Touch (2005) - full transcript

Okay, Shinobu! Come in.


Kazuya! Look at me.

Minami! Look at me.

Tatsuya. Kazuya. Here we go!

We've always been together
since we were born.

People said we were like triplets.

Tatsuya Uesugi.

Kazuya Uesugi.

They were twins.

I'm Minami Asakura.

Happy days passed by like dreams.

Our fathers loved baseball.

We followed them.

I'm back!

Two outs, bases loaded, in the seventh.

Koshien Stadium
abruptly appeared before us.

To participate in the tournament
became our dream.


Come here.

The three kids messed up their houses.

Our parents built
a joint playhouse for us.

My mother said...

If only we could
live this way forever...

I need someone who catches my ball.

You need hard training
to go to Koshien Stadium.

I know.
Girls can't play baseball there.

Take me there.

Take me to Koshien.


I'll be going.

Hi, Punch!

Hi, Kazuya.

Hi, Minami.

You look cool.

Why is the winner's picture so small?

Get ready.

Morning, Mom.

Hi, stupid!

I slept late.

Very, Tatsuya.

All comic books!

Never mind textbooks.

They're at school.

Your uniform?

Where is it?

Why can't you use a hanger?

Let me go through!

A crumpled hankie.

It's wet and smells!

Give it to me!


I'd be late.

I'm hungry.

Because you slept late.

Dump your stuffed animals.

None of your concern.



You're mean.

- Devil.
- Bro!


You'll turn into a toad.

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.



Meisei High School

Under protection of
aristocrats and merchants...

It means the hobby of the rich.

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa
was a result of such a hobby.

The hobby produced culture.

This Mona Lisa in the textbook...

She's a glamorous type.


What lesson are you taking?

Your teacher's class?

He was watching the girls.

Shut up, baldhead!





Don't eat in class!

I'm sorry.

It breaks well. Terrific!

Very fast, too.

About 87 mph.

Uesugi! Go!

Catch it! Catch it!

You did it!

Go home now.

You've taken a lot of pictures.

Remember. I'm not soft.

Nice pitch.

Nice pitching.

Next, fastball.


Take it easy!


Going home so soon?

You want to pitch?

I saw you in the Little League.

You've got a nice throwing arm.

Join my team.

Your brother shut them out.

He'll go to Koshien.

He's made the team invincible.

Harada, stop jabbering!

Or no supper!

Go to cheer him?


Why not?

Don't worry. Minami did.

Does a blow hurt you?


It's a lie.


Once the gong sounds, nothing matters.

Only boxers know by experience.

Stay back.

Be sure.

Let's talk...


Let's go.

I told you to stay back.

I'm sorry.

Blame yourself.

I'm sorry.

Change your clothes.

What did you do? So dirty all over!

You really know what you're doing?

Yes, I do.

Don't you have a dream?

Anything you want to do in the future?

You've always been like that.

Doing this and that,
without a steadfast purpose.

Are you listening?

What a fool!

It hurts.

...Ecole de Paris,
a group of artists after WW1...

Minami, have some tea.

Thank you.

These amulets are nice.

Very cute.

How many will you make?


So many? Hard work.

This is Enoshima Island...

I'm not good at sewing.

You do it all right.

So I stealthily went upstairs.

They were discussing seriously
who'd marry Minami.

They were schoolboys.

You have the right to choose.

Which one would?

Tatsuya? Kazuya? Who'd marry me?

The one who takes you to Koshien.

You know, I started boxing practice.


Why boxing?

Why not baseball?

Why are you angry?

Your fastball was great.

It swished as you threw it.

Speed is a talent.

Breaking balls depend on practice.

Why did you quit baseball?

Because of me?

Why you?

Look! Terrific, isn't it?

Lina shows all.

One more minute.


Let's go.


Like a tough guy.

Meisei Keeps Going

13 Strikeouts

Meisei Wins Again!

What's this?

It's dead!

You're no good.

One more game!

A punching bag.

Never mind.


No problem.

Today's match. We got to win!

Don't slip down, ass!

The last ball!

Strikeout! That's his fast slider!

Uesugi led Meisei to the final.

Stay on the mat.


He forgot this.

He left after the match.

He practiced very hard.

He was serious.

But he lost?

He tried his best.

He looked cool.



Next, the final.

Kazuya's in a good condition.

My father's compliment.

How heavy!

Best beef from Kobe.

Let's make Sukiyaki.

How was Tatsuya?

The boxing team secretary came.

Tatsuya lost the game
but he tried hard.

He did his best.


Sukiyaki for supper.

No, thanks.

The match is over. No more diet.

Harada coached me.

You did your best.

No problem.

It's not so simple.

What should I say?

A sweetie would...

...smack a kiss without a word.

Take three meals a day.

Harada! Get moving!

Why are you so cool?

What about?

What about?

What's that?
Is that so simple a thing to you?

Say something.

Why did you kiss me?

Don't do it on a whim.

It's not that.

It was for you.

Just for you, Tatsuya.

Ishigaki, left fielder.

Just knock a grounder and run.

Thanks for the advice.

Nakajima, shortstop.

Hit the first ball.

Hit a home run.

As always!

Not as always.

Lastly, Asakura, scorer.

Take a rest today
for the game tomorrow.

Get over your fatigue.

One more game to Koshien.


Let's do it.

Nitta is a slugger.

His average is 0.750.
In the elimination.

I'm not surprised.

You faced him before?

Yes. Just once in junior high.

I shut him out.

Minami. Another round.

Eat some sandwich.

But you can't tell
what will happen next.

Don't worry. I assure you. You'll win.

Will the goddess of victory kiss me?

Oh, no...

Kazuya will have a game tomorrow.

Tatsuya, you have nothing to do today?

We're short of hands.
Join my team for a day. I'll pay for it.

Why are you here?
I'd get only half my pay.

You bring Kazuya?

He'll have the final tomorrow.

He just came.

Too large for me.

Is it washed clean?


How about a bet?

The winner will get what he wants.

Take it easy, Kazuya.


Oh, no. He's a jewel in a dunghill.

I'm sorry.


Don't worry.

The Sumi High batters
are immune to breaking balls.

You can fan them.

Just don't have a
runner on base before Nitta.

You're in a good condition.

It'll be hot tomorrow.

Go to bed now. Team secretaries
must get up early in the morning.

Tough work, but...

Take it easy.

Let's hang in there.


Remember what I said in the cafe?

Will you kiss me?

Just as a charm.

Then I'll be able to sleep.

Good night, secretary.

You want to play catch?



Bro, I...

I kissed Minami.

On the forehead.

Why report that to me?


Even kids kiss on the forehead.

Take her... Koshien Stadium.

That's your task.

You want to see...

...her smiling face?

Win the game.

Never lose it!

I thought you were here.

You could have invited me.

Let's play triangular catch.

Yes, let's!

We used to do this every day.

All day until dusk.

What interested us?

Well, I was fascinated.

Aunt Haruko was angry
because we were late.

She came...


The memories are dear to me.

Here we go!


Here we go!

One more!



Are you all right?

Are you all right?

Hang on!

You hear me?

Are you all right?

Take it easy.

Uesugi will come.

Let's hang in there until then.

Nitta gets to his feet.

The slugger is at bat
with runners on bases.

Come on, cheer up!

Uesugi absent? Why?

He hit it hard!

To the right field!

Deep! Deep!

Gone! A home run!

The excited supporters!

The pitcher gives way to the mound.

The homer has cleared the bases.

Sumi High wins 4-3.

The team is going to Koshien
for the 17th time.

Kazuya... Kazuya...

Can't believe it.

He's dead.

Sumi High Wins Championship at Koshien


A nice job for you.

He's offering a bet.

You pitch; he swings.

It pays 10,000 yen.

If struck out, another 10,000.

You throw, that's all. A good deal.

I win, you'll join my team.

He's captain. He needs a pitcher.

My last request.

If you win, I won't bother you again.


Will he make it?

It depends.

Nakajima, drop the ball at the waist!

Why all this?

What do you want?



You didn't tell me.

I don't have to consult you.

Can't I play baseball?

No! Look at the mirror.

Your whim can cause
a shock to the others.

Do I look like Kazuya?


You, too?


Too bad!

In a uniform, he's Kazuya.

So what?

I'm Kazuya's partner,
and he's not Kazuya.

You intentionally lost the bet.

I am exhausted this week.

Let me see.

Poor hands!

But they'll become tough that way.

Did you know?

Of course. You're team secretary.

I found these under his bed.
He hid them there.

He tells me nothing.

Can't he trust his own mother?

It's not that.


Won't you tell him to quit baseball?

Wait a minute.

Why ask her that?

Why can't Tatsuya play baseball?

Why did you quit boxing?

You went for it. Wasn't it fun?

You're mistaken.

You're not Kazuya.
You don't have to bear his life.

I know.

You don't.

I like baseball, so I play it.
Can't I?

No. You don't understand.

Minami, persuade him.



Take it easy.

Is it fun?


Kotaro, catch.



He can't be a pitcher.

Not to me.

Somebody, catch his ball.

I will.

No. You're in danger.

He's not a kid.

Minami Asakura.

You afraid?

Never mind hurting me.

Be serious!

Is that your fastball?

Give it to me.



You never get tired?

Nitta of Sum High...

It sounds familiar.

Don't you know?

Sumi High won the championship.

The credit goes to Nitta.

The freshman is the
number-one slugger...

We faced him, too.

At the final.

About today...

Thanks a lot.

Don't interfere!

Don't interfere!

Come on, stop!

Come on, stop!

You hurt me!

It hurts...

Are you all right?



77th Tokyo Regional Tournament
in Autumn


Nice pitching!


Will he throw to the last?

It's been a month.

He's throwing hard.

Ball! Walk!

Tatsuya, it's okay.

Who's she?

Aren't you in the dugout today?

Get the next one.


Would you mind?

Who is he?


You work hard.

You have your own game.

It's over.

We won 12-0. A called game.

It was boring.


He's terrible. Can't be twins.

Tatsuya and Kazuya
are two different boys.

What's funny?

You're cute.

Looking for trouble?


I've been thinking about how to
deal with Kazuya.

In the Little League...

The third Sunday in November,
at Musashi Ballpark...

The game started at 10:00.

It was a beautiful day.

I was at bat first
in the top of second inning.

He threw in a perfect form.

I knew it was a fastball.

I swung without hesitation.

But the ball curved abruptly.


I couldn't believe it...
a fast breaking ball!

I was panicked... that single ball.

I forgot the rest.

I struck out.

My average was 0.800,

but my bat couldn't touch his ball.

I wish I could hit his ball once...
Kazuya Uesugi.

Bases-loaded walk...

No control...

A barrage of hits...

Knocked out of the box...

A called game...

Did Uesugi say anything?


Let him alone.

Yamada! Hurry!


I can't stand in you.

Looking back at the road
I've trod along,

I find myself muffled with your smile,

muddy sneakers and the
songs you croon.

I want the nearness of you
on starlit nights.

When I realize it,
tears well in my eyes.

Is there anything I can do for you?

I want to impart this feeling to you.

But I can't even think of a word.

Tomorrow we'll be able to
smile at each other.

For I believe it anytime.

On a chilly morning,
on a rainy afternoon...

Where will we go next?

How cute!

It's a long way to drive. Go by train.

It seems Tatsuya quit baseball.

I'm glad.

He didn't look happy playing baseball.

I'll be going.



I'll take Kazuya to Koshien.

He never tried to escape.

He tried to go to Koshien
for our dream.

I'm not Kazuya.

Koshien was just a dream.

He was desperate.

But then I fell in love with you.

But he...

He tried to make our dream come true.

Where should his passion run to?

I'll try by myself.


I'll do it!


Let go of me!

What's the matter?

Don't bother me!




The three of us...

We can't return to what we used to be.

Minami left the team.


Shimada, let's go.

What a jerk, Kazuya!

You died so quickly.

I'm having a hard time for you.

I can't recall it...

Minami's smiling face.

Tell me, Kazuya.

Say something.

Got hit. You lack training.

You're hopelessly stupid.

Minami has been away from
the dugout since Kazuya died.

Don't you know?

Afraid of the memory.

She's trying hard
with the wound in her heart.

I want to see Kazuya.

What for?

I'll knock him down.

You really want that?

Then fight in the same ring.

What ring?

See You.

Come anytime for my advice.

Who wants your advice?

I'll go to Koshien. Wait, Minami.

Damn it! Tatsuya!

What's the big idea?

You went away and came back.

How selfish!

You should consult your partner.

Let's play catch.



Too late.

Let's go to Koshien Stadium!

The sun shines on Musashi Field.

Echoing in our schoolhouse are

the singing voices of our friends.

The new age is breaking here now

in Meisei High School in Tokyo!

It'll be a nice team.

Look at the beautiful summer sky!

At Jingu Ballpark under the blue sky,

the final will be fought
for the ticket to Koshien.

Sumi High vs. Meisei.
They met at the final last year, too.

Destiny willed this match.
It'll be an exciting game.

Thank you.

As for the Meisei team,
a sad incident happened last year.

Kazuya Uesugi, the ace pitcher,
died in a traffic accident.

He was talented and promising.
It was a great loss.

Tatsuya Uesugi, on the mound today,
is his twin brother.

He joined the baseball team
to follow his great brother.


The game starts at 13:00.
Come watch it, if you like.

Western Tokyo Elimination final
for Koshien on air

Please come in.

Let me watch it.


She's too sensitive.



...Sumi High at the final again.

They want to win the
national championship again.



What?! Uesugi fanned the first batter!

Uesugi's made a good start.


For Nitta, low and away.

That's his weak point.

Never heard of.

Minami sent me her notebook.

I believe her.


Strikeout swinging!

Tsukuda fanned the fourth
and fifth batters in a row.

The fourth batter, Nitta,
third baseman.

Nitta is first at bat in this inning
Sumi High's cleanup hitter.

His average up to the final is 0.700...

Be quiet!

The game's on!

...not only Sumi High's.
He's the All-Japan Team's cleanup hitter.

Nitta is slowly entering
the batter's box.

The top of second inning.

Uesugi, fight!

Come on, batters!



That's it! He's never
hit a ball low on the outside.

...Uesugi throws a fast and heavy ball.
Nitta watched it.

He takes a stance.

The outfielders stay positioned
a little deeper than usual...

Uesugi is throwing hard
from the first pitch.

He's calm but aggressive.

He has no breaking balls...

I quit baseball.

I'm sorry.

A long fly! Deep! Deep!

Foul! Just out of the line.

Meisei must be thrilled.

I thought it's inside the line.

He caught it! A fine play!

Uesugi jumped hard.

Are you all right?

What's wrong?

He touches his shoulder.

Something is wrong with him?

He fell in a funny way,
the shoulder first.

Can he throw? I'm worried.

Stop breathing for a second
for your eyes looked serious.

There my ears stopped hearing.
Stardust loneliness.

Because I cherish only my love.
I'm so timid of hearing other voices.

I pretend not to see my teardrops.

How many times have we
crossed each other?

How many detours must we take
to touch each other?

Please touch me. Touch me here.

Reach for me.

Hold out your hand and
receive this bouquet

of flowers that bloom in my sigh.

Kuroki hit a double,
sending Nakajima home.

Meisei scored first, 1-0.


It's a fat chance.

The southpaw throws. Ogawara swings.

First base line! Fair!

Mihara comes home.

Kuroki slides! A close play!

Safe! Meisei scores two more.

Kuroki slid safely.

The ball returned a little too late.

Meisei hit well and ran well.

They earned three runs.

Two outs, the top of sixth inning,
bases loaded.

Nitta is at bat.

A homer is expected.

Gone! Goodbye!

A grand slam! Sumi High scored four.

They came from behind,
and now take a 4-3 lead.

The bottom of eighth inning.
The score: 4-3.

One out, Uesugi on second base.

Is Uesugi all right?

He has another inning to throw.

Ogawara bunts.

A fast runner on first base.

Meisei is a nice team.

Enjoy the game?

Yeah. Best.



Out! Uesugi was called out.

He slid to the plate,
but the catcher blocked him.

Are you all right?

Did the manager sign him to?

I don't think so.

His own judgment.

Kotaro Matsudaira is at bat.

Meisei's cleanup hitter.

As catcher, he wants to even the score
at least for the pitcher.

But he's not doing well today.

one! Goodbye! A home run!

He did it! A two-run home run!

He finally proved to be
a cleanup hitter.

A good job!

Meisei scored two runs
in the bottom of eighth inning.


He made it.

Two outs, a runner on first.

One more out to win.

Uesugi throws. Ozaki hits!

Hit into left-center field!

The left fielder catches it,
throws home...

Two outs, runners on second and third.

A chance for a
come-from-behind victory.

Nitta, who hit a grand slam, is next.

It's an exciting game.

Fatigue is ailing the pitcher.

His shoulder must have been damaged.

Two hits in a row.

Sumi by one, and one more out to win.

It's wise to give him
an intentional walk.

He's too tough to challenge.

Time, please.

Time, please.

Give him a walk.

Get the fifth batter.

To Koshien!

Kazuya would do so, I'm sure.

Okay, Kuroki?


Good. Back to your position.

Go back.

Shortstop, closer to second!

Outfielders, near the fence!

Sure! Come on!

One more out!

Let's go to Koshien!

Those stupid fools...

Meisei seems to be challenging Nitta.


Cheer them up with a fight call.

One, two, three!

Who knows what will happen next?



I see. Kazuya...

You used to look for Minami
from the mound like this.

So you're here...

Here with me.

Let's go...



The ball sank curving.

Uesugi has a breaking ball, too.



No ball, two strikes.

The whole ballpark
is in a tense atmosphere.

The cheering groups of both teams
are heated up.

Uesugi must be exhausted, but

his ball seems to have
gained more speed.

Nitta swung to miss. Uesugi is
gathering his remaining strength.

The final of the Western
Tokyo Regional Elimination.

The winner will go to Koshien
for the all-Japan championship.







I'll take Minami to Koshien.


Game's over!

I did it!

Meisei wins! Uesugi fanned Nitta!

His last fastball went straight
to the catcher.

Meisei defeated the last champion.

They won the regional eliminations

to represent the 120 participants.

Sumi High also deserves admiration.

Meisei will go to Koshien Stadium
in summer this year.

Tatsuya Uesugi loves Minami

more than anybody else!

Thank you.