game.

Jesus, kid.

You amaze me.

Why? 'Cause I've never seen
a hockey game?

You know, the world doesn't
revolve around hockey.

Oh, we're gonna talk
about the world.

That's great. Okay.
Tell me something.

What's the world
revolve around? You?

No. I never had any reason
to think that.

So, uh...

What's the story
with you and my mother?

BOBBY: What story?

You making it with her?

Oh, give me a break.

I can just tell.


So, if you can tell...

Why ask?

Just curious. See if you'd lie.

-I ain't lyin'.
-You ain't answerin' either.

You know,
I'll tell you somethin'.

Not everything your mother doesis necessarily your business.

So long as she doesn't
get hurt.

Nobody's gonna get hurt.

Except maybe you
if you don't go back to bed.

Come on. You got a long trip
ahead of you in the morning.






ANNOUNCER: Chicago penalty,
number 9,

Bobby Barbato.

Two minutes for elbowing.

Time, 6:28.

WOMAN: You stink!

MAN: Does the trick, guys.
Better luck next time.

All right! Way to play, Bobby!

Minnesota sucks a big weenie!

-All right...
-Sit down, kid!


You're a good kid, Louis.
You got a lot of heart.

You want a cigar?


Ma, would you quit yelling?

'Cause we lost tonight's game,

you gotta give us some sympathy.

Ah! That stings!

We're torturing him, Denise.


It's just peroxide.

I know what it is, goddammit,
it stings.

[MOCKINGLY] I know what it is,
goddammit, it stings.

Ma, they're ganging up on me.

Kid's a wimp.

Hey, this kid is no wimp.

He took on half of Minnesota.

Did you see him up there
in the stands tonight?

-Yeah, McDonald.
-[MOCKINGLY] Yeah, McDonald.

-Come on.
-LOUIS: You're getting it now.

Come on. Come on.


-Hey. Yeah.
-LOUIS: Bobby!

-No, he's fine, he's fine.
-LOUIS: Bobby!

-He's all right.
-LOUIS: Bobby!

-You give up?

-LOUIS: Bobby!
-Yeah, well, this time,
no slip-ups.

We'll just send him back
by plane, all right?

Thanks, Bobby.

Okay. Bye.


Uh, hello. Yes, um,

I want to make a reservation
to Minneapolis, please?

And don't put me on hold.
I mean, I hate that musi...







Hi, Denise.


Help! Help!



-Ooh, king.
-MAN 1: All right.

MAN 2: Okay, bet 'em, king.

-MAN 3: That's not a buck.

-MAN 2: Wait a minute.
-He's good for it.


-Okay, I'm in.


Mr. Barbato?

This is Denise's cousin.


MAN 1: Let's go again.
Round to round.

-Ooh. Not bad.
-MAN 2: Come on. Bad luck.

MAN 1: Kid,
you're betting again.
What do you bet?

LOUIS: I don't know.

I'm real sorry.

Uh, yeah, I thought I'd...

I'd fly up to Minneapolis
and I'll...

If you could meet me
at the United Terminal...


Yeah, look, uh,

give me the information,
will you?


No, no, it's fine.
Just tell me, uh, when.

Let's see what we got here.



MAN 1: Okay, Kyle,
what you got?

What you got over there?
Show us.

-MAN 2: Call it.
-LOUIS: Straight.


WOMAN OVER PA: All thoseholding Eastern boarding passes

for Flight 15,
this is your final call.

Final call
for Eastern boarding passes
for Flight 1-5.

Say, uh, what time
is my mother's plane due in?


Earth to Barbato.

When is my mother's plane
coming in?

I don't know. Soon.



This is the final call...

MAN OVER PA: ...for boarding
Continental flight 309

to New York.

There's been an accident.

All right?
Your mother was in it.

And she's in the hospital.

Jesus. What kind of accident?

Well, it wasn't exactly
an accident.

Someone broke in
to the apartment

All right?

And they had a little bit
of a struggle

and your mom got hurt.

-How bad?
-I don't know.

I think she's gonna be okay.

Look, I want you
to know something.

I'm real sorry.

When did this happen?

Uh, your cousin Dee Dee
called me yesterday.

Why didn't you tell me?

Well, I didn't want you
to worry about it.

Oh, shit.

You shoulda told me.

-She's gonna be all right.
-We gotta get there!

-What if she's not though?
-She will be.

-But what if she's not?
-She will be. All right?

Now listen to me, Louis.

You gotta do something
for me here.

You gotta trust me.




What's she doing here?

She just came to help out.


-Hi, Louis.
-How's my mother?

Well, we think
she's gonna be all right.

We... We really do.

Listen, I'm...
Thank you so much.

-For everything you've done.


I'm sorry, we have no time.

We really gotta go.

Come on.

Are you comin'?


But I want you to come.

Look, Louis,

I have a lot of people

who are counting on me
right now.

I can't just
walk away from it.

-Try to understand.

-I can't, Louis.

I'll call you
as soon as I get to L.A.



Hey, Louis!




You did what you could.

He's a kid, Bob.

they don't understand.


Come on. I know how you feel.

Well, that makes one of us.

[SIGHING] You know,
I had this thing happen to me

last year
when I was out with the leg.

This one morning I get up,

I keep thinkin',

"What'll I doif I can't play hockey anymore?"

Not only what'll I do...

I mean, who will I be?

You know what I came up with?



All I am is hockey.

That's pretty
fuckin' scary, man.

MAN OVER PA: Last call,
United Airlines Flight 111...

-That's us.
...departing from Gate 6.

Last call,
United Airlines Flight 111.



Sure be nice to, uh,

get into some
warm California sun.

-Yeah.-I've had enough of this winter.

Too much cold.

Let's go, Bobby.


-You okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.

Coach, I can't come
to Los Angeles right now.

Then when can you come?

I'll catch a later flight.

I got a friend in the hospital
and I gotta see her.

Well, they have phones
in L.A., Bobby.
You can call her.

No. I gotta be there.

Get back here! Are you crazy?

We lose this game,
we can kiss off
the goddamn playoffs!

Barbato! Get on that plane!

Goddammit, I'll paint your ass!I'll fine your ass!


MAN OVER PA: Dr. David Beibich
please call X-Ray.

Dr. David Beibich
please call X-Ray.

I'll be waiting for you
in the waiting room.


I know it was Lupo.

I swear to God

I'm gonna kill him.

Kill him!

Louis, wait!


Louis! Louis, wait.

Where are you going?

LOUIS: Get out of here. Okay?

No. Not till you tell me
where you're going.

Get out of here, damn it!

Look. Go back, huh?

I don't want you to get hurt.

Why should I get hurt?

Louis, tell me.

Mr. Barbato,
you gotta get Louis.

-Where is he?
-I just left him at the L.

I think he's gonna get hurt.

WOMAN: Excuse me.

MAN: Please have correct changeready, please.




Where are we going?

Hey, look,
you know Lupo did it,

we'll go to the cops.
That's what they're for.

They need you in L.A.
Why don't you just go there?

Hey, what are you gonna do?Track him down vigilante style?

I'm just trying
to help you, Louis.

I'm a little new at it,
so give me a break, would you?

[SHOUTS] Oh, yeah?

-Hey, I'm here, aren't I?
-Oh, wow!

Big deal! Now leave!

All right,
what about your mother?

-What would your mother say?
-Shut up.

What do you care
about my mother?

I care, Louis.


We're friends.

All right, if we catch him,
we turn him over to the cops.

Let's get him.



Hey, Louis. What do you want?

I want to talk to Lupo.

He's not here, man. Sorry.

I had nothing to do with it,
man, I swear.

All right, just tell us
where we can find him.

-I don't know, man, really.
-Hey, look, Lynch.

Really, I mean it.

Come on.

What do you mean come on?
He's lying.

I said come on.
This guy's a moron.

You can see it in his face.
He's lying.

Look, if you were Lupo,
would you tell him anything?

-Come on. Come on, come on.

Yeah, some help you were.

Come back here.

-What are you doing?
-Come here.

Come back here.



All right, backhand shot.

Takes 'em out every time.






Get out of here!


LYNCH: They came
to my apartment. They know.




Pleased to meet you.

LYNCH: You're not
listening to me.


LYNCH: You're wasted.
I'm gettin' out of here.

LUPO: Well, try this one.
Just one.

LYNCH: Not now.

What the hell?
What the hell's going on?

How you doin', Lupo?

You little punk.

Thanks a lot, Lynch.

-You jerk, what the hell did...-I didn't do nothing.
They followed me here.

We know what you've done,
you scumbag.

LUPO: What are you
talking about?

You beat up my mother,
you son of a bitch!

I didn't beat nobody up.

You're full of shit.
He's full of shit.

You go get the police.
Go get the police now, Louis.

I'll stay here
and watch these guys. Go now.

Don't get carried away.
Just a second.

I was with Lynch last night.

How'd you know
it happened last night?

I was with Lynch
whichever night it happened.

Wait a minute, man,
don't drag me into this.

-I didn't have nothing
to do with this.

This is his thing, not mine.

All right, now listen to me,
you slimy little geek,

you gonna walk out of here
or you want me
to drag you out of here?

Hey, what's going on up there?

Don't worry about it.
I got it.




Where'd he go?


Hey, hey, hey! There he goes!


LOUIS: Get him! Get him!

Stop him!




Get back, Louis!


Let him go.


Get up.

You like hitting women?








DENISE: What... What are we
stopping here for?

-LOUIS: Trust me.
-DENISE: Trust you?

Here, dude.
Get yourself a new hat.

Louis, what are we doing?

-Come on, Mom.
-[SIGHS] God.

-I don't know what...
-Come on.


Wha... What is this?

Wait till you see the inside.

BOBBY: So, what do you think?

I can't let you
do that, Bobby.

I told you that.

Hey, lady,
this is a partnership.

We're going
into this thing 50-50.


What do you think,
I'll play hockey
for the rest of my life?

I... I don't know
if I can handle it.

Look, maybe you were right
about me, Bobby.

I'm a mess.

Educationally, financially.


I have a list
right here somewhere.

-You do, huh?

Disorganized, unreliable.

And I added a few here.

You're stubborn,you're afraid to take a chance.

Well, I got my list, too,
you know.

See? We're compatible.



Mom, look.

Mom, we got DeLeon rulers,DeLeon salt and pepper shakers,

DeLeon calendars,

DeLeon ballpoint pens,
pencils, lighters.

-You name it we got it.
-This kid's gotta go.

Oh, man, you know
I bring you good luck.

-You bring me luck?

Are you dreaming?

If it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't have
made it to the playoffs.


Think you can get us
to the playoffs next year?

-LOUIS: You bet.
-BOBBY: All right.

♪ I can hear the sound
of a lonely heart

♪ In a Windy City night

♪ And it's crying out
For a lover to come along

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ I can't help myself
When I see your eyes

♪ Always flash inside my mind

♪ Will you rescue me?

♪ Will you fill up
These empty hearts?

♪ Don't hold back now

♪ There's no reason
I won't break your heart

♪ I've been waiting

♪ For you from the start

♪ I need some suspension

♪ Just take my protection

♪ I'm sending signals

♪ To steal your heart, yeah

♪ This is my mission

♪ To make a connection now


♪ In a hundred pounds
There's a thousand dreams

♪ Reaching out into the night

♪ And you thank your stars

♪ You've got someone
to lean onto


♪ I know you're the one
That can set me free

♪ The only one I found

♪ Only you can see

♪ All the signals
I've been sending out

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ Don't you worry

♪ There's no reason

♪ I won't let you down

♪ I'll be there
Each time you turn around


♪ I need some suspension

♪ Just take my protection, babe

♪ I'm sending signals

♪ Straight to your heart, yeah

♪ This is my mission

♪ To make a connection
With you now

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ I need some suspension

♪ Just take my protection, baby

♪ I'm sending signals

♪ Straight to your heart, yeah

♪ This is my mission


♪ Oh, yeah...