Touch (2014) - full transcript

A woman running from a terrible truth hides out in a remote hills town with her young daughter until her past catches up with her and an impossible choice must be faced

Can I help you?

Come inside, out of the cold.

Have you got any kids?

No, well yes.
One, but he's grown up now.

Are you alright?

It's quite a business
you've got here.

I can make some tea
if you'd like some.

Would you like some tea?

What are you doing mum?

Put your seatbelt on.

Thirty six eighty.


- You at the house?
- Yeah!

You find it?

No, still looking.

Can you do a search
on the plate?

- Yeah, okay.
- Keep it to yourself yeah?

I found the hospital.

- I'll text you the address.
- Okay, thanks.

My lawyer's
handling this.

Your lawyer's the one
who suggested I talk to you.

You need to leave it.

She could have killed me.

If you go
to the police...

it won't be long
until the media finds out.

You don't want a bunch of reporters
camped out in your front yard.

I don't care about that.

Did she say anything?

She asked me about my kid.

I'll sort it!

Don't have much time,
you know.

I'll find her.

No police.

You alright in there?

Come here.

Roll the window down.

Are you alone?

Do you see anyone else?

Where are you headed?


Can you get out
of the car please.

- Why?
- Just get out of the car.

- How do I know you're even a cop?
- Look, it's fine.

Come on.

Have you been drinking?

I wish!

I'm going to have to get you
to walk the length of your car.

It's this way, go on, here.

Stop there.

Can you touch your toes?

Are you serious?

Okay, we're done.

There's a motel about 30 k's
along this road.

They'll have a room, I suggest
you get some proper rest.

It's not safe to sleep
out here in your car.






- Hello.
- Have you got a room?


How much are they?

A hundred
a night.

Payable in advance.

Eighty bucks for key
and damages,

- You stay a seventh
night, you get that free. -Okay.

Fill this out
and sign the bottom.

- And I'm going to need some ID.
- I don't have any ID.

What are you going to do?

I have a hundred and eighty cash
though, do you want it or not?

Check out's at 10 a.m.

That's in six hours. You stay any
longer and you'll have to pay.

It is what it is.

Hey you.

Come on!

Have they got a pool?

It's too cold
to go swimming.

Come on, you've got to put
something warm on.

Here, put that on.

I don't want you wandering off
without me, okay?


Stay close
and keep the door locked.


- What?
- Can we go outside?


Because I want you
where I can see you.

You can come too.

Why can't you sit still
for one minute?

You've always got such ants in
your pants, haven't you?

We can't stay in here forever.

Sure we can.

It's boring.

Can I go outside now?

I need to hide the car.

Come on.


Have you seen this woman?

She might have been
here yesterday.

Are you with the police?

Well, I used to be.

Didn't like the hours.

If you want to know something...

she stocked up on junk food.

People usually only do that when
they're about to hit the highway.

Five years of working in this
place will teach you that.

I'll take those.

You can grab another pack,
fifty cents.

Three dollars.



You need to trust
me now, okay?


Are we in trouble?

Not you...

just me, I'm in trouble.


Because I hurt someone real bad.


- Good night.
- Night.

Seven dollars.

Can I set up a tab?

Hi Carl.

I never got your name.

No, you didn't.

Thanks for walking me
home, but I can take it from here.

You got a husband or something?


Look at that!

Mine or yours, up to you.

What's a nice girl like you
doing in a place like this anyway?

I bet you say that to all the
girls you pick up off the highway.

Yeah. Pretty much.

I don't want you coming
to my door.

Yeah, no problem.

If you do that again...

I can hit you back.

Thanks for the fuck.

No one remembers her.

It doesn't mean
she wasn't here.

Well, thanks for asking.

Is she dangerous?

If you see her,
would you please call me?



Got you!

What are you doing out here?

It's so cold!

You left me.

Well, you know.

Come back inside,
it's freezing!

I wanna go home.

Hey, we are home.

Home is you and me now.

Come on Steph,
it's freezing.

Let's go back inside
and have some breakfast.

We can go shopping
if you like.

Can I get some jeans?



If we can find it.

How about this?

Umm... ok.

This one, please!
Come on!

It's lovely!

Can you try this on?


I'll be back in a minute.

I like the jacket...

but I wish you
to take that swimsuit off.

Well I'm not the one who forgot
my underwear, am I right Dawn?

This is a real find.

Isn't it just.

Eighteen dollars.

Something else take your fancy?

Actually yeah... that hat.

- This?
- Um hum!

This is nice,
I'll take this too.

I need you
to pay for the necklace.

How much?

Everything comes to a $120.

Look, I will give you $90
and I don't want the hat.

I can do that.

When I was a little girl...

my mother gave me
a necklace like this.

She said when I wore it,
it would keep me safe.

Did it work?


I guess so.

It lead me to your father.



- I 'm going to pee.
- No you don't.

- I've got to.
- I want to sleep tonight?

- Come on. Just take this off.
- Did you hear something?

Come on!

- Please!
- No!

You're fucking kidding me!

You fucking pissed on me!

What the fuck?


It's ok.

It's ok... shh.


Go to sleep now.

Shh, shh, shh.


MPIK called the car
on the ferry.

She could be hiding
in the hills.

Any more hits
on the credit card?




I mean it.

Let me know
if anything else shows up.

There's one thing.

You're undertaker mate checked
himself out of the hospital.


Thanks, I'll see you.




Are you alright?

I'm fine.

Was I afraid of the dark
when I was little?

Your favorite game
was hide and seek.

You'd hide in every cupboard.

All the darkest corners
of the house.

And then when I'd open a door around a
corner, you'd leap out of the shadows at me.

You'd scare the crap out of me.

I guess if anyone was afraid
of the dark, it was me.

I keep forgetting

Like what?

Like how we got here.

That's a silly
question, we drove.

But what are we doing

- We're hiding.
- From what?

I'm keeping
us together, Steph.

You look so pretty.

You were right,
it does suit you.

I'm going to need some help
today baby, I don't feel so good.

Could you get
me a drink?

There's some juice
in the fridge.

I want to leave
this place.

There's nowhere to go.

Come here baby.


What are you doing?

You owe me for two days.

Okay, fine.

Are you sticking around?

I don't know.

Where are you going?

Can you get out of my room

I want my money.

You can take it off that.

The person who's looking for me.

He'll be watching
for transactions off that card.

He'll burn this place
to the ground to find me.

Well just so you know.

I'd better make sure to give
myself a big tip then.

You seen this woman
around here?


But I saw the car.

Come by a few days ago.

- Which way? -
Come from that direction.

Went back the same way.

This car?

Yes... I reckon.


Come on.

Heard you might be
a bit short of petrol.

It's yours if you want it.

I'm fine.

- What are you doing? -You left me
in the middle of something last night.

Do you want
to rape me now?


Fucking bitch.


What the--

Get out!

Pack your things.

You're going
to have to pay for that chair.

Fuck you.

And the door.

Steph, get in the car.


Come on Steph.

Come on!



Hey, there's dad.

You're aware this is 80 kilometers
an hour along here, hey?


Get out of the car.


Any reason
for left foot there, chief?

I'm looking
for someone.

Yeah, who's that?

My wife.

Got your license
on you there, mate?

One second.

Come on, come on, come on.

Just the petrol.

You're an ex copper?


So... are you a wife beater or something?
Is that what's going on here?

What makes you say that?

I'm just trying to figure out, why
you're in such a hurry to catch someone

who doesn't want to be caught.

You seem to know
a lot about it.

Na... I'm just doing my job.

Protect and serve.

Or service.

As the case may be.

- Check, saving or--
- Credit.





You come back from the road.











Where is she?

I don't know,
I can't see her.

I don't know where she's gone!


Dawn, where is she?

I can't see her.

- Tell me where she is.
- I don't know!




I cannot do this
on my own.

What do we dress her in?

I will call Barry
in the morning.

He has agreed not to
press charges to the assault.

He has to bury her.

It is the right thing to do.

I let her die.

Kids drown.

It was an accident.

I heard her.

I heard her.

She hit her head.

It was not your fault.

She was with me
until you came along.

She is gone now.

You need to let her go.

Forever remember.

Make love to me.

Make love to me.


Look at me.

I know you are awake.

Yes you are.

I have to get up.


I am late.

Come back.

Shhh! Do you hear something?

- No.
- Listen.

Think she is awake.




Let us play hide and seek.

You count to ten.

I will go hide.

No I cannot.

Yes you can.

We can count together.

No cheating.

- Ten.
- Ten.


- Eight.
- Eight.

- Seven.
- Seven.

- Six.
- Six.

- Five.
- Five.

- Four.
- Four.




♪ Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier
Into the blue ♪